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  1. sgo95


    I don't have one but was seriously considering a purchase. However, I watched a review on youtube that pointed out that the edges and corners of the rug can curl up (not lay flat)--I think it's because the top layer is thin. Here's a written review with pictures: I knew that would always bug me so I ended up getting a regular rug.
  2. Doh! Thanks, ladies. That was interesting. I got 90%.
  3. Can someone post a link to the test? I'm not sure where to find it...
  4. Yes, I agree. Unlike other retailers that regularly have discounts of 40-50% off, LL Bean doesn't run deep sales all the time. I think 8 or 9 years ago LL Bean had a 30% off coupon but I don't think I've seen one since--25% off is a good deal.
  5. Have any of you read this book: My DD17 is undiagnosed but most probably on the spectrum. I don't agree with all of the conclusions that the author draws but it was a really interesting read about ASD and girls/women.
  6. If you base it on our experience, it may not save you anything except the hassle of negotiating. When we bought our van 10 yrs ago, we got a better deal (than Costco) by emailing a bunch of dealerships and asking for their best price for what we wanted. Also, a couple of months ago, I got a quote from a HVAC company that was set up inside Costco and it was more expensive, by far, compared to quotes we got from unaffiliated companies.
  7. Yes, we have that too. Ours is
  8. We used these from IKEA ( in a theater room and they worked well. We also used the VIGDA track, which can be hung from the wall or the ceiling.
  9. I really like my Yamaha Arius piano (I have the 181 model I think). I think it's close enough to an acoustic piano that the average person wouldn't be able to tell, based on feel and sound.
  10. Homeschooling in MI is super easy. The teaching parent doesn't even need a bachelor's degree unless you are registering with the state for services (as pp wrote). The vast majority of homeschoolers I knew were not registered. Homeschoolers in our area could take elective courses for free at their local schools. If you have a child registered in public school already, you just need to send a letter notifying the school that you are pulling your child out to homeschool.
  11. sgo95

    Sturdy sofas?

    We bought a lazyboy sofa in 2002 and gave it away in 2010 because I didn't like the style. But it was a solid sofa and still in great shape. It was our main sofa and DH slept on it for several years. So we had a good experience...but haven't tried it recently.
  12. I don't really know... maybe something like this
  13. I wouldn't feel safe doing it. I've had to drive from 8-11 pm several times and by the end, I really feel like I'm zoning out and have to make a serious effort to stay aware of my surroundings.
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