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  1. Absolutely. My friend runs out local community food bank and my son helps there 2 times a week. As mentioned above, they want people to use it and not have any stigma attached to getting some extra help.
  2. And that is OK. These are unique times.
  3. So much too, depends on your financial situation (and no need to share it). Growing up, kids ALL started working at 12, 14 at the latest. Babysitting, baling hay, catching chickens, picking blueberries, picking ng vegetables, etc. Most kids did have to pay for all of their wants, and many of us also had to pay for basics such as clothes, shoes, coats, etc. We just lived in a poorer, rural area. In all honesty, I think we all benefitted from this.
  4. I am sure this will be a hot topic. On one tribal reservation in our state it does have signs that you are now entering tribal lands and subject to tribal courts. Basically the US broke almost every treaty made with the Native Americans when they took over their lands. As they did, they worked to eliminate the Native Americans as a people (Indian schools for example....that lasted into the 1970s). Now, I don't think this guy should go free or that this will be a license for crime that is not prosecuted. It will be interesting to see how this affects other tribes in other states
  5. For a lot of marginal students, I can see them just not going back to school....ever. those student that are 15/16 and won't finish. For other students it might become an economic thing where they need to be working to support the family and therefore just don't go back to school. Also, depending on the level of the student, think of how much review is needed when they are off for 10 weeks in the make that basically 1 1/2 years worth of being off. Yes, there is remote learning, but many students get very little out of it, don't have the family support at home, have learning challenges, etc. Our WTM families while diverse, are not a great cross section of students and situations on the US. As a group, the WTM has more 2 parent homes, more stay at home parents, more higher educated parents, more financially stable situations, etc.
  6. Then order 1-2 styles from Amazon in Chaco and Keens that have free return shipping. It isn't ideal but would work.
  7. Another option is to have him pay half of the coat of the baseball equipment....then again it depends on if the total cost is $50 or $600.
  8. This is huge. It really is. Taking away the stigma for the student or their family is big. For our neighbors, I just call them snack bags. They love them. Occ. I have been given extras or extra milk, etc and I spread it around the neighborhood. I do the same thing as above with the food pantry when we help. At the end, I take a bit of the fresh produce and then enough of other stuff for 5 families I know I can deliver too. Esp the 90 year old lady on a very fixed Income. She would never take food pantry stuff.....but is very willing to take extras I have in my car that were left over at the end. It allows me to bless 5 other families that might not otherwise have the fresh fruits and veggies and other Staples.
  9. Yes, take them. Likely it is advertised on your local public schools website as to days, times and places for the lunches. It is a help to you and your kids will eat the stuff. Win win Our finances have been pretty stable throughout all of this but I do go every week and pick up the snack bags for my daughter and then 3 neighbor girls. They too would not be without food but the dad is a pastor of a very small church so income isn't the highest. Those girls love the snack bags and it is a help to the family. I get one for my special needs daughter as it gives her emotional security. We have PLENTY of food here, but she is used to getting a school lunch and asks for one each week. Again, I would not take away from anyone else in need but the bags do fill a need.
  10. This was the first book I have read. I do have the other on hold
  11. Either are good. Is there a place where he could try them on? I find the arch support in chaco to be perfect for me and the keens rub one of my toes just a bit. My friend those had the opposite. Also, my chacos are a size smaller than I normally wear but fit perfectly. Chaco is a more open air type sandal. Keens have the toe protection so a lot would depend too on what activities he needs them for...walking on pavement or grass, either. Walking in the woods/hiking then keen might be better.
  12. I am a special education teacher for students with moderate cognitive impairments (iq 40-60) and I totally agree.
  13. Esp if she gets to stay up later than siblings and you can pull it out then and have a few special minutes.
  14. I am the same way. I wasn't as strict in the beginning as you but I was cautious. I wear a mask, wash my hands, don't get close to others. But while case numbers are going up, the death rate is falling.
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