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  1. Can you refinish it instead of painting it? The wood looks like it's good quality and it has a nice grain.
  2. I think I may be the only person on the planet who is entirely unimpressed by Joanna Gaines' sense of style. Joanna and Chip seem like nice people and their kids are adorable, but I thought the renovations on their TV show were mostly all very similar and predictable, and I don't care for Joanna's furniture or accessory lines, either, and would never buy any of it. I think her talent is incredibly over-rated, but I'm clearly in the minority because she is very popular!
  3. I’m glad she responded and that you can go get the table and chairs! And obviously, forum rules require that you post before and after photos. 😉
  4. I’m so impressed with your son — he has made such great strides since last year when he wasn’t even sure he wanted to return to school! I think he will do just fine in his new job. Try not to project your worries and insecurities on to him — do your best to assume that he will succeed without your help, and I’m sure he will prove you right! Congratulations to your son, and the best of luck to him in the new school year and the new job!
  5. I’m so sorry. Moving can be so stressful. Things will probably start to look better once you’ve had a bit of time to calm down and relax a little after all the stress of the move. You are probably still exhausted!
  6. We have clients of all ages, and most still prefer to call rather than text when it’s a business discussion.
  7. I’m so sorry. That’s just awful. I will pray for her and her family.
  8. I was thinking the same thing, Carol. Just one example — I’m pretty sure Ellie sells Amway products, yet in all of her years here, she has never tried to push her products on anyone or gone out of her way to post Amway-related suggestions when people post threads asking for product recommendations. She is completely low-key about it, and she is even gracious in anti-MLM threads. I think we all resent the pushy MLM salespeople, but there are quite a few who are subtle about it, and I don’t mind them. Mostly, I feel sorry for the people who are desperate for extra income and fall for the get-rich-quick hype espoused by many hard sell MLM companies, only to end up losing a lot of time and money (and friends!) in the end (and probably also have a ton of worthless inventory stacked up in their garage that they can’t even get rid of for pennies on the dollar.)
  9. If you left her a voicemail and sent her multiple texts, I would assume she isn’t coming back and not give this another thought.
  10. Why did you keep texting her instead of just giving her a call? My assumption is that she’s not coming back, though.
  11. Never mind! I was being too nosy! Carry on.... 🙂
  12. It’s so weird that they didn’t come out! Do you think they were worried because their car was parked illegally? I’m sorry the friend’s mom didn’t want to get the police involved.
  13. Did you call the police so they could file a report and also ticket the illegally parked car?
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