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  1. No, you can’t do part time K12. Not the program I researched. First of all, it’s not offered in every state (not offered here). More specifically it has very rigid (imo) hours. You must log normal school days more or less hour-wise. For an online program that is flexible I only have experience with Time4Learning but I was not a fan of their math so we switched to Math Mammoth. ASD or not, I think it’s important for the parents to be available to assist with the material and hope that they can.
  2. I don't know if this is helpful or not, but we sometimes use them. Those huge workbooks that say "grade X." We got one at Sam's Club several months ago. It's hit and miss with inventory, usually available during back-to-school shopping. I have one that says Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills. This might be the right level for him? I would not rely on that to be done completely solo, but could be a good way to touch on various topics in a given grade level. Notice the Amazon price is like $14. The last one I bought was tagged $8.47.
  3. We're doing terribly this month, but know we have to shape up. I hate wasting food and I ended up having to toss some food that didn't get eaten (fast food was brought home, the chicken defrosted and wasn't cooked in time, etc.). I bet those eggs I got around Easter are all beyond salvaging, but I'll look at them and do a water test to be sure. We didn't boil that many eggs for Easter and we haven't eaten scrambled eggs, etc. in a while. I got confirmation today that I did not get the last job I interviewed for. I met with my friend to discuss VIPkid a few days ago (I just brought dd with me). I honestly am not sure if it's possible for me to work VIPkid into my life or not. Dh's money from teaching all goes straight to paying for his doctorate classes. I bought some dressy clothes recently, partly for interview, potential job, and to have some more church clothes. I don't regret the purchases, though. The clothes came from Ross, JCP, and Kohl's so a mix of sales and/or coupons. I used dh's ebates account to trigger the referral bonus. In the past I had attempted to do it, but for some reason the promo didn't apply or something. Anyway, so this time around I stacked deals where he got a $10 bonus for making a purchase and I got a $25 referral... catch is it won't be available til August when they issue their next pay out. Ok so we gave up on the environmentally friendly cat litter. It stinks, the odor clings to the cat sometimes, tracking might be worse and it was actually more expensive. I placed the ebates order with Chewy (our PetCo didn't have the item in stock and PetSmart wasn't a participating merchant) but to get free shipping I had to order more. It will be worth it in the long-term, though. Today two large bags of litter and some cat treats arrived at my house. I spent money on end of the year teacher gifts. I'd like to bring a few homemade treats in, too if I make them in time. Tomorrow is the last day of school. I got the main teachers little gift cards and the other teachers he sees less often little bags of candy. I'll attach a note. On the plus side, it was confirmed this week that dd got into the public school preK program for the fall. I think she'll qualify for speech there, too. I had a free speech eval done at the library recently but they didn't let me keep their notes. Basically, determined what I'd been told about a year ago -- that she needs help with articulation. And they specified which sounds were issues and said some were not so serious vs others for her age. They offered a speech camp but I don't feel like I'd get my money's worth and don't have the money right now, anyhow. I mean, I don't know, I just don't know about speech things in group settings ykwim? I attempted to start a Teachers Pay Teachers store front, but that may be a flop lol. My first game is free by default and I can't even get anyone to download the FREE one. I shared the link with a bunch of people on facebook. Oh well. You get 55% of your sale, 30 cent fee per transaction and apparently for most states they automatically tax items (which I think is easier than deal with later). Overall, doesn't sound like a good way to much money though.
  4. @Storygirl yes, thank you. I feel like I’ve second guessed some things today and fear that Dh will be like “see, you’re crazy.” I asked Dh if ds received a lot of awards in comparison to his peers at class night and he said he was among the top few (maybe for his grade?) to receive awards. They gave out a separate certificate for A-B honor roll for each 9 weeks. Dh said Miss Schoolname have a speech but could t pronounce all the words. I asked if he thought maybe someone else wrote it and he said still, he thought she should have been able to read better. She’s the top student for ds’ grade and took home awards in extracurriculars, too (ds doesn’t do school sports). I think that’s really unfortunate about the reading because I know how important reading and fluency are (is? Lol this sentence has me second guessing). I am so glad I signed him up for that English class with Homeschoolers in the fall. The teacher has a strong English background and the class size is small. Ds has told me some of the craziest stories about school. He says one kid comes in at like 10 am daily and someone is constantly sleeping in class. I said that’s horrible, they probably have a bad home life affecting them. But he acted like the kid was just lazy or something. He came to his own conclusion that one of his (former?) bullies (Miss Schoolname) had a crush on him because she makes physical contact with him like play punches him etc. I said maybe she saw you as competition because you both do well in school. He said people touch his hair and I asked if that was her and he said, “everyone does, guys and girls.” I couldn’t help but laugh. They compliment it, though. “It’s so soft.” I said well it’s a different texture than his peers so I guess it’s a point of conversation. He waxes and wanes about how he’s treated by his peers but last time I spoke to him about it he said, “I’m fine, Mom. I can take it. Really.” He saw some of the interactions as tolerable banter I guess.
