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  1. Maybe she’d sit still with Minecraft on kindle though lol I don’t let her do that during Mass.
  2. Dd will not sit still coloring etc for that length of time. She still goes onto the cry room and disturbs me during Mass which is an hr lol They gave me the option of 1 hr or 1.5 hr session. I chose the longer one, at least due the initial visit. I do have a back up sitter sometimes but she fell ill this week with a stomach thing so I’m glad I hadn’t relied on her. I may need to find another! lol
  3. Good to know. Just found the red light bulbs on the Walmart app.
  4. Thanks!! We’ll try exercise + red light. Is the bulb red?? I know Dh used to have a shade that was red. I’ll see if I can buy one tomorrow when we’re out. A church is hosting a babysitting event Friday night so I hope that wears her out a bit during our date night!
  5. Have not tried melatonin. Lately I send the kids to bed at 7:30 and if Dh isn’t home I turn off the screens and lights. Dd insists on the bedside lamp. She likes her back & head scratched and sometimes that soothes her to sleep but the other night she just protested and cried about Dh not being home and she wanted him. She tried to stay up til he got home. Last night I threw up and was a wreck. The kids were sent to bed on time but when I got out of bed they were wide awake asking for more food. I told Dh he needs to cut them off. That’s what I’ve started doing. No screens past this time, no food past this time. Brush teeth. Go to bed. End of story. It’s so hard to enforce, though. Dd probably needs more exercise to wear her out. I was going to take her to the playground nearby today but it’ll depend how I feel. Maybe the football field on campus. Tomorrow we’re going out and she can play in the mall play area or the park. I did sing to her in bed the last two nights but we haven’t listened to any albums. I could try that. She kept hopping back and forth from mom in bed to dad on the couch. I’m at a loss. She eventually settled down with me.
  6. Dh brought home books I ordered. When I feel up to it I’ll read the one on sleep. I don’t know if they will mention it but I may fall under the “long sleeper” category. I think that’s part of the reason I get so messed up if I haven’t slept enough. That paired with medication that makes you drowsy is a bad combination so I try to get to bed early enough and that’s been a challenge lately (mainly dd fighting sleep and being very clingy begging for both parents at bedtime). This all affects me more because driving from here takes forever and I need to be alert. Ds is excited his new bed is 5 inches longer (twin xl). He thinks the full size is a bit cramped (???). He’s not exceptionally tall. They said 4’11” at the dr this week.
  7. It got so complicated with dates that it was looking like we’d postpone til January. Dh agreed to take this Friday off. We are seeing Betty Friday morning and our date night is Friday night. Might be sketchy/unethical but they apparently have permission to have someone accompany an individual to therapy so they don’t bill it as marital. They said I’ll pay like it’s individual. But as I type this I remember we haven’t met our deductible so I guess we still pay full price. It’s just as well today’s appt was canceled. I’m still nursing a headache.
  8. I had the same thought although Karen just finished Gottman training. One possibility is Betty for my individual counseling and Karen for couples. I don’t know. Feeling much better now physically & mentally. Was nauseous earlier. Going to try to sleep in a minute. Ds has overall been much more productive and cooperative but I said we still need to do some school over Thanksgiving break. If I’m physically up to it tomorrow morning we will go to the library while Dh is home with dd. We did that last week and it was good but we didn’t stay as long as we needed. We are leaving town Sunday and have plans this week so I’m anticipating needing catch up time. Ds was interested in the caroling opportunity (this is a big deal to me. Love to see him come out of his shell) so we are attending practice this week. He did great speaking at the library book fair. He needs work on writing summaries (I discussed his with him) but he just spoke about the book without notes and did fine. I made a promise to myself I wouldn’t kill myself to throw a winter party. I gave myself some time and decided that if I held it at a library with no fee and brought items I already own (hint: good way to declutter the paper Christmas party plates & napkins and a few other things) it wouldn’t be too stressful. So now I’m hosting the winter party LOL. I know I’m a sucker for using graphic design programs so that’s part of the appeal. I’ve made the flyer for the Facebook event and sign up genius link. I don’t have to collect money from anyone since there’s no venue fee. The day before the reading fair Ds’ glasses (frames) broke. He took it in stride and said he’d just wear the taped ones lol the next day I ran to the eye dr to buy a replacement and got the exact same ones. He did not have to do a tri fold board and I offered to buy one. His display wasn’t neat and orderly but it was all his. He brought a jar for suggestions lol Love this kid If you’re curious, the book is Boyband of the Apocalypse. It’s a comedy. He doesn’t really want anything for Christmas so I told mil she could buy him the next book since he really enjoyed this one.
