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  1. It's actually not stupid and not the employers fault. It's because if the government investigates the company they will seize computers, phones and records of that company which includes the phones that they provided to their employees. So every time I was issued a company cell phone and laptop it is explicit that if I was discouraged from using it for personal things. I would always keep a personal phone and a work phone.
  2. We have a financial advisor. I believe we pay them a flat fee and they manage some of our stocks for us, but not all of our finances - they don't even pick the stocks. They help us to "leverage our positions" (or make sure if our stocks drop we don't lose too much money because they've done stuff with our stocks to get cash to cover those loses). My husband gives them how much money we want to make a year (in percentages of course), with the knowledge that the "more" we want to make the more risk that is involved. If you are interested in that sort of thing I can ask my husband how it works (again, I think this would be his 3rd time telling me). I can take notes and give you all the technical terms of what the financial advisor does for us. We have been pretty satisfied with the performance. They don't do anything that is beyond what my husband could have done. It's worth it to us because it's pretty stressful to watch your stock prices go up and down everyday, plus they are watching the stocks full time so my husband can focus on the work that is giving us the bulk of our money and spend time with the family.
  3. This does not sound normal to me. We have a 2013 Nissan Leaf and 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. I've never had either car just stop working just lose power. For a year I was taking the Leaf down to <5% battery every other day for my commute.
  4. Is that a steam injection oven, for making crusty French Bread? I dreamed of getting one when my oven broke, but alas we fixed it.
  5. I didn't know those stages came from this Sayer person (who when googled is not a promising person to look toward for schooling advice). Is there a resource for a model you all use?? Currently I'm using Montessori for my < 6 but I feel that model gets a bit confusing in the elementary (6-12) "cosmic education" stage.
  6. I've heard the CC memory statements are disjointed from what the kids are actually learning, hence my disinterest in it. Based on kids of different grades and abilities are going to memorize the same math statements sounds to me like a child just learning how to add is going to recite some passage about the associative property of multiplication sounds. Which to me would be a waste of time. Given that I have found with my <5 year olds (again I may know nothing) it does help them to learn things when I make a memory statement for them on something they are working on at the moment. Right now my 4.5 year old is learning about long vowel sounds and we "recite" the vowels names and their short sounds and long sounds. For my 3 year old who is learning how to count, we "recite" numbers from 1-10 (she is working on doing one-to-one association to about 5). When I read The Well Trained Mind that's what I thought the whole memorizing thing is suppose to be (making little statements based on what they are learning or will learn shortly). Then maybe a poem or scripture just to exercise their memory muscles.
  7. Teach her to entertain herself. I think someone else mentioned teaching her to play by herself 5 min, 10 min etc. In addition look into Montessori methods of teaching her math and reading. Montessori activities are designed around having the child be able to learn themselves. You have to sit with her sometimes and show her generally what the activity is and guide her as to perhaps what she is suppose to get out of the activity, but there is a huge component of they can explore the materials on their own. Then after you've introduced some of the Montessori activities then when she asks you to entertain her and you are not available, tell her she is welcome to work on one of those independent activities. Make sure the activities are challenging for her, she has to think to get the right answer. Couple all of this with dedicated time you spend with her doing what she wants to do at least once a day. This means activities she comes up with, not you coming up with something she might enjoy.
  8. My cooktop I've had for 8 years. No problems never been serviced. My double oven I've had for 8 years. The temperature relay broke on one of the ovens (year 6). My husband bought the part and we fixed it ourselves. I want to say the part was about $600. One of my dishwashers is 5 years and the other 4 years. Neither one has been serviced. There is an icemaker in my refrigerator. We don't use ice very much so we just bought the smallest icemaker possible for the size of our fridge. (It makes like a pitcher of ice.) We got the cooktop with a high BTU and my husband actually uses it. I don't use my cooktop on high, med-high at the max. We got the double oven for the temperature range. High enough to really sear/broil and low enough to do dehydrate (also we lucked into a really good deal on it).
  9. Also with some high end appliances you are paying for some special feature(s) not just durability. So, you may not have to go to the very expensive if you really don't care. Oven special features might be temperature range, steam injection, convection capabilities, telescoping racks, size, door configuration etc. Cooktops special features might be temperature range (BTUs), burner configurations, etc. Refrigerators how much ice it can make, special compartments, door configurations, etc.
  10. I can't speak for 7 year old. According to my pediatrician you can't expect a 5 year old to engage in a lecture for more than 5 minutes and a 2 year old 2 minutes. My children do not sit for an hour listening to any story. Honestly my 3 year old can't watch TV for longer than 15 minutes. She isn't going to sit and listen to my amateur reading for longer than that. I've known a parent lay claim to have trained their toddler to sit and "listen" for an hour and to me it boiled down to they trained their kid to zone out. Your kids sound like bright kids who want to learn and explore the world and not waste precious time in the day. When they get loud and distracted at that 20 minute mark they are letting you know they've stopped being able to engage with the story and they feel they will get a lot more learning done doing something else.
  11. I guess I'm naive then. I just thought at the college/university level they would expect you to be at the top of your educational life, so there would just be the one level.
  12. Not sure if you'll ever get a great picture of quality of teaching. Every school is going to have great teachers and terrible teachers, even more so at the university/college level because there are going to be faculty there for reasons other than teaching. A professor once told me that to know how rigorous a university/college is going to be is too look at the textbook they are using and compare it to schools that you consider to be rigorous (in this case he suggested Ivy league). Chances are he said if they use the same textbook they are going to cover the same topics. Also at that level of education you will have to learn from the textbook not just from your lecturer. I'm not sure if that'll be different for humanities/liberal arts. I definitely found the textbooks were more important than the professors for engineering, in terms of learning material. Professors were great for mentoring in life, providing opportunities and letting me know when I was on the wrong track. As an aside, I actually liked being "just a number" at a large university. It was a huge weight off my shoulders for 4 years where I wasn't a woman in a male dominated field. After graduation I could say all my grades were based on my work and not my looks because my projects, homework and tests only ever had my number on it and not my name. The first 2 years were definitely full of 100+ people (150 - 400+) classes but my last 2 years in my bachelor's program were mostly <20 people per class.
  13. If the mom does want to work fulltime and they can afford it, she's inexperienced and overwhelmed daycare/preschool is a great option. I learned A LOT as an inexperienced mother when I sent my eldest to daycare while I worked fulltime. I know there are some preschools (especially those offered through the city) even require and offer parenting classes along with the preschool program. Then the parents can get specific advice pertaining to what works with their children. (Sometimes generic advice is hard because the parents think "But you aren't dealing with my child.")
  14. For dishes you definitely have to bring your dishes to try. Sometimes what works for one family's dishes does not work for another.
  15. I thought I would be disappointed with the lack of heating element to dry my dishes but I really haven't been. If I don't pull them out right away they are dry; if I pull them immediately I get a face full of steam and pretty dry. I would really like a garbage disposal built in to my dishwasher, something to think about for the next dishwasher. The sale guy I had knew less about the dishwashers available at the time than I did too...
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