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  1. Dh is over 6' and I'm on the short side. It's so hard to keep us both happy with furniture!
  2. I guess I read it over too quickly. Sorry. I am at work and glancing in here. Will go delete.
  3. I would, if the colors chosen would work even if I moved in the future. Not tied to a particular bathroom.
  4. http://thedatingdivas.com has lots of ideas in all price ranges. Many ideas to get started ! Cutsie printables, too, if you want them.
  5. Dd is going into elementary education. She just finished literature class, and she and I had a great time with it. Each week she'd need a different type of book. I'd name off a handful of books she could use and she'd go find them. At least once, with Velveteen Rabbit, we both knew we'd had the book but we couldn't find it! It was great going back through books which all the kids had enjoyed. And her instructor was going to go find I Juan de Peraja. Now her math class wasn't as fun. lol Just trying to decide how much to move out myself. May keep the classic literature tho. And I
  6. Leslie Sansone has DVDs that use walking and strength training. I used them regularly years ago and got in decent shape, then got out of the habit due to long work hours. They are a great way to get started, even if you move on to other things. They work a lot of muscle groups!
  7. I had the winter white and some of the old True blue for years. When they updated the True blue plates a few years back, bought those and replaced the old plates and bowls. Had already picked up the red rimmed bowls at Walmart and loved the cheerfulness. Have picked up a few red or white serving pieces along the way at TJ Maxx, so now when I open my cabinet everything's red white and blue. Cheery to look at. 🙂
  8. Yes, dil is GF, so I could use a good recipe!
  9. Clip a tiny V out of the center of the toenail. The nail then somehow grows toward the V and away from the side. A tip that has been helpful to me a few times.
  10. Tina


    There have been a couple stocking stuffer threads this year you might want to search for, too. Favorite coffee or tea, mug those flat all in one tools that fit in their wallet survival bracelets small tools or all in one utility knife USB thumb drives chargers socks gloves a movie notepads with cute sayings jerky in all it's flavors pocket sized games devotional books this year: Japanese curry. Can't find the mild locally anymore, and they all love it kitchen stuff: cookie scoop, dish towels, whisk. Easier if they've
  11. My dh has to have the Swedish meatball dinner on Christmas Eve, served for lunch for the work crew. I'm ready for him to cater this one to save me time before and after the meal.
  12. My grandson is 3 and has been playing with the hot wheels tracks for over a year, experimenting with making bumps in the road, holding one end high to send his car down, seeing how his train and other items fit on the track. He loves it! I assume they already have the Thomas train tracks and set. My guys love that, too.
  13. I managed to tape Eddie Murphy in a SNL spoof on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood/Bell Ringers/Cabbage Patch Dolls one year long ago. My kids also love that one.
  14. Thank you for sharing these. Humphrey will be a nice addition to my Christmas movies. 😉
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