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  1. We just bought a house that is just under 3000 sqft and it has all the rooms I wanted/needed. First floor master so my parents could move in with us. An electronics free room that houses are books, boardgames, art supply with a table to do them on, and a second table to play board games at. It has a living room, computer room, huge laundry room with utility sink, and 4 additional bedrooms upstairs (one of which is our playroom/guest room.)
  2. I did the same thing with my brother when he was 21 and I was 9. He had just graduated college and moved back home for about 6 months while he saved enough money to buy a house. While he was home he stayed in my room. All either of us ever used the room for other than sleeping was storage so no one was inconvenienced and we were never in each others business.
  3. hjffkj

    Theater room

    We do not have one and never will since we just bought the house I plan on staying in until I can no longer live on my own. But if we had bought a house that had one I know we would use it daily and just not have a tv in our living room or anywhere else. My dad, who lives with us, and I watch a movie together most nights after the kids are in bed and I'm waiting for dh to get home. I generally fold laundry or work on my writing while also watching the movie but in a comfy theater seat that would be even better. We could technically turn one of our rooms into a theater room if I really wanted to but I don't. I like the function of all our rooms and the living room has a big enough tv and good seating that a theater room seems unnecessary
  4. This is our first summer in this house and it was basically move in ready when we bought it. But we do have a few projects to deal with outside. repairing and staining the deck is one. Our deck is HUGE and it is in the front and back of the house and surrounds and above ground pool. It will be quite the undertaking. Another project for the end of the summer is removing the massive amounts of medium sized landscaping rocks and turning that area back to grass. The rocks would look nice with a few plants scattered in the pile but the weeds are the worst! and I'm not dealing with that, so back to grass it is. We have to organize the whole basement. When we moved in we didn't have anywhere to store all our tools and off season stuff so we put it in the basement and just need a weekend to find a storage solution and get all that stuff put away. I think that is it for big things. All the little things add up to one big project though
  5. His ability to talk his way out of serious trouble multiple times at school and to convince multiple therapists that there isn't something seriously wrong is very troubling. I'd be worried because he is exhibiting psychopathic behavior. Now not all psychopaths are violent but with the threats he has made I personally would default to believing he was capable of it, and I'd make sure your other children and you have safeguards in place. if he were my child, I would find it unacceptable that the school is not taking the threat seriously. I would personally be reporting the incident to the police. He has threatened people on multiple occasions, this is serious. He doesn't need a new school, he needs an emergency psych eval by a knowledgeable Dr. He may not be depressed but he certainly isn't healthy.
  6. It really depends on the group. My closest friend and I have discussed TeA quite a bit. One set of friends, we don't necessarily talk about our personal TeA life but we do talk about general TeA occasionally as well. Home school group, only in the context of Natural Family Planning because we are all Catholics who use it as our birth control method. So, we'll discuss the struggles with it and how it can affect the bedroom situation. Even in my family of origin TeA is talked about like normal conversation at times. I'm 32.
  7. If you think you will feel a great sense of pain not saying goodbye than I'd suggest doing everything you can to visit now. Or flying out the second you get word he has passed and ask your mom to wait to call the funeral home until you see him. My experience with this is that when my grandmother died, she lived in my home, her kids waited 10 hours before having the funeral come. this way all close family could come see her one last time before she was cremated. It was peaceful and healing for the people who needed it
  8. You know, I started by putting my name out there. My first client was my mom's friend who had 2 dogs and 9 cats. The next thing I did was post an ad on a local universities classifieds page. That got me grad student clients who needed the occasional afternoon visit because they were too busy to get home. I also got professors who travelled a lot. I gave incentives to clients for referring me to other people and I started offering things like giving the dog a bath or trimming nails for extra. I spent $500 to advertise in my churches bulletin for a year and that paid for itself in two months. Craigslist was another avenue I took but I didn't really like most of the clients I got from there so I stopped that quickly. If you are in Nextdoor people are always looking for pet sitters on there. Local Facebook groups are a great way to find people looking for pet sitters. I think I spend more time responding to ads for people looking for pet sitting in the first 2 years than anything else. I did all of this before I ever looked into getting a business license, insurance, or creating a website. Once u had a steady stream of clients that generated enough income to pay for my college books and fun money each semester I started thinking about making it an official business that would appeal to a different kind of client. I didn't even do my own website. I hired that out to someone.
