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  1. I do not think they should. One rhing, we as landlords just ran into with ESA is that they do not have to be trained and you can’t require a deposit. You do need to provide a letter from a mental health care professionals, but there are online places that will interview to do that. I think that all service animals should be trained just like ones for the blind. I also think landlords need some protection.
  2. So he's 8 or 9, right? I found that while my kids had friends at that age, good friends like you are describing started to develop at 11 or so. We have also never made friends through teams unless I initiated getting together at another time. I don't think he needs to be on a competitive team. It looks like he has 3 physical activities a week that he enjoys. Why does he need to compete? For me the goal of physical activity as a youth is a life long habit and finding ones you enjoy are golden. It was hard for me that my very athletic dd didn't like competing, but after one season of volleyball we let her stop. She does daily runs and once a week martial arts. (She does do tournaments once a year now as a teen.) Nothing will be lost from him not being on a competitive team. Pushing him may push him away from physical activity. I think three times a week organized physical activity is more than enough at that age. If you want him to get more exercise, have him run or bike ride or go hiking with him. Maybe he'd connect more with other boys through Scouts or First Lego League or Destination Imagination or 4-H. I would try to cultivate a friend for him, for sure. However, he's not likely to find a friend while participating in an activity he doesn't like.
  3. What about Aleks? It's online and tests what you know and you work on what you don't know. I used it with ds at the end of his pre-calculus year because I was concerned he wasn't as solid as I'd like. You pay by the month.
  4. I think they are all fine except maybe number 3. Try googling examples of hyperbole to see other examples. I think it’s fine for a seventh grader. The idea is to play with the technique. It looks to me like she’s got the idea.
  5. It would be a good idea also to copy the class description. I made a course description document for ds and used the descriptions from the online classes.
  6. Yes, NY students who do online school are considered homeschoolers, not private schoolers. I know several who have done Laurel Springs. It is possible, you just need to submit the regular paperwork.
  7. That's so funny, b/c I didn't find The Bravelearner un-schooley. I found it full of ideas to reinfuse joy into our schooling. We are definitely structured here. It is full of encouragement to relax and trust (but not in a way that means your children aren't learning--in a way that helps you notice that they are learning.) It's so interesting to me that we can all get different things out of the same book. Anyway, it was exactly what I needed right now and I feel that I have been re-invigorated for the next part of this journey. I was feeling a bit like I was limping to the finish line (and my youngest is still just 10!) It brought me back to my "roots" so to speak. This makes sense bc Julie Bogart is a little older than me, but not much. She has used KONOS and Sonlight and Charlotte Mason (all of which were part of my "early days"). And like me, all these philosophies smooshed together into something unique within her house and with her kids. I guess I was encouraged to embrace what I love about homeschooling and look at what is going well with my kids and how we can have more joy and peace and creativity in the process. I also found affirmation for a lot of what I've discovered along the way (Particularly with regard to collaboration instead of always striving for independent learners.) Oddly, while her writing program is similar to how I taught in the classroom years ago, I don't really use her writing methods with my kids bc we have found systems that work better for us. But for "keeping perspective" on the process of homeschooling as a whole, I found her to be priceless right now. My youngest's education in particular is going to be a lot better as a result of my "deep dive" into Julie Bogart this spring. She is tremendously affirming in a way that inspires (and not just "homeschooling is always good no matter what" way.) She sent children to school when she needed to. She embraces different philosophies of education (but says you need to educate.) She is pro-mom in a way that, for me, is empowering and makes we want to "do better" but not because of guilt iykwim.
  8. I’ve been homeschooling 14 years and I found the Bravelearner wonderfully inspiring and restorative.
  9. I disagree. I mean, it counts, but it's totally fine to say, "Could you say it again tomorrow? I like hearing it on the day."
  10. The test is made on purpose with things your child may not have had yet. Remember that they are scored based on other children their own grade. There are above grade, below grade and at grade so that they can have a range. They are not expected to get all the questions correct. A 50% would put them right in the middle of the pack, not failing. Also, I am on my fourth child and really think that standardized tests don't really accurately represent my children until around 5th grade. Particularly because no one but you will ever see the scores, I wouldn't worry one bit. You know why their math scores my be lower than expected. If the tests shows you that, it won't be a surprise, right? Like, I know that my kids struggle in spelling, the test represents that. They score low on spelling. If an area is a surprise, that is one to look into if you want. I noticed one of mine seemed to score low in inference on the reading test. So we spent some time of that. That's the intention of the tests, not to judge you,but to keep you on track and give you information about how to adjust the program. Your kids may be picking up on your anxiety over this.
  11. That’s fine. The only samples we were asked for was one application that required two graded papers (English and one other) and a couple of honors programs who wanted a writing sample—but it could be from any class. I’ve never heard of a school that required work from high school classes beyond that except Arizona State who likes to see lab reports(I think it’s ASU.)
  12. No, but she ( unlike her older brother) is not one to get distracted when on the computer. The screen time is higher with this course bc of the online textbook and videos. You can also do virtual labs. Other than word processing and an online French class ( with a textbook) and a music theory program, this is her online online class. It is wise to balance that with how your child handles him or herself online, though, and how much screen time they get overall and what effect it has on them.
  13. My dd is using Guest Hollow biology. It is absolutely high school worthy. My ds used Miller Levine and I am finding Guest Hollow more engaging. We love the imbedded videos and the supplementary documentaries.
  14. Ds just got home last night from a semester in London followed by two weeks of travel. He has has a wonderful first year and says he can’t believe he’s done with one year already. He’s made friends, weathered storms and gotten straight As. He has his same job at a trampoline park. He doesn’t like it, but couldn’t really look for a job while in Europe. I am excited to have him back, but worried it will be a hard summer bc he’ll miss his friends and all the action at school. His closest friends in high school aren’t around this summer. Hopefully he will connect with some other acquaintances.
  15. The pace helps a lot with developing speed, but you may not want to also do literature for that child during the same week. One mother I know alternates quarters of lit and writing.
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