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  1. My kids all love their Tuft and Needle beds. No idea on how long they will last.
  2. I am watching the CRISPR technique as that is the best know hope for curing or stopping my girls' degenerative mitochondrial myopathies.
  3. I know you can't do it right now, but I would keep appealing that decision.
  4. Depending on where they live there are many group home options with various levels of care. Could the in-laws arrange for a caregiver to rent the main house at a big discount in exchange for some care of BIL? I have a friend that has cared for a special needs man for the last 25 years. My friend and his wife and 2 kids live in a condo with the gentleman. I agree, the time is now to work to figure it all out there are also programs calls home help that can bring in caregivers that can help with laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.....all paid for through disability funds
  5. Good for you. I loosely do an old WW program on my own and am down 50+ pounds. My friend has lost 115+ on WW in the past 18 months.
  6. It sounds like an adult foster care/group home situation might be best for him. Does MIL have guardianship over him? Does he have disability? Community Mental Health services? Etc? Depending on his situation and if there is anything to inherit, MIL might want to create a special needs trust for him so that he can continue to get his benefits.
  7. My dd has severe shellfish allergy and I have severe antibiotic reactions. Both had Pfizer with no issues. If in doubt just stay beyond your 15 minute wait window. They won't mind if you wait 30+ minutes if that makes you more comfortable.
  8. I would also call any and all vaccine clinics. In our area, any caregiver is eligible for a vaccine. Call and explain your situation ....over and over again.
  9. Hope you see him soon. We did a 7 hour stint from walking into ER to walking (rolling) out after an emergency appendectomy.
  10. I agree with calling the pharmacist and checking on a discount coupon. That said, it is generally better when there is a mood component to stabilize that first and then treat adhd. Also, starting 2 meds at the same time is not always the wisest course (except in crisis situations) as then you don't know which med is helping what....or which one is causing the side effects.
  11. Just wondering how everyone is doing. I am at 185.5 hours and 300 miles for the year so far.
  12. The "scar tissue" that they saw on the x ray was the covid pneumonia....not scar tissue. The radiologist said it looked "funny" and since x rays of covid pneumonia were not well known at that point, he decided to call it scar tissue from my surgery and chest tube 45+ years earlier. Since that was totally gone on my follow up x-ray , it obviously wasn't true scar tissue. The thing I remember from when I was sick was the gurgling/whistling in my airway, esp. when I tried to sleep. My peeks flows were down at about 50% for days. For some reason I never thought to check my o2 wi
  13. It is believed that I had it in Feb 2020. A coworker had traveled internationally and 7 of us ended up sick. I had a terrible cough that was not touched by inhalers, steroids or nebulizer or any rx cough med. I had a lot of trouble breathing, esp when sleeping. I don't know if I had a loss's of taste or smell as that wasn't on the radar. At urgent care they did an x ray and I had the classic covid pneumonia....but no one knew that yet so they called it atypical pneumonia with scar tissue in my lungs from a surgery 45 years earlier. The cough took a long time to get bett
  14. My dd with severe reactions to shellfish and mild to coconut had the Pfizer and did very well she had no reaction to the first dose and just a mild stomach reaction to the second dose. She carried her epi pen and higher risk people waiting 30 minutes.
  15. Just to address this issue. I am not saying that no one has does from the vaccine. Just that today again I talked with a dear friend that is very front line in covid....running immunization clinics, working as a doc in ICU covid wards, researching and in family practice.....and yes working way too many hours since this started. She said , yes, she has had patient die after receiving the vaccine but they were all patients who were already terminally ill and they died from those things, not the vaccine. They were given the vaccine to help protect others and allow family to visit in hosp
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