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  1. I love it. The first time I heard it it was sung by a teen girl. I cried. I prefer it sung by a girl.
  2. Dh made cranberry orange relish And ds2 made pumpkin pie yesterday. I made a pumpkin cheesecake today and ds1 is presently working on an apple pie. I will prep the stuffing tonight. Tomorrow turkey goes in the oven. We will also have gravy, mashed potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes and onions. Drinks—white wine and sparkling cider. And whipped cream—lots of it.
  3. I just picked up ds yesterday. He is on a campus which has had 0 cases. The state provided rapid tests and he was tested. No one tested positive. So, we are not doing anything special. (While our state numbers are rising, we still have low positivity. )
  4. This was the book I was talking about: https://www.amazon.com/Reset-Your-Childs-Brain-Screen-Time/dp/1608682846/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=reset+brain&link_code=qs&qid=1605731502&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-1&tag=mozilla-20 There was a huge improvement in mental health around here after I read that book and implemented better limits (and we had not been totally free by any means.) Some kids just need more limits. I don't know why some kids get more distracted online than others. My oldest definitely had the hardest time. The girls don't struggle
  5. You are not a bad mother and he is not the first kid like this. You’ve gotten great advice. When oldest Ds was that age he could only work on a computer facing me.(it was torture for me. I literally had to stay in the living room for hours. But I survived and barely remember now) Gaming only happened about five hours a week. Otherwise he was difficult. He had a limit. I read a great book about it, but can’t remember the title.
  6. I really like TT Geometry. I usually use Saxon 4th edition for Alg and Alg 2 with a year of TT Geometry in between. We use the CDs and my kids write their answers and proofs on paper and I check them.
  7. Ds is getting a test done at school but we won’t quarantine. His school has had no cases so I feel if he tests negative there is very little risk. He’s also careful. We may be more risk to him although since we had some type of virus a couple of weeks ago we haven’t been able to do much outside the house which is probably good as numbers here have started to rise.
  8. It’s very easy where I am (at least if you have any symptoms at all)and completely covered by insurance. My dd made an appt for a drive through at CVS. I took dd to her pediatrician for one once ( same day appt.). Ds is getting a rapid test before he leaves college. Blue state.
  9. Then it’s just so they can track their diversity. White ( or white non-Hispanic) would do. It’s probably a fill in to allow biracial children not to all be lumped together, I would think. Asian/black being different from Asian/ white ( Hispanic) Eta: it’s all arbitrary anyway, but a someone who wants diversity in school and activities, it is helpful.
  10. I agree that the only reason you might need to put anything is for medical reasons. I don’t think it’s legal in the States to require it. Even for medical reasons, it only helps to narrow possibilities. When dd was a baby and had liver problems they asked about certain ethnicities. I didn’t know at the time that we actually did match one of them. However, they tested anyway so it didn’t matter. I would probably put European or white.
  11. Dd also got into Trinity Western University in BC. I think it’s her first choice, but it’s far and the money needs to work out. She has a number of other apps in this hat we are waiting on
  12. KIf their oldest is six, I’d chalk it up to naïveté. I had been a teacher for a decade before I had kids and even I totally overestimated high school homeschooling as a homeschooler of younger kids. You don’t quite think through/ know how difficult it may be to teach a subject you haven’t done for thirty years to a reluctant child going through adolescence. We do way more outsourcing than I imagined at the time. I really did think that any subject I didn’t know would be happily learned independently around here. Now, I totally believe if we couldn’t outsource we could successfully manage. Bu
  13. Both my boys had that problem starting at puberty. I never thought of it as a medical issue. I just thought of it as a growing boy who isn’t feeding himself as much as he needs. Particularly with my oldest, I needed to keep an eye on whether he ate regularly and kept protein bars he liked for times he started to melt down.
  14. You start with a small dose bc magnesium moves the bowels. If you start small and work up, you have less of a problem. I take it at night or when I wake up bc it makes me drowsy within 30 minutes. I rarely have reflux, so I can't speak to that.
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