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  1. I just met with my potential (probable?) builder today. FOUR hours and still so much detail to get into at a later date! And I knew just about everything I wanted to go over. So much will vary by builder. Mine has great windows as standard, but whole house LVP would run me an extra $12k. So we’ll carpet the bedrooms. They’re happily shifting walls at no extra cost. What’s irking me is their staircase upgrade for several thousand dollars! Meanwhile, their cabinet upgrade was surprisingly reasonable to me. To really compare apples to apples, I do recommend sitting down with each of th
  2. For the first time, our (second) real estate agent is taking a while to get back to us. She emailed me after 11pm last night. Her schedule is crazy booked. The delay did give me a chance to do a drive by and discover that the perfect house is situated so dumb on its lot that I’d hate living there, so now I don’t have to waste her time with an actual showing. I have an appointment today to sit down with my preferred builder, but I’d still rather find an existing home before signing. The one I drove by is one of just 3 existing listings for our radius. One is in the development I’m trying
  3. I would not rent horse space, even self-care, unless I were already REALLY good and experienced with horses. Like any other animal, horses can have unscheduled needs/emergencies and, my responsibility or not, I’d feel obligated to step in as necessary. And I’m just not horsey enough for that to be part of my life. It’s like, when I see a loose dog, I step in because, yk, a loose dog! But it messes with my whole day a couple times a year. I don’t want to wake up every day feeling the need to check for loose dogs.
  4. I lived around the corner from our town landfill growing up. Less than a quarter mile from the entrance road and under a mile from actual garbage. There was no real smell associated with it, but we did have seagulls! It did serve a relatively small population though, so I’m guessing that’s something that can vary. I don’t know anything about how it affected property values though. It was a very standard ‘50s- ‘60s-built suburban lake community. They closed, covered, and turned the landfill into soccer fields around 1990 and I didn’t obsessively track property values until my mom sold the
  5. I never really thought about it, but I guess it has mostly been family and close friends for me. Grandma, Great-aunt’s spouse, cousins FIL, family friends’ grandma, homeschool friend, a friend’s daughter, Dh, Ds, ds’s father, ds’s brother, my sister, close friend couple (both), our former real estate agent, ds’s grandmother, ds’s grandfather... I think that might be my whole list. Now, my dd has transported a ton of Covid patients, so I’m very aware of their existence, but that’s more like hearing a medical statistic than stories through the grapevine.
  6. My baby #4 would likely have died. He surprised us with a double wrapped cord plus true knot. My midwife kicked me out of the tub when she recognized his distress, called for a c-section to be prepped, and told me to try to push him out NOW. So I did and all was good, but it could have been very, very bad. Also, baby #2 had broken her clavicle getting out (at 9lb2oz) so I always knew I could end up with tricky exits. She did hang on to the record for size though. Not always by a lot. Baby#3 aspirated meconium. I would NOT have wanted to pack us up for observation. It was stressful enough
  7. I’ve considered it over and over again, but my experience with over-volunteering a couple of years ago scarred me. It wasn’t entirely like full time work, but it lacked a firm schedule, so it felt like full time work, and I crumbled under it. I do know quite a few people who do both. Some of them use online programs. Some of them are very unschooly. I happen to be very in between, and just couldn’t figure it out that way.
  8. My mom and stepdad got their first Pfizer shots Wednesday. I checked in yesterday afternoon and they only had sore arms, which was great news. Unlike here, where Dh and dd had their second appointments scheduled at their first appointment, my parents were told they’d get an email when appointments become available. That worries me. But at least step one is done.
  9. That’s the one I just got. It does its job. I have no complaints. I didn’t have any about my last LG or my whirlpool before that, either. I could say I wish they averaged more than 7.5 years each, but that seems to be what I hear about everything at that price point.
  10. It doesn’t have to be racist. It could just be classist and it just so happens a lot more of darker shades tend to be in the lower classes than the lighter shades (Sorry for weird quoting.) Except we can trace the reasons schools like this example run “darker” and lower income, and those are racist. And taking the specific example, the city has an enormously overwhelming historic and current problem with racism, and “problem” is putting it way too lightly.
  11. On realtor.con, Orlando proper has over 200 pieces of land for sale. (Some in the millions, but I didn’t filter price.) You can use the map feature to zoom in on preferred areas. “Orlando area home builders “ pulls up more companies than I could bother to count, lol.
  12. P.s. I’m still not saying I’m actually going to do it. But I might!
  13. In my area, you search “home builders near me” and view their featured homes on their website. There are a few builders who just do their own developments here, but most will build anywhere in their radius. They own lots throughout the area, they can acquire one for you, or you can buy your own. Individual lots (not builder owned) are listed on realtor dot com. Again, in our area. I finally rescheduled a builder meeting for Sunday. I have a lot in mind, but I’m going to drive past it tomorrow to make sure there isn’t some ridiculous slope to it or something.
  14. My *actual property tax is under $1,000. With school tax, it was around $3600, but recently went down. I don’t know the exact breakdown off hand. ETA: We’re looking at houses that are closer to $6k all-in. My current house is small.
  15. Yeah, those parents living there TOTALLY do so by choice and couldn’t care less about education. 😒 Are we REALLY this out of touch with what’s going on in impoverished urban areas?!?! Let’s please stop pretending this is a country of middle class suburbanites with privileged upbringings.
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