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  1. I attended a VIPKID meetup with my friend. I learned a little and we exchanged some info. and props. I won a prize (notebook and pencil with mascot). I need this push to get my office in order lol They had a plate of free food in the meeting room so I got a piece of banana bread. Dh dropped dd off with me at the end so he bought her something but we didn’t spend much.
  2. Dh brought home half a huge watwrmelon from some work function. I’ll try to get the family to eat on that. I cut it up yesterday. We've been going to free library programs. I took dd to see a magician today. I know, we spent gas. But it was worth it to me. It was still within our county, too. Got us out of the house, got to explore a library I’ve never been to and dd was a volunteer in his act lol. Oh yeah and they gave all the kids a snack. I got my replacement check and deposited it. I used that toward two medical payments. Paid off one. I cashed out my ibotta. Dh got a 100% on that midterm where he overnighted a book in the right edition. In the end he only had to modify one page number which I’m sure infuriated him ($123 later). But I’m not even gonna stress about it. He might need it for the final, too. If my Fetch referral uses the app soon I’ll get to cash out. At least I have a $5 B&N card pending from swagbucks. This is really more a decluttering post but I decided instead of parting with an old shirt (was my dad’s) I’d frame it and give to him. It shows the date he participated in an old 5k in an area we used to live. I’ll wait til his birthday. I already sent him something for father’s day. It was a floating frame with a mostly hollow back so I gathered the back of the shirt there. It’s not great from the back but looks good from the front. The frame was already here. I have a box here I can use, too. I regretted not buying gold cardstock when it was on sale so I got it the next time it went on sale. $2.50. I’ll probably make Christmas gift tags out of it, etc. Kids love Club crackers but I don’t but often. Did I mention they like the knock off I found at Family Dollar?
  3. I’ve been using ibotta and my other apps. Maybe I’ll have $5 from Fetch soon enough to use at B&N when we go to the splash pad (it’s across from the book store). I can’t remember if I shared this info but they added Walmart grocery to ibotta for cash back. We did that recently. I explained my check fiasco to payroll and they mailed me a replacement check. It should be here soon. I’m on a party planning committee and we’re organizing the annual “not back to school” pool party. This year we’re looking at making it a whole family event so possibly on a Saturday. I’ve never attended but think I will this year. I have a pile of pineapple and solid colored plates leftover from ds’ birthday one summer. I think I’ll sign up for paper plates and bring those once we confirm venue and create sign up. This debt collector periodically calls. I have no idea why. They won’t tell me without some me confirming info by supplying it. I don’t answer when they call now. Well today she called and left a message for my FirstName Wronglastname. So maybe they don’t even know who they are calling lol that’s my hope. I went through all the medical other times trying to determine any unknown bills. I never found one.
  4. I’m a CPST and this is my input: In your case I would heavily look a maturity/ability to sit correctly for the duration of the ride. Able to use a booster is different than able to stay seated correctly. Some say that staying harnessed in a 5pt is not necessarily ideal once they reach booster stage because of head excursion. Basically right now neither option is really better *if* the child can sit properly. If the child will slouch, play around with a sibling, move the seatbelt under their arm, nod off and lean, etc... consider keeping them harnessed. If none of this concerns you you can look at boosters bit if urge you to go with a high back one. Especially if they have big wings to kinda hug their head /keep it up when the my fall asleep. Ds is 11 and uses the Evenflo Spectrum in one of our cars. He uses the Safety First Boost Air in the other. He uses both with the back attached. You should buckle the booster seats in when not occupied to avoid projectiles and even I forget to do that. With a harnessed seat you don’t have to remember that. Some boosters have a latch option to keep it attached to the vehicle seat. I believe most do not.
  5. Oh sorry let me clarify— Earlier I meant I don’t worry about ds being home alone for short periods but I wouldn’t have wanted him alone all week and that’s why I added his bus fare into my hypothetical bus fare scenario. He would have gone to work with dh all week or stayed behind with me. And cleaning out the car was like a 15 min task whereas mowing a *section* of my yard is an hour.
  6. I posted about cleaning out the car some time back. She recently did the things I mentioned. I always made sure the kids were occupied with something before I left. I think the reach for scissors was linked to boredom/curiosity. I agree that I haven’t always made the wisest or most logical decisions. I knew I’d go friggin bananas if I brought the kids to the car with me. We took her to a children’s ophthalmologist and he was not helpful. We are not interested in ophthalmologists right now. Their vision (har) is usually completely different than that of a behavioral optometrist. The kids’ eye dr was from the Lion’s Club. She had two offices and left our local one. Now she’s 2 hrs away. She’s one of the only people in the state with her type of training. She specializes in children and vision therapy. I’m just gonna have to take the kids 2 hrs I think. If you guys want to further discuss my crappy parenting decisions or daughter’s eyes please do it via PM. I’m over the thread. It’s way off topic now (and yes, I know I helped steer it there).
