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  1. I can't stand licorice or stevia, but DS and DH love licorice and also can't stand stevia. So, there's that, if we're going on the purely anecdotal. Regardless, I agree with a pp's concern that people will think they can self medicate with sweetener substitute.
  2. Been there, done that. It was fantastic in that season of life, but I have no desire to do it again.
  3. Supportive shoes+ orthoheels *all the time*. Ideally shoes with a slight rise work best for me. I find that switching my shoes frequently is helpful. I never ever go barefoot--I wear Vionics Mary Janes in the house as house shoes. You'll have to experiment for the shoes that work best for your feet, which is expensive unfortunately. I was pressured into a pair of Brooks running shoes that are both hideous and extremely uncomfortable. At over $200 I feel compelled to wear them, but they don't offer me nearly enough support and I find them painful for long periods. My most comfortable shoes right now are Oboz hiking boots; I was able to wear them for nearly 10 straight days and did tons of strenuous hiking with zero pain. They are full leather and will be too hot in the summer, but until then they are my go to. It takes awhile to figure out what works for any individual, but it's worth the effort. Good luck.
  4. My mom was a great cook--she went through ethnic food kicks after trips to places like Morocco and Turkey, and took lots of Asian cooking classes at the community college. I definitely benefitted from her culinary excursions. And my dad cooked a lot of fantastic southern foods and was a terrific baker. However. I am a product of the 70's and much of her cooking definitely reflected the era. Creamed vegetables, meatloaf, tuna casseroles and stroganoff, pimento spread, jello with weird stuff...all of that was commonplace. And because she liked to experiment, things like head cheese, cow tongue, steak tartar (raw meat with I think raw egg?), eels that my brother caught, bran muffins (gag!!), rattlesnake that my brother shot in the backyard...everything was fair game. And ALL of it had to be eaten (except the head cheese, I was exempt from that). It took me 30 years before I would willingly eat a Brussels sprout--I love the way I cook them, so it seems a shame. Just the thought of the smell of bran muffins still makes me want to throw up, and none of my other childhood trauma food I wouldn't make today anyway. It's funny how many of the same foods DH and I grew up eating and gagging over. We have never, ever forced DS to eat anything and he's an adventurous eater, so hopefully he won't bear the same culinary scars and hang ups that we have.
  5. I’m loving Not Soap Radio in lemon sugar. Cruelty and icky stuff free and has a clean, yummy scent. The lotion is awesome too—the scent is subtle and lasts a long time.
  6. Back Cove is a popular place to walk/run/cycle. I think it’s maybe 3 miles around the cove, mostly paved. If you want to make it longer, there is a walking path from Commercial Street and along the eastern prom under Munjoy Hill that connects to Back Cove. You’ll see quite a bit of the city’s perimeter that way and be mostly along the water, with views of forts, islands and sailboats.
  7. Portland is a foodie town—you almost can’t go wrong. All the breweries are terrific; truly all the local beer is fantastic. Knit Wit is my favorite yarn shop. They are up near Munjoy Hill. While there, I recommend going to the Observatory—you’ll get some history, and on a clear day you can see Mt Washington in New Hampshire. Seconding Longfellow books; it’s a Portland institution. Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth is a beautiful rocky place to soak up the sunshine and sea air (no sand). Nearby Fort Williams is home to Portland Head Light, the iconic lighthouse on all the Maine travel brochures. All of Old Port is fun for shopping. Commercial Street runs along the working waterfront; check out the fishing boats and if the day is nice, take a ferry to Peaks Island and back. Old Port is small and very walkable. Have fun! 🙂 (also, May can be quite chilly here so don’t forget a decent coat and a hat)
  8. I find I am less uncomfortable in the heat and himidity when I cover my skin.
  9. I second Coolibar. I wear a long sleeve UPF swim shirt from Athleta and Coolibar capris when I SUP, kayak or go to the beach.
  10. Athleta front closure bra:
  11. Waffles with Nutella or almond butter (in individual packets). I always bring these for breakfast on overnight flights. Pasta salad Hardboiled eggs Smoked salmon, cheese and crackers Sandwiches Walnuts Burritos. I've brought leftovers too, sometimes in disposal containers, but usually in something I can wash and use at our destination. We always travel with sporks, so Brie and crackers would not be unusual for us. :)
  12. Yeah, they aren't for wet foods. I'm not about to deal with a zillion individual compartments, though, and I'm not into containers with plastic lids that break and need replacing. It's no big deal for us to use mason jars for the odd juicy or liquidy lunch item, so the Lunchbots work well for us. Theres never a one perfect solution for everyone. :)
  13. Mine is buried under a thick layer of frozen leaves. There are only patches of snow remaining in the coldest spots, so it’s progress anyway.
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