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  1. I think it's ethical. Unless the problem is a lack of effort or study, I often let a child retry for half points or even throw out the grade and redo the unit completely because obviously the information hasn't been learned or rewrite the paper. However, I only allow this when whatever is done leads to greater and deeper knowledge, because then the higher grade represents greater knowledge. I would not do a paper in English for Spanish. I might, though, assign extra study on Duolingo and give points for time spent. If the low grades came on learning tenses or irregular verbs, I might have the student restudy and take another exam to replace the grade. Except in cases of a child unwilling to put in effort (and I did have one child like that when he was in ninth grade), any extra work that leads to better knowledge meets my goals of education. I also give 10-20% participation credit for wilingly and completely doing all homework and willingly correcting errors.
  2. Lantern English has 8 week writing classes. The next set start in January (the second set just started.) i haven't looked lately, but Write at Home used to have sets up classes that you could join at any time.
  3. My children have a plan book like the excel sheets. I fill in assignments weekly. Usually in one subject I write the assignments for the week on the page opposite the grid and have them learn to divide it over the days. In high school we move to several subjects having syllabi with weekly work listed.
  4. This is exactly what I would recommend. I think they have placement tests, so don’t worry about grade level. My friend who went this route when her Dh had a long medical emergency, added daily 6-trait writing for more writing. It is very easy to implement and the all in one nature will make it easy for your dh.
  5. We use the GPS videos with it. I also make dd do both the Practice Problem and the Extra Practice problem sets. That’s what my ds has to do in an online class and it helped. If she is still missing problems, I sit with her and we try to figure out what she is not getting.
  6. Some of it is the age. 14 was the pits for my oldest ds. It got better. It's better with my present ds, but he doesn't love school. He just is a better worker. It did work out for my ds, but honestly I ended up putting him in a writing class and things went a lot better. It was just 6 weeks, i think, but it made me realize that it helped to have him write for someone else. So, the next year my friend and I traded writing from each other's teen aged sons. Lantern English has $60 8 week writing classes. Could you swing one session? They can be intense, but my high schoolers rise to the challenge and produce good work. If he is writing grammatically, he can drop the grammar. His day seems awfully short. I found teen boys do best with morning exercise and enough to keep them busy. Could you add an elective of some kind (my kids do 6-7 credits and work at least 6 hours a day at that age)? I know the ideal would be for him to immerse himself in a self-chosen task and run with it. That totally works for my middle 2 (and seems to be happening with my youngest). My oldest was not there at that age. He needed a lot more structure and guidance. It took a while for his passions to develop. Now he is very self-motivated and an active learner. We did put him in 4 online classes his tenth grade year. He really learned to work that year. Part time jobs are another place that kids can learn to work hard and be proud of what they do. Chin-up. The teenaged things is hard and there is a learning curve.
  7. Thank you so much, Ruth. It was so kind of you to put this together for me. Dd and I will enjoy these projects.
  8. Thank you so much. We are on the Atlantic side right now. I will look at your Pinterest board later today, thanks for sharing it.
  9. We go every other year to a barrier island and spend a week. This will be the year. It is sandy and straight with an inlet on one side. The easiest beaches for me to get to around here are sound beaches and I know them less well. I tried to answer your questions above. thanks so much.
  10. Thank you. I’d never seen the Good and the Beautiful one and I think it will work nicely. It looks like enough new to help guide and fill out what she knows and maybe provide new directions for rabbit trails. And thank you for the show ideas. I don’t think she’s watched them. The Ocean Vet one, in particular, may be a hit.
  11. We are about an hour away, but will do a week at the beach this summer. I’d love to hear your ideas.
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