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  1. Another ministry you could do from anywhere is being a pen pal to a woman in prison. Such a needed ministry.
  2. Yes, this. Appeal the decision, again and again if needed. Likely it was made by someone lower without a lot of medical knowledge. I had to get a disability lawyer (free through Legal Aid) for my dd's case.....and we won after 2 1/2 years....and she got back pay.
  3. March can be cold and snowy, icy, or quite nice. If you come this way, message me as I am not too far from Calvin and can give you some ideas of things to do, etc.
  4. Do you feel comfortable hiking or walking with others outside? I need real, live, adult people to interact with. Last year that was almost all done by meeting friends at local parks and walking 6ft apart.
  5. Are you able to do some stuff now just you and dh....date nights, overnights, etc? Is he open to working on that now so that when the kids are out of the house it won't just be you and him as Individuals, but rather as a couple?
  6. The reason I was given today was the 48,000 people have died FROM the vaccine in the US (not just died after getting a vaccine...but from the vaccine) and that the government is hiding that fact. Now, I do realize that there might be a very rare case of someone dying from the vaccine. There are also cases of people dying after the vaccine, but my friend that is a doctor said that she had patients on hospice that got the vaccine so that they could see their family, even though they knew that they themselves would die in 2-6 weeks from an unrelated illness. Any research to debunk the 48,000 people dying from the vaccine? That someone totally steeped in the this is an experimental thing camp.
  7. Hope you are all safe. People with special medical concerns like you are why the rest of us need to do our part. I realize you have no good choices. Same thing with some of my kids friends with special medical needs. They and their doctors are weighing the options.
  8. That was my first thought too😀
  9. I don't know that I will ever be an empty nester. I have 3+1 with special needs. Youngest did and her husband live 2 miles away but I get calls from them almost daily for help.....today it was an overflowing toilet and a cracked screen on a cell phone. Then other did called and she cracked a front tooth. And da needed something. All I tried to do was go away hiking with a friend for a few hours.
  10. I don't know about books but I would encourage her not to be drinking where she does not know everyone Well and it is a safe environment. Alcohol clouds judgement and puts girls at higher risk of assault. Not saying it is right, just that it is.
  11. Thanks. We have heavy storms headed our way so praying we don't have a power outage in the morning.
  12. Well, my ex is in prison so I need to get it right next time. I am still in the thinking stages. I have second round job interview tomorrow and if I get that job it will mean more work....more pay, but more work.
  13. I can do about 10 miles but depends on how much water I have to carry.
  14. That is a LOT of miles in the mountains carrying a full pack. I couldn't do it.
  15. We could get a WTM group to hike part of the AT with you....if you are good with 8-10 mile days.
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