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  1. There’s a sponsored FB ad that comes up for me *constantly* that drives me nuts every time. I just can’t train my brain to ignore it. It’s for some health/fitness type person, and the first line is “I used to pee my pants unintentionally while working out.” No matter how hard I try, my reflexive reaction Every Single Time is “As opposed to peeing your pants INTENTIONALLY???”
  2. My mom was a decent cook. Her parents owned a tavern, so I guess she *had to be good at the basics! But she constantly tried to force feed me broccoli, even though it made me puke. I do not eat broccoli. Some of my kids eat it, but not all of them, and that’s a-okay by me!
  3. This isn’t an actual *complaint*, but I do need to put down a mini-vent! Dh is going through a lot of difficult family stuff. Though he’s been on board with all of the decluttering, he’s recently had the chance to salvage some things from his childhood home, which is a whole emotional thing for him in the midst of insanity. So now we have MORE STUFF!!! And mostly stuff that we’d be just fine without. I’m not about to stop him right now, because I think it’s really helping him. But OMG. It’s definitely stressing me out!
  4. No need to defend them to me! If I believed that good parenting has to result in “traditional” paths, I’d have to call myself a bad parent, lol. I’m one of the people saying that this doesn’t seem like it’s necessarily some great big deal.
  5. I figured as much. I wasn’t trying to be critical, just pointing out that this was no overnight revelation.
  6. Given the example used, I’d start the process of dx and meds. That shouldn’t be the end of incorporating other things and skill building, but it has the potential to be a huge boost for tackling the high school years, especially if the right med/dosage is found by then.
  7. I’m still a couple of pages behind on this thread, but... You don’t *suddenly fail classes. It takes some time to wind up with Fs this far in. Depending on the grading scale, I’d estimate at least half of the course length for a kid who may have been pulling As in the beginning. And it’d be pretty hard for parents not to realize it earlier, with the way modern schools update electronic records.
  8. I’m curious as to what the parents’ motivations are. 5 weeks before the end, is this a kid who applied to and got accepted to 4-year schools? Were arrangements and deposits made? If so, I would probably be freaking out about the commitments made, too. But, if he’s an almost-graduate who didn’t have firm plans this far in, it sounds to me like he IS finally making a plan. And, if he’s going to actually do what’s needed to work toward it, it isn’t a terrible one! I’m still disappointed that my young adult wanted to be finished with high school without *finishing high school. Those are MY feelings that I own for myself. I’m not particularly thrilled that he chose to become a music major, either. Again, MY feelings. But he isn’t me and it isn’t my life. I gave him all of the opportunities to be who and what he wanted to become, and he’s doing exactly that. Despite the feelings I have about what *I* wanted him to do, I’m incredibly proud of him for being himself. No punishment needed.
  9. I’m about to turn 42 and am in a serious decluttering phase, and yet MY Legos stay. (The kids’ too, but my point is that I still adore them, lol.). Because of my decluttering, I’m preparing to pack them up but I’m still keeping them. Eventually, I’ll either have a house with a fun room to put them in, grandkids to hand them down to, or a respectable ROI.
  10. Thanks. We managed to knock it down to $6k, so... yay? 😂
  11. Wow! You actually got someone to abide by that? We don’t have a house phone, and I think he’s happier with ignoring rather than cracking open a door. I can’t imagine her believing a phone company still charges by call, anyway. If she did, she’d probably try to run it up intentionally!
  12. Oh, no! That would have required actual action, lol.
  13. She leaves him voice and text messages on his cell. Fortunately, we live a good distance apart and have security gates! I’m sure he’ll spend as much time as he can, but there’s so little available. He has new employees in from out of town for intensive training. I’m hoping he’ll go tonight. I should try to look for whatever photos we might have. I don’t think there’s much in our possession. Things like that have always been under tight NPD control.
  14. I’m not religious, so there’s that. But, for my particular ASD kid, there have been “gifts” that I see as special, that probably do come directly from his ASD factors. I suppose I do wish he could have all those great things without the difficulties, but that would be like wishing I could have had him without his obnoxious father. 😉
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