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  1. People don’t seem to like FSBO listings where we live, either, so I don’t know much about how it works. Scarlett, how do you get people to know your house is for sale? Most people seem to go to or a similar site, and it seems like all of the for sale listings are all listed by Realtors. Can a homeowner list a house on any of the popular sites? I remember you said you had your house on the Make Me Move part of Zillow, but could you also list it as being For Sale? Sorry to be so clueless! 🙂
  2. I’m so sorry this whole process has been such a nightmare for you, Dawn. 😞
  3. I just saw this thread and I’m praying right now!
  4. Ok, that explains why you were talking to the parents. You probably felt sorry for your son’s friend and thought maybe you could help. You had no way of knowing the parents were so messed up, and then once you started learning more about them, you were probably even more concerned about their son, so you didn’t feel right about just walking away. 😞 But now I think it’s time to walk away from the mom. You can still be there for the kid if he needs to talk.
  5. I was thinking that if Dawn was kind enough to lend a sympathetic ear to the woman, she would also have been fine with meeting her for coffee, so that was why I interpreted “do stuff” as being more along the lines of “pick up my dry cleaning” or “move my sofa.” It didn’t seem like Dawn would have been annoyed with meeting the woman in person if she was already chatting with her on the phone regularly anyway, but I can see why she would be irritated with the woman if she was asking for favors without already having even bothered to meet Dawn in person first. I hope she lets us know because now I’m very curious!
  6. That is a very significant decrease in size! YAY!!!!
  7. I see what you mean! I was definitely reading the OP differently than you were, but you could very well be right! 🙂 Hopefully, Dawn will let us know what she meant.
  8. One thing I’m wondering — Dawn hasn’t mentioned whether or not the woman treats her as a friend, or simply as someone she thinks will listen to her ramble about her personal problems and as someone she can try get to do favors for her. Does she ask how Dawn is doing? If Dawn says she had a rotten day or is having a problem, does she ask for details and lend a sympathetic ear? Does she offer to give Dawn hand when Dawn needs help with something? Or does she call Dawn and complain for hours about her horrible ex, and then ask for favors, without showing any real concern about Dawn? I guess I’m wondering if she really wants to be friends with Dawn or if she just wants someone to listen to her complaints and do stuff for her. Dawn specifically said in her OP that she and the woman “aren’t even friends,” so I’m not getting the impression that the woman may not be making any real effort to be a friend to Dawn. I hope Dawn posts again to clarify, because I don’t want to misjudge the woman. But my initial impression is that the woman may just be using Dawn.
  9. I would agree with you if Dawn had frequently been meeting the woman in person to talk, but Dawn has never even met the woman in person and they wouldn’t even recognize each other if they were in the same place, so it strikes me as odd that the woman would think it was even remotely acceptable to start asking for favors, particularly one this big. Also, the woman knows that Dawn is in the middle of moving, so to ask her for such a big favor is even more unacceptable and nervy. I’m not viewing the woman as being vulnerable as much as I’m getting the impression that she is trying to take advantage of Dawn.
  10. I vote WEIRD! She sounds very nervy!
  11. Why are you thinking you should be able to do more? Honestly, when I read your post, I was worried that you are overdoing it! Don’t be a hero. Let other people do the housework and grocery shopping for a while!
  12. It’s so kind of your son to want to find a way to include the boy in the activities. Your son shouldn’t have to be responsible for handling this on his own, but if no one else seems to be supervising and if the boy is nonverbal, maybe your son could ask the boy’s parents what they think their son would like to do. Again, your son sounds like such a nice young man!
  13. I love Wile E. Coyote. And I have always loved Road Runner cartoons!
  14. Just an FYI because you keep bees — if you get stung by any kind of bee or wasp, immediately douse it with lots of apple cider vinegar (just regular Heinz works fine.) It will take the pain away almost instantly, and it’s also great for preventing swelling, even with multiple stings in the same area. I once accidentally stuck my hand into a yellow jacket nest and was stung on that hand more times than I care to remember, but I ran right into the house and poured vinegar on my hand, and the effect was practically magical! It had always helped with other bug bites so it was the first thing I thought to do when I got stung, and I ended up with no real swelling at all, except you could see tiny bumps where all of the stingers went into my hand. But really, I was amazed that I didn’t have to rush to the ER or something!
  15. I’m wondering, too! I hope things are improving.
  16. Thank you for the update! I have NOT been stalking this thread waiting to hear from you!!! (Ok, yes I have!)
  17. Mine was, too! Oh well, at least we were clueless together! 😁
  18. Have you checked the crash test ratings of the Highlander yet? I remembered having recently seen this news story and I thought you should see it. The accident involved a 2017 Highlander.
  19. Well, it was nice of her dh to show up... and then there is the added bonus that Mrs. B!tchy Liarpants was probably seething when she found out that her dh attended without her. 😉
  20. I just called a friend who drives an Enclave, and she told me to tell you that when you test drive it, be sure to park it in a parking lot in spaces where you have to turn left into the parking space. She said she has no trouble turning right into parking spots, but when she’s turning left, it’s hard for her to gauge exactly where the front end of the car is, because of the way the hood curves downward in the front of the car. She said that even with the parking sensors, she still worries that she might hit the car next to her. (She has never actually hit anything, but she’s leery.) She also said that if turning left into the space is easy for you, turn right into a different space, just to make sure you’re comfortable parking from both directions. She used to drive an Escalade and she didn’t have the same issue, so that’s why she wanted me to mention it to you. 🙂
  21. When you're shopping for a car, they may be called ventilated seats or cooled seats, but it’s the same thing. 🙂 The first time I bought a car that had them, I thought I would never use them... but when the weather got hot, I started using them all the time, and since then, I haven’t bought a car without them!
  22. Oh, wow! You may be right about that! I just re-read her OP and I can see how it could be interpreted either way! 🙂
  23. To each his own. I’m just saying that the only people I see driving Buick Enclaves are women in their 40’s and 50’s. An ambitious young man may want to look like he’s driving his own vehicle and not like he’s borrowing his mom’s car. This has nothing to do with Kristen’s son “being his own person.” If he loves the Enclave, he should buy one, but I got the impression that he has just started looking around and she was looking for some input from the Hive. A Prius is actually a very popular car among eco-conscious drivers, so I’m surprised anyone has given your ds a hard time about it.
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