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  1. Read my other responses why I won't be donating (right now). I donate in so many other ways with other items and know it blesses people. But, I want to be wise and try to recoup some of my expense. Yes, I had an "at home homeschool book sale" a few years ago and did sell some books. It's convenient to set it up right at home! I will post on our local e-group every now and then, Craigslist and Ebay.
  2. We donate a ton of this and that (household, décor, books, etc). So, I'd like to make a little "return" from our pricier homeschool books. I don't know, maybe not as many people are homeschooling. I wonder what the current stat is of that, by state and nationwide. That might explain why it's harder to sell. Lori, I agree, Good assessment of the situation. I've bought and sold for years on various boards including this one years ago before the format change! It's true Moms want the newest edition, in many cases. It's ridiculous. When I first started homeschooling 13-14 years ago, I was given a lot of material from my cousin to get us started. I bought tons more afterwards. I used those books and when it was time to sell it was HARD! Then I became aware of how the whole homeschool publishing process worked. We used a lot of one publisher. I've compared new editions to older editions in many subjects. MUCH (not all) of the time there is a typo, graphic change (replacing photos of "real" people with cartoons and sometimes there was a more major edit like the addition or deletion of text - however long it was). (Side topic on graphics: I'm old school and much prefer the photos showing "live" people and NOT cartoons especially from 4th-6th grade and up. Cartoons for younger students maybe at best). All of that to say that I'd snatch up the older editions for a fraction of the cost and reserved buying new for other materials. If there was a slight change, I'll take the older. If it was major then I'd buy newer or new editions. We have local homeschool egroup. I just posted several times on there. We'll see. We have a local homeschool bookstore. I seen this change over the years. She used to have her business (which was very small at the time) inside a kid's consignment store. Her business picked up and she bought a parcel (I guess) as she has a new storefront. Unfortunately, the prices have gone up and sometimes (not always b/c there can be good deals there) there is not much different b/t buying used from her or buying new. I'm not bashing this lovely woman/business owner. I've been buying there for YEARS and have watched it change from a small set up with good prices to newly constructed (few years old now) building with higher priced materials. One other homeschool Mom who had a homeschool bookstore first and essentially across the street had to close due to competition. I don't feel I HAVE to sell the books for money but here it is. I bought some of these more sought after books and I'd like to sell them. People WILL buy these books at this bookstore. Why not from me at a lower price? Then we both win. Our daughter is an only child (young adult now). 🙂 I do agree with using it and selling it right away and not keeping it but buying new for other kids though because more than likely there will be another version so why wait and try to sell that older edition. I've been on HC for years but haven't sold anything in a long time because I held on to it. That was a mistake. Yes, it is harder everywhere. Well, I don't want to sell "perfectly". I don't know what that looks like. I have Apologia 3rd edition/5th printing (which took care of a major screw up, I think, and it's unused. I paid maybe $90 - don't remember. That book SELLS locally. Why would I donate that? I will make it at $50/set. However, if over time no one buys our books, I will seek out some needy family and donate to them. I'm not going to sell to someone who is negotiating with me to save $5. It turns in to a power struggle. KWIM?
  3. I've been on HC for years and it doesn't work well for me but I'm going to list again. Ebay, yes. I've bought and sold here and elsewhere for years. As mentioned, I may use my dh's fb acct to post. I don't have an acct and don't want one. 🙂
  4. Ebay - yes! I don't do FB but my dh had to have one for work. He's no longer with that employer so maybe I'll use his acct to sell books. I don't even understand how FB works but will learn. LOL!
  5. I just revisited vegsource and it seems they closed their door to the homeschool section. Bummer!
  6. I've put off selling our homeschool books. DD is in community college and we're finished homeschooling (sniff!). 🙂 Last week dd and I categorized the books and I entered into a msword. Now I'm starting to post. We have MANY books to sell. Where do you suggest? Craigslist, Homeschool Classified, Vegsource…. Any others? I'm looking for a lot of traffic and serious buyers.
  7. Yes, thanks for that! I know a backpack would make sense if taking while out and about but she takes only before bedtime. I'd rather have it secured in a room. Will probably use one of the ideas I mentioned above. So glad all is well with/for you! That is encouraging. We are hoping for a good outcome for dd in the future but she's ok if for some reason she has to stay on it.
  8. I guess I'm clueless to other meds as I never even thought that ADD med would be sought after. That brings up a good point though - is he sharing a room or will there be a roommate? Do kids go through other kids' belongings? I dunno and feel naïve on the subject. I guess I'm too trusting of others.
  9. Thanks for sharing that. DD is on anti-seizure med. Her neuro wanted to try weaning again but we've mapped out the next few years and, like your doctors, felt that she needs to get through college before attempting weaning again. We've tried 2x unsuccessfully. But, her eeg's have been coming back clean/normal "on med". We're hoping she'll continue to outgrow her szs which will be validated in a few years with an eeg and 2 years of no sz activity. She's not ashamed of taking med - neither are we. She's ok with people knowing, that's not an issue for us. Just want it to be in a safe place where she "sees" it which then she'll remember to take it and it won't get bumped in to or anything like that causing it to go missing for who knows how long.
  10. LOL! I don't eat watermelon. Ironically, when I was replying to our chat on "meds" our new neighbor came over with a bag full of watermelon. I didn't have the heart to tell him I don't eat it and dh just bought some and put in the frig 2 days ago. 🙂
  11. click your name acct. settings left side of page choose signature ??? Is that what you want?
  12. Yep, I get that! My dd used to take the med 2x/day. Once in the morning upon waking up and the other before going to bed. Now it's just taken once a day at night - before bed time. She should be "in" at a reasonable time 🙂 but if she is out late once in a while that is fine. Preferably no later than midnight but that would not be the norm and only once in a while. You've brought up good points and thanks for helping me think through this.
  13. sheryl

    RV rental?

    I'm talking about their medical team. Make suggestions and ask for their opinion.
  14. I don't know; I'm thinking through it. Does that sound good or no? We just can't have her lose the bottle and replace for $10. ???
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