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  1. Thank you. I did run it by my lawyer before I gave him the address. sorry to hear, that sounds awful!
  2. He probably didn’t see it. I think I stupidly said something like an off handed comment (weird, the breaker is in a bedroom). Innocent comment. Shouldn’t have said. He offered to come over and help with the home I said no thanks. I popped up the bed frames and wrestled with the mattresses that were delivered in boxes the other day. He hasn’t been inside. I don’t know if he’s driven by.
  3. He saw it and brought up the EMFs. I’m pretty sure he will legally be allowed to see where they live sometime, too. I had to give him my address. I’ll probably just take that room. I ordered a twin for myself so I might be able to fit everything. The heaters will be in the hallway, not the room.
  4. I am just a renter. This landlord is the only person I could find in my area that rents without all the stipulations. One other rental required me to earn 3x the rent in take home pay. I couldn’t afford it. Plus, no pets allowed. He said I could bring my cat. And the rent is lower here than in the city. At this point I have been denied alimony so I’m scraping by. This man added on 2 rooms in the back (bedroom & laundry area) but I don’t know what that front room was. Maybe it was originally part of the living room? The closet is brand new so I doubt it was a bedroom. This home
  5. Depending on what you ask it may not be a big deal. Offering child care is great.
  6. I’m seriously considering just taking this room. If I want to set up my craft tables I’ll have to put them in the living room or something. Without dh around, I don’t have to worry about the complaints surrounding my crafts in the open so much lol My dad bought things to help reduce EMFs in his house on the outlets. Dh recalls a sticker or something on my dad’s breaker box. My dad has a tester device so I’ll ask him if he tested the EMFs before/after using the sticker thing. I could put that on the box but might still take the room. I can sell dd on the other room easily if we switch (mo
  7. My house is behind schedule again (big surprise 🙄). I just noticed a gas line and the breaker box in the room dd is supposed to have. I don’t know how to make this work. Don’t breaker boxes release EMFs? There’s actually a breaker box in my current room but I never gave it much thought til now. Yes, they need to cover the box. I don’t know why it’s open. Can they cover up a gas line? I don’t want to have to trade rooms with her. I kinda need to extra space. Ds requested a bigger room which I already gave him. The breaker box is behind her bedroom door which is why I didn’t see it a
  8. You’re nailing it.... I keep seeing social media posts saying stop sharing personal stories. I personally think that can work sometimes, while other times it makes the story teller seem self involved (guilty). So, the advice I’m seeing pushed is to simply validate and listen. More or less. If someone keeps talking then maybe you can just say, “I hear you” or “ugh that sounds awful.” I think you’re doing great!
  9. I thought that was to me at first. I practically typed debt a center
  10. I’m not planning to get the vaccine. I found a used portable. I’m picking it up this week. It will fit in my SUV. I found the seller on Facebook.
  11. I’m not very willing lol I don’t have a truck and the majority of these types of places are an hour away. Rebt-A-Center type places, big box stores. I was looking at options that would deliver to my door (online shopping) or I could fold down my back seats for hauling a smaller box. I will ask around for someone with a truck if I have to, though.
  12. I’m double checking where the nearest one is. As far as things like Craigslist, those sites seldom work for our small town area. And given the size of these towns I guess I’m not optimistic I’d run into an individual offloading appliances. I’m in one Facebook group for the county but I seldom see anything I need.
  13. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because there’s still a chance I’ll get my original set back. I bought them before the marriage with my own money. I guess laundry mats seem a little less ideal during Covid, too
  14. I’m looking at these portable washers with spinners. Most don’t fully dry the clothes, but they get them mostly dry. At least temporarily I’m losing my washer/dryer in the divorce. I don’t want to deal with laundry mats. I’m on a budget so don’t want to do the higher end ones. But, I’ll spring for a little higher price range if say one model requires you to move the hose twice during a cycle and another doesn’t. Frankly I’m confused by most of these products. They show people either using then in their shower/tub, hauling a bucket of water to fill the washer and then to place hose to
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