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  2. Just read another article. They ranked the top ten and bottom ten districts for the recent 3rd grade reading gate test. Our district wasn’t listed so I guess we’re not in the bottom ten. @MissLemon thank you for sharing. Sorry you didn’t have a great experience for so long. Getting involved with the town is hard for me as I don’t know if there’s anything *to* get involved with. The librarian knew I tried to take a sewing class at another library and said maybe we could get one here. But it didn’t sound like she actually wanted to set that up. She expected me to teach it and I was like umm I was trying to take a class so I can *learn* to sew. Stay-at-home moms don’t really go to the story hour. Just the local daycare and Head Start. So I was always the odd man out when we attended. A family moved here this past year that has family at my church. Her brother’s family that sometimes attends and her mom. Now our kids attend Sunday school together, when they meet (totally hit and miss). But I don’t think the mom really wants to be pals (I tried inviting her out). I’m just an acquaintance. She’s really busy, so it may not be personal. When the kids are in SS she leaves and has her mom take them home. She’s the only regular attending adult close to my age. Her kids attend the private school. I enjoy talking to them at the potlucks. They are both a little older than ds, but ds is more serious/reserved than them. I set up an egg hunt this year at the church since more kids were around (the woman’s sister and her kids came from out of the area as well as the children of her brother). I went to a homeschool mom’s night last week but almost everyone at the table had kids younger than ds. I’m in another group and trying to set up a tour of dh’s library’s MakerSpace this summer. I just hope they actually come. It’s so hard to get people here.
  3. Fortunately, we were already crashing with family and they were okay with a few more weeks.
  4. I have used this product from Bonide in the past and it has worked on weeds:
  5. I’m missing out, too. Come sit by me. We’ll have cupcakes to make ourselves feel better. 🙂
  6. OF COURSE we care! I keep checking this thread for updates 🤣 That’s such wonderful news, was it for a solid and fair price?
  7. Sometimes I wonder about things like this and whether they're holdovers from the part of childhood before I have conscious memory..
  8. yes. I was an adult with small children. I remember the news casts, and it was clear how much worse it was than three mile island. eta: ds said there are podcasts to go along with each episode. he's really enjoying learning about it. (as of next month, he's officially an engineer.)
  9. I'm really just beginning... You probably could be more help to me than I could be to you. 😉 First, I'm reading English translations. Improving my French skills is actually one of my goals that I'm working on, but I would be on a first grade reading level in French. (I might be on a 4th or 5th grade level in Spanish. I'm trying to improve that, too.) What I've read in the past 2 years: The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Song of Roland. Les Mis (which I've never read) and some Guy deMaupassant are on my TBR stack. Oh, and I've read some Jules Verne, though not recently.
  10. The Lost Kingdoms of Africa videos are good (I'm having trouble linking to the one on Ethiopia directly for some reason, but here's the playlist with all of them and Ethiopia is the 2nd one). Can't remember though what era this covers (whether it covered past Axsum).
  11. We once bought a house with the clause written into the contract that we have access one week prior to closing to get some painting done. This was a very reasonable request in lieu of the seller not reducing the price further (which they would have needed to do for any other buyer to get the market value where it should be to make a sale). There were friends of the sellers living in the house (for free!) after a relocation of their own, and despite being informed of the date to be out, they Would Not Leave. They’d been in the house for over a year, and the house had been on the market a long time. I guess we should have expected a problem, because they got a little testy when we called for a third showing because it “inconvenienced” them (the FREE boarders🙄). The seller finally had to help them move their stuff and was carrying out the last of it when we arrived at the house after closing. It was quite a drama, the sellers were obviously distraught so we didn’t threaten with breech of contract or anything, though we could have. I just couldn’t get over the nerve of the freeloaders who were living there at the kindness of the sellers. Obviously it severed that friendship.
  12. Wow! What did you do? In our case it was prearranged for us to rent our house back for several days as we fixed up the foreclosure we bought, so I was pretty mad when he did that and then later that day called to ask when we would be out. How about when our time was up? 🤦‍♀️
  13. Is it this one? I was in 8th grade during the Chernobyl disaster. It was prime time news all over Asia because of the magnitude of the disaster.
  14. 🙋‍♀️ I find the show fascinating.
