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  1. yes and no. But my psychiatrist called me (prompted by Dh) and I will keep the higher dose and meet with him in a few weeks (normally only meet every 4 months). Met with ds’ therapist today. That was helpful. We start group sessions (just ds and I with her) next week. In the meantime I get to try to grow a thick skin. Ds is lashing out with zingers. I told him the premise for the show The Unicorn. I said man’s wife is dead. He said man is lucky (ouch). The other day I tried to bond with him over YouTube but he said I just want to film videos to pretend to be a good parent (ouch). Later h
  2. I finished my haunted house. Better late than never. Dd painted a few.
  3. The pool noodle wreath don’t really last. You have to re tape them or toss them. Some wreaths I’ve made I’ve given away. I don’t remember what happened to one. I made a new one this year with a little sign in the middle tomorrow is Space Day at school. First time completing a skirt (I still need to finish my own!). I hope it fits dd. I don’t have the time or energy to do space masks. Kids started to prefer masks that go over ears not head and I have to be more precise with elastic and add pleats for those to not gap on sides. Well, with the style I make modified.
  4. Drinking a few hours. Thanks autocorrect driving
  5. Thank you. I always feel like I’m alone in this! Ha I am literally in charge of directories at my magazine job so I’m coming across more places I’ve never heard of that may do ASD testing. This is assuring I might not be penciled into drinking a few hours for a decent one.
  6. We have the ADHD diagnosis. We have the APD diagnosis. So all I’d do now is get an ASD eval. Still trying to sort out where/price. And groaning internally about the questionnaires. I friggin hate paperwork. Like I hate it so much I always try to do it before appointments if it’s online and then they hand you more when you arrive and I want to throw the clipboard lol
  7. I do think he has a mix of things. The ADHD report says “mild” and the pediatrician brought that up at the last visit. So probably why not everyone sees it. And why it might not be the first thing I blame for actions. The APD diagnosis was kind of a relief because I knew I felt like a failure all those years I read about other homeschoolers doing read alouds. Those were a disaster here. When we did history he often liked to sit by me and read along even if I read aloud. Makes sense. I don’t think I can recommend this Autistic in Heels book. She rambles more than me. And calls h
  8. I reserved both books. I took this quiz (read about it in comment section of YouTuber answering a quiz for ASD. The way she talked about each question reminded me of myself lol so time consuming to do those stupid things. Supposedly this quiz was made by someone on the spectrum and was presented in a more favorable way for choosing answers (imo, anyway). why don’t the scores add up to 200? Guess it’s not meant to be 100%.
  9. Ds recently bought AVS video editor. I just haven’t looked at it yet. Good to know about Openshot, too. I could have filmed with just hands on camera but I was trying to engage more with patrons that may visit the page. Maybe you could just film hands if you don’t want to be on camera. I don’t care if people look perfect. Makes them more relatable, anyway.
  10. I don't know how to edit yet. I just posted this video on YouTube, but it is kind of out of context. I showed finished wreaths in the comment section where it was originally posted (my library's facebook page). I should have edited it to include finished wreath images. Oops. Maybe my son or dh can help me with that in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNYWa70WBlk&t=2s
  11. Oh yeah I think one boardie once suggested ASD, too but I didn’t take it too much to heart given the other types of things they said to me.
  12. I may have not thought out the swing well but yeah he can choose to use it before getting upset. And if he doesn’t like it, then we don’t have to push it. I’ll probably try it myself lol I don’t think swings should be seen as just a little kid thing. It’s more like a hammock. Yes, I want to learn all that stuff. I just am ignorant. Of course I’d like him to self regulate but I don’t think he knows quite what to do yet. so it’s a learning process for all of us. I’m going to teach him methods my therapist gave me like the “butterfly hug.” It calms down your body and mind. Would have been hel
  13. I think I missed a post... so you are on the spectrum or they are asking about you joining a group for your child? I know you said you have hypersensory but that could be sensory processing disorder, HSP, or something else, too. I am somewhat sensitive to noise and lights and a very light sleeper. But I do ok in crowds. Just prefer to avoid them. It’s the opposite for me regarding small talk. I prefer deeper conversations, not fake forced responses (hey. How are you? I’m fine. Blaaaaaahh). I don’t feel like it’s a lot of effort or memorization. I simply find it dull lol I try to get
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