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  1. heartlikealion

    January Frugalistas

    Yay that’s awesome about the inspection. Speaking of homes, the school said they painted our new home and it should be cleaned by now. Dh doesn’t have a key as he gave back the one we had when they needed inside. He is trying to get one so we can go in soon. I got rid of a few things today and we had a nice, fairly inexpensive outing with a group at a nature center ($3 for the program fee for kids). My iPhone says I got in a lot of steps today. It’s not much but my iPhone is linked to my Walgreens app to earn store points. Eventually I’ll get some money out of my exercise. I had to pick up ds’ report card and wasn’t going to make it in time for the archery sign up in the opposite direction in another town so I called the person in charge and they’re going to email the form. That actually saved me on gas. My writing curriculum is 3rd-5th grade but I still plan to try it and see if it can come in handy. Sam’s started carrying riced cauliflower again!! Whoo. And I bought bags of frozen fruit to make smoothies & frozen yogurt. I should have picked out select fruit instead of using the whole mix. But I did make it and dd likes it. I did it in a blender (ninja) which was hard so I’ll try again with less at a time. I may be missing a blade though. I had two sets and maybe three go in. Today I did eat out a little but we packed our own water and I packed one meal for dd. Next time I’ll be even more prepared.
  2. heartlikealion

    January Frugalistas

    I have two planners right now. One for exercise/food and one for everything else (blue). The blue one has an extra set of pages for each month (??) so I decided to turn that section into a spending tally. I went through the days and labeled what I spent where. This could be off a little but it’s mostly accurate as I used my Walmart pay app and bank account to reference. I can’t pull up Sam’s club receipts on my app so that’s slightly foggy if I spent on Sam’s club gas but Fetch showed the groceries. Dh said we’ve got a $400/mo. grocery budget. I guess this is do-able. I need to ask him if he’s including non food items but I don’t think he is. We do a lot of grocery shopping at stores like WM where I pick up non food items. I just looked through all our medical bills again. Ugh. I forgot how high they are. Dh has a bunch of employees with things this week that threw off the schedule so he has to cover shifts at another campus. This unfairly gave one coworker an extra night shift so she wanted him to stay last night but he said no because my wife has to tutor. I thanked him because I’m so sick of moving my stuff around. As it turned out they had me work almost the entire time with a teen that just moved from Mexico and doesn’t speak English. I think he made some progress. But all this just proved to me once again that working any job is subject to disruption by dh’s work. So in a sense I’m ready to kiss the job goodbye next semester. I say with ds this week and was appalled that I don’t feel like he’s really learning anything in regards to writing and he was mixing up “your/you’re.” I’m trying to look up our writing program to see if it’s still age/grade appropriate. That’s one of the things I kick myself about.. never spending enough time on writing. January there will be a Math Mammoth sale. I’ll pounce on that. Not the bundle sale.
  3. heartlikealion

    January Frugalistas

    Ok so I’m seeing fuzzy math on Fetch. I won’t rely on it. That’s Dove soap not 16 bars of chocolate lol.
  4. heartlikealion

    January Frugalistas

    Is that like Mint and the other program? We have one on our PC. I really meant for myself more so than the joint bank account. I see our spending all the time. We rarely use cash, so there’s usually a digital trail. I have most of my spending in my Fetch account from scanning receipts — works with grocery stores & convenience stores/pharmacies like CVS etc. I scan mainly for points but it is also good if I need to check back on a date or item. If I needed to reprint the receipt I could from my Walmart Pay or tell customer service at Sam’s for those two stores, but I just haven’t been organizing my spending and that’s my real issue. If I stop and take the time I could probably map out what I spent this month and where. The cash I spent at the homeschool game day was more or less covered by the cash I earned at the consignment store so I’m not too worried about that.
  5. heartlikealion

    Kids movies I hate

    I didn't read the books, but this seems to be the same as the concept in the Twilight Series (I saw the movies). That was weirder to me than the zing in the kids' movies because of the age difference (third movie?).
  6. heartlikealion

    January Frugalistas

    my concerns were based on this: They said anything without a "kill step" but also said just avoid ground beef in general. We've had ground beef and I bought ground turkey...
  7. heartlikealion

    January Frugalistas

    I know what you meant but Monday made me laugh
  8. heartlikealion

    January Frugalistas

    I’m a little stumped for meal planning. Dh is on a diet and the FDA is not reliably inspecting meats & produce which admittedly has given me pause. I did buy some stuff before I gave it any thought and I plan to use it but did not buy more last night. I made Korean bbq sauce this week and Dh and ds loved it but Dh wants me to use less sugar next time. I already cut the soy sauce content because I didn’t own low sodium soy sauce (I do now and used Checkout 51 when I bought it). There’s also a good CO51 on tomato sauce I’ve redeemed twice recently. I found mini cans this time. I don’t always need a full can and I spent less out of pocket that way. Here’s the Korean meal: I’m making it with ground turkey next time. I think I’ll make quinoa tonight. Dh can eat with the leftover chicken breast and veggies. Kids can finish up the hot dogs maybe. Dh is fine with some rice but we’ve had a lot lately. I got a huge minute rice box for $4 at Sam’s recently. I need to do what my friend does. She writes down every purchase each day in her planner. I need to make myself more conscious of what I’m spending even if it’s stuff I think we need/know we will use.
  9. heartlikealion

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    A couple posters mentioned staged homes (HGTV shows not the Tidying show) and how they don’t actually have the owner’s items out. I then commented on staged homes’ appearances. Many interior designers or realtors? staging the home seem to karate chop throw pillows at the top just before they place them on the furniture. Like a weird way of fluffing them? I don’t know. I think it looks unnatural and stupid.
  10. heartlikealion

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    Only the ones with the TP logo are on the chopping block. Thank you, I feel much better about letting them go now. Ds said he might want a Tarzan book (one I was thinking of keeping) but it’s true that we could just check stuff out.
  11. heartlikealion

    what color towels with black and tan bathroom?

    I might try black with tan monogramming? That might be too much black but I don't like white towels that much. I always worry they will get stained more easily.
  12. heartlikealion

    January Frugalistas

    I tried to apply for a subbing job but I missed the deadline. I was confused because the school district published a newsletter and linked it this week on Facebook. I saw the substitute teacher ad in it. Ds’ principal told me yesterday she didn’t know if it was too late but to go online to apply. It was too late, I even called to confirm. I was only going to do it this semester. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Good news— we found out the school will deep clean the home before we move in. Money saved. They didn’t get a chance before we moved in this home because the tenants didn’t move out on time.
  13. heartlikealion

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    You just reminded me I need to go through books. We were given several like new books and I feel like I should keep some and donate the rest to a local struggling school library. Although, they aren’t hardbacks so... 😬 Goodwill? I don’t know. maybe someone could help weigh in on these Townsend Press books. There are some I definitely want to keep but I don’t think all. I haven’t even heard of many 😳
  14. heartlikealion

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    I have mixed feelings on those HGTV rooms ready for open house or whatever. They put decorative stuff out I wouldn’t even want because it’s just clutter to me. And karate chopped throw pillows never look natural to me. Lol
  15. heartlikealion

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I used this thread title as a hashtag today lol
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