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  1. He’s precious! Congratulations! 🥰
  2. I'm very sorry for your loss.
  3. He looks like such a sweetie! Such a wonderful thing for you and your family to do. ❤️ I hope y’all have lots of good times together.
  4. I’m so sorry Moonflower. Many hugs to you.
  5. I have only briefly looked at these, but I'll look at them further. I'm least familiar with Life of Fred. Would this be used as a supplement or the main curriculum?
  6. DD will be a 4th grader next year. We’ve done MM 1-3. We just received her IOWA test scores back and there was a decent size drop in her math score form last year. I’m thinking it might be time to try something new. I actually considered changing curriculums for her last year because MM started to feel like it wasn’t a good fit, but decided to stick it out one more year. This test score drop is just pushing me to look at other options more seriously now. I was looking at CLE. I think the spiral method and review it provides would help her in retaining information better. But, DD struggles with multi-step word problems and critical thinking. (She's pretty solid on her math facts.) Should I supplement CLE with something to help strengthen these skills? Or is there another curriculum I should consider?
  7. I'm currently using Beowulf Grammar for my 3rd and 5th grade DDs. They both really love it too! I wish there were more levels! It's been kind of a review for my 5th grader, which has been good for her. Lately she's been preferring to work more independently, so I was thinking about trying CLE Language Arts for her next year. My 3rd grader is a little harder to figure out. I'd say she's learning a lot from Beowulf but I'm not sure how much she's retaining quite yet. I'm thinking of having her do IEW's Fix It Grammar Book 1. I already own Books 1 &2 (which is what my 5th grader did previously). I'm not sure if it's a bit of a step backward, but she may need that just to solidify the stuff she's learning right now. I'm still not 100% decided on either one though. Analytical Grammar was another program I had thought about for my 5th grader. Sorry I'm not much help!!
  8. Heres' what I've got so far, but may change... Bible: BSGFAA Math: MM6, Khan Academy Literature: BYL 6 readers (BYL 4 read alouds with little sister) Spelling: MegaWords Books 3 & 4 Vocabulary: Not sure yet...either Wordly Wise Book 6 -OR- Vocabulary from Classical Roots Books 5 & 6 Writing: Writing & Rhetoric Books 5 & 6 (This is new for us, so I'm still debating on which book to start in) Grammar: CLE Language Arts 6 (Again, this is new, so still deciding on level) Science: Exploration Education History: BYL 6 (US History Part 2) Geography: Draw the USA, continue reviewing states/capitals Spanish: Duolingo Extras: Weekly co-op, MMA class, and I really need to figure something with Art because she loves it
  9. I don't think this in final yet, but for now here's what I've got... Bible: BSGFAA Math: MM4, Xtra Math, Khan Academy Literature: BYL 4 readers & read alouds Spelling: AAS4 Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4 Writing: Writing & Rhetoric Books 1 & 2 Grammar: IEW Fix It Book 1 Handwriting: Writing for Learning Series Cursive Enrichment Grade 4 Science: Exploration Education History: Texas History - Our Land Publications "My Texas" Geography: Draw the USA, continue reviewing states/capitals Spanish: Duolingo Extras: Weekly co-op, MMA class, Hoffmann Academy piano lessons
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