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  1. Actually, Scarlet's threads are the easiest to predict. It went exactly as I anticipated it going.
  2. I've been having this problem with size 10. It took me forever to find size 10 shirts that weren't ridiculously wide for my ds. The shirts I ended up finding were from Old Navy, which I hate the quality of their cloths. But they were on clearance for $2 so I just sucked it up and bought more than usual because I know they won't last until spring
  3. A year isn't too fast IMO, but dh and I got engaged 3 months after we started dating and married 4 months later. Yesterday was actually the 12 year anniversary of out engagement. Anyway, my advice on the engagement party is, it isn't their money to decide what it would be better spent on. It the fil wants to throw a party for them and they aren't opposed to the idea then where is the negative here. It could actually be a positive because it could be a real eye opener for how the future in laws may act while planning the wedding itself. It might nice to really know the issues that might occur before your in the thick of wedding planning
  4. Well she said something along the lines of the specifics aren't important and she know many wouldn't agree with her decision. I think what she really wants is comfort and advice that their relationship is salvageable. But the truth is no one can actually give her that since we don't know the specifics. She is painting her son's actions in a very negative light but to me it just sounds like to rigid people having a huge disagreement that one person can't seem to live with and made the decision to cut ties with the other person. Whether out of immaturity or not I think his decision won't change because of the rigid personality of both people.
  5. My children didn't love it and never want to rewatch it when i suggest it. I'm gonna be honest, I looked at them differently after that 🙂 until they watched Little Shop of Horrors and LOVED it. I think they watched it 4 times the first week they saw it and the soundtrack was played on the Echo often. So, they are ok in my book again.
  6. we had a copy at one point but I think one of our dvd cases got lost in the move because when we went to watch it in the spring I couldn't find it. Oh well. Sometimes it pops up on streaming services
  7. Don't moms always get the worst of it?
  8. Because if you don't agree with them on that belief and it effects your relationship with them than it can be incredibly heartbreaking to realize that the relationship with your parent will be changing. It is completely natural to be angry when something like that effects you personally for the first time
  9. can I ask how he turned on you?? Has he cut off all communication? Has he stopped coming around when he normally does but still has some communication? How fresh is the wound? I'm sure you are in a lot of pain and I'm sorry to hear that. It may very well be that he will grow out of it but I think all you can do as the parent is let him know that your are always open to a relationship and also continually evaluate how important the issue is from your stand point. I have a really hard time imagining most religious issues so severely interfering with a relationship with a child that has been otherwise healthy.
  10. Well I don't think my parents ever told them they weren't allowed. It was simply always a 'no, an overnight won't work this weekend' when the subject came up, there decisions weren't questioned because my parents picked their battles very wisely and we knew them to be fair in their decisions. It was frustrating for the older sibling and the younger sibling (me.) Basically, once we were adults, my parents rarely discussed their beliefs, especially when it conflicted with one of their children's life. We all know their beliefs and since they've never showed any judgement towards us and stayed silent when we made adult decisions (and many times decisions while older teens) they disagreed with their is a level of respect there that everyone knows the boundaries without them needing to be spoken.
  11. I think the fine was too low. Assuming the fine could have been more, they should a slapped her with more. Her net worth is roughly $20 million and her husband's is $45 million, $30,000 is nothing to that family. If rich people know that their crimes aren't going to hurt them significantly they will continue to find ways to commit them.
  12. I am far from the adult children phase but I am a Catholic and this is my view. I have my devout Catholic parents to thank for this I think. They have 7 living children, 3 of whom are agnostic at best but likely atheist. And even the 4 who are Catholic don't all line up with their beliefs. But no matter what choices their children made they found a way to support it while being true to their moral codes. When most of their kids got married outside of the Church (I was one of them) they only showed love and support for our decisions, while privately praying that we would eventually choose a church marriage eventually (3 of the 4 current practicing Catholics originally eloped and eventually all got married in the Church.) When 2 siblings got pregnant before marriage all they did was love and support the parents during pregnancy and never judged them on not being married first. When my older siblings lived with significant others they allowed younger siblings to still visit their houses regularly, but their line in the sand was that younger siblings couldn't spend the night at a non-married couples house as to create a comfortable boundary for their beliefs and their relationship with their children. There are countless examples of when all 7 of us went against my parents beliefs at one point or another and they NEVER held it against us. They just privately prayed harder.
  13. There are things I would not be able to support my children in but those are few. One example, I would not drive them or their significant other to an abortion clinic. However, I would help take care of them afterwards if they need physical or emotional help during the healing process. I would strongly urge them to consider other options and make it clear that I could not support them in their decision to go through with an abortion. However, I would also be there for them through anything they need after the fact if that is their decision.
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