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  1. 🤣😝😱 There may or may not be other kids passing through in the future, but there are zero plans to start another lifetime commitment from scratch!
  2. I wish. I swear, it’s not for a lack of trying. I actually tried to get the hang of Minecraft before I let the kids go at it. There’s something about 3-D gaming that my brain can’t manage. And he only tolerates old school Mario for a little while, lol. I think the dog aspect is going to be a big deal next year. We love our tiny dog, but he’s kinda useless, lol. We’re looking into serious training programs for a big dog once we move, and hoping to do lots of fun stuff with it. Part of my issue is working on getting over the idea of saving things (movies, “field trips”, etc
  3. Where I am, yes. All non-white people? No. Disproportionately? Yes. We saw it in and leading up to 2008 and its aftermath, and it’s continued to be seen in the current boom, with black and brown people being steered toward a specific community within a split school district. (There is comparable real estate on the “good” side of the district and in safer communities.) It’s actually been going on here since the 90s, with agents and developers seeking out lower income, urban families.
  4. When I had young teens and tweens with busy evening schedules, we ate dinner before, which was sometimes insanely early and rarely included dh. SInce baseball/softball isn’t timed, there were nights where it’d be pushing 9:30/10:00 by the time we were home. There would be kids on the teams begging parents to go grab some fast food to bring to the dugout because they were starving. There were always snacks in there, but that didn’t cut it on late nights!
  5. Same! My kids weren’t constantly into things, but it definitely happened. A locking doorknob eliminated that stress, for my room at least. Eventually, I got my girls one, too, to keep curious little boys out of their tempting stuff. (I kept a key.) When we were expecting to foster, another keyed doorknob went on the laundry closet and crawlspace door. Today, the only doors that can’t be locked from the outside are the bathroom and boys’ room. We don’t actually use most of the locks these days, but they’re there!
  6. What does he WANT to do? Play video games and watch YouTube alone, without his brother bothering him, lol. They share a room and are normally on each others’ nerves, so some alone time is definitely good for him. In his dream world, I think he’d like to spend 4 straight hours talking about video games I don’t understand. I can last about 15-20 minutes there and grasp about 10% of it. On a nice day, I’d bet he’d be thrilled to go get ice cream or some other treat. Strangely, we’ve mostly had crummy weather when it’s been just the two of us. Your post made me remember that on
  7. Please don’t criticize me, lol. I’ve come to a stage of life where I am more frequently alone with just one kid (10). And I find I no longer naturally know what to do with just one kid! It’s been more than 19 years since I’ve had this much time with just one kid, and that was just a baby/toddler/preschooler! I am so out of practice. We’ve watched a couple of movies and some YouTube clips together. We’ve cooked a few things together. We could do some games, but he’s not as into 2-player board games as my 14yo, and he’s definitely not into the kinds of video games I used to play w
  8. I wound up choosing black cabinets, but I can’t review them yet, lol. Through our builder, our option for black only came in stained wood, and our option for white only came in painted MDF. The stained wood was actually cheaper (included) than the painted MDF ($1300 upgrade *before we requested additional cabinets.) I wonder if stained wood would be a less expensive option in your case?
  9. My pediatrician *wouldn’t let* my daughters in without me. But then of course they had to kick me out for a few minutes. That’s just one example of why I’ve been shopping peds. (And it just happens to be a female doctor.) Meanwhile, I was able to make a gyno appointment for <18 and was told it’d be my child’s choice whether or not to have me. I never had a set age in mind. I did seek a female doctor. As a full-on adult, I don’t care all that much myself, but I do think it’s a better fit for a first visit at the very least. My first visit was with a male doctor and I was pregnant,
  10. I speak to my audience. So, talking to other American’s, I’d say Michelangelo like the American Michael. With my kids, I’ll exaggerate the French pronunciation of croissant, but I’ll ask the bakery for cruSAHNTS. In a small NJ Italian place, I’ll order “maniGOT”, and anywhere else I just won’t have the manicotti, lol. A living person’s name, I’ll say it as they do. For example, Angela Merkel. My brain does NOT like to cooperate with that one, given all the American Angelas I know, but it does it anyway.
  11. Can you give an example of the teachings that you fear? I don’t want to completely derail your question. My kids are almost always considered nothing but white. (Some sickos might exclude my half-Jewish kid, and another was recently criticized for not knowing Spanish... because her 1/8 Middle Eastern ancestry gives her a hint of brown. It skipped her siblings.) Our conversations are typically generic, though they sometimes include loved ones of all sorts of backgrounds. I try to tread carefully when specific people come up, but those talks are most often about handling the IRL situations
  12. I FEEL YOU! We will eventually have plenty of space to do something like this in our basement, but dh wants to wait a full year before finishing the basement. Which is fine. But it’s only happening in the basement!
  13. Literally any color. My current gray leans blue, and items in our house tend to be red, thanks to my firefighting obsessed family. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it doesn’t clash. In there, I’d say whatever he likes.
  14. I don’t think it sounds strange. I haven’t “believed” in I don’t know how long. I haven’t belonged to a church in 26 years, give or take. Today, I’m comfortable with my non-organized and overlapping communities of atheists, agnostics, and kind people of all sorts of faiths. That wasn’t always the case, though. For a long time, I did miss and want a community that “fit”. I wanted some sort of pre-set baseline that gave some definition to where everyone involved was coming from. By the time I settled on UU, I no longer wanted it enough to drive 45 minutes each way and deal with parking.
  15. We don’t have any places like that nearby, but there’s an ignition combination dh can usually get right to show us the code and just google it. I’m not very good at getting the timing right myself, and dh can’t always make it work. Since I didn’t really need my car today (and technically don’t tomorrow, though it would have been nice, lol) it felt easier to have the guys check it out and, if something was wrong, fix it. But now here we are!
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