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  1. The cost varies on what you get. You can buy DVDs and be done paying forever, you can get the streaming service or the app. I did the app and on sale it is bout $80/ year. For me, well worth it as it has over 300 exercises videos to chose from, a lot of tracking of weight, measurements, taking pictures to show the changes, etc. Most videos are in the 30-40 minute range but there are those as short as 3-4 minutes and quite a few in the 10-20 minute range. There are also longer ones but you can do just part of them as well. I would say very back friendly. I would likely start wit
  2. Our positivity rate is about 5%. That is lower than it was even though # of cases is way higher. Now in our area almost anyone can get a test. In the spring only those with severe symptoms (like needed hospital) could get tested. So.....did we miss a lot of the positive cases early on as those people never got tested?
  3. Hones question. Cases are going up here but the severity of illness appears to be much less than last spring. Our hospitalizations and ICU beds are way way down and no covid in ICU in our county. Is that true most places? In our are the 10 people I know that tested positive over the past week either had no or mild cold symptoms.
  4. I will check out that Hadyn workout. I modify the pushups and I can't do knee droppers so I modify those as well. I like how easy it is to modify though.
  5. I would err on the side of the orthopedic walk in tomorrow. My niece did something similar and ended up casted and almost surgery because it was displaced....but she could do some things with it.
  6. This is huge. This is where I see privilege. Two children with the same IQ and talents are going to hav vastly different outcomes if one is born into upper class white family in a great school district and one is born into a poor minority family in a terrible school district. The second has a lot more barriers to success than the first. I saw a meme on FB that hit me. It might be trite or patronizing but it said, " if all it took was hard work, then mothers in Africa (or Haiti...or Appalachia) would all be rich".
  7. I tried this today and it was very doable. I only did 10 minutes at 6% incline and 1.7mph...but I also have a torn meniscus so didn't want to over do it. I found it very doable to even easy. My HR stayed at 100-105 so not super high (but my resting is 55-60). As I progress, do you increase the time first, the incline first or the speed first? To be honest, 20 to possibly 30 minutes will be my max ever on a treadmill. So do I work up to 20 minutes at the current level and then slowly increase the incline? I tried googling this and ended up with 12 % incline at 4-5mph and that i
  8. I would keep/buy a Crock-Pot over my instant pot any day if I had to choose. That said, I do like my instant pot. You might find one on FB marketplace or a thrift store or even post on FB etc that you are looking for one It is great for hard boiled eggs, steel cut oatmeal, cooking beans and lentils, Mac and cheese, rice, and steaming veggies I rarely do meat in mine as I find the Crock-Pot easier for meats
  9. I have been doing the DDPY since April and lost almost 35 pounds in 6 weeks with that and weight watchers....ish. I agree though that rarely do I have the time or energy to do anything more than 30 minutes....20-25 is better. The DDPY though is easy to modify. Often o pick a workout a level below or above my fitness level and just modify it harder or easier as needed. Gives me a lot more variety.
  10. My other thought would be that she or someone close to her was a victim. The conspiracy theories though are out there too.
  11. Interesting. I have a knee injury bit can climb hills while hiking ok. I can't do stairs hardly at all and downhill is hard but uphill is ok.
  12. Ok....we did this for fun. There is a picture without the masks on. We just wanted a remembrance of this crazy crazy school year.
  13. This is my new school staff ID. I had to laugh as I look like a ninja warrior.....a "grandma" ninja warrior....as my students think they am pretty old.
  14. Ottakee


    If you had ties to this child or family maybe you could send another card in 1-2 months just to remind them they aren't forgotten.
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