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  1. I’m right there with you. And if I was the boyfriend’s parent, he wouldn’t be going on that trip.
  2. Well, if her wallet was stolen and she actually has plenty of money, I would think she would have no problem paying you back. I would definitely ask her for it, and I would also ask why she has been blowing you off about the babysitting instead of just being honest with you.
  3. I would never buy a washer with only 3.2 capacity. Way too small!
  4. I remember being told to avoid the frozen coconut and pineapple things on a stick because they often have little bits of the fruit fibers in them, and the coconut didn’t count as clear liquid.
  5. I put apple cider vinegar on bug bites, and my dh always says, “You smell like a salad. What bit you?”
  6. @lynn — How is your dd feeling now? I hope the medications worked and she isn’t in pain any more!
  7. I am so glad that I am not the only person who has to watch the YouTube video every year.
  8. There is nothing more that you or your dh could have done. You were being so careful! You and the kids were hardly going anywhere, and your dh couldn’t help it that he had to go to work in person. And your dh wore a mask like he was supposed to! There is literally nothing more that your family could have done. I am so, so sorry for what happened. It was just the worst, most terrible luck ever. But never think for a moment that you could have prevented it. Sending you lots of hugs.
  9. Congratulations to your dd and her fiancé! 🎉
  10. Wow! I would love to see your mom’s work!
  11. This idiot didn’t even bother to post a fake reply to the thread. Go away, Samanthalemanski. If you can’t be an entertaining troll, just be gone.
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