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  1. As to the meds don't help anything long term idea.....well, neither do glasses. But if you wear the glasses you can see better and function better. That goes away when you take them off, but the day to day difference in ability to function is amazing when you wear the glasses you need to see clearly. I liken meds to that. No, they won't cure anything long term, but they can make a huge difference in day to day functioning.
  2. Removing tonsils and adenoids can help many kids.
  3. Crocs ...those ugly ones. They slip on and off easily and can be worn with socks or not. Ugly but effective.
  4. Have you considered evals and possibly medication for them? I am not for racing to medication but it was AMAZING how adding medication made ME a much better parent......even my child commented to the doctor about a month after starting meds on how much better of a mother I had been lately. It seriously can make a huge difference for them, for you, for sibling relationships, family dynamics, and even learning.
  5. I know trampolines can be dangerous, insurance issues, etc. but we have had one for almost 20 years now and it is a huge help for mine with special needs. Last winter though our safety net that came with the trampoline those almost 20 years ago broke. The net and poles were ruined so I need the complete enclosure set. I am seeing them from about $100-350. My kids aren't really rough on the net, etc. but i don't want one that will rip in just a few months or even years as our last one lasted almost 20 years. Any suggestions on ones to buy (or avoid)? We have a 14 foot high quality trampoline bought from a high end sports place.
  6. I do that know much at all about sound proofing but I do know that a lot of sound is carried through the furnace/AC vent system.
  7. Our local public school allows for a 13tg year but it is well planned and allows them to graduate with an associate's degree. I think they have to sign up as freshman or sophomores.
  8. I got the cloth as my MIL paid for the van (it was hers first before she passed away) and I wasn't sure I could swing the upgraded cost for leather and sunroof....but now wish I would have. That said, my kids say they prefer the cloth.
  9. You likely need to go back or get with your primary doctor for an asthma action plan. In ours, my dd starts with her inhalers as the FIRST sign of a cold, even before any wheezing, etc. hits. We keep that up and add nebulizer at first sign of cough/wheezing, etc. Colds used to take her forever to get over but we treat hard and fast now and she gets better much faster and most of the time now without the need for steroids. We monitor peak flows as well.
  10. So that you can make that thing you made once, remember mom? You cooked it and we ate it and it was good. Can you make that again?
  11. Well, it was 32 and sunny today in Michigan and I was wishing my mini van had a sunroof. My last one did but this newer one doesn't have the leather/sunroof package....and I wish I had upgraded to that.
  12. The mysteries of motherhood: 1. WHY is my microwave mac and cheese from my lunch bag on the end table in the living room (and how did it get there)? 2. " What is that good food you used to make?" as asked by ds. Questions for further clarification added that I cooked it and we used to eat it. 3. Why does the food in the freezer not all fit back in it after I clean it....AFTER I removed 3 packages of meat for lunch tomorrow, OJ for breakfast, and 2 handfuls of Popsicles?
  13. Yes, it would be out of sight and her kids are 10 months and 2 1/2 which makes it easier.
  14. Shoot, I forgot about honey. It is just for 2 nights but I want an extra snack or 2 with protein for my girls. Vegetarian I can do quite well, vegan is a while nuther level for me.
  15. We haven't had those. We do have to avoid coconut and coconut oil as my dd has an allergy to coconut. She can have them in the house with her, just not in her food/drink, etc.
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