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  1. Thank so much. I will search on our next library trip.
  2. Here is one website that reviews movies from an adoption perspective.
  3. I don't know the name of the group but there is a group out there that reviews movies (and maybe books) for adoption related issues. This is often discussed on my adoption FB groups.
  4. Thanks for these ideas. I will see if our local library can get these.
  5. This should not be this hard. I am looking for books for a young African American girl in my classroom. She wants books to help her speak up and empower her. She also wants books written by and about black people. She reads about a middle school level but has the interests of a young adult. Nothing with a lot of violence, intimate scenes, language, etc. They need to be "school appropriate". She is a Christian so Christian books would be welcome. I found some on the Civil Rights movement and books on slavery and while those are good, she just needs books about everyday teens that look like her. Any ideas for me?
  6. My first thought was to try a surgical stainless earring. I bought mine from the tattoo shop.
  7. I went with Snapfish. $15 for 160+ prints ...using coupons. I don't have a Costco membership.
  8. I am NOT an apple person at all....I have a Kindle fire. It might do what you want. I use mine for streaming Pandora and my audiobook. I don't do much else with it. It was cheap. That said, if you can financially swing it, an iPad would be the way to go. My daughter had one that is OLD and still chugging along.
  9. Where is your favorite place to print out pictures for Christmas cards? I want something better than the Walgreens 1 hour thing as these will be pictures from my daughter's wedding. I also want to print out some other wedding pictures for my living room and office as well as for Grandma, etc. Is it better to order soon or are there great deals on Black Friday? I am looking at maybe 40 4x6 of one picture, 2 8*10 and maybe 10 or so other random 4X6 pictures.
  10. Could you celebrate his birthday on his 1/2 birthday? So in June. That might help spread out the celebrations and help with being overwhelmed.
  11. I would keep it low key. Maybe let him pick a favorite food you can serve , a movie to watch, use that evening to go look at Christmas lights (if he enjoys that), etc.
  12. Well, I hope it is good as I now have 46 boxes of it in my basement. I can let everyone know once it is in how it does. Manard had it on an 11% rebate until today so it was worth it to get it now. I will use the rebate to buy all the misc little stuff we will need when the builder is done.
  13. And I am on the opposite end of the scale. I likely have 50 books max in our house. When we moved, I majorly downsized and kept just a few classic kids books and I have some non fiction reference books and a very few fiction books. I read 95% of my stuff on my kindle. I listen to audiobooks and have a great library system. I am never lacking for things to read. I thought about keeping more books but they really wouldn't have been read much.....and I donated a large portion of them to my friend's rural "little library" she runs in her tiny community (closest tiny public library is 8-10 miles away). She said books disappear so fast she can hardly keep up. I figured better to get them into the hands of people that will read them and might not otherwise have access than to keep them sitting on my shelf. I don't begrudge anyone though that wants to keep a large selection of books at home.
  14. I am about ready to get 46 boxes of Tarkett VeriCore LVP flooring and wondered if anyone has used it before and has any input. I can't find much online. This will be for almost 800sq ft in the basement
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