  5. Tomorrow is the last day of school. We have a meeting with the pychometrist on Friday. Dh wants to go. I asked for a copy of the report. I skimmed through it. There was nothing found, he was listed as average everywhere that I could see. He was not showing to have ADHD of any type, according to the ADDES test (read: a list of things we had to rate) conducted by us (the one dh and I did together), the math, and science teachers (I don't know if more were given that test, but for sure those). Obviously, he's not eligible for anything. I think this meeting will be pointless. I do find it interesting that the homeroom teacher said he had no issues with multi-step directions when the university report and own our family interactions say otherwise. Maybe in class she doesn't give too many steps or he just looks at what other kids are doing. I have no idea. They said an RN tested his hearing and vision in April 2019 (????). No idea what kind of testing was done, but clearly nothing very detailed because there was no optometrist or audiologist present. Tests/assessments included were the WIAT3, ADDES4, ABAS3, and RIAS2. One thing in my favor was they did suggest to go ahead and do the CAPD testing on our own (I mean I don't know how to interpret that, but I interpreted it as encouragement, even though it may have simply been stating the obvious -- they can't test for it).
  6. Thanks. Well I'm glad I registered ds in that supplemental English class (weekly, for homeschoolers). I met the teacher at their open house several weeks ago and she actually has a strong English background. It'll be an interesting year. I do think we'll end up homeschooling as the alternative is sending him to an F-rated school as his current C-rated school ends at his current grade (5th). Tomorrow is his last day of fifth grade. Friday I meet with the school psychometrist to discuss his recent tests to see if he was eligible for an IEP or 504. I got a copy of the report this afternoon. He is not. In fact they didn't even observe ADD/ADHD, although a private eval listed him as having ADHD Inattentive type. So I accomplished all that I could. I got the testing done I could while he was in the school and dd should get speech next year in the school while I stay home with ds. I hope things go smoothly. I'm working on getting him interested in the "Nerd camp" at the library and I've already signed up as a volunteer at a Vacation Bible School this summer. I'm going to a Mom's night with other homeschoolers on Thursday night. Trying to look on the positive side.
  7. I was very busy Monday so decided I'd just wait til Tuesday. I emailed this afternoon and the principal emailed me back saying they chose someone else (gee, thanks for notifying me. Wonder when that decision was made). We had nothing in the mail as of Monday regarding dd's acceptance into PreK. I had dh ask on the phone. They said she got in. So at least there's that.
  8. original thread: Need cheap or free curriculum ideas for 9 year old.
  9. I didn't read all the comments. Look into the Easy Peasy site A potentially free trial of Mystery Science (or paid, depending on what is available). I did the free trial with ds... only problem was I wasn't always doing the discussions with him and I think it's better if we sit down and discuss together. Sometimes he would ask me to discuss with him and I'd enjoy that if I was there during the video, but other times he just watched without me. Spectrum workbooks Not exactly cheap, but you can use Time4Learning for some subjects if you want. You pay per month and can stop whenever you like or pay a dormant fee.
  10. Free yourself. What makes sense, donate. I got rid of a good set of sheets recently because I accepted the fact that my family was not going to use them (flannel and only fit ds' bed. He decided he didn't like them even though he's always the one saying he's cold in the morning). The older bedding (sheets) I took to an animal shelter. Right now I have a little I dunno what you'd call it, rectangular ottoman? I told the family that's for blankets. We have one blanket that finally bit the dust... ripped in several areas, holes. Dh wants to cut it up for rags but hasn't done a thing with it and last time I washed it, it let out pieces of fabric all over the washer/dryer. Now we have another started to do the same. I probably won't even replace them. We have a lot of throws (Star Wars, Walking Dead, Toy Story, plain purple, Paw Patrol, etc.). Almost ever throw is a gift from some Christmas.
  11. I got served and it was nuts. on the airplane?
  12. Turns out the first upload is free by default. It's up on the site now. Because it has my name/location on the link, please PM me if you'd like it. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone here sell on the site? Have you found it useful? I know there are teachers that can profit a lot on it, but I'm looking for realistic goals. Like if you upload something for sale, how many sales do you average in a month or year or six month period? I'm toying with some graphic design files. I just made an educational game and wondered if anyone would even buy it. It's very basic, but so are some of the games my child and I like for learning. I'd need to come up with new ideas for other games. Just wondering if anyone has any personal experience with the site as a seller. Thank you 🙂 Also, if someone wants my game I'll pass a few copies around the Hive for free and ask in return you give me some feedback (please be kind). Since most items I see on the site are priced free-$5 I thought of asking $2 per download. I don't know if that's too high, though. I didn't want to pay for/hunt down royalty free stock images so I made very simple images. The game focuses on the sounds "sh" "oe" and "ce." I know "ce" isn't really a phonogram tile, but they used it separately in Time4Learning so I am using it as an easy way to introduce/reinforce the soft c sound. The game would be easy to manipulate if I needed to change the cards, though.
  14. All these people keeping me waiting... I couldn’t even find out of my daughter got into the public school PreK (which I’ll really need if I don’t get the job and homeschool). The school said look for a letter in the mail. There was nothing in my P.O. Box. Maybe tomorrow.
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