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  1. Don't be ashamed! Realistically, we know you could do it all on your own, but thank goodness you’re getting some help so you won’t be quite so exhausted. Give yourself some grace. You have nothing to prove. If people offer help, just accept it and say thank you!
  2. Catwoman

    When is it worth it to buy a more expensive house?

    Based on everything you posted, I would move. 🙂
  3. Catwoman

    "Getting a job" woes

    This may be a stupid question, but are you 100% certain that your advisor is correct about the requirement that it be a paying job? It seems like an odd requirement, so it might be worth going over her head (covertly) and finding out for sure.
  4. Catwoman

    When is it worth it to buy a more expensive house?

    Is the new house bigger and better than your current home, or is it the same size or smaller? Is the new neighborhood nicer or about the same? Are property values more stable (or rising/falling) in either area? Will your family be leaving lots of great friends and neighbors if you move?
  5. Have you confronted him about it? Sadly, if that is his attitude despite knowing how overwhelmed you are and how worried the kids must be about him, you may have no choice but to shift your priorities away from taking care of him while he is in the hospital. You can’t be everywhere at once, and it sounds like you are essentially a single parent in every way right now, so I must admit that I’m changing my perspective on the whole situation and I now feel that because you have been very selfless up until now, with apparently little if any appreciation from your partner, it’s time to focus most of your energy on your children, particularly your son, and let the hospital staff take care of your partner. If he needs more visitors, he can contact his friends or ask his parents to be there with him. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone in his condition, but the fact that he is self-absorbed to the point of not even asking about his children or worrying about how you are managing on your own is simply not right. I’m so sorry, Stella.
  6. That happened to me once, too! The guy seemed annoyed that he had to get back into his car and turn off the lights, like it was my fault he had to do it. I have to admit that I regretted having been nice, but if I hadn’t said anything, it would have been mean, and most people would have appreciated it. I have had people tell me my headlights were on, and I always thank them, even though my cars have their headlights set to stay on for a little while after I get out of the car so I can see where I’m walking in dark places.
  7. “You’re welcome! I hope the van doesn’t accidentally roll over you or anything.” Or would that not be neighborly enough? 😉 What a jerk!!!
  8. He shouldn’t be consumed with his own health to the point where he is not involved or interested in things that are happening to his family. Talk to him about it. Get him involved. He’s sick and in the hospital, but he’s still a partner and a father, and it may ultimately do him good to focus on someone other than himself. Obviously, he needs your love and support, but you need his love and support, as well. If he is getting good care in the hospital, let him know you will be there whenever he needs you, but that you need to focus on the current crisis with your son right now. I’ll pray for your family, but I wish I could do more.
  9. Catwoman

    Check it out, them's my kids! lol

    What a great picture! They are both lovely, but my favorite part of the picture is that they’re holding hands and are obviously having such a great time together.
  10. Catwoman

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Hopefully, laying down the law will be the shock your dh needs to make him realize he can’t continue to be his own worst enemy, and that you’re not going to enable him to sabotage his health. Good for you! You said what needed to be said.
  11. Catwoman

    Pregnancy and cramping

    No disrespect intended toward your midwife, but I would recommend going in to see your OBGYN. It’s probably nothing serious, but why take any chances on your health or your baby’s health? We can make all kinds of assumptions and give you lots of ideas and encouragement, but ultimately, a doctor is the only one who can (hopefully,) give you a definitive answer and ease your mind.
  12. Catwoman

    RNY: Surgery Update

    You look AMAZING!!!!! I love reading your updates!
  13. Catwoman

    I need new meat meals

    He bought it without even telling you? Yikes. What if you didn’t want all that beef? That was a LOT of meat to buy without talking to you about it first!
  14. Catwoman

    Post Holiday Family drama, updated

    Thank you for the update — I’m glad you have a plan going forward, and I’m especially happy to hear that your ds felt that you stood up for him and that he knows he can count on you and your dh to protect him.
  15. Catwoman

    I think I am convinced to build

    I love it, Scarlett!
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