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  1. That recipe has some strong flavors...I'm not sure it will make much of a difference to substitute white grape juice or water for the wine if you wanted to avoid buying wine.
  2. We leave $1 coins. I think kids only lose 20 teeth, btw. So it's only $20.
  3. 25 moves: 5 in childhood, 20 in adulthood
  4. I can counsel my children a lot...the words come out of my mouth at appropriate times over a period of many years. How much learning and internalizing goes on though? My kids continue to struggle with anxiety and negative self-talk and it's not because they've never been informed of techniques to combat those feelings/issues.
  5. I subscribed and I watched the proclick video. Now I want a proclick system... and my birthday is coming up 😁. The hive is a dangerous place for my wallet!
  6. Another point to consider is that if you went with option 2 and invested the $51.50 each month at an assumed (low) average rate of return of 4%, you would end up with much more saved with option 2. For example, if you took 20 years to pay off the mortgage and consistently invested the $51.50, you would have over $14,000 more compared to option 1. In terms of negotiation, I was able to get the lender to lower fees (give me an extra credit) in March when we refinanced.
  7. Irvine High School does--very helpful staff. I haven't looked in San Diego, though. Also, Redlands has a small Christian private school that ordered whichever AP my daughter wanted.
  8. How about an epicurean cutting board? Link They're some kind of wood/resin composite, but they're heat tolerant to over 300 degrees or something so they're good to go in the dishwasher. They feel good to me when chopping stuff, too, unlike glass cutting boards.
  9. I don’t have input about mixing appliance colors, but when we were looking for a fridge I read that some black stainless finishes were just coatings applied to regular stainless steel and would scratch and show a bright contrasting color underneath.
  10. For context, this is what my hubby told me (he works in financial research). Right now, the US stock market is down a little less than 20% from it's recent historic high (in February). The 2008 financial crisis saw a drop of over 50% and during the Great Depression the drop was like 80%. So it's not great right now, but certainly not the worst that's been seen.
  11. Maybe take a look at this search: https://www.wayfair.com/filters/furniture/sb3/desks-c1780384-a131385~434990-a150305~490873-p273~*~150.html
  12. I love using this: https://www.containerstore.com/s/clear-plast-o-mat-ribbed-shelf-liner/d?productId=10000688&q=shelf liner It's a thick kind of ribbed plastic liner. The frame of the cabinets helps to keep it in place. For some cabinets where that doesn't work, I put the non-adhesive foamy type of liner underneath to help it stay in place better.
  13. I'm don't think that's true. Even if you started a new high deductible health plan on Dec 1, you can open an HSA at that time and fund it completely. From the IRS: "Last-month rule. Under the last-month rule, if you are an eligible individual on the first day of the last month of your tax year (December 1 for most taxpayers), you are considered an eligible individual for the entire year. You are treated as having the same HDHP coverage for the entire year as you had on the first day of the last month, if you didn’t otherwise have coverage."
  14. HSA funds grow tax free and you pay no penalties or income tax as long as you use the funds for eligible health expenses.
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