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  1. Yeah. We are offered this, but I, too, think of it as nosey. Will live without it.
  2. I'm so sorry! That's the pits! We've had the basement flood twice over the years. So much work, and loss.
  3. From the Teach Kids Health & Homeopathy curriculum that's being released soon. Three free lessons.
  4. Three free lessons if you're into homeopathy
  5. Ice cream sandwiches, Cheetos, and banana bread. I also have my hidden stash of dark chocolate bars with orange bits. Dh doesn't like those.
  6. Just read today that bungee cords are filled with elastic...
  7. Enjoyed Finding Dorothy, background fact/fiction about Wizard of Oz; didn't want it to end. And my mom couldn't put The Indigo Girl down.
  8. i'm sure you can cook with it, but any nutrients would be long gone
  9. Picked up some onion sets, asparagus, and garlic to start out in the garden while I was out today. Can do those as soon as the ground can be dug up. Also grabbed some herbs to repot-- basil and rosemary. Wish they'd had oregano, too.
  10. So exciting to have time to do things that have been on the back burner! Being self employed, we have to keep working, and we're a service business, too. Luckily? this is a slow time for our business, so the techs aren't visiting too many places. It would be lovely to have the free time!
  11. We ended up seeing 1917. Apparently not a big Valentine's Day draw, as there were only three other couples there. lol
  12. I love my Pampered Chef stoneware bread pans.
  13. Since going with the bride to be was the only part of prep for the wedding I got to be a part of, I did go ahead and splurge for a big picnic type rehearsal dinner in our garage. MOG was hard for me. lol
  14. Do you know a tax accountant? They'd know a lot more. Lots of times HR is just passing out required forms from the government, but don't really know how they work for anyone. A tax accountant uses the information on the forms, not HR.
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