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  1. In the first video I linked, they didn’t show her turn the mask right side out and I got confused. Thought she left the extra seam fabric facing out touching the face! Lol
  2. My question with the seam down the middle, is it bothersome from the inside?
  3. @Sneezyone I am not sure the thoughts on flannel but I love the way your mask turned out. Most of my fabric here is Wonder Woman lol
  4. I googled Event 201 (a simulation much like what we are experiencing) a few days ago and thought I was in the Twilight Zone. Nothing would surprise me. I feel like we knew better and didn’t proceed with enough caution. Where I live they have not mandated strict stay home guidelines. I think we need to do so across the board. I have no idea for it really originated. I wonder if celebrities lie about their status (having it, having been tested). Everything makes me skeptical.
  5. I think that’s the British or Australian term tea towels (maybe other countries, too). In my house (US) I have tea towels that are super thin. And other dish towels that are thick. But neither seem practical for masks.
  6. Weird my links above don’t look clickable
  7. Dh and I have been investigating mask ideas. I have a friend that works at a hospital and sews. She said that hospital got more than enough donations. Her personal advice was don’t even use elastic. Use fabric ties. Her spouse modeled a mask she made. It had a seam down the front. So I’ve looked up a tutorial more along that style. But I’m sure everyone has different preferences. I’m not sure if the center seam is necessary (could you do two large pieces instead of 4 small?). I may be able to use elastic here but afraid cutting it may make it fray. I only have wide elastic. I prefer the behind the head straps vs behind just the ear. Looks way more comfortable imo. I haven’t tried to make one yet. it was recommended in the comment section to do a plain color for the inside of the mask to more easily tell the sides apart so you don’t set it down and put back on backwards (eek!!). I don’t own the right fabric in solids, though. Many have suggested a little wire to go over top of nose sewn in. Pipe cleaner, bread tie, craft wire (like from floral arrangement), etc). Roughly 4 inches. This is what I’m gonna have dh print that we will test out on a mask as a possible quick mask hack. But insteed of a paper towel is fabric and instead of rubber bands try some sort of fabric or elastic. As for CDC grade, well, I’m not expecting that. I have heard duck and twill are good outer fabrics. I have some duck but most of my fabric is fat quarters (so quilting fabric??). I’m a complete novice. Just fumbling through articles and posts on this. Wash fabric in hot water first to avoid shrinkage later. Here’s another video I like minus the short straps. Lastly, I heard JoAnn’s refuses to close at the detriment of their workers. They can’t clean their fabric bolts tat customers sneeze and cough in. Curbside pick up makes sense but they aren’t limiting it to that. So for that reason I’d say maybe don’t shop there. I signed a petition about it after reading a worker’s story.
  8. Dh brought up a high interest savings account to store savings in we don’t touch but I looked into it and you have to have a min. of $2500 to open it. Alternatively, he is ok with a joint savings account without the dual signature crap to withdraw. He just wants us to not be tempted to touch it. For him I guess that means in a separate account because I had folders for categories (car tag, etc) but he never let me build them up. Im researching the loan option to pay down the cc but I suspect it will be like the credit union’s card option — they shift a debt to a card and you have 12 months low interest to pay it off but interest jumps up the 13th month. The min. payments were too high. If the loan option requires paying it off in 12 to make it worthwhile, there’s no way (over $1000/mo.). I say let’s just throw more at it each month now, when possible. After a couple paychecks we should have an emergency fund. I was oblivious and said some out of bound things this week at work and got scolded. It set me in a physical tailspin. I’m ok now. In another business my input may have been seen as proactive. My friend told me basically yeah just do your job. Don’t offer any input. Wear blinders. I suggested we use a different image for a car seat safety ad. They know I’m a CPST. The child in the photo has visibly outgrown the seat. I learned a hard lesson but better now than later. No guilt on my conscious over the ad. I’ve never been a good robot. I’ll have to learn.
  9. I’ll have him look into the free YNAB. He should qualify. I don’t know how he came up with that idea... the screenshot didn’t show the URL. Turns out it was not our bank. I say bank but actually it’s a credit union. Ok so turns out I do give my boss 2 things for my check split but that’s because the alternative is money going from my personal acct to current joint and showing up as coming from there. Eek no. Don’t quote this paragraph, please. They don’t do percentages so I just picked a safe figure. Nothing very large. I was advised to pay off the furniture in 23 months instead of 24 to be extra safe. I can probably just walk in the furniture store and make a couple small payments ($20 here and there) on top of our usual monthly one? I’ll find out.
  10. He sees us both as spenders and thinks my crafts eat up as much but I doubt it. I don’t buy craft supplies every month and sometimes it’s Dollar Tree which I doubt I spent $60/mo whereas one trip to the theater can get that high for him. He tried to separate transactions based on debit card number in Quicken so we could compare but we couldn’t see a way.
  11. No, I’m not offended. That’s a good idea to show pictures. I think my financial crisis is resolved. I spoke with a financial person (different employee but in finances) and they don’t even offer that wacky joint account option here! I got my paperwork done to bring to my employer. I hope Dh drops it since it’s not offered at our bank. Dh probably should not have a separate account. I just think it would go awry. Right now we are doing cash but changing to delegate some to “family” and cut back on individual free spending. Family will cover the fast food trips. Individual if he goes to the movies or I buy myself something. He’s been turning down movie and theater invites. He knows he easily spends $60 a pop on movies/dinner/alcohol with his friend. I need to get Dh to reset or remember the cc password so I can view the account again and check the APR again. Then I’m going to the bank to see the loan option to move cc debt to bank loan if lower interest. This was a joint idea of ours. I don’t care who sets it up but I’ll probably have time first.
  12. This is exactly what I’m trying to navigate. The account does not exist so what a headache if I have to split checks twice. Once now, then later when it’s created. I guess as long as I’m the one setting it up I could do it right. Yes, I figured out the employer does not have to be involved. She actually doesn’t need to know anything or do anything. My financial advisor told me there are 2 ways to handle it and the way I’m doing it gives me more flexibility and does not involve my employer.
  13. We are an equitable distribution state. I thought my girlfriend that went through divorce recently said it was 50/50 for money but that doesn’t sound right now. Guess a judge determines fairness.
  14. This is why I’m here. Let me explain my dilemma. I was prepared to set up banking with my check and try splitting it (which I would set up directly with bank and not say anything to employer) but not by much because it would be very obvious (he knows the pay rate I was offered). But now he wants to do this weird account and I don’t know what I’m supposed to say. I feel like part of that idea is just so I don’t withdraw a bunch and run off.
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