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  2. If bikes are sold out, does that mean the Switch is back in stock?
  3. Honestly, with all the limitations and such my son feels life would be simpler to do online classes for one semester. To pay for an apartment and not be allowed to do all the social stuff and not know if you will have to move to online anyway just seems a pain. He wants to know if he needs to get an apartment. If he does get an apartment and they close again he is stuck with a lease. Even if they do in person classes, it would be nice if they gave the option of online for those who are happy with it.
  4. Get drunk, smash it on the floor while yelling "Opa!" and dancing around, then pick up the pieces later and make kintsugi.
  5. What about Keens sandals?
  6. Physical therapy 2 pm (so I don't forget) laundry work on another hydrangea bush weed whack
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  8. I didn't read that as blaming homeschooling. I read it simply as one of the ways that they neglected the children. If they had claimed to send the kids to school, they would have included that, and then evidence that the kids didn't go. What a horrible situation.
  9. Thanks again for all the help. I’ve been simmering on the advice in this thread. I have decided to dump Latin for all but our DD10. I think this will give us some breathing room. My BIL moved a hive of bees into our property so I’ve ordered some good bee books for the kids and I’m hoping for science we can study them all summer and then help process the honey and wax. My BIL has a child size bee suit so they’ve been taking turns suiting up and watching as it got moved on and now as we are trying to get the hive to accept a queen. I’ve been thinking about math a lot and then I came across all 6 miquon books and annotations for a very good price on a used curriculum group so I snatched it up. I started with DS6 today just to try it. It did take us about 20 minutes to get through the first page so I might have to figure out the pacing a little better, but I could see him already making some connections. The annotations is going to be necessary for me as I never would have thought of the different ways to use the page in my own. Lori, I know you mentioned you did it by topic through the books. I am going to go searching through threads, but is there a compelling reason to go through topically rather than book by book? I did find a chart that lines all the topics up with Singapore so I’m thinking I might use Singapore 1A/1B as the spine this coming year and then use Miquon to introduce the topics before we do them in Singapore.
  10. I am not surprised. Lots of people buying bikes for their kids or maybe themselves? My sister in England is avoiding using public transit, working from home, and going on regular walks. Well, she just bought a scooter Lol.
  11. Hmm. I don't know if they rebranded or if we're just looking at different types of programs on FunCation Academy. I went to their webinar open house thingy the other day and their website lists the 3 versions, with at least two sounding more supportive in terms of a teacher presence. We used T4L for years, off and on, mainly with LA. We dropped the math subject early on. It had no teacher component, but it did keep scores for quizzes and tests. What I've heard over the years is that T4L is less ideal for older grades. And since there's no teacher component, we haven't reconsidered it as a great fit for now. I told dh that I really don't want "school at home" if it means 8 hours a day on the computer. I'd compromise with some sort of school at home system, but want it to reflect something requiring less hours at the computer/doing school. I looked up the Bridgeway suggestion (ok now I don't see where I read about it) but I'm super foggy on if you can do a hybrid of online classes and offline work. And I don't know if the online work would be more "open and go" whereas the offline materials might be lost or somehow neglected more. I just don't know. I do like that Oak Meadow includes both physical and digital content if you enroll. So, if ds misplaced his book he could at least read the content on the website. Lifesaver. I went to the Oak Meadow open house today and chatted with them on the website chat. I found out the child can have 2-3 electives but it's recommended to do just 5 classes (4 core, one elective). And that would be fine with me. I just like the idea of an elective being an option. Now of course if we were to get just core classes we could seek out electives in another way (Duolingo or something) but I just feel like we need the accountability that a program requires. Ds and I are alike in that way... we kind of need that accountability/deadline to push us. One thing that caught me off guard about Oak Meadow is they said the child will have the same teacher for every subject. I thought by Middle School they would be switching teachers that have backgrounds in specific areas /shrug I have heard such mixed things about Outschool. I am in a facebook group and I do see people ask about subjects/teachers, but I just don't know if I want to go through all that. I think dh really wants a full program rather than having to pick and choose each class from different websites. Given the right fit, I could see myself going either way. The main concern for me is that ds can start to navigate this on his own with less involvement from us (but yes, I'll help where needed). I know that some sites you can take the quizes on their student portal. Less work for me than having to mail in something or get a proctor. I don't know that I necessarily want something with standardized tests, but if that's something dh and I agree on, I'll go with it. To me that seems like a potential disaster. I don't know how well ds can do on standardized tests and we couldn't get him an IEP or 504 when I tried. ADHD inattentive type and memory issues plus executive function. I suppose he had to take them at some point though, since he did that one year at public school (grade 5). I really need to contact Pearson to be 100% sure because right now I'm just assuming they are an 8 hour/day place. Dh agreed that doesn't sound ideal so if I can just confirm that I think we can scratch that off the list. Short answer, I think the goal is to find something with accountability, 4 core subjects and actual teachers, not too much headache on me (ie. me having to take photos, scan, mail items all the time... some places let the kids submit a lot on their portal or only every 2 weeks so I wouldn't be doing it every week), and ideally one of the options that's under $5000 lol. But beyond that, I don't know how to specify what else we need/want. I think we are still trying to figure it all out.
