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  1. Same here. And I want that raspberry colored t shirt from the website
  2. You aren't a looser. Every bit of time counts January is especially hard to get outdoor time. Personally I can do snow much easier than rain.
  3. I am doing better than expected. It has been cold and snowy/sleety but thanks to friends that want to get further despite covid.....meaning we walk apart outside, I have done OK. I have 32 hours outside so far and 61.5 miles. It also helps that we take walks with out students so sometimes I get 2+ miles and an hour or so of outside time at work. Dress warm and get outside.
  4. Everyone is free to join in. The challenge is 1000 hours and/or 1000 miles outside. You decide what/how you count this. The goal is just to encourage more outdoor time and more exercise. I am doing both with the 1000 hours outside likely taking me 2+ years to complete. The 1000 miles I am counting walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, etc for the miles. If you want to see the original idea for this and print out free trackers, visit www.1000hoursoutside.com
  5. I will post a week 2 post if people want to keep following.
  6. Would it be feasible for him to pay you rent/housing share instead of paying for the remodel? That might be a way around the Medicaid rules....but obviously a lawyer for your state would be best to ask.
  7. I managed 2 hours and 5 miles outside today. Thanks to a lady minute family birthday party for my son I skipped yoga but that is OK.
  8. 26 minute DDPY, 3 mile walk outside with a friend and 2 hours outside
  9. 15 minute DDPY this morning. Then 2 miles of easy walking with my students. After work was 4 miles of hiking through snow/slush/ice with a friend. That was a much harder workout.
  10. So sorry. Afraid I have been there, done that before 4 years ago my 25 dd had 10 hours if under full sedation dentistry as that was the only way they could do the work. I had to drive 3 hours away to have it done. Last week....she had an extraction done locally with no Ativan and just the nitrous. This new office is amazing....and lets her take her bearded dragon with her....yes, the live animal kind. When her stress level is high she can become very combative/violent bit is generally very very good.....until she isn't. Ativan helps. The promise of fast food of her ch
  11. I love seeing so many of you have tried this.....and lived to tell about it.
  12. Have you tried Bogs, muck Boots or mudruckers brands?
  13. I am honestly not too worried about the hike We will just be carrying water, snacks and a few emergency supplies. The trail crosses several public roads so we can always get a pick up if needed. We regularly walk/hike 3-4 miles at a time several days a week in this weather already. We have done longer hikes in warmer weather carrying packs. And yes, the vehicles (likely 4 wheel drive trucks) will carry the gear and be parked where we camp. We will just have someone drop us off at the other end and we will hike to camp. While this is a stretch for me, it is not a winter hiking
  14. We would have at least 2, if not 3 4 wheel drive trucks.
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