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  1. This is what I’m thinking! The only complication with my first was that nobody believed me that he was coming, until DH was like, um, that’s a head, I’m getting the nurse. The second.... from my POV, exactly the same. Sure, they said something about meconium and needing to attach a monitor, but honestly, that never registered as really bad in my focused-on-labour mind. And I thought everything went totally smoothly. I never saw the cart outside for an emergency c-section, or anything else that was different from the first one. If it was up to me “trusting my body” I’m not sure what t
  2. Endless hot water is why we decided against tankless when we had to replace ours last year. Paying for water/sewer and gas is bad enough; I can’t imagine if my family didn’t have cold water as a sign to get out! If it’s starting to show signs of not working well, you’ll want to get to that before it just springs a leak!
  3. If you’re cleaning up after one already, what’s another?
  4. To add on.... and you don’t have to answer.... I know your DH was able to take a lot of time off already... but is there anyway he could transfer to another unit for a bit? Or does he need to get back to his regular position? Mine would absolutely prefer to deal with stress by being focused on frontline, and it would have been asking a lot of him to take a (to him) soul-crushing desk job.
  5. I really had to learn to mentally give control to my DH and God when he walked out the door. Actually take a deep breath, and close my eyes, and visualize handing it over. There is literally nothing I can do. So I have to believe he is smart enough and well-trained enough, and yes, lucky enough, to get through another shift. Hugs to you.
  6. My youngest really wanted to keep the tree up and just change the decorations to suit the season. I had to kibosh that, but I do miss the cheerful glow when I come down the stairs in the dark to go to work.
  7. I would like to live upstairs at Downton Abbey. In a completely opposite direction, Sons of Anarchy.
  8. @Helpdesk Thank you for looking into this and keeping us updated!
  9. Sorry, I don’t have that one either. I have a different LL Bean parka that’s still going strong 15 years later and was worth every penny!
  10. Very sorry for your loss, Scarlett. (((Hugs)))
  11. A good, realistic set of play money New books, of course Kitchen/cooking items (kids’ knife, apron, spatula, etc) Hmmmm....
  12. 😂 We have quite a few snow moving items. My favourite is any combination, manual or mechanical, involving teen boys.
  13. Looks beautiful you guys!! It’s been -40 to -50 all week and I am quite over it. On the other hand, I don’t want to shovel, so you can keep the snow!
  14. We passed on a house with poly-B. It was our dream house. The estimate was 25,000 to repipe, as all the walls would have to be opened, tile work, etc.
  15. We had a baby shower for a coworker and his wife when their adopted son came home. We had a BBQ, and gifts, mom could even have a drink, lol. It was possibly even more special, because we’d all been through the ups and downs “with” them, and we all wanted to celebrate.
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