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  1. Yeah, we all have our blind spots I guess. I mean I was really upset about this whole ordeal this week and trying to tell my son I wasn't being a good Christian and I need to work on it. I don't know if he was evening listening lol. But he's tagging along with me during some of this and I think modeling is good. I showed him the Fideo ramen noodles and said, "hey! I bet you'd like these" and he said, "it's okay, they need them more."
  2. I made photocopies today for the handout from the more affluent parish. I'm going to pass these around at my church. It focuses on the humanitarian aspect of the situation noting that this is not about politics. I think reading that was helpful to me and may be for others.
  3. I wasn't alone the whole time, but definitely part of the time. One of girls from out of state came in the room for part of the time, etc. But there were times I was all alone and when the lady that showed up later in the evening checked in on the room she spoke to me like I was oblivious to easy solutions. "Why didn't you just turn on a DVD?" she said. I had asked the kids at one point which tvs, if any, were operational in the room. The kids told me which one but I didn't know the church had DVDs/where, who would sit still to watch one, and if I wanted that extra sensory overload (assuming some kids would be running around while the TV was on at the same time). After like 10 min. she got the DVD player set up. The first movie wouldn't play or something. I have no idea what she put on as she sent me to wait in the kitchen, but by then there were less kids and mostly older ones, all of whom were now munching on the candy she had me pass out, so it wasn't so surprising to me they were sitting still. It was definitely a learning experience and I have been humbled by the experience. Mostly the feedback in this thread LOL. Going forward I would know what to expect (or a better idea). They do have up to three people that can sign up at once for those hours, but my guess is you're lucky to get one person to commit to the shift, let alone three (on the link, anyway. In real life, you may have someone they can move to the room). I've never done any volunteering outside of very short-term things (ie. one day event, week event) so I'm sure that changes a lot of the dynamic. I am learning.
  4. I, too, thought that granite didn't require trivets?? I use a combination of a metal trivet and pot holders for hot dishes if I set them down on my kitchen table or washer lid (because my washer is in my kitchen lol). My parents use these things that look like wood and can sorta roll up? Well you couldn't really store them rolled up I don't think but they are flexible. Maybe bamboo? They're pretty nifty, though. Similar to this:
  5. I'm a little blind! I overlooked the email address by the meal list. I spoke to the right person and she explained who eats when and what was the greatest need. She said this week all meals are covered except Saturday and the meals in the morning are mainly for the volunteers like the legal team that are there. She said the families that come and go vary day to day based on when they have to meet with their attorney, etc. What she's suggested is that if we want to help with meals to pick a Saturday meal. I'll see if my tiny parish can help with that (seeing as it's a Saturday the religious sisters may be available). I'll pass the info along and see what they say. The lunch and dinner meals are in the highest demand and those feed more people. If this idea doesn't suit my parish, that's okay. I can still ask.
  7. Yes, I see what you mean. Just to clarify no, I didn’t receive that kind of training. Protection of Children is to make sure children are not at risk for abuse. Ie don’t let adults hold children in their lap.
  8. You guys speak as if there’s a huge training curve. I walked in, they said keep an eye on kids. Boom. Done. Lady in kitchen said I need you to make sandwiches using this stuff. Boom. Done. We’re not talking rocket science. Yes. They may not want to repeat themselves 20x a day or have shifts change too often. Well I don’t know many people working full time going straight to a 3 hr shift after work. So we’ll just see how it plays out and I’ll shut up.
  9. I only said something once aloud about the potential hour obstacle. Most of what I’ve said is strictly here. I have been focusing on other ways I could assist or pass info along. They have posted needs for meals but it’s unclear if the meals should be dropped off or prepared in the kitchen (I can’t picture too many people in the kitchen). I asked about food ideas... American food or perhaps something more traditional? Not everyone is Mexican. I know I could be overthinking it but sometimes it’s good to ask questions so you don’t waste everyone’s time in another way. My mom had no ideas beyond sweet Mexican bread. And she’s hypoglycemic so naturally we think about a need for protein which things like sweets don’t provide. Mexican bread is a specialty item to me. Probably not cheap and only found in Spanish grocery stores. /shrug. I’ve had it before but I was in California. I texted a few people for ideas. One was raised in Mexico. Have not heard back. In fact I get the vibe she wants nothing to do with this (I did not ask her to volunteer). She’s a homeschooler and actually teaches Spanish. She has not said a word about the raids online or off. You guys don’t have to worry. I’ll be careful what I say aloud. I know they are doing their best. This is one of the only places I felt I could sorta express myself and well maybe I shouldn’t have even done that.
