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  1. If anything here they are discouraging wearing of masks because they don’t want a shortage for health workers. They say it provides minimum protection except in intense health care situations like intubation etc. The exception is if you are the sick one because it does protect other people to some extent. I’m not saying that’s necessarily right but its the current advice.
  2. list of current airline route suspensions from Reuters May be helpful for people looking at travel
  3. 3 more cases in Thailand, 3 in Bahrain (26 so far all from Iran) 1 in Taiwan.
  4. One of the videos I watched I think maybe the four corners ones showed them spraying around drainage points - guy said something along the lines or worrying about the sewers or something.
  5. There a post further up thread with a study of the substances that were effective and concentration. i did see the supermarket selling a canestan branded soaking liquid that was advertising effective against virus and bacteria. Meant to look into it but haven’t. What about sticking stuff in hot to boiling water - the stuff that can tolerate it? I know it could tolerate warm water but not sure about boiling. i don’t tend to worry that much - focus on hands to face contact because that’s easy and beyond that we will have to take our chances.
  6. so sad 😞.
  7. I think the reality is in Australia or US that there wouldn’t be the tolerance for a longer lockdown scenario.
  8. May be less relevant coming off summer here than in US?
  9. In terms of preparedness what about if you have to leave your place to go into quarantine? I’m not sure if that’s even a likely scenario at this stage but it did happen in Wuhan. And it appeared the quarantine centres were pretty under equipped at the start. Is it worth having a stash of portable food?
  10. Is this likely to be partly political as well? I don’t understand the political situation in Hong Kong properly but I keep reading that the govs approval rating is at an all time low.
  11. Stephen McDonell who is a China Correspondent for BBC tweeted that at least 18 medical staff have died in China. It’s unclear whether all died from the virus or from other incidents related to the outbreak. Chinese source with pictures of those who died
  12. I don’t know if this was shared yet but a US serviceman tested positive in South Korea according to CNN
  13. I’m going to share this in case it’s helpful. When we went through the bushfire situation most recently every time I felt my anxiety start peaking I made myself take 1 preventative action. Sweep the back step to keep it clear. Etc. Just one small simple thing. Waiting is really hard for anxiety but doing simple preparedness actions can really help. one proviso here ... I’m not sure if this is a good way to deal with it if you suffer from OCD or something. But for normal run of the mill anxiety it seems to help.
  14. From Global Times: A 56-year-old woman in SW China's Sichuan Province was confirmed with novel coronavirus infection Monday. She tested negative eight times in nucleic acid diagnosis. #COVID19
  15. 406 new cases and 52 deaths for China mostly in Hubei. Still showing decline in the numbers
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