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  1. They hardly cover any territory. Half the table would always still be in full sun. - with an 11' umbrella. we have two tables, though I think I can go ahead and sell one of them. I'd previously thought about the sails - but I didn't have three points to attach them.
  2. if you live in a hot area (may need to be more on the dry side) - the new thing is "misters".
  3. On our full sun deck, we've used a 13' square Colman popup canopy in previous years. the fabric couldn't stand up to the UV and has become brittle in places and tears easily. I think the fabric is similar to the sails, though the sails are meant to be up longer than the pop-up shelters. If you have the means to have good tension for all three support points - and high enough people won't hit their heads on any part of it, you should be ok. I've also seen installations that used a couple sails going different directions that had some overlap. This year, we're having a 20' square pavili
  4. I'm a Christian -but don't understand the question. I'm also on a couple different online boards for my church. one for Autism, and one for parents of children with autism/disabilities. Some in leadership "get it", and others . . . are still learning (and don't know they don't know.)
  5. This. 1ds (gifted) was accused of plagiarism by his language arts teacher in high school. (teens don't talk/write like that. She did later apologize.) After chatting with her for just a couple minutes - I understood why she made the accusation. For an english teacher . . . . . . . . she had a "very young" vocabulary. 1dd came with me to parent night - shortly after she received her BA in Classics. All she could do was stare in incredulity. seriously -there aren't very many engineering students who have higher verbal skills scores than math/quantitative reasoning. (so much for
  6. I think they are doing it pretty much like everywhere else. You park in the designated spots, then call the number given and they bring the order out to you. eta: It doesn't sound like it's available at all stores. I was at my local IKEA last fall - and walked past a pick-up area. (I think that's what it was.) where you park - call the number, and they bring the order out to you.
  7. I went to a higher end home appliance center looking at dishwashers. I was pretty much ignored, and finally had to ask for help. the girl kept directing me to cheaper dishwashers that did not meet what I asked for. I sent an email to the store directly letting them know how poorly we were treated. I also let them know my fridge gave out right after this (we had to replace the kitchen floor - and apparently it didn't like being moved.) - so that was two major appliances we didn't buy from them. the manager wrote back, apologized, and offered to help me himself. when I was a teen
  8. The student is also pointing out how poorly the instructions were written.
  9. It sounds like someone is trying to get around rules.
  10. don't be in a rush, if you need to modify a pose - modify the pose. focus on form. even if all you do, is get into a particular pose, focusing on proper form: then hold it for 30 seconds -( pausing the video if you have to) - you are working muscles. and some of the most "simple" poses, can be more work then many inexperienced with yoga give them credit for. incidentally - as your abdominal muscles strengthen, your internal organs will be held in their correct position and they will work better. yoga moves slowly - and is much harder than exercises where you are moving quickly which u
  11. How is your abdominal posture while doing yoga? poor abdominal posture can cause lower back pain. It's *really* easy to not suck them in while doing poses - but you need to make sure you have your abdominals in good position. (it will strengthen them faster too.)
  12. sigh. Years ago I read some supplementary material Orson Scott Card included at the back of an edition of Ender's Game. Basically - he got a lot of "impolitic" letters from "gifted teachers" (I use the term loosely), berating him for how he portrayed gifted students and claiming they weren't like that. tbh: if the teacher is saying her students are all "wierdos" - she's in the wrong classroom, and probably the wrong profession. Also, at the same time - he received a plethora of letters from *actual* gifted students thanking him - for understanding them. I have a couple high IQ ki
  13. about the office staff at the large counseling clinic where the idiot cancelled my appointment, and gave my slot to someone else. with office staff like that - the counseling staff's competence is irrelevant. Part of me wants an apology at the very least. I'm not holding my breath.
  14. If you have a bunch of different English/grammar curriculum - I'd put it all in one listing, then list each separately. I'm going to have to take a break. I had a super rough day yesterday and am still recovering.
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