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  1. How are you feeling?  I've been thinking of you and hoping that you have been feeling better!

  2. looks like you had great weather. we had great weather when we went up. the next day - was totally socked in with fog and rain. in july. we were at an Airbnb just below the hafeleklar tram and the owner was surprised we had such a good day. in july.
  3. danskos abeos look for good support don't skimp on shoes, on his feet that many hours, if you have to pay more - it's worth it.
  4. I loved Innsbruck. It was my favorite. There is a bus that goes through the old town, and links hafelekar and patscherkofel. then trams to the top. when we were at patscherkofel - there was an advertisement for a texas style BBQ. eta: dh was in Innsbruck for five months 50+ years ago. I blew up a pix (3 x 5) he took of the Inn Valley and it's hanging on his office wall. It was so quiet, and you could hear the cowbells. dh bought a nice cowbell - dd's puppy went insane at it. Pix is something for you to look forward to, the view of the Nordkette/Hofeleklar. the fact you could have an office building an a cornfield on the property next door was different. but flat land is at a premium.
  5. are you going to be able to go to the Festung? (hohensazlburg). it has an interesting history, and construction began in 1077. (though I admit I liked werfen better. . . . ) my niece and I pretty much skipped the room of torture devices. if you get to Vienna - figlmueller's for dinner. it has a long line, but that line *moves*. (you can sometimes get reservations if you call a few DAYS ahead.)
  6. they may have wanted it - but something came up. they should have let you know they changed their mind, or something happened. I never ever sell/give-away anything if the person doesn't give me a phone number. I've had people refuse to give me a phone number - then they don't get my address. period,, no exceptions. fruitcakes, and the unscrupulous, are far less likely to share a phone number. I've been the person who set up a time to drive quite a distance for an item (so timing was very narrow), and had something come up that threw a wrench into my day. I let the seller know (we spoke by phone) I wouldn't be able to make it, then he actually called me and complained I didn't show up. (and how he'd taken off work to wait for me.) what part of "I won't be able to make it because I had something come up" didn't you understand? I've also had times scheduled with a seller - and the seller not be there. (I spoke with the seller to ask where they were, he really didn't care I was there waiting. we left.)
  7. I adore my abeo's from walking company. fabulous arch support - and you can get them with metatarsal support as well. I wore my sandals every where in the summer. but they also have business casual style flat shoes. they're made for inserts.
  8. yes - it's also enough to make a medical provider who knows about D3 start freaking out. (1dd's hit a low of 9/10, and her provider was freaking out.) - 18 IS a "concerning low" value. (7 is rickets territory). 30 *used* to be considered a baseline. (one oncologist said she never had a patient with a d3 > than 30.) now **50** is considered a minimum for good D3 levels. it can also indicate something else is going on. (my optometrist and I would chat - she struggled for years to raise her D3 levels. then she started being treated for MTHF and they came up by themselves.) have you done any supplementation? d3 is cheap, it's easy. I would put her on at least 5,000 IU a day for now. (it still took me a year to raise my d3 levels 9pts when I did that.) D3 - also affects moods . . . . . . if her D3 levels are in a healthy range, you may find she doesn't need counseling. did her thyroid numbers get run as well? after testing my friend started her daughter on thyroid rx when she was seven.
  9. I had a childhood playmate - never had sheets. house was always a disaster as mom couldn't be bothered. they had money, and what would have been a very nice house for the area if properly cared for. very large piece of dirt for the area, and the gardens were professionally landscaped.
  10. my mother would walk around her apartment nude. . . I made sure to always knock and not just walking in. joan Crawford would do that too. - especially as she got older, and was more desperate for attention.
  11. the definition of pneumonia - the sacs themselves are filled with fluid/pus so they can't absorb air. the fluid has to be reabsorbed by the body. This is what I was told by my doctors (plural) while I was in the hospital. I've had bacterial pneumonia twice, required hospitalization with IV antibiotics both times. the only time I coughed up anything - was the piece of food I'd aspirated the first time. (within a day of starting an antibiotic.) it was covered in blood. the only times I've ever coughed gunk from my lungs - was with drainage from my sinuses that settled in my lungs (it felt like it was being ripped out of my lung. hurt like the dickens), or with bronchitis. pneumonia NOUN lung inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection, in which the air sacs fill with pus and may become solid. Inflammation may affect both lungs (double pneumonia), one lung (single pneumonia), or only certain lobes (lobar pneumonia). bronchitis: NOUN inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tubes. It typically causes bronchospasm and coughing. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I've started adding Allicin (I had a PA suggest 2 Tblsp of raw honey since it is antimicrobial. yeah, 'cause I really need that much sugar . .. . not.) - it's a compound in garlic with a very short lifespan, so either lots of fresh garlic, or something shelf stable. it's antimicrobial. the augmentin is done, after four solid weeks of oral/IV antibiotics my GI is a mess (at least that's what I'm blaming the nausea on) - am doing probiotics, and I'm finally starting to feel better. just really tired. I'm hoping I'm really on the downhill now.
  12. San Juan county is somewhat rural - at least you can only reach the islands via ferry from the mainland. not a lot of people live there year round (winter can be foggy). now - someone is being tested. it doesn't specify where they may have contracted it, - leaving questions. did they recently travel to china? did they have contact with patient zero? (who is now out of the hospital.) it does say 25 people have been tested in WA, 23 were negative (were those with kits that worked? or the faulty kits?). what about the other two? it's holes like this that lead to people not trusting what is being released.
  13. they'll probably release a statement saying it was translated incorrectly. I can't imagine them even hinting it came from a lab.
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