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  1. Just ignore the stupid recipes and add a little more water. I couldn’t do it for years and then ds who was ten at the time and way more willing to ignore the methodology made a beautiful pie. So now I know. You don’t want a soggy mess but a bit of extra to stick it together is ok.
  2. Ausmumof3

    Just popping back in...

    Well done! Great to hear success stories!
  3. Ausmumof3

    I’m bracing myself

    Just to say I hear you in the sleep thing. My dh is very like yours right down to the never helped with bedtime part in that he hasn’t got a great sense of time passing so he will initiate crazy games close to bedtime or work late without realising it and not get back in time for whatever I’m meant to go out to. It’s frustrating. It feels disrespectful but I don’t think it’s meant that way it’s just lack of time awareness. on top of that my two boys both lay awake for hours some times and don’t fall asleep. Now they just have a “be in the bedroom and quiet time” and can read books etc but no screens. I figure if they are just reading if they’re properly tired they will sleep. Oldest will occasionally wander out for a drink or snack and it will be 11 or 12. Most times it’s earlier. id consider having both kids sleep in the same room so you can scoop them up and sit in there and read or something while they fall asleep.
  4. Cowboy boots for both boys and girls are quite a trend for weddings down here in the semi country crowd!
  5. Ausmumof3

    s/o What is sexual assault

    What the ??? How is this ok?!
  6. I think that would be fine myself. Unless there was specification that it was black tie or something.
  7. Ausmumof3

    How long do you keep your cars?

    Mine is 15 but has some mechanical issues that are more expensive to repair than replacement value. It was supposed to die anytime as of Jan but so far we still have wheels. We’ve been lucky. Dh has been through more cars but due to change in circumstance mostly. He had a cheap car that died, then we bought a sensible car. Back in pre kid days his dream car came up as a good second hand buy and we did buy that. While it might have seemed like a splurge it held value really well so when we needed a family friendly car we didn’t lose much at all from the few years of fun. The family car is the one I’m still driving. Since then he’s had a very old almost vintage four wheel drive that he ended up replacing as it didn’t fit the image for the job he had at the time and he was paid a car allowance and they basically told him he needed an upgrade! So then it was a sedan then due to a role change and us taking up caravanning it was back to a 4wd but newer. So we’ve had one very constant car then one that’s had a lot of changeover but mostly due to life circumstances.
  8. Ausmumof3

    How long do you keep your cars?

    I’m guessing that’s to do with the mainly one income population due to homeschool
  9. Ausmumof3

    Pro housekeeping tip for your Tuesday afternoon

    Also goes for the dishwasher! Nothing like trying to empty in the morning and thinking it did a really bad job! And then you see the full dry powder tablet ...
  10. Ausmumof3

    German Shepherds - update

    I have a bit of a bias against German Shepherds because one at my guinea pigs when I was a kid and used to growl whenever any kids went near it. I do hear you on the soulmate thing. While I’d never say a dog was my soul mate (since my first anyway) I have had one I just didn’t bond with. He was an American staffy cross and in spite of the bad reputation he was amazing with our kids and no trouble at all with visitors etc. he had a big bark and scared people away but never hurt a fly. However he had some weird thing where patting him would make your skin itch awfully and also he was very much into dh more than me. we have a border collie now and he’s very loving and always there when you need a hug. Ironically we have had aggression issues with strangers and unfortunately because he looks adorable people aren’t so good at respecting his personal space as they are with a scarier looking dog. So he’s great for protection but not really in the way you want! Also I wouldn’t recommend it unless you can commit to a tonne! Of walking daily. if I was looking for a dog that would be both protection and companion I’d probably look for a Rotty. We haven’t personally had one but know friends dogs who really really are all of that. The only reason we didn’t end up with one is the upfront expense (around $2k from a reputable breeder before you even start with desexing costs etc).
  11. Ausmumof3

    Need to learn to pass the bean dip (JAWM)

    Yep! Don’t engage from the outset. Find a line like “that’s how we choose to educate” or “this is our families choice” and don’t go into it. The more you give reasons the longer this stuff goes for. You need a polite but firm way of letting people know it’s not up for discussion.
  12. Ausmumof3

    non-political Judge Kavanaugh question

    I think the strong feelings I was thinking of relate more to the experience of being disbelieved around sexual assault and what that does to people than about the politics. I’m not even in the us and don’t know the ins and outs of this case at all. I’m not justifying anything. I wish the offensive post had never been posted. I’m just asking that Mary consider not writing off the whole board based on one very out of character for the board experience. or go hang out in the general education thread or something as it tends to get less heated.
  13. Ausmumof3

    non-political Judge Kavanaugh question

    Please don’t leave. It’s rare for language like that to be used and I’m sure moderators will deal with it. I have no idea about the specific poster in this case but this topic dredges up some very real and difficult pain for people. It’s understandable that there are going to be strong emotions involved.
  14. Ausmumof3

    Weather (skip if you can’t do small talk)

    Oh wow not much at all then! Hope your boys stay safe. My oldest wants to be either a water bomber pilot (probably unlikely) or a forestry fire fighter right now. But he’s 12 so plenty of time to change of course.
  15. Ausmumof3

    Weather (skip if you can’t do small talk)

    Our firies have been told to make plans for which brigades/trucks can easily do interstate deployment to VIC and NSW this year. did you get any rain out of last week or did it pass you by?
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