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  1. Generally, there’s always extra sharp cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss, Munster, provolone, American, Parmesan, mozzarella, and Asiago. Then there are the things that rotate depending on my mood, or my dds’ moods.
  2. I’ve never liked the physical or social aspects of handshaking, so it can go away and I’ll be fine. People are gross and, not being a businesswoman, handshaking scenarios usually involve social settings with men either skipping me or looking to get a signal as to whether or not I’m “in” and it’s extra awkward because I want to be an equal but not a Petri dish. I go about 50/50 on extending my hand or averting my eyes.
  3. I do think that makes it harder to take a whole lot of action in the ways one might otherwise. If there happen to be any NAACP or similar organizations in the area, support them. Speak up any time an ignorant or purposefully racist comment is made. This is something I’m constantly trying to navigate better. When I get downright angry, it interferes with my ability to have a productive exchange or conversation. I just want to tell people how gross and stupid they are and the rest of my vocabulary gets tangled up. On the other hand, I sometimes, with certain people, I just freeze up out of concern for things like my social standing or how people not liking what I say might impact my husband or my kids or whomever else is our connection. I’m working on moving past that because, when I put it in the bigger context, it’s pretty insane. Ignoring racism for my personal comfort? 🤢 It is’t easy to flip that ingrained switch, but I do know it’s possible because I just caused a bit of a ruckus yesterday with very close friends. 😬 Anyway, that’s an area I’m working on. Raise good kids. My oldest three have been able to take what I’ve taught and live it and speak it better than me. I’m learning from them. (The younger two don’t have social media for me to stalk and see how they’re handling their voices.) There are lots of “what can white people do” articles and lists online that take the pressure off of POC to continue repeating themselves and are way better advice than can be found from other white women who are also trying to figure it out.
  4. I don’t know about other states, but mine has a 511 website with really good maps. We’re basically in the middle of nowhere, but it still marks country-ish roads when a tree comes down, so I’d trust it for freeways.
  5. I’ve been reading a LOT of books about kids and traumas/attachment disorders, many by professionals in that realm who were also foster/adoptive parents. When they talk about taking out their own $20k loans for programs that reap minimal or temporary impact, I can’t pretend that there aren’t issues that average people simply cannot manage.
  6. I’m rarely able to figure out pictures, but I’ll give it a shot! This looks like it might be sideways. Ignore my dirty washer.
  7. So, I tried to transplant some zucchini, butternut squash, and eggplant from seedlings I started myself, and almost none of them seem to be doing anything. I got some zuccchini and eggplant replacements, but I don’t have a source for squash. If some of my plants are just sitting there, tiny, doing nothing but also not actually dying, is there any hope for them? One of my seeded zucchinis is starting to flower from the tiny base, but there’s no stem or leaf growth, which seems very bizarre! This is my fist time trying to grow any of those 3 things. I’ll replace them all if there’s no hope, but I don’t want to yank anything that has promise.
  8. Make more black and brown friends. Listen to their experiences. Pay attention to what happens when you go out in public with them multiple times. THEN see if you still believe there isn’t a difference.
  9. Just a ridiculous vent of sorts. I skipped a few years of gardening, mostly because we’ve always been hoping to move “soon”, and I didn’t want to put a whole bunch of time and money into fixing it up better. Now, we’re *actually trying to move (if dh’s job holds steady these next few months) and we went and increased the garden anyway. All those missed years. Sigh. And of course my kids work at a farm selling plants, and I can’t resist checking each new batch. So now I have my main beds and just keep shoving random plants in random areas outside because I have too many for my actual garden. It should be an interesting summer.
  10. I’ve only ever used a water one, so I can’t compare. But I do have terrible knees and ankles (can’t jog, and can’t even really speed walk without pain), and the machine never bothered me.
  11. I have absolutely no idea who these people are or what the whole circumstances are. On the surface, of course it’s disgusting. That said, there’s no denying that not everyone is cut out to parent, period. It’s logical to assume not everyone is cut out to parent under extra challenging circumstances. If nothing else, one could say it’s better to get a child to an appropriate home than to wait for them to further suffer the impact of an ill-equipped home.
  12. I just ordered the 7qt Vortex. Don’t have it yet, lol, but I do know Consumer Reports says none of the sizes of any brands are what they *actually* hold, so I just went with the biggest basket one at the best price from a known brand. For whatever it’s worth, we once managed to run a concession stand for an event with 3 mid-to-big basket air fryers. At our busiest, there was no wait longer than 4 or 5 minutes for standard frozen foods (fries, fingers, etc.). Based on the hoards we fed quickly, I’m not too worried about cranking out enough for my gang.
  13. It is absurdly and disturbingly true. My kids have posted the kneeling protest vs. kneeling murder on social media and, when asked which one is worse, several people they know replied “both”. Like, actual people who we know, in our world. Equating peaceful protest with murder. In their own , willingly provide words (they sure did add more), in a public space, and they hit enter. Because they really think those two things are on the same level. I can’t stop thinking about how many there must be who don’t say it out loud.
  14. My seedlings all hate me. I naively started them with a normal to early spring in mind, and got a late spring instead. Most of them gave up before I even attempted to transplant them. I’m trying to hold out hope for the rest for a few more days, and may try to hunt down some replacements. I did get various tomato and pepper plants from the farm and they seem very happy. I could use a few more sweet peppers. My peas and beans finally popped up and I need to thin the carrot section. I don’t know what to make of my cucumbers yet. I planned for 12 plants, 2 varieties, but only 4 or 5 have popped up so far. Maybe tomorrow.
  15. No major changes. I would be smarter with money and work more on my communication skills sooner. I had ds at 21, got married at 23, and had the girls at 25 and 26, I wouldn’t do anything that could change that.
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