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  1. 1ds is an aerospace engineer - and he introduced me to this. He first was introduced to it in a controls class. Then he realized it made perfect sense to him. (as much as he likes controls - he's doing his MS in structures.)
  2. to be fair - they also keep contradicting themselves. tests aren't reliable. - you must have two negatives in a row. no, you're ok after one negative. It's very frustrating. I've dealt with some of those who "rejects" masks, but if you look at what has actually been released by medical personnel - there's contradiction. it's not-aersol. it is aerosol, it will live on surfaces for two hours. no three hours. no six hours. droplets will only go six feet - no droplets can go twelve feet. it's safe to fly on a plane if they don't put anyone in the middle seat - on what is a metal cylinder with constantly recirculated air. all the contradictions are never going to make people who dont' trust the government - trust the government.
  3. My dd sent me this. Pity they stopped the video so soon. This is what happened after the video:
  4. depending upon the generation when it was made, it's possible to dishwasher fine china. I have some that was discontinued in the 70s that I put in the dishwasher - but I also have a china/crystal/gentle setting. very minimal detergent, and a good rinse (not a "prewash") before loading. My complaints are more about using the crystal. the stems make it harder to put them in the dishwasher as they want to fall over . .. dh has even put his grandmother's china in the dishwasher - with next to no detergent (with the pods, we'll break one open and put only a very tiny amount in the dispenser.). His grandmother's china is 110+ years old, and has a 24K gold rim. we also put NOTHING else in the dishwasher with them. it's china and crystal and that is it. regular dishes/serving pieces go in the next load.
  5. I was sick in January, but they did a CT with contrast in addition to the xray. Not sure all tests they ran, but I was on droplet protocols too while awaiting all the test results.
  6. OP - This is why you need to look at fill power. that will tell you the loft, and the loft will tell you how much is down - and how much is really feathers. the higher the loft - the more down. (600+ is a minimum.) warmth is determined by oz weight for higher loft. You can have a summer weight 650FP - and a heavy weight cold winter 650FP. The difference will be how many ozs. A good quality down product will last a long time. cheap "down" products - not so much. cheaper 'down' comforters won't tell you a fill power, because it's so low. (I don't remember the rules regarding listing something as "down". they don't have to be even 50% down to say they have down in them.) read tags. feathers aren't warm - they are heavy (and crunchy sounding. and feeling.) some alternatives are well regarded - others aren't. (polyester clumps.)
  7. covid works differently than they way pneumonia affects the lungs. pneumonia fills the avoili with fluid. covid has a different mechanism to depress oxygen levels. pneumonia can be both lungs, or only one of five lobes. I've had all three lobes in the right lung (and some crossover to the left lung), and just the middle lobe of the right lung in January. I hope she responds to the antibiotics - so they think it's bacterial? Easier to treat (in some ways.) I originally aspirated a piece of food - so if I ever get something in my lungs, the scar tissue will start to burn. Even in the hospital they gave me this as a supplement to help counter the ravaging effects of the antibiotic on my GI. (when I had pneumonia the first time, I could feel my GI burning from all the bacteria being killed.) both times - I had to have an antiemetic with each dose of IV antibiotic. (this time they switched me to something "easier") this is actually a beneficial yeast - so the antibiotic won't kill it, but it will help to prevent bad yeast from taking over. a really good probiotic and prebiotics are also beneficial - but taken apart from when the antibiotics are taken.
  8. absolutely not to the goose feather - feathers are heavy, and NOT warm. they also make crunchy sounds every time you move. I stayed at a B&B with a feather duvet. There's a reason they'd use feathers for a mattress pad, not a covering. I would also be concerned cotton would ball when washed. polyester will. I grew up with polyester comforters. I only have quality down in different weights (all at least 650+ fill power) there is something like this - a summer weight "alternative" I recall one time at a hotel in dallas - they had a woven cotton blanket. I was surprised I was warm enough. It was a higher quality weave, but it was still a cotton blanket. worked great.
  9. There are 22 years between 1dd and dudeling. the comments from strangers started when I was pregnant. It gets REALLY tiresome having to shut it down all. the. time. Even people I assumed would be supportive "I'm glad it's you and not me" - yeah, I'm glad it's me and not you too. I've even had comments from pediatric nurses. . . . . . . ALL of my kids have been mistaken for his parent at one time or another. 1dd still does whenever he's out with her. It's common for people to assume we're the grandparents. I'm not going to do anything to add to that by even jokingly referring to him as a "mistake/accident". let along a stranger do so in my presence.
  10. Ok - this isn't exactly a meme:
  11. different varieties will be different sizes - do you know what you have? did you get them at a big box store? (they'll be a more common variety, and probably has been around awhile but is still popular.) also your climate. what is 10' in the south, will be shorter in the north. (I was reading a description of a tree, and told it only got ___ tall. what? that tree is native to where I live, and is easily twice that tall at maturity. It was new England - where they have a short growing season.) you can still prune them to keep them smaller. even rhodies can be pruned hard. the growth buds are under the bark and they'll sprout.
  12. Dh is framing a newspaper clipping - a very old one. the frame is 1/2" wide black. Any suggestions on Mat color? or stick with black? I'm going to order one, as the clipping is an odd size and needs something.
  13. it's calling him a mistake. Other people take that to be a stigma. He will hear how others use it, then he will hear you use it - doesn't matter if it means something else to you. An introspective child will be left - at best - confused.
  14. I agree with your dh. (I was a "third", and got that message while growing up.) You can go with the caboose. - I have Valentine and Ender (from Ender's Game) - they have a lot in common with them. (Valentine also still calls herself "the baby" when it's just the three of us. And dudeling goes to being "the caboose".) Potion's Master not everyone has good nicknames . . . But those are ones that came up because they really just fit. "
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