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  1. desertflower

    I just realized we are technically truant. Oops.

    I don't know if this will help, but I'll tell u what happened to me. I called the appropriate person in my state letting him know I was moving and asked if I needed to notify them or what do I need to do if anything. he said that I didn't need to do anything, but to register with the new state if they required it. He seemed very nonchalant about it. So my guess is you will be fine.
  2. desertflower

    Curriculums for new homeschooler

    Welcome! When I started out parents from this forum and a site called cathy duffy reviews helped me. Cathy duffy reviews most if not all of the curricula out there. As to your specific questions, I'm not much help. Seems like you want a literature based history? I think Beautiful Feet is a literature based history. There are others.... I cant think of any others right now. I use story of the world. It comes with an activity book, but you don't have to do the activities. In the activity book it also lists narration, comprehension questions, and a list of corresponding books to go along with each chapter. I find the maps for each chapter really helpful for the kids to fill out. I'm not sure what you want in science. The story of science by joy hakim perhaps? That does look like a textbook to me. As for reading, I imagine the next step is literature guides. MOSPOS has one. Again, I would take a look at cathy duffy reviews. Then if you have specific questions about a program, then please ask us. Hth
  3. desertflower

    WWE placement

    I think it depends on how difficult fables was. But from what I read above probably level 1. This way she is taught how to narrate. And if it is too easy, then she'll zip through it go to level 2. This way she won't be missing anything. We did WWE level 1 and 2 before fables. So when we got to fables we just skipped the narration part, so I'm not sure how narration is taught in fables. In WWE level 1 and 2, the student will learn the 3 main questions to ask oneself that leads to a 2 to 3 sentence narration. Hth
  4. desertflower

    Tips for visiting GA Aquarium?

    I used to have a membership there. I haven't been in 3 years. now is a good time to go unless it is winter break for some schools. Going early is a great idea. get in line early to see the dolphin show is recommended. if u sit close to the show, you will get splashed. I also recommend doing the computer activity upstairs. Obviously, food there is expensive. Weekends are the busiest. If u could go during a weekday I would. Buying tickets online may be a good idea. It's a beautiful place.
  5. desertflower

    Injury on private property. Call business?

    I agree with the above. Also, something to consider. Is it a mom and pop grocery store? If you know the owners, then a heads up may be nice. But if it's a big chain one, then I wouldn't bother. They have departments to handle that stuff. Hth
  6. desertflower

    Is there a way to follow without emails?

    👍 glad it worked!
  7. desertflower

    Is there a way to follow without emails?

    Truth be told, I don't know. But that is the only other option. so it seems that way. When I follow a thread, I always choose get an email. I have never chosen that option. if it doesn't work, let us know and I'll ask higher up. Hope that is the solution though!
  8. desertflower

    Is there a way to follow without emails?

    Yes. Press follow, then choose the 4th option: do not send me notifications.
  9. desertflower

    Login frustration

    Well, for me, starting a new thread on site news would be more helpful. I am not following the existing thread. however, I do get emails for any new threads on site news. I don't know about tech support and the other moderators though.
  10. desertflower

    Login frustration

    It may have just been yesterday. I had that problem too, but it seems to be fine today. Are u still having problems? Has this been ongoing for a while? If so, let me know and I'll let the proper person know. Fyi, a problem like this will get better attention if posted on the site news and discussions subforum. Thanks.
  11. desertflower

    2019-2020 5th Grade Planning

    Looks like I quoted the wrong person.I need my coffee! I meant to answer noreen's question. Alright I have done enough damage. I'll go and get some caffeine.
  12. desertflower

    2019-2020 5th Grade Planning

    Oh sorry! Didn't mean to edit your post. I don't know if my post came through. I don't see it. My children used dancing mat (free) and then moved on to typing club (free) which is different than typing . Com. hth
  13. desertflower

    Why wait for SOTW 3 and 4?

    I heard the same thing. It is not because the activity guide is too hard. It's because the material/information is too vulgar. Not saying because of presentation just info like what Farrar said.
  14. desertflower

    need busywork suggestions for K

    I'm having the same problem! So I'll be listening in. Right now I just teach one at a time so the other 2 can play together, but we are not getting as much done. This is why I need suggestions too!
  15. desertflower

    2019-2020 AL Planning Thread

    Well, while my oldest is al, I don't feel my plans are all that advanced anymore, but here goes. Math: BA 5 and 3 math circles (dont ask!) LA: FLL 3, MCT town, vocab study (not sure what), possible Narnia study, Jacob's ladder, WWS 1 History: sotw 3 and 2 with sisters, POE Fl/music/art: not sure, not sure, HAS PE: gymnastics, track Bible: discover 4 yourself series Science: not sure (bfsu, or rso) Logic: logic in orbit, fallacy detective, other books from the critical thinking company
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