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  1. Last night I decided to focus on the bedtime routine instead of cramming in school. Kids got to bed at a decent time and everyone bathed. Ds wasn’t eager to get up for church but he does feel like he got adequate sleep for the most part. He attended Sunday school and I am doing some one-on-one work with him now. We just went over paragraph construction (mainly review but I don’t know what he learned). Now he’s looking for a pencil for his math in the parish hall lol I only have a pen with me. We might just head home in a minute. At least we had some peace and quiet. The religious sister suggestedsimething called mediation that is more counseling than legal?? I said I’m not familiar with that but I have little hope any mediator will help him see a problem. She does not actually know if that’s offered nearby. I told her I feel like there’s not much I can do other than save some money. Dd is so attached to both is us. I don’t even think she could handle a separation. She was crying for Dh to come to bed because she wants is both. The cat woke me up at 1:30 am and I had to open the office door that leads to the mud room so she could get to her litter box. Dh was still gaming. He said he would come to bed after doing homework. He fell asleep on the couch and I don’t know if he ever touched his homework.
  2. Don’t think they came back. I’m usually home during their work hours and they didn’t refill the hole. I know none of this makes sense. I’d ask questions but I’m basically out of touch with the right people and saying something through the grapevine again will apparently rub Dh the wrong way. I mean I could just openly ponder why there’s a hole in my yard in front of ds’ Sunday school teacher tomorrow. Her son is the school president. But I don’t know.
  3. I don’t know. They just said they broke it and would need to get a new pipe iirc. I didn’t speak directly to the guys. Dh did that night. I thought about putting a safety cone in my yard just for attention to it lol
  4. I think it’s interesting he donated to these families but didn’t get any GS cookies this year from his secretary. He was on a diet I think. I ended up spontaneously buying a couple boxes one day in front of Sam’s club from a troop there iirc. That’s like $8 though not like $20+. Probably being petty here. I mowed today and took new pics. I don’t know if the chunk came from left or right side. Looks like the pvc part doesn’t go all the way in either direction. I told Ds and Dh I’d take ds on campus to do some one-on-one school today. Now Dh says he is planning on going school at his office today and probably soon (?!). He did not bring this up this morning that I am aware of. So annoying. It matters because I needed him to be with dd. I got my dates wrong on the festival. It was Thursday! So no ponies.
  5. He said he bought a case of unpopped? Said our kids get popcorn throughout the year from it. I said don’t they sell those individually in your vending machine? He said maybe for like .50 or so each. I brought up the vending machine because I thought if his point was for the kids to enjoy popcorn after hours in his library while watching the tv he could just ration it out by spending a little at the machine or buying at the grocery store. He argues that the family could use help etc. I was like you know what, so could we. (I do like that family but they chose to send 2 of their kids to the Catholic school and they have two FT working adults). Additionally, they chose to put kids in Boy Scouts. Dd is a spirited 4 yr old. She would most likely be distracting anywhere lol she’ll be school age next year, though so could maybe go to work with me and do art or something if I was in a school. Edited: to clarify I mean coloring sheets or something in the morning
  6. One father’s day? I gifted him a handheld KA mixer lol I can barely lift the stand KA mixer and I found a sale on the KA (only select colors) at Best Buy. He knew it was more for me than him but I think we have both used it.
  7. I’ve flipped out many times over the years lol I know I was pissed o we the kitchen aids. I was like this is *my* gift?? I didn’t even ask for it. You bought this for yourself. And you bought your mom one, too?! Yelling never really changed anything, though. On occasion I lost my s#it to make him hear me and it worked but probably only made me look crazy. When we moved here we had just gotten off SNAP benefits and he was signing up for DISH satellite tv. I was like what?! No!! We do not need that. We need to save. I knew we wouldn’t get the first check immediately, either. It takes time to get moved in, buy things, etc. But he put his foot down and said he deserved/needed the TV for working here in the boonies with no entertainment. After a while the bills went up with DISH and it didn’t always work in bad weather. Our old box (forgot what it’s called but it’s legit and is intended for picking up some free tv) did not ever work here. He eventually canceled DISH. My son is getting a bed. End of story. Dh said I should put the old bed back together and buy a topper. I said the bed is old. It needs replaced. I did look at a topper in the store but wasn’t convinced it would help. I could get it as a temporary thing but Ds needs a firmer bed... will a piece of egg crate foam help at all?? It was $11 at the local dollar store. Also if we ever move to an apt the twin width will fit better than the queen.
