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  2. “South Korean army soldiers wearing protective suits spray disinfectant to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus on a street in Daegu, South Korea, Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020. As the worst-hit areas of Asia continued to struggle with a viral epidemic, with hundreds more cases reported Thursday in South Korea and China, worries about infection and containment spread across the globe. (Lee Moo-ryul/Newsis via AP) Associated Press” many links for the photo e.g.
  3. One thing I have noticed in many public bathrooms is soap dispensers placed behind our above the sinks, out of arm's reach for many children. If I'm in the bathroom with my child and the soap dispenser is too high for them to reach I can help, but if a seven or eight yet old child is too short there is a design flaw in the bathroom and I'm confident many children are not able to use the soap.
  4. I agree and I love to read, both fiction and non-fiction, but don’t enjoy literary analysis, especially the discussion aspect of it, even though I aced all of my college English classes and was encouraged to major in English by my profs. At the time, it was just about the least appealing major possible to me. I would much, much rather discuss and analyze non-fiction texts, even though most of my reading for pleasure is fiction. On the other hand, my sister is also an avid reader and she majored in English.
  5. @Ausmumof3 Airlines Are Using Disinfectant That Kills Herpes and MRSA to Clean Planes in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak “What cleaning products are used? Qantas used Viraclean, a hospital-grade disinfectant made by Sydney-based Whiteley Corp. It’s a pink, lemon-scented liquid that kills a range of bacteria and viruses including Hepatitis B and herpes simplex, according to the manufacturer. Surfaces heavily soiled with blood or sweat should be soaked with undiluted Viraclean. Gloves and eye protection are recommended, Whiteley says. Korean Air opted for MD-125. That’s a diluted version of D-125, a cleaning solution made by Microgen and used in industries from health care to poultry farming. The company says MD-125 acts against 142 bacteria and viruses, including salmonella, avian flu, HIV and measles. Scoot, a low-cost carrier owned by Singapore Airlines, sprayed a mist of “industrial-grade disinfectant” throughout the cabin — a process known as fogging.”
  6. "The political capture of the WHO means, in effect, that it's every country for itself"
  7. 218 New cases from South Korea total today for South Korea was 813. All up for Korea 3,150. The fact that the Australian gov have put a travel ban on Iran but not South Korea tells me they believe the spread there is much much wider than reported.
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  9. There are pics on twitter showing South Korean army praying disinfectant using vehicles etc. They are from Yonhap news though I can’t figure out how to find them (can’t read Korean!). Looks a little bit serious in containment efforts. I haven’t seen that kind of widespread disinfection in Italy yet. There was a couple of pics of people disinfecting from Iran but nothing too serious. You have to assume if they are doing that there’s a fairly good indication of survival for some time on surfaces.
  10. It's my understanding that public schools only provide accommodations if there is a documented disability and an IEP or a 504 plan. I've known children who were significantly affected by a variety of issues, but unless/until they had their disability documented, no accommodations were provided. For students with disability AND an IEP, it's possible a small class size could be one of the accommodations requested, but just because parents wanted it doesn't mean it would automatically be granted. The process is a lot more complicated than that and requires input from a variety of professionals before an IEP is established and implemented.
  11. “(Updated: 29 Feb 2020 03:20PM) TOKYO: Major cherry blossom festivals in Japan have been cancelled due to the deadly new coronavirus, the latest in a growing list of events quashed as the epidemic spreads globally. The traditional spring celebrations in Tokyo and Osaka, which attract millions of people wanting to seeing the white and pink flowers, will not go ahead as planned in April. "We are sincerely sorry for those who were looking forward to the viewing ... but please give us your understanding," the Japan Mint in Osaka said Friday. Other cherry blossom events - feverishly anticipated by locals and tourists - are likely to follow suit, according to local media. Organisers of Tokyo's Nakameguro Cherry Blossom Festival said people could still enjoy the blooming trees that grow along public roads. Trees in Tokyo will soon be in full bloom, with friends, families and colleagues typically flocking to parks for sometimes raucous, alcohol-fuelled celebrations. The cancellations come as authorities step up efforts to tackle the outbreak in Japan, which has reported more than 230 infections and five deaths.”
  12. I live in a rural area in a hot climate. Most people walk around with a bottle of water to avoid dehydration. The water here is very hard, too. We run ours through a softener, but that makes it taste salty. 😛 We get a monthly bottled water delivery, (the big 5 gallon bottles). A lot of other people do the same. I'm guessing the people in my area that are buying water are following the advice of "Get some extra now". Although now that I think about it, we've got a water bottling plant in town, so there shouldn't be any supply chain issues here for bottled water. I can fill bottles from the outside spigot if need be, because it bypasses the softener, but hauling water to the house is a bit more "Little House on the Prairie" than I want to go.
