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  1. I want my new flooring installed way before Christmas for Christmas. That is truly what I want my gift to be! Other things I would love: Bath and Body Works candles, fuzzy socks, a new travel mug... that’s pretty much it. I’ve never asked for anything pricier or more involved than this dang floor in my entire life. And I’m going nuts trying to get ready for it.
  2. I’m a listen to your hunger person but, yeah, 1200 does sound unusually low. I agree with looking at the content and possibly adding some some bang for the buck in there, and continue to pay close attention to how he’s feeling. For me (me, me, me), that is unusual enough to want to stay alert for any possible issues. I might consider getting some blood work done for reassurance. But “full on healthy foods” is generally a good thing!
  3. I’m going to go with “It’s hard to know, because every single kid is different.” I did start to write out detailed examples in my house, but then I felt bad for comparing my kids and myself to one another. I’ll just say that there’s been a mix of approaches, and the most “successful” outcome so far has been with the kid whose business I’ve kept my nose out of. I’m not saying that that’s the right thing for everyone, but that failure or risk of failure did not motivate another one of my kids. Or me, for that matter. Each of the three of us have/had different needs and motivation.
  4. I always loved giant family gatherings growing up. Then I married into dh’s family, which changed my attitude a bit! And my parents and sisters moved away, which changed my ability a lot. We quit doing shared holidays over a decade ago, when we were driving 2 hours each way with 3 kids. It was the best decision we’ve ever made as a family!!! We have made some specific exceptions for a couple of Thanksgivings. We’ve done one Thanksgiving in a hotel with my parents, which was AWESOME! And we did one week long rental house for Thanksgiving with my parents, 4 out of 5 of us kids, and a ton of grandkids, which was also mostly great. I believe those exceptions go so well because they ARE exceptions, not the norm. Otherwise, dh, the kids, and I stuff ourselves and wear pajamas and it’s heaven.
  5. As a minivan owner without a garage, telescoping brushes are a must for me. I forgot (until this morning - hello dusting!) that I was supposed to hunt for an all-plastic telescoping brush. I’ve only had metal ones, and they tend to stick in one position by the end of the season.
  6. I just want to say that I’m *almost* regretting getting one of those Big One throws. We are blanket people. There are approximately 5 different blankets in addition to my comforter in rotation in my bedroom. My two boys have somewhere around 900 different blankets in their bedroom. I can’t speak for the girls because I don’t enter that cave, but I guarantee they have plenty. Everyone is always dragging blankets out into the living room to snuggle up, and I get annoyed because it looks like a hot mess with Pikachu, firefighter emblems, Hogwarts designs, and everything else lying around. So I ordered that throw to look nice while keeping out. IT IS MADE OF CLOUDS AND THE ESSENCE OF KITTENS AND PUPPIES. We are obsessed. I want several dozen more and we can just turn the entire house into a nest!
  7. When I was 21 and a single mom, I worked retail for a small regional company. $75 biweekly, no copays, no coinsurance for the 2 of us. Dh runs a national company. They don’t subsidies family plans. They pay 50% of his premiums. And the plan is based in his office’s home location, so there can be network issues. (They do use a national insurance company, thank goodness!) I often wonder if people just don’t think about how much their employer is paying toward their plan. A friend of mine has 100% paid family coverage, but she’s their benefit negotiator. She knows how much it elevates her “pay”. But she’ll readily tell you that people think they want higher pay vs. great insurance.
  8. I’m sorry it was needed, but I’m glad you had that coverage! My least expensive plan option is about $1,000/mo next year for me and 4 kids. Ds and dh are on work policies (so additional premiums and deductibles.) I don’t remember the actual deductible on that option (I think $7,900), but there’s 40% coinsurance after that. The plans I have access to with 20% coinsurance or less after deductible are in the $1400-1500/mo range. It’s definitely high enough to make me wonder what those doctors would charge an uninsured patient.
  9. My main purpose in paying for insurance is the belief that I’m covering my rear for Big Things. Google is depressing me. Quick Fact: Total annual cost of copays, coinsurance, deductibles and insurance premiums for average lung cancer patient: $5,000 to $10,000 Source: American Cancer Society, 2016 I’m paying way more than that in premiums. Every year.
  10. Okay, I need to stop now! Vacuum Hand vac Big One throw blanket 3 draft stoppers for the doors A shirt dress Knee high boots Winter coat for dd $200 and change after returning ds’s sneakers that didn’t fit and ordering new ones at a better price. I’m tapped out!
  11. I hit up Walmart today for bulk toiletries, some new pens (where are all my pens???), a couple of vinyl tablecloths, and snacks for myself that I didn’t need. $47.62. Aldi’s for some produce, dairy, lunch meat for the one kid in the house who’s always asking when I’m going to buy some lunch meat, and a few more pantry items. $67.95. I’m now up to $527.17 for the month, but I have an overstocked house and don’t need much more for Thanksgiving. I feel like I can stay under $800 without any issues.
  12. Dd and I were both in the ER last month. Same ER. Even same ER room and same doctor. My bill went through insurance. Hers is workman’s comp, but they just sent me a bill run through without insurance. I’ll straighten that out once I recover from the shock I’m experiencing over the differences. I had many more tests than she did, but we both have the charge for, you know, just walking into the ER. Mine was $4,003 with my insurance discount taking it down to $1020. I need to pay the $1020 toward my deductible. My total responsibility for all services with insurance is over $2.000. DD was billed $1,604 for the ER. Not $4003. Another $580 charge for x-rays. With the “self-pay/uninsured discount”, her total bill is $384 for the ER and x-rays combined. 😮 I’m losing my mind over here.
  13. Well, I didn’t realize they were this pricey, and I’m not going to check Amazon because I haven’t yet instituted my holiday “stay off my account” rule yet. But this is one link. Shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiAqqTuBRBAEiwA7B66hauHSoxEOVmAkFqCait7C0U-HNWpREP9NG69_ILnRZVffsJT0v9I1RoCzTQQAvD_BwE
  14. Well, it turns out that I finally killed my vacuum, so Kohl’s to the rescue. I’ve also been meaning to buy a hand vac for the past, oh, 15+ years or so. And I need something dressy casual for a Christmas party. So I got all three for $103. And I’ll get an extra $5 for picking up, because I need at least one of those dirt suckers NOW. (And can make an exchange while I’m there.) Now, do I buy new casual boots or not? Mine are so beat up and could really use replacing, but I hate to spend more money. But this would be the time to do it.
  15. I don’t want to tackle Monday. Fridge clean out day Garbage/recyclying Groceries Possibly pick up a new vacuum and exchange shoes (meaning, go into ACTUAL town. Sigh.) Clean up residual spackle dust (autocorrect wants me to clean sparkle dust) Keep painting walls Various other mundane tasks plus schooling and chauffeuring kids Oh, and chuck jack o lanterns into the woods. Because the sound of deer knocking them around on my front porch since 2am is making me crazy. They sound like bears.
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