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  1. One “out” for you is the legality of the foster care agreement. Isn’t it true that if you have a foster child, she was not part of the initial home study and so she cannot be part of the household with the child there? When we applied for a license every member of the household was evaluated. It’s not your fault that the law requires these things and you have to follow the law. As far as her situation, I would call a local housing non-profit and ask for direction. They will have more resources than you. If she isn’t willing to go through a charitable agency to get housing, there i
  2. One of One, that's hilarious. My 2 yr old grandson has a chicken named One because they got nine chicks. His parents kept telling him, "One will be yours." You will have one." etc. LOL Then the chicks arrive, and they ask him what he wants to name his chick. Well, duh, it already has a name. 😂
  3. Perhaps someone has answered you, but I’ll answer anyway. I am a Michigander. That is right. However, in her address to Michigan the day she handed down the new restrictions she very clearly said that if you aren’t going to the store for medicine, groceries or other essentials you should stay home. It caused a lot of confusion. Many of her restrictions have been confusing, or arbitrary as in the case of lottery tickets and liquor stores being essential. I’m speaking objectively as a citizen that knows she has a hard job.
  4. At first that came across to me as an announcement that your husband is still alive, in case anyone thought otherwise. 😂😂
  5. These stories are incredible. It really reveals what people are like when they go through a major life change. I forgot about the realtor who added a zero at the end of our offer. That would have been almost a million for our starter house. LOL Then there was the realtor who worked as a team with the seller's realtor instead of representing us and questioned us about how we knew valuable information about the process. She and the other realtor were wondering how we knew that. It burned me that she got paid when my mom was the realtor(former) who educated us on what to do when
  6. Me, too. I really wanted to sell our house to a nice young couple instead of the guy who sat in the yard. Oh, well.
  7. I totally get this. My last kitchen was huge, but the island was so big that it made the work area into a galley kitchen. It was a spec house and I think the builder thought cooks would love that island. Nope! We actually bought the house in foreclosure because he couldn't get it sold.
  8. Interesting that he was that motivated to mow, but just a little.
  9. Unbelievable. It sounds like our sellers are twins! That is an incredible amount of junk to leave behind. 15 rusted saw blades? I love this house, but it also has lots of problems that were hidden and mostly things he did himself. When we went through the house we loved the walk in shower in one bath, but the light and fan switch were on the shower wall, so we asked for that to be brought to code. He bought an ugly exterior weather proof box and put it over the switches....in the upgraded bath his wife had carefully designed. 🙄
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