  13. We picked up some water. I have nearly zero anticipation of this affecting water supply. Even though we don't think we will need it, as we were checking on other things it was a reminder that we usually intend to have a certain amount on hand and we hadn't kept up with that. We also need distilled water specifically for certain medical equipment, so we got more of that, but we don't consider it drinking water.
  14. Thank you all for being kind and for contributing to my understanding. I have some thoughts I would like to express but I want to take some time to reflect on this. I think I can say this: accommodation at school is often a good thing because very often major parts of "school" are part of an environment that one lives in for 12 years and then ... not so much. Dr. Stephen Guffanti was the presenter at a homeschool conference I attended years ago. He is an emergency room MD who struggled and suffered through school ... all the way through med school ... to become what he was meant be. He has ADHD and is a kinesthetic learning (HAS to move to be effective) -- both of these traits not being well suited to classroom success--but GREAT STRENGTHS in the ER. Because he has short-attention span, he can take in all the things that are going on in the ER--"Get that gang member out of here!" "Nurse--get over here with (medical device)." "YOU==get over here with that med!" Etc. And moving around to do assessment of the patient--solid gold. But these were not great strengths in the classroom. His story was super helpful to me in understanding how to work with my own homeschool. I've never forgotten his presentation, and his workbook/materials/whatever were super helpful. I'll take this a step further, with all due respect to any who have a different experience: My particular son ( the only one I have) was extremely sensitive to the emotions, relationships, interactions of everyone in the class. When there were more than 15-18 students in the class, it was completely overwhelming for him. I knew this about him and therefore took action to make sure he could be in a good environment. SO here is the question: should I have demanded of the public schools that they create a whole new situation/hiring practice/facility to accommodate his personality? I really am trying to think through this, and I thank you for helping me do so. By the way, my ds is now 24 and has an amazing ability to deal with out-of-band people. I admire and am impressed by this part of his character, He is merciful and able to accept people for who they are. I can learn a lot from him. ETA: Upthread, there was a comment about my understanding the irony of needing glasses...(and I am not being crabby about this...I just mention it to draw a distinction.) To me, this is not the same thing as an accommodation as we have been discussing it. My eyeglasses required no effort or sacrifice on the part of anyone but ... me. An "accommodation" requires the economic and social participation of others. My acquiring for myself a device to accommodate myself to living in the world as it is. (And don't EVEN get me started in hearing aids--$$$$$$$$.) I'm going to listen and think more before I say any more. Thank you all for helping me to understand this. To reiterate, I know that there is dissonance between the world of school and the world of real life...I know this in more ways than one.
  15. continue to work on the freezer wanted to go to the compound pharmacy to pick up more of my immunotherapy drug (which I've ordered early so as to make sure that I don't run out) but alas, they are closed on Saturdays. Remind me to go on Monday. grocery store and perhaps if I'm up for it, Costco.
  16. Both my girls have taken AP Psych with Bonnie and had a great experience.
  17. If you can carry around hand sanitizer can't you carry around a usable liquid soap in the same sort of container instead or as well?
  18. Maybe the water is unpalatable where they live and they're worried about not getting out of the house...?
  19. 5,938 cases outside mainland China. I am fairly sure Iran have widespread undetected cases. Otherwise their fatality rate is currently almost 10pc. Italy’s is at 2pc but they are excluding asymptomatic cases from their figures and had some shortage of testing facilities meaning it may be lower (or at least stay stable as more cases reach a conclusion). Also they had hospital infection of already ill people which probably upped it.
  20. You are a courageous woman. That took guts and proper orientation and the willingness to bear the cost of doing the right thing. :::ADMIRATION:::
  21. I don't know if anyone posted this, but now there's a fourth case of unknown origin. An 18-year-old in Washington state.
  22. I hope they will, but it's Ryanair. They aren't known for their generosity. However, it was under 400eu for all four of us. Bad, but not a crisis.
  23. I refused to answer those questions when I registered DS, and I told him not to answer them when he took the actual test, even if the proctor told him he was "supposed to" answer them. ACT just collects all that data and sells it to colleges and then you get inundated with spam while ACT makes millions from the information.
  24. SIL requested the syrup which is why we grab the Costco twin pack.
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