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  1. I’m 99% sure it’s illegal in every state, so I have no idea how that’s happening. I would think it would also cause issues with the eventual appraisal... which I’m keeping in mind in case we make an offer, lol. Those two rooms would make great flex spaces!
  2. I think names can be both overthought *and carry bias, lol. I know that, when I’m in a teaching role, I prefer to be called Mrs. Lastname, but I don’t require it. Most of the students I’ve had have been through multi-layered relationships where using my first name seemed more natural. For some, especially younger students, Miss Firstname was more in line with their family culture and experience. But I did have ONE student who used my first name in a way that made me very uncomfortable. It had much more to do with overall demeanor than the name itself. Intent matters, but then some
  3. That one is brand new to me! I wonder how I should break the news to my family... here and in Finland, lol. Do we re-label our tree? I HAVE had difficulty getting past the late 1800s... hmm.
  4. Temporarily saved a bunch of money by not buying a house today, lol. We did see one that we can imagine living in. Dh likes it better than I do. We won’t be devastated if we miss the opportunity, but it’d be nice if it’d stick around for a while while we explore other avenues. Hopefully we’ll be exploring those avenues very soon. Tip: Don’t list basement rooms without windows as bedrooms. I don’t know why their realtor let that happen. Maybe they thought the odds of a firefighter coming through were low? Also, don’t describe a house with a crumbling foundation, in need of a whole
  5. My own jealousy? Nope. I’ve wanted nothing more than for my kids to be close, especially since we have weird adjusted birth orders. They fight like cats and dogs, but they’re also very close. And team up on me.
  6. Right before dh got his, he heard that he should wait 90 days from infection to get the shot. I hadn’t seen that, and I didn’t go digging because, IIRC, it was THAT morning. But he said Dr. Fauci had said it. He went and got it anyway, just a few weeks past infection. I posted in another thread that he seemed to have a relatively rough go after the shot, but that he’s also very dramatic about physical ailments, so I don’t really know where to put him on the spectrum. He definitely was nowhere near what he dealt with when he was ill, and he had a relatively mild case. He’s a basically he
  7. My neck pinches nerves that run to my fingers, so I’m always moving to find a better position (and that’s aside from how I’ve always tossed and turned.) I’ve tried a million different pillows, including my physical therapist’s recommendation, and haven’t found a meaningful difference. It stinks!
  8. Placed my grocery order for Tuesday for under $70. It’s been getting harder to secure my preferred time slot and that’s messing up my weekly routines. I switched more bills over to being paid by a cash back card. We used to have so many bills that I just didn’t trust having to take even more steps - paying the bill, waiting for it to be applied to my card, paying the card, waiting for that payment to clear... Now that we have fewer bills and I’m less likely to make mistakes, it sure does seem a lot more worth the free money! Technically I haven’t told my real estate agent that we’re
  9. I didn’t dig deeper to find more details, but I’d much prefer something more targeted and scaled than how that looks on the surface. If a family IS still pulling in $10k/mo before taxes, I’m not sure why they might need an additional 10k/mo for a family of 5. SOME sort of continued stimulus to prop up businesses/jobs, sure, I can get behind that even for families who haven’t been financially impacted. And I can get behind large sums for those who have, as well as those who are struggling in other ways. And that’s before I get into the “what about me” aspect, lol. I mean, I AM human. It d
  10. Which leans heavily on the lie that socialism/socialist practices = communism. Despite the long standing history of so many countries having socialist practices with ZERO signs of communism. But if it’s said often and loud enough...
  11. I’m still flip-flopping back and forth on whether to squirrel away some more stuff or just top off the usual. I don’t really want to pull controversial stuff over to here, but dh has a friend who has upped his vague “hey, be prepared” little warnings, and he’s the type to know people who know people if that makes any sense. I do think we’re mostly set though. I’ll probably add a few easy/comfort items to my order and bemoan my inability to plan this year’s gardening.
