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  1. I've been looking at enro masks and hoping my favorite one comes back in stock soon. Glad to see a review of them here, since they aren’t often mentioned.
  2. I’d rather the governor declare another statewide mask mandate instead. This on and off, county specific “recommendation” method isn’t going to prove effective. Just protect all of us, already!
  3. Every day that there wasn’t an update I got more and more worried. I’m so glad you were able to post today…and with such positive news! I hope his recovery is steady and swift. So relieved for your entire family.
  4. Do you suppose the KF94s on Amazon are reliable, or do you know of a more reputable place to buy them? I’m leery of buying fakes.
  5. You’ll still need places to sleep, but otherwise can you take a cooler for food and/or scout out places to grab takeout en route? I usually map out taco places on road trips; lots of restaurants are still offering curbside pickup so you can avoid a lot of contact there. Restroom stops don’t lake long inside (and places like grocery stores are usually cleaner and less used than gas stations, while also providing healthier food options). I’m torn on hotels as well, but would you feel more comfortable staying in air B&bs or similar instead? Or… camp (or sleep in your car) along the way? I get your hesitation; we have a potential big trip coming up involving air travel and I’m really torn, too. But there might be some options for a driving trip?
  6. Exactly. There’s simply no debate. She needs to get vaccinated, wear a good mask and keep her distance. An air purifier would be awesome if she can get one large enough for the office space. I'm sorry that she works in such an unsupportive workspace and her boss is unwilling to take his employees' health into consideration. I had a similarly unsupportive boss and made the mistake of attempting to be loyal to him instead of to my own health and well being. It took a bout of COVID as a result for me to take control of the situation and put myself first. I hope for her sake she sees it for what it is.
  7. Absolutely. Sometimes I am truly stunned that this an education board.
  8. Seriously, what is your point? Once a person understands the situation (nearly everyone on this board) we’re not going to unlearn it and just throw up our hands in despair like you seem to want. What, exactly, are you advocating?
  9. Honestly, defeatist arguments like this are made in bad faith. What are you hoping to accomplish?
  10. That is a lot. 😞 This month we’ve had my family visit from California, have visited with out of state friends who have a lake cabin nearby, and now my in-laws are visiting (and they are not careful and everything is political so it’s even more emotionally draining). We haven’t been out and about or seen this many people since the beginning of Covid and it’s been *hard*. DH and I are definitely feeling the overwhelm and looking forward to a return to quiet— we desperately need to recharge before our next big life change. I hope you can find some space in your schedule to take care yourself.
  11. Some of the arguments on this thread are too infuriating/ridiculous for me to follow, but I thought this article might be appropriate here. Apologies if it’s not the right thread. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/07/27/people-are-more-anti-vaccine-if-they-get-their-covid-19-news-facebook-rather-than-fox-news-new-data-shows/
  12. Just throwing this out there…a friend's fully vaccinated MIL has a breakthrough case of COVID. It presented as a sinus infection. Everyone really, truly needs to get tested for any potential symptom or this is never going away.
  13. Yes, except he has a very hard time setting boundaries with his parents. I know he’s trying, but communication in that family is really, really difficult. Outside of this particular situation he is every bit as safe and cautious as I am. I know he is beyond frustrated that they are so difficult and have fallen so far down the fox hole.
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