  9. I’m so frustrated. Just look away if this post depresses you. our initial counseling session got canceled due to a lack of sitter. The office had nothing the next week the day we requested so pushed it to this week. The therapists there have no intention of touching base with their clients before meeting I think. I had only spoken via text and phone to a receptionist. I thought about touching base with the therapist so I reached out. The receptionist said she could have her call back or give me her email. I got the email and sent a quick note, not too many details. Then the receptionist texts me oh I’m sorry o forget to tell you she won’t be in town. Do you want to see her this day or that day or pick another therapist. Then I start explaining why I chose this particular therapist and she claims they are trained in the same things and that the website doesn’t reflect everything and someone else has the Gottman Method training. I’m so frustrated I feel like maybe walking away from this office. She pushed Betty & Karen as alternatives to Camille: thoughts? I’ve worked really hard to keep up with the kitchen. It looks much better. I have a migraine. I asked Dh to bring me home excedrine. Ds had a dr visit. X rays show nothing abnormal in his back. The kids are supposed to help clean their room for the new bed which is not assembled yet. I applied for PT work as a cashier down the street if they’re hiring. Other than that I haven’t been job hunting. No word yet on if there is a teacher for dd next semester.
  10. We were reviewing Daily Grams today. I think it’s good practice. We don’t fall under the CM category. I’m in a Wild + Free group but I am a casual member. We have joined them on walks at a nature center. There’s a woman that works there that educates us on the plants etc. It’s an hr. away in a city we normally don’t go or I’d go more often. Dd loves the outdoor kitchen and sandbox. We are lucky the yellow jackets didn’t get us during one visit as they come out in full force sometimes. I actually kinda resent how rigid some of the activities can get in my W+F group. No one could give me a straight answer on what ds could bring to the handcraft fair they’re hosting so we bowed out. They sent me this list but also acted like he had to be exercising a skill... I said he’d string together necklaces and bracelets with store bought materials but I don’t know if they thought that was good enough (yes, I’m aware beading is listed). This is the list I was sent in response to my question. We should go outside more often by our house. I feel like we went straight from summer to winter. Where’s fall? 😞
  11. That’s the digital handbook but they didn’t upload one for this school year so shift everything over one day or in the case of Thanksgiving I guess it’d be Nov. 25-29.
  12. It may not be standardized tests, but they do have some tests this time of year. I found the calendar. I upped my medication last night. Dh is extremely stressed about his school and I asked of he should take a semester off. They made him do a group project this week and his group didn’t respond in a timely manner to him and one person didn’t reply at all. I searched the start times for PreK. He could drop dd off before work without shifting his schedule. They serve breakfast at 7:10 am and their day begins at 7:40 and ends at 2:50. I could pick her up. I have to wait til Monday to talk to the right woman about their available slots in the spring.
  13. Would have been better if they bought more than one item from my consignment store drop off I did while I was out yesterday. I tried to leave the rest behind for the donation place they work with but they said oh no we don’t do that. That’s only if items don’t get claimed after we appraise them. Our Goodwill will not allow drop offs after hours and most of the American Vet clothing & shoes bins are overflowing. I’ll hopefully get the items out of my car this week. Ds did 2.5 pages of math and some ELA. He didn’t do all the pages but spent over an hr on ELA. I’ll try to make our check list with every math page today do that we can see our progress and check things off. The library is extending hours!! I just found out today. There’s some new money allocated to it. Not full hours each day but 4 days instead of 2. The story hour they had was at the elementary school today so I’m not sure we would have been welcome to attend. The clerk was kinda oblivious. She didn’t know where they had moved the children's dvds and had no idea hours were changing. I said this is the flyer with the new hours (given to me in city hall) and I let her keep it after I took a pic. I’ll ask the librarian if those hours started. if we don’t start the school day in the morning I think we screw up our whole day so I’m aiming to do that tomorrow, too.
  14. Ohh good point. I hadn’t thought about that. I’m not sure.
  15. Ds woke up early, showered, unloaded dishwasher abc is doing ELA pages I cherry picked from the book we own. We’ll make it work, at least for the remainder of this semester. 🙂 I got up early and went walking before the kids got up/Dh went to work. dd is driving us nuts. She’s a ball of energy. We did some “school” in her PreK book. It’s not all academic. She was just humming and singing, “I’m a mermaid. I live in dirty water.” I’m about to take her to the public library to pick up her “Mac and Cheese” book (it’s a series). She doesn’t like the local library much because it’s not “fun.” There’s no train table, etc. like some of the others. I’ll double check the story hour schedule. It always changes and they never update the website. The library is open 2 days a week. The last time I spoke to the librarian she said they are trying to do it more frequently like maybe twice a week. That would be great for dd. Ds doesn’t have to come. I fixed the whole flex card issue, got Ds his prescription last night and ran a ton of errands minus the book store. I instead spent money on a ladies’ painting night for myself (less than $15, all supplies included, later this month). Dd is such a card. She accidentally groped a woman in Sam’s club (running her hands along anything in her path), stepped inside the cooler (yes, I told her she can’t do that), and blurted out what the prescription was for. I can’t take her anywhere lol I will look more into khan and the other links. Thank you. Sounds good.
