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  1. Sorry, no advice. But wanted to say that we have a hybrid. Honda accord. We absolutely love it. it's about 5 years old now. But of course it was hardly driven during the pandemic. Hope it gets fix and that it doesn't happen again. That must of been scary.
  2. I've only read half of the book to my kids who were 12, 10 and 8 at the time. It does say Ne*** when talking about people who live in Africa, so I just inserted the correct terminology. As far as making him out like a hero, I guess it does - it just depends on what you mean. Since this was a read aloud, I was able to say that his actions were wrong. Just like with any other history book, truth be told. Personally, I wouldn't just give it to my kids just to read at this age. I like the concept that Foster did. It is very detailed too.
  3. I agree with the others. I would wait on spelling. She sounds gifted. Does dyslexia run in your family? It could be nothing, but there are many symptoms to Stealth dyslexia and this is one of them. It's too early to detect. And again I would wait for spelling. I started All About Spelling level 1 when my kids were in first grade. If she is already spelling CVC words she would fly through level 1. But I don't think all of level 1 is just CVC words. I have a 6 1/2 year old who was reading the Land of Stories series (thick chapter books with no pics) and I still made her finish her phonics program. I agree with a previous poster who recommended in finishing a phonics program.
  4. Which level are you talking about? It may be too new for a review. I think K just came out. 1 - 5 is expected to be out next month.
  5. Yeah. This is how I would handle it. And I would make sure if your son goes over to his friend's house again to ask the mom that they don't go over there again. Since you mentioned the social status, I think she wants free money. I think a pp mentioned that.
  6. Does she have proof? Have you already gone over there and talked to the mom accusing your son or are you finding info through your friend? I would go over there with the other mom and talk to her. I would be apologetic and assure her that my son didn't steal her money. I'm not sure if cops will get involved without some sort of proof. Will they?
  7. I don't know if it is what you are looking for, but how about nanowrimo.org? It's a nonprofit organization and has a competition in november. I'm sure there's a forum there where others can talk about writing. Hth
  8. That's horrible! I'm so sorry that happened. Sending prayers for you and your family.
  9. Oh I love staying home and watching movies while eating popcorn with my kids! We play ring fit as well. Hopefully some reading gets done. 😉
  10. Hello, I like Bloom daily planner. Very colorful on the inside.
  11. I'm glad you finally got some answers and heading in a good direction. Congrats on your newborn! What a blessing.
  12. I made a mistake in judgment earlier. Pinball, Sneezyone was just saying when her son was 8. Not that her son is 8 now. I should have said to agree to disagree earlier.
  13. Pinball and Sneezyone can come back to this thread. Please just agree to disagree. Don't interact with each other. Thanks.
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