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  1. I don't have my ornaments our or if take a pic. But my favorite ornament was made by starting with putting my two thumbs and two index fingers together to make a shape similar to in the picture. Then trace that on felt. Then cut that out and decorate it anyway with felt, glitter, etc. You can even sew two of those cut outs together with some stuffing in between to give some added depth.
  2. I'm sorry you have been trying for so long. That sounds frustrating. I hope this current one ends up being the one.
  3. and I'm not even the one applying. But I'm am helping dh with tailoring his resume and cover letter to each job and it is so time consuming. Plus, all the job listings seem to blend together after awhile. He's set to apply to another ten or so tonight and tomorrow. I hope it is all for nothing and he gets the job he's waiting to hear back from but in the meantime his hours off work are devoted to applying more. I'm just ready to be done and the process basically just started. Thanks for listening to me vent, I just needed an outlet that wasn't dh because he is stressed himself.
  4. I did think of some things I actually need. Wool slipper socks, new dishwasher or fixed one (I discovered it is leaking today,) Amazon GC so I can buy the books I want but are too expensive for my taste.
  5. Well I will keep you in my prayers that you get it. We are waiting to hear about one place he's pretty excited about. It has only been a week since the interview and Monday they talked to his references. But waiting is so hard
  6. I have no idea, other than a new job for dh.
  7. I did this last year with Kohl's Black Friday sales. It all went to the house I sold in August. I shop Kohl's once a year so it wasn't on my radar when I change address on every other site
  8. In sure he's thoroughly washing his scalp now. When it first became an issue he would come out of the shower and I'd sniff test and it was clear he wasn't doing a good job at all. So I'd teach him how to and send him back in. It has gotten better since then but still is an issue. I'll try head and shoulders
  9. Advice needed. This is for my almost 11 year old. His hair is not particularly long but also not supper short. Lately, we have been having an issue of his head smelling. He will shower, wash his hair really well with shampoo, and then within an hour or so his scalp smells again. It smells so bad that I can't handle cuddling him much. Now I'm pregnant so my sense of smell is heightened but it was bad even before that. YOu have to be close to him to smell it but it is strong. Any advice on shampoos to use or what the issue might be
  10. we are still struggling to get ahead. But at least we are not getting farther behind. To add to the stress of all that we are still eagerly awaiting to hear back about a job dh applied for. They called his references on monday, which all 3 said the calls went really well. I know it could be a while before we hear anything but I'm just so impatient. We did get rent from my parents for the first time this week, which is a big help. They haven't been paying anything because the original agreement was they wouldn't until their house sold. but since they decided they won't be selling so my brother can move in to prepare for his house to be sold they are paying as they can and as we need it. Basically, we only need it because of Christmas coming up.
  11. Sorry to hear that.
  12. The questions certainly geared more towards professional credentials
  13. Praying for you for school #1 to make an offer.
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