  7. Yeah we do need to check on it. The 3D can be helped but it’s a slow process and probably something she’ll struggle with as a teen or adult.
  8. Ha. Well she lost interest in the baby carrier but it still fits her (toddler size). I have held onto it in hopes we’ll make it to one of the hiking meetups and I’ll bring it as a backup plan if she gets too tired to finish the walk. One group we’re in has done two hikes but I always had a conflict. I guess I could have refused to get in the car with him and then met them later but I’m ok with our current plan. Plus I forgot we don’t want to leave the cat long. As it is we’ll probably need to ask the neighbor to check on her. We regretted that last time because Dh got stuck with chicken duty in return lol She has chickens.
  9. Yes she was fine but then 10 min later when I was trying to clean the pool she tripped over the hose in the grass and started bleeding. I sent her into the house and asked ds to help her just wash it and put a band aid on. I could hear all the screaming and drama. Meanwhile I decided the mildew remover might be bad for the grass so I moved the pool to the asphalt out front. Now I’m worried one of the street dogs will try to lap up gross water with mildew cleaner. I tried to dilute it before I came inside. Dh gets off work at 3:30 on summer days but often does not actually come home then. He’s still at work and it’s 8:20 pm. He’s working on homework there. We just visited briefly and gave him some bottled water because dd begged to walk there. That was just before I attempted to clean the pool. Ds was diagnosed by a psychologist as having adhd inattentive type but the school district forms reported him as average. In the fall we will finish meeting with a hearing clinic for his APD test. He misses so much verbal info. Dd did have a leash backpack but it sucked. I used to babywear her a lot and constantly got comments like, “she’s old enough to walk.” I’d say yeah but she might run in the road. It’s like if they only saw my medical bills maybe they’d STFU. She is very far sighted, has an eye turn and lacks 3D vision. She’s spirited (aka stubborn lol). Her behavioral optometrist moved but she gave her vision exercises. I don’t know if any of this is relevant but it did explain some of her clumsiness/falls prior to glasses. She lost a tooth when she was like 1 from a fall. Had to get emergency stitches in her gums. She’s had dermabond glue at the ER twice. Had an X-ray a few weeks ago after getting her fingers closed in a door jamb. It’s one drama after another.
  10. I bought dd a boogie board today. It was like $3 at Michaels after coupon. The kids will share it. I’ve been in dh’s library for a very short time and dd has already hurt herself. She fell and skinned her knee on the carpet. She’s also had two near choking instances and countless other things happen. Just an example of why I can’t leave her alone long. I took her to the VBS thing and she was hard to deal with much of the time. She walked around the back of my car (in the mostly empty parking lot) even though I told her no. Our lawn mower is missing a chunk that we tried to replace but it was the wrong fit. This means sometimes things fly when you mow. We do try to clear the yard before mowing but we don’t get every little stick. I don’t want something to fly at the kids. I know I have anxiety but not all of it is unfounded. I also think I have remnants of depression so maybe what seems like an easy task is a mountain to me. The inside of my house is like a hoarder in recovery. When I suggest going outside to work on the yard Dh says please focus on the inside. And plus I don’t want to be the @$$hole neighbor mowing at 7 am when everyone is on summer break. Dh works summers but most of our neighbors don’t. Dh just harped on me about not watching dd close enough as I typed this. She’s like 4 ft away. The gate to the street is closed.
  11. Ds is not a typical 11 yr old. I cannot rely on him. Lots of things have happened under our noses while in the house with dd. She’s drawn on stuff lately, climbed up the utility shelving unit to get my craft scissors, etc. but go ahead and act like you know my kids. Another parent would say oh great so you left your kids alone in a house over a meal and they could choke. Another mom might say (as was said to me here at the Hive) they couldn’t believe I emptied out my car in the driveway with the kids alone inside. Anazing how different moms think their way to parent is best and if it’s not in line with another then the first mom needs to buck up and follow suit. Thanks for the PSA. I asked about whether or not to extend our trip to the coast. I resolved that... And to all those saying why not just stay? Because if we didn’t agree to take two cars then I would have to rely on Dh to meet me at the bus stop afterwards so yes what he does *does* affect me. And the fight that would follow. Ds got swim lessons last summer not never. Others here pushed for me to continue with more for him but this thread was actually about dd. So don’t tell me what my priority is when the first post didn’t say I was trying to get Ds lessons but refused to buy a pool and chemicals etc. Those were solutions to a secondary post which was me admitting he could use more practice. ———- I don’t like natural bodies of water. Most here look like muddy potholes to me. Since moving to MS I have only swam a handful of times. We drove out of state to go to a decent ocean. I think it was Pensacola beach with my sister. She lived in AL at the time. Biloxi beach is nasty. I’ve also gone in a couple pools. Maybe not a lot of homes were built with pools because of natural disasters. I have no idea. Tornados and hurricanes.