  12. What to do with heirloom dishes? Have five daughters and pass them on. 😉 At least, that's what I'm planning to do.
  13. Penric...........Another series I need to read! I just started the new Lady Darby. There have been some great new releases this month!
  14. Love this. Why hasn’t anyone invented robotic herding toys for sheep dogs yet?
  15. Remember a couple months ago there was a study saying that people with blood type O were less likely to have Covid symptoms (or less likely to have severe symptoms)? I was wondering if any more research had been done on that (not really) and came across info that people with A and B blood are around 50% more likely to have blood clotting issues than those with O blood. That’s a big difference! And since they are finding blood clots in the lungs of Covid patients, and with the Covid toe thing possibly being clotting-related also, maybe there is something to it?
  16. Great update! So glad things are turning around!
  17. Try pawn stores... there are always bikes for sale at all of ours.
  18. 1ds is an aerospace engineer - and he introduced me to this. He first was introduced to it in a controls class. Then he realized it made perfect sense to him. (as much as he likes controls - he's doing his MS in structures.)
  19. Ok, so am I the only one who thinks the beginning of the Lord of the Rings is BORING! I have reread this many, many times -- yearly for a long time, although lately it is more like every few years -- i didn't think much about it until now but normally I skip a great deal of the beginning. I like all the friendship parts, but I usually skip a lot of the party and then the forest, and Tom Bombadil, and barrowdowns.... Well, I guess I'll continue to trudge through it, desperately waiting until they finally get to Bree (not sure why but that is where I normally stop skipping so much). Read the new MurderBot book, yay! and the new Penric book, yay again!
  20. Interesting thought! :0) And I wouldn't be a bit surprised. I am THIS CLOSE to using my sterling...which I did not choose and did not buy for myself. A former student decided I ought to have sterling, chose the pattern, and got people to chip in to buy us an 8=place setting. Now that I am older and speed-dishwashing isn't such a necessary athletic event, I find I actually enjoy the sterling--the weight, the shape, and even washing it up. (Do you want to know a secret? Don't tell! I have a setting that I use all the time...I wash it up after each meal. I just don't tell the males in the they would notice....). :0)
  21. Ds15 needs insulin. I schedule to pick up at Target this week. When I saw it looted and fire burning inside, I immediately thought of transferring his prescription to Walgreen's a few blocks away. Guess what? Walgreen's was burned down now. Is the whole city gonna be on fire?
  22. We’re these their biological children? The woman is 60, and says the kids are 11-15? If not, how did they become the guardians?
  23. I was trying to agree with you, but obviously doing a very poor job of it 😂 Yes, absolutely, if you are committed to helping them, you do it in whatever way works for you. It does not matter in the sense that you have already made the commitment. Of course it can matter very much to your personal mindset.
  24. It does make a difference monthly versus random to me. That’s my entire point. My mental buy-in cannot handle random or a pile of cash building up for them. To be on board, my requirement is to pay set bills. OP’s dh sounds like me, so I am providing a different perspective. My guess, based on his investing comments, is that he also won’t be able to handle money sitting in a bank account waiting for his MIL to need it. I understand the math is the same either way. However, situations like this need to be done in a way where both spouses can agree on how to provide support and how much to provide. And, if our financial situation changes, then it will impact the people we support. Such is life. By giving a set amount, they are able to better budget the funds they do have. It’s the poverty mindset with windfalls that I read about - when people are on the edge financially, windfalls don’t help nearly as much as reliable, consistent support. People do truly retire without having the financial resources to support themselves. Hopefully they find support through various programs, but often family steps in to help as well.
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