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  1. I grew up here - so I've seen the explosive growth. I'm on a "retro" FB page, so it's fun to see the nostalgia of others who grew up here. Though the whines about how much they hate the growth (and don't live here anymore, and don't want to visit because they "hate it".) are tiresome. I miss the quiet, and lighter traffic.
  2. I came to understand this my mother's biggest reason for being agnostic. But it wasn't a "well-meaning" Christian - it was a sanctimonious one who used god as a weapon in her abuse tool-box.
  3. the concept of "wolf in sheeps clothing" is worth discussing. About someone who looks like a good person on the outside, but engages in behavior they know is wrong when they don't have an audience. Not talking about mistakes, errors in judgement - but embracing something they know is wrong and don't care who it hurts. There are good people who are sincerely doing their best - but there are those . . . . I had one in my family. I wouldn't go into detail - I think that at a minimum borders on gossip. They made different choices, and it's not about him - or his cousins. As on
  4. I like stainless vs glass/ceramic. they're thinner, they're lighter - they don't break when dropped on the stone floor.
  5. I can order another bowl (even with a lid) - I've just not cared enough to actually do it. Multiple sizes, from small to larger. my biggest wide bowl is a larger bread size. It's great for mixing potato salad, dressing, fruit cake, etc.
  6. I have both wide shallow bowls, and taller bowls. I use them for different things. Both types have flatter bottoms and both are stable - I don't keep wobbly bowls. If you store things in mixing bowls - I would prefer with lids as then I don't have to bother with saranwrap. Though I also can't see what's inside. I rarely store things in mixing bowls - and wish dh would stop doing it. (he does it with the KA bowl, as well as the blender container. Then I can't use them, unless I find something to put his stuff in first.)
  7. tbh: it sounds like she's asking you so she can be contrary. Stop answering. I wouldn't even listen to her plans. I'd let her know the subject (and everything related to it) is off limits and if she insists on talking about it, I'd say goodbye and hang up. She doesn't really want your advice, she is playing you. you're not going to listen to her plans, you're not going to listen to how those plans blew up and what a mess she's in now - and you're not going to offer sympathy, you're not going to offer advice (or help) etc. I think it was socrates that had someone come to him
  8. Diet. Benzoyl peroxide. wash - wash - wash. Keep hair clean (the oil from hair can make the skin near it break out.)
  9. Could she be doing it more for the social interaction? Even if it's just a few minutes talking to the person bringing stuff?
  10. I've ripped off all stickers that refer to my address (they put on new ones too.) I circled the return address in red sharpie. I wrote return to sender in red sharpie. . . .I crossed out the wrong address. we'll see what happens this time.
  11. It's a padded envelope and and it feels like a book.
  12. dudeling is extremely picky about pens and pencils. Zebra F-402 and a Pilot Mechanical pencil, 0.7mm. Though 1ds (engineer) got him hooked on Staedtler 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil (comes in different sizes.). 😒 they're not cheap pencils for a teenager. Me - I use whatever shows up in my pen drawer. If I have something I like, it won't be there the next time I look.
  13. they even put a secondary sticker on it - so I'll do a lot of ripping off, crossing off and CIRCLING the return address in RED.
  14. I don't want to find out. You don't get a real person - just VM - I've left messages. It is a real company though.
  15. have you thought about one of those floor to ceiling murals? We're doing a space theme in our home theater. There are a lot of different themes on the murals. Even the space has a bunch of different ones. I'm doing a starfield. Possible on two walls. still thinking of a glow-in-the-dark constellation stencil on the ceiling. (with improved paint. either glowinc., spacebeams, or united nuclear paint) I would suggest focus the walls on one color, use the other as an accent for items, or as a feature/accent wall. you don't want it to be too busy.
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