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  1. If you are comfortable leaving them at home minus the fact that they don't have a phone I'd leave them at home and instruct them to go to a neighbor for a phone if it is an emergency. If you are still uncomfortable with that, can you find someone to watch them at home for that short period of time. If those aren't options I'd personally skip it rather than bring them, since your not positive they would just sit there and behave
  2. Thank you all so very much. All 4 of us are doing wonderfully. My sil and her baby have been home since yesterday since she gave birth at a birth center. Freya and I are set to go home in a few hours. She is just so precious and we're blessed to have her in the family. These two babies are certainly the closest in age cousins in the family. And I imagine it'll be a wild ride watching them grow up together. I really appreciate all the support and prayers the Hive continually gives people during the rough, unknown, scary, etc times we all go through periodically.
  3. We have never been in deep debt just periods of time with zero savings and up to $6000 in credit card debt. These have mostly always been times when we knew it was coming. For example, dh's recent underemployment. We didn't know it was happening but once we found out we had enough time to come up with a game plan. Other example is when we unexpectedly had to replace all the plumbing in our old house. We had enough time to figure out a game plan. Each time that game plan has been utilizing 0% credit card deals. So, we sign up for a credit card that has a 0% promo for at least 12 months, usually 18 and we pay for the expense on that. Then we figure out what needs to happen to pay that cars off before the promo ends. Sometimes that is with our tax refund. Other times I have to ramp up my pet sitting or we go to a bare bones budget. Our bare bones budget means we get rid of anything that isn't absolutely necessary, such as, Netflix, dance classes, anything going towards homeschooling because we work hard to find free resources, gifts, and eating out. Even groceries and gas are drastically cut. Basically I set an amount for gas each week and once it is gone we don't drive anymore, it is always enough to get dh to work or me to work if I have a pet sitting gig. Then once the debt is off we stay in that mode until our savings are replenished enough to feel comfortable
  4. Thank you all. Thank you for the prayers for my sil and nephew has well. He was born just after midnight! Mom and baby are healthy and happy.
  5. Most on car loan and a few hundred on family or person fun.
  6. I'm actually doing phenomenally. Easiest recovery so far. I have zero pain, just discomfort. My blood pressure has been perfect (miraculously.) And I've been able to get up and walk a bit with ease.
  7. That is hilarious that you say that because in this picture she looks just like her oldest brother, who looks pretty different than the other 4. And we have always said he has that he is an 'old soul'
  8. She is off oxygen and likely to join me in my room later tonight. She also has a name, Freya Elizabeth.
  9. Sil is home and she now thinks labor has started.
  10. @happysmileylady I love you food prep picture. My fridge looks somewhat similar since I tried to get tons prep for babysitter and dh's sake while I'm in the hospital. It really makes me want to be organized enough to always do it that way
  11. I have no pictures yet, they are on dh's phone. Will post when she's in our room snuggling us
  12. Thank you all. My surgery went perfectly and I just got wheeled out of recovery. My baby girl, no name yet, was not breathing well when she was born and has been on oxygen since. The amount of oxygen dependance has decreased gradually since she was born and Dr aren't too concerned. They did a chest x-ray and blood work but I haven't heard what the results were. Thankfully, on the way out of recovery they wheeled me into the nursery and I was able to cuddle her for 45 minutes. And they'll wheel me to her whenever I want. But they don't expect she'll be in there for too long. Last I heard from sil was around 1 and baby had passed 2 tests and she was waiting to hear from the Dr. Haven't heard what Dr decided was the best course of action. With being over due, sil having gestational diabetes and some other issues they are being very thorough.
  13. Prayers needed for two Mamas and two babies. I'm set to have my csection in about 20 minutes so any prayers for safe delivery and recovery would be appreciated. Also, my sil is overdue and failed a nonstess test today so is at MFM getting a level two ultrasound. Prayers would be appreciated for her and her baby too. Thanks all
  14. Thank you all. I'm heading to the hospital in about a half hour. Surgery is at 1. I'm equally excited and anxious. I know everything will be fine but there is always the voice saying 'what if.'
  15. I've had preeclampsia twice. My csection for this baby is Monday and they have been monitoring me closely since at 24 weeks my blood pressure was already showing signs of creeping up. I've been on baby aspirin and Labetalol most of the pregnancy. No mention of vitamin d being something to help decrease the risks. It fascinates me how little they know about ways to prevent preeclampsia.
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