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  1. Catwoman


    I agree. Her sister should make sure her dd does what’s right. Selling the horse is WRONG and there is no way to defend it.
  2. Catwoman


    You were telling her the truth, so she can suck it up and deal with it!
  3. Catwoman


    I don’t blame you a bit!!!
  4. Catwoman


    Well, it seems pretty obvious that you wouldn’t have wanted the horse to be sold. Your sister certainly knows that!
  5. Catwoman


    I agree! And I can’t imagine that her niece’s mom said “she would talk to her dd.” What is there to talk about???
  6. Catwoman


    Wow. I would be livid, too!
  7. Technically, Quill doesn’t have to chaperone them now, either — it sounds like the girl’s parents are perfectly willing to do it, so if it’s too much of a nuisance for Quill, she can change her mind about wanting the kids to split their time 50/50 between the two houses and let the girl’s parents deal with the supervision.
  8. That's a good point. We have no idea why the girl's parents are so worried. Maybe the mom got pregnant at 14 and she's scared to death that her dd will make the same mistake she made. Maybe she was date raped when she was in high school. Or maybe something is going on in the family's life right now and they are at the point where they can't stand the thought of even one more thing going wrong, so they are being ultra-protective of their dd. We have no idea. Realistically, the kids probably won't date for too long, anyway, and if they do, the parents will probably grow to like and trust Quill's son fairly quickly, so hopefully they will start to loosen the reins a little bit. And I agree with unsinkable that the mom needs to realize that Quill can't assure 100% supervision. It's just not realistic. If Quill is home when the kids are there and the kids are always in common areas of the house and they're not cuddling under blankets or going out into the woods together, I would hope that would eventually be good enough for the girl's parents. If not, Quill will have to decide whether or not she wants to continue the constant supervision.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! He is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I’m so sorry you had to go through all of the fear and drama during labor, but thank God everything turned out fine for you and the baby. I am so happy for you!!!
  10. Quill, what is it like when your ds spends time at the girl’s house? Does he enjoy being there? Are the parents nice? Is a parent in the room with them at all times? Does he feel like they’re staring at him all the time? I’m curious about how things work at their house.
  11. I think we all agree that Quill’s rules are fine, but the girl’s parents don’t feel the same way, and if Quill wants the kids to spend equal time in both homes, she will have to either comply with their wishes or she will have to lie to them and say she’s complying. Otherwise, the parents are likely to forbid their dd to visit Quill’s home.
  12. Yes, same here! It seemed important to Quill that the kids spend time at her home and not always be at the girl’s house, and it appears that the only way to make that happen is for Quill to supervise the kids very closely. I don’t think anyone has suggested that the girl’s parents’ requirements are reasonable, but unless Quill wants to lie to them, she can either play helicopter mom for a few hours when the girl visits, or accept the fact that the girl probably won’t be allowed in her home. My hope is that the parents will loosen up once some time has passed and they become more comfortable with the idea of their dd dating. It’s a nuisance for Quill, but her ds seems to want to date the girl and Quill wants them to spend time in her home, so unfortunately she doesn’t have a lot of options here.
  13. I would be very upset if I found out that my 14yo child (male or female) was sexually active. I’m so glad I never had that concern with my ds. Contraception would be only one of my worries. I don’t care how much sex education a kid has had — I still don’t believe that 14yos are either psychologically or emotionally ready to have sex.
  14. Not me! I want to know about everything my ds19 is willing to discuss with me! He can have privacy if he wants it, but I am extremely happy that he is very open with me and that he’s not embarrassed to discuss all kinds of topics with me. I want him to feel comfortable coming to me to talk about anything he chooses.
  15. That would certainly seem to be the most logical reason for the parents’ behavior. I feel very sorry for the girl if she has done nothing to warrant her parents’ extreme rules and concerns.
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