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  1. I’m so glad he seems to be doing better! He is ADORABLE!!!
  2. Praying for you and your mom, TexasProud.
  3. Praying for the little toad! Also praying for your dd because I’m sure she feels awful about this, even though I’m sure it was an accident. 😞
  4. I’m so sorry, @I talk to the trees. 😞 @Jann in TX — I will pray for your nephew!
  5. @Elizabeth86 — When will you be getting your test results? I hope you get good news soon!!!
  6. I’m so sorry, Scarlett. I feel so sad for your stepson, and for that innocent little baby. 😞 On the other hand, if she was going to end up being a wife who wanted to have sex with other men, it is probably a blessing that your ds’s discovered this now (and that she was open about it.) It’s just a shame that a baby is stuck in the middle of this mess. I will third the recommendation for a paternity test.
  7. Just checking in and hoping everything went well!
  8. Yes, it may not be him at all. Realistically, I’m sure neither of them is perfect, and it also sounds like her parents are way too involved in the marriage, which may be the primary problem here. Their best chance of making things work would probably be for them to put a little distance between themselves and her parents for a while, as it sounds like her parents have far too much influence over their relationship.
  9. Do you have any idea why she would have posted that? Could your dss be a lousy father or the kind of dh who is always out with his friends instead of being home for his own family? Could he have a problem with drugs or alcohol? I hope none of that is the case, but that meme was pretty accusatory, and your dh might want to ask his son about it.
  10. I’m sorry things aren’t going well for your dd, but I’m glad your surgery is over!
  11. Honestly, I would just use the disposables and call it a day. I definitely wouldn’t want to spend any time washing cups in the church kitchen due to potential Covid exposure, and I wouldn’t want to bring the cups home with me to wash them, either, so paper cups seem to be the most practical choice right now.
  12. @gardenmom5 — Thank you for posting this, Kristen, and also thanks to @prairiewindmomma for the additional tips! There were several things mentioned that wouldn’t have occurred to me, and I will try to remember them for the next time someone posts here looking for advice on how to escape an abusive relationship.
  13. I’m so glad she doesn’t need surgery, and I’m especially thankful that she is in a good hospital!
  14. I’m so glad your son is safe, Quill, and that no one was killed! It’s so hard to feel safe these days. 😞
  15. Catwoman


    Now I’m all mad that I missed the disturbing clown figurine post. 😉
  16. Oh no! I'm so sorry!!! But thank goodness you were smart enough to realize that something else was wrong, and to take her to the other hospital. She is so lucky to have you!!!
  17. Thank you for the update on this -- I had wondered whatever happened to the guy, particularly since there were people here on this forum who seemed to think at the time that the whole thing was a hoax.
  18. @lynn — How is your son feeling today? Has he seen another doctor about the memory loss and other symptoms?
  19. I'm so glad that the doctor seems concerned and that he won't send your mom home until the time is right. I'm also glad you guys are in a room with a door!!! (Who ever thought that would be a luxury?! 😉 ) Sending lots of healing thoughts to your mom, and Covid-repelling thoughts to both of you!!!
  20. Ugh! That sounds horrible! I wish they could at least find a bed for the woman who is vomiting -- both for her comfort and for others' safety. I hope your masks protect you and your mom and that your vaccines are effective. I wish you were able to wait in the car and be called when they are ready to see your mom. It is ridiculous that people have to sit in a crowded waiting room with contagious patients!!!
  21. Oh no! I’m so sorry this is happening to you and your mom!!! 😢
  22. We had J&J. My ds21 got a high fever for a very short time during the night, but was fine by morning. I was more tired than usual the night of the vaccine, but then I was ok after that. My dh was completely fine. Our arms were a little sore for a day or so, but nothing bothersome.
  23. Praying for your son!!! Is there another hospital in your area that may have a bed available for him?
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