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  1. Reported. What is it with the toenail fungus spammers lately?
  2. I’m so sorry you didn’t get the job you wanted. 😞
  3. Thank you for the update, maize! He has made such amazing progress and it must be wonderful for you and the kids.
  4. I’m so glad he got the prize he had been promised and that he deserved.
  5. Well, isn’t this just great. 🤬 First I found out that I may be the only human being on the planet who has never been to a potluck, but I dealt with it because I figured, hey, it’s just the one thing. AND NOW THIS. I have never even heard of a meat raffle. I was thinking it was some sort of trashy slang for bidding on a male stripper to come to your house. But no. It’s an actual raffle with actual meat. I am so out of the loop.
  6. I hope you get the job, Angie!!!
  7. Good luck!!!!!!!!!
  8. I think you and I must have different definitions of “religious.” 🙂 In my world, a “follower of Messiah” would be considered to be a religious person. (No perfection required. 😉)
  9. Wait a second — what happened to the beautiful $8,000 refrigerator that you were buying for only $800? (I still remember that thread because it seemed like the bargain of a lifetime and I was so happy for you!) Why aren’t you taking that one with you to the new house?
  10. Yes, I do think you will regret that. Three cubic feet is a big difference in capacity.
  11. Yay!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Have a great vacation — you deserve it!
  12. Forget about the comedy show. For that price, I want John Crist to come paint my house.
  13. Sheryl, I know you are a very religious person, so I was wondering if you have considered a degree in a faith-related subject area, like some type of theology or Christian counseling. You might really enjoy something like that.
  14. No matter how many times I read them, that woman and her son’s comments sound bizarre to me, and I wouldn’t have anything more to do with those people. This may be a perfectly innocent situation, but I think when you reach the point of trying to find a way to interpret someone’s comments to justify them and to try to make them sound normal, I don’t think it’s worth taking any chances, mainly because there is absolutely no need for Shiloh to be friends with that particular dog. I would just politely decline any future invitations and move on.
  15. I agree!!! I’m also not sure why you are so desperate to find playdates for your dog that you advertised on NextDoor. No offense, but that in itself seems odd to me. It’s like you’re trying to be the perfect homeschool mom... to your dog. He doesn’t need dog friends so badly or so quickly that you have to try this hard to find them. Plenty of dogs have very little interaction with other dogs and they live very happy lives with their human families, so this doesn’t have to be such a huge, immediate concern. Others here have come up with lots of great ideas for you to meet new people and new dogs in a more natural and spontaneous way over time. It seems like you are over-thinking and over-planning all of this. Ditch this crazy woman and move on. Because this woman wants your dog to sleep in her son’s bed. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. THAT IS WEIRD AND CREEPY AND OBSESSIVE. I know you want the best for your dog, but you are taking this socialization thing way too seriously. And please, stay off NextDoor! Finding new friends shouldn’t involve online advertising and an interview process.
  16. Why would you even consider leaving your dog at her house? Honestly, the woman sounds weird to me, and I wouldn’t be arranging any more puppy play dates with her at all.
  17. Sending hugs. I hate days like that!!!
  18. Thanks for telling me -- I will check on that when I get home. In the meantime, I just sent you a PM! 🙂
  19. I would assume so. How could a person swear to uphold the law if his own family was exempt from following the law?
  20. Or... the police officer father should have thought about the possibility of losing his job and his retirement benefits before he allowed his son to deal drugs. This goes way beyond “making some poor parenting decisions,” and it is made even worse by the fact that the father’s job is to uphold and enforce the law. Are we really supposed to give someone a pass for committing crimes because stopping that person from being a criminal would have a negative financial impact on his family? That seems ridiculous to me. Where do we draw the line? How bad does the crime have to be before a person should be reported? If dealing drugs isn’t enough, what is? Would you really be the family friend who said, “Oh, well, of course everyone knows that Bob Smith is robbing people, killing them, and tossing their bodies in the dumpster behind Taco Bell, but his family is so nice and they need that money, so we all decided not to report him.”
  21. YAY!!! Congratulations!!! I hope everything works out and you can get the house you want!
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