  12. Last night, dh and I had a sort of date to watch a zoom screening of Inherent Good: The Power of Unconditional Cash, followed by a panel discussion. https://www.inherentgood.com/ (It’s on basic income, written and directed by a former classmate of dh, featuring Trae Crowder. It should be available free for the next few days leading up to MLK Day.) I took dd to a new dentist earlier in the day and discovered it was right across the street from a wing place that opened last year, and was featured in our paper as one of the really, really few black owned businesses in our area. My family LO
  13. I did. The follow up I got was a survey asking if I was satisfied with the outcome. 🤔
  14. True! We’re up to 3 kayaks now, and I have yet to get in one, lol. Spring goal!
  15. I don’t even remember what day we finally got our package delivered that was ordered as a Christmas gift, but it was definitely in January. We ordered the same item at the same time to also be sent to my sister, and it arrived before Christmas. I have a package marked delivered that certainly was not, and haven’t been able to get that resolved. Multiple people from our group mailboxes (all individually locked) are reporting the same thing. And we have an excellent mail carrier who has been with us for years, always going above and beyond. Now I have another package that was slate
  16. I’m a little bit jealous at that that was a real possibility for you, and I don’t even like the cold, lol. We picked a community with 5 lakes, and it turned out they’re so rarely adequately frozen that we stopped investing in ice skates after the kids outgrew their first unworn pairs. 😞
  17. I did another 40 minutes on the elliptical today! It’s clearly going to take quite a while for me to get anywhere near where I once was, but I’m feeling great about these first steps. Well, except the first five minutes, when I feel like there’s no way I’m going to be able to hang in there the whole time. And then I did. Twice! Lol Weight bench was delivered today. Weights expected to take much longer.
  18. It can vary by region and practice. The child development center attached to a giant hospital, where we had ds’s ASD evals done, worked in all neuro areas, including ADHD. My PCP did my ADHD eval (a real brief one.) A child psychologist’s practice did dd’s ADHD eval, which was pretty extensive and mostly done by a master’s level employee under the official supervision of the psychologist. (And I think I got that employee fired for how awful she was.)
  19. Today’s the last day in my budget week and I met my goal of not spending any money beyond my under budget grocery order, gas, and home gym equipment. Part of that was just delaying the fact that I really need to buy new potholders and some soap dishes. Some family members are back on a bar soap kick after I got rid of soap dishes that were never used. Of course. Zero progress on house shopping this week because I keep chickening out on firing my real estate agent. Most expensive decision of my life at hand, and I’m over here worried about not being liked by someone I might run into o
  20. I’m sorry that the situation is worse than you knew, but also glad that you’ve resisted entangling yourself even more. Personally, I don’t find confronting this type of personality to be helpful. Even when it’s seemed like it would be cathartic for myself, it just dug deeper. Of course everyone’s experience may vary.
  21. Well, I live in the mountains amidst a ton of lakes and rivers, so... lol. We would have to drive probably at least 30 minutes to use a gas motored boat, but we have 5 lakes within our own development on which to use man powered boats. I grew up in a lake community (big lake, big boats allowed.) I do love the ocean, but this is better.
  22. I don’t want to use someone’s project data to start a debate, I’m just trying to make my position clear to the student. I am aware of the limitations and the multiple other factors that improve outcomes in various ways.
  23. That would not be where I am, but thank you for planning to take the vaccine.
  24. I voted yes, N/A, no. I do have concerns about a lack of long-term data but, given the public’s refusal to take adequate measures in other ways to save lives, this is the best I can do not just for my own self, but for others.
  25. I did it! 40 minutes when I planned 30, but at a snail’s pace on level 1, lol. And good stretching before and after that, even though it was in a cramped space, wasn’t rushed due to competing with others for floor space or thinking about whether anyone was looking at my butt. Well, other than the cat, lol. Gotta work on getting the kids to act like I’m unavailable. I had to holler for someone to take the dog out a few times. 😕
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