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  1. That’s what I would like to know about. Are more people surviving because treatment is better.
  2. Oh my goodness, I just realized I answered you wrong. My ds did Edhesive. I did get an answer from Aleks. They do not have an approved syllabus. They consider themselves like an AP textbook, not a class. It was actually really frustrating to communicate with them.
  3. Yes, but jogging has a lot of huffing and puffing involved and you may be running through each others expressed breath. I can totally see that and,when I walk, I cross the street rather than walk through an area where a jogger or biker just was. I think that if folks walk masked into an area, set up chairs 6 ft or more apart and talk quietly and then leave the area in different directions, masked, the risk is very very low if no one has any symptoms. ETA: But I completely support folks who disagree and would mask if they wanted me to.
  4. Hi, I don't remember having that question. LOL I couldn't list it as AP anyway because of our umbrella school's policies. I did include it as AP level on our course descriptions and in a separate letter that I sent to the college explaining about the AP classes he had taken that weren't labeled as AP level. He did fine on the exam. I think he got a 4--but that is more on him and his haphazard review at the end of his senior year (and the fact he didn't ever read the textbook--he said it was optional. I don't know if that is true.). I thought the class was fine. I do remember having a problem with checking the work. Unlike Edhesive's AP Computer Science, this class is graded by the facilitating teacher. At first I didn't have the answers, but they did end up sending them to me. So, you might want to email with them and ask how the grading goes. I wasn't expecting to have to grade, so it caught me by surprise and we had an incredibly busy fall that fall, so I had to do some mental adjustments bc I'd assumed that class was off my plate. I think there are others who have done the class more recently--@Miribillis maybe? You might want to do a search.
  5. I would and have socialized outside maintaining six feet distance without a mask. My dd attended a party where each girl had a blanket and their own basket of snacks 6 feet apart. They played charades from their blankets. We masked entering and leaving ( and I have during my meet ups with a couple of moms in a backyard) I am in a hotspot ( although in the fringes). I think there is minimal chance of transmission outside and six feet apart if no one is coughing or sneezing or singing.
  6. I don’t know the answer exactly, but my ds did a month of Aleks after Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calculus and he did fine with Calculus.
  7. Awww precious. And so smart! I love the fake yawn story. I hope you meet them soon!
  8. My older three did Windows in 8th or 9th. After that I just had them do one literary analysis in ninth and tenth. We discussed each book we read, but I don’t think you need to write a ton of formal lit analysis each year. My oldest did AP lit in 12th and dd is signed up for next year. He, of course, did a lot of lit analysis writing then, but having done just one a year didn’t hurt him at all. i agree with Lori and 8 on their recommendations.
  9. I’m so glad this week was better. It’s amazing how true it is that everything passes and new days come. Sometimes it takes a lot longer. I’m glad it didn’t for her.
  10. This is close to my situation with my dh. Ugh. It’s already tough enough to work with his allergy.
  11. The Penderwicks Little Women Little House on the Prairie Boxcar Children Railway Children just off the top of my head. I’ll cone back if I think of more
  12. I'm so sorry. That would be very hard for me.
  13. My son self studied with Saxon and it went well. I did get him the DIVE DVD. My daughter is going to be self studying using MUS next year. It can be done. I do think it’s a good idea to have access to someone who can help if your student gets stuck. I love your zoom idea. Its often recommended that students from any school background retake calculus in college. I did. My ds’s bff who also self studied did ( and flew through, so self studying didn’t hold him back)
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