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  1. Hmm well if I do that it might pull air to the hallway but not sure it’ll travel until any rooms. 🤔
  2. Well maybe I can use it outside on the front porch. There's an outside outlet.
  3. I tried using the large stand up fan next to the window unit last night but it didn't seem to do anything other than push more air directly at me. The rest of the room stayed about the same. I'm actually contemplating returning the upright fan because after like 2 hours of owning it, it started making noise. I've had it a couple weeks now and barely use it. I mainly bought it for the rooms that don't have a window unit but it wasn't really enough to make my room comfortable for sleeping and ds' window unit will arrive tomorrow. ETA: I had it on oscillating but could try stationary.
  4. Yeah so I’ve heard but the air doesn’t even go across the whole room and the way the house is designed it’s not gonna travel around corners into other bedrooms
  5. I researched the units/standard outlet situation. These are okay. This is the one I ordered JUST BEFORE the price jumped up to $160. I hope it goes back down or I'll get another brand for the next unit. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Cool-Living-5-000-BTU-Window-Air-Conditioner-with-Installation-Kit/46444962 I do have a fan but it didn't help at all! I tried using it in the kitchen to cool me off but then it wanted to blow the flames of the gas stove lol... I of course moved it where it couldn't point at the stove but then it wasn't reaching me. I tried it in bedrooms, too, but it basically just pushed around hot air. I have a different kind of fan coming in the mail soon.
  6. No. We didn’t do anything with animals. Robotics was not offered here, though. Son did archery.
  7. I was just wondering if the visits were arranged or spontaneous. Walking in on her and seeing the beer or calling ahead etc. I would definitely consider calling ahead of the kids were going over. Not sure grandma would clean up the beer and make sure to be sober, though.
  8. I remember a comedian commenting on vegetarian diets saying what about all the poor people working in the fields to get the veggies, fruit? Seems there is no winning. Unless you grow all your own food. I do eat fruit & veggies and I do pause when I reach for them (heard to boycott this one brand because of unfair wages) but I’m not sure the other brands are better for workers.
  9. Good point, too. I think it might be good if the OP could make it a point to visit periodically, perhaps without the children, and then arrange other visits with the children where the mom had a heads up and so maybe won’t have any beer visible/time to prepare for company. I’m not sure if the current visits are planned or spontaneous. Maybe a home mid-distance from the mom and co-op.
  10. I think it's a different type of personal connection. That connection being, "I killed the animal." Now you have the guilt and the (potentially literal) "blood on your hands." THAT is too much for some people. That would be too much for me. If I was stranded yes I might fish or something. But if someone said, "hey you wanna go hunting" I just couldn't do it. I feel AWFUL I hit a bird with my car the other day. It just flew right into the lane and that's not the first time. I accidentally ran over a cat before, too. I didn't know its name and it died in the road. I got out to check. People are all wired and raised differently. Also, some people are empaths or HSP (highly sensitive people). I'm an HSP. I don't like watching certain violence on TV and I know it's fake. ETA: I do not have a problem with hunters that eat what they kill. I just couldn't pull the trigger myself. I used to watch Duck Dynasty all the time. I had no problem with their lifestyle but couldn't see myself skinning the animals, etc.
  11. Just my impression, I could be off base: I think the personal connection to the animal is what is more disturbing to the child. They may have even named it. It is much harder to see "Wilber" go to slaughter than knowing that pigs die for humans to eat.
  12. Just based on your post my gut reaction was to suggest you not move beside her. Whether or not you "mind" the driving, it's inconvenient to your whole family. And depending on price of gas, also expensive. Is there a compromise location or is the land already selected etc? Also, considering she's not ideal company right now, I'm not sure the draw to live so close... is it guilt? Pressure? I don't like to push drugs, but they have made a difference in my life. Maybe consider seeing someone that can prescribe you some anxiety meds. This may be a general practitioner or psychiatrist. I know some moms get it from an OB/GYN but I think that only makes sense if they are going to their OB/GYN frequently and/or dealing with post partum depression. I see a psychiatrist. I'm currently using celexa for depression and anxiety. It doesn't cure every bit of anxiety in my life, but it makes it a lot more manageable. Lastly, have you spoken to your children about their feelings? If they will feel sad about living far from peers, that is something to discuss now, not after the home is built. But I don't know how much commitment has been made to it all.
  13. In our area, which is where 4-H originates, it's also disorganized Lol. We tried Cloverbuds which is for the little kids. After one meeting I threw in the towel. They wanted ds, who was about 5 years old at the time, to build a doll out of corn husks. He lost interested immediately and ran around with another child. Then they offered him a jar to decorate and he did that instead. I ended up sitting there making the dang doll myself among the other ladies. I just felt obligated haha. Fast forward. We reached out to 4-H for archery when ds was 11? They were supposed to meet in our county, but then the only certified archery instructor left and so we had to meet in another county. It was a further drive and very inconvenient. I told ds to practice at home in the yard, but he wasn't disciplined enough and I'd catch him holding the bow upside down and have to correct him. The practice was too infrequent and his heart wasn't in it. I was just glad 4-H didn't require a Genesis bow like all the other archery groups here! Those things are $$$. I don't know anything about the farm stuff, but see pictures all the time on their facebook page. We never got into that.
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