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  1. The scammers cheated the wrong victim that time. I'm impressed with the postscript about the FBI contacting her the day after her article was published, but disappointed by AirBnB's response. We have used the platform without problems so far. When we travel, which isn't often, we need more space than hotel rooms offer. At this point hotels just aren't an option. I do spend an lot of time going through reviews, and will probably be even more careful in the future. In pictures, I want to be able to see how many beds are in each bedroom, and what size they are. My pet peeve is people who advertise a three-bedroom house, but when you hunt through the listing, you find out they have two bedrooms and a sofa bed in the living room. I do not want pictures of just a vase on a table, or whatever decorative details they have. Spare me the artful shots of pillows at the head of the bed. Just give me good shots that show what is in each room. I agree that I'm not interested in general tourist attraction photos, but I do appreciate seeing exterior views of the neighborhood around the house. AirBnB has intrigued me as a business opportunity. I think it (and VRBO, etc.) provides a really valuable alternative to hotels, but I am not impressed by some elements of how it is run.
  2. Yikes. Take care. How is indoor air quality?
  3. I'm glad you all are okay, and away from the areas affected at the moment. It's scary to think this is just the beginning of the fire season.
  4. This looks awful; I hope all our boardies are safe. Anyone able to check in?
  5. Okay, now I understand how this happened. OP, if you want to make friends with people who have dogs which could play with Shiloh, how about getting involved in obedience classes? You'd see people over weeks, have a chance to see how they handle their dogs, know the dogs were vaccinated, know the dogs' temperaments...just a much better chance to evaluate people and situations.
  6. Saying it is normal, sure. Doing it? It would never occur to me that someone was serious. Or, if they kept on about dropping the dog off until I thought they really meant it, I'd find them uncomfortable company and would make myself scarce. I can't imagine dropping my dog off with a near stranger, neighbor or not.
  7. I tried to look at a national map of what is going on where. It seems to vary enormously.
  8. Every election is important, so find some time to stop in and vote today if there's anything on the ballot in your location. Our polling place had no lines this morning, but a steady flow in and out. How does the turnout look in other areas?
  9. Yes to all that. I think the self awareness is key. If you know you have preferences, and can make choices that make you comfortable, that's great. If you don't understand that other people have different ideas, or that social rules can shift, or that there are a bunch of social cues you are missing, not so great. All of which is why it's good that Arctic Mama's friend has gotten a diagnosis and is interested in learning more. That attitude will help her so much.
  10. I have to agree here, with the caveat that your self-awareness is probably your saving grace. In my experience people expect adults to be able to behave like adults, unless there are obvious disabilities. An adult extended family member here almost certainly has undiagnosed asd. It has affected her life severely. She is lonely, but her behavior drives people away. She has self-medicated with alcohol, compounding her problems. A diagnosis, unavailable in her childhood, might have changed her life dramatically. My kids do grasp the importance of social thinking better as they see her behavior. It's a sad situation.
  11. Same here, though maybe not such piles. My very favorite blanket is an old woollen one which is quite heavy. I love that feeling. Alas, the warmth is more than I want these days, and dh doesn't like the weight.
  12. Terabith, could you talk to the pastor over the phone instead of going in? You really shouldn't be driving if you're getting dizzy. Just seeing klmama said it already. Stay in bed, phone or skype. Seriously. I'm so sorry you still feel so bad.
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