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  1. Lol yes the confused emoji is quite versatile!
  2. second hair dresser at the great clips salon also worked while infected potentially exposing 56 people.
  3. Yes or as we’ve seen and discussed with exponential growth for a whole lot of time if there’s extremely low numbers to start with it won’t look like much till it does.
  4. Yes. We had the couple here that went to the real estate auction and i thought cases would definitely take off but there was nothing. I read and I think shared an interesting thing yesterday. Apparently as well as RO there is another number they look at. So for an r0 of 2 we assume everyone infects two people but in fact with some viruses it’s more like 9 people infect no one and the last infects 20. They think covid may be more like that.
  5. I wonder if a pool party is slightly higher risk than other outdoor events because there tends to be a bit more yelling and spitting out water etc. also we don’t know for sure what was involved may have been some indoor time as well.
  6. Sweden’s former state epidemiologist is saying maybe they used the wrong strategy.
  8. no social distancing here disclaimer - I have no idea who the dude who tweeted this is
  9. I did get more a disgruntled employee vibe from the Florida lady and thought there might be more to that. I would like to see more on this because I suspect that wasn’t the full story but this article is using fairly loaded language/assumptions as well making it kind of hard to take at face value.
  10. not sure if this link will work but basically it’s an article saying length of time exposed is likely to be an important part of whether people get infected or not.
  11. mail facility for Colorado and Wyoming has five positive cases. Lucky we are no longer overly worried about surfaces
  12. There have been prepper types hoarding it since February. (Partly why although I don’t like the president I don’t think he’s solely responsible for any shortages or for anyone taking it inappropriately - people were doing those things before. He may have made it worse but it was always going to be a problem)
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