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  1. So if you unfollow them do you get notifications if you are tagged for an event or a pic?
  2. Wow, that’s nuts. My MIL used to post before the people involved in the event did and didn’t ask. We forgave her and moved on. Your aunt needs a chill pill.
  3. Snoozing is the best! I was wondering where my one conspiracy friend went and was impressed that she stopped posting so much, and then I remembered I snoozed her. Haha!
  4. I’ve tried, but people do events and group messages that I need to see. Plus, I need to be aware of what my adult friends and family are posting so I can have a heads up with what my teens are seeing, especially my child with FASD. Right now I’m taking a break from posting anything except local lost dogs, food bank days, etc. That helps. 😊
  5. Yes, when I was on Twitter I used a fake name do I wouldn’t have to deal with the drama.
  6. My people act so different in real life in general. I worry, but usually they tone down their rhetoric in person.
  7. You can bet I’m seeing the wisdom in that, particularly with the extended family.
  8. Do your families interact on FB if they don’t have a relationship otherwise? My sweet, narrow minded mother-in-law posted an inaccurate, opinionated meme today. I wanted to correct it, but I save my battles, usually for racial issues, and do so privately. So I let it go as I do most of her posts. She just doesn’t think things through. My not-so-sweet opinionated mom rarely posts on FB, but has started getting a bit more active lately. You see where this is going. My mom answered with a snippy comment and then M-I-L had a friend that answered my mom with a snide comment. They
  9. One of the things that your post made me think of was name tags. Instead of worrying about people forgetting names, they just started using name tags. That would accomplish two things: the loved one remembers names longer and continues to use names after she has forgotten.
  10. I’m no good at linking from YouTube, but if you search dementia and Montessori you will see several videos.
  11. It is a very hard road. We walked it with my grandfather and a doctor recently recommended I be tested for dementia. That was hard to hear at my relatively young age, and I declined. I have paid attention to therapies, and recently saw a video about the Montessori method of dealing with dementia problems. It is yielding much better results than conventional approaches. It seems it would be easier on caregivers as well.
  12. It’s how they are used, I suppose. Many people don’t understand the difference between kinds of guns and their uses and react to how they look. As a side note, I read an article on The Hill today advocating background checks as the first policy the Biden administration tackle. A main reason listed was that a very high number of Americans agree with the need for such a policy. I found that very encouraging. Oh, and I wasn’t responding to your comment about shooting the virus. 😂 Just the comments below that.
  13. Frankly, this isn’t true. Plenty of Americans don’t like seeing groups of people walking around with big guns, especially at a rally that has nothing to do with gun rights. I live in Michigan, and we thought it was stupid, unnecessary,and inflammatory for militia members to do so at protests. However, when a group of black men from our state who advocate for their right to uphold the second amendment held an event *for that purpose* at the capital, we were fine with it,(displaying guns) and I’m happy to report they were perfectly safe at their event.
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