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  1. The plus to our route, I've discovered, is that the other parents who stay rec team tend to have our same values, so there is great comraderie on the sidelines. That was not true with my kids who only did the early years of soccer and left around the time the travel teams started.
  2. You are not crazy. This is why my very talented dd does not do travel soccer. She is one of four, her father works Sundays, we have church,we don't have $6000 to spend on soccer, I have no desire to drive 2 hours to a game when my area has lots of children she could play against, etc....... My brother's family did go the travel baseball route and many weekends they travel and stay in hotels. It does not work for our family at all. It is what their family does as a family. IMO it is way out of balance. And, yes, your experience with the parents is very true, not an anomaly. I think it'
  3. I suppose it depends on your state homeschool laws and the colleges you apply to. Both my kids who have applied to colleges and gotten into selective and highly selective colleges have had at least 3 labs. My state requires 2. I require 3.. Ds did 3 and then a non-lab astronomy class senior year. Dd did 4 lab sciences out of choice. Next ds and dd will have at least 4 bc they are both headed in STEM directions (my oldest 2 headed in humanities areas.)
  4. I am so sorry. Praying for you all to have peace during this difficult time. They've known each other for 88 years. That is so amazing!
  5. Pre-covid dh would take the kids to his mother’s house for three days twice a year. It was wonderful and refreshing. When I pick Ds up from college next month, I’m going up a day in advance and staying in an Airbnb overnight. I really need those breaks.so, I say do it.
  6. Oh, and another thing. When we had mental health struggles here, I found it helpful to make sure I focused also on what was going well. For example, you downplayed youth group a bit. Instead say, he is going to youth group. That is going well. Especially if you tend to get anxious about him, it helps to look around and see what has gone well or an area he is handling well and list them or write them down. I also can not recommend more that you try to see a therapist to help you navigate this yourself. I can be very clear minded with giving advice for other people's kids, but I have
  7. Yes, this. Stand fast on the screen time. Making a rule of only 1 hour a day and never after dinner made a huge difference in mental health in our family. I read a book about how for some kids the electronic time causes depression and, oh boy, it is so true of my oldest. Rereading books can be soothing, but yes, to the above paragraph on finding things to do with him. Find things to get him out of the house. Don't let him spend hours in his room alone (and no electronics in his room.)
  8. What a tough situation. I’m so sorry. I would just text your MIL that it wouldn’t be possible without the hope you are well just bc it could come off wrong. I think your dh handled the situation well. I would only tell them that you didn’t appreciate the ambush and that you two are adults and need to find your own way- that you will ask for opinions if you want them. You can’t really control whether they like your dh. It sounds like they have been trying to keep the peace for years. I don’t think what your dad did was wise, but I don’t think it was abusive. People do share their op
  9. Yes! @Not_a_Number I am way more laid back with my last for sure! She is still getting a strong education, but it is filled with more joy and margin. I can think of good things my first got that she didn't (particularly when she was young), but there are things I've learned and maturity I've gained that really benefit her. I know it's not a given--but if you want it to be, it can happen. Let yourself grow and mellow.
  10. Maybe it would help if you give yourself an "allowance." Like you could say that you will count 1-2 days a month as school where there was just reading and creative endeavors. How old are your children? If they are young, remember a lot of school is what we might consider play at home--listening to stories, baking, physical activity, crafts, nature walks. I remember, a few years ago, a mother crying because her six year old was having a hard time sitting for 5 hours of school. She was so relieved when we explained that six year olds in school do not sit for intense one-on-one focused s
  11. This totally happened to me after reading this thread for the first time. I'd hardly noticed mine for weeks (which is why I knew it didn't get worse after my vaccine). Then the night after reading this (a week after vaccine), it was really loud. The next morning and now it is back down low. The more attention I give my tinnitus, the worse it is for sure.
  12. I live in an 180 school day state. The answer, for me, is dependent on a lot of factors. For reference, I taught for a decade before I started homeschool. I taught first and second grade mostly. Not every day of the year had every subject. There were field trips and assemblies and parties and field day and.... In general, if we finish a text before the end of the year, we drop the subject. (Now, my sixth grader just finished her math for the year and we will do other things because I don't want to take a quarter off of math.) But if we finish the grammar text in mid May, we won't r
  13. Would it be your fault if he didn't get it and died of Covid? It wouldn't be your fault either way. Disease carries risk, vaccines, in the case, less risk;driving has risk.
  14. I think we will have an outdoor open house. I am getting ideas for food from here: https://www.catchmyparty.com/blog/dont-miss-these-21-social-distancing-party-food-ideas So, we will probably have some type of individually packaged food rather than have servers. I don't know what our guest cap will be. I think right now it is 25 people. I am thinking it will be bigger in June. Probably everyone except my youngest will be vaccinated by then. I actually don't really want to do anything, but dd has been looking forward to this for a long time and already missed a much looked forwa
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