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  1. Thinking more about it... we have to replace/repair gates relatively often because of idiots hitting them. Anyone could physically plow through them, and certainly a fire truck in an emergency. It’d probably leave a ding or scratch, but that’s about it.
  2. Don’t worry. Once I turn my heat on, we’ll hit about 4,000kwh/mo. If we weren’t on a budget plan (spreading our bill over the year), we’d be over $1,000/mo in the coldest months.
  3. Well, he’s right that they can. And it’s also true that plenty of Black people want to play basketball. And this white girl played high school basketball. The show both confronts stereotypes AND embraces the fact that Black people can and do do some “Black Things”, and that’s okay, too. I’m not gonna buy a pumpkin latte just because I’m a basic white mom, but I might be a basic white mom who gets a pumpkin latte.
  4. My 18yo and 17yo are supposed to be responsible for dishes most nights, but our (their) schedule has fallen apart due to work, volunteer stuff, and the occasional social outing. They’re responsible for the main bathroom, trash days if there’s more than just 2 cans for the younger kids, unloading groceries with the younger kids, cooking when available and called upon, and keeping an eye on the boys if they’re home when I need to be out. They sometimes do their own laundry to make sure they have certain things, but I prefer to have their clothes to make full, sorted loads on my own schedule
  5. Nothing special that I can think of! I go grocery shopping on Mondays, so the fridge is open longer than usual. That’s about it. But I’m really determined to figure it out now, lol.
  6. Our gates are manned 24/7, so the gate guards open them when they hear the sirens. Our security company (including gate guards) have scanners, so they also know when they’re on their way. That doesn’t mean there’s never been a time when they’ve been distracted and took a few seconds to get their act together. ETA: That clearly doesn’t help, lol. But it answers the first part.
  7. I LOVE Black-ish. It does touch on and sometimes go in depth on “grown up” issues, so I’ve never thought about watching it with my almost 10yo. My 13yo has no patience for sitcom-type shows. I’ve been encouraging my older kids to watch it, but I think they’ve only seen a few episodes here and there. Hopefully the ones I’ve specifically recommended. There’s a big part of me that wants to point out that the show points out a lot of real life, but there’s also some controversy about the creator frequently sticking to well-off Black family stories. And then there are the people who are like,
  8. It doesn’t appear to. ONe of our spikes was on the 20th, when both dds were at work (one from 7am until the following day, one from 8:30am-6pm.) Dh has been away for over a week now, but the chart is so sporadic there isn’t a clearly adjusted pattern to reflect that. I think I’m just going to document everything I use for a few days, lol.
  9. That technically shouldn’t be it. We haven’t used heat or AC because our temps have mostly been at the perfect place not to need heat or AC. We’ve had about 3 frost/freeze days over the past 2 weeks.
  10. Does anyone else look at their daily electricity consumption and wonder what in the world is going on in their house? We’re entirely electric. No other power sources but a portable generator for emergencies and propane grills. We just added a used commercial upright freezer, and I wanted to see whether or not it was causing a big jump. We haven’t used any heat or AC in weeks. So I’m looking at the chart on my electric bill, and some days we’re under 20kw. Other days we’re well over 40. Huh? It’s true that there are some days here and there that I do extra laundry (usually cold wat
  11. I may not be the best motivator, but I’ve made a bit of a middle ground in my mind. Health and weight are not completely synonymous. So, while I do check my weight here and there, even frequently every few months or so, I don’t have a number goal. I think I qualify as “permanently” keeping ten pounds off at this point, and that’s mostly because my body REALLY doesn’t feel good with those extra ten pounds. I fluctuate on another 20 and don’t feel terrific when I’ve got ‘em, but not as miserable as before. In my absolute best physical adult shape, I was 10-15lbs over the charts. And
  12. I’m a traditionalist in that area. $1 per tooth and no extra fanfare. I think getting a special fairy to collect your tooth and leave cash is miraculous enough, lol. Also, the tooth fairy does’t pay past the age of ten. Yeah, we’ve still had believers and very lazy parents. We paid more when the girls had simultaneous failed root canals from a crummy dentist and had to get them simultaneously pulled. I don’t remember how much, but I felt really bad, so it was probably a good premium.
  13. My intention is to have enough space for all 5 kids and however many grandkids to visit, so I’m hoping to go up in space rather than down. But I do want to have a layout that allows for first floor living so I’m not forced to deal with stairs, constant cleaning, or full heating/cooling when a second floor (or basement, or even another wing) isn’t in use.
  14. I’m all for regional, cultural, and generational differences. It can be hard to tell whether something is a difference or an error, but that doesn’t mean error’s don’t exist. ETA: Otherwise, why am I spending so much time homeschooling grammar and vocabulary???
  15. We were shocked when it was published that a neighbor was growing a *lot* of pot in his basement. In pots. Potted pot plants.
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