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  1. I’m so sorry, Larla! I hope you start feeling better very soon!
  2. That is such a good point, Pen! Considering what we have learned in this thread, it is actually worse if he wants the job than if he doesn’t.
  3. I agree completely. And seriously, why would anyone send their child overseas to take a menial job in a slaughterhouse, of all places??? That sounds more like a terrible punishment than a job opportunity. I can imagine it ending horribly on so many levels for this poor young man. 😞
  4. I was worried about the knives because it wasn’t just one illegal knife, and this young man is very intelligent so I assumed he knew they were illegal. And combined with the other very disturbing details Yael included in her posts... I would be very concerned about what he may have planned to do with those illegal knives.
  5. Am I the only one who is trying to put the pieces together and figure out who these people are? 😁 I really need to get a life.
  6. Oh no! I’m so sorry! And how rotten of them to not even bother to let you know! I’m glad to hear your dd was accepted into the Pre-K, though.
  7. Are there any similar camps closer to home where he might be able to get the same kind of job?
  8. Ok, I’m not sure how to phrase this, so I will just come out and say it, and hope I’m not being too blunt. I find it terrifying that your son actively researched how much it would cost him to have his teacher killed or maimed. There is nothing normal or typical about that. That is SCARY. And the idea that you are sending your son — who has not only made violent threats but who has also had illegal weapons and has researched how to have someone hurt or killed — to live with another family and babysit their children, seems extremely reckless to me. Does the family in Japan know all of these details? Because if you told me these things about your son, I will be honest with you, I wouldn’t want him in my house or anywhere near my children. If they only know him from before his behavior changed so dramatically, they may have no idea what they have agreed to. Finally, your son has spent much of his life in a very regimented and extremely educationally challenging environment. Are you sure that putting him into another highly controlled situation where he will be working extremely hard is the solution? Are you sure that he won’t feel like you are trying to get rid of him by sending him so far away? And if he gets into trouble in Japan, can you get there in a hurry to help him? I know you are doing everything you can, and it sounds like he is trying to be more cooperative, so I’m not sure I understand how it will help to send him so far away when he is currently so troubled. If your whole family was going, it would make a lot more sense to me. Maybe I have missed something in your posts that clarifies these things, and if I have, I apologize. Edited to add: Also, aren’t you concerned that working in a slaughterhouse might be very traumatizing and potentially psychologically damaging for your son?
  9. I’m so sorry, Yael. I will pray for your family. I wish I could do more than that, but all I can do is agree with the suggestions that have already been made here.
  10. I’m so sorry, Farrar. It’s so hard to lose someone you love, and a lot of needless drama and competition makes it even worse.
  11. I agree. I hate it that I’m thinking this way, but I’m wondering if the mom and her fiancé thought Maleah was too much trouble because of her medical issues and they felt she required too much care, so they wanted to be rid of her. It’s just awful.
  12. Yes, and given the history here, it seems awfully odd that the mom originally acted like she didn’t suspect a thing. Her story doesn’t ring true to me at all.
  13. I agree with you on that! It’s too big a gamble, particularly when you haven’t exactly been swamped with offers and you would like to sell as quickly as possible. If you get an offer, it’s not worth losing the sale over a few thousand dollars — and every time you go back and forth, there’s a risk that the buyers will either view you as unreasonable or that they will have kept looking and found another house in the meantime. Praying they offer enough that you can just say SOLD and not even have to negotiate!
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