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  1. Ausmumof3

    Alcumus and calculators?

    You are correct. I was guiding and miscopied 6 to the power of 12 as 6 to the power of 15 and hence the nasty big calculation!
  2. Ausmumof3

    Alcumus and calculators?

    Just a quick question - how much calculator use would you expect using alcumus. Obviously most of the problems have a simple solution but if you end up with something like 6 to the 6th power do you expect kids to perform that calculation mentally/on paper or would you go for a calculator? On the one hand my dude could still use a bit of practice manually multiplying but on the other hand it seems pretty laborious.
  3. Ausmumof3

    what is your 12 year old reading for fun?

    Rangers apprentice for the millionth time both my 12yo boy and 10yo girl.
  4. I reckon do the minimum clean up then do kon mari in order if you want to do konmari. It’s not the only way to declutter of course but the method works better if you follow it. of course we did it and now we are all recluttered so there is that. I recently did ds clothes and have stuff for the op but I don’t want to get rid of everything that doesn’t bring him joy because I feel like he’s going to need it in winter
  5. Ausmumof3

    12-yr old build nuclear reactor in bedroom

    I thought that was just a young Sheldon thing
  6. Ausmumof3

    What meals would work for our family?

    I think you’ll do best with modular meals where everyone can vary the amount of topping. For example you could do baked potatoes and your vegetarian daughter can top hers with beans and salad, maybe sour cream and cheese, you can add as much bacon/shredded chicken and cheese as you need and your dh can load up on the vegetables and lean chicken and skip the cheese and sour cream. You can serve steak, a side salad and wedges with a nuts and seeds topping for the salad that your dh doesn’t eat.
  7. I do think you are probably going to get a different answer from the hive than elsewhere. You have a group that’s filtered to people who place some level of value on books and academic education, and to some degree willing to forgo income to achieve that. I think 4 shirts is fine. In fact I think 3 is ok if you are organised with the laundry. If you want to glam it up use different scarves or necklaces but even then don’t go overboard. Isn’t it the French thing to have a few high quality items over lots of nasty ones and they are meant to be the best at fashion? Or is that just another one of those French stereotypes that’s actually rubbish. On the other hand if you love clothes and you can afford to have heaps without being unethical and you can keep them stored neatly - go for it. It’s no big deal. I think the accountant boss opinion is just wrong but less inappropriate if it was friend to friend than a strictly client to accountant relationship.
  8. I totally get that - I have some similar hang ups and my kids have too many new clothes and always the right shoes available for the sport they’re doing. Funnily enough they couldn’t care less and wear farm boots if they can get away with it. But I kind of feel like this is just the grown up version of the same dumb thing which is why it bugs me. also thinking about it - when I worked in an accountant office we’d rarely see the same client twice in a week. So it’s not really a matter of professional image it’s just a personal preference on the part of the boss which seems kinda wrong. Like I need you to wear multiple fashionable outfits to fit with the decor of my office or something.
  9. Well that was my childhood. I generally had two max three school uniforms and one school uniform jumper. If they needed washing they had to be washed and dried overnight. We dressed for casual and church mostly out of a giant bag of hand me downs supplemented with the occasional new purchase so make it all work. its not like that now because clothes are so much cheaper but the quality is also poorer so that handed down track pants etc are rarely even wearable. Fast fashion is destroying the planet and while I love having a put together looking wardrobe when I can manage it, I think the whole capsule wardrobe thing means you can do that with very few of anything.
  10. This stuff makes me feel ranty. Just a warning. So long as she’s neat and clean big flopping deal. I’ve worked as a receptionist on very little money and keeping four decent shirts in the wardrobe was a mission. I prefer to buy quality over cheap (or I did before having kids who trash stuff). Expecting everyone to have 10 shirts in rotation is just a huge ridiculous piece of western privilege right there. Either it means for being fairly wealthy or it means you are buying cheap slave labour clothes.
  11. Ausmumof3

    Ketogenic eating / adhd, asd, or LDs

    There was some kind of historical study of heights in Australia and the convict heights and kids of convicts were taller than the free immigrants. In spite of the abuse the convicts had a minimum food ration.
  12. We had a bull for a while. We also had a recycled tire swing in the paddock attached to the pine tree for the kids. Anyway one day we came home to find that the bull had put his head through and turned so he was caught in the chain with the swing around his neck. Some very tense moments while dh managed to get him untangled and out of there. He was always gentle though.
  13. Ausmumof3

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    We have nothing except cobwebs. The trim is a delightful off peach colour though! One day we’ll paint and decorate.