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  1. Well, in what may go down as the easiest thing I have done all year, I finally wrote the counselor and got the exam only codes in less than an hour. I am literally in shock! I hope this is an encouragement to some.
  2. I agree with Lilaclady. I think that no matter what a college's usual practice or bias, this year will be different. All the kids are being effected in crazy ways. My dd is also a senior. She is a high scoring, driven, organized, studious, etc child. She sat down to her AP Environ. Science exam today and said, when as soon as she started she realized she forgot to study. What?!? And she doesn't even seem to be stressed. Her straight A college brother just got a B on a test he should have aced. Dd takes the SATs on Sat. for the same reason as your son. I am not so sure it's a good i
  3. Great idea for a thread. I need it as we are in a bumpy phase rn. It was good for me to slow the pace we were on. It was too much for me. ds2 is coming out of the grumpy teen phase and is being very responsible and hard working. Dd 1 handled everything well and is very organized with the college search. Ds 1 finally got his driver’s license and was able to piece together enough work this summer. Dd2 managed to actually increase her friendship group online ( I mean develop and expand her irl group, but online.) Dh actually got a nice raise. I hope will remem
  4. That could be. I actually find the analysis very straight forward. Could it be she isn’t solid on what each part is? Maybe she needs it to slow down.
  5. Sure, I don’t think every style appeals to everyone. Maybe she needs something straight forward like Rod and Staff?
  6. I used to eat them on the way to school. It’s one of my best memories—my kids even know about it. I love mulberries!
  7. You are doing fine. I love diagramming, but don’t teach it at all until fifth or sixth grade. It’s much faster then. Latin early has been hit or miss—but definitely miss when the family is under stress. All kids doing just fine—well educated, high scores, college student almost a 4.0(one A-). Most of all they have learned that when one is under stress it is ok to pull back and concentrate on a sane emotionally healthy life. Listen to your mother, really. ( mystery science is a super easy way to get hands on science done)
  8. For some classes, I have just marked it and moved on. If they did so badly it didn’t show mastery, I have retaught and retested. (I-replaced the grade if I felt part of the lack of understanding was on me.) For a few classes I gave half credit back for fixed answers. This was a math class and for AP psychology. I felt the looking back and finding the answers led to better learning. The AP psychology was multiple choice, so they had to say why each wrong choice was wrong and why each right answer was right. I might not do that for a child who refused to study or check over his answe
  9. In my childhood I moved twice--once at 6 months, once at 6 years. Adulthood--oh, my!--I will just count college as one, then I was abroad my junior year. After college-family home, 2 group houses, studio apartment, then overseas fr 3 years. After overseas--one apartment until I got married and moved to Canada with dh for grad school. In Canada--2 basement apartments, one rental house, one bought townhouse. Back in the states--with MIL, then our present house where we have been for 12 years. So, grand total:16 times. I think I was better off not counting. LOL
  10. Why, oh why do things like that always happen at once! We made the decision to fix the air conditioning at the house we own ( as opposed to the house we live in) bc we hadn’t had to spend much on that type of thing lately ($4000). The next week a problem with the pipes was discovered($$$$). Then the van needed $1600 worth of work. So I get it. Life can be going along fine and then all of a sudden you have to spend $10,000! It is so discouraging.
  11. I think it looks good as long as there is a literature portion somewhere else.
  12. Dd got her first acceptance yesterday to Houghton College, where her brother attends. She was also asked to apply to the same honors program. It is really nice to have an acceptance. It gives me energy to keep going with the rest:-). Even though this is my second round, I still worry Ill mess something up.
  13. Ah that makes sense. If you are thinking of the cogat—I see some stuff in teachers pay teachers. Also I think BJU might have some test prep stuff for the cogat.
  14. What age? Usually those type of tests don’t have practice material bc that’s part of what is being tested. I would think sitting still and following directions could be taught in daily life/schooling. But I guess you could use test prep materials for something like the Iowa tests. There used to be a series called Scoring High.
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