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  1. Well as I’ve said before, he acts like he didn’t hear things said to him seconds before. Example: “ds, (making eye contact) I need you to x, y, z.” He might respond, “huh? What did you say?” or “you need me to do z?” and we have to start all over. Or like the grad student at the university asking him to repeat back words. So it can look like a hearing thing, a processing thing, a memory thing... but I don’t like to think it’s all a focus thing. I don’t really want to sound like a broken record in this thread. I’ve had to repeat myself to him in all kinds of environments and when we walk near each other but he’s a bit behind me. There isn’t always a competing noise/specific distraction. I think I more or less got my answers. I need to pick wisely what I ask the school about and cite examples that could/do overlap into his academic life. With dd and speech Dh told me to let it go. The school district has been such a pain and Dh said fighting for it would be “like waiting in line at McDonald’s for 4 hours... not worth it.” And that was for speech, something that she qualified for based on the initial eval right First Steps. I could wait til ds sees his ped for his next wellness check to see what he says, but school will probably be out by then. He’s already had a sick visit not long ago. He does know that ds went to the Child Development Clinic but we didn’t really have much of a conversation. I tried to suggest ds tske the WISC for the subsection on memory but the ped just dismissed me and said it’s kist another intelligence test (as in, he already had one. That’s sufficient). I don’t think this ped will tell me much and paying for a visit just to have him say, “you can go back to the CDC for an updated eval” would just piss me off. I don’t look at the APD eval as $700 out of pocket if we had enough on the flex spending plan left. Use it or lose it. But right now we’re trying to hang onto it for other things which inevitably come up. Dh might go to the dr tomorrow.
  2. Just their explanation of coverage in general. My spouse and ds like to push issues under the rug. They may or may not help me with a list. The getting really loud to get ds’ attention has happened a number of times, usually when he’s immersed in a screen, though. Last night ds may have heard Dh and been dismissive thinking he already knew what Dh was going to say (thinking Dh was telling him to get to bed maybe but actually Dh was trying to get ds to come back to him to say good night).
  3. Actually I’ve asked more than once and no, our insurance does not cover anything like that. He didn't have a full hearing test. I was told there were no red flags in the screening. That’s why I didn’t do a full one. In order to do a full APD test they require a full hearing test first. It has to be done within so many months of the APD test (I think within the last yr). We have BCBS of MS and they said the only type of thing they’d cover is like if you injured your ear. Hearing tests and APD testing is not covered.
  4. I don’t know, guys. I’m at a loss. He doesn’t seem exactly autistic to me but there have been times we questioned if he was on the spectrum. I joined a group once online about autism and it didn’t clear anything up for me about ds, really. When dd had to do checklists (autism checklists) at normal checkups I don’t think those things rang a bell for me with ds. They didn’t apply to dd, either. The iready program is for various subjects. He set me straight and said it’s in the classroom he sometimes finishes early but in the computer lab you work on iready for the full 40 min and it will just move you up as you go. He said he’s in 6th grade language arts and math on iready. He said he was getting low grades on the reading comprehension earlier in the school yr on it but much better now. He thinks he went from like 60s to like 80s now. I asked if the program read to him or he read to himself. You can do it either way but he prefers to read it to himself. This is no surprise to me. We used to do at home and I think he liked reading the questions even if there was a voice reading to him. So you guys think this is a waste of time because he’s managing? I just hate the idea that I had/have a chance to help and blew it.
  5. Maybe or maybe an overlap. I’ve read lots of symptoms of APD. Appearing to have a hearing problem, etc. Like I said I don’t know what it is. But I wanted to outrule APD before blaming it all on ADD. Maybe that’s an unpopular approach but so what. At the end of the day I might just have to pay for it myself, I know. I am still unsure how much of the focus issue can be overcome when a child is paying attention. I had to repeat myself over and over with read alouds a few years ago and gave up. It seemed excessive to me... but I’m not an ADD expert. Like we couldn’t get through a page at a time sometimes without stopping and repeating.
  6. Years of having to repeat things, difficulty with reading comprehension (a curriculum and sometimes AR tests and read alouds with me in the past). He says he doesn’t struggle with RC much now though so I don’t know. I might give him some worksheets from our old curriculum and see how he does. We never finished it because it was torture. Difficulty remembering sequences of numbers, words, directions. All that was confirmed at the university. Like he might remember the last one or two words and the first but lose the ones on the middle of the sequence. Or he might only recall the last ones heard.
