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  1. Sounds like an adventure!! My LL Bean parka served me well in the arctic. I’m also a fan of the outer shell of snow pants to break the wind. And warm boots and mitts.
  2. There is.... I tasted it two days ago. And then I was much more purposeful about whether an item needed to be tasted. And if I had any doubts about tasting it, well, the garbage seemed like the next stop.
  3. I was going to say flowers and a handwritten thank you card.
  4. Funny, I cleaned out the pantry for the first real time since we moved here, and as I went through things I was thinking “Is this pre-Covid?” I almost threw out spaghetti because I thought I hadn’t been to that store in years, then remembered it was the only place I could find spaghetti in May-ish.
  5. You’re probably right. And if the “son” is involved, then it makes sense that it is, indeed, bulk business. The two (or more) of them can keep quite a few going at the same time, and they score a few hundred, or a credit card number, it would be worth it. (“I’m on my way to the airport and forgot my wallet; if I pass the phone to the cab driver, can you just give him your credit card number? Otherwise I’ll miss the plane.”)
  6. Whenever overnight company is coming. And yes, there’s always one of my long hairs under the crisper drawers.
  7. Silly question.... subzero F or C? And what are the wind and humidity like?
  8. I got a 10.... but I don’t like how they filled the restaurant; it’s not at all what we’re doing here.
  9. My instant pot saves me money from eating out. Besides using it almost every day for regularly planned meals, I also keep ingredients on hand for meals that are quicker, healthier, and cheaper than eating out.
  10. Do you have a picture? My imagination is not working...
  11. The best I can do is 10 acres for $188,000 CAN. Anything that is just one acre is industrial.
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