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  1. A different subreddit is where I’ve seen this discussed too, and why I mentioned it since I hadn’t seen it brought up here yet. It's not something that worries me at all, to be clear. I just find the various shared experiences fascinating, and want to be prepared with knowledge. 🙂
  2. I wonder if a woman's time of month might have an effect if estrogen levels play a role? I've also been hearing reports about the vaccine affecting some women's cycles (most likely temporary)—I wonder now if that possibility is linked to the same? Fascinating stuff!
  3. I think your outfit sounds lovely and perfectly appropriate. I cannot imagine noticing or judging what people wear to a funeral, though. My thoughts would certainly be on bigger matters. I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. Thanks for posting about this. I’m curious, since IIRC you didn’t have symptoms (or possibly light symptoms) when she had COVID toes, whether your reactions to the vaccines will be similar. DS and I get our first shots in a couple days and I’ve wondered if he will react more as a result of having COVID toes (same timeline as your daughter). Hopefully we can compare experiences! 🙂
  5. Same. I always figured it was just me. It’s a terribly awkward and uncomfortable process.
  6. Another vote for Daves. It’s my family's go-to, everyday bread. Daves hamburger buns are really good too.
  7. If DH could continue to work from home, then yes, definitely. We didn’t even bother taking the snow tires off his car last spring, and probably won’t again this year. But since his office is 45 minutes away and I’ll have to work again eventually, it’s probably not feaseable where we live. One car is a #lifegoal for us, though.
  8. I’m sorry for your loss! 😞 Sending positive cookie making energy for you tomorrow.
  9. I gotta say that I just love how many people here know important life skills such as emergency alternative ways of making cookies. 😎
  10. Can you put premade cookie dough in a waffle maker? Although your oven will still have its place for making large batches of cookies, using your waffle iron can bake up a cookie in just 90 seconds. It's the perfect solution for previously prepared dough when you just need a quick sugar fix instead of an entire pan hanging around the house to tempt you.Nov 6, 2009 Make Cookies in 90 Seconds with Your Waffle Iron - Lifehacker I wonder since your dough is thick, can you thin it a b
  11. Generally. My current doctor has them from the past 10 years. It's another good argument for centralised healthcare IMO. Imagine knowing all this stuff was in one place, and that all your doctors had access to your important information. Sigh.
  12. If this was a different year, a trip to watch a pro race. Those are fun.
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