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  1. I noticed after I responded but she might find my post helpful.
  2. I got shots by a podiatrist this week but the pharmacist said they are for inflammation not pain. And I don’t know if the pain meds they prescribed did anything. I get a constant soreness nowadays if I spend too much time on my feet vs the sharp pain I had in the past. The foot dr did X-rays and sent me home with a night splint (supposed to have for each foot but to save me money they said just alternate for now). I have to so wear it to bed nightly 3 months then a couple times a week. they also sold me a version of power step insoles they don’t sell in stores. They have helped a lot. I’ll make a new YouTube video soon on shoes/insoles/dr feedback
  3. He’s trying to see if he’s legally entitled to it all 😒 Nice news while I’m waiting on my new tire with dd. edited: my bad I guess it’s unclear whose income is being taxed. Trying to sort it out.
  4. For real. I just got a flat tire on the way home with the kids 🤦🏽‍♀️ They had an early release because of homecoming.
  5. Did you all get the Sept. tax credit? Supposedly was supposed to hit banks Sept. 15. I can't see because stbx has them going to his personal account and then he moves my share into the joint. I'm waiting on him to text me back. I could really use it right now. I had a dr appt. this week and just ordered new glasses I've been needing for a long time. Btw, if anyone needs a code for $20 off their first pair at pair eye wear let me know. This is my first time ordering with them and I hope they fit.
  6. Oh I see. Yes, that complicates things. In situations like this I would just run my mouth til I got info haha. I would tell the receptionist or the nurse at the first visit my situation and say who is the best contact for me? Then put the burden on them to give me a name. If they don't know, they will deal with me calling and asking to speak with whatever nurse is assigned to the current dr she is seeing. They may get sick of passing the phone around. I would hope in time they would have one consistent person for me to speak with, but if not, I would still make it known at the first visit that given the situation I may be calling periodically to stay informed. I would hope they would be understanding of this, and possibly put a note in her file. Edited: or it may be that you won't have a follow-up person til the second appt. I'm sure you'll get a better feel once you go as to how to navigate it.
  7. I hadn’t planned it but I ended up going back! Got a tint and a new sanding tool. I hope I have my act together now lol the tint I picked is called hot curry
  8. Oh, I see. Well yes I’d attend the appt but I’d also see if I could get a nurse in my corner so to speak to help relay info if I’m not always there (make sure you’re on the approved contact list) so I could call and speak to the nurse.
  9. Ok I saw the follow up posts and understand better why you’re afraid something will fall on your plate again. It’s good you set some boundaries in the past. please don’t expect cancer (for you or your sister). Yes, it’s a possibility but don’t assume you’ll get it. It sounds like you assume you’ll get it and just want to know what year. It will be better for you mentally and physically to erase that expectation. Visualize happier outcomes.
  10. I don’t read you as a narcissist or selfish… the fact that you can see all angles and default yourself to caregiver doesn’t sound selfish. It sounds like a lot of women — we want to have me time but feel pulled in a million directions. in this case I’m referring to your classes as me time though not the fun kind. I don’t think it’s silly you wanted to pursue the graduation with honors. I’m sorry so much is going on! You may not want advice — so you can ignore this part — I would ask myself if I were to remove myself from the situation what solutions would my family defer to. If I was not an option as caregiver, what would/could they do? It may be that you are physically able to handle some things but the longer you hold the metaphorical glass of water, the heavier it will feel. So no, it’s not selfish to explore options that don’t make you responsible and thus, free you up some. It may be a boundary issue — you must rescue everyone. Is step dad really not reliable enough to relay the dr’s feedback? Perhaps you don’t need to attend but perhaps that’s all that will bring you peace of mind. Just food for thought. Good luck.
  11. Did you request direct deposit or paper? Because ours was set to direct deposit and Aug got messed up for a ton of people so our Aug one came via snail mail. Don’t know if there’s a way you can call and speak to a human to sort it out.
  12. Right now probably too many. I need to finish curtains for my home (which in my case involves lining up the blackout panel and sewing it all together) among others. Before long I’ll be sewing Christmas gifts for the kids’ teachers and I don’t want to feel rushed. Worst case my ideas will be bumped to end of year gifts. I don’t tend to get bored much, either. I always have something I could be doing. If I’m exhausted I’m resting or watching a show. If I’m mentally energized I could read. If I’m physically & mentally energized I can sew or make one of my crafts. Right now I have 3 empty spaghetti sauce jars set aside to paint for Halloween decorations. I also occasionally film my projects for YouTube.
  13. I did use it. It's on the top two rows in the picture. But it's so hard to tell what I've done I'm hesitant to do it all clear.
  14. oh wow. I have my online receipt. Interestingly, the picture online does NOT show that blurb on the container about tinting. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Valspar-Tintable-Semi-transparent-Exterior-Stain-Actual-Net-Contents-7-51-fl-oz/5001614785 I just wish I could see what I was doing. With no color I'm not sure I can keep up with what I'm covering. Maybe if I just do the outside first in a clockwise motion and then flip and do the inside.
