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  1. Carrie12345

    co-op vent...yes, again

    As a co-op mom, teacher, and director, I get the frustration. But I also get varying family expectations and student maturity. I went to public school and was notorious (like, seriously notorious) for not doing my work. Granted, that was before ADHD (with EF issues) was widely recognized, understood, or applied to girls! I spent 5th-12th grades being told what a crummy student I was. I actually did learn a ton, got my best grades in courses heavy on class participation, and rocked the SATs. That's a major reason I don't put much stock in grades. My own kids are not so great with co-op assignments. At least, not until they hit 14/15 and felt personally invested in subject matter, teamwork, and external validation. I try to be sure to put my kids in "flexible " classes, but I have misinterpreted a few. I'd be understanding if a teacher wanted my child removed for the sake of the other students, but I don't consider that a negative reflection of my kids or my homeschooling. We love co-opping, but I don't do it to replicate the system I decided against.
  2. For me, most of it has been by getting brutally logical. I can't pretend to have the space. 1100sf with 5 kids, 3 adult sized, and no attic or basement... There just isn't anywhere for it to go! Also, knowing a hoarder personally has helped to harden my heart, lol. I do try to think about what items from my childhood were most important and what I maybe wish had been kept. Frankly, it's a short list. I have my favorite stuffed animal and some favorite books. Only a few trinkets here and there, and a bunch of photos. I would NOT have wanted my mom to hand me boxes of old stuff for ME to store forever. I have enough mixed feelings about her china. For my kids, I have a stuffed animal or two, an extra special outfit or two, baby shoes, a blankey or two, and almost no toys. I should really start printing pictures for the four who are trapped on thumb drives and memory cards! Most regular toys and clothes "died" before they got to kid #5, anyway. It may (or may not) be helpful to think about what your future adults might think about being handed a load of 4T clothing. What are the odds that that will make them happy or be useful? My first two boys are 9 years apart. Going through hand me downs, half gets tossed because the styles are SO outdated. 20 or 30 years is a long time for anything other than a truly, deeply sentimental outfit that might be fun for a time hop type photo shoot or special occasion.
  3. Carrie12345

    surprising POV?

    I attended a little session on rape culture at my kids' cc, with my kids, produced by kids at the cc. Though it was only one example, the interactive audience was fixated on the marital aspect. On one hand, I think it's very important to acknowledge that even our most intimate loves are entitled to the rule of enthusiastic consent. But there is shorthand in established relationships. Dissecting and analyzing the dynamics of someone else's established adult sexual relationship without serious cause seems rather icky! My boundaries may not be right for everyone. Other people's boundaries may not be right for me. Raise kids to set their own boundaries and respect those of others.
  4. Carrie12345

    How do busy people work in cardio?

    I agree with Monica that 2 days/wk with a 25-30 minute HIIT program sounds like it would be plenty to add, covering both cardio and beginner/intermediate strength. Ive been kind of avoiding HIIT because there’s no real space for me to do it in my house, but I just purchased Bossbody or Bodyboss or whatever it’s called because it’s 20% off. Beachbody is, I believe, very similar. (The actual workouts.) I figure I’ll do it outside when it’s not so darn cold!
  5. Carrie12345

    Types of nurses?

    My 15yo was excited to be looking toward an EMT or paramedic career. Over the summer, she was on a call (through the fire dept.) where there was a very extensive injury on a woman who was in enormous pain. Dd had an intense reaction to it, and is now pretty upset to be second guessing her ability to handle that field. While we've been telling her that there are plenty of years think it over and see how things feel as she grows, we're also encouraging other career exploration, and she's been entertaining the possibility of nursing. I'd love to give her a list of nursing specialties that she may not be aware of. Her first thought was ER, but that's always going to come with regular traumas! Something like L&D, otoh, seems like it would usually be on the too tame side for her. She's not disturbed by fluids and tissues or high pressure situations. She has bagged a limb, handles life-saving equipment and supplies on scene on a regular basis, and helps set up medical helicopter landings. She's seen a lot in the past year and a half, including traumas with comparatively calm patients. It was the extreme distress of another person like she hadn't seen before that got her. While I think it's entirely possible that that might change in the future, I'm currently trying to offer suggestions that limit, well, extreme trauma response. My initial, not especially informed thoughts have been ICU or surgical, but I know there must be other areas to add. Help?
  6. Carrie12345

    So that happened, right?

