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  1. Not familiar with the other two, but earth: final conflict I wouldn't' think appropriate for a 3rd grader.
  2. LaVar Burton has quite the sense of humor - I think he'd be great. A young woman who grew up in our circle was a disney princess in at DW. She would also do the behind the scenes tours/meet & greets with patrons - and one of the families she met with was his. He posed for the photo with his kids, and while she was in costume (and *must be in character* as the princess) - while they were posing, he turned towards her and gave her a slobbery kiss on the cheek. Friend's dd had a very surprised expression for the photo - and LeVar's wife was on the other side of the room, covering
  3. casseroles. I'm particularly fond of greek. A spinach peta (can be precooked, or not - just shove it in the oven when needed.), or a pastitsio. aka: greek lasagna. (which I want dh to make, as I have neither the strength or energy to make one myself right now.) lasagna is a casserole. also only needs a side salad. my son has been complaining about lack of garlic bread (which can be made up, wrapped in foil, and then baked when needed. I loath the premade ones from the grocery store.). you could also make up spaghetti sauce, with salad fixings - then she could just cook th
  4. She was a mechanic in the ATS during the war, and she took it seriously. Prior to cars becoming highly computerized, she knew her way around an engine. She's buried in Israel. During the unrest in Greece in the 60s - she was brought to England. She was born in Windsor castle. Drove philip bats - courtiers would "deign" to tell him about windsor because he's foreign so he mustn't know anything about it. he ended up shutting them up by telling them his mother was born there. Don't believe everything in the crown - there's a lot of made up stuff, even for things th
  5. I've had two crowns since dec. One ended up having to do the prep twice because the crown didn't fit- so all the molds had to be remade and started over. they're masking. they're wiping down surfaces (CDC has said isn't necessary anymore), they're already sterilizing equipment because they have to do that anyway.
  6. do you have power of attorney for her? is she "hard" refusing - or refusing because she's refusing as a knee jerk reaction? is there enough support for her where your father lives? Will they be able to provide more extensive care? once he is settled, is taking her to "visit" an option? then she can see it's not the horrible situation she's probably imagining. my mother was falling, and getting confused on her meds so double dosing or skipping doses - and still super resistant to moving. She was also having TIAs. Her health finally gave me the option to put my foot down an
  7. for starters - you need long screws into studs. do not plan on anything into sheetrock preventing it from falling.
  8. Currently, my 2dd lives in the path of totality. So - we'll visit her. eta: for 2017 - we had "dimming" here. Dh and 2ds went and stayed with a friend so they had an easier drive into the totality zone.
  9. wire. you get better airflow, as well as bits will fall down and be easier to clean up.
  10. Do you know the cause of your tinnitus? did you go through a provider or treat on your own?
  11. This came across an EBV support group. EBV can cause tinnitus, and there were studies that having covid/the vaccine can trigger a reactivation of EBV. I'm currently being treated for EBV, and after reading lysine helps with the EBV related tinnitus, have started a large dose. Supposedly it takes a few weeks, so we'll see. It did help with my herxheimer reactions.
  12. It sounds electrical, as if something was shorting. I would unplug it, and not use it until you have someone look at it. It could be a fire hazard.
  13. I have a friend who did. first off - you have to find ALL the nests, they often have more than one. She had a professional exterminator, and there were two nests. One of them was on a telephone poll across the street from her house.
  14. I need to get a new one. I have a flobed - I've liked it, it just didnt' last nearly as long as I would have expected. so- latex, viscose? anyone have a favorite? 1ds loves his casper. no idea about lifespan.
  15. This answer will vary for everyone. Proximity of services/transit. How many kids are at home - and their ages. how often the car would be "gone". there are people who live in areas where you can get whatever you need on transit/walking. there are areas services are miles away, or otherwise inconvenient. (our transit agency tried to prove to the kids how convenient they were. . . . 1ds's first job, was 15 minutes up the freeway if he drove - and right off the freeway. it was a two hour bus ride with a transfer, even if he started at the transit center in the city.)
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