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  1. much has to do with the personality of the students. I know my kids - they didn't "hook-up" at all.
  2. sine nominee is a religious hymn (and I've heard it performed by religious choirs). it's not a hymn about *britian*. (that was my point.) even though most people would only recognize it as one of the suites from holst's The Planets. here's the history of "I vow to thee my country". The Story Behind I Vow To Thee, My Country In 1908, Spring Rice was posted to the British Embassy in Stockholm. In 1912, he was appointed as Ambassador to the United States of America, where he influenced the administration of Woodrow Wilson to abandon neutrality and join Britain in the war against Germany. After the United States entered the war, he was recalled to Britain. Shortly before his departure from the US in January 1918, he re-wrote and renamed Urbs Dei as "I Vow to Thee, My Country" significantly altering the first verse to concentrate on the themes of love and sacrifice rather than "the noise of battle" and "the thunder of her guns", creating a more sombre tone in view of the dreadful loss of life suffered in the Great War. The first verse in both versions invokes Britain; the second verse, the Kingdom of Heaven.
  3. a resident LL might be affected by allergies to a service animal, how many are actually residents? and of those - how many actually have significant allergies?
  4. pretty sure service animal is federal protection. not sure it applies to more than dogs. service dog has a legal definition.
  5. I did a map from sun city to vegas, then asked for restaurants along the way. there are definitely some choices your side of kingman. results will also give you distances (and ratings.) further towards kingman, but still wikiup, is luchia's restaurant (4stars) 114 from surprise/153 from vegas there just isn't much between kingman and wikieup,. the most central I could find was "the iron skillet" (2 1/2 stars) 147 miles from surprise/ 120 from vegas.
  6. for 1ds's commencement, the processional was Holst's "Jupiter". It was driving me crazy, until I placed it.... The British Hymn.. "I vow to thee my country". (which uses the music.). something odd about a british hymn used as a processional for an American college... well, it was great. the venue was the museum of flight. 2ds commented at the incongruity of William e. boeing college of aerospace & astronatical engineering graduates (and their families) sitting under a Lockheed aircraft... (SR-71. blackbird, with drone.) eta: instead of throwing their mortarboards - they threw paper airplanes. apparently at least one got their's up and over the blackbird.
  7. or salt. there's a reason salt mines were so dang profitable! "rich as the stroganoff's you'll never be". they owned the salt mines in Russia. they loaned money to the tzars.
  8. if you had paint the same color as the wall/door, you could paint the trim that color. depends how much you want the door to stand out.
  9. hamburgers - are hamburger meat, ground beef/nothing added (some people add stuff to make the meat go farther, or give it "flavor"), shaped into a patty (I looked up rissoles - nope), on a bun. add what you want to the bun. lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, crisp fried bacon, cheese, condiments, etc. hot dogs here are in a plastic wrapper, and kept in the refrigerated part of the grocery store. those in a can are referred to as "cocktail" sausages, and are very small. as has been said - they will rot in the fridge if left too long. have a nice science project there with the mold that will grow on them. so no, they wouldn't have been "exactly like new". nephew's wife is Chinese. they hosted a gathering when her parents came to visit, (her uncle, and a cousin also live in the area.) - asian pork belly is prepared very differently to the bacon we have, though it is from the same cut. it was very good. there's a little English tea house/grocery here. they stock marmite, and a bunch of other things they import from the UK (and Canada). they even have treacle tarts and pasties in their pastry case. though I'd rather buy my nanaimo bars in Canada. or just make my own. (Nanaimo is a city on Vancouver island in british coloumbia Canada.)
  10. that was your in-laws, not Canada. granted I haven't widely traveled (mainly BC/vacouver/victoria & alberta. and around the great lakes), but there was real beef. and I've found the same thing about eating beef. the iron sups aren't enough, and chicken doesn't do it.
  11. when we were in Charleston - I had blue crab for the first time. I was surprised by how you really can eat the shell. I'm used to Dungeness - the shells are very hard and require tools to extract the meat. (biting down on a piece of shell is not pleasant. not. at. all.) I loved the food though.
  12. copper river sockeye Himalayan blackberries (you can't buy them in a store.)
  13. this is the token family present. he wants a nice leather jacket (and a car) - but they're currently out of season.
  14. someone posted this article on Mr. Mendes. it reminded me of the story of Chiune Sugihara (there's also a documentary called "sugihara, conspiracy of kindness". and a movie about what he did "persona non grata".) these are true heros, and I wish there would be more acknowledgment of them, and less of sports stars and other celebrities who have really don't little of worth.
  15. I have traditionally given my kids license plate frames from their unis when they graduated. 2ds doesn't want anything saying anything about the school from which he is graduating... so. I thought I would customize him one with some pun (he loves puns) or otherwise pithy accounting statement. re: accountant - I hear invoices. or: accountant, not a magician. Accountant, it's accrual world. I don't quite want to go for the " accountant, assume I'm right.", he has been interning at a small cpa firm for 2 1/2 years, and will be starting full time. (with benefits!) sadly, some of the best just dont' fit on a frame. I did get him a "the best accountants have beards" t-shirt (or maybe I only thought about it because he'd shaved it off! - he's grown it back). "accountants - have the best beards". I need suggestions that will fit on a license plate frame.
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