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  1. I wouldn’t wear flowy pants with that blouse. Notice the model is wearing form fitting pants to offset the flowy nature of the (very pretty!) blouse. what about these, from the same site? eta can you wear these since you live in a warm climate? Also from the same site.
  2. We haven’t raked yet either. It’s too late now until April or more likely May when the backyard finally unfreezes. Nor have I taken in any of my gardening stuff. Dead tomatillo and pepper stalks will remain frozen in their plastic raised boxes until spring, boxes I should have emptied and cleaned out before moving them to their winter home in the garage so they don’t freeze and crack. Bags of rock solid frozen mulch are still piled up in the driveway, soon to be covered by feet of snow. There’s no way I can moved them now. Deck furniture is frozen to the deck. And tulip bulbs I meant to plant last month are still in their packages, doomed to get thrown on the compost pile. Ugh. One of these years I’ll learn?
  3. My town clears the sidewalks. They do a fantastic job.
  4. Yup, Yak Trax. We love them for our evening walks in the neighborhood and hiking in cleared (not snowy but definitely icy) trails. They fit well over snow boots (like Keen, Bean boots or Sorel) and hiking boots. We don’t dry them and haven’t had an issue with rust. We just throw them in the car or in a basket by the front door. We bought some for my mom when they travel to Europe in the winter (they don’t live in a climate where she can use them at home). They have been very easy for her to use even in cities.
  5. Well I'm in the north and I just lost my remaining fall raspberries in the cold. A couple days ago they were lovely and red; now they are flash frozen under a layer of ice and snow. 😞. I would have picked them (and covered a few other things) had I been around before the temps dropped. Usually the sheets over plants thing happens here in the “spring” (that’d be April or May, when it’s warm for you but for us it still means snow and freezing temps). It’s almost impossible to resist planting a few pretties before it’s safe...
  6. We never, ever do extended family holidays. Like, it’s been over a decade. It’s awesome. Unfortunately this year we have to make an exception. I’m already dreading the drama and stress.
  7. Yeah, it’s become unusual for us to put one up before the solstice. And this year with the second kitten I doubt we’ll bother at all. I do put out a few seasonal (very few holiday specific) items, but truth be told most of them end up staying out all year. I think I’m missing the holiday decorating gene. 😂
  8. We have two similar windows. One has the honeycomb shades (this year I’ll buy the same for the other) and both have insulated curtains. On very cold, dark days I’ll keep the blinds down. They still let light in, though of course it is less. They do help with heat retention though, so the small upfront investment pays off quickly. One window faces south, the other west. On both I keep the shades up on sunny days, no matter how cold it is outside. The honeycomb blinds help far more IME than the thermal curtains. I don’t use those often because they make the downstairs very dark, and they are long so they cover up the radiators under the windows. Plus the cats like to hang out on the warm radiators so I wouldn’t want the curtains to impede them. 🙂
  9. I get itchy, sensitive skin when a cold is coming on. It can be quite painful. Never a rash.
  10. I just look for taco places (or brewpubs for dinner). There’s almost always good ones available. 😊
  11. Interesting. The high school my son attends offers the opportunity to all juniors. I’m not positive if it’s mandatory or not. I think it’s fantastic when states make it available to every student; I'm guessing it opens a lot of eyes and shows their own potential to a lot of kids who didn’t necessarily see themselves as college worthy. I'm not a fan of standardised testing, but it’s the system we have. I say until things change, make it accessible to the most students as possible.
  12. Interesting. I don't think we have that in my state. High schoolers can volunteer—DS has done that— but they are not interns. I maintain that the notice was intimidation. If it was intended to be read only by interns, it should have been posted in the back room (or wherever they would convene), or labeled clearly. It should not have been on the front door. “Attention High School Interns!” is not a difficult heading and could have saved a lot of headache. Voter intimidation and suppression is a huge problem in this country. If they truly meant no harm, they needed to do better.
  13. Yes, it sounds to me like the hair is singling out African American hair. The styles that get even little kids bullied and kicked out of school for. No one in this country cares a whit about pink hair. There's no such thing as a political piercing that I’m aware of. Tattoos, of course. Piercings?? Also it’s LEGAL to have piercings and telling anyone who has one that they can’t vote is intimidation and suppression. Regardless, it doesn’t strike me that the sign is all about interns. Who are polling place interns anyway? What is that?
  14. Exactly. And what exactly is “appropriate” clothing and who gets to decide? And how exactly does one's fashion pertain to their right to vote? (Hint: it doesn’t, and indicating it does is voter intimidation). Of course “extreme hairstyles” is a glaring dog whistle. Everyone in America knows what that refers to, and it’s not Mohawks. This sign looks 100% illegal to me. It’s (poorly done) voter suppression without a doubt. Good for the OP to notice AND to follow through. They can justify all they want but at the end of the day, this sign is wholly unacceptable.
  15. So East African food is NOT something we have in Maine that I know of, and is DEFINITELY something we would love to try! Thank you for the suggestion (and the warning)! He is really excited to check out WPI, but after his disappointment at a similar school and its surrounding area, I think he now has his eyes wide open. Since your son is there, do you have any suggestions for areas of town we can check out? He knows it will be grittier than our small picturesque town and that’s totally okay, but he was shocked enough to immediately let go one of his dream schools. The Canal District looks up and coming? I don’t know Worcester at all.
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