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  1. Dh almost never checks luggage, and always travels with 47 different chargers. I’ve never checked luggage and, though it’s been a while since I’ve flown, I’ve always needed at least 1 charger. The gates in most airports have charging stations scattered about, so they’re expecting chargers. Oops. Didn’t click the link. But I know dh always has a power pack on him.
  2. You might want to give the Canva app a try. Lots and lots of options to fiddle with plenty of starter templates. I very much prefer ring bound to spiral, but it definitely requires thicker than regular printer paper.
  3. The only reason I want a travel trailer is FOR the bathroom, lol, so I don’t really relate. I don’t want to share facilities with randos if I don’t have to. 😉 To me, that’s just what the tank is there for. But I say that as someone who doesn’t much mind outhouses or composting toilets, which I think of as much more “there” than a black water tank.
  4. I’m still, after 14 years, amazed by how loud and crazy even “innocent” (that’s a strange term) animals can sound. Sometimes a small herd of deer can sound like a zombie invasion trudging across the property. A raccoon can sound like a bear ripping apart the garbage cans. (We had one one year that we dubbed a bearcoon.) Feral cats can seriously sound like wildcats when they’re in heat (or attacked by other animals.) My kids can sound like they’re being murdered when they’re just having fun. Outside is weird.
  5. When I was growing up, our trailer was permanently parked in a campground with water hook ups, so we were never picking up from unknown fill sites. We used it just like we did at home. My question - Where WOULD you poop if not there? 🤔
  6. It’s been over 20 years since I was in college, and defining consent is really the only difference I can see. Well, that, and more LGBTQ openness. There was a lot of sex going on in 1995, and a lot of alcohol. And no real discussion as to what enthusiastic consent might look like. I would consider unplanned pregnancies and STDs - sorry, STIs; I’m old - to be problems, but aren’t they statistically down? Emotionally, of course casual sex isn’t right for all people at all (or any) ages, so people who don’t want that should refrain from it. Going against one’s own values is going to be problematic. But blaming others for that feeling would be irrational.
  7. I have pick up options at both my regular supermarket and at Walmart. I find myself doing Walmart more often these days (including today.). My supermarket has much more variety, but I don’t need variety as often as I need inexpensive. (And Walmart doen’t charge, whereas my supermarket does, unless there’s a promo going on.) Funny enough, we have an Aldi opening soon. I plan to check it out, but still assume I’ll just hit them up for a few specific things on my way through the Walmart pick up.
  8. Even where I am in the country, the scary animals usually stay away during the day. We’ll occasionally have a bear wander through or a fox run by but, for the most part, they don’t want to be around us any more than we want to be around them. In a more lively neighborhood, the odds of having an issue in the daytime are very, very slim!
  9. I do think 10 is old enough to understand the nuance. My 8yo is one of my “good eaters”, and he manages just fine. Though, once in a while, I do make sure he gets to pick what’s for (main) dinner. I have an ASDer who had extreme eating issues. (Still not terrific, but he turned a big corner in his late teens.) I also have a vegetarian. Then there’s the child with spectrum traits, one of which is focused on food. And a spouse who can’t eat eggs. It does get to be a lot. So, no, I don’t give *even more* options to the three of us who eat just about anything. The meal you planned sounds like plenty to feed everyone. Have hot dogs a different day this week, and let the 10yo know when that will be.
  10. My community just passed rules allowing golf carts. We have 60 miles of private roads, so state street laws don’t apply. (Troopers won’t even pick up DUIs unless the driver exits the community.) But our rules only allow licensed drivers to operate them. Dh and dd were called out to a golf cart accident in another community, involving older, sober adults. It was the worst scene dd has ever been called to, and she’s gone to a lot of car accidents on high speed roads. We let our kids go four wheeling and have considered quarter midget racing, but golf carts are out of the question. Unless maybe if they take up golfing!
  11. I would have serious issues going without my dark roast coffee and French vanilla creamer. Decent NY pizza is important. There isn’t GREAT pizza in my area, but a few places are good enough to get by. Same for bagels. Even though I no longer have it all that often, Taylor Ham (off brand pork roll would be acceptable) done right. It’s not done right where I am, so I buy a whole roll and make it myself. Thick slabs are wrong. Thin slices microwaved are wrong. Complete absence is tragic. The story about English breakfast kind of shook me, lol. I’m used to a wide variety of breakfast options, so limiting that would be hard for me!
  12. Yes! Our group will refund the fee for people who do show up to certain events, which I think reinforces the point being made. It’s not about the money, but respect for the time/opportunity (that could go to others.)
  13. Dh applies just about zero skills from his job to home life. It drives me completely bananas, and I don’t really understand it. Brains are weird!
  14. My personal experience is that I can manage “good foods” just fine... for a period. I can make room in the budget, I’m a decent cook and, more often than not, I have or can make the time. Then, after a period of a few days, a few weeks, even a few months here and there, I WANT THE JUNK! And I want all of it. I don’t like what it does to my insides or my outsides. I’m fully conscious of when I’m going beyond “moderation”. I’m well aware that it will take me twice as long to feel normal/good/healthy/whatever again. But it’s yummy and it’s generally easy and it’s frequently cheap. I want it, so I have it. All of it. I’ll admit that I do sometimes use “bad” in my narrative, but I see it as less of a morality thing and more about the physical ramifications. My body will feel bad. It will not function as well. I will have damage to repair over time. (I’m not referring to having a celebratory slice of cake or an occasional drive thru, but an extended period of high calorie/low nutrient choices.) The hard science of food may not be 100% exact, but the basics are relatively solid. It’s the social science of food that does a number on me, personally. It can definitely take everything I know and feel and toss it right out the window with very little convincing!
  15. I’m sorry for your loss. Dh’s dealings with the VA were mostly on the phone and in person. We had a complicated family situation and there was a glitch with the death certificate, so there was a lot of back and forth. I think it was about two weeks later that they snail mailed paperwork to be filled out.
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