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  1. Ottakee

    Dr. Hive- Quick First Aid question

    Another option once you t stops bleeding is a finger splint to hold the finger straight fir a day or 2 to let it start to heal.
  2. Ottakee

    Fitbit users

    I have the same problem and much of it is hormones and/or stress. I have found a few things that help. 1. A women's century multivitamin/multimineral...I take the Meijer brand one. Helps with iron and magnesium 2. Cutting back in my ice tea is helping. I love my tea but if I stop drinking it at noon I sleep better. It isn't the caffeine though as I could drink a mountain dew right before bed and sleep well. 3. If I wake up I try to slow down my breathing to a steady rhythm and count each inhale and exhale very slowly. Sometimes that helps..... sometimes.
  3. Ottakee

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Don't worry about getting nothing done. You are in a crisis situation right now. Do what has to be done, sleep as much as you can, and take someone with you to the hospital.
  4. Thanks. I just requested to join the group.
  5. In addition to the ideas above my friend loves her LL Bean snow sneakers. They have a low and high top version.
  6. I just got the audio book from the library and I seem to remember comments about a group read/listen of the book and discussion. I would love to join or listen in.
  7. I have been interested in medical social work for a long time. I would love to get a better idea of the job, requirements, etc. I have a BS in Psychology and Special Education with endorsements in Cognitive impairments and Emotional Impairments. I just like medical side of things as well.
  8. Ottakee

    Now I've seen it all.

    This had me laughing out loud. Love it. Glad your roos found a great home.....even if it just for one night...that might end at 3am🤣
  9. Ottakee

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    GO. Just GO. You need some you time to regroup and recharge.
  10. Ottakee

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Sorry things are so rough. I would talk with the medical social worker at the hospital ASAP and ask about filing for disability, medicaid, etc. He should qualify for disability. Then any minor kids can also get a benefit until highschool graduation and you might be able to get something as his caregiver and caregiver for the kids. Contact your local DHHS and apply for medicaid, food stamps, cash programs....basically anything and everything you can. That should at least get coverage for him and the kids. These are the kinds of situations that these programs are made for.
  11. Ottakee

    Duolingo app

    I have been using it almost daily for over a year now. Just 5-10 minutes a day. I have learned quite a bit. Now I need to find a native speaker that wants to talk with me on a regular basis....esp since I can read it way better than I can understand it....and my speaking it is even farther behind. I find it a nice small mental challenge.
  12. Ottakee

    Bipolar 2 experiences?

    I have one with bipolar 1. I remember crying at the diagnosis. I will say the right meds taken every day has made a huge difference.
  13. Ottakee

    Creating Mental space

    That is an important thing. I am trying to do that with bills---autopay as many as I can. Keep the swim bag packed for work (I have to swim with students once a week or more), Keep my work wardrobe very simple, etc. I need to do more of it though.
  14. Ottakee

    Calling Dr. Hive- dehydration (updated)

    Agreeing with others that you might need to go in If you don't, have you tried tiny bits of heavy syrup from canned peaches? Start with a tablespoon every 15-30 minutes. Also if someone can go to the store, Pedialyte taste gross but is balanced electrolytes.
  15. Ottakee

    2019 Weight-Loss, Health, & Fitness Goals

    I love this. In the ideal world I have 80+ pounds to lose. In reality, my goal is 20 plus a lot of other healthy activities and decreasing stress, etc. I am going to enjoy life NOW. In 3 weeks I will be on the beach in a swimsuit...modest tankini but a swimsuit.
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