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  1. I say do whatever you think looks "best." My present one doing SWI-A and the child just above her both did/will do Ancient Writing theme book afterwards. That's because I like that theme book and it fits with our history study. Actually, I think my oldest did SWI-B, then ancients, then SICC-B. My second and third never did a continuation course. Instead, I taught a writing class for them and another 2 families because that's what worked for us. My fourth might or might not. All (except my youngest who is just starting out) are strong writers now. I've learned there is no magic progression. Just keep plugging along.
  2. freesia

    Fitbit users

    When I can't get back to sleep I first try counting my breathing and blocking other thoughts. If that doesn't work I get up, take 100mg of l-theanine with some So Calm magnesium drink. I read for about half an hour. I usually can get to sleep again.
  3. freesia

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    I agree with you. That was my reaction to that organizer,too. My SIL is like that and she encourages my MIL in that direction. It actually makes me nervous. And it feels odd to me. MIL had less than a bookcase worth of books and SIL was on about her having too many books???? Our 12 bookcases full must give her hives.LOL
  4. I would look at Sharon Watson's Power in Your Hands. You could also consider a class like Lantern English. They have very reasonable 8 week classes.
  5. First acceptances are so wonderful, aren't they? Congrats to Lanny's dd!
  6. I had the very same worry. Ds wouldn't take notes in high school. He refused. He just finished his first semester of college. Guess what? He takes notes. I have no idea what flipped the switch, but something did. So, if she knows how, she will if she needs to.
  7. freesia

    Pre-cooked meal services

    You know what,Elf, I encourage you to let her solve this problem on her own. If she feels the need to drive, she will. It sounds like she is doing fine with ideas for what to cook.She has transportation and delivery options. She can use her on campus meals. Give her a budget and let her figure it out. It's important to learn to balance physical needs with busy times of life. This seems like an easy way to let her have autonomy.
  8. freesia

    Pre-cooked meal services

    Some grocery stores have warm food bars. Could she do that?
  9. freesia

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Yes, absolutely go to the concerts.
  10. She will do fine. Usually folks take English language first. The lit is seen to be harder. My ds took English language in 11th and got a 5. He hadn't had a rhetoric class before and did fine. All she needs is to be able to write a decent essay and to discuss books. The class will teach her any other skills.
  11. freesia

    Oh mercy me what have I done?

    A hot bath and ibruprophen right before bed.
  12. freesia

    Not retaining SOTW 2nd grade

    I agree. One of mine wasn't ready for SOTW until 4th. We have done mainly picture books and short biographies and historical fiction for her first history cycle. It worked just as well. Concentrate on the lists of extra books and the activities. Start narration by saying something like--tell me 3 things you learned in this book about knights. Diane Stanley books read slowly are good. Usborne Time Traveller is great. There was another series about some kids who time traveled which was good. Clyde Bulla books are excellent for this time period. Actually, my child who loved history the most in second grade and was really engaged didn't really remember any of the details when we cycled back 4 years later. That brought home to me how history at this level is about the story and being familiar with the past and different ways of living, not the details. If SOTW isn't working, use something that covers less detail, but promotes more engagement. You won't go wrong.
  13. One strategy with not paying attention to positive and negative is to have her write the negative with a colored pencil. It will go slower at first, but may help her pay closer attention. Eta:no idea why everything is underlined.
  14. freesia

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Praying here, Stella.
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