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  1. I don’t know who edits but I literally know no one who does this
  2. Yes. But I don’t think she posts here anymore 😞 I did think of her…
  3. Also just a heads up for anyone still on X or with kids who use it it’s probably best avoided for now 😞
  4. Feeling horrified about this… stabbing in a shopping centre at Bondi Junction, five people dead. I don’t think any of our current Australian boardies are in Sydney… but feeling for all those involved.
  5. I don’t know if it’s exactly horror but maybe Flannery O’Connor?
  6. I love it. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Moths are a problem. My family had a sheep station. Tail docking yes, muelsing no. I understand why though - if you’ve ever seen a sheep with fly strike 😞 Don’t believe all the images PETA etc put out - there’s a lot of fake and dodgy stuff. I’d be a lot more concerned over chickens and lot fed animals. Environmentally probably better than plastic clothes and less water consumption than cotton, there are some downsides to hard hooved animals in Australia.
  7. https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/bird-flu-new-york-city/ NEW YORK -- Bird flu has been detected in some birds found in New York City parks and green spaces. Health officials are growing more concerned about the disease and warn New Yorkers to keep their distance from wildlife. Philip Meade, a postdoctoral fellow at Icahn School of Medicine, says bird flu has been found in several geese, a peregrine falcon, a red-tailed hawk and a chicken in Marcus Garvey Park in Manhattan.
  8. Oh no! Wishing you all the best for recovery. I hear you on the dog… our boy can be handled by immediate family, my sister and two of her kids. He hates the rest of the world.
  9. Hmm? Weird maybe it’s trying to escape the eye rolling 🙄😂😂 I met a Cambodian lady and she was telling me about eating pumpkin and sweet potato leaves. They blanch them, roll them up then dip them in a chilli, lemongrass and garlic sauce. My leaves are a bit mildewy for eating I think. They also eat the small undeveloped pumpkins in stuff as well.
  10. Last year we had two pumpkin vines and got over 20 pumpkins. This year we have four pumpkin vines and I think I have seen four pumpkins on them.
  11. Last day of work for me before the two week holiday! So badly needing that. DS is out for the day so I did school with him last night. Done get ready for the day, pack DS lunch, dropped DD to the bus, fed the house birds To Do check chooks and morning jobs (dishwasher washing etc) Work (4 students) Pick DD up from the bus Check DS17 physics assignment before he submits Take DS17 for driving practice and to buy tennis shoes Prep dinner Tutor notes/planning prep reply to tennis coach re times for next term
  12. Gah! Wish you lived nearby they are dropping off the tree here
  13. I’m afraid this thread might not be good for my grocery budget 🤣I’m now craving all sorts of things I shouldn’t be
  14. Ouch… We were getting mini supermarket trays for $6 or so with 4 in a tray. That was all pre December no cheap mangos since then sadly, but I guess that’s because they’re not in season now. And I got lucky a couple of times - there’s an Italian fruit and veg shop near where DS has his maths exam and they got a big lot in really cheap a couple of times - couldn’t believe it seeing them sold at $3-4 kg. They were pretty ripe but we froze them up for smoothies! This reminded me of something else that’s been a splurge here this year… watermelon. Usually I see it as a pretty cheap fruit for the kids but this year it’s rarely been under $3kg. (Which by the time you take off the rind etc is actually quite expensive).
  15. Yeah I wouldn’t … they were $3.50 at our IGA but we all had Easter bunnies a couple of weeks ago so are chocolated out. Seems like our food prices are slightly lower here in SA for the moment for some reason.
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