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  1. Your concern about antifa.com redirecting to the White House. Yes. People went to some trouble to explain that.
  2. Pen, the exercise is absurd. Even if someone wanted to play along, the photos are taken from different angles, at different times. You have acknowledged that plastic surgery has likely happened. What's the point? Can you answer Moonhawk's question?
  3. This is true for me too, to a degree. But I'm picky about who I listen to, and to what degree. There are a few posters who are so consistently worth listening to that I'll read a thread which hadn't previously interested me, just because they've commented. I feel lucky to have a community they're part of. Others seem like friends I'd be glad to know in person. @Pen used to show sound judgement, in general, I think. I'm pretty sure she's genuinely concerned about helping others. I don't think she's a troll, because I think-- assuming the same person is still posting as Pen-- she has a mora
  4. You need to use your own good judgement and discernment. If you don't feel confident that you can do that, then I agree with your husband. You need to step away from the internet. Editing to add that I'm trying to say this in kindness, not to be harsh. But we've seen this scenario over and over. This site can certainly provide good information, as with the Covid situation. We all are still responsible for using our own judgement. You have a tendency to become anxious and overwrought here. Your judgement doesn't seem to be functioning well. You need to step back. Go do gardening errands af
  5. Guys. I think it's good and important that Pen is willing to talk about things here. Let's not chase her off. Responding with facts and valid sources could be helpful.
  6. Yes, if she ends up in the hospital, that can bring about change.
  7. I'm sorry. I've been there, with different details but similar need for change. It's very, very hard. About the bathing... Is she embarrassed? What's the origin of the problem, do you think? I was told (correctly, I think) that it was very difficult to have someone declared incompetent. Certainly at the point that we had to make changes for my mother's safety, it would not have been possible. We did eventually convince her to move when a house very close to me and her young grandchildren went on the market, but that only solved some of the problems.
  8. I think they prefer to bill your health insurance, if you have any. They asked for our insurance cards, but I think we also gave driver's license numbers. The "mother's maiden name" requirement is weird. It wasn't for a security question, was it?
  9. This makes me so sad. I hope you can have good, frequent visits soon, complete with hugs.
  10. You're right. It's really hard to strike the right balance, so that the genuine urgency of the situation is communicated without making people feel personally attacked. Sometimes people vent. The frustration is real; lots of us are watching family members go into situations every day where they're exposed to potential infection. Dh has to, even though he has significant risk factors. Thank goodness he'll get his second shot tomorrow, but, you know, that protection isn't perfect. Others have shared their family's risks, like @Katy above. It's hard sometimes perhaps to sort out the ve
  11. We are a society here on this board, as the U.S. has always aspired to be, where free speech and debate are valued. The whole point is to persuade by debate and discussion, rather than to coerce. Their logic may be very faulty. If mine were, I hope I'd be open to hearing why. But stupid? More likely misinformed. Why shouldn't we correct rampant rumors which literally endanger people's lives? Yes, in actual point of fact, people who decide not to get vaccinated do prolong this pandemic and endanger others. I know that's not their wish, and I don't think they should be hauled in for fo
  12. I'm sorry. And, I think this observation is absolutely pertinent.
  13. Requiring the vaccine just seems like a practical decision to me. How else could colleges return to normal life? At this point, I'd expect they would worry about liability if they didn't ensure that students (and hopefully faculty and staff, too) on campus were vaccinated. Dd will be back in a dorm in the fall, after taking classes mostly remotely this year. I'll be very unhappy if her school doesn't require vaccination, but based on their care this year, I expect they will. I understand reluctance to get a new vaccine, but at this point, that's clearly the least risky option availab
  14. This. Group homes aren't necessarily a bad option. I think they could be far better than living with family members who, understandably enough, feel overburdened by the situation. On the simplest level, multiple staffers mean that no one is responsible day and night, seven days a week. It's easy to get burned out when you're doing all the caregiving, and then dealing with occasionally challenging behaviors just when you're exhausted and want to be done. Better if a fresh person arrives on schedule, rested and ready to cope. I have watched the "transition after parents die" scenario,
  15. Yeah, this part definitely counts. We have plenty of invasive species here, but so far it gets too cold for tropical frogs or toads to survive. That does make a difference in one's attitude, I'm sure.
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