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  1. yoga - depending upon the practice, it's "relaxing" while also toning. it will reduce your cortisol levels, and support your adrenals. It will also help you sleep. try to do a practice at least 3x a week. there are a lot of short "bedtime/evening" yoga routines online, that are around 20 minutes. the link is to a list of 77 known benefits of yoga.
  2. oh- not just flat rate, but international flat rate.
  3. bless his heart.... I became aware of things in the 70s - it was a no no then! (and the gov., who got caught and denies it's him - dude, there can't be two pair of those utterly hideous plaid pants....) my maternal grandparents were racists - and I knew it was wrong. he really pushed it, and is pushing - there are four separate occasions!
  4. will it fit in a flat rate box? when I've purchased stuff from the UK - I always cringe when waiting to hear how much it will cost to ship. supposedly will ship for less. you can also check out ups, or fedex. you'll need dimensions, and weight. and... different sized boxes can have different costs - even if they weigh the same.
  5. to quote Benedict from Much ado about nothing: "Lord lackbeard"...
  6. I'm sure it will be as successful as the remakes of Dr. Zhivago, and Exodus. . . . .
  7. I've looked at a lot of vitamins over the years. I really like emerald laboratories high potency. full dose is four capsules - I only take two (different times of day). because they're a capsule, you can break it open and sprinkle it on what you're eating. a trick I do for swallowing.... I have a chaser of a prune and a glass of water. the prune is really sticky and will stick to anything in your esophagus., and the water pushes it all the way down.
  8. those that can extrapolate (from limited data), and those that can't.
  9. I think older women with bangs look more odd than those that don't have bangs. My hair's on the way down again. at the stage where I want to cut the back due to layers - but I can almost pull it into a pony again, so I'm waiting some more..... I personally hate bangs. they get in my eyes, and make my forehead break out.
  10. I thought you were going to say: those who can extrapolate...
  11. yoga - it's very relaxing, and is healthy. chocolate is good too - but not for my hips.
  12. dd always did a carb load/spaghetti feed two days before a race. absolutely NO soda/etc. (her coach went to the Olympics.) shoes are a big deal, race shoes are not the ones you walk around in, they are not the ones who do a practice run of the course with either. fit is very important.
  13. gardenmom5


    As long as she understands future employers will judge her outward appearance. Some won't care. Some will refuse to hire her.
  14. maybe one day, but not yet. I believe that would be a sever the relationship and never have contact again move. I'm not ready to do that yet. and he does take his anger out on other people.
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