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  1. My sister has an All Clad pressure cooker that is an "instapot" without that label of "INSTAPOT". She has a separate air fryer (don't know brand). She said now they have pressure cookers out that have an air fryer function/basket/lid that is available on a pressure cooker. I noticed "Instapot" has one called - Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer Combo. If you have this specific one, do you like/dislike it and why? Tell me if you'd recommend another brand? I would rather not have a separate air fryer as it defeats the purpose of having multiple cookware and will cost more money. I have a small steamer from years ago and a slow cooker/crock pot. I know "how" to use the crock pot but if I can pitch the cheap steamer and crock pot for a multi-function pressure cooker that incorporates an air fryer, I'd like to consider it. My sister says she and her dh air fry quite a bit and use their All Clad 2-3 times a week. Listening for your input. Has it exceeded your expectations? Are you glad you bought one? What are some go-to meal ideas? They bought a separate cookbook that was recommended for pressure cookers. Thanks. Instapot, Emeril Lagasse (his claims 40'ish functions, NuWave Duet, ?? Some have as few as 9 functions and Emeril's has over 40, I think.
  2. I ended up with sciatica AGAIN back in December! We are buying a new mattress set and have it narrowed down to a king size bed, firm. Either - 1 - Beautyrest Black hybrid 2 - Kingsdown Select Chardonnay Does anyone have these? Do you like you selection? WHY? WHY NOT? Please don't suggest anything else. Can't stand all memory foam, purple, etc.
  3. I don't understand your point. I never said 1%. ???????????
  4. Thank you. I hope all goes well for your dd! As I stated a few times, there is no right or wrong. Each family is different and I'm just learning how folks do it. No finger pointing. I'm simply learning.
  5. Now this I agree with. I didn't say it would be possible for 18-23 year olds to do do anything. I'm just wondering if anyone has kids out there who have succeeded in this area. RE: WB - I'm certain he's helped but I'm only relaying what I heard him say in an interview.
  6. Again, I'm not talking about gifts. I think it's great that parents "help" their kids pay for insurance or phone bill, etc. There's been an assumption I believe I'm trying to kick dd out and not support her. Nothing could be further from the truth. You didn't infer this - just the tone of how the entire thread went south at a certain point in the replies. My parents gave me $25 here or there, but dh and I were fully independent with paying for everything when we married at 23. The day to day/routine expenses. Not gifts.
  7. I agree. Well said! I'm not bashing one way or the other. I personally think kids 18 and above are pushed out too soon, in many instances. But, this thread is "not" about my opinion, preference or whatnot. It's about learning how y'all do it. I've made it clear time and again there is no right or wrong here.
  8. This thread is not to defend WB. And, I agree, his family would not/will not be left out in the cold. A simple statement of part of an interview I heard. I stand by my story of what he said but it's been awhile so I could have it twisted but I'm not sure as I thought at the time how I respected such a wealthy man to teach another lesson of hard work vs hand out. I think he referred to a niece. In any event, whether I'm correct or not re: W B, this thread is about the poll and not this man.
  9. Well, my association is with people of all status. And, I know a few young adults who are "independent". It doesn't mean it's the norm. There's no right or wrong answer here. A statement was made I was being negative. Only on the wtm! Hmm. It's a poll and one can read in to it to "incite" or not. My interest is in those people who don't mind sharing with me their experiences. Great now the thread has been hijacked. Quite a sad commentary for a homeschooling community. You all are welcome to shout out your opinions but you've done that now so I'm going back to learning what others have to say about their answers - if anyone else cares to do that now.
  10. Well, OK, thanks for sharing but do I need to offer a reason for the poll now?
  11. Oh my goodness, regentrude! I'm not supporting one path or the other. It's not my business. There are pros and cons for both I'm sure. I'm simply ASKING how it is in your family - reason for the poll. I don't get how many inferences and assumptions there are from many but ok......
  12. But, Carrie, you're reading in to the poll as Farrar has done, imo. At this "point in time" is how the poll should be answered. Your offered "if's" but I'm wanting to deal with facts of "now". HTH!
  13. It's not a matter of needing, wanting, have to, want to, need to. ALL I'M ASKING IS - ARE YOU KIDS FULLY LAUNCHED? Fully means just that. I'm not "inferring" your dc should be out or not - not my business. I'm just asking for information. IOW, are there a lot of 18 - 24 yo out there NOT living under your roof? They have their own place and are independent. Gifts are good. That a gift is a gift. They would be able to survive if they did not receive that gift.
  14. Yes, family helps. I'm not judging anyone. I am just curious who has launched a fully independent adult. That's it! My dd is no where near ready and won't be for some time. I'm just gathering info from people to learn how likely it is for a ya to "think" they can actually be self-sufficient and execute that plan 100%. Does that make sense?
  15. Farrar, it's friendly to a point. But, you persist in calling my word choice negative. That's your choice. Just as it's mine to ask general questions. Most people can fall in one of the categories. If all else fails, choose other and be done with it; it's up to a poster to explain or not. You're entitled to your opinion. I would agree that a ya is "mostly" independent if the parent/s are only paying for insurance or phone, for example. But, my question stands. I'd like to know who has y.a. on this forum who are FULLY independent. My reasoning, as mentioned earlier, is one of believing it would be very difficult to y.a. to be FULLY independent up to 25 and maybe beyond. But, I'm not going to answer for people on this board. They will tell me if their ds/dd has been 100% ind or not and under what circumstances if they choose to share. I'm not sure why you're making this so difficult. And, we are run in "different circles", Farrar. So, your experience might explain such and thus. Others on this board will have different experiences b/c we all fall on a continuum of income. Again, just b/c someone has mega millions does not automatically suggest that person will assist their family member financially. Maybe in your circles but we all run in different circles. Where on earth did I say it was clear to ME what a gift is/is not? HUH!???? Are you saying your experience is only with a certain set of people - circle? IDK, I learn the experiences of many people at different economic levels. The gift vs support, while I understand what you're saying, is kind of twisting the poll. I think you're reading in to it too much. Just in general. Someone has flood damage and they need assistance, that's a crisis situation. I'm not referring to that. Take it at face value.
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