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  1. Update: Thanks so much everyone. I needed folks to tell me what I knew. However, to make this more complicated, it turned out that this was a one time scholarship, so, while it is still coming in the least expensive, the gap isn't as huge as it was. We are waiting on news of other scholarships from her favorite school, so we will see how this ends up. Note: if you get a mailed letter about a scholarship, do check that they are renewable. This process is super hard on those of us who are planners--both dd and me. I absolutely know that it will all be ok in the end--and feel blessed th
  2. That is my thought,too. LOL Now, if she can get there.
  3. I agree with all of this. She is not actually wanting to major in theater. She just wants theater in her life. Both programs are comparable. I think she wants to get back to her roots, likes the "vibe," feels like God wants her there, wants to move far away and have an adventure. The other school is half the continent away so it will be far enough. Thanks for the encouragement. The more I look at her financial letter, the more I realize what an immense blessing it is to our family. My first thought was a heart drop, but now I am feeling happier. My dh says he will be active in talkin
  4. Why ugh? Well, dd has her heart set on a certain college. She knows that money is an issue. While we are waiting on some colleges, I don't really think the money will work out better at any of those. So, we had three acceptances to her top three colleges. One was just not enough money. She just told us a couple of weeks ago how she really wants to go to a certain college and that giving up theater to go to the other, which was a couple of thousand less, would be too hard. So we were praying and she was applying to more scholarship. Then college number three, my favorite for her, just a
  5. I don’t think there are that many families where the parent(s) work full time and homeschool. I don’t know any irl and only a handful here. It would kill me completely.
  6. About your lab amount question. I remember researching it before my oldest hit high school. It seems 15-18 labs are the minimum to shoot for.
  7. Yeah I remember talk about this from way back when I was having babies. I am in the unnecessary risk category. I hemorrhaged badly with my second ( internally—so no one knew that it was happening except my pain kept them exploring). Third had a stuck shoulder, breathing problems and I hemorrhaged again. Now, dh’s mother and my best childhood friend had accidental births assisted only by their husbands and they turned out fine. But no to planning it. I can’t trust my body, but wouldn’t hav known that.
  8. Yes. And if she finds out and gets upset talk to her about what being a minor means and that you are legally allowed to do it bc you legally are responsible for making sure she is educated and if she’s failing without the supports it is your job to step in at the point bc it means she is not being educated. She’s not bad or wrong bc she needed you to do that. It’s bc she is so capable that you want to make sure she is properly educated. The teachers not knowing is effecting her being educated. I don’t know if making a connection to a Type 1 diabetic needing insulin to process carbs or n
  9. At 16 I would still advocate for her if it's making a significant difference in her success. I wouldn't necessarily do it if it were the difference between an A and a B, but would if the grade was lower,probably. It helps the teachers as well to understand what is going on. It is possible, when she is 18,she will remove the "help" and see what happens. What you can do now is show her how she can succeed with help. ASD and anxiety produce the rigidity that she is struggling with--she probably sees it as "bad" to have a diagnosis and need help. Keep showing her how we all need help and
  10. freesia


    And the paleo turned vegan could have been paleo bc of a spouse. We ate much closer to vegetarian until I was diagnosed insulin resistant and I do better with meat than beans, so we eat much more paleo. If I died, dh would be more vegetarian. Also, my mother spends money in a much different way than when my dad, who was raised in a poor family during the depression, was alive. They never fought about money, so I didn't know she was naturally more free spending.
  11. freesia


    I keep pondering this post. Like I said above, I think what people see of me right now (how I present) is not quite right. I live in an upper middle class suburb. I, however, grew up and live my first 33 years in cities (4 different countries.) I am at heart a city dweller and would *love* to be back living in DC. I am far more earthy crunchy than I appear. I actually remember making choices along the way away from the "hippie" side of me. Had we stayed in western Canada, that might not have happened. Sometimes I do stop and think what life would be like if I/we had taken a different pat
  12. freesia


    I am in my 50s too and that hasn’t been my experience at all. I know people who have made changes, but nothing like what you are talking about. I did have a friend who got a divorce that surprised me. But you never really know what is going on with folks at home. I am looking forward to a change like what you mention for yourself—more fun especially. I have ended up raising my kids in a not very fun place—everyone is very intense. I hope, when the kids are all in college, we can move somewhere more fun. Maybe to people here it will seem like I’ve changed, but I am really just getting ba
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