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  1. Getting on the right track. I did buy an O2Cool from BBB but it's pretty flimsy. I see your search yielded other manufacturers so I may look in to those. THANKS! OK, that looks like a good one but may be a bit bigger at 20 in than what can fit in our window. I can go to the store and ask or call there if I can't find anything navigating their website. THANKS!
  2. So, we live in the south and, in fact, near the South Carolina border. Summers are brutal, sometimes. Ironically we don't necessarily need a fan now as today was a cold rain and around 40. But, it's been fairly warm up until today. One fan stopped working about a month or so ago and it was on the brink a while before that. And, our other small fan is konking out now. Sometimes I'll still put a fan on "low" for air circulation. I've been looking high and low but to no avail. This is what I'm looking for and I don't know if it's available. If you have one - how old is it, where did you get it, link, etc? We had one that was maybe: 12 inch square Flat Folded up The nice thing about that was that during our transition seasons of fall and spring we could open our bedroom window and I'd prop the fan in the window with screen in place and pull in the nice, cool air from outside. Our other small fan was a round table top about 12" also but round and not square. The only thing better would be to get metal blades as I think they might circulate better (?). If you have one like this, where on earth can I find one. Would prefer one NOT usb compatible but regular electrical cord (back up of battery as secondary would be ok).
  3. And, Carrie, reading this thread. How about go by yourself "this time" and plan ahead for a family reunion next summer or whenever ALL/MOST will be able to attend and enjoy that time? If you plan far enough in advance, I bet something would work out.
  4. I see, Carrie. Well, I would simply lay out the facts as you presented here then, as best as can be, and explain that it's equally frustrating for you b/c you are trying to make arrangements to visit with her. Go on to tell her that your hands seem tied b/c you suggest this and that but to no avail. Gently remind her that everyone needs some measure of flexibility to "make this happen". Keep us posted and hoping you all will be able to visit soon. Does your Mother suffer from anxiety? If I'm understanding you correctly, she (semi) schedules/agrees to a visit and then backs out? Maybe there's a deeper issue. ???? Don't know, just wondering.
  5. sheryl


    YES, classics are good. North by Northwest I just can't think any right now. Guess I'm still waking up. LOL!
  6. sheryl


    Pride and Prejudice (BBC version ONLY - it's the most accurate and thorough) Gone With The Wind Greatest Showman My mind is a blank. DH and like those too genres too and, like you, not interested in horror, etc. I'll try to think of more.
  7. sheryl


    Current, recent or classic?
  8. Carrie, I hesitate to reply b/c my intention is NOT to upset you but you posted for input and this is only my opinion. BUT, you have a lot going on in your schedule. You have 4 kids and 1 out (if I read that correctly), your this and your that activity. Let me ask. When IS the right time? It CAN be frustrating to plan get togethers to not have them pan out b/c there is always a glitch. So, if you wait to have all your kids home or your floor painted maybe there will be something else come along that prevents a visit. Honestly, I'm concerned for you Mom and how she handled your stepdad's surgery and recovery. Did she have help? Your family! Under the circumstances (no, at all times) family is more important than a floor. I'm trying to speak objectively here and hope it did NOT come across as chastisement.
  9. Sports team - yes, I like that one. He has a few Packers things and clothes (mug, jacket, winter hat, etc). Duluth Trading is meaty - will look on their website. Jewelry - yes, and I might consider something along these lines. Or, a tracker for her car - LOL! I don't know if the link is working. Can you send again? Well, no, we don't have a large budget but he does have a up-right or stand up Craftsman tool chest. He has so many tools. I need to consider the belt. Great idea. He doesn't wear one but comes and goes to get is tool which is NOT efficient. Funny, dd and I kind of (maybe more me) have a sock thing. We look for the fun, patterned, whimsical ones. Still considering the ticket. YES, board games. I always forget this but found my list that was generated from a thread here about 2-3 years ago! 🙂 DD doesn't really get in to subscriptions. She's had 1 or 2 when she was younger but prefers books, it seems. Thanks! Kareni, Yes, as I told blsdmama, the board games are a great idea. Read upthread. Thanks for the link.
  10. I'm interested in graduate level work but not work f.t. I hear what you're saying. And, congrats on your volunteer work. It sounds like you are an integral part to the program. I'm just "pondering" right now - gathering ideas. But, the master's is looming over me with interest.
  11. I'm meaning it isn't a religion it's about relationship! 🙂
  12. Maybe. I won't non-profit decades ago and while there are many good ones out there, I'm not certain I want to repeat that. What would you study? Area of study - not fully, yet. I'm just considering the idea and will move in to research more thoroughly. Of course, research. I'm only considering right now and will decide. I'm not intimidated about program requirements and such. If I'm truly motivated to do this, it will work out. Thanks for your input! Right now I'm interested. I just need more facts about the program and requirements, including costs, etc to make a fully-informed decision.
  13. Impressive! Writing is something I've started but haven't finished (yet). 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Yes, Dawn, an MA is something to consider. There is much to consider. No, probably NOT stay in same field.
  14. You have an MBA? Thanks for sharing. ASU here in NC? Exactly! What will you be studying? Well, both! Obviously the master's to possibly lead to employment (as opposed to not going for a masters and seeking p.t. work w/o one). Interested in BOTH worthwhile and income-producing. Cat, thank you and I mean "no" disrespect at all! But, I hope I'm not religious! I'm imperfect like everyone else and consider myself a follower of Messiah. 🙂 With that said, faith-related subject might be good but I do not want to counsel. When I was in growing up and in to college I wanted to be a psychiatrist. I don't think I'd be good at it. I could research other opportunities of faith, so to speak! Thanks! Good idea! Well, I liked my field of study when I was studying it years ago but not now. I'd have to spring board into a "related" field of study for graduate work. Yes, I would find it semi-fulfilling but I find it more exciting to learn and apply - learn new subject matter and apply working p.t. That's great you have a PhD! What would you go back to study?
  15. DH - usually I buy him clothes. He is VERY (did I say VERY?) hard to buy for b/c he's so picky (doesn't like it, want it, need it, too expensive). And, I buy a stocking stuffer. This year I'm thinking: Yep, clothes again Professional basketball ticket (home game) featuring our team and his "home" team (where he grew up) Custom-made table with shadow box topper to display some of his choicest antique coins Get away weekend for the 2 of us (those cheap fares to certain cities - just to get away) Sweatsuit (top and pants) Sky diving? As you can see, dh's price ranges from $50 to several hundred. ?????? He doesn't read. He likes tools but has most. Did I mention he's VERY hard to buy for? DD - well, it's easier to buy for her but she is 20 now. globe (that kind on Amazon that changes to different colors and it looks like a planet) clothes: winter coat, jeans, sweater jewelry book ticket (concert) purse ??? Well, I guess it's getting difficult to buy for dd as well, to a point! HELP!
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