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  1. I have read many but not all replies due to redundancy. The insults/snarky remarks, etc couched in personal opinion really does not ruffle my feathers at all. If anything I'm more confident I made the right choice and would gladly do it again. So, go ahead and throw those remarks around. Each one confirms my decision! 🙂 This thread is closed to me - content, motives, and everything pertaining to the original post were distorted. I like to read threads where assumptions are NOT made about the post and the person is NOT misrepresented by other posters. Hmmm, talk about hypocrisy or sanctimony! My goodness, for those interested in character assassination, I care not and am done with this thread BUT I feel sorry for you. I can only imagine what remarks this will get but I'm just.not.interested.
  2. Right, I wasn't sure if it was or not. No worries.
  3. Yes, thank you. I would like to think that our neighbors would have cared enough for my dd if something like that happened to her. Dotwithaperiod replied with a sobering story - bad things do happen. Not all the time, but they still do.
  4. Right, it seem sensible. BUT, strange things happen. I'd rather be safe than sorry as the old saying goes.
  5. To talk to the mom. And, don't go to a point that I was going to get on her back. We know them, they know us, our dd babysat for them for years off and on. A friendly chat to let her know her kids are ok. I would have thought she would have been on the porch. Later I found out she was at work.
  6. But, I never said I was going to call CPS or police. I don't know if that was directed at me but that never crossed my mind. I told them to go in and lock the door. One of the twins thanked me!
  7. Exactly. People just don't know. Thankfully today we can research people. Thanks for sharing. So sad though.
  8. I learned their dad was to come home after I saw them the 2nd time, not the first.
  9. Well, you are assuming it is for a short period of time. That's what they said but who knows in reality.
  10. Yeah, 9 is young. I started when dd was 12. I was gone 5 minutes. Over time this increased, of course. On 2 of the roads there are no sidewalks. We do not have a sidewalk on our cul-de-sac and the other street approaching ours, does not either.
  11. It is still not the best scenario but helps me to know they were together. I was replying at the same time as you.
  12. I don't know how far away it was. Neighborhood, yes. But, it flustered me. Well, Jean, thanks for sharing. They had each other, so that's good and it was more than likely not "too" far, but still it's the idea of 2 little girls out in the pitch black. I'm glad they are ok.
  13. It's 9:52 pm as I type this. This happened at approximately 9:30. Dh and I were driving home and I saw the twins walking! These 2 identical twins are turning 9 or 10 (so, they are 8 or 9 now). My dd has babysat them off and on for a few years. I guess the parents haven't called for dd to babysit again b/c they leave them alone. Well, we were driving home and I told dh to stop. I rolled the window down and asked if they were ok and they said yes, they were at a party with their dad and he sent them home to check on the dog. They live 2 houses up from us. He's a stay at home dad and the wife/mom works ft outside the home. We have to pass their house to get home so I told dh to pull over. I went to the house and knocked on the door thinking the mom was home b/c I didn't know it at the time. The girls come down the street and said their mom is at work and their dad would be home in 5 min. I told them to go inside and lock the door. WTH???? I didn't leave dd alone at that young age. I know this could be controversial, but why rush leaving kids at home alone at such a young age. I don't get it. We live in a safe neighborhood but no area is without problems. I was ticked off with this but am now settled down. Still, it bothers me.
  14. I'm also wanting to get other reviews for other brand names like the Levi's above. Yes, I tried Amazon.
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