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  1. I think also Italy probably has many more cases than they have confirmed.
  2. I don’t think I have until they were about 13-14.(I start leaving them for 30-60 minutes at around 8.). Around 11/12 I’ll leave them for around 2 hours or so. That said, if I’d needed to take someone to the emergency room or something and it might be longer, I would have left them at 11/12 with phone numbers they could call if they needed to go to someone’s house. In general, though, I’m not faced with this situation much as dh works next door—and often can work at home and I have loads of friends I can leave them with ( who leave their kids with me at times.)
  3. This feels a lot like when we are watching a major hurricane approach and we don’t know the exact impact and everything feels so oddly normal except there’s an underlying tension. I also think folks are quietly stocking up. I had to go shopping again today because so many things were cleaned out yesterday. They were restocked today. One thing I nearly forgot was having plenty of cat litter.
  4. I’m with you! This year it’s been so hard to engage with the planning ( I usually have done it in December!). My ninth grader has way too much going on and I hate to stress him about planning next year. And then my dd will be a senior next year and I’ve already done that and know what it’s like, so I’m trying to hold back the tide!!!
  5. I haven't planned it out yet. I did buy a high school text book to plan around. I also found this blog with a plan: I'm hoping to ask a friend who is an interior designer if I can pay her to give feedback on a couple of projects. Part of me is excited, part of me is nervous about planning this out.
  6. The reason I’d keep the two homeschool activities is that I have felt it important to nurture my children’s friendships and make connections at that age. My boys have never made close friends at Scouts. I would think the wild and free group would be best for this—but I think the physical activity of the PE is important. It’s hard at those ages to tell them to go out and play. The two year old would want to go and Katie certainly can’t write if she’s outside supervising or inside with a two year old who feels left out. Part of what may make the two homeschool groups work better socially is the connections Katie will make.
  7. Quit cub scouts. It’s not in American lol. I have an Eagle and Life Scout. We join at the Boy Scout level ( oldest did Weblos and I swore never again!) my mom is an Eagle coordinator for her district and she doesn’t like cubs either. I would keep the PE and Wild and Free group for your kids ages. Set a timer for your meds. But also just know that many of us find juggling everything at your children’s ages very challenging. It should get easier.
  8. No, I haven't seen a senior year planning thread. I didn't start one bc I just can't get the planning together for this one. This is my second time through.I'm finding it hard to figure out as we will try some new things and she has opinions and I want to be more responsive to her. What is a sure thing: AP English lit with Lili Serbiki French 4 with Sally Barstow Calculus --probably using Math u see PE--because it's required Interior Design--1/2 credit because she really wants to do it. She needs Government and Economics. She wants to do Sociology and Anthropology. My current thought is first semester do Gov't with a Clep test and a dual enrollment Sociology (Cedarville maybe?). Second semester she'll do Econ DE (Cedarville?) and maybe Anthropology DE. I feel like i'm forgetting something. I know she has no science, which makes me slightly nervous, but I know it's fine. She's very bright, high SAT scores, but we are going the smaller college/merit aid route that worked for her brother and she has no interest in taking science just to play a game. I think she'd like to do some other classes like film script writing, but if she takes DE classes she may be able to cut a semester off her degree, which would be financially a good idea and she wants to take the social science classes..... AHH!
  9. Yeah, like childbirth. lol You should see the contortions my ds goes through sometimes trying to figure out how everything is ultimately my fault (situations like the Youtube one.) Sometimes I laugh. Being the third to go through it is hard bc you do get laughed at more. On the other hand, he pushes my buttons less bc I don't take it as personally.
  10. ((Hug))) one step at a time. My dh always says—they aren’t finished yet. But, yeah, been there (and am in a gap right now—the last two are four years apart—coming out of it with a nearly 15 yo and seeing glimmers of entering with a nearly 11yo.). I gotta say, though, that my dc who internalized it all ( and had no external drama) ended up needing the most mental health support. So, I try to remind myself that showing it externally is actually healthy bc at least I know what they are going through and thinking. Anyway—everything is not your fault no matter what they are telling you—lol
  11. I agree. I’ve worked with kids for years—as a teacher, nanny, my mom taught pre-school. I don’t understand why the two options are run around the house or be restrained. Are there consequences to not sitting at the table? I love the meal ends suggestions. Have you practiced sitting at the table at non meal times ( upping it one minute a day or so with rewards?) I do get that some children have severe ADHD and can’t sit period, but the vast majority of three year olds (and two year olds) can sit at the table for ten minutes.
  12. I'm on my third high schooler, too. I have bright kids who score well on SATs and a strong family history of top schools. Anxiety and depression also run in our family. We have made the choice not to pursue 15 AP type schedules and travel teams (for sports or robotics.) So ds 1 did 1 AP in 10th, 2 in 11th and 3 in 12th. The other core classes one could call honors, but since we homeschool, I could adjust the schedule. My dd, who is in 11th, is doing 2 APs this year and will do a mix of 1 AP and maybe 3 DE classes (over 2 semesters). She is old for her grade and very mature. I wanted my bright, high achieving kids to have space in their life for family, church, downtime, friends and ECs that they do for fun. My dd I am always monitoring bc she tends to overcommit. She has had some mental health struggles early on and I shudder to think what public school would be like for her bc we live in such a high achieving area and she'd want to be on the top. Anyway, our approach is not to "play the game" just to play the game, but instead to strive for balance. It is hard enough in the culture we live in to achieve that, I can't even imagine if the kids had to do more APs on top of it all. Our children's mental health is just not worth a Yale/Princeton acceptance. It's especially not worth the 6% acceptance and high likelyhood of not getting in--not when there is so much else to do and see and experience. We are very happy with ds's big scholarship/honors program at a small LAC that is not "top tier" but excellent. What I would have done differently is more homeschool specific and probably really dependent on things that happened that are specific to our situation and I only would have done them if I'd have known what would happen. I would have joined our out of state large co-op earlier--lesson you could apply--don't put your eggs in one basket, make sure your children have social options outside of school (or social options beyond one group.) I would have taught my oldest how to initiate social events and not pulled support (his group that imploded had an alpha male who had been around since ds was 7.) I thought he'd figure out how to initiate earlier than he did and I feel like he is still learning in college and has some strange ideas about what is imposing on people. I wish I'd insisted he initiate more. I would have had strict internet/social media rules earlier.
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