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  1. Ausmumof3

    Missing our sweet kitty

    I’m so sorry. 😔
  2. Ausmumof3

    Productivity apps recommendations?

    Yep you star as you complete then the stars reset on the days you choose
  3. Ausmumof3

    Productivity apps recommendations?

    If that’s really unclear you could pm me an email and I can send screenshots of how I did it.
  4. Ausmumof3

    Productivity apps recommendations?

    So you create a new routine then name it then go into edit. You will see a field that says something like “show in every month and do not reset stars” or something similar. There’s a small arrow next to it. If you touch the arrow it should open a box where you can edit the settings for that routine. In that section you can set routine type (weekly, bi weekly, monthly, annual). Below that there are check boxes where you can select which days the routine shows and which days it resets. For me I set up one routine for daily tasks then one weekly routine for each day of the week that shows and resets on that day. You can also create a monthly routine and choose which months to show and reset those tasks. Does that make sense? You can’t do individual tasks to show and reset but you create a routine that shows and resets at certain times that has the tasks in it for that time.
  5. Ausmumof3

    Productivity apps recommendations?

    Yes! And it is the only one I’ve ever found that works well for that
  6. Ausmumof3

    Productivity apps recommendations?

    The only one that works well for me is home routines. I do use the iPhone calendar. But I schedule pretty much all recurring tasks through home routines even school stuff.
  7. Ausmumof3

    Geography help

    Around the world in 100 years is a great read aloud the covers explorers and how they gradually added detail and information to the maps. A child’s introduction to the world is an ok read aloud. If you do small sections for this age. Elizabeth Hammils “over the hills and far away” is a good nursery rhyme anthology from different cultures and places. It has gorgeous pictures. You could also check out “give your child the world” for some good lists of read alouds by country.
  8. Ausmumof3

    What do to you all think?

    Well I wouldn’t rely on that. I had a childhood friend who was being abused by a relative and it only came out when she was over 30.
  9. Ausmumof3

    Not sure this worked out

    I would have a second opinion. Different dentists have a different threshold of what needs filling because extremely minor cavities can recalcify if you have a healthy diet.
  10. Ausmumof3

    What do to you all think?

    Well but if she’d been abused by him and was now forced by family court to leave them with him full time or whatever that would feel like a pretty physically risky situation I think.
  11. Ausmumof3

    What do to you all think?

    Well yes and if she was mentally ill that should have been accounted for in the sentencing surely?
  12. Ausmumof3

    What do to you all think?

    And yes without any inside knowledge whatsoever it seemed like this was less a random stranger and more a group known for helping in those situations.
  13. Ausmumof3

    What do to you all think?

    Well that was part of what was convincing to me. I assumed she must have been extremely desperate to act in that way. As far as the 8 months goes I wouldn’t think that was long enough for stuff to surface. Abuse often only comes to the surface after the kids are fully grown. And he may never be or have been violent to the kids it may only have been her. But I guess thats assuming she is mentally well and making rational decisions. but even so paedophiles here sometimes only get 12 months or 2 years. And she got a year and half.
  14. Ausmumof3

    Stuff on teaching reading

    Eta reading back through the thread my reply probably seems overly simplistic for all you have going on but I’m still going to leave it up just in case anything is helpful.
  15. Ausmumof3

    Stuff on teaching reading

    Haven’t read the whole thread but this year my 4th grader has finally taken off with reading for pleasure. To address to motivation thing what I’ve done with each of my kids is basically bribed them to read. For every ten books they get a prize and there is also a premiers reading challenge here where they get a medal for reading a certain number of books. I was worried the bribery would be counterproductive but it wasn’t. They started reading for the rewards and ended up reading because they were hooked! also loads of read alouds help which it sounds like you also have covered off. Also reading is the only allowed activity after bedtime. all that said we don’t have major learning challenges I don’t think. The fourth grader showed some signs of dyslexia but ultimately everything is improving dramatically this year. She still misses occasional small words when reading aloud but that’s because the predictive text feature in her brain is going too fast I think. so basically we address motivation with a reward system, modelling that books are a pleasurable and enjoyable experience, and a quiet time when the options are read or sleep. If you haven’t already checked it out, Read Aloud Revival has soo many good ideas for reluctant readers.
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