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  1. Ausmumof3

    Anyone else ready for Christmas/Winter break?

    We are but it’s summer break here. This week has not exactly been strong schoolwise.
  2. I don’t have much advice just sympathy. I was the end of four kids and lived with mostly hand me downs. I find it hard to part with new nice stuff that we’ve outgrown the need for as well.
  3. Ausmumof3

    Fix a kid computer or get a new one?

    $350 seems a little expensive to me for just hard drive replacement? Have you checked if anyone else would do it for less? Otherwise yeah, I would just look at getting something low spec
  4. Ausmumof3

    I think we're done with this district

    The school acted very unprofessionally and had something gone wrong (car accident or worse) they definitely wouldn’t have had their ducks in a row for parental consent. On its own you might have a dummy spit but give them a second chance but given how unhappy you are already I think it’s probably time...
  5. This stuff was magic for breastfeeding.
  6. Ausmumof3

    S/O People forgetting an adult's birthday

    Also though I think if a spouse forgot one year it wouldn’t be some big unforgivable thing. It would be more like if they never acknowledged it that it would feel a bit disrespectful.
  7. Ausmumof3

    S/O People forgetting an adult's birthday

    Spouse definitely. My parents always do but I wouldn’t care if it was a day or two late. And my siblings mostly do as well. I don’t have any living grandparents though dhs nana did for a number of years. I didn’t feel like it was necessary but that it was very kind that she did that.
  8. Yes this! Any Burt’s bees but this specific one is the best. also if you have large cracks or ongoing problems check your vitamin b levels.
  9. Ausmumof3

    After 5 long years of allergy shots...

    That’s awesome and a massive effort from you both. Congratulations.
  10. Ausmumof3

    In which Ellen gets her comeuppance!

    I’m glad your first exam went well. Winning at school losing at life could pretty much sum up my entire existence so I totally get that!
  11. Ausmumof3

    aim for time or content?

    We switch between methods. There are pros and cons to both pros to setting a time limit you don’t end up forcing your students to do two hours of math just to finish the Singapore chapter which is really long for some reason some days you can plan and schedule the rest of your day knowing how much time you need for school if you hit some easier work you can catch up or add in some extra practice in areas that need it It’s easier to slow down and take more time over sections where the student is struggling theres no incentive to rush work and miss stuff out because they are going to sit their for the length of time regardless pros to content based older kids can be motivated to work in a more focused way because they know once they finish they have free time you can plan how much of the books you need to do so you get through stuff within the year if you have a busy week with a lot of appointments it’s easier to squish in school around the edges if you know what needs to be done each day. overall, we kind of do a mix of both. There’s an approximate expectation of how much work is being done but there’s also an approximate time structure to our day. If things are taking an unrealistic amount of time we shuffle some stuff to the next day. If we are consistently taking longer I know to cut back somewhere and if we are consistently finishing quickly I know it’s time to add some enrichment somewhere or pick up the pace. this of course works well when the rest of life is in order. It’s hard to stick to a schedule that says start at 9 when everything’s out of balance, the house is messy and no one went to bed on time the night before so morning jobs aren’t done and kids are grumpy.
  12. Ausmumof3

    Fundraiser vent

    Yes! I will be. im feeling slightly more miffed because we had to leave early for the last match due to only having one running car at the moment and dh needed the car. Anyway the latest message from the team manager with arrangements requested that people stay till the end as it’s unkind to leave before all players have finished playing. We do generally make the effort to hang around (although last years cruisy team manager was always like - what are you hanging around for - you can go home see you next time). We were the only ones who left early so it’s feeling a little personal! It was a high fire danger day here and I had left dh home without a reliable vehicle plus had all the kids with me. anyway, I really will stop whinging now but I’m pretty sure this is going to be our last season with this club.
  13. Ausmumof3

    Aussie Boardies...Book Depository

    If you go on menu in shop you can change to the currency you want to shop in? But I guess if you are buying in us to ship to Australia you would still be buying in $usd so it shouldn’t be any issue anyway.
  14. Ausmumof3

    Your opinion on teacher’s policy re: bathroom

    We did a mine tour a while back and the trucks are programmed so that if someone is doing a toilet stop for more than 10 minutes or too frequently it reports back somehow. Also they have face recognition and if driver eyes are off the road a speaker activates to “always look forward” or something like that. It’s all supposedly safety related but definitely no privacy in work hours.
  15. Ausmumof3

    Fundraiser vent

    Hmm I think it’s just my play nice socialisation kicking in. I stopped short of actually offering to pay again and just sent back the approx day I think we paid and asked they check the canteen. this sports club have been a pain to deal with on a number of fronts and I would like to quit but ds is doing pretty well there and it’s good for his confidence so I’m a bit torn.
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