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  1. I'm almost 47 and still feel like my teenage self. More mature, yes, but I'm still the same person with the same deeply held beliefs and outlook. I'm surprised that I still get carded (and ocassionally have the cashier scrutinize my license and then me and back again). I'm surprised that I still have to fight to be heard. I'm surprised that people are still dismissive and tell me I'm too young to understand. I really thought I'd be fully treated like an adult by now. I'm a little bit surprised that I'm not devastated by the fact I'll be an empty nester in a couple years. I'm quite looking forward to all the things DH and I will feel more free to do together.
  2. Interesting. I'm sure there are regional differences. I've never seen a bland American food food truck- I mean, old time hot dog places, sure, but modern food trucks pride themselves on creative fare. We live in a foodie town and area though; people know to expect the best and chefs definitely deliver. They wouldn't survive here putting out what you are describing. Our area is gaining a new community from Africa and I'm so, so excited about the prospect of African food food trucks someday. Mmmmmmm..... :)
  3. Oh, everything you can think of. They each specialize--Thai, potato doughnuts, wood fired pizza, gourmet ice cream sandwiches, tacos--of course!!!!--...really, if you can think it up, there's a food truck for that. On a winter day trip to Boston, we found a Vietnamese noodle truck near Harvard. It was freeeeezing even for here, but the line was long and everyone ate huddled around a heat vent from a nearby building. It was fun. :) One my favorite food trucks on our trip to Utah was found in the middle of nowhere, but served amazing kimchi tacos and fresh hot churros. Seriously, there can be no better fuel on a chilly morning of hiking. Around here, lobster rolls and clams are ubiquitous. I like a good lobster roll now and again, but I'll search out spectacular tacos any day of the week, for any meal. Last week DH and I stumbled upon a taco truck in a favorite coastal town near us and enjoyed our meal at a picnic table overlooking the harbor. Summer bliss. :)
  4. MEmama


    Bike fit is everything.
  5. I planned a recent road trip around taco truck opportunities along our general route. I'm not sure we've ever eaten better. OMG the food was sooooooooo good. Modern food trucks are nothing like getting a snow cone at a county fair. The good ones (most, in my experience) are run by serious chefs and offer exquisite selections. The start up costs are lower, a location isn't fixed and menus can be changed (relatively) quickly depending on the occasion, making running one less risky than a brick and mortar building. For the consumer, they are hip, modern and fun. I'll choose a food truck any time over sitting down in a restaurant. I know I'll get excellent, adventurous fresh food and I love the atmosphere of sitting outside with others, enjoying a delicious taco (ahem, meal). If you are interested in the food truck culture, I recommend the movie Chef, and the excellent spin off show The Chef Show.
  6. I drive half an hour or so to WF and TJs pretty much every week to stock up, and still run to the neighbourhood grocery every day or two. I don't understand at all how people shop less frequently, but power to you if you can make it work! FWIW our diet isn't as complicated as yours and I still find WF to be cheaper (and much better quality) on many items than my local shops. However, I don't find the produce from my TJs to last more than a couple days, so I try not to buy much there unless I know I'll use it that night.
  7. Hmmm, I can't imagine we have one anywhere around here. Off to look! thanks!
  8. I suppose I could buy some and find out. I had been thinking something more permanent, but this is a good idea. Thanks!
  9. I bought a pair of cute, super comfortable (supportive) sandals and they are perfect in every way except...the footbed is weirdly sticky/tacky feeling on my bare feet. It's not even hot or humid yet; I can't imagine how unbearable it will feel on my sensitive feet when summer kicks into gear. Does anyone know of a sandle appropriate (not visible) layer I can put on the footbed? It doesn't need to be supportive, just not tacky feeling on my skin (which not only feels gross but also causes blisters). I'm thinking something like moleskin over the entire footbed? Suggestions?
  10. Tacos. I'm not sure I could survive without tacos.
  11. Awesome--thanks!
  12. DH is allergic to coconut (another reason for wanting to make his own, since it's so hard to find coconut free ice cream anymore), but I know he will want to try almond. Did you just use regular almond milk? I'm curious about oat milk too, whether it has enough fat in it.
  13. We use Tide Sport. I've never had a problem with lingering or re-emerging (?!) odors, even for my athletic teen. Eta I've tried vinegar in the past, and definitely noticed that smell lingering on our clothes. It took several washings to get it out.
  14. This sounds like the perfect size. I opted for the pan, but looking used is a good idea.
  15. I did! Thanks! :)
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