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  2. I don't know! I'm drowning in it! After going through a ton of papers today alone, I can tell you I will have a lot less of it by spring!!! Probably should buy a back-up shredder! I'm not coming out of this pandemic with this crap still in my house -- LOL.
  3. So DH shattered his tibia and did it while I was out of town. Therefore I was not with him when he went to the ER and didn't get to see a doctor or his x-rays until I attended his doctor's appointment last Thursday. Several times during the appointment, such as seeing the x-rays or hearing the doctor discuss his injury, I was extremely nauseous. So today, I again attended a doctor's appointment with him and my reaction was even stronger. There was a point where I honestly thought I was either going to pass out or vomit. It was a near thing. I can't believe I reacted worse the second time. Just
  4. I went to the bank after lunch to go through the box :-(. My boys' envelopes with their SSA cards and birth certificates aren't there either :-(. I was sure there were here at home, but I went to check anyway. I don't usually lose stuff like this so it is driving me nuts.
  5. I read the thread title and immediately thought, "Well, because you have kids. Duh." 🤣
  6. re "foundational document" vs "point of departure" for subsequent ordering of society as time moves on That is indeed exactly the crux of the issue. I recently read, at the urging of one of my lifelong teachers -- and the closest/ deepest / best connector-of-dots reader that I know IRL -- a book I found mostly exasperating, The Age of Entitlement by Christopher Caldwell. Much of it exasperated him too, but he found within it something that he said really helped him further his understanding of the Great Divide we're currently struggling with (and maybe always have, and may
  7. I don't know exactly how UCs are handling this year, but my kid's big 10 campus has offered almost everything with an online section. They moved even more stuff online moving into the semester. It is not mandatory for students to be on campus at all. Students are taking classes around the world right now. So it's not like their isn't an accommodation for students who cannot or will not be vaccinated.
  8. Yes! I did notice that with a recent purchase. I kept checking the tracking on the “shipping” email. It wasn’t with the carrier for another week.
  9. These Sorel Chelsea boots are my favorite. I wear them in all occasions except the dressiest of events. And they’re waterproof! https://www.sorel.com/p/womens-emelie-chelsea-bootie-1749291.html?dwvar_1749291_color=908&dwvar_1749291_size=8.5&ef_id=Cj0KCQjwk8b7BRCaARIsAARRTL7jk7uYF0qliIlrYs7ihmNlE93dDEwIvXImAccANvT8Ay8UX99UmnAaAnn3EALw_wcB:G:s&mid=paidsearch&eid=Google+PLA+US&s_kwcid=AL!3937!3!445050594453!!!g!749267101829!&gclid=Cj0KCQjwk8b7BRCaARIsAARRTL7jk7uYF0qliIlrYs7ihmNlE93dDEwIvXImAccANvT8Ay8UX99UmnAaAnn3EALw_wcB
  10. What ever happened to that promise of a paperless society with the advent of computers??? It never happened over here.
  11. This doesn't involve borrowing, but this thread just reminded me of something that happened years ago. A relative asked if she could store a rug in our basement. It was a big rug - the size of her living room - and it was rolled up and took up a lot of space. I didn't want it in our basement, but she nagged and cajoled until I said okay. Well, at the time we had a cat who was semi-feral and quirky and territorial - and she must have smelled relative's cat on the rug because she peed all over it. Relative was mad, but hey - that's what happens when you nag someone into providing free storage fo
  12. Do you have a safe deposit box at a bank? Mine are in a Manila folder (everyone has their own) with SS card, passport, notarized birth certificate. Good luck! I really hate it when I lose stuff. My best advice, sit down and take a break and think about something else for a bit and it might come to you. When I get in a frenzy, I don’t find things well.
  13. Oh, you all are not helping. I've been eyeing the Falster for a while and had convinced myself they weren't worth the price. The saving grace is that they're out of my size in the color I want right now.
  14. Honestly I have no idea. It’s more than 5 though, as the last time I went they handed me more than 5 items. ETA: we also don’t have late fees
  15. In my house it would be completely lost and you may as well start the process of ordering a new one instead of wasting months searching.
  16. Aren't you in the low 120s already? How much leaner do you have to get? I have decent back definition at this point, I've also now started liking wearing tanks - used to be I would never, ever, ever wear anything sleeveless! I would love a bit more ab tightening. I've got just a smidge of definition, but it's still covered by some squidgey fat, lol. I just saw some Latin Dance based workouts advertised that caught my eye - both because I've always wanted to learn Latin Dance moves (the coach is a retired professional Latin Dancer, so it's real technique taught), it sounds fun, an
  17. I'd try Jet Pens for many of those things. I don't have any specific recommendations, but they might have a lot of what you need.
  18. Oh, I can relate! My dining room table has been covered with piles of papers for a few weeks now, because we are trying to sort and discard and create new filing systems. And then when we are done with this group of papers, I have a bunch more in my basement. It seems to be never ending.
  19. Oh, interesting. I suppose those are quite longterm and close contact exposures, though... still, good to remember that one isn't immune in the outdoors (we've been distancing outdoors, of course, but we're somewhat less careful.) Mind linking a source? I'd love to read more about it. I try to make my decisions on evidence...
  20. I AFSA order pick upped. Ds13 is starting the rice. Then I'll go make rice and beans out of it. School is as done as it's gonna get today.
  21. OP here! If you could see ALL THE PAPER at my house right now!!! I am dying from too much paper!!!! I cleaned out my dad's house and am still going through all his old papers. I haven't gotten to keep mine in order dealing with his stuff and now DH is starting to bring over some of his parents to go through. 😝 This is my winter quarantine project!!! I do appreciate all the tips and ideas! When I find it, I will let you know where it was -- LOL!
  22. FYI, this group opposes all mandated vaccines.
  23. Yes, I've always thought there were many similarities between originalism and fundamentalism. They have similar flaws, IMHO. I can't find the quote online so perhaps I imagined this but supposedly when Justice Frankfurter advised the drafters of the Israeli Constitution, he cautioned them about including the phrase "due process of law" in their Constitution because it's been subject to many different interpretations in our Constitution.
  24. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have this in the pile of documents now. I'll keep looking, but I just don't know where else it would be.
  25. I do know that if my ADDish kid starts the day playing any kind of screen it sets us up for a bad day. I read an explanation that the ADD brain is all wound up and crazy and looking at this and that and sounds and images all over the place. Video games FEED that part of the ADD brain. What we want to do with our ADD-ish kids is to help them wind down that tendency of their brains. So while I allow a little of that kind of thing, I 1. make sure it's after school is done for the day. 2. Make sure he's got plenty of outdoor time to blow off the winding up of his brain in wild play. When it'
  26. An old purse? With health insurance paperwork?
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