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  1. I mean, it’s not silent. But DH has a bike trainer set up and it’s not louder than when he rides. I can hear the video on the tv just fine when I row without needing the volume too high. We have our exercise equipment in our bonus room, which doubles now as DH's home office. The only downside is that I have to kick him out if I want to work out during the day.
  2. You need it because it’s 2020 v 2. ‘Nough said. 😂
  3. It’s a low impact, whole body form of exercise—legs, abs, arms, back. It’s cardio and strength built into one, so for me it’s time efficient and as I mentioned above, I find it weirdly meditative. Some people are lucky to find that with running; the closest I’ve come before is with spinning (which now I can’t do because I’m not setting foot near a gym). I had a hip injury a few years ago that seriously derailed me from serious exercise for a couple of years before it was finally sorted out. All kinds of things made it worse, even unexpected things like yoga. So far rowing hasn’t cause
  4. DH thinks it was $60-65. Idk if that depends on location; if so that was from Ohio to Maine.
  5. We received ours within a week of getting on the list at Rogue. They send out an email when they get them in stock, so if you act fast you should get one pretty quickly. They seem to come back in stock frequently, or at least that was our experience.
  6. Sure! Here is the beginner Darkhorse video I’m using. There are a lot of videos available but this seems to be a good one to start with: I hope you get your rower soon!
  7. Yes! I’m using their beginner workout videos—I agree they are very informative. The video I’ve used is fun too, or at least I think so. 🙂
  8. UPDATE: We bought a Concept 2 from Rogue Fitness in Columbus, Ohio. If you are looking for a rower, I highly recommend adding your name to their wait list. We had ours delivered within a week. And they sell them at the MRSP, so no additional markup. Just thought I’d share in case anyone is looking for one but has heard they can be hard to come by! Also—I had never used a rowing machine before we bought one. I love it! I find it so meditative—exactly the kind of workout I need right now. Thanks to everyone who has suggested them!
  9. Absolutely. I should have been clear about that. I was assuming she was going to be near her home. Eta around here a lot of people sell bundles of wood near camping areas. My middle of the night musing was more about the difficulty of chopping frozen wood and finding kindling in the snow, something a person might not consider if they aren't accustomed to winter camping.
  10. I had a thought in the middle of the night...if you are planning to have a campfire, make sure to bring your own wood *and kindling*, since snow will be hiding small debris you might normally use. Cutting branches from trees is of course illegal ( unless it’s your land or whatever) and also very difficult when they are frozen. Probably this is obvious, but I thought I’d throw it out there. And I agree with a pp— layer a blanket or two either on the tent floor or on top of your sleeping pad for extra warmth. Body heat gets sucked into frozen ground fast. Also—another midnight tho
  11. Beach. I love a nice, open sandy beach but also secluded rocky ones. I’ve never lived anywhere where beaches are truly crowded, though. That would turn me off. Mountains make me twitchy, like I’m trapped. Lakes almost always smell gross to me.
  12. I suggest not sleeping in too many clothes. Better to wear good long underwear and have a decently rated sleeping bag than rely on thick layers. You can actually overheat and sweat without realizing, which can lead to hypothermia or at least being really cold. Since you’ll have a car, better to just take extra quilts or blankets; the air inside a sleeping bag relies on your body heat to warm, and you don’t want to trap that heat inside your coat or you’ll find yourself surrounded by a bag of very cold air. Also, if you go hiking during the day, be sure to change into fresh sleeping clothe
  13. You’re in Michigan, right? So I assume you have frozen ground and snow cover. Basically it’s going to be just like a dog, then. It won’t go away when the snow melts. Since you’ll have a car, you can opt to bring a portable toilet. That’ll solve that problem (maybe create others, idk).
  14. DH and I used to do lots of winter camping when we lived in Minnesota. The most extreme was a winter backpacking excursion in the Boundary Waters. Highlights included following fresh moose tracks while snowshoeing on frozen lakes and listening to wolves howl very near our tent in the night. Hands down the most peaceful sound I’ve ever heard. Lowlights included being forced to snowshoe on lakes because the snow was too deep for our big black lab, the whiteout that whipped up while on a lake that easily could have disoriented us, accidentally making (instant) hummus instead of hot
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