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  1. The way our ped appointments are set up, I wouldn’t have a problem. We actually have to go to a different office than we normally do because they’ve separated age groups by location in addition to patients waiting in cars and (obviously) mask wearing. The other in-laws... that’s another story.
  2. I’ve been finding that “this is she” seems to throw off some callers. Whether that’s the grammar or the fact that someone didn’t immediately hang up is anyone’s guess. (And I only pick up when I’m expecting important calls, lol.)
  3. I don’t know. I can be a real mess in casual speech. I toss a lot of “I’d’ve”s in there. I’m *capable of more proper grammar, but it usually only comes out in formal writing or when I’m snippy with someone.
  4. My mom has had a rough few years and 2020 has just extra sucked in many, many ways. It’s been bad. Late last night, my sister texted me to let me know our stepfather was in the hospital. He recently had surgery for lung cancer and then had some complications. He started heavy dose chemo, which is supposedly just as a precaution. Now he’s hospitalized for double pneumonia and renal failure. I haven’t gotten any follow up details in the past 12 hours. They’re a 2 hour flight, 13 hour drive away, and I usually try to go and help with kids, pets, the house, etc whenever he has health is
  5. I’m a hypocrite. I have little interest in being vegetarian, but I strongly dislike factory farming. Yet I haven’t transitioned my budget over to small scale, humane, “good for the soil” farming. So I don’t get all preachy about it because, well, duh. My daughters have both flirted with vegetarianism since they were quite little, but never lasted very long until one dd went pescatarian for over a year, maybe closer to two. That gave me a built-in incentive to have more (but not all) meatless meals. She recently went back to having small amounts of meat because she’s really struggled with
  6. We’ve brined once or twice before, but dh picked up some brining kit this year rather than DIY seasonings. It was a hit, but we threw away the packaging and will probably never remember what it was, lol. I wound up overcooking it in the electric roaster, but you couldn’t actually tell!
  7. We got a pair of kittens, but my old cat has been doing just fine since his brother passed away (after an adjustment period.) I don’t want a second cat. That said, anyone willing to take two should. It’s harder to place bonded pairs, so going that route would be great. If someone wants just one, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if two are fine, get two! 😃
  8. I’m kind of fascinated by the paper towel thing. I ran into the supermarket late yesterday afternoon because my Walmart order had been a total mess. I just needed a couple of things, so I didn’t even have to grab a cart or basket, and didn’t wander around to see what other aisles looked like, except I just had to check out the paper goods aisle. Toilet paper was almost 100% completely normal. Charmin, Angel Soft, whatever you wanted. The paper towel side was completely stocked... with really crappy paper towels. I mean, there were signs up for limits on “normal” brands, which they didn’t
  9. Yes. In our big family tree, I know of one diagnosed and one that may or may not be diagnosed but displayed many of the most common signs. Neither is adopted. Both had complicated situations (different ones) in their early years, but were with a parent. Some of the books I’ve read on attachment did mention disorders in birth children, but they didn’t go very deep, since they were focused on foster and adoptive families.
  10. If there’s a pill for a different problem that can be found... My 14yo cat will not fall for anything that gets an actual pill in his mouth. I did devise a towel wrapping system for liquid meds (he sometimes needs an appetite stimulant) and his 2x/dy thyroid pills get crushed and put into a tiny portion of his regular wet food as an appetizer before each meal. I have to make sure they always give us the plain white tablet because they once gave us a coated pill that doesn’t crush well enough to work the way we’ve managed for over a year now. ETA: Of course, because of this, traditi
  11. It’s a small world, and my cousin’s (now) wife was friends with my ex’s wife before any of us realized it. While our blended family has done our best over the years, we have MAJOR issues with each other that run deep and dark. When cousin’s then-fiancé mentioned struggling with whether to invite them to the wedding, I was 100% sincere when I told her to DO IT! It was her wedding, not mine! None of the four of us would ever cause a scene at an event. She still chose not to (unless she did and they declined and no one told me) and I feel awful about it to this day. I shouldn’t have been a
  12. I would look to the content more than the timeframe to gauge what’s going on there. I have some friends I like so much I consider them family, but I’m generally not into keeping text or messaging threads going. I’m really fortunate that they have the same exact thing going on, so we’re all on the same page. We have a great time in person, but we stink at the rest. There are so many different ways people utilize tech (as we’ve all shown, lol) and not everyone Is comfortable announcing, “Hey, World. This is how I view instant communication and what you can expect from me based on my lif
  13. We still don’t have crystal clear information on immunity. A business where masks are required doesn’t know who’s had it. Or who thinks they’ve had it. Social norms perpetuate social norms. The more people wearing, the more likely others are to wear. Now is a terrible time to spread any other germs.
  14. When my dd wanted one, dh went to a skate shop and had them build it out with their best mid-price-range options. Which was still very pricey, but there was no telling whether she was going to get REALLY into it or get over it quick. (She got over it fairly quickly.) It might sound silly, but it was kind of like buying an instrument. We didn’t want one so cheap that it lacked the full experience, but we weren’t about to invest in top of the line for a beginner. And skate shop people tend to be great about helping a parent out without sending them running out the door over price points.
  15. I’m still very confused about what our alcohol laws are. I think maybe we can, but I’m not entirely sure. In the spring, there were all sorts of special things they were trying to keep alcohol sales going, which was weird to me. I mean, I’m all for a good drink, but I can think of a few things I’d put ahead of that!
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