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  1. Hello! Have you entertained the thought that he may be dyslexic? I am not an expert. But I believe a lot of moms who have kids that are dyslexic start with Barton or an O-G program for reading which I believe helps with spelling. I have a friend whose child is dyslexic and she started him on Barton when he was about 8. He's doing a lot better now (reading and spelling). I have another friend who has a child who was doing vision therapy (before the pandemic) and is using All About Spelling for spelling. Her child likes AAS. If he is having a meltdown doing spelling, I would def
  2. Hello, I am currently doing level 4 with my youngest who is in 2nd grade. We skip the writing portion. If level 5 is laid out the same way as level 4, I would think the reading comprehension part is way to easy for your daughter. But that component can be easily skipped. Again, if the lay out is the same, she could easily skip all the other parts and just do the grammer part. In level 4, Spelling and Writing is in a different book. Hope this helps.
  3. I agree with Clemsondana. There's also science and math detectives.
  4. Hello! Welcome aboard! Well, when my kids were that age, I had planned math games as a supplement. Sum Swamp and sleeping queens come to mind. I have other stuff, but can honestly say that I just didn't have time to use them. Like Rightstart math games and Peggy Kaye math games. Hopes this helps.
  5. Sleeping Queens will be fine for the 6 year old. My kids played when they were 6. It can always be tailored. I think we just didn't keep score. My kids loved sleeping queens.
  6. The Good and the Beautiful is 10% off everything. Code Grateful.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family.
  8. My husband doesn't wear glasses, but he's a big guy. He gets extra large. The name is Halo Life Face Mask - Reusable/Washable with replacement nanofiber filter - lightweight Ultra Breathable. It cost about $35 / mask. You can buy on amazon. It allows room for him to breathe while sealing around his nose. He has gone through a lot of mask too. It has adjustable straps around the ears. I hope he finds something. Good luck!
  9. Thanks Plum. But I applaud the people on this forum, in a country so divisive, that it really could have been worse. We really appreciate all the reports as well. That helps!
  10. Ok folks, we are getting off topic and more political. Please stay on topic. Thanks.
  11. Yeah, I wasn't excited about their library either.
  12. I am a very visual person. So, I watched a you tube mom put together her science unit from tgtb. It's basically the same for each unit. Once your binder is together, it hasn't been hard to implement. I like the mini books and vocab cards that comes with it.
  13. Well, I am a newbie. I wanted something different this year and something I could do with all of my children. For LA, we are all doing level 4. I am supplementing for my oldest with Classical academia press (narrative 2) and will try to squeeze in WWS. So far that hasn't happened. Also, supplementing tgtb's handwriting for my youngest. I like it. My girls are strong spellers, so so far it hasn't been too challenging. I elected to skip the writing part for my youngest since she is only in 2nd grade. I also add in vocab. I really like writing with ease's oral narration and c
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