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  1. You are not alone Mercy! I don't get i either. It's just a piece of cloth! I mean I understand that there are some kids out there who are sensitive to cloth / touch and probably can't wear a mask. But if it will save other people from going to the hospital, then so be it. I will wear a mask.
  2. Praying for you and your son, Soror. Glad he is doing better. Thanks for the update.
  3. oh man. I am so sorry to hear that. Glad you guys are safe. This is getting out of control. I never realized how much hate is out there. I like your quote MEmama.
  4. Hello, We have been getting reports that this is getting too political. Please start a private social group. Thanks.
  5. Positive things: I discovered that I had plantar fasciitis in my left foot right before SIP. It has been hurting for months, but I just thought that was with old age. LOL Didn't realize that it was just plantar fasciitis. It is almost healed now, if not 99% healed. It was not going to heal the rate I was going before SIP. My girls got their singing phrase out of the way via outschool. I was happy it was so cheap! Also, one of my daughters figured out that she doesn't want flute lessons anymore either and her lessons was on outschool too. So again, done cheaply. How
  6. I agree with Rosie. I deleted your post because you said we could. Dreamergal and Happymomof 1, you both need to agree to disagree. One more report from this thread and we will take it down. Thanks. Oh and stay safe. 😄
  7. Hello there! Which topic do you want moved? I'll see if I can move it. Thanks.
  8. Let's keep this topic more general please. OP did a good job in having a discussion that was more general. No need to get into specifics with regard to politics. Thanks.
  9. Praying for your family! I know how expensive living in CA is. I hope he gets the job and likes what he will be doing.
  10. I am so sorry for your loss and hers.
  11. Yeah. I feel the same way. But it is nice to have a journal to flip through. I used to make little booklets, but now I don't know where they are.
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