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  1. Not a video, but these instructions work fine. Despite what they suggest, you don't actually have to use any particular type of flour; rye or whole wheat is great, but plain old supermarket all-purpose flour will also work. The yeast is already in the air all around you, and it will eat anything starchy or sugary that you offer it. https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/blog/2012/04/05/creating-your-own-sourdough-starter-the-path-to-great-bread Seamus Blackley, of XBox (I think?-- this isn't my area) fame, has some fascinating threads on gathering wild yeast from different places, and esp
  2. I'm so glad to see this thread. We've been thinking about getting a bicycle attachment for one of our dogs, too. We'd bike on our own quiet residential street, and possibly on a nearby bike trail which has no motorized vehicles at all. I'm still debating the whole idea, though, as well as which attachment looks best.
  3. Yes. It's one of the "clubs" in the current board configuration. Go through the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to "browse," then "clubs." You can ask @Amira to be able to join.
  4. I'm so glad you're back; I always appreciated your voice and have missed you here.
  5. This is disappointing. She could have stayed and helped invoke the 25th Amendment.
  6. Would switching from virtual to hybrid mean a change of teachers and classes, along with possible trouble getting the classes your ds wants? Here it would. That's been mentioned as a warning to students who are considering that switch. It's not an issue if classes only last a semester, but maybe an argument for sticking with the status quo if they're year long.
  7. Holding your dd and all the other caregivers in my thoughts. I can't imagine what that's like for her, but she has my thanks and respect.
  8. 😄 Kinda? My mom was, albeit briefly, a biology teacher. She always remained a natural teacher, and having grown up with her own parents interested in and knowing about the local flora and fauna, she passed it all in to my brother and me. There were never formal lessons, but creatures were always identified by name, and if we didn't know what something was, we looked it up in the field guides, because we were all curious. Project FeederWatch has a good poster that helps with the common little brown (and other) birds.
  9. People often tend to use "natural" and "chemical" as opposites, but if we pause and consider, we all know that's not true. Natural substances are chemicals, and they can be every bit as deadly as anything dreamed up and concocted in a lab. Witness, say, ricin. The advantage you get with the regular meds your vet prescribes is that they have been rigorously tested for safety. They are manufactured under controlled conditions. They contain precise, known quantities of their active and inactive ingredients. None of that is reliably true with "herbal," "natural" substitutes. Even the same her
  10. I love our crows, but they aren't reliable visitors to the feeder. They come regularly, but not predictably; maybe I should offer them some peanut butter instead of just peanuts. My first bird this morning was a white throated sparrow. Blah. We've had big flocks of grackles and red-winged blackbirds emptying the feeder every day lately, so there was nothing interesting there to entice birds first thing this morning.
  11. My heart aches for you. I'm so very sorry, and I will be holding you and your family in my heart through the days ahead.
  12. Okay, if you may not move until sometime in 2022, I'd skip the portable pens. I was thinking of something like a 3-6 month horizon for using one of those. I think @Pawz4me had the right answer. Call some fencing companies, get some estimates, choose something that fits your budget and your neighborhood. Or the 2 x 4 mesh might work, if you can install it yourselves.
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