  16. Yes, things like that are fine. I just need guidance like a check list/syllabus. He’s been assigned to read something and summarize it this week.
  17. We don’t own the teacher copy of WWS which is needed and discussed in this thread and another I created. We will try the stuff we own but when we went through pages before it was not worth our time to make him do busy work. I’m not a fan of assigning things just so I can say he did ELA pages. You know, like yet another fact vs opinion worksheet or plurals for words like “fox.” We weeded out a lot of pages like that. I do own grammar reference type books but I was focusing on writing. One grammar book does have some assignments so we’ll see what we can do. He’s covered outkines in WWS and with me with Treasured Conversations. We’re going over research papers next.
  18. Yes, it’s an old meme and I think it was for hurricane survivors trying to protect their property from looters. But maybe not. I can’t remember. Not saying the typo was for “looters” but the intent was to keep people away.
  19. Paid $45 oop. Wrote a check. Now I’ll sort out the money thing if I can get there in time. Went through drive thru because kids are hungry but we didn’t spend much. Redeemed our “free” frosties, too. (discounted Boo book with 5 vouchers for $1). We will try to do both. School & chores. I’m not job hunting after this last batch I did. We called to ask if dd can rejoin the PreK list in another town. They said call back Monday to talk to so and so but as of now they think the current class is full and they may add another PreK teacher in Jan. Dh said he was willing to drive her if necessary and push his hours back but I don’t know. Dh thinks she really would thrive because she likes being around people. Ds and I are introverts and happy with periodic outings. He said he liked doing school with me in the library today. We just have to make that happen consistently. That was supposed to be my marriage counseling time slot. I’ll make him bring school to church some weekends for after Sunday school (we can lock up behind us and I have access to a key. No one at that church cares). ok now I gotta do a Walmart pick up order, visit flex spending people, mall pick up order (Christmas), and we’ll see if we can fit in B&N to browse the ELA. I have one check from my aunt I never cashed if I need it.
  20. Thank you. We’re waiting on tests at the dr office and because Ds didn’t feel well and my wallet was lost yesterday we couldn’t get much done while we were out. Now I’m stressing they’ll ask for my flex card that’s inactive because of the overcharge from my psychiatrist that they finally resolved. I have to physically give a check (or mail) to the flex people for the amount and cash the check the psychiatrist gives me when I stop at their office after I leave here. Maybe they will just mail me a bill and I won’t owe anything today.
  21. The school is supposed to do a placement test with new kids but they never did one when he entered 5th. They might, however, make him do whatever the other kids do. I guess you could call that an assessment. I don’t think this will really impact anything.
  22. You are assuming it’s lesser stress. I don’t believe he feels that way. The house is getting better. Ds and I met one-on-one at the library this morning. Now we are at the dr. Dh and I have not been fighting. School routine did nothing for him the 2 years he went to brick & mortar. He woke up tired and came home exhausted. Granted bedtime affects it all but it affects it with or without school. You’re tired whether you go to the living room or bus if you didn’t sleep enough. Teachers would probably not appreciate trying to catch up Ds with their routines and whatever they were studying. When he did iready language arts he got up to 7th grade level in his 5th grade classroom while many of his peers were anywhere from K-2nd grade on the low end and things in between 2nd-7th. That’s his account, anyway.
  23. It’s November. They get a week off for Thanksgiving and two weeks off for Christmas. There will be testing days, too. So enrolling now seems like it would not be good to our family. But hey if it was your kid by all means enroll them for 3 weeks of a semester.
  24. Well when I made this thread I thought it was for voters because I read it at a glance and only saw “no facial piercings” and “no tattoos.” THAT is why the word interns matters. Most people are not reading it in full if at all I think. Instead of “Reminder” maybe it should say “Attention: Interns.” As far as I can tell we never have interns at our polling station. The sign was not up at the last election or two, either. I voted in a run off and it wasn’t posted.
  25. So next election I’ll send Dh in there with low hanging pants and I’ll sport a Mohawk and update you guys. I’ll also legally change my name to “Intern.” 🙂
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