    Did I come out a Rachel or a Monica? Sorry, I like learning the internet’s opinion of me!
  7. Carrie12345

    Well-Trained Bodies- December Edition

    We have a holiday party Friday night, and I want to be excited about eating whatever, but it's at a mediocre restaurant. 😕 They do have good drinks though, so... lol. I'm really crummy with the vegetables. I always made myself feel somewhat decent about it by eating plenty of mixed salads. The CDC is sabotaging me! I've found I'm a failure at sautéing spinach. I get distracted and then, blech!
  8. Carrie12345

    Book rec on bipolar disorder?

    My relative has received both bipolar and boarderline dxes. I do not know if the professionals overrode one with the other, or if they consider them to be comorbid (for her.) I have read books/anthologies by people with bipolar, about their experiences. I don't have titles handy b/c they had been loaned to me by a friend who is working on her PsyD. I found that they did strengthen my empathy, which has been helpful for my own healing. I wish my relative didn't have to suffer so much pain. But she still can't really be in my family's life outside of extenuating circumstances because of what it does to us.
  9. Carrie12345

    Well-Trained Bodies- December Edition

    I've been getting a kick out of being my own science experiment, lol. Every reputable source says not to try weight loss and muscle building at the same time and I always swear I can prove them wrong. At this very moment, I am "proving" them wrong, but I doubt this can go on long-term. We'll see, lol. Most of November was normal weight fluctuations, but the numbers went down over the past 2 weeks. Most of my machine exercises are more than 50% of the weight I started with <5 weeks ago. (Some much more.) Upping my calorie intake has made me feel so much better, for the most part. Some days I struggle to eat them all. It's amazing to me how much more full I feel when I'm not aiming to squeeze as many cheese and crackers or bagels into the math as possible! If there's one thing I really do miss, it's butter. I haven't banned it, but I admit that I wish I could still slice a giant slab and have it ooze all over a sweet potato. 🙂 I finally found some longer tanks at Target. (Champion, loose fit.) I'm hoping that will give me the confidence to work on some barbell squats without worrying that the entire gym behind me can see what shape my underwear is! Unfortunately, the mirrors are not situated to be able to check form very well, so I'm a little nervous. I think that' the goal I'm going to work toward.
  10. Carrie12345

    What are you go-to everyday shoes?

    Low top Chucks. Black with a hint of hot pink trim. I'm in love with them.
  11. Carrie12345

    What do you think of the remodeled Target stores?

    😮 Nope! I think there might be a bistro table or two, if that, but it's hard to tell with the line at the counter. My teens usually go over and grab a foo foo drink and it takes forever. We used to have booths and 4-top tables. 6 or 7 of us could easily relax with comfort garbage after a big haul. I have to make a trip today, so I'll look more carefully, lol.
  12. Carrie12345

    What do you think of the remodeled Target stores?

    Oh, also, I find the poop color to be a turn off. The red is iconic. Why screw with that? "Tarjay " was a joke, not a suggestion.
  13. Carrie12345

    What do you think of the remodeled Target stores?

    I don't like it. Not only have I not learned where everything is yet (did they really need to move pet stuff from the front ALL the way to the back?) I feel like there's less stuff! And, sorry, but I'm not happy mine put in a Starbucks. I miss being able to grab an actual sandwich or sitting down to let the kids eat junky pizza and fries if I've dragged them around too long. I don't want coffee and sweets standing up, and no kid is eating a muffin in my car!!!
  14. Carrie12345

    How accurate do you think Zillow really is?

    I've found it fairly accurate for my area, but certainly far from perfect. Here, 4 years makes an enormous difference. Our value is finally picking up a bit. (Still tens of thousands below purchase.) My tax assessment is for $10k more than my zestimate, but that's pretty in line with current listings and recent sales. It doesn't, however, account for the work needed on the house!
  15. Carrie12345

    S/O Place names that are pronounced differently

    Definitely skookull! Sometimes with a noticeable middle L. But no one agrees on how to say Wilkes-Barre. I'm on the wilks burry bench. Newscasters are all over the place.
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