  12. We’ve looked into pool options and they are very limited. I had a typo earlier... that was a country club not county. I don’t know anyone with a pool in central MS. Some people live in subdivisions with a pool for residents and I heard you can buy a pool pass there but again, no where near my house. I don’t know anyone in such a subdivision. The flex spending card is for medical. Can’t use on parks etc. We think the school doesn’t extend the pool use to faculty families as there is no life guard. Probably a liability. Maybe college kids don’t want to show up to swim and see kids on the pool, either. I just left prepping for VBS and the woman working with me has children that went to school here. She said no pools in the schools. Ds and dd don’t help much in the yard. They do try but I can’t really mow while dd is in the yard and they wear out from the heat faster. I don’t like buying thing to maintain. We had a 75ft water slide. PITA. Used it at two parties then sold it. Birds popped on it, it wanted to mildew, get covered in grass, etc. So what do you do at end of summer with a pool??
  13. Regarding schools. I have never heard of swim team around here. I don’t think any of the schools have pools. And if they do, it would be unlikely they offer something for us. I never hear about camps except things like soccer, basketball, cheer... nothing to do with water. I’m in several Facebook groups with people sharing info in varying school districts. I found out that pool an hr away is actually private owned but it’s called Cityname Pool. It doesn’t matter where you live. You just pay a fee to use it. I don’t think they are open outside of summer, though.
  14. If I veto’d it, it was only because my insurance said they don’t cover anything outside of face-to-face. It wouldn’t even go toward my deductible. What is the oop for that? My current cost is $103/visit with my therapist to see like like 15 min.
  15. I don’t want to maintain a pool. Even if that sounds like just 5 min a day. We can’t even maintain our yard. Dh reinjured himself yesterday after mowing one section. His foot must have not been fully recovered. I mow when I can but it’s a lot of yard and it grows so fast. We have pine trees we can’t remove that constantly drop pine cones and pine needles all over. Limbs often fall in storms as well. I still have to go outside and try to use mildew remover on dd’s kiddie pool and slip n slide. No, it’s not cheap to take two cars but I figured that it would kind of balance out once we got there and didn’t have to drive so far for each lesson. But we’re not doing the two cars or the lesson now. We can wait a little with dd but I agree learning as an adult is not ideal. They usually advertise classes for youth.
  16. Yeah we could both use work on that I’m sure (criticizing). Right now the plan is to go to the coast in one car for roughly a week and try to plan the activities we want over the course of 7 days or so. Dh was at least nice enough to send me a link to an article on “mom-cations” and suggested I just stay with my parents kid-free and do what I want for a few days of the visit. I won’t be stranded as I can take the car or use my dad’s. Mil can take the family out in her car if necessary. I actually bought a car seat for it another visit. Dd can be a handful but she’s old enough to do more now so I will look forward to doing some things with her. We have plans to meet my friend and her daughter at the splash pad one day. I’ll probably set up a bowling outing with ds and my dad one day (we go to a bowling alley that participates in “kids bowl free” for summer). I’m ok with this arrangement. The formal lessons can wait. I will plan on going to the Kroc center pool, too.
  17. I'm not disagreeing with you about whether or not she's a b!tch btw. Unless she chats with the family about these events/sees them on social media, does she even need to know about them? Sounds to me like she was just trying to save face and doesn't care if she's invited or not so therefore I would cut myself slack if I saved a stamp and didn't invite her or did invite her and didn't follow up. I'm not getting some Manners award here but yeah...
  18. You get to a point in life where you figure you have nothing to lose. My neighbor hung out with me the other day because her son saw us in the yard and they wanted to join us. I said sure. But eventually I said I didn't think she'd want to hang out since she blocked us (yes, blocked) on facebook. She said she regretted that (I dunno) and said I didn't do anything wrong. /shrug. I would have totally called out your relative LOL. "Nice to see you. I thought you guys were going out of town." Then he might stammer and say some lame excuse or maybe they genuinely canceled plans. The point for me isn't the answer. It's the way they answer. You can kinda get an idea if they're sincere or not. If he's a pleasant fellow, though, I might feel bad "grilling" him. But hey, sometimes those things bring closure. The mail forwarding... I suppose it's possible there was a kink in that. I mean I really thought that our school district was BSing me when they said they mailed out the letter to tell us if dd got into preK or not. I said to myself there's no WAY it took this many days for a letter to go across town. But then I found the letter in the PO Box later and the postage date on it was pretty accurate to when they said they mailed it so... maybe the mail just got held up. I didn't wait on the mail after a few days, though because I was convinced it wasn't coming. When dh had to call the school about something else I asked him to tell them we didn't receive a letter and we wanted to know if she got in. They gave him an answer on the phone although they had previously refused to do that over the phone. In the future I would either not invite her or invite her and not bother following up. You can follow up on every single person but their family and probably get a close enough head count.
