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  1. That sucks. hope you get your CDs back.
  2. when dh was working really long hours and I was the main money person and it was difficult because I really hated feeling like I ran everything and got frustrated when dh didn't stay in the budget because he was attached to it at all. So, what we ended up doing was sitting down together once and figuring out our long and short term financial goals. Once we figured those out and how much money we needed for them we figured if we could accomplish it without needing to track money. If not, dh agreed on a specific dollar amount that he wouldn't go over in a week without consulting me. It work
  3. Dh and I make the kids ornaments every year. It isn't a tradition I ever thought I'd stick with. At the beginning of our marriage we would buy ornaments for each kid because that was a tradition from dh's family. Eventually we switched to just making them, usually out of felt. It is a project we really enjoy doing together. We haven't talked about what their ornaments will be this year but they are usually related to their interests.
  4. I hate the circles in the eyes. I've been noticing it everywhere recently. One particular show we watched recently but I can't remember what.
  5. I'd still just blow them off even if they ask. They dug their own grave. At a certain point people will only learn by figuring out how to dig themselves out of the grave themselves. Instead of going to you, a person who they haven't listened to before, they can stop wasting your time and just google what to do.
  6. Dh and I had a really interesting time figuring out how to talk about money with the kids without scaring them right before Thanksgiving last year. Dh was in the process of switching careers and his employer of 20 years decided to demote him to part time because he was leavin. It was a mess and really threw us off guard because this employer had always tried to treat dh and our family well. Anyway, we couldn't avoid sitting down with the kids and explaining to them what dh working part-time meant for us because it was right before Christmas and we couldn't even afford to buy a tree. We
  7. you don't keep giving advice. you start saying 'I'm sorry to hear that,' 'that must be difficult,'I'm sure you will figure something out.' I would go so far as to say, 'when you are ready to take your finances seriously I will happily help you navigate that. But please don't ask for advice and then lie to me about things.' But I am a very blunt person
  8. well dh just told me that his next splurge item is going to be a playstation 5 (disclaimer: dh never spends money on himself. He has a splurge every few years.) So, most likely what will happen is I secretly get him the ps5 for christmas and then the kids get his ps4(which his friend bought for him when it came out.) They will be so excited for that. We'll get them some games too and their individual gifts too. Normally, I would never spend that much on dh but he has already declared it his next splurge so that money is getting spent eventually. He'd likely wait until March when we g
  9. My parents didn't talk to me about money but they did teach me not to ask for things that were needed unless it was Christmas or my birthday. So, they taught me that if I wanted things outside of those times I'd have to make my own money. And that is what I did. My brother and I made hundreds of dollars each year selling lemonade from ages 9 to 12. We lived across the street from the University football stadium. So on game days we'd be out there for hours as students and parents walked to the game and walked back. It funded our lego obsession nicely. My parents struggled financially when
  10. Oh did I have grand plans for how I was going to spend this time stuck at home! I started strong but lost steam in June and have done so little since then. But the last few days I've been making to do lists and that is going well enough.
  11. No idea! I don't want to fill the house with more stuff and experiences aren't really an option right now. I'm not even willing to do an experience for a future date because that could be them waiting over a year. Like my dad was supposed to see a Broadway show for her birthday in March with my fil. But that of course is postponed and she'll have another birthday before she can go. I was thinking of a gaming computer as a collective gift and then a few small personal gifts per kid but I don't know
  12. 1.99% did you pay for points? what were your closing costs? what is your apr? that is so low! I actually don't like the company you used. I tried using them for this refinance when I couldn't get in touch with our loan officer on the original mortgage and the guy I got seemed to know less about refis than me. Plus, their quote for us was over 3%, we could only get under 3% by paying points with huge closing costs. For reference our credit is phenomenal so that wasn't holding us back. When we got the original loan on this house I tried to use them as well and felt they were expe
  13. at this point just keep it in my opinion
  14. So, how has September been treating everyone. We had to pay for dance for the two girls so that was $1600 for the year! Paying for all of it at once seemed overwhelming but when I realized dd10 is taking three hour and a half long classes a week it put things into perspective. Other than that our spending has been pretty normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. Our refinance closes next Friday which will free up $300/month! That will immediately go into investments. No point paying the mortgage off early when the interest rate is so low. That money is better spend in the market or possib
  15. We're closing on our refinance next Friday!! 2.875% from 4.75%. Payment comes down $300 a month and we only extended the loan a year and a half. It took over the 45 days the loan is rate locked so if anyone is thinking of doing it expect a long wait time. They are swamped right now.
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