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  1. I won’t be making any major changes. We’ve been pretty self isolating since March and are comfortable with our current level of exposure (which is very, very limited). The only times we see other people socially is to walk with a friend once every couple of weeks (me) and for XC practice (DS). XC is the most risky but essential for his mental health, and for recruiting. DH works from home and DS does school virtually. I have been squirreling household items and extra groceries away all summer in preparation for the very real possibility of not leaving the house for errands at all this wint
  2. Okay, I sliced it and heated up the slices on a cast iron skillet with a little smoked paprika, garlic powder and salt. It was ok, a little dry. The rest I’ll use in quesadillas or enchiladas tomorrow. It wasn’t as scary as I’d feared! Lol
  3. Thank you for all the great advice! 🙂
  4. So I have my very first ever rotisserie chicken staring me down and daring me to serve it with dinner. What do I do now? Like really, where do I start? Is it just served sliced or does something else need to happen? Be gentle, I’m feeling brave but am honestly clueless. Sides are crispy Brussels sprouts and fingerling potatoes.
  5. Correcting the bolded: If the child was MISgendered... Assuming the OP has a trans kid, it would be beneficial—indeed, crucial— for her to consider why they don’t want mementos around with their dead name. Honestly, how can keeping paper plate decorations be more important than fostering a healthy, respectful relationship with ones child? They aren't rejecting YOU when they use their new name; they are embracing the person they have always been. Also, it isn’t a failure to be an atheist. Just sayin'.
  6. It’s humidity for me too. 71 in the summertime is unbearably hot for me, but luxuriously warm in the winter.
  7. This is us. DH won’t have to commute so we’ll have more time to do the outdoorsy things we enjoy. The only big change for us is that the high school won’t have an indoor track season, so DS will do Nordic skiing instead. He’s excited since he hasn’t had an opportunity to race since middle school.
  8. Well we spent our 25th anniversary in the emergency room, and the spring trip we had planned to Majorca was cancelled due to an international pandemic so....I don’t really advise celebrating the way we did. Lol
  9. Furniture being a risk is cat dependent. Neither of ours scratches our furniture. We have a fabric couch but a leather ottoman. They do love their tower scratchers, though. We didn’t have one until we got our second kitty, nearly a year after getting our first. We had no idea they would get so well used (both scratchers also have kitty beds on top).
  10. Adding, we got both our kitties through a rescue that “showcases” the cats at a pet chain. The shop gave us a coupon book for all of the above mentioned items, so you might not want to stock up too much at first. Obviously litter box, food and a carrier are must haves before bringing kitty home.
  11. Cats don’t need much. Litter box and litter, food and water bowls, food, a couple toys, maybe a scratcher/kitty tower. And a carrier. Before you go crazy with toys though, get to know your cat. Most are entertained easily and don’t need or even prefer expensive toys. At some point you’ll want a brush and nail trimmers but you don’t need them on day one. Congrats on your decision!
  12. We have a small glassed in 3 season sunroom with a screened in slider to the backyard. I love it. I spend all the time I can out there from May-October. It’s like being outside but without the bugs and constant mess (leaves, acorns, brown tail caterpillars/moths) of the deck, which we almost never use. It’s the kitties' favorite place to hang out and watch squirrels in warm weather. The sunroom isn’t heated, so it can only be used for warmer months. It’s one of my favorite spaces in our house.
  13. That is pure awesomeness. Way to go, *Jessica*'s kiddo! 🙂
  14. Horrifying and violating for sure. The hatred in this country is out of control. Good for you for putting them out again. I’m shaking mad on your behalf.
  15. DH grew up being told he was allergic to cats but it turns out they don’t bother him at all. The fur does inspire me to vacuum more frequently and more thoroughly, which honestly is probably a good thing anyway. Lol Kitty care is simple, truly. Feed, clean litter box, love them up, trim nails if they let you, love them up some more. DS was never a pet or animal type of kid but having cats has been the *best* thing for him. He and DH are totally, utterly smitten, a surprise to them both. 😻
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