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  1. Oh my goodness. Will send a prayer for you.
  2. Marriage itself has its ups and downs, so I would get this out of the way before the wedding.
  3. You have many factors to consider. Like how often his family visits. Who does his parents expect him to marry? I dont like the fact he hasn't told his parents about her. Leads me to believe that he is not serious about her. When my husband and I were at this stage I still told my parents and he met them. We didn't have a ring or anything yet either. Just talked about getting married. Your daughter needs to know that he will choose her over his parent's approval. Because ultimately in the end she will be the most important person in his life until they have kids. This is how I feel anyhow. I love my parents and all. but I left their household and have one of my own now. If they don't come to the states often and he is serious about her, then she should meet with them. Imo. I can't speak for all cultures, but that is what I did. Hope this helps.
  4. The teacher's guide teaches the lesson. I don't need to prepare for anything....usually. However, I have a child in which I would teach using math manipulatives with. Or have pencil and paper ready to explain more. But I think ba does a really good job and explaining. I do sm 1 and 2 and it is a lot more work. I do know someone who doesn't get how ba teaches though, so it may not be for everyone. Her child gets it, so that is what matters. 😆😁
  5. I don't know anything about mp, but wwe 2 is very open and go. Copywork 1x week Narration 2 x week Dictation 1x week (I don't remember if dictation starts in 2 or 3) Tells the adult what to say and ask. Gives possible answers too.
  6. I am sorry Farrar for your loss.
  7. I was the only left handed person in my family for 3 generations. Then about 10 years later one of my cousins was born and turned out to be left handed too. But we are the only left handed people for 3 generations.
  8. I would just put the pencil in front of him and let him grab it. I eat and write with my left hand. But use my right for cutting, batting everything else.
  9. In the book it says "casual" informal logic. So books like 1. Blast off with logic series by risby 2. The prince of physics adventures in reason by Langman 3. The basics of critical thinking by the ctc company 4. An illustrated book of bad arguments by Almossawi 5. Don't get fooled! How to analyze claims for fallacies, biases and other deceptions by givler Although the mindbender books are not a bad idea either. My kids love those. Hth
  10. 🙏🤗 So sorry to hear that. Even though you haven't been together in a few years it still can be hard. Glad you have so many friends and family members to look after you and your son.
  11. Perhaps a leave in conditioner? This helps prevents my girls have tangles. Pantene always makes my hair too fine/silky. (Not complaining though 😄)
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