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  1. I'm thinking about a new sink too, and leaning towards stainless steel. I worry about things breaking more easily in a porcelain sink, though I love the appearance. We have some old glassware with a lot of sentimental value which comes out for special occasions. It couldn't really be replaced, so that's a factor for me, but ymmv.
  2. She sounds so happy with you! I'm glad you adopted her, too. I love happy endings for animals.
  3. Yep. We're past the time when kids might be rough with things, but those cases helped at that point. Even now I might just drop a Kindle, and so far (knocking on wood) no harm done.
  4. We've had them for years, and find they tend to last three years+ for us. Here everyone is physically gentle with them, but a couple (out of six total) have quit or developed problems eventually. Dh's got slow and glitchy at about five years old. Another just suddenly went dark, right around the three year point. At that point the kid in question was able to pull out her earlier, smaller version which had been sitting idle for years and it still functioned. We pay a bit more initially to avoid ads, and choose to get as much memory as possible. There's no continuing cost beyond whatever bo
  5. Yep. I use my inherited Pyrex and Corning Ware constantly, but none of it is likely to be younger than the 1970s. Never had any problems.
  6. I didn't take the quiz, because it was clear immediately that I'd get a zero. None of those activities are things I need to do or would enjoy under present circumstances. I suspect the quiz is mostly geared towards figuring out how those industries can get people to return during the pandemic, so its developers weren't interested in how we all calculate risk in other situations. I'm risk-averse. I'll do things there's a good reason to do, like doctor's appointments. Still debating about the dentist, though ours just finally decided to retire rather than reopen his practice. In the late su
  7. Given the possibility of aerosol transmission, I wouldn't stay in a hotel. I would be concerned about air being recirculated between rooms.
  8. I'm so sorry, Mercy. This is not your fault.
  9. I think we all have the capability to model responsible behavior ourselves, which can help others to follow suit. Some of us can control our own exposure more than others, but we can all wear masks and avoid unnecessary exposure. The vast majority of us can get flu shots, and choose not to eat inside in restaurants, or go to bars, or go to large gatherings. We do have choices. We can choose to accept the responsibility that comes along with freedom. If things get bad in our communities, we can make the choice to stay home as much as possible. I think when things get really bad, that'
  10. (((Terabith))) I think your elder child is not respecting your own reasonable boundaries if they ask you to destroy those old photos, etc.-- especially the ones including their sister. I understand that they don't feel those items reflect who they are now, and perhaps they're hurting or angry. But asking you to destroy precious keepsakes is not okay. I think you can draw a line there while still respecting the person they are now. You get to feel hurt, too, and to set your own boundaries. One of mine, who is (I think) a year or two older than yours, was very angry with us for
  11. If you want more mysteries, rather than true crime, I'd have other ideas. Do you know any books she has enjoyed?
  12. That's not a genre I know well, but In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, is a classic. https://www.amazon.com/Truman-Capote-1967-10-16-Market-Paperback/dp/B002LUVXNU/ref=mp_s_a_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=in+cold+blood+by+truman+capote&qid=1602953609&sprefix=in+col&sr=8-11
  13. Existing tubing would help, yes! I hope that's there, if it needs to be underground. It seems like the side of the house would be the shortest possible distance, so maybe that will work.
  14. The phone service provider can't give us more than we're getting now, I have asked. No fios here, and no plans to ever install it-- it's a smaller, older suburb, and just not worth the money for them. Cable is the only other option in our area. Maybe using the phone as a hot spot might work, but we had hoped to get TV as well.
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