  9. I have been running my own pet sitting business since I was 17, so 15 years. I never thought it was necessary to deal with websites that were the middle man. Instead, I used word of mouth, advertised on local classifieds sites, had a website with good SEO, and left business cards and flyers on businesses community boards. $2000/month is certainly doable but it will take time to build up that client base. Doing research on proper pricing for your area is key. If you price too low you can get tons of clients relatively quickly but you'll burn out and be selling yourself short. Price too high and you may get a few good clients but you'll price yourself out of the market. In my area, I can charge $18/ half hour visit or $25 for an hour and most people find that reasonable. The ones who don't generally have to go with a teen who isn't licensed or insured. Insurance is less than $300/yr. Pet sitting can be flexible but too many black out times and days will make clients look elsewhere. My policy is to ALWAYS be available with proper advanced notice. I tell my clients to set their travel dates by a certain date and then I will set my travel dates around their needs. If something comes up last minute for certain clients I will bend over backwards to make it work or set them up with someone who I trust with my own animals.
  10. That seems really odd. Did they say if you didn't have the records that they would want to get him caught up on everything. If the office has a policy that they don't take unvaccinated kids I can see how it could be difficult for a vaccinated to be given just one shot with no proof of having the other vaccines
  11. I will just say that adding a set of stairs to the bedroom to fix the walk through issue won't fix it really. It'll just make the house quirkier. I know this because that is how our house is set up. While we walked through the house at the open house we still viewed it as a walkthrough room since it would be inconvenient to go all the way around the house to get somewhere that is a wall away. We do love having a second set of steps so we don't have to walk through the room but our first reaction was, ' oh a walk through room how will we cope with that.' so the problem is still there and buyers will see it.
  12. As someone who doesn't really intentionally celebrate Mother's Day, I would be having a conversation with dh and telling him everything you have told us. If he can't see the pain he caused you yesterday than something needs to change. And if he expects to go out and have a day to himself on Father's Day but expect you to be happy with a box of mac and cheese he needs a reality check. If he can't see the inequality in the household and is unwilling to trying to see it than I personally would be the person to wake up Father's Day morning, leaving a note explaining that you have decided to enjoy a day entirely to yourself, and you will see him after the kids should be in bed. I'd only do something so drastic if talking about the issue doesn't solve the issue because sometimes people need to feel the drastic differences by experience before they fully realize. Early in our marriage because of certain expectations that dh set for these type of holidays and then him dropping the ball, I simply put my foot down and refused to participate the next holiday. That holiday was Christmas and I made it clear that I was not exchanging gifts with him or doing any gift shopping for anyone. He didn't take me seriously and realized 2 days before Christmas that we had no gifts for his mom, dad, grandmother, and sisters. He scrambled to get gifts and I just sat back hoping this would be a huge learning experience. Come Christmas he asks if it is time to exchange gifts and I inform him that I have nothing for him. So, I get to open up 4 very thoughtful gifts because he finally realized how shitty he treated me on previous holidays so went out of his way to make up for it only to not get any from me that year. He really felt terrible, not for not getting gifts but because he fully realized how I had felt on previous occasions. All holidays have been wonderful ever since, except this year. Which resulted in me only getting him a silly key chain because he chose to blow through our entire christmas budget on coworkers after we had discussed not spending over a certain amount on each other. When he spent the amount allocated for me to spend on him on coworkers(who he had never shopped for before) I told him I wasn't going in debt over Christmas so he wasn't getting anything from me that year. Now he listens to me when I say money is seriously tight and we don't have the money for XYZ, because he knows I will not spend money on other things if he has blown the budget already.
  13. I expect nothing from my 5 children because I don't really care about them acknowledging Mother's Day. My kids were watching a show on PBS yesterday and it was a Mother's Day episode where the main character was doing something for her mom. My 6 year old looks at me with this look of terror and asks when is Mother's Day. When I told him Sunday the looked got even worse. You could tell he was trying to process that he had no idea what he wanted or was supposed to do and would become overwhelmed soon. I told him I didn't want anything and he quickly responded, "OH good!!!" I laughed so hard. MAking me laugh was the best gift ever so he's already done his part well.
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