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  1. Some clarification on these, please Author? Greek gods/goddesses series The Odyssey graphic novel (this one? Faithful Spy (WW2)
  2. and really, to have a quick alternative to screens lol
  3. I didn't think that hard about it. Partly enjoyment, partly comprehension and to maintain fluency? Picking up vocab. would be a plus, too.
  4. From my understanding you can get the ice cream in Albertson's? but I think that's just on the west coast. Mainly I just liked the novelty of the special shaped scoop and the memories associated with it.
  5. We didn't do anything big for Father's day, either. Dh requested we stop at BK on the way home from church so I did that. I used the app for one of their deals. I had bought him something a while ago and wrapped it. This VBS I'm working at normally costs money apparently. But as a volunteer I did not have to pay any fees. We all get a snack each day and on Friday there will be a lunch (at least for the kids). On Monday I had lunches packed for all of us. Today I was short on time and dd was really hoping to go to Wendy's so I took the kids through the drive thru. I didn't order anything for myself and ate a little bit of their fries and the watermelon I'd packed for myself (lol yes we are still working on it. Dh and dd do not like it. I got ds to eat some). I made dinner tonight and should have enough leftovers for tomorrow, but dd refused to eat it even though she's had it before (chicken/rice/veggie casserole. Stretching chicken here). The dr said during this phase it's okay to send them to bed without dinner or stick to one alternative (ie. pb&j). Tomorrow the plan is to stop at a (free) splash pad after VBS if weather permits.
  6. Aww! You guys, I'm totally freaking out over that Thirfty picture. I can never find any info on Thrifty's. I have fond memories of walking to get ice cream from my grandparents' house with my grandpa. I told dh about it years ago and how they would have the cylindrical scoop. But I never see the scoop or the stores. If I recall correctly, the one by their old home shut down and I never saw another. They used to live in North Hollywood. The store may not have been called Thrifty's but there was a little ice cream stand inside the store.
  7. I attended a VIPKID meetup with my friend. I learned a little and we exchanged some info. and props. I won a prize (notebook and pencil with mascot). I need this push to get my office in order lol They had a plate of free food in the meeting room so I got a piece of banana bread. Dh dropped dd off with me at the end so he bought her something but we didn’t spend much.
  8. Dh brought home half a huge watwrmelon from some work function. I’ll try to get the family to eat on that. I cut it up yesterday. We've been going to free library programs. I took dd to see a magician today. I know, we spent gas. But it was worth it to me. It was still within our county, too. Got us out of the house, got to explore a library I’ve never been to and dd was a volunteer in his act lol. Oh yeah and they gave all the kids a snack. I got my replacement check and deposited it. I used that toward two medical payments. Paid off one. I cashed out my ibotta. Dh got a 100% on that midterm where he overnighted a book in the right edition. In the end he only had to modify one page number which I’m sure infuriated him ($123 later). But I’m not even gonna stress about it. He might need it for the final, too. If my Fetch referral uses the app soon I’ll get to cash out. At least I have a $5 B&N card pending from swagbucks. This is really more a decluttering post but I decided instead of parting with an old shirt (was my dad’s) I’d frame it and give to him. It shows the date he participated in an old 5k in an area we used to live. I’ll wait til his birthday. I already sent him something for father’s day. It was a floating frame with a mostly hollow back so I gathered the back of the shirt there. It’s not great from the back but looks good from the front. The frame was already here. I have a box here I can use, too. I regretted not buying gold cardstock when it was on sale so I got it the next time it went on sale. $2.50. I’ll probably make Christmas gift tags out of it, etc. Kids love Club crackers but I don’t but often. Did I mention they like the knock off I found at Family Dollar?
  9. I’ve been using ibotta and my other apps. Maybe I’ll have $5 from Fetch soon enough to use at B&N when we go to the splash pad (it’s across from the book store). I can’t remember if I shared this info but they added Walmart grocery to ibotta for cash back. We did that recently. I explained my check fiasco to payroll and they mailed me a replacement check. It should be here soon. I’m on a party planning committee and we’re organizing the annual “not back to school” pool party. This year we’re looking at making it a whole family event so possibly on a Saturday. I’ve never attended but think I will this year. I have a pile of pineapple and solid colored plates leftover from ds’ birthday one summer. I think I’ll sign up for paper plates and bring those once we confirm venue and create sign up. This debt collector periodically calls. I have no idea why. They won’t tell me without some me confirming info by supplying it. I don’t answer when they call now. Well today she called and left a message for my FirstName Wronglastname. So maybe they don’t even know who they are calling lol that’s my hope. I went through all the medical other times trying to determine any unknown bills. I never found one.
  10. I’m a CPST and this is my input: In your case I would heavily look a maturity/ability to sit correctly for the duration of the ride. Able to use a booster is different than able to stay seated correctly. Some say that staying harnessed in a 5pt is not necessarily ideal once they reach booster stage because of head excursion. Basically right now neither option is really better *if* the child can sit properly. If the child will slouch, play around with a sibling, move the seatbelt under their arm, nod off and lean, etc... consider keeping them harnessed. If none of this concerns you you can look at boosters bit if urge you to go with a high back one. Especially if they have big wings to kinda hug their head /keep it up when the my fall asleep. Ds is 11 and uses the Evenflo Spectrum in one of our cars. He uses the Safety First Boost Air in the other. He uses both with the back attached. You should buckle the booster seats in when not occupied to avoid projectiles and even I forget to do that. With a harnessed seat you don’t have to remember that. Some boosters have a latch option to keep it attached to the vehicle seat. I believe most do not.
  11. Oh sorry let me clarify— Earlier I meant I don’t worry about ds being home alone for short periods but I wouldn’t have wanted him alone all week and that’s why I added his bus fare into my hypothetical bus fare scenario. He would have gone to work with dh all week or stayed behind with me. And cleaning out the car was like a 15 min task whereas mowing a *section* of my yard is an hour.
  12. I posted about cleaning out the car some time back. She recently did the things I mentioned. I always made sure the kids were occupied with something before I left. I think the reach for scissors was linked to boredom/curiosity. I agree that I haven’t always made the wisest or most logical decisions. I knew I’d go friggin bananas if I brought the kids to the car with me. We took her to a children’s ophthalmologist and he was not helpful. We are not interested in ophthalmologists right now. Their vision (har) is usually completely different than that of a behavioral optometrist. The kids’ eye dr was from the Lion’s Club. She had two offices and left our local one. Now she’s 2 hrs away. She’s one of the only people in the state with her type of training. She specializes in children and vision therapy. I’m just gonna have to take the kids 2 hrs I think. If you guys want to further discuss my crappy parenting decisions or daughter’s eyes please do it via PM. I’m over the thread. It’s way off topic now (and yes, I know I helped steer it there).
  13. Yeah we do need to check on it. The 3D can be helped but it’s a slow process and probably something she’ll struggle with as a teen or adult.
  14. Ha. Well she lost interest in the baby carrier but it still fits her (toddler size). I have held onto it in hopes we’ll make it to one of the hiking meetups and I’ll bring it as a backup plan if she gets too tired to finish the walk. One group we’re in has done two hikes but I always had a conflict. I guess I could have refused to get in the car with him and then met them later but I’m ok with our current plan. Plus I forgot we don’t want to leave the cat long. As it is we’ll probably need to ask the neighbor to check on her. We regretted that last time because Dh got stuck with chicken duty in return lol She has chickens.
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