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  1. I kind of like this idea. For adults I wouldn’t even consider it (we are soooo cautious due to at risk family members) but damn, the social aspect is huge for the high schoolers. Working together in a very small, select group could have huge payoffs, both socially and academically. Teaching oneself AP courses all alone with zero feedback is far from ideal.
  2. DS seems to think the APS will be manageable with so few classes per semester, but his concern in your situation is the testing. Unless the college board offers winter AP tests (ha ha, as if), there is no way to avoid having to take the time in spring to review the fall semester courses. He gave it a failed plan. 😞
  3. I’m envious of everyone who is getting direction from their school departments. We haven’t received a single word about plans, no matter how tentative. Our students don’t even have their class schedules yet, something they would normally have weeks before school lets out in June. For younger kids it’s probably not a big deal, but the seniors are definitely impacted. DS is working on applications for overseas universities, some of which start rolling admissions in August, and he’s freaking out. The teachers don’t even know who will be in their classes or how many students they’ll have. I can’t imagine how they can plan. It's already going to be an anxiety filled, sucky year. The silence is making it so much worse. 😞 Rant over. Please proceed!
  4. The first time the doctors office called, an hour or two after the test. The second time we got results in the office right away.
  5. Well damn. I really need to get a thermometer. DS and I have been down with an upset stomach for the past few days; he’s functional but I felt pretty horrible for a couple days. I never ever have anything like this—not nauseous, but really off, and I’m pretty sure a temperature for awhile. Last week we got together with a friend and her daughter—outside and distanced—for the first time in forever. The daughter hasn’t been feeling well either. Damn damn damn. We’ve already had our brush with the virus with DS's COVID toes. Surely this can’t be another mild round?
  6. It’s not my son (though we are looking into overseas for him next year), but one of his friends. 🙂 My impression is that his family would rather have him over there; I would feel the same (not just for COVID reasons).
  7. Thank you. I did read in an article on yesterday’s EU's decision to ban Americans that students are exempt. Understandably, he would much rather be in Scotland than here, for all the reasons. 🙂
  8. This might be the wrong thread for this, but since there are several Floridians here...What in the world is this all about?
  9. Randy Rainbow does it again ❤️
  10. The only thing I’ll say about the politics is that Maine is like most states; there is a definitive urban/rural divide. Southern and Midcoast are where most of the population lives and where most of the wealth is generated. They are predominantly liberal and blue. The rest—which is to say an enormous if lightly populated area— is generally poorer, older, and more “conservative”. There are lovely places of both persuasions to live statewide depending on one's preferences. To the bold: I agree. Sports are far less crazy here than in our neighboring New England states to the south. I would argue the same is true for academics as well. That is not to say we don’t have highly trained and competitive athletes (and students), but the culture is definitely more balanced and mellow. I remember years ago when DS competed for the first time at a XC meet in upstate New York, we were gently told that it’s a great meet to foster humility in especially the top ranked Maine kids because they will without a doubt be the little fish in a very huge pond. It was sooo true. Lol. Mainers aren’t generally the type to get up in another person's business. No one will ever—ever— ask if you go to church (we are the least religious state in the country), assume how you vote, drop by unexpectedly, or ask too many personal questions. However, they will always lend a helping hand, offer to haul away your downed tree after a storm, and pretty much accept whoever you are.
  11. Sure, camera lenses and angles can do all kinds of things. In this case though, the streets are really narrow. Count the people in a general row though in these little alleyways and yup, it’s a problem. On a regular Saturday night this would be awesome, but now it’s just stupid. And I’m mad.
  12. Yes, it’s a street scene. Plenty of them. Definitely not doctored. Lol. I disagree that this is okay. It’s lunacy. And now I will forgo any and all reasons this summer to go down to Portland to you know, support local businesses. Nope.
  13. This is what happens when things reopen. It was done with good intentions and seemed like a great idea; several streets in the Old Port were closed to traffic to allow for restaurants to offer spaced out, outdoor seating. But apparently people cannot be trusted to make good decisions and this is why we cannot have nice things. 😞
  14. Payroll is pretty simple. I did it decades ago when I worked in HR and recently as part of my job as an office manager. Both times I just learned on the job; I was completely self taught in my recent job. Oh, we also did our own payroll ages ago when we owned a business; we taught ourselves as we went along. Quick Books is pretty self explanatory, but not all programs are as intuitive. The taxes aren’t always so simple to figure out, but it’s doable.
  15. Thank you. He will be quarantining upon arrival, assuming he’s allowed in to the country at all. That’s the part that he seems unsure about at this point.
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