  19. $100 for the tow to pull me five feet btw. Not sure how much upfront to tow me 2 miles from ds’ school back to my house. So Dh can b!tch all he wants but did he really want me to write a check that day? He’d probably have b!tched about that, too.
  20. The Y makes no sense for us due to location. There is a Y by our parents but I’ve already explained that they are strict about who uses it and ds had a near drowning there. I didn’t even tahe ds to a free camp at a library because it was 5hrs/day for 4 days and then I’d have to kill time or drive 45 min. home and back. No free program or financial assistance fixes the distance. They do offer free lunches one town over for kids in summer. It’s out of our way. We aren’t poor on paper if you are suggesting bringing our income up for a sliding scale. Dh makes decent money. We just have cc debt, medical bills, car loan, student loan and furniture (on an interest free payment plan). Don’t even bother telling me how stupid that is. We needed a couch that could accommodate a 6’5” 300+lb man so we couldn’t just buy anything. He had to buy the man chair and rug, too. As for driving on a flat, well, I guess I thought all I needed to do was rude 5 min to my house and that it would be ok. Literally 5 min! I have NO IDEA where the nearest tow truck would be coming from. I had to pay for a tow recently at a 4H event when I got stuck in the mud. Our car ins covers it but they reimburse you. I no longer have triple A because it was redundant.
  21. I mean have both kids with me at the VBS. One time dd ran out of the gym at co-op and he’s afraid something like that will happen. The other teacher can’t mewt me after Dh gets off with because the building is locked at 5. As a volunteer they exiect me to help with set up.
  22. No, I don’t have any close friends that will pick me up at a greyhound bus stop and drive me an hour out of their way to bring me home. Uber isn’t a thing here. Dad won’t do a 7hr round trip to get me home. Mom can’t handle the car ride. Special care is required for my mom if Dad isn’t home and it’s $$$. My whole life is too dependent on Dh. As of now he’s telling me I shouldn’t go help with the VBS set up tomorrow because I can’t watch dd while I’m talking to the other teacher and can’t exiect ds to watch her. He’s worried she’ll get hurt etc. He doesn’t trust me and my judgement and still disagrees with how I handled things in the past. He brought up that I drove 2 miles on a flat to get home when he was out of town and thinks I caused irreversible damage to my car. Guess he wanted me to sit at the school with dd who knows how long waiting on a tow?
  23. If you read the June frugalistas thread you’ll see more details but I’m trying to get a side job. I’ve had 3 interviews that didn’t pan out. The third was with VIPKID and they want me to finish the process but offered me the lowest base pay so I’m trying to brush up and reapply for a better offer. I can’t work many hours/week because of their time zone but a few hours is better than nothing. I’m currently working on a TESOL certificate. I didn't *offer* the lessons out of guilt. I retracted them because the original plan fell through and other expenses kept coming up. Dh had to purchase a $100 book for his online class the other day, for example. He tried his darnedest to avoid it. He was reading a free second edition version but the teacher needs them to refer to page numbers. The item is not available as an ebook in the 9th edition. He looked all over in the library system within a certain radius, too. The original plan was lessons 20 min away for $100. But the country club changed their rules. Non members can’t sign up now. I do feel some guilt if she doesn’t get lessons now but the circumstances are sorta out of my control. Yes, we do a lot of those (conversational) dances. My car is just getting old. We had a recent oil change. It’s just not doing as well for long distance travel. Lots of miles on it etc. It’s a 2010 we purchased used. My family lives 3.5 hrs away. I saved some money for the swim originally but when I didn’t think it was going to happen I spent money on ds’ upcoming science curriculum (sale online) and my TESOL course. Added: I can’t just stay behind. I mean I think Dh would throw a fit and I’d be stranded without a car and need him to meet me at the bus stop if we hadn’t taken two cars. It’s not 2 lessons we’d miss if we left after one week. We’d miss four. They are on weekdays only.
  24. Our nearest Y is an hour away. Not affordable with gas etc.
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