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  1. Yes, this thread is getting political. We got reports. Let us please stay on track.
  2. I am skipping out on co-op unless it goes online. We are just staying home. Much easier for me to plan and I don't have to worry about all the precautions to take before each outing. Do we have masks, sanitizer, gloves, etc. My kids play with their friends via facetime and through online games. Plus, they have each other. For us, socialization can wait a couple of years. I don't want the virus. (Not that anyone does) I don't even want to know what it would do to me. 😂 I actually have been enjoying staying home. Just not on the go anymore. We walk around the neighborhood or in our backyard. 😂
  3. Hello! Does anyone know the difference between Odyssey of the Mind, Destination Imagination, and League of Creative Minds. Anybody have any input on how this will work online if these organizations go online? Thanks for any input.
  4. My friend and her son had it. They survived. I know 3 other people who had it. One died, One survived and the jury is out on the 3rd person.
  5. Previous years, we usually met at my house. I pulled out, but told them that I didn't mind if they move forward for this next school year. I offered to meet online, but we are not sure yet. A lot of our classes were hands on.
  6. Hello, Is anyone here a member of the read aloud revival? i really like her book "Teaching from Rest". I have a 11, almost 10 and 7 1/2 yo. I am looking for cost effective monthly bookclubs. The list of books on the family bookclub, is a bit young for my kids. I am looking for chapter books. so far, I have liked a teacher from outschool. But she doesn't have anything scheduled for summer yet. If you are a member, why do you like it? Thanks for any info.
  7. I have a friend who said that flour and yeast seem to be out.
  8. Stay safe. Praying for paul. Are you guys shelter in place like California?
  9. Oh man. I am so sorry to hear that. Any way the doctor can call the lab? I imagine labs are still open?
  10. Well, they are still studying the virus. I read an article in the that I was going to paste here, but can't for some reason. It explains the science behind it. Obviously, many factors play into why we react differently to this virus. 1. Elderlies 2. Children (elementary aged?) are less affected because their system is less likely to go into cytokine storm 3. A person's genes 4.. vagaries of their immune system 5. The other microbes in their body 6. And amount of the viruses exposee to But overall, covid 19 attaches to a protein in our cells and has the ability to affect both our upper and lower respiratory systems. I think it attacks specifically to the cell that line our airways. According to the article, in some cases "the immune system goes beserk" and one's system undergoes what they call a cytokine storm. This is where the immune system "attacks at will without hitting the right target." This can affect other organs and one can become more susceptible to infectious bacteria. I am not a doctor. All this came from the article. Scientists are still studying viruses in general. Overall, what I took from that article is that the virus that we are used to dealing with seems to attack either the upper or lower respiratory system not both simultaneously like this covid 19. Hope this helps. Web address: Atlantic dot com/science/archive/2020/03/biography-new-coronavirus/608338
  11. I am sorry that he has to be hospitalized, but glad that they have availability for him. I will say a prayer for him. Glad it wasn't covid 19. That is so contagious.
  12. I am sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he feels better. Was wondering if your brother had asthma? Or is he generally in good health? I am trying to figure out how bad would it be for myself and my family when we get it. We don't have asthma. My son has allergies so is a little bit congested already. Thanks for any information.
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