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  1. I admit, when I saw the thread title... It made me think of people who have used pennies as TILEs, for counters, floors, and walls. put them in the mortar bed, then a clear coat sealant on top.
  2. I have my scriptures on my laptop and on my phone. I can adjust the size of the text for what is comfortable. (and last year when I was having issues with my eyes - i set it to read it to me.)
  3. complete sets - I would sell, or hold onto them. I wouldn't just give them away. my kids have forbidden me from getting rid of lego. other stuff, they don't care about.
  4. blink blink I don't think I'd even bring God into it. I'd probably say something like "Isn't physics phun?" I love physics. (none of my kids went into physics. 1ds did take a plasma physics class - and after an 😱 experience (shared by most of the class), dropped it to save his gpa.)
  5. while modern western civilization isn't hierarchical - there are people who act like it is. (especially old biddies.) and these are people acting completely outside the group of religion. I've seen it in higher ed, as well as other places. the only man I can think of who has made such "you should do __ with your house" to me... Is my brother. 'tear down __ wall, move __ over there" type stuff. but he's well known for being odious. (and has a very fractious relationship with his adult children because of it.) but I can think of several (women) neighborhood busybodies I've met over the years...
  6. why would you assume they were male? I've encountered far more women to make such demands of how other people run their own homes than men. I agree, if what someone else has on their wall is triggering - don't go visit.
  7. Her demand people take it down before she comes over, is over the top. It's extremely rude. And no one is forcing her to read it That said.. I don't like it. It makes me cringe. I consider it to trivialize struggle. I do not consider it helpful in offering either comfort in adversity or contributing to build faith.
  8. I've read stuff on the NHS site over the years. I wouldn't take anything they say as good medicine. *especially* their advice on TIA's.... my parents both had meningitis when there was an outbreak here (I think in the early 40s). my maternal grandmother is the "doctors are gods" type, who immediately dragged her in for treatment. my father - his mother was a nurse, so she could take care of it at home... he had permanent damage.
  9. I'm within a few hours of the border. it's amazing how many people fail to realize it's a *different* country!
  10. I found yoga very useful for teaching me how to listen to my body. with your thyroid - do you have adrenal issues? (they often go hand in hand). to know for sure, requires the 24 hour spit test. the blood test is not reliable. I have to support the adrenals - as well as take extra iron and a complete mineral complex.
  11. can he block her number? for support - I have found dr. les carter's youtube channel - surviving narcissism, helpful. he will take questions as well.
  12. early on, I found if I was exercising too hard for my physical condition - my ability to breath became more difficult. then it became difficult even if I wasn't exercising... so, I learned to listen to my body. now - I have to get back into things after injuring my knee, twice. and having adrenal problems that have really set me back.
  13. I would get plain white or cream dishes. then if you want to be festive- you can easily add something. I'm old enough to remember the commercials on tv when corelle first came out, showing how it could be dropped and not break.... when corelle gets old, the molecular structure does become more fragile. so no, it doesn't break (though I've had a few pieces break or chip in a more traditional way) - it shatters into a gazillion sharp shards. but - it does last longer than most. I have two who have it, and another who wants it in his own house. I grew up with the avocado green corelle. dh had the blue stuff when we got married. I replaced it, just for the memories. now - I'd do a cheaper crockery than with what I replaced it. and you want to make sure it's something easy to get in pieces - so when the inevitable piece breaks, you can replace it.
  14. I"ve noticed, those who have/previously-have obtained philosophical exemptions - are now seeking a "religious" exemption. I'm in a state with a very liberal state government - and a measles outbreak. the state legislature has passed a bill that would ban that philosophical exemption. NY is trying to force vaccination (or at least force the particular religious community into quarantine - which they won't do. DESPITE the outbreak in their own community.) there is a point where refusing to be vaccinated adversely effects the rest of the community. I was glad to see the one unvax'd kid who sued his school for not letting him attend during an outbreak - lost. his rights end when it RISKS someone else's wellbeing.
  15. I'm incredibly picky about pillows. and have had a terrible time finding one I can be happy with - despite buying A LOT of different types of pillows over the years. dh has been happy with some of my cast offs! I recently bought a 2pk of SILK stuffed pillows on a deal from Costco. they came in two densities, I purchased the thicker one for side sleepers. so far, this is one of the better pillows I've had a way too many years. it gives the support I need, but not too much - and no sore neck the next day! I've had pillows in the past - three nights and they were evicted. it was 2 queen pillows for $89? (they also had standard and king pillows.) eta: I've bought a few pillows that were $100+ *each*.
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