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  1. Im 47 so not quite 50, but in the range. One of my faves on Pinterest is Putting Me Together: Her overall style and advice works for 30+ or so, I’d say. She has really helped me figure out how to look more “adult” and well, put together.
  2. I don’t walk (or ski or mountain bike) in the woods by myself. We live in a very safe, active community and the trails usually have plenty of runners and so on. But our area has a rabid fox problem; people are getting attacked even in their yards right in town, so I’m extra leery. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to protect myself. Even without the foxes, I’m uncomfortable feeling secluded. I feel safer in the neighbourhood where there are more people.
  3. We have a granite island (thankfully not the entire kitchen); in the 8 years we’ve lived here we’ve never sealed it or treated it in any way. It’s dark and kinda speckly and complements our matte dark brown countertops beautifully. I do find that cleaning with a damp rag leaves annoying streaks, so I use the Method granite cleaner. I’ve never put a very hot or very cold (freezer) item directly on top, even though apparently one can. It’s indestructable, really, and I love it as an accent.
  4. I’m an introvert and I wouldn’t want to be completely alone and totally housebound for 4 days. I don’t expect my introverted 16 yo would either. Video games only go so far, even for him. And we love traveling and hanging out with DS; I’m torn whether I even want to go on an anniversary trip without him. I only have a couple years left of him at home, and probably the opportunity to get to share that kind of experience with him. Of course I have no idea if Quills kid would love it or hate it or somewhere in between, but she asked what we as other parents might do. Is it appropriate for her 14 yo? Only she and her DH know the answer to that. I don’t think answering honestly is passing any judgement to her decision at all.
  5. No. Mine is responsible and independent and we live in a neighbourhood with great and helpful neighbors all around us, we are right in town and he can get around by walking, biking or driving, Cat said it best, it would be lonely and I would feel selfish excluding him from a fun trip. In fact, our 25th is this year too and we’d like to go somewhere but well, we don’t want to leave him alone. If he had a trusted friend who could stay, or a sibling he got along with, then sure (at least at 16, but not 14). But all alone for 4 days? No, I wouldn’t do that to him. Definitely not at 14 for any reason other than an emergency. (And I’m not a big worrier. I left him at home alone while I’d run to the grocery by the time he was six).
  6. Seems like it’s about time. But I love how language evolves and I’m not afraid of change.
  7. Yes! The soap residue, the leftover tiny bits of food baked into the inside my glasses, how it only cleans semi decently if it’s run half empty... I've done all the things, I use the only cleaner it will accept, I’ve done the vinegar and JetDry rinse, I've done the citric acid cleaner (helps a bit), I clean all my dishes first, the filter is sparkling... The only things I do like is that it’s simple compared to new models. The tines are normal, there’s no third rack or extra lights, it’s fast and it has a normal silverware basket instead of that awful drawer. Now if only it would actually clean.
  8. I’m not sure what kind of price protections there are for US producers. Where we lived in Canada, milk (like gas) was the same throughout the entire province. As I recall, we had only one or two brands that all the local diaries sold to. 8years ago or so we paid $6.00 or more a gallon; I would imagine it’s higher now. Cheese prices were astronomical (to us) and “frozen dessert” instead of ice cream was the norm. But farmers were paid well and pretty much guaranteed a decent living; it's just a different set up than in the US. Gas was the same in that the price didn’t vary between gas stations (with a minor exception of they were super far from the refinery, IIRC). The price changes occurred on Thursday, province wide.
  9. I’ll be the dissenter. I *hate* my Bosch dishwasher, so much so that I’ve looked into buying a new dishwasher (a big deal to me if said appliance isn’t actually dead. Man I really hate it). Sadly everything I’ve seen out there looks even worse. I won’t consider a third row and all the slanted tines look seriously limiting. Bah. Maybe by the time it actually dies (please soon!) there will be more satisfactory to me dishwashers on the market again. I am glad everyone else seems happy with theirs!
  10. I voted other; I couldn’t care less. But I don’t really understand making a big deal out of birthdays anyway.
  11. My MIL had garden geese in her suburban Ohio yard. She dressed them up for every holiday; it was bizarre. But they were very popular in her neighbourhood. I’ve never seen them anywhere else.
  12. Finally!! We are keeping her in the enclosed sun porch for a few days. She and Kitty can see each other through a (taped up) clear kitty door. So far, so good. Kitty is curious about the intruder but not terribly upset. We’ll see how it goes!
  13. I’ve been making do with a cheap stick vacuum and the Shop vac, but the shop vac requires me crawling all around the floor and that just isn’t happening anymore. The stick vac is fine for the front entry rug, but not much else. I'm looking mostly at Miele canister vacs, but would love input on other favourites—preferably bagless. And with a second kitty on the way (fingers crossed!), one that’s great with getting fur out of area rugs. Mostly we have hardwood, though the stairs and one room upstairs has low pile carpet, and I want to be able to vacuum the wood instead of always sweeping. Thanks!
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