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  1. Oh yeah, he has two extra rescue inhaler refills I think, and I’ve bought several boxes of vitamin C. Also I’ll get extra boxes of a type of Sudafed that helps when he gets bronchial irritation (which is often).
  2. So what should we be buying now in preparation? Extra groceries, yes. TP, tissues, hand soap, bleach. I bought flu meds even though we’ve never taken it before, because I figure by the time we need it the shops will be out. I thought about buying Lysol spray and some detergent that isn’t bleach but promises to kill 99% of germs or something; I didn’t buy either because honestly I just don’t use stuff like that. I have stocked up on antibacterial wipes, more than I’ll probably use in three years. I finally bought an oxygen monitor for my son with asthma (I worry the most about him). I feel like I’m taking reasonable steps and not panicking. I can’t be certain, though. This is the first time I’ve ever wished we had a Costco, just so I could stock up on essential groceries by the case. My Trader Joes run tomorrow is going to be ridiculous.
  3. I agree! He’s prone to being difficult though, even when the reality is obvious. Very frustrating. I was surprised that the school trip wasn’t cancelled. Perhaps had it been this week instead of last? Still, even though we knew less last week it couldn’t have been an easy decision. I wouldn’t have wanted my kid to go, tbh.
  4. Use your wrist, or elbow. Or a paper towel. For that matter, it’s good to be in the habit of not touching door knobs/handles in public. I use my jacket sleeve if an elbow won’t do, and always a paper towel when leaving a public washroom.
  5. My parents are planning to spend time in Vienna in late spring. Right now my dad is insisting there’s zero concern. I disagree and suspect the threat will be far reaching by then. My sons high school just sent kids on a trip to Vietnam. I would imagine there might be more precautions there than here at this point, but who knows.
  6. We have a college planning trip overseas bought and paid for this spring. After WOW went out of business less than 2 weeks before our trip to Iceland last year, we vowed to be more cautious in the future. Our upcoming trip is the first time we’ve ever bought trip insurance. TBH I have no idea if insurance will cover this, or how bad/uncertain things will have to be for us to cancel. I think at this point it could go a few different ways, and while I think it’s smart to be flexible and prepare ourselves however we can, I don’t think it’s time yet to panic. That said, I’m stocking up on essentials—buying ahead, as it were—yet at the same time planning our trip as though it’s a certainty.
  7. Quick errands, age 6. Longer errands by 8. I'm not sure there have been many opportunities to leave him even now at 17 for 4-6 hours, though. I could, of course, and without hesitation, but we haven’t run across it many times. I guess the first time was maybe several years ago when DH was in the hospital; he handled it fine. Normally if DH and I are going to be gone for that long, DS is at school or working.
  8. New England just had ski vacation week. It’s as popular to travel in Feb as during April break. I’m not sensing a panic here. I didn’t notice more people than usual in the airports wearing masks and no one was wearing them on the streets in San Francisco. It seems like business as usual. Our Target is well stocked on disinfecting wipes, etc, like any normal flu season. I kinda expected the shelves to be empty of that sort of thing.
  9. We have a trip planned to the UK and Ireland this spring, and my parents are spending 3 months in Europe, partially in Venice. I think all we can do at this point is wait and see.
  10. We just got back from San Francisco. On our flight from Boston, our plane turned around on the runway right before takeoff because a passenger felt sick and needed to return to the airport. Later in the air, a call was made over the intercom asking if there was a doctor on board. In neither case were we told what the illnesses were, nor do I feel confident there would have been an effort to tell us if either passenger is suspected to carry COVID 19. I'm thinking stocking up on a few weeks essentials is a solid idea. A stay in place order can come to any community without warning and I’d rather feel somewhat prepared with at least the basic essentials.
  11. We prefer Swerve. Of all that we’ve tried it’s the only one that doesn’t taste “off” or noticeable to me.
  12. Hmm, come to think of it that might be what we did. In to London, out of Dublin.
  13. We just got a good price on Delta to London, leaving from Boston. They had the best fare and flights (we prefer to fly overnight when we go to Europe) for the dates we needed.
  14. He’s very interested in coops, which are essentially longer term paid internships while enrolled in university. They are typically full time jobs, so the student is neither taking courses or paying for them during this time, though they are still enrolled. The benefit is that the student (usually year 2 or 3) gets real life job experience in their field before committing totally (there’s time to change their mind if it turns out that field might not be for them). Bringing that experience back with them to their continuing studies adds another layer of understanding, and they graduate with not only a start to a resume, but also proven projects they have worked on during their coop. Do UK or Irish unis have such a thing? I feel like I’ve seen internships mentioned but not at all the universities.
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