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  1. Well, I'll have to play around with it. Thanks! On another note, rest up and surely you'll feel better today!
  2. Are you saying in the actual "description box" to tag other books? Do you just list the titles of the books? Do you have an example? And, wow, someone contacted me within a day from posting a book to buy our Analytical Grammar/American Authors. In that box I wrote this - (can't find my listings. clearly I don't know how to use fb but I thought there would have been "listings" in user profile acct. I searched but nothing) ???? "good condition, all pages clean and intact"... ** You're saying underneath write what for Abeka English 11 te and ans key and Abeka English 12 te and ans
  3. I'm not understanding, Kristen! For the listing there are 2 options. 1) sell as single item and 2) sell as "stock" I have no clue so I chose single item. Thanks. Sound advice. I posted 3 sets of curricula. How long do they stay active? Do you renew? Is there a time/frequency limit? I would really like to sell to make back a bit of money/investment but also knowing that people will use our books and students will benefit from them. I shudder thinking I'll have to donate but will if there is no interest.
  4. OK, cat out of the bag here - I've never tagged. Not s.m. savvy. I'll probably be able to figure it out. I think in CL you can "connect" all of your posts. I think. But, you're saying my post for Abeka English 12 can to tagged to someone else selling Abeka English anything?
  5. Thanks for that! When you say FB puts our general location - you're referring to city? I'm ok with that but wouldn't want it to be any more specific.
  6. Thank you! Yes, good, I have sufficient info I believe but will check that. I've tried ND and Craigslist both and no takers. But, I did post only once for each. It's so time consuming. Well Cr... does have a way to reinstate your ads I believe. Still it's time consuming. I have good curricula which I would like to sell. But, I'm not going to try again and again b/c the editions will be updated lol. Everyone wants new.
  7. YES! I definitely do NOT want strangers at my house! How do you know what the ad will say in terms of location? Where do you confirm that?
  8. Thanks, Soror! But, are they do's or don'ts. Shoulds and should nots? I'll try.
  9. Re: FB - I do not have an account. My DH had to create an acct when he worked for his former employer. He isn't active on it - just every now and then. But, we have some things to sell. We donate a lot and for other things, I'd like to sell. Would you talk me through "how" to do this. I'm already logged in to his account and on the "main" page, I guess.
  10. IDK why that would be. I've had cream sofas for nearly 30 years. As with any thing, the lighter the fabric the more obvious the stain. Ketchup will show on a summer white t-shirt more easily than on a red t-shirt. Grass will be a little concealed on a green shirt and show up on yellow. Which gets more use? Sofa or chair? Were you tucking your legs up on the chair?
  11. Oh, no, I don't want prim and proper. I just want something nice for us and for company. I never sit on a sofa in a "sit" position. I always extend my legs or tuck my leg/s to the side.
  12. Eh, I'm set on the color. It's the fabric, not color that collects floating particles. It's the new hot color but mine will be stone which is griege with a cast of green and blue. You don't "see" green and blue until you place a pillow against the fabric then those attributes (color) pop out. It's absolutely stunning! I have true "cream" now and it shows everything. Sorry you don't like your greige. Like other colors, I'm sure there are variations of this color as well.
  13. I'll check in to it. I was curious about flex steel when I saw it advertised. Thanks!
  14. Yes, Lindy's. It's been a long time since I've been to HFM and only passed by window shopping. Didn't go in. I'm going back in 2 weeks and again in March. I'll hit it one of those times. I've seen flexsteel. I'll have to try one out. Leather or fabric? I'd like leather but not going to spend that money on leather. I inherited (after my Dad passed away) his leather sofa. Not high end but it's ok. Will restuff seats with high density foam as it's very uncomfortable right now. Even if I were given the recliners for free we still wouldn't want use them in family room as that's a lot
  15. PP, We do not want a wall hugging recliner. Now, we have a small house and are actually buying "up" a bit (just a bit more square feet). Also, you combine small and split level and never the two shall meet! NOT a good design but that was then. We are looking for a ranch or cape cod. I get it. As it does sound cozy to hunker down on a sectional but I just don't think I'm interested. We had a bad experience with one in the early 90's. Send a link of what you are referring. I'll see if it's what I'm thinking. I'm not changing all of my furniture. We've had our bedroom set since late
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