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  1. No, I don't do this. The only reason I think they would do this is to try and spread the gospel. We are charged with this. Perhaps it is their way of introducing the topic or getting one to think about thr topic. I have no idea. But as a Christian, we do believe in the power of prayer.
  2. I would probably do something mysteryjen did. In reflecting back, I was not ready for college, but my parents didn't listen. I won't go into details. I would show him the value of money. Ask him what he wants. See if there is a compromise. I wouldn't push academics. It is not failing to take some time off. Can he postpone taking these classes? Some kids need a break before the school year ends. Hth
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. It may be possible that your dd may not realize what she is doing. i would calmly explain it to her. explain to her that this isn't easy for everyone else as well. acknowledge to her that you realize that she is having a hard time with this situation as well. it works both ways. a lot of teenagers are generally selfish and think the world evolve around them. When i was that age, i used to think i was invincible. LOL kudos to you and your family for giving your bil a break. That is sweet. I hope the situation gets better.
  4. I would explain to them ahead of time that there are different types of Christians out there. Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc. And that we all believe in Jesus, but may have different practices because we can interpret the Bible in different ways. Some people only take the Lord's supper once a month; whereas, we do it once a week. etc. I explain that this is why it is important to learn how to read and analyze, so they can eventually read the bible (Koran, etc) themselves and find the truth themselves. after the visitation, I would ask them if they had any questions. I would also explain to them what that side of the family believes in and what we believe in. during the visitation, I would be comfortable with saying, "That is pretty cool (to the other kids). and then turn to my kids and say this is what they believe in, but not what we believe in and I can explain later." If the other kids ask what are you going to explain later, I would say, "I respect that your family believes in this, but my husband and I don't. I can't explain it to you right now, but perhaps your mom can explain why we don't to you." hth
  5. Wow. That is a tough situation. Kudos to you for heading that. I hope you get some help. You got some sound advice already. So bible class is only 30 mins during service? That is interesting. I have always been to a church where bible class (45 mins or 1 hour) and the service are separate. I have attended a church where even though bible class and the service were separate, they did take kids out of service during the sermon. We kept our kids with us however. What they did with the kids during those 30 mins was a puppet show or play acting. At least that was to my understanding. Like I said we kept our kids during service. I only saw about 5 mins of the video, btw. I like the idea. I don't think all 3-5 year olds will sit through that first part though. So if all else fails ( above advice), you may consider this. Like someone else said I think 10-11 yos can sit through a service. I would tell the parents of the 2-4 yos to keep their children during service, if you can't get someone to look after them. We usually brought coloring books, wiki sticks, paper, markers, etc for them to do by themselves. So this leaves 5-9 year olds for you to do the curriculum with. It is what it is. This way the moms of the 2-4 yo can say to their kids we don't want Ms. The attachedmama to do all the work. And they can explain to them, you will get to go to class when you are 5 and can sit still or something like that. Also, something to consider is have the older kids ever had bible classes before? It seems to me that they should have some background knowledge before sitting through service. I don't know..... Hth and Good luck! Come back and let us know what worked for you!
  6. Yes, I'd say something. He may not realize it.
  7. I use both or just FAN PS. I find that FAN PS explains the problems in the CWP book. I do find that the problems in CWP are harder than in FAN PS. we do skip the first set of questions in each chapter in the CWP book. Those seem too easy. We do the second set.
  8. Jesus was the fulfillment of a long period of history that led up to a change in covenants. He did go to those under the old covenant, largely jews first, but like in the OT anyone could follow God and the mosaic laws. He did teach to others as well because his message was for anyone. For example, the samaritan woman by the well. It may be best to view this from a perspective of old covenant and new covenant. In the old covenant, it originated with jews and was largely followed by mostly jews, but others could convert, such as in the book of Esther when hundreds of gentiles converted. Once jesus died he fulfilled the old covenant and replaced it with the new covenant which is the new testament (instead of following the mosaic laws of sacrificing) Jesus was the one and only sacrifice needed. Under the new covenant, there was "neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ's then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." (Galatians 3:28-29). The distinction of under the covenant by birth (jew) or converted (proselyte) was no longer. All who followed God were under the new covenant and God's people regardless of background. This distinction between old covenant and new covenant is often short handed as jew versus gentile, but this isnt the best or most correct way to look at things since gentiles could convert to follow the old covenant and jews could convert and follow the new covenant. I hope this helps some.
  9. My family and I just watched the marvel movies in chronological order too! we didn't allow the kids to watch guardians of the galaxy 2 though.
  10. Thanks for the ideas of conversations. those are good ideas. I am definitely going to use them tomorrow.
  11. Good ideas. I don't really want to pry, but I don't really want to just stare at them while we are waiting for food either. 😆 I think I'll bring uno.
  12. I will have 1 girl and 1 boy. I never had adults talk to me.
  13. Hello, I don't have a teenager yet. But my DHS and I are taking out a couple of teens to a movie (captain marvel 😁) and perhaps dessert afterwards. I am new at this and was wondering how we can get the teens to talk. They are both very quiet. If it helps, this is a teen youth group from our church. Thanks for any advice.
  14. Hello, Anyone ever use brainology? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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