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  1. We only drink the water boiled but that’s because some of the water you get in remote places of Australia seems to be a bit dicey. We carry bottled water for drinking.
  2. Apples and pears is definitely teacher intensive you are meant to be there for the whole lesson. It’s also very repetitive and the lessons are quite long.
  3. Ours is off the ground. I’ve climbed in a couple of times to find myself with a chicken under each arm trying to figure out how to get down.
  4. Well that is illegal where I live so conversation would be easy. Hey did you know dude has his firearm unsecured? You do realise that you can be required to provide a safe inspection at any time right? why it’s good to have laws not just ideals around this stuff
  5. Because brownies. Of course. Vegan or not.
  6. That’s just insulting to the poor dog
  7. I’ve had a couple of bursts with the monthly membership. I dropped it recently because all the upcoming books were stuff we already read and I needed to cut somewhere. I would like to do it again at some stage budget depending. To be honest my favourite part of membership was the mama books clubs. The kids liked the classes that included drawing. Down sides were occasional weird time zones and the kids kind of got bored with the author interviews.
  8. I feel like this is where classical education really actually is important. A utilitarian education prepares the person for jobs and finance and how to live in our best prediction of the world as it is. Ideally a classical education helps our kids develop the character and mental resources to deal with whatever life looks like. Literature especially is key.
  9. Totally 100pc agree.
  10. I know your Christian so just thought I’d reference the punishment if I think Joab? The comment was he “shed the blood of war in a time of peace” or something to that effect. I will have to get the exact reference for you. Biblically there is a difference placed between wartime killing versus peace time. Whether that’s relevant to a mostly post Christian society is a separate question. edited to add 1 kings 2:5
  11. Even biblically David was not permitted to build the temple due to his wartime campaigns
  12. I guess from another perspective sport is never actually “fair”. I mean my kid who is about a foot shorter than his same age buddy is always going to have a disadvantage as a basketballer. I don’t know what the answer is. In things like running, or gymnastic etc it could be more everyone competes together and awards are given by category but AFL or tennis or boxing... there’s no real way.
  13. Yep. I guess that’s the ideal. But in the real world of debating over what’s actually funded at least acknowledging that birth and breastfeeding take a real physical toll is a thing. I know people have different recovery rates but my physio said that the time to complete recovery from a pregnancy is actually around four years. I don’t know what she based that on - whether actual research or just her personal experience.
  14. I’d say the only exception to this is with relation to careers and pregnancy and breastfeeding. If we want things to be fair and still have good outcomes for babies there have to be accommodations around that too.
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