  15. I'm sad that the school isn't working out, and sorry for the ongoing struggle you're facing. You have every reason and right to grieve the hopes and dreams you had for your son and to experience sadness in the current struggle. Hugs and prayers for you tonight.
  16. When we bought our house the seller didn't know that the closing was when it became our house. They had nothing packed and nothing lined up. They rented from us for a few weeks.
  17. Yes, but only because of how my other family members experience life. On some calendars, weekend days and holidays are differently colored (generally red). Or, for another child with a A/B day schedule we have the different days highlighted in certain colors. I get asked if a day is a blue or yellow day often. We don’t deal with synesthesia, but I do hear a lot about number patterns..
  18. It made sense insofar as I figured the date meant a color to you—the synesthesia you spoke of, though I woudn’t have remembered that word. But it also didn’t make sense because I don’t see the 24th as blue and the 25 as orange. If your dh knows you have synesthesia, he shouldn’t have been confused. Was this the first time he found out you have it?
  19. I totally understand that feeling. Yes, we have definately had some steps forward and still a lot of steps backward but we just keep trying to put one foot in front of the other. But, the tutor has really helped because it helps her to be accountable to someone else and takes a bit of the pressure off of me. She actually was doing fractions last week! We spent so much time in division I didn't think she would move forward. She is also doing more therapy now, including speech therapy for cognitive rehab and they do work on memory which has been great and then also CBTi which is cognitive behavioral therapy, insomnia. Plus pain psychology working through living with chronic pain. We still have some medical things to overcome and more procedures in her future but we will get there. We also had a cat diagnosed with diabeties (because you know we needed more medical stuff in our life) but it has been the best thing for her. Don't know if I posted this or not but as soon as the vet said he needed injections, my daughter took the initiative and learned how to do it. She also checks his blood levels. She now talks about being vet tech, first time in a long time she has thought about her future. Day by day, sometimes hour by hour but this year my focus is on hope.
  20. It make sense to me not because of synesthesia but because weekdays are blue and weekends are red in my childhood calendars.
  21. I insist on one but it's because my dog often comes with me in the car (except on hot days). Even on pleasantly warm days, the sun on an enclosed car quickly becomes dangerous. But I fully open my moonroof anytime the temp is >50 and then I crack all windows and that creates the world's greatest draft. The hot air goes up & out, airflow is pulled through the windows, and it stays very pleasant. I still don't risk it on hot days, but anything below 80-85 (depending on cloud cover, humidity, etc) and the furbutt is riding shotgun with me. Just to point out that there are practical applications as well.
  22. Sandy, I'll check with MG and see if she'd be interested. Thanks!
  23. Today
  24. I would have remembered based on whether it was an odd square or a multiple of 12. 😛
  25. So I mentioned in the other thread that we sold a home and the buyer showed up on the day we moved out, parked himself in our lawn, and watched the move while offering the occasional commentary. No, they did not have possession of the house yet. The second house we sold to a nice family that expected to move in right after closing. Except our realtor arranged for us to have 24 hours to finish moving after closing. Apparently their realtor didn’t tell them, so they asked us to move out ASAP because they had friends lined up to help them. They begged us not to clean and just move as fast as possible. On our end we weren’t scheduled with our friends to move that fast, so it was quite stressful. With that move we bought a house whose seller refused to leave the house for showings, inspections, etc. He was in the house while his wife was in the pole barn in an RV with their dogs. Our realtor tried to get him to leave for the second showing, but he said he couldn’t leave his animals. Guess he and his wife never went anywhere together. 🤔 When we took possession of the house we found loads of stuff left in the pole barns and house. During showings everything was spotless. He was moving out of state, so I guess he left what he didn’t want to move and stopped taking care of the property. Our realtor felt so bad he paid to have the junk hauled away.
  26. Well, sure. He doesn't have synthesia, lol.
  27. Just and FYI in case you are interested for your Dd. My Dd used to be really involved in organizing a French translation internet group using open source texts, so not all classics......I know they did Tarzan. 😂 but they also did some Duras I believe. Determined totally by what they could download for free. The group has reorganized many times since it’s Duolingo roots. There were members from all over the world the last time I knew.....many native French speakers learning English too. She hopes to have time in the fall to become involved again. If you want details for Middle Girl let me know....this is a mixed group of all ages which worried me greatly at one point but no problems ever.
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