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  1. 😂 Well, yes. But, it's obvious we haven't had a puppy in years! I got up 4 or 5 nights in the middle of the night and my dh once after we brought her home. We did not detect that her crate was wet. The local lab judge for our regional group/breeder said to set my alarm and get up to take her out. Shiloh sleeps downstairs and we're upstairs. With our other 2 labs we had make shift sleeping arrangements in our bedroom/area and they whimpered all night - but we didn't crate them. Shiloh is a trooper. So, on night 6 or so I decided to see if she'd sleep through the night and she has for the last 5 nights not needed to get up. She sleeps through the night!!!!! Now she goes first thing in the morning but isn't that good? She just turned 12 weeks on Monday. Proper training is good. I'm still confused if I'm supposed to pick and choose the most important ones or try to teach as many as possible. She is ornery. Hopefully that's just puppy. She does "nip", Bill, and I'm "on it" with your training method (as best as I can). She LOVES the stick. I haven't introduced it yet as I'm so busy with the others. She got her 2nd series of vacs Friday and is due for her 3rd 9/27. She's not going in to her crate on her own as I thought she would (find comfort in her nest area). I'm training her to go in but was hoping she would choose to do that on her own for comfort. I will try to upload another pic or two next week. Actually, it would be great if everyone who replied to this post would upload a pic of their beloved furry family member! 🙂
  2. THANK YOU to all of you who have shared your dog training wisdom with me! You know who you are! 🙂 One more question - I'm doing most of the training but dh and dd are as well to a lesser amount b/c they are home less. So far we're working on: Come Bite Inhibition (using Bill's technique) Sit Stand Down (laying down) Stay Potty (she's getting really good at this) Next: release She'll be allowed to go "out into the world" LOL Sept 27 or so. I have not started heel or walking with her inside. Should I add that to the above list or hone in more on the above list first? Also, come - 12 inches away then add more distance b/t S and me, dh, dd. This is inside. Same technique for outside? Teach come outside before taking her on short walks? Stay - for how long? 5 seconds, reward. Repeat and add time? Start with 15 seconds then extend time? Release - I used this with our 2nd lab. Bill, I think you said you did this? But, with Jordan she would sit for her meal and she had to stay put until I spoke release. Then she inhaled her food! LOL! Do you use release in more than 1 scenario?
  3. Pen, this was mentioned a few pages ago re: anchoring bowl. Well, actually it pertained to slowing the eating process of the dog when she gets to be an adult. I'm "assuming" she'll inhale and she might not. I learned the tennis ball is not a good idea b/c Shiloh could pick off the fuzz. I suppose a large enough stone the size of a tennis ball would anchor the bowl and pace her food intake. 🙂
  4. Pen, thanks. I watched all the videos. Robert Cabrel's (sp?) was interesting and I tried it. It's harder than it looks. But, we'll keep at it. Several training sessions and each session short during the day. Consistency is improvement. In time I'll know she'll catch on to these. I don't thin the breeder did any training. I thought she would have just naturally incorporated into their routine some of the basics like sit and come. It appears not. Shiloh will get it. eta: i like ceramic but didn't want it broken so we bought new stainless steel bowls with rubberized grips on bottom. I was told by breeder that Shiloh's sister had a bad habit of playing in the water bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks, Bill. Maybe focus behaviors in sets???? IOW, maybe teach simultaneously - sit, down, stand and off. Then, during another training session combine - come, fetch, sit. Potty goes without saying. Or, as many commands each training session?
  6. Overall, she is doing well! Last night was the 2nd night she slept through the night and I didn't detect any accidents! DH is a night owl so he takes her out last thing at night and I'm an early bird, so I get up and let her out first thing! Teaching: sit, introduced come 1-2 days ago, potty and crate. She is not getting sit - interesting! She wants to fetch. She's constantly running to go potty and en route snatches up a twig with dried leaves! LOL! I just don't want to teach fetch yet until these commands and I introduced bite inhibition training. There's much to do! I have to schedule her water intake b/c somewhere she learned from her sibling/s to drag the water bowl out and play with it! Wet carpet constantly. Every time she comes in from potty I let her drink, not as a reward but she has "room" to drink having just peed! LOL! Bite inhibition - Bill, you are right! This is important and I can see where this will take time. Thankfully it was started on her at 3 1/2 months and not 6. Still do-able but more difficult with each passing day/week.
  7. Bill, THANKS! I will try that! So, every time she "play bites" I do this! ??? And, back or "top" of hand goes down into the mouth, fingers laying over tucked in thumb and gently release and remove hand. I think that's it and I got it. If not, let me know! Much appreciated!
  8. So, fingers "lay" over thumb which is tucked in? OK, I get that. Do you insert with what was palm up? Or does it matter?
  9. So, thumb "out"? Fingers are folded into palm lightly but as far down as possible and "not" TUCKED high into the palm?
  10. Bill, if I'm understanding you correctly you are teaching thus - I "fist" my hand? Take the right hand, for example. I fist my right hand, thumb is left. I'm going to take the "right side" of the hand and place in dog's mouth. So the right side of my fisted hand is going to dog's mouth front to back. Then, if Shiloh does not submit, I release my grip thus "expanding" my hand (making it bigger) and filling up her mouth cavity all the while causing pressure which she in turn will want to resolve by releasing and that is her reward - the release and I pull my hand out? Not worded well, but is that it? YES, it's sweet to hand feed. We hand-fed our cat from time to time for the same reason as bonding and trust. I will do that will Shiloh and I know she'll comply. Already I see a smart dog. One that may be a "lap" dog and a faithful companion full of fun!
  11. Thanks, everyone! OK, we are doing good. I asked earlier b/c I was uncertain how many commands to teach a teach simultaneously. I guess I might be wrong (?) but I thought it might cause confusing teaching a dog many commands. I've focused on crate, sit, potty and now come. I have not started bite inh yet but now see I need to start as she's 11.5 weeks. I know there's still a good opportunity b/c of her age but I/we do need to start now. Bill, I like you method. I think I get it. The release of Shiloh's mouth is the "reward". So, no treat when she releases? Also, do you put your hand in from the side or fingers down the mouth?
  12. Thanks, Pen. Yes, she's mouthy/bitey right now - she's a puppy. We didn't do much the first 2-3 days after we brought her home b/c it was a complete change of environment (location, home, people, etc). Still, we brought her home Saturday late afternoon and by Monday/Tues we started commands: potty, sit and crate. Those are the only 3 and I'm introducing come and will now work on biting.
  13. Thanks for both! I do have another question - how much time should this 11.week old lab stay in a closed crate? ALSO, many of you have suggested training in 10 minutes or so segments several times a day. HOW many commands should we be teaching CONCURRENTLY?
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