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  1. I read a fic about a recruit pulling pranks in basic. the author said she realized how much baggage she was still carrying around from her time in basic when she wrote that.
  2. in the rain. at high altitude. 😜 my sixth grade teacher, anyone giving him attitude was required to run across the playground on a diagonal and back to our classroom.
  3. has he tried taking adrenal support supplements? there are some very helpful ones on the market.
  4. staying asleep can be more about adrenals and cortisol than melatonin. (which works best for those who don't produce enough). I respond better to adrenal support for middle of the night waking than I do melatonin.
  5. I've told my kids It's my job to make them do things they don't want to do. 😜 they came to appreciate it. I was trying to get one woman's children to help clean her apartment, and they wanted no part of it. one of them threatened to go tell everyone at church how mean and terrible a person I was. "go ahead - my kids will agree with you." took the wind out of his sails . . . . he basically sat in his room and did nothing.
  6. No - everyone does "not" scaffold their child, in anyway shape or form. even for a spec needs kid who needs the support. some do next to nothing, even for kids who would drown without it.
  7. ?huh? why is it your "job"? is she a child? are you her mother? I'm genuinely confused. 🤣 what on earth? seriously - go take a hot bath or something.
  8. NM - I figured out the blasted PDF file is scanned, it's not an actual created document. so, because it's an image, I can only get an image. and using the image to text - drops off at least half the document.
  9. I'm on a thyroid group that draws a lot from the UK - endos are generally disliked (if not worse) because they have the reputation of under treating thyroid, leaving patients hypo and feeling terrible. they have a rep of only caring about the TSh (a pituitary hormone), and if prescribing meds, - it's T4 (a storage hormone) only. even though T3 is the active hormone, and it's not uncommon for thyroid patients to not adequately convert T4 -> T3. - leaving them hypothyroid. a lot of thyroid patients from the US and the UK can tell horror stories of how they were treated. I had a pcp LIE to me about what tests she was running, and leaving my quite hypothyroid. she also required me to come in every three months for blood work and a new rx. she would only give me a rx if I came in for blood work. (cash cow for her.) I only started feeling better after I left her, and had T3 and adrenal support added to what I was taking.
  10. can I join you? the dreaming of waking up, and not already being so stressed scaffolding (and trying to find things that actually work!) that I can even think of doing yoga.
  11. frankly - I thought what you said (that sparked that question) quite odd.
  12. for those on the spectrum (especially girls) they do a lot of masking, and unless people know what to look for, they don't see the signs they're on the spectrum/neurodiverse. I'm most likely on the spectrum (I have two formally diagnosed). I was once lectured by a women for not being patient with someone who may (or may not) have had a disability because "she's disabled" - never mind her initiated interactions with me were triggering mine (caused stress, and I was masking). - and I was trying to handle my being triggered. I just found it ironic.
  13. sigh. calendar aps. I just put it in my calendar to remind me after a given time - otherwise I wonder why hair is so long, then I have to wait at least a week to get into my stylist (I take dudeling to her too. - she's able to work with him, and that's more than half the battle.)
  14. she asked a question - based on things you had previously said.
  15. the scaffolding has been so different for each. I have one . . . . I wondered if it would ever end . . . . . she was finally diagnosed ASD as an adult (after years of drs). that explained so much. but it also meant she was able to start doing something to help so she is now be completely independent. (finally.) I found some of her struggles are fairly common for those with her gifts. and some of the things - are typical of asd girls - and I didn't see it. (my former ped, denied dudeling has asd - diagnosed by the child dev clinic, so he certainly wouldn't have seen it in her.) but it takes knowing your child, and what they need and providing it so they can be their best selves. it's a sore subject - I used to beg my mother for what is essentially scaffolding help, she couldn't be bothered.
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