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  1. Thanks, Katie, I'm checking it out now. 🙂
  2. Wow, I don't mind spending "some" money for a good sweeper but over 1K. Or, close to it, I've never spent that. Onward to find a new sweeper!
  3. Ok, thanks! I've not heard of Meile or Riccar before. It seems like they are canister only, no? Electrolux is good. My washer is Electrolux and my Mom had an old Electrolux canister decades ago. Any of these brands make upright? I've had canister and upright and prefer upright!
  4. Last year when I was cat sitting a neighbor's cat I used the Dyson Stick Animal. Didn't even know about Dyson. I was so impressed I bought one and use it often. The only downside is the size of the hopper (small) and only 8 min of run time on "max" or 40 on regular setting before it needs to be charged again. Even with these 2 issues, it is a great appliance. We have an old Sear's Kenmore which was good but it needs to be replaced. My Dyson is one year old and today it wouldn't turn on even though the light showed it had more battery to run. I called Dyson and they are sending
  5. OK, EKS, thanks! Jean, thanks for those ideas! Like ALL 3 ideas! Spycar was coaching me with miso (I think) in another thread. We eat Asian often but I'm not sure if I want the sweet taste. Maybe I should cut the fillet in half and use 2 of the 3 above ideas. Seriously, I may do this. 1 for sure and either 2 or 3. I don't have miso or ginger paste. I do have Canadian maple syrup, however (the real product from Canada). 🙂 I wouldn't use Italian seasoning but the butter, garlic and herbs (I have tons of herbs). YAY! Thanks!
  6. Well, family of 6.5! Congrats! Are you pregnant? If so, I didn't know. OK, what am I not getting about the stuffed animal scenario? The choice is either all stuffed in 1 bin that is packed/overflowing or pack/storage? Do you have a storage unit? It sounds like you're staying in FL or you don't need winter wardrobe. Well, we are working on our house to sell and buy local (Charlotte, NC). The painting here is here now prepping the house with pressure washing! All of this has taken longer than expected. Do you have another house? Renting after selling and during your house huntin
  7. Right, but probably not suited for 4 kids under 9. There are a few things here and there and I was going to suggest OBX but I thought twice about it.
  8. You may wise to avoid Myrtle Beach. Oak Island is more of a community and quiet - more mature. We go there a bit. There are so many places to go. I'd choose a state and narrow it from there.
  9. I bought Chilean Sea Bass maybe 8 or so years ago and it went to waste b/c I didn't know how to prepare it. I should have asked here then but didn't. So, Mother's Day was a sale and I bought 1 fillet to "try out". But, I need tips and a recipe. HELP! Who's game? I know that foods can be "overly" prepared and sometimes just a simply salt, pepper and maybe other herb will suffice but I have no clue. This is in the freezer now and would like to prepare this month or next. IDEAS appreciated! Thanks!
  10. So, Shiloh has reached a plateau and I need advice on how to resolve it. I've gotten away from food treats and am trying to rely solely on rewarding desired behavior with verbal praise. She's not complying so I need, I think, to go back to food (sparingly) and treat that way. I do reward with a tossed ball, etc, but I'll never forgot someone here in one of the Shiloh threads said (something like) labs love food and inferring sometimes you just have to reward with food. QUESTION! Up to today I've been teaching "stop". So, we walk in yard and I say stop, praise, repeat, etc. When I sa
  11. Love Asheville! We go to the mountains often (only 2-3 hours away depending on where we go; we live in Charlotte). There is so much to see and do throughout all the towns in the Apps/Blue Ridge. ENJOY!
  12. Is there a way to locate by state? I went back and found 2 in-state communities. What is a community? How does that differ to park? Wow, kbutton! We do have 2 in-state/NC and, in fact, we drive in these areas in the mountains "all the time". We've probably passed or been within a couple miles to both without knowing it. I'm going to research these 2 further for details.
  13. Thanks for that! DH and I moved from MI to NC years ago but we didn't star-gaze then. Love Mackinac Island and City. I was back in MI this last Sept visiting family and would like to plan another road trip back up. Summers are brutal in the south but northern summers are so cool and sweet. I miss them.
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