  8. After ds sees the orthopedic dr and I settle on a bed I may ask my parents for help with that. I would pay them back but may ask them to help me fund the bed so Ds doesn’t have to wait so long. Ds doesn’t listen and Dh doesn’t enforce it much so he keeps sleeping on the chair in the living room. I send him to his bed (that’s directly on the floor of his room). Apparently he saw a spider the other night so refused to go back to his room. The appointment got pushed back to later this month through no fault of my own. The office had to move it. And the bed/frame I have in my cart went up in price. I hope they go back down. Funny or not so funny story about the campus maintenance stuff — a teacher I know said there’s a hole in her office wall that has gotten bigger and was told there’s a snake in there but maintenance dismissed it and said it won’t hurt her. Now she’s wigging out over every sound she hears. And her old building reportedly has bats. So yeah I guess that helps paint a picture about how maintenance handles things.
  9. Dh was going through the bank account and asked me about some things. I said I also had questions (we were both stumped about a check and the image wouldn’t display). He said it might be the cookie dough he ordered. I said what?? He said someone’s kid in Girl Scouts. And he said he also bought a case of popcorn (money due in Nov for that one) from a family we know with kids in Boy Scouts. I’m just beside myself. How can you give me a speech about how we need to support these families when our checking account has six dollars?! He’s not certain the $36 check was cookie dough but he said he bought 2 tubs and figured we would use them over the holidays. I said I do bake over the holidays but I usually buy the case of mix from Sam’s or something (make from scratch or buy a small amount of dough). I just can’t. There’s no reasoning with this man. And here I felt torn about sending $5 to a dying friend’s go fund me recently. He doesn’t flinch over what was probably $50 in fundraisers for other people’s kids.
  10. Tails is more yellow than orange to me. I bought ds a yellow set on the website Primary with a Retail Me Not code for 25% off and free shipping. It shipped the same day. Other sites had questionable delivery dates and/or no matching pants. Dd is considering being Sonic now but I said Mommy may not have time for all that. I have to throw together ears and stuff for Tails. Sonic would require a whole hat I think. All his spikes ugh
  11. I sat down and totaled up all the grocery-related purchases I noted. Dh was supposed to pick up like 2 items at Sam’s but instead did a $100 shopping trip last night. I just hope that those items can stretch. So here we have like 2.5 weeks of Oct left and already over budget ($400 grocery budget). I bet we’re over budget every month and just don’t notice. I subtracted some of the non food items and we were still over (foil, underwear, first aid supplies). He bought a rotisserie chicken last night and a 3pk of monster cereal (Boo Berry, etc). I said I normally only eat Count Chocula so I would not have bought that. They aren’t oversized boxes. Monster boxes are always smallish. It was $5 for the pack so better than WM but not like super awesome savings. Ds and I don’t like Boo Berry but I think dd likes it. Yes they opened 2 boxes last night which made me think of the Capt’n Crunch story upthread lol And I was supposed to be at a Mom’s night (ended up canceled) so I didn’t really go out of my way for dinner and urged the kids to eat whatever. Then Dh complained ds “ate like half the rotisserie chicken.” lol I did stop Dh from buying the “great deal” on a $10 bag of Halloween candy (told me over the phone). We only bring candy to his library. We don’t hand it out at home. I bought ingredients recently for Southern chicken spaghetti (uses rotel & velveeta) as a meal stretcher but Dh said he wouldn’t eat it because he’s trying to reduce carbs or something. Last time he loved it and ate it for days (lunches & dinners). I mean I’m trying to eat better too but I’m allowing myself to mix it up where I feel I need to for budget.
  12. Ah. Well PreK aged children are not allowed to ride the bus here with the exception of the Head Start children that ride the Head Start bus. As a CPST I’m fine with that rule. Children are not mature enough to sit still. I was prepared to drive dd to and from public PreK daily at the nearby school but they canceled the program. I believe the local daycare opens around 7 but it could be earlier. The sitter I know, I’m not sure what time she accepts children. One of her customers has work at 7:30 and all the children are from faculty/staff so I bet she doesn’t take kids before 7. Most jobs on campus start between 7:30-8. Dh’s library opens at 7:30 most days of the week. Many college students here do not have cars and certainly not cars with car seats for children. I would not send dd in a booster for a few more years.
  13. The ESL tutor job also required me to be at the school early. They said 6:45 am or 7:30 am depending on whether I was assigned to an elementary or middle school. What time do most daycares open?
  14. I meant neither Dh nor I could drop her off. They expected me there for bus duty before 7 am iirc. The school was not close to anything and was like 45 min from my house so too early for me to drop dd off. Hypothetically if one of my kids wasn’t in the grades at that school they couldn’t be dropped off at their school that early, either. Here you cannot usually drop kids off before 7:30am?
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