  15. I ran a piece of 00 steel wool over it at first, but it just snagged and seemed like it would be unnecessary extra work. The crates will go on bottom, the board will lay across the top of the crates, and I'm making a cushion to go on top of the board. I bought outdoor fabric, foam, and batting. No one will make contact with the wood. That picture shows the crate mostly in its original state, but I did run the sealant over a couple rows (at least the top two) and it's really hard to see what I've done or haven't done so I can imagine the tint helping for no other purpose than that. I don't know what to purchase, though. Maybe something like this?
  16. I bought some wooden crates and a board to make a bench for my new front porch. I’ve already exchanged the wood stain product once to get a single-coat product. Now I’m realizing it’s clear?! and says must be tinted. I’m not sure if that’s absolutely necessary or more so that you can see what you’ve already covered! what do I need to buy now? So much for making progress this weekend. For the record I’m fine with a light (natural) to medium wood stain. My whole goal was just to weather-proof it. Thank you
  17. @TravelingChris did you speak with anyone? My best friend’s family is in Pass Christian and it wasn’t bad there. I used to live in Long Beach, MS right by the Pass Christian Walmart (which was pretty new and really nice).
  18. I asked for a panel to assess my fatigue and the dr’s office had a preset panel they liked to test. It’s very common to be low in D. I upped my D3 with supplements but later learned you should take K with D. My new order of vitamins coming has both. Might want to try: Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK7) Supplement - MenaQ7 - Calcium and Vitamin D3 5000 IU Max Absorption - Teeth and Bone Strength, Heart Health, Immune System Support - 60 Veggie Capsules – ForestLeaf https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FDBFSZZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_GVZFTP5A3P8EGD4D44Z7 I also take B12 gummies but that didn’t show up as a deficiency. They will probably prescribe you a really small dose. I ignored their suggestion of 2000 IU and take 5000-10,000/day. When I got retested I was in the significant range but on the low side. So I’d say aim higher at first. I don’t think it will hurt.
  19. My six year old is over quarantine and her brother never got sick. We actually had a fight this weekend about wearing masks in public. I thought he was pulling my leg! He used to be super pro-mask and then suddenly he thinks he's immune to covid because he was in a house with two covid positive people (dd and dh) at dh's house. Not only was he in the home with them, at one point he ate off her plate of food. I was like WHAT. In a lapse of memory/covid brain/whatever, dh apparently told ds to finish dd's food and ds took a bite without thinking. I said well it's great you didn't get sick, but I just think you should still wear a mask in public. I explained my reasoning and he was irritated (which I sorta get.... I tend to worry what others think more than he does). I said it looks bad if we go to the church without masks when the priest urges people to wear one. He pointed out that it was optional and I said yes, but the priest would like us to and I think it makes others more comfortable. When we go to Mass Saturday night there wasn't much of a crowd and we were spaced out so I said ok you can remove it if you want (but I make them wear them in the Communion line at least). Well ironically the lady two pews in front of me without a mask on sneezed and I sneezed during Mass. I later said see, you never know when someone will sneeze. He decided to keep his mask on the entire service, though. I was actually really disappointed at how few people wore masks to the service. But it will not stop me from wearing mine. The clinic closed today for weather so I can't get my second vaccine this afternoon. I don't know when they can reschedule. Hopefully I can go later this week. After all that has happened I asked the kids if people on campus are wearing masks and ds said not really and that he's seen the headmaster walking around campus without one on. UGH. These are the models my kids have. Makes me so mad. In case anyone is wondering, dd's main symptoms were upset stomach and sore throat but the sore throat may have been from the strep. Even last night she complained of a tender injection site from the antibiotics they gave her for strep. Just FYI, it took 4 days for dh to get his 3-day test results. I can't remember if I already posted about that. And he had a whole list of symptoms. Then to add salt to the wound he found out they are not giving "covid sick days" at work this year so he had to use 10 days (which I think mostly came from his vacation) during quarantine.
  20. It downgraded to a tropical storm here and the wind estimate went down. I honestly don’t know if the storm really hit my area. I couldn’t hear it. I know it was bad in other areas.
  21. There was a little bit of residual heat but I just got lucky. I made the kids bathe yesterday and now the tub is full of water just in case we need it for flushing or boiling later. I know some people hide in bathtubs for tornados, but there's a small window above our tub and we have better places in the home to go so we won't be using it likely.
  22. After Katrina there was no power for a while and I showered in a stranger’s home. It just wasn’t able to get the water hot. But it may be a different story because of the transmission tower.
  23. I’m not sure I follow. I’ve lost power before and still had water.
  24. Entergy’s transmission tower collapsed into a river and now that leaves part of Louisiana without power indefinitely 😬😔
  25. My second vaccine was supposed to be Monday lol Agree with the sentiment. Thanks. I slept some and will try again. Storm prediction I’m going by is this chart.
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