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  1. My research is not clear. Anyone here care to "rank" those appliances mentioned in the other thread from most to least expensive? Example (don't know if it's right) 1. Jenn Aire 2. Kitchen Aid 3. Whirlpool So, I'd like to know which appliance manufacturer names are "related". Rank it! Amana, Speed Queen, Frigidaire and Electrolux are related but how is it ranked? LG, Samsung, etc
  2. DH and I bought a refrigerator last night to replace our old one. The one we currently have is a 5'ish year old Whirlpool that we bought as a "set". It's a piece of junk. Whirlpool is low end to Kitchen Aid and high end Jenn Aire. We've replaced 1-2 components on this cheaply made frig but it's not worth it. Last night we found an open box at Best Buy. We found a scratch/dent KA lower mid range model and it's much nicer. We had a KA about 25 years ago and it was nice. Bought SS french doors with bottom freezer and 27 cu ft! It's 2 cu ft more b/c it stands a little taller but all dimensions still fit! I don't know what type of defrost element it has - sure better check it's not manual! Just learned there are 3 different kinds of defrosts! One more week to buy fresh food again. Will stock up on Friday having given the frig to regulate temp for 24 hours. Will continue (re)search in to other appliances for next house.
  3. Can you call first and explain to nurse? They will probably advise you on what to do and reweigh for a week or two to see if he's gaining or not. That might help jump start w/o panicking. When was his last annual?
  4. We bought an Electrolux front loader about 4 years ago. I wanted a SQ but when I researched I don't remember seeing any front loaders and we needed it asap. I am curious if the front loader cleans as well. I know they are more water efficient.
  5. Welllll, our frig - left door will only open to right angle because it will come up against a wall and the right has full range of motion. DH and I saw a great replacement refrigerator (heck I'd keep this for our next house) at Best Buy. It's an open box because there are a couple minor blemishes on it. Who cares! Kitchenaid at $1900 for 25 cu ft. Same dimensions. French door/bottom freezer. (I had a KA years ago and it was great)! So, last night I opened the left door to a right angle and I COULD pull out the deli "tray" all the way. IMPRESSED! I want to go get it and hope it's still there.
  6. Carol, I learned through you and further research that there are "refrigerator" only (no freezer component) appliances. I didn't know this and must have blown right past me in my research for refrigerators (here meaning refrigerator and freezer). I learned something new. 🙂
  7. You sound like a chef. Ah, Chef Bibiche! 🙂 Really... I guess I've been out of the retail appliance loop for too long as I haven't even heard of Fours Guyon. I don't know what a steamer unit is. Is that new? I do have an Electrolux front load washer that I'm very pleased with. Electrolux has been around awhile. Remember the popular Electrolux canister vacuum from decades ago?! I was cat sitting for a neighbor the other day and the owner has E washer/dryer, refrigerator (very nice) and I will have to inspect the other appliances next time I cat sit. 🙂
  8. OK, I appreciate this well! Thank you. I'm going to revisit what you have in an earlier post.
  9. This is fantastic. DH is watching news but in a few min I'm going to show him these. Up his alley. That is just so cool. I'll be embarrassed if I come back and tell you we have this but I don't think we do. I hate to seem ditzy. He's picky with his stuff. We have hundreds and hundreds of cables. Why? He says, "Because you never can tell when you might need one"! I'll try to remember to update you. I DO SO APPRECIATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!
  10. Me likey! LOL! Yes, we've bought scratch and dent over the years with a few things and have no problem doing so again. We found out when looking for a replacement for our current refrigerator that MANY appliances are not in stock. It seems everyone is buying appls making them hard to find.
  11. Well, see, that could be. We bought a Pontiac Montana around Aug 2001 (right before Twin Towers; we were getting ready to drive to OH for my niece's wedding around 9/2/01 or so) and from the end of the first to second year, there was always an issue.
  12. Yes, I like Samsung but have heard mostly negative reviews from different sources re: their frig. We were told that most of the repairs in refrigerators are performed on water/ice exterior. Now I don't want one for that issue. Will use clean hands to fish out or scooper for ice from interior ice maker. Before when coming in from mowing yard or working the veggie garden we could grab a tumbler and use exterior dispenser for water/ice. Now we won't be able to do that b/c I don't want to add to the high fail rate with that feature.
  13. That's sound reasoning. I'm adding this to my now 7 page word doc. We have a few surge protectors but I'm wondering if it's what you're using. Hmmm. Need to figure this out. I'm embarrassed I may be tech illiterate. LOL! Battery backups for electronics? I clearly don't get this except for computers but will ask dh who is tech savvy. If you can please upload pic of your surge protector and your battery backup.
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