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  1. No first hand knowledge here, but a good friend's sister has curly hair and is very happy with LUS products.
  2. When we first moved to live in the low desert in SW USA, I distinctly remember one weather forecaster saying the next week would be a cool spell with highs only hitting 95 degrees. 😂
  3. zo-om-bie, zo-om-bie... zo-om-bie...bie...bie
  4. How about Lands End? Is there a Sears nearby?
  5. If you want movers to store your stuff, I think they will charge for the double loading and unloading as well as storage. I think it would make more sense for your dh to do a one-way u-haul rental, drive the truck to MN, and unload it into a storage unit with friends' help. Then he can fly back and drive you and the kids to visit family. Later you guys can get an in town u-haul rental and move in (again with friends' help).
  6. Paypal wasn't helpful at all when we tried to file a claim. We bought a $50 toy and the seller sent a $5 toy that wasn't remotely the same. Paypal said we had to ship the cheap toy back to the seller (in China) to get a refund. So I just filed a claim with the credit card we used, which was super easy, and got our money back. Did you use a credit card? If so, maybe go around paypal to get this resolved.
  7. So am I the only one that washes flyswatters? Mine lives in a drawer in the laundry room (after it gets washed and air dries).
  8. For my DS with allergies: all his bedding gets washed weekly. He doesn't have a comforter, just a fleece blanket so it can be thoroughly washed frequently.
  9. Sorry if this is a dumb question, is your out-of-pocket maximum basically so high it's useless?
  10. You can turn off calls over wifi with google fi.
  11. We use google fi. I think it meets all your criteria.
  12. sgo95


    That sounds frustrating! Is it an either/or situation though? What if you try the somatic therapist for a while and go back to the established therapist later if you want (and hopefully they will have ironed out their glitches)?
  13. Goodbudget would do what you wanted. And it has a free version.
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