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  1. I'm currently using Beowulf Grammar for my 3rd and 5th grade DDs. They both really love it too! I wish there were more levels! It's been kind of a review for my 5th grader, which has been good for her. Lately she's been preferring to work more independently, so I was thinking about trying CLE Language Arts for her next year. My 3rd grader is a little harder to figure out. I'd say she's learning a lot from Beowulf but I'm not sure how much she's retaining quite yet. I'm thinking of having her do IEW's Fix It Grammar Book 1. I already own Books 1 &2 (which is what my 5th grader did previously). I'm not sure if it's a bit of a step backward, but she may need that just to solidify the stuff she's learning right now. I'm still not 100% decided on either one though. Analytical Grammar was another program I had thought about for my 5th grader. Sorry I'm not much help!!
  2. Heres' what I've got so far, but may change... Bible: BSGFAA Math: MM6, Khan Academy Literature: BYL 6 readers (BYL 4 read alouds with little sister) Spelling: MegaWords Books 3 & 4 Vocabulary: Not sure yet...either Wordly Wise Book 6 -OR- Vocabulary from Classical Roots Books 5 & 6 Writing: Writing & Rhetoric Books 5 & 6 (This is new for us, so I'm still debating on which book to start in) Grammar: CLE Language Arts 6 (Again, this is new, so still deciding on level) Science: Exploration Education History: BYL 6 (US History Part 2) Geography: Draw the USA, continue reviewing states/capitals Spanish: Duolingo Extras: Weekly co-op, MMA class, and I really need to figure something with Art because she loves it
  3. I don't think this in final yet, but for now here's what I've got... Bible: BSGFAA Math: MM4, Xtra Math, Khan Academy Literature: BYL 4 readers & read alouds Spelling: AAS4 Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4 Writing: Writing & Rhetoric Books 1 & 2 Grammar: IEW Fix It Book 1 Handwriting: Writing for Learning Series Cursive Enrichment Grade 4 Science: Exploration Education History: Texas History - Our Land Publications "My Texas" Geography: Draw the USA, continue reviewing states/capitals Spanish: Duolingo Extras: Weekly co-op, MMA class, Hoffmann Academy piano lessons
  4. My 3rd grade DD is doing the following: Reading: AAR 4 Literature: BYL 3 (includes both read alouds and readers) Handwriting: copywork from BYL and the Writing for Learning Series Beginning Cursive Spelling: AAS 3 Writing: IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating, she also writes in a Daily Journal (just for fun) Grammar: Beowulf Grammar Vocabulary: Wordly Wise Book 3
  5. MegaWords is mostly independent. There is some dictation required, but it's quick and not every day.
  6. Thank you Lori! This is turning out to be a difficult decision, so I really appreciate all of the helpful information you provided.
  7. DD10 is currently in 5th grade. We used IEW materials for 2nd-4th grades and have been using Wordsmith Apprentice this year. Her writing has improved over the last few years and I think IEW has helped a lot. I’m also not super confident in teaching writing, so it has helped me too. Unfortunately she grew tired of it, especially once she became more confident in her writing. This year I gave her a break from IEW with Wordsmith Apprentice because it was totally different and seemed fun. She enjoys creative writing. She writes her own short stories and “books” all the time. For school, in addition to Wordsmith Apprentice, she does a daily journal and I have her write paragraph summaries for history and sometimes science (once a week or every other week). She doesn't love these assignments, but I want her doing more than just the creative writing. I know there’s a follow-up to Wordsmith Apprentice (called Wordsmith), but Apprentice has seemed kind of light (at least compared to IEW) so I’m concerned it might not be enough. Maybe I just don't know enough about it yet? I don’t know if going back to IEW is the right path either because she doesn’t like it and I don’t want to kill her love of creative writing. Any suggestions or advice on where to go from here as we enter the middle school years? My goal is to continue to encourage and build on her creative writing but ensure we’re working on other forms of writing too. Thanks!
  8. Many hugs to you. I’m so sorry. 😔
  9. Peaky Blinders? P.S. I love The Last Kingdom too!
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