  7. Let me explain myself. In my mind: There’s an actual test for APD. I’d rather outrule that than just start medicating him and assuming ADD is the sole explanation. I am still hesitant to medicate. So given that, what is the benefit of involving the ped? Noe regarding the dr and APD. I was not saying da had APD. I was saying it was false to *outrule* it based on his ability to do fine with phonetic awareness/phonics. I asked about APD and the dr said to me that APD was not a concern because he wouldn’t have done well on that section of a test. He was wrong to say that. He didn’t know any better. The audiologist and even a hive member told me that conclusion was not right.
  8. @PeterPan and @Heigh Ho years ago when I went to ds’ then primary care doctor (nurse practitioner) she was a bit dismissive. I brought up ADD/ADHD concerns and she’d say she saw nothing wrong after talking to him 2 min once a year?! Finally, I brought a sheet to her with concerns including APD and she said ok he’s old enough for testing. Then she referred us to the psychologist he saw (private eval). Because he was homeschooled, the psychologist said he couldn’t give me complete results... he needed feedback from others such as teachers and coaches. I had none because he had barely been involved in any extracurriculars and had just enrolled in private school. I eventually got feedback from the third grade teacher later but it was too late to add to the eval. He said he’d have to start all over. I paid out of pocket for his testing and he ignorantly determined APD could be outruled because ds didn’t have issues with phonograms/phonetic awareness or such on one test. I later learned that’s not a true determining factor for APD. So I’ve been very annoyed with our private evals. The psychologist essentially said ds met criteria for ADD/ADHD and referred me to the CHADD website. Without the teacher feedback it was hard to say he really had it. And when I finally got feedback (I had the dr office send me a copy of the teacher’s answers) I didn’t exactly know how to weigh it. Anxiety or something similar (shyness in his case) was respresented on the form. I’ll look it up again. Currently ds goes to a different place with a new primary care dr and I forgot to ask about ADD/ADHD. The dr is kinda brash and I have mixed feelings on him. I know some peds are good for ADD questions but many simply are not. They don’t diagnose and will just refer you out. I think the new ones would literally send us back to the same place (child development clinic). My own psychiatrist said he could diagnose but doesn’t use tests and just would meet with ds and talk to him?? Observe him? I was not comfortable with that approach and did not take him. My dr didn’t do an intake form for me, just spoke to me before deciding what medication to use/issues to address. For me that approach was ok though. I have generalized anxiety and wouldn’t be surprised if ds has it as well. —— now what new evidence do I bring? I feel like anecdotal things are not going to be good enough for them? I will refer to the teacher eval bit they may dismiss that as it’s from third grade. Same for the eval. The school district told me while I was homeschooling him for 4th that my paperwork was too dated. I feel like I don’t have much.
  9. The psychologist said (probably partly based on my personal preference at the time) that we don’t involve medication unless his grades were affected. The eval took place at the beginning of third grade/private school yr and he made good grades that year but organization etc. was a struggle. He very may well benefit from medication but I thought Ridalin wasn’t usually used anymore? Today when I spoke to him about church and announcements (he keeps missing vital info) he admitted he was thinking about other stuff. I just don’t know how often that’s the case with him not getting info.
  10. I got an email back from the person over special needs (very difficult to deal with). I’ll paraphrase. She said I attended a MET meeting in Oct. to determine if a disability was suspected and all present had to agree. They did not and she said she was waiting on me to send copies of my previous info from private evals if they would determine the learning disability. That letter made me think “BS.” Ok I had the documents and they didn’t exactly prove “learning disability” but they had a copy machine in the building I’m sure if they wanted copies. I can forward files to them at this time to review she said (again I don’t think any of that paperwork will prove anything). Is she out of line? They all have to suspect a learning disability? Of course the science teacher wasn’t invited to the meeting!
  11. Perhaps I took your reference too literally. The "included classroom" you just described earlier sounded like another fifth grade (or whatever grade he would be in) room. And I was trying to say they currently have two classrooms for fifth grade and I don't think either represent the kind of room you described. That's why I said, "send him where??" Now if you literally meant just have accommodations made inside his current classroom (I'm not going to imagine that the sixth graders have a classroom specifically designed for learning differently) then that's another thing. That's basically just asking for the teacher to change her teaching methods or include a mike for him. That's my take away, anyway. He currently has a homeroom and switches classes for main subjects but stays with same set of peers all day long.
