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  1. Yes, for sports I give my dd one serving before soccer and save seconds back for after. That way she doesn't get a cramp and has energy. It also means she eats better quality food after practice.
  2. We chose to eat at 4:30/5 in those cases. I try to shoot for 6 dinners together so once a week we may eat in a couple of shifts during busy seasons. During those seasons we also make more of an effort to have family fun time at other times—movies, tv shows together, hikes, board games.
  3. How gorgeous! Congrats to your whole family.
  4. It could also be she did think he’d be uncomfortable. I can see that happening at my house around that age. I wouldn’t assume anything. I’ve been matter of fact With my kids about being invited to parties. I’ve definitely said to at least one that friend might be having just boys to his party this year—we’ll see. But that wasn’t a bff situation. That makes it hard. I would take him on a special treat day that day ( but I wouldn’t say why to him!)
  5. I’m wondering about an allergy, too—except for the lack of anything else like hives or diarrhea. My dh has an allergy to a preservative that is used extensively in the restaurant business. He can react anaphylactically—which for him is a drop in blood pressure and passing out.
  6. I'm not sure it matters although your public school may be your more likely option. I have always done this mid September after the rush of the beginning of the year is over. The deadline for registering was moved to November a year or so ago so you need to be on it quickly.
  7. Wait! Really? I haven't seen that. Could you link for me before I buy the expensive mail in kit?
  8. This is almost exactly us even though I live in a much higher vaxxed area with a lot of masking. I am, however, letting 12 you dd go to sleep away camps that require testing before camp and during camp. Our numbers have gotten so good and are still going down. Between that and the low risk to her I am very comfortable with that decision.
  9. Ok, I did more research. The test we are doing is nasal, but not the brain picking one. Dd had one a few months ago and it's just quick swab in the nose. She said the strep swab she got at the same visit was much worse. Could you maybe start a regular nasal swab with 6 year old. Like first just touch tip of nose, then after a few days the edge, then in? I don't know how much time you have, but if you gave chocolate or something as a reward maybe you could work him into accepting it. And I'm with the ones who say I'd do my best to make camp happen this year.
  10. Our NY state camp( private camp but in NYS) just sent us a link to a test company ( mail in) that they are partnering with. It sounds like a saliva test. Maybe check with the camp to see if they are doing this. They are saying we should get the results in 1-2 days ( test Thursday, mail fedex and results by Saturday
  11. I'm not, but I'm married to one. Can I stay?
  12. I agree. I've had a child who had to be hospitalized from a throat abscess due to strep throat. Children do get hospitalized when sick. It's not that rare. I have no problem with the vaccination at all. I do have a problem with statistics being used this way to scare people into vaccinating. Of course we don't want any child to die, but I don't see that as a huge risk and I'm more concerned about the children who can't get vaccinated yet and their parents anxiety level due to reports like this.
  13. Yes! Having the older ones pick up is key to life working right now. Oldest dd has been such a help. That’s why I must get younger Ds driving. He won’t be eligible until December— I want to work hard at him getting his hours before that.
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