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  1. although, I'm feeling this is pertinent to him, and might be one reason why he's nipping. He needs the dogs to eat his food when he turns his nose up at it . . .
  2. I'm not sure if he's plotting world domination, or just to kill us . . . he's been really weird this evening. and aggressive . . . making demands, and getting aggressive . . . I got some pictures of him on the dinning room table, just, flicking his tail . . . Full fledged flicks, not twitch. The dogs are coming over tomorrow . . . that should burn some energy off of him. We had atmospheric river downpours today, so he was inside more than usual, and he's bored. And I won't open the door - no matter how much he cries. or crawls all over me - and nips . . . .
  3. It's supposed to get you to really sweat out toxins. (similar theory to sauna, or hot tubs). You have to have someone by you to monitor temperature the whole time. I like my yoga twisting postures for the same reason - I've been doing chair yoga, so not nearly as effective as a regular practice. (but I can breathe better.) I've been reacting badly to the Rx I'm on (This was the only drug/family that has been shown to help), to the point she took me off of it due to concern it was making me worse. (as I should be doing better by now - not worse.) Some of the issues are likely r
  4. Do they use the same sweetener as the harbo sugar free gummi bears (of death)?
  5. Heights of handles vary - but you should be able to find that information in the stats for the backpack. Some are great for tall people, others, not so much.
  6. It's for detoxing. I don't have access to a sauna. (15 minutes hot, ` minute cold shower - repeated three times.).
  7. Would it be sexist if you worded it as "Is this a woman problem can't swallow any vitamin?" I had to practically threaten 1dd to get her to swallow a tylenol. dudeling can swallow a whole handful of vitamins/supplements in one gulp.
  8. I've not been responding well to my course of treatment (indications are my system is very overwhelmed.), so she's switching things up. Now - it's doing the hydrotherapy/wet sheet pack. (and the 7 day fast. - only the first two days are no food, and lots of water/clear liquids. Since i haven't had breakfast yet - I'm starting today.) Has anyone done this? how did it go? How long to notice a difference?
  9. I have two diagnosed ASD/ADD as adults. (and one diagnosed as a child) Both also happen to be my gifted kids. One is medicated for ADD, the other isn't. Skip the GP, go to an autism clinic, or at least a pysch that specializes in diagnosing neurodiverse adults. There are things that can help. Look up Asperger's Experts. (founded by, and run by, aspies. As they say so succulently, the 'professionals' go home at the end of the day and don't have to deal with it on weekends either.) But he would need to be invested in it. My dd swears by Somatic Therapy (we've all seen hug
  10. This conflict goes back centuries. I'm not going to get too into it. I have a Christian acquaintance that lives in Israel, and teaches college. (her husband's family are jewish.) And my son's childhood friend that did her MA at the University of Jerusalem. I would just like people to keep in mind - Arabs in Israel have more freedom than in arab countries. (and arabs who live there will tell you that too.). I would also suggest you ask your arab friend why no arab country will take in Palestinian refugees.
  11. My dsil was walloped by Modern #2. He was at work, and lied about his symptoms because he didn't want them calling an ambulance. He came home and napped. (this was during my visit.) Then he was mostly fine. he does have an autoimmune disorder, so I wonder if that's part of it.
  12. Someone on an EBV group posted her functional med (who also does vaccines, and has access to med sites for feedback), said Pfizer is showing signs of actually helping EBV. (Only Pfizer). Some of the people on the group had Pfizer, and said it helped, or they hadn't noticed a difference. So, I have had my first dose. That's all I know for anecdotal. I was off for a few hours the day I had it and needed to rest, some pain and swelling at the injection site. My 2nd dose is in June.
  13. Paul Rudd is not old. have you seen ringo starr lately? he looks younger than his son. (he's 81) But my sil's ex-fil looks like he's about 80. (he's 101.)
  14. Not "one of" - but the one who he brought to their house. You can test babies. My grandson got a quick test last summer before he was two because he'd had a possible exposure, and cold symptoms that weren't going away. (it was just a cold.)
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