  12. Ok what I mean is, "send him down the hall to special classroom" might result in a look like, "huh? We don't have that room."
  13. Our dollar store is open. I've walked there several times. I usually buy more than I should but at least if I am walking I can't carry too much LOL. The last few weeks we have just bought milk there. It's $3.50 a gallon vs the Sam's Club ($2.40 at one point, but think it's more like $3 now) but hey, it's convenient and one less stop. I'll go to Sam's again when I need to buy chicken but for now I'm just getting by without. After church we went to get bottled water (more than Sam's Club but again, convenient) and I stumbled on a 5 for $19.99 meat sale so got 5 packs of ground beef. We tried to pick out the ones that had more oz. In the end we saved $2.xx that way. I put some in the deep freeze. They also had a sale on the chicken broth I like so I stocked up. They sell it by the can now and each can was .79 so I bought several cans. I don't know if I'm really saving money or not, but I've been cooking a lot lately. Used up the old bananas and made banana oatmeal cookies. I bought the Great Value oats this time. Hope there's no Round Up in those (ugh). I made buttermilk pancakes last night because I never made that green velvet cake and I don't want to waste the buttermilk. Next I MIGHT try to make biscuits. If nothing else I'm learning in the kitchen lol. Oh yeah there's a good coupon out right now like save $1? when you buy two McCormick items... spices and/or extract... or maybe food coloring? I think any of those. I've seen this as a printable and a digital on the coupons dot com app. I signed up for Receipt Hog. I hear it's a slow process but worth it. I scanned a bunch of receipts but most are still processing. It took two attempts but they let me register, so if it denies you, reopen the app and see if it lets you in. They keep limiting members for some reason. From what I've gathered you get more bang for your buck if you wait til you accumulate enough points to cash out $40. And I think you can submit a maximum of two receipts from the same location with the same date. Two separate transactions is helpful for Fetch, but maybe not so much with RH because the points are based on totals. Since dd and dh are sick I think I will make soup again. I ran out of the fettuccine noodles I like but have some ribbon noodles that may work. I had a bit of a flop with a roast meal I made recently. I cooked it on high.... should have used low, even though I followed directions for high. It was never as tender as I wanted and then I got really sick after eating it one meal so I was convinced that's what made me sick. But truthfully have no idea. Could have been the yogurt. The family didn't eat all the roast and that was expensive. Dh did make some bbq sandwiches out of it. I seldom spend that much money on meat so I was pretty upset about some being wasted and/or making me sick.
  14. Ok but we're talking about a poor school district. I'm thinking these classrooms you speak of simply do not exist. Whether or not he would qualify to use them/should use them.
  15. He's 10, in fifth grade. This school ends at grade five, so he'd either transfer next year or homeschool or go to private. It's all up in the air. I have a job interview tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be working FT next school year or not. He's much better at conversation and social stuff now, but definitely still has lapses... not responding to his name repeated. He's not listening or zoning out... don't know. He was walking away from dh and dh kept saying his name yesterday. If I say his name during a show it's really hard to get his attention (but you could say that about lots of kids so...). As far as competing noises... he has complained about the classroom being too noisy. Can't hear the teacher or absorb the info very well because of chatty peers according to him. We had a meeting earlier this year... but I didn't make a formal request for it in writing. They had me fill out a form. During the meeting on a couple people that were supposed to be present, were actually there. I was really annoyed. The principal saw me but didn't come in the room. The only ones present was one teacher that saw no issues and the person over special needs. They were very dismissive. I brought a folder of feedback and listed examples of things going on with him. At that time I know I talked about the possible ADHD, my concern that he needed OT services and more. They dismissed it all. I thought that WAS to get an eval... but then they didn't deny me in writing, either. So I feel like I'm starting all over. Since then I did take him a private OT. They did work with him a little and gave us suggestions to help (pencil grip, gross motor skills and timing). The OT ran the Interactive Metronome and now I can't remember the exact feedback but I think he was a bit delayed. Prior to that he saw a behavior optometrist (she got him his glasses) and she gave him vision therapy exercises to do at home. She suggested OT. I told them all this. Very dismissive. He's got good grades. See no issue. I'm only mustering up the courage to go back based on this federal law that states regardless of grades. The reason he even went to the optometrist is because a) in private school he was complaining of headaches after school and b) he scored low on the Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt test that was administered when they were trying to test for ADHD. They gave him misc. tests.
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