  10. Yes, I know. And the babysitting may not be in need the full year (or however long the resource center exists). But they did say on facebook that the church is creating a temporary babysitting ministry. I don't know what their definition of temporary is. Perhaps the babysitting need is only there in the very beginning as parents need to attend meetings or whatever. But right now I know that people don't necessarily feel safe at their homes so will probably deliberately spend more time at the resource center. The affluent church is bigger and has been "flooded with requests" from volunteers. Yet, the sign up sheet was mostly blank. That is why I was jumping to the conclusion the hours of operation or the hours of shifts might not be doable for many people.
  11. This is the broader link if anyone feels compelled to donate: the url says Morton but I am told that’s the generic link for all the affected areas. The volunteer list on Catholic Charities site I suspect is for people at the CC headquarters, not one of the parish sites. We are told clothing is not being accepted but inside our nearest resource center there was a sign that said clothing lol I have no idea. I think that they aren’t really taking it now. The CC site said mainly size 0-6 diapers but the local list needed bigger sizes more.
  12. Sorry, I meant people I didn’t see face-to-face. Who are these hypothetical people volunteering the unclaimed (or few claimed) shifts? If they can’t fill them now, they may have better luck asking for less. While I was there we had a couple people from out of state. One was about to go back. The other is here for now but I’m sure short term. They are from advocate groups... informing people of their rights and stuff. Then I saw a few people from Catholic Charities coming to check in. CC is located in another city. I don’t know what they did or if they will be back. I met a counselor that attends a parish in another town. Her commute is shorter than mine but she felt like she wasn’t able to help as her services require Spanish and she does not speak Spanish. She was there with a bilingual counselor and let them take over. The woman that arrived before I left is employed by the neighbor sister church. She’s there a lot right now and was the one that told me they really need sitters. I met another woman who arrived as I was leaving. She said she lives nearby and asked what the Church needed. They said to-go boxes and her family has a local business so she dropped off boxes. I don’t know if she stayed. The person in charge is employed by the church. I’m not saying the employees are getting any extra compensation for coming to the resource center, though. I doubt it. I saw two other people that I don’t know their exact role but one looked like a lawyer possibly (dressed up professionally) and another may have been a parishioner I haven’t met before as I seldom attend the Spanish service and she did not speak English. No, I don’t want the organization to change for me specifically. I’m just trying to be practical. I don’t see people flocking to pick up those shifts. My hunch is the hours or length of hours. I was told over 200 people were emailed that link. Initially you had to fill out a form and turn in at the church to get the link. I don’t know if that figure was including reshares of the link.
  13. Didn’t I answer that a few posts back, though? I went to help (to elaborate I will say I went partly out of guilt/obligation... I saw hardly any names on the sign up link) and partly to gather information so I could better inform those out of the loop like I was. My tiny parish, where I am registered, does not get any of the info. They are a mission church which is a sister church to a church in the opposite direction from the one nearest me with a resource center. The religious sisters said talk to us more when you get more info. Of course it’s easier for coordinators to have longer shifts scheduled. That’s not lost on me. But you want someone there 2-5pm, 5-8 pm etc? Who are these volunteers? Are these shifts sustainable? Are these people retired? Have a weekday off? Neighbors of the church? Have they completed the Protection of Children training? These are my thoughts. No, it’s never going to be perfect. But I think a 2 hr shift may be more doable for volunteers. I personally live over 30 min away from the resource center. I can’t speak for others.
  14. I said “Hispanic parishioners” for brevity. It was quicker than, “people affected by the raids.” My mother is Mexican-American. My grandparents on her side were bilingual. A lot of culture and language didn’t get passed down to me. I assure you I meant no offense by specifying who was in the room. Yes, I know I sound like an awful person. Message was received loud and clear several posts back.
  15. They have just updated the weekly needs/sign up list and told us to feel free to share. They have added a slot for homework helpers and asked groups to volunteer to provide meals (they stated approx numbers for each meal. Breakfast needing to feed the least amount of people). I am glad to see they are updating as they go.
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