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  1. I hope they and their place are safe
  2. The world passed 1,000,000 deaths today 😞
  3. I’m so sorry! I hope you end up all clear and can get back to some version of normal soon.
  4. A lot of transmission happens in the home but the home is a dead end for transmission. There has to be a “node” that connects homes together for it to continue spreading. If my home gets it five people might get it but no more. The nodes are workplaces, parties, library shops. Some of those are essential and unavoidable but some aren’t and identifying them can stop transmission to the “branches”.
  5. Thanks! So it looks like IFR in areas with bad outbreaks is significantly higher than the 0.6pc.
  6. 5 cases and 3 deaths for Vic yesterday
  7. Well it showed IFR of 1.6 pc whereas I thought other areas were all under 1 pc. It could be a lifestyle/ health thing. from the study “The IFR was statistically similar for White (1.58%), Black (1.72%), and multiracial (1.40%) persons but was significantly lower for Asian persons (0.61%). No COVID-19–related data on Hispanic persons were collected by the Louisiana Department of Public Health during the study period.”
  8. They did fairly careful work with the data to break down racial distribution and it was high in whites, blacks and hispanics I believe and only at the .6 pc mark in people of Asian descent. The viral load thing probably makes sense, though I would assume similar would be true for New York and Italy in early days. It would make sense if it relates to less masking and precaution because I believe people with Asian heritage were being much careful earlier in the piece.
  9. Has US ever considered a compulsory voting system?
  10. lol I don’t know how to laugh and cry at your reply cause it’s all so true! Oops sorry that I missed that he was the one doing the tutoring not being tutored! Also did you say he was 12? Maybe it’s just a preteen thing!
  11. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/11/20-3029_article anyone seen this study? Seems to show a significantly higher IFR than others? Are there problems with the methodology or assumptions?
  12. Non paywalled on the same topic from BBC https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-india-54139112?__twitter_impression=true
  13. https://m.timesofindia.com/india/nppa-caps-price-of-medical-oxygen-cylinders-for-six-months/amp_articleshow/78337910.cms?__twitter_impression=true India have been having issues with supply of oxygen cylinders. WAPO also have a report on it but it’s paywalled.
  14. Tell him a). It’s ok not to be a mathematician. Also he has five years to think about what he wants to do. b). He needs to finish the tutoring and do his best because you paid for it and you’re not wasting your money or the tutors time. c). Just because buddy solves this problem easily doesn’t mean there won’t be another problem that he will solve easily. Tell Pal that a) helping people learn involves helping them figure out how to get to the answer not telling them the answer. b) emotional intelligence is just as important is iq for success c) telli
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