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  1. hjffkj

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    the problem with that is if I take it all to one place I know things will be thrown away. for ex, the goodwill near my sister doesn't sell kids toys unless they are brand new, so they trash any toys they get.
  2. What you did isn't stealing.You finished the nurses job for her. Also, I don't find it surprising at all that there was no one around to answer questions.
  3. hjffkj

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    this is my mentality.
  4. hjffkj

    Speaking of weddings...

    We are far from weddings as my oldest is only ten. But I sure hope when the day comes that I'll enjoy it. If the spouse is a good person, I can't imagine why I wouldn't enjoy it. But I can also imagine needing a few days to recover.
  5. hjffkj

    January Frugalistas

    Yes, indeed!! I'm so happy they we are moving into a house that requires next to no work. We haven't talked to our realtor about if we should ask the seller to fix anything yet. The few things that showed up are easy fixes for us but also things that are reasonable to ask for because of safety concerns. Like no GFCI outlets and railings that aren't up to code.
  6. hjffkj

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    haha, I thought the same thing
  7. hjffkj

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    I have a love hate relationship with decluttering. Actually getting it done is the worst and I happily put it off. But once it's done it is the best feeling. I was at the house we're going to buy for 4 hrs today during the inspection and I just kept thinking, " I really need to get rid of a lot of stuff while packing so the new house can stay this visibly peaceful." So, as I go forward with packing I'm going to constantly remind myself how nice it was without all the clutter
  8. hjffkj

    January Frugalistas

    $375 spent today on the home inspection. 4.5 hours of inspecting revealed nothing major. A few simpe electrical issues need to be addressed and some loose siding. Other than that it looks good. We also met with our lender today to go through all the details and sign things and I may have gotten a bit dizzy with the cost of settlement and just the idea of having a mortgage again. But I got over it quickly
  9. hjffkj

    Difficult bosses.

    I had a boss like this once. I knew this is how she was because I watched her do it to so many if my coworkers but for a long time she didn't do it to me. Then one day I made a mistake, a pretty small mistake, that was actually partly her fault for being unclear. Anyway, she starts going off on me in front of all my coworkers. Since the job wasn't important to me, because she really made an amazing job shitty, I decided I wasn't going to just take her barking at me quietly. I let her finish her rant on how crappy a job I did and then I let ALL those frustrations about her building up inside out. As I went off on her I watched all my coworkers slowly back out of the room. Then when I was done I just left the room. I was completely prepared for her to fire me. Instead, she came and appologized to me for her behavior. And she never spoke to me like that again, although she continued with everyone else. Well except the only other person who ever stuck up for themselves like I did. It was the best moment of my working career. Not that I advocate what I did if having a job is a necessity. Sorry you have to deal with a shitty boss
  10. hjffkj

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    Just go camping. There is no need to feed his irrational fear. If it we're really that important to him than he'd take off work, suck it up, and make sure you were 'safe'.
  11. hjffkj

    Confused about real estate listing

    They had not signed anything yet. The counter offer and our acceptance of the counter we're verbal, so legally they could change their mind. But it certainly shows a lack of integrity and has me extra cautious with the rest of the process
  12. hjffkj

    Confused about real estate listing

    They had not signed anything yet so they could still legally change their mind. But it did leave a bad taste in my mouth and that's why we didn't budge on our price. Had they accepted another offer or simply not pick ours I would have been upset over losing the house but relieved not to have to deal with people who packed the integrity to stick to a verbal agreement.
  13. hjffkj

    Confused about real estate listing

    This was my thought as well. They were just using a tactic to get me to out I'd myself. My realtor believes that is pretty likely so we are both being extra cautious as we continue the process
  14. hjffkj

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    I think him compromising and going with you all is a much more reasonable compromise than you carrying things you are uncomfortable with. I personally have no interest in carrying mace or pepper spray and wouldn't do it. But I also wouldn't stop dh's fears from me and the kids going camping.
  15. hjffkj

    Confused about real estate listing

    Sorry, I forgot to update. They countered our offer, which we accepted. Then they got another offer and decided to give both parties 24 hrs to submit their best offer. Well, we weren't going going to go any higher than the counter offer we already accepted out of principle. So, an agonizing 24 hrs later they accepted our offer and now we're officially under contract. Inspection is on Weds!
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