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  1. You're not in States? Well, there are many borosilicate glass options. Now, borosilicate is favored for my purposes. Tempered glass breaks nicely but borosilicate withstands extreme temperature changes such as going from freezer to oven. OXO is a well-known brand that markets their containers using borosilicate glass (not tempered). Life wXe Tubs are composed with borosilicate. Again, this is if they are being honest. How does one know? I would guess some folks would know and could prove whether a glass is tempered or borosilicate and if that reached the public it may produce a ne
  2. Thanks. As mentioned above I'll be putting in freezer/frig to oven. The new ones are made from tempered glass made with soda, etc but borosilicate glass is different.
  3. Thanks all. @Spy Car and @Seasider too, those look nice but no longer available. I like Anchor Hocking. I grew up in AH territory (HQ in Lancaster, OH - my old stopping grounds in southern Ohio). I have AH but, like others, they have plastic lids now. Please know if your product contains lead; I don't know how old they are. The use will be mostly for preparing meals in advance and leftovers that will go in freezer and frig. and pulled out for oven (casseroles, chili, etc). The plastic lid is a "con" but the lids are bpa-free which is good. Wish there was a matching glass lid.
  4. Thanks to you all. Carol, I like and have Pampered Chef but for this I'm seeking Borosilicate glass because it can withstand extreme temperature ranges. Maybe I'll check with PC to see if it's tempered or Borosilicate glass. Laura, good to know. That's a good rec having turned upside down and they still don't leak. Thanks!
  5. Brownie is cute suggested by winter mom. I was going to say Cocoa, Hershey, Mocha (this was our cat's name) 🙂
  6. I may have already posted (don't remember). For some time I've wanted to move from plastic to glass storage. And, for some time I've researched (to a dizzying amount) the many different styles/brands (Amazon, BBB, WS, CB, Ikea). Seeking these features: * Glass * Rectangular (at lease a few containers but if the set has round or square along with rec that's fine) * Borosilicate glass * Oven, microwave, freezer, dishwasher (take leftovers from freezer to oven or meals made in advance from frig to oven) * Airtight/leakproof (are they "really" leakproof? * BPA-free, lead-fr
  7. The very first name that came to my mind without looking at replies is "Betsy". Where did I get that? LOL! But, it's cute like she is!
  8. I know lids run the risk of getting lost but as others have said, I'm hoping if they store underneath the bowls or stand up against the interior cabinet wall they will stay put! That does bring up a good point though. If I remember I'll ask if there are replacement lids. My KA/stand did NOT come with a lid. Is that what y'all are saying? How did mine not come that way?
  9. Well, of course I'm going to agree with you! 🙂 I'm very pleased with this purchase. Now on to glass to oven to freezer to dishwasher, etc glass food bpa free storage containers. LOL! And, my next purchase from BBB will be the Green Pan! YAY! If you buy, please let us know!
  10. OK, drum roll....I bought a set! Thanks for the new replies above. Again, a combined response. After weighing pros and cons, I bought these stainless steel mixing bowls. They have lids! Like Carol CA, Seasider and others, I like to prep the day before or have left over crepe batter or whatever and would rather not use another bowl. They are a good brand, 3 good sizes, lids! I used my 20% coupon and they have me free shipping because I had to wait so long in the store. Their computer was on the blitz. Total $34.41 which includes tax. Not bad. The only other ones I would ge
  11. OK, a combined reply. I use plastic wrap now to cover my bowls so I know I would prefer lids. Typically, the older, shorter bowls came rounded on bottom and newer design boasts a taller side/wall with flatter bottom. While the silicone base makes sense I won't go that route as I prefer a clean bottom. The design of taller bowl with flatter bottom is suppose to help with that. However, as backup I can use that spongy grid-type mat to place underneath. LOL - whatever that mat is called. I'll be looking at stainless steel. While it's not manufactured for serving, it certainly ca
  12. See, that's my concern too that while I like the idea of lids, they will get lost or fall flat and I won't see them. See above, I like the idea of lids but I'm torn.
  13. I had to get away! Call it a mental health vacay - ha! I drove from Charlotte, NC on Thursday, Sept 17 and drove the 12.5 hours in one day, all by myself! DH and I used to live in Michigan and I haven't been back in about 10 years. So enjoy the cooler, drier air and visiting some familiar places. On the way home I stopped off in southern Ohio, which is halfway, to visit family and that Tuesday 9/22 spent the night and drove the other half home to Charlotte on Wed. I've driven 9 hours before with my daughter when she was younger but not 12.5 by myself. It boosted my confidence a bit.
  14. I haven't been on for a while. The page is now gray? I like the old color format.
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