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  1. Come to Adelaide!!! we can show you some sleepy lizards and dragons! No snakes this year so far although there was a video on the news recently of a red belly black fishing. Was pretty amazing. In all seriousness though that’s pretty awesome.
  2. Lol me too when there’s plenty of time there are seemingly open ended possibilities. When I’m down to the last day I realise I have to pull something together with what I have in the house. This helps to weed out about 90pc of the awesome ideas my brain came up with.
  3. I keep seeing a meme comparing the amazon fires to the nsw fires in size and scale and wondering how accurate/relevant it is.
  4. Hoping everyone got through ok and things slow down in Queensland soon. in SA for catastrophic the advice is to move to a safer place early in the day even if there’s no fire. That’s not always realistic of course especially with pets etc.
  5. Our church now do hot chickens and chips and people bring sides. So few people have time it seems. another thing I’ve seen done recently is pages with a list of stuff to bring and tear off slips with items and quantities
  6. Possibly not, and also I often read bbc etc so have maybe even read some of it there.
  7. Yes I agree! It seems surprising that this wouldn’t be the case in the us?
  8. Dh got a no for leave interstate deployment. must admit while I’m disappointed for him I’m slightly relieved as well. Hoping Tuesday doesn’t turn out to be as bad as forecast.
  9. It seems like it’s going to be a bad year. So much sadness for those affected.
  10. FWIW the blinkist book summary said people actually only spot 54pc of lies and that artificial intelligence did better than judges in predicting who would reoffend on parole. The reason suggested was that human society runs most efficiently on an assumption of honesty. If everyone stops to check the change at the checkout it slows everything down too much. While we may occasionally get caught out overall as a species we are better off not being too suspicious. so I guess in a way that takes an element of victim blame out of abusive relationships. Acknowledging that almost anyone could find themselves in that situation might help us be more supportive.
  11. I’m not maize but I know that she has talked in the past about executive function issues that get treated as character failings. That may be why she’s asking for a clear definition up front.
  12. Just to add to this discussion Blinkist Apps free book of the day is about this - you might want to check it out only free today though
  13. What does that say about you? lol... just kidding of course
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