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  1. I have a factory installed Android Auto and I have a love hate relationship with it. When. It works, it is great. When it doesn't it is super frustrating as you lose your gps, etc.
  2. Margaret in you want a strong young 31 year old? My son needs a lot of good physical activity and isn't getting it as much now that we are in town. He has special needs but is a hard worker.....when we aren't in the midst of huge girlfriend drama 🤪. I might even give him a one way ticket to CO.
  3. It's Not Fair: Learning to Love the Life you Didn't Chose by Melanie Dale was extremely helpful for me when I was going through the arrest of my husband, divorce, etc. It is a book about grieving, dealing with life that isn't fair, and moving on. It is NOT a everything is hunky dory type book. It is Christian but not a "just quote this verse" and all will be well type book. It was very real and honest. I found it very helpful. I have purchased several other copies and given them to friends going through rough times as well. It might be helpful for your daughter as well.
  4. And this is where I struggle so much. Due to foot issues I can wear Chaco sandals, Brooks dyad tennis shoes, oboz hiking shoes and hopefully a dansko shoe. I have a wide foot and high instep which makes it super hard to find shoes that fit. I also walk miles a day at work so they must be comfortable.
  5. Don't underestimate the power of your $5 here and $5 there. Those amounts add up and when combined with other $5 tithes they become powerful. You are being faithful with what you have
  6. This spells out a lot of my concerns. I agree the kids seem to have some needs that do need professional evaluations. It can provide clarity and a plan of action. Just like a medical issue, if you know the root cause (even if the symptoms seem the same) the treatment might be different based on what the root cause is. My bigger concern is the emotional environment in which you seem to have to be parenting. Lots of demands are being put on you, your opinions are not heard/considered, etc.
  7. Carpet for sound unless you have pets up there, allergies, or kids prone to make huge messes
  8. We have 6 houses in our subdivision. One with a lab said the dog is not well leashed least not for me. Others have happy tiny dogs...including one that bites. That is why I wanted our dogless neighbors to buy one for me to walk 😀
  9. Thanks all. We don't have larger animal predators around here and not a lot of loose dogs. It is more the people issue. The trails I want to walk are owned by our local airport and right out my back door but not really public trails....they just let neighbors walk them. I haven't seen any recent activity but it could be an area where someone could hunker down for days and not be seen type area. In general though our area is very safe. Fostering might work in the future but not right not. There are many days when no one is home or available to let a dog out for 8 hours+.
  10. Monday afternoon we out our 14 year old Australian Shepherd down. She was starting to fail more and more and we didn't want her to be in pain. That brings me to my question. Do you walk alone? Like through the woods, etc? I am not talking about bike paths/sidewalks where there is traffic/houses/people but more secluded areas. I live in an area with low crime least those we hear about/against strangers. I am a plus sized almost 50 year old so not a prime "target". Still, it feels weird to go out walking in the woods alone. I have no qualms about it with a friend or with one or more of my kids. It is just that alone part. I tried to convince the wonderful neighbors across the street with 3 young girls to buy a dog. Then I could walk over and take the dog for a walk whenever I needed one....and they could pay the vet bills, train the puppy, housebreak it, etc. For some reason they didn't buy that idea....but the husband did offer to let me take their cat for a walk with a harness.😉 So....getting another dog is not really in our cards right now and I like the freedom of no animals when we want to go on vacation. So what do you do about walking all alone?
  11. If none of those options work,try a local senior center. Another option is to drive around town and place a few in each Little Library you come across. It seems weird but my friend has one of these in her yard and said that the audio books and puzzles were hot items.
  12. I agree. Worse they can say is no.
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