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  1. My parents are doing a FSBO, however, one of my mom's best friends is a real estate agent and she actually gave me a list of the people she uses for her rental properties when we were getting our house ready to sell. Sadly, all her people are booked as well. We know the house will sell very quickly and there really is minimal we need to do, almost all cosmetic. This door is the only big non cosmetic issue. It has rotten through to the inside. So, while we could of course sell the house without replacing it because of the market, we'd prefer to replace it to get top dollar and avoid i
  2. big name window and door places aren't worth it at all, just way too expensive. big box stores use local installers who are all already booked.
  3. I'm so busy working at my parents' house, schooling, and doing the little amount of eBay work we have since we aren't listing new things that I have almost zero time to spend money, ha! I am spending a bunch of my dad's money though. But that'll will be way worth it once he sells the place. I'm aiming for it being listed by the end of July. Painting will be done by next weekend, then we lay flooring, replace a sliding door, and spruce up the kitchen. It is all moving along nicely. Dh and I are heading over there now
  4. we've resolved to do the job ourselves, hopefully with the help of a friend of ours. I just really wanted to avoid it because we already have to lay new flooring throughout the downstairs, paint almost everything, a few plumbing things and electric things. It'll all be fine and we'll get it done in July, I'm just frustrated because I've been looking for someone since March. Time to research the heck out of door installation! Thanks all for letting me vent and giving suggestions
  5. No idea, I haven't even gotten beyond a phone call and them telling me they're booked for months.
  6. we're shooting around ideas on how to get it done without us having to learn it. I'm sure we have someone in our extended network of people who can help. Once upon a time my dad could do it but he's just not physically capable anymore.
  7. Just need to vent because I'm tired of making phone calls and getting no where. We are getting my parents house ready to sell and 95% of the work we can do ourselves. With the things we can do ourselves we plan on being done mid July hopefully at the latest. The only thing we can't do ourselves is replacing an exterior sliding door that has some rot on it so it absolutely needs to be replace. Of the many contractors we have contacted they have all been booked through the summer. I can't even find handy guys who just do it for some side cash. I REALLY don't want to learn how to
  8. replacing a toilet is incredibly easy. It is a pain in the butt because toilets are heavy but it is easy. The most important part of the process is placing the toilet down on the wax ring so it has a firm grip
  9. that sounds really hard to deal with. Sadly, that is the way childhood friendships go sometimes. I hope you can find something fun to do with your ds on the day of the party so he is happily distracted.
  10. roasted turkey, salad, asparagus, fruit salad and potatoes is whats for dinner tonight! I love turkey dinner
  11. oh we have days like that even with having a pool at home. I almost always have a carb already made in the fridge. Either quinoa, brown rice, roasted potatoes, chickpeas, or some for of bean. So, usually I can make the light meal and they can add the carb food if they want.
  12. we have a pool in our backyard and right now we're out for 2 hours after breakfast and 2 hours before or after dinner. For dinner after the pool I've really been wanted non heavy foods. So, grilled meat, veggies, and a fresh salad have been great. Heavier meals have not been appealing at all unless I do laps while I'm in the pool. Then I'm so hungry I could eat anything and everything
  13. no idea. I jsut went grocery shopping so I have a fridge filled with fresh fruits and veggies, a variety of thawed meat, and tons of options and I just don't know what to make. I have a whole turkey that has been thawing so it it is ready that is what we'll have for dinner. If not, most likely oven roasted chicken fajitas since it is easy and I'm exhausted from swimming and painting yesterday.
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