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  1. Do you think he might enjoy something like a 3D printer? There are some nice options available, and many prices are lower than last year.
  2. I’m just seeing this now, Dawn. I’m so sorry to hear what’s going on, and will keep praying for Lillian.
  3. You are being way too kind. I was so awful and you’re still being nice to me. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I’m just so sorry. I could make a bunch of excuses to try to make people feel sorry for me, but no matter how lousy I’m feeling today, there was no reason for me to be such an idiot.
  4. You are absolutely right. I was completely out of line. I wish I could use that as an excuse, but I won’t lie — I posted it on purpose. I shouldn’t post when I’m having a terrible day. I know. I’m very sorry. I was a complete jerk. I have no excuse, and all I can do is apologize. I don’t know what came over me today.
  5. Does your local YMCA offer seasonal memberships? It might be a much nicer atmosphere for you.
  6. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking to post this. I have no excuse. 😞
  7. Did you go? I hope you were able to get some medicine and that you will feel better very soon!
  8. But it sounds like you and your family are still having a WOW Christmas, and as long as all of you are on the same page, that’s great! You’re not in competition with anyone to do the holiday a certain way, and you should keep on doing whatever makes all of you happy. If you’d posted that your family loves to receive gifts at Christmas but you can’t be bothered with the shopping, I would think that was selfish and that you should suck it up and go buy some presents, but as long as everyone is happy with going on the trip instead, it’s all good, right? As for us, we will be sticking with our usual more-is-more approach to Christmas. I make no apologies for the excess and consumerism. 🙂
  9. Darn it. I missed it. And I was in the mood for some good snark, too! 😁
  10. Why not see if you can spend a little extra on ds13? In my mind, “fair” would be that all of your kids are equally happy with their gifts. If you spend a little more on one and a little less on another, the kids probably won’t care on Christmas morning when they are excitedly opening their presents. (I’m not talking about a huge difference — even an extra $5-10 can sometimes be all you need to go from a decent gift to a great one, particularly with all of the sales that are going on right now.) I wouldn’t return any of the gifts you bought — they sound great! Can you arrange to take your older son shopping with you without the younger kids, and see what he gravitates toward? You can tell him you’re looking for ideas for his gifts and see if he heads straight to Dick’s Sporting Goods or GameStop or Hot Topic or ThinkGeek — or maybe it will be a store that you never would have expected! 🙂
  11. Well, that’s depressing. Why does the magic of giving gifts to our loved ones have to stop? There doesn’t have to come a time where there isn’t the WOW in Christmas. It’s all about attitude. And your attitude seems to be anti-presents, so it has probably rubbed off on your kids. My house looks like a Christmas decoration store exploded in here 😀, so we are all in the Christmas spirit already, and Christmas shopping is a favorite thing for all of us, too. Maybe presents don’t satisfy you or your family, but that simply isn’t the case for all families. We donate quite a bit, especially around the holidays and we also celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, but that won’t replace the magic of lots of presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Even if we were traveling on Christmas (which we wouldn’t do unless it was absolutely necessary,), there would still be presents. And lots of WOW. The biggest WOW is watching our family open the gifts we have carefully chosen for each other. I hope you and your family have a WOW Christmas on your vacation — and I hope your kids think the trip is a great Christmas present!
  12. I would assume that’s why the OB-GYN suggested using the K-Y jelly. It actually sounds like a good way to practice, and it never would have occurred to me to suggest it. Edited to add — Looks like Farrar already posted the same thing I did. I have to stop posting before I read all of the other replies first! 🙂
  13. I’m so sorry, Kathy! Of all times to be home alone without a car so you could go get him! I’m glad he wasn’t hurt, but I wish he had someone there with him. He sounds so sweet.
  14. Wow, a catchy tune by some guy singing about a girl... that narrows it right down! 😉
  15. Yes! And let’s not forget that all of those dimwitted lonely Hallmark women also just happen to be glamorous, hugely successful executives who live in beautiful 10 million dollar Manhattan apartments and have handsome, well-dressed, wealthy-but-shallow fiancés, but they end up chucking it all after they go to a tiny rural town to help their aging Grandpa, and find lifelong bliss after falling in love with the down-to-earth, jeans and plaid shirt type of guy-with-a-heart-of-gold who owns the local hardware store. Totally realistic.
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