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  2. Thank you! Not sure what is next for him but we’ll worry about that another day. The degree was a real obstacle for him and it is a relief he got it done.
  3. No advice, but you are not alone. I have dreams every single morning that range from stressful to downright terrifying. I think it has been made worse by the pandemic as COVID comes up in some form or fashion in most of the dreams. I've kind of always had this issue, but something about the pandemic has made it worse. I think it's just one way for my brain to process all that is happening--the risks, fears, anxiety, etc. I hate it, but I haven't found any relief myself yet.
  4. Woohoo!!! 🎉 Congratulations to your son and your family!!
  5. I really enjoy ornaments I have been collecting through the years that are painted on the inside. They were sold each year at Pier One Imports, though. Now that the company has gone out of business, I haven't found another retailer that carries them.
  6. I have always had so much trouble writing essays. My skills are mediocre which is why I was having such a hard time trying to find the right program for my son. I was worried that if I didn't pick the right one, he would struggle too. In my mind, since he is already learning paragraph structure in his class, I initially felt that we should just stick with it and continue working at it. When I read your reply, it clicked! Goodness, you helped me work it out. Thank you! He has such a hard time joining both concepts. It seems obvious now but at least I got there.
  7. I know she's a Sagittarius. That's the best I can do. 🐎 >>>-------->
  8. FWIW I've never had any issues with jars breaking in the freezer. I leave a little room for expansion. You do have to be careful in the thawing process. If I'm in a hurry to defrost some broth, I have run lukewarm water over it without issue, but that's about it. No microwave defrosting or other shortcuts.
  9. This is not unique to our country, I think. I've thought a lot about this--the seeming inability to use logic. But logic doesn't do much good without trust. I closely followed the ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The HCWs, scientists, and others who were desperately trying to eradicate that virus were met with resistance and aggression at every turn. Human beings are human beings where ever they happen to be located geographically. I'm not at all surprised by the "resistance" in our own country. Here is one study on DRC's issues w/ resistance. Clearly, there are vastly
  10. I have those wide mouthed mason jars. I also have an overflow freezer. I never tried to freeze those because I have heard of breaking glass in freezers from friends.
  11. No. Not meats, I am vegetarian. Currently, I am freezing excess produce from my garden: at this time, it is blanched kale, chard etc. In the summer, maybe some other produce. I intentionally cook double portions of dinner and freeze the extra so that I can save some time on days that I am busy. So, I have a bunch of premade meals in ziplocks all the time. I also freeze a lot of cheese and nuts.
  12. Mine is the nativity from my childhood. It’s old, very old, handcarved wood. It’s from a wood carving family in Bavaria, but I didn’t know that as a kid. It just meant family and love and Christmas. My job was to set it up, and I would grab straw or hay from the barn for it. It disappeared in a divorce, and I didn’t see it for a good 15 years. In that time, I collected many nativities from around the world. It was like the holy grail of nativities, and none really felt right. (My favorite of those is from Guatemala, I’ve let a lot of the others go.) The original nativity finall
  13. I did two Jessica Smith videos - 20-minute back friendly total body strength training followed by an 8 minute total body standing stretch/cool down routine.
  14. Update- he took the final in the trouble class tonight and passed. He actually thinks he is getting a B-. So looks like I have another 2020 college graduate! 🙂
  15. Love the Agatha, Junie. I may try reading on my bike. Today I did a walk at home boosted walk for cardio and pilates (legs today).
  16. Do you eat foods that are high in resistant starch (RS)? RS feeds good bacteria in your gut and, in turn, they create a short-chain fatty acid called butyrate which, among other benefits, can improve sleep quality. Some people eat, for example, a small-medium, raw potato at dinner but you could try other foods as well. If you have gut issues or are unsure, you could try different types of RS and start with smaller amounts initially and increase gradually. Another idea is glycine to keep you cool longer. Glycine lowers body temp during the night. Lower core body temperature leads to deeper
  17. Do you have special ones that are okay for the freezer, or do you use the regular ones? I tried using the regular kind years ago to freeze soup and ended up with some broken glass in the freezer and some wasted soup.
  18. Wait, what is this? I've never heard of this. Shopping via Instagram at the grocery store? Or is it Instacart shoppers?
  19. What do you freeze in the canning jars? I also use them, but only for freezing bone broth or stews. Have you had good luck with other stuff?
  20. I use a JuJuBe Be Light But--I have a bunch of them around -- lots of different patterns. So it was kind of an logical choice for me.
  21. FIL’s nursing home roommate was removed from the room today. Tested positive, but asymptomatic. So far, FIL has tested negative. There’s an outbreak on his floor. 3 residents, 2 staff. MIL is in the same facility, in the quarantine wing. She’s been there two weeks and was due to join FIL any day. Now she has to wait in the quarantine wing, with the Covid patients. This is nerve-wracking.
  22. If you have an overflow freezer, you might consider glass canning jars. Nothing ever seems to freezer burn in those, and if you get the wide mouthed pint sized ones that don’t have ‘shoulders’, thawing is fast and easy. I use them most of the time.
  23. I interact with a lot of kids who seem to have that kind of understanding. Then they are quite confused when I tell them to do weirder things on both sides of an equation (like take the magnitude, in complex numbers)... the idea isn't integrated into their thinking.
  24. Agatha and I spent 90 minutes on the exercise bike. I wanted to finish the book. 😉 I think this might be my favorite Agatha Christie yet.
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