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  1. Here are some ideas from my Pinterest page. Wasn't sure whether you were looking for a full meal or a side dish. https://www.yummyhealthyeasy.com/17-loaded-salad-recipes https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/blueberry-chicken-chopped-salad-recipe/ https://fitfoodiefinds.com/protein-packed-salad-recipes-superior-hiking-trail/ https://iowagirleats.com/chicken-fajita-sizzling-salad/ https://prettyprovidence.com/21-amazing-and-unique-green-salad-recipes/
  2. That's what I heard. And the risk for this age isn't very high without it. I'd want to wait longer.
  3. They are probably booked out quite a bit. Finding time to do a smaller job is probably not a priority with bigger jobs pouring in. We recently got new carpet, and even they were out a month for installs! Even the subcontractors are probably booked out. And it is true that the price of materials is going up quickly. Dh has heard that roof shingles will be scarce this summer, too. You could ask for the partial quote, but I'm thinking you may be pushed farther down the line.
  4. Our bedroom was the catchall for 20+ years. Now that we are empty nesters without a dog and are redecorating, we're going in for simplicity and pretty. I know I'll read on the bed sometimes, so I went for a darker colored spread. And the three extra pillows I bought several years ago just 'make' the room. Dh has even been putting the two fancy pillows and the shammed pillows back on the bed when he makes it. And he's finally taking his shoes off before stepping on the new carpets. Yes!! It's only been a couple weeks, so we'll see how long this lasts. 🙂
  5. What?! You still have Woolworths?! My favorite store to wander back when I started college. A store I could afford. lol
  6. Now my favorite is half white and half red wheat! Tastes kind of blah without the red. 😉
  7. My favorite guilty pleasure--Velvet. I speak no Spanish and had to read every line, but I watched the whole series. lol The actors and the fashions- they were dress designers- made this show something I couldn't stop watching. lol And now I see there was a 2 season spin-off I'll need to find.😉
  8. Ezekiel bread is made from sprouted grains and can be found in the freezer.
  9. These were ordered at the Menards store. Dh had no problem putting them up! They were 25% off on sale.
  10. We have two big windows in the corner of our bedroom, and we just installed cellular window shades. Thinking I should have some kind of curtain. Thinking about this type of sheer. Yes? No? Something else?
  11. My plan has always been to have a homeschool lending library. I have some boxes of books in the garage that were donated for that, and I am finally ready to go through the rest of my books. Really wish the homeschool community here owned a place to have a library. Will definitely keep the literature in my personal library. Dd is in school to be a teacher, and we had a blast finding books from our collection for the various categories she needed each week. In the end, the only type I didn't have were hispanic. Fixed that right away! lol I am ready to start sorting through the res
  12. Last one was a GE microwave/convection oven. Never did use the convection oven- didn't take the time to figure out using it, but dh said this was it so I took it! Current one is a Whirlpool.
  13. Forgot we still have the secondhand cherry bedroom set from 43 years ago. Did swap out the bedframe (full) for a queen with a matching headboard. Just lent one of the end stands to dd for her new place, and am putting the large dresser mirror in the closet for the first time so the room feels less cluttered. My mom's still using pots and pans from her wedding in 1955.
  14. Lots of stuff. Still have the bridal book with the gifts, shower games, and other games listed. Just threw away the crockpot from 1978 when it stopped working. Kept the last dishtowel from one aunt, wore the others and my original bath towels out. Blender and utensil jar are from my maid of honor. Still have two of the three of the set of Corelle casseroles. His aunt worried that they'd break. Only lost the big one, which is fine for us now. haha. Have been busy buying pieces of silverware as the garbage disposal must have destroyed a lot of it with kids doing dishes over the years.
  15. I have a pine cabinet in the kitchen where I store the bags of spices and other awkward sized items until I can use them to refill the jars in the spice cabinet/shelf. I also have the cookie making extras here, sprinkles and such. I have some dark blue jars from supplements that I want to build a spice rack for, where all my most loved spices will be in identical jars.
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