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  1. This would be top priority if she doesn't have it. Birth certificate, social security card, etc. Also be aware that when you do a change of address form quite often the post office will send a letter to the old address asking if this was for real or not. If her parents opened that they might respond that no, they don't want her mail forwarded (pretending to be her). I would have her directly contact as many people as she can about her change of address ...esp doctors, schools, jobs, for any tax papers, etc. Also, on the bank account, if her parents names are on it she might not be able to close it out without them signing too. Instead (if they haven't already taken the money) have her withdrawal as much as she can and start an account at a completely different bank/credit union where he parents don't bank.
  2. Apples and Pears spelling is very helpful.
  3. I miss my sunroof on my mini van. My last Honda had it. This one does not. I miss it. That said, I don't think I would go for that huge panoramic view one you showed. Too much glass. Too much chance of stone chip (terrible issue here in Michigan). Possibly less protection in a roll over crash.
  4. Thanks for sharing. These diseases stink. I know of 2 young fathers who passed away from ALS.
  5. Depends on the price and the market. I bought a house knowing it would need a roof, hot water heater, flooring, and paint. House was 20 years old but structurally great. I offered full price immediately as the house fit my needs perfectly and it was priced very low compared to it's worth. If the house was priced higher I might have asked for some allowances, etc.
  6. I just bought a nice little 5x8 utility trailer. I need to transport 5 bikes on it about 5 hours away (expressway driving). How do you do it? Do you lay the bikes down? If so, do you put something between them? Do you use an upright standing bike rack (think the kind that used to be in front of schools, etc), or build/buy something different? These are not super high end bikes but they are all bike shop good quality bikes.
  7. Some others have linked some above. I used and to teach my cognitively impaired kids to read. They now have great decoding skills....about 8th grade which is awesome for kids with IQ of 55-65. Comprehension at that level is an issue due to cognitive impairment but they can all read well.
  8. A sun room/3 season room. Painted a sunny yellow with white trim. The outdoor feel when it is too cold to be outdoors.
  9. The key here is GOOD, science based reading instruction from the get go. Most of the schools are using materials that look good but don't teach reading the way science shows kids learn to read. When I substitute teach in lower elementary I just cringe at what our local (good, fairly wealthy) school district uses to teach reading. Then the "remedial reading" programs are just the same, ineffective programs at a slower pace. One of my dream jobs would be to go to the local schools 3-4 days a week and work with their toughest kids 1:1 or 2:1 on reading skills. I honestly think that with the proper materials/methods, I could get most of them reading.
  10. I ended up buying the $$$ enclosure like we had had the previous 15 years. Out trampoline is the expensive one, rated for 800 pounds, etc. Like you, I wanted the safest one possible.
  11. If she doesn't have health insurance through her parents she might be able to apply for Medicaid or other state sponsored insurance on her own since her income is low. Is there anyone else close to you that she could rent a room from? Even an older lady or couple? Sometimes elderly have room, and time to help a young person and can do it in exchange for a small bit of rent and/or help around the house. With this being your son's girlfriend it could become very awkward if they break up, put you in the middle of disagreements, etc. In Michigan we have Michigan Rehabilitation Services which helps people with special needs (anxiety might qualify her) to get a driver's license, find a job, etc. Some homeless shelters offer long term programs to help people learn the skills they need to be on their own, provide them with a private room, and lots of other help. They are often housed in homes around the community with a house parent and 4-6 private rooms.
  12. I have been a bit slower with reading lately. I started a few that I then quit as they weren't my thing at this point in life. One I just finished today is Black Man in a White Coat which is the true story of the author's time in medical school and in his early years of practice. Lots of insight into race issues, poverty issues, etc. Much of this applies to rural and inner city white areas as well.
  13. That is frustrating. Does she want yo get back at your father by being with a man that lives so close by?
  14. Thanks. I have read some of these but will check out the others
  15. Another thing for her to consider, is his philosophy on raising children, etc. as cultural differences can be huge here as well.
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