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  1. Carrie12345

    Get rid of it all 2019

    Well, my house looks like a bomb went off, Lol. After so much decluttering, I decided it was time to get new shelves in my food storage pantry, which is a 7’ long closet. So I had to empty the entire thing. There are bags of food everywhere!!! But I’m looking forward to organizing it this weekend.
  2. Carrie12345

    Does homeschooling mean we will be sick less?

    I only ever had 1 in school, so I don’t know that I can fairly compare. My best guess is that 1 kid at home might only be slightly reduced compared to at school. If my current 4 were in 4 different classes, I’d figure they’d have 4 times the pool of germs to pick up and bring home to one another. Our reality is that they do get their fair share of germs. Some years are worse than others.
  3. Carrie12345

    When your ex remarries and you share young children

    Ugh. Ideally, I think normal, healthy adults should interact enough to form a working relationship. Sharing kids is a big deal! My ex’s wife and I did attempt a quasi-friendship, but she’s a nutcase so we settled into just being polite at pick up/drop off and ds’s events. Ex and dh had that “Hey, how are ya, take care” thing going on. The reality was that ex’s wife and I were the ones who had to handle the most scheduling together. It wasn’t easy, but it would have been nearly impossible as strangers.
  4. Best splurge: My iPad. I hadn’t even wanted one, but the deal offered with my phone WAS excellent. I thought it might come in handy for volunteer stuff from time to time. I slapped an inexpensive keyboard case on it, and have been using it every single day for a million different things. (Including this post!) Worst “splurge”: My laptop. It wasn’t a giant splurge as far as computers go, and I always go with cheap laptops. My previous one hadn’t officially died yet, but I wanted a replacement before it did. The iPad does almost everything faster and better, so the laptop mostly collects dust. Combined best/worst: My sectional couch and matching giant ottoman. We’d gone through second hand and new but very cheap couches while having little kids. (There’s a 12 year age span.) A couple of years ago, we bit the bullet and got this very nice set because we were done with spit up, diapers/accident, and the cat hadn’t been scratching for ages. Well, the cat has shredded the edges, fort building and wrestling has beaten it up a bit, and the repair man lectured me on allowing kids to sit on the ottoman, which seems insane to me. Who hasn’t sat on an ottoman? Dh eventually drilled more screws in and it’s more secure than when we bought it. I plan to eventually put decent looking accents (once called patches, lol) on the ends. The beat up cushions are comfy. I still love the whole set, but we obviously were not ready for “nice” furniture!
  5. I’ve gone through way more books/blogs/articles/videos about decluttering and organize than anyone should be allowed to while still considering themself normal. I don’t really care what any one person swears the “rules” should be, it’s just like homeschooling or parenting or anything else; take what resonates with you, ignore the rest.
  6. Carrie12345

    Verb usage in kids

    I do know a child who has this issue as well as with plurals. He receives speech therapy. I’ve noticed improvement in enunciation over time, but not word usage. Sometimes it’s hard to watch because his peers are beginning to giggle. I don’t think they intend to be mean (and I don’t think he understands what they’re giggling for), just that they think he makes silly mistakes like the rest of them sometimes do, and that he’ll giggle when he realizes what he’s said. Instead, he’s just confused. I’m really hoping speech helps him in that area soon.
  7. Though I’m much more of an acreage and wildlife person, I could imagine life in a “town business” district. My grandparents lived above their bar, surrounded by small businesses and light manufacturing on a major road. Walmart style? Only as the last alternative to homelessness.
  8. Carrie12345

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    The space above my headboard is short. (Vaulted ceiling.) Nothing’s there now, but I’m in the market for some sort of scrolling wrought iron design with matching side sconces.
  9. Carrie12345

    Show me kitchens you love

    I have not seen a kitchen that screams “Perfect!”to me, but something on the order of this comes close. I love a center island, but not with a sink or stovetop. In the one I linked, I’d prefer a fridge farther away from ovens... or sinks, or anything else that would continue to have my kids getting in my way because they ALWAYS decide they need a drink or snack or whatever the second I’m trying to work in the kitchen.
  10. Carrie12345

    how do you.... npd ?

    In our case, it’s hard to pinpoint where generation A is. The NPD has a sibling who absolutely has NPD traits. Their mother never seemed NPD to me, though their father (who I never met) sounds insane. But I’ll call the NPD generation A. Generation B is 2 people. One has very obvious traits. NPD or the trauma of NPD? I don’t know, but her kids suffer for it... to a legal interventions degree. The other absolutely does have issues/traits, professionally assessed to be ramifications of Gen A’s parenting. (As a cause to be overcome, not a sentence to be accepted.) His children are absolutely impacted, but nothing resembling abuse. Honestly? I panic a little whenever I see any sort of extreme behavior from generation C. Which really stinks when they’re teens!!! Teens are going to have irrational moments. But I live with alarm bells ready to go off at any moment.
  11. Carrie12345

    Speaking of Vaccines.... Rabies

    Maybe not for people without sky high insurance deductibles!
  12. Carrie12345

    Speaking of Vaccines.... Rabies

    Ugh. We haven’t had any indoor bat issues, but two raccoons tested positive in our area last month... and we have a LOT of raccoons! After reading all this, I may turn from aware to paranoid!
  13. Carrie12345

    Well...that was a fail

    Oh, that’s a bummer!!! I was considering ordering more glass spray bottles, but my primary concern has been about the actual spray top failing. (One of my Mrs. Meyers sprayers has lost its tension or whatever it is that causes the trigger to “reset” between squeezes... and it’s only on its first refill.) For the price of the glass bottle, I’d like a heftier spray top. But I hadn’t thought much about the bottle breaking. I figured the silicone sleeve would prevent that. 😕 I am looking forward to my next order because they have Mrs. Meyers in honeysuckle, which I haven’t seen in my stores. Plus a few other nifty new items, but not much that I would order monthly. We’ll see!
  14. Carrie12345

    how do you.... npd ?

    (((Hugs))) Are you required to be in any situations that necessitate protecting yourself between now and then? Is there a reason you feel you need to reach acceptance before getting back to your therapist? If not, perhaps trying to force that breakthrough doesn’t need to be your goal right now. We had an NPD event leak into our lives in the most unexpected way last night. The content was deeply disturbing, but there was little more for us to do than acknowledge it was disturbing and do our best to “shut the door”, so to speak. Dwelling on the content would absolutely distract us from the fact that the action itself was as NPD as one can get, and losing sight of that would draw us back into the game that 3 NPDs are playing with each other and trying to play with us. It’s very hard not to play “But...” And that’s what they count on. (((More hugs)))
  15. Carrie12345

    who does the decorating at your house?

    Well, mostly me I suppose. But there really hasn’t been all that much decorating until recently. We painted the kids’ rooms and bathroom so long ago that they need to be redone. The rest of the house has been “seller’s beige” from day 1. Our decor has been homeschool books and homeschool calendars/posters/etc. In the past couple of years, I’ve had dh change out some lighting fixtures and I’ve made small furniture purchases that have tied things together. I’ve almost settled on a paint color, but don’t want to get started until we can open the windows. I did ask for dh’s input on several shades of gray, lol. I have new bedding and curtains coming for our room this week. Again, I asked for input on preselected options.