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  2. Smiles

    Singapore math question

    I have one more question! Do you all use the instructors guide, textbook, and workbook and that's it? I notice there are a lot of different ones you can get. Intensive practice, extra practice, word problems, wondering if we should be doing one of those also.
  3. I understand feeling conflicted about that — I have never heard of a church fundraising to pay a priest’s legal fees. That’s insane! But... you don’t have to donate. If you go to Mass, make it about you and how you feel, and don’t worry about the political stuff right now. No one is in favor of child molesters. I don’t know any Catholics who want to ignore the victims, and I also don’t know anyone who doesn’t want the guilty parties to be severely punished for their crimes. I guess what I’m saying is that going to Mass isn’t in any way a demonstration of support for the horrific things that have happened. Obviously, you should follow your heart, but please don’t feel any sense of guilt if you decide to go to Mass.
  4. I didn’t find it too Math heavy. All Physical Science at this level has pre-Algebra as a pre-req. If your students have taken pre-algebra or are at that level, they’ll be more than fine. What we did find is that on the later quizzes, there were often conversions that involved going between the English system and the Standard system. It’s good practice but kind of overkill. You can always look at those and decide what to do.
  5. If you want to go to Mass, just go to Mass. No one is going to quiz you about your beliefs, and it’s not like people stand around chatting afterward about religion, so whether or not you share other parishioners’ beliefs isn’t going to be an issue. Go. See if you like it. See if the priest seems nice. See if you like the way you feel when you walk out of the church after Mass. If you enjoy it, go again. If you don’t, try another parish and see if it’s a better fit. And if you still don’t like it, you haven’t lost anything but a few hours of your time. I think you should go for it! 🙂
  6. As I'm continuing to research science, I remembered BJU video lessons: Assuming you are ok with Christian programs if you are using VP. Oh, and Abeka has video courses, too:
  7. I knew exactly what you were going to say! For me what is disturbing is that ds13 sometimes talks in his sleep! That wakes me all the way up really fast!
  8. hollyhock2

    Questions about essays

    Thanks, KeriJ. Well... my thoughts on my original questions in my first post go something like this: I don't actually think it matters very much. 🙂 How's that? One thing I have learned over the years is that the essay format is useful for any type of writing. I used to think essays were kind of useless, like you did them in high school and college, but which careers actually require them in real life? I have since come to realize that the format of an essay, with an intro, body paragraphs and conclusion, is useful for any type of writing. So that has sort of become my definition of an essay. I have also picked a favourite approach and I'm going with it. For me, it's Know and Tell by Karen Glass. It makes the most sense to me, and is the most logical next step from what we have been doing. My oldest has been writing an essay per week - outline, rough draft, edit - plus daily narrations in other subjects that are 2-3 paragraphs. I try to pick topics from his history, science or economics lessons so then I don't worry so much whether they are a certain type of essay. The variety of topics usually produces a variety of essay types without me having to think about it much. I think, in the end, if a student learns to write a coherent paper with an intro, body paragraphs and conclusion that is well-structured and grammatically correct, all the other stuff either doesn't matter too much or can be learned fairly easily. Also, I have to add that I highly doubt my students will have careers where they need to write much, so this approach may be too relaxed for some, but it works here.
  9. wintermom

    Help me with energy levels this week and next

    Can you extend the distances you normally have to walk, take the stairs instead of elevator, enjoy some sunshine or fresh air, do some deep breathing and/or meditation? How about giving yourself little "treats" or incentives as you complete things each day. Does checking a list make you feel good? If so, make a list of the things you have to do and gradually check off each item as you complete it. Then reward yourself at the end of the week.
  10. PeachyDoodle

    What kind of dress should I get?

    My little sister is getting married -- yay! That means I have to shop for a dress -- boo! Shopping for clothes is not my thing. I also feel like I'm in this in between state. I will be 40 this year (my sister is several years younger), and all the dress styles I see look like they're for 20-somethings or for the mother of the bride. I need something that's in the middle. To further complicate things, I'm not in the wedding, but I'm also not just a regular guest -- I will be participating in the ceremony, pictures, etc. So bridesmaids dresses seem not quite right, but so do the usual "guest attire" suggestions. It's a summer evening wedding (likely to be VERY hot), so cocktail attire or dressier. What would you wear? Links would be awesome!
  11. Farrar

    spine for middle ages?

    I like Builders of the Old World, though you'd need to add resources for non-Western history. But it covers the Middle Ages through the Renaissance with more nuance and social history than SOTW. Doesn't OUP have a follow up to The World in Ancient Times too? I can't quite remember, but that would be an option if so.
  12. WoolC

    The ever so common TV problem

    We don't turn on the TV before 4 pm, it is turned off at dinner time and doesn't come back on until after the kids are in bed. Sometimes my kids will get into a cartoon and watch several days in a row and other times they are too busy outside or with legos to watch any TV at all for weeks at a time. We do occasional family movie nights with pizza and popcorn. They watch Wild Kratts, BBC earth and other nature shows, Octonauts, Liberty Kids and Lego shows. They used to watch more TV in the preschool years but it had a negative effect on their attitudes and behavior. We went cold turkey, no TV for a few months to re-set and then slowly brought TV back in with clear limits. It was rough for the first couple of days, but my kids are so much easier with less TV.
  13. Jean in Newcastle

    Ignore this thread!

    Some relatives are more challenging than the death process.
  14. LOL, read your subject line and thought were going to have to call in Ghostbusters!
  15. PeachyDoodle

    Shutterfly / Graphic Design Question

    I haven't used, but I'd quess your jpeg is probably exporting at 72dpi, which is screen quality. For print quality you need 300dpi. Try using the instructions here to export a print-quality image:
  16. Carol in Cal.

    help me shop for a fascinator/hat!!!

    OK, you're right. I got carried away by the sunglasses, LOL!

    Making peace with a neighbor

    It's bush honeysuckle, and there are a slew of them planted along the fence. I haven't gone digging in the overgrown mess down the whole property line to see if they're all on my property on not (she says they're all on her property ...). And yeah, the fence isn't really on my list of priorities, so rather than stirring up more stuff, I'm just leaving that one alone for now. A large privacy fence would be nice ... but my city is insane and the maximum height for a fence from the street to the back corner of the house is 4', and brick is definitely not allowed. The fence is also a larger project that really wasn't on our radar, and especially if it comes with a side of drama, I'll just leave it be. Fortunately we don't have dogs or other critters we need to keep contained in the yard. Thank you for your kind words. I've really been feeling torn up about this. Thank you for the advice. Normally I do fine with emotional boundaries, but this is new territory for me.
  18. wintermom

    Well-Trained Bodies- May Edition

    Tennis was great! The new bike didn't arrive yet. 🙁 It's alright, though, as I needed a day to recover from tennis, then we he had rain. Hopefully the bike comes soon. Hope your elbow heals up quickly. Great job working on the legs while the elbow rests!
  19. Evanthe

    Kaplan ACT prep

    Hey, did you ever find an answer to this (from somewhere else, obviously - no one replied to your thread)? I'm on here today searching ACT prep materials, myself. We're using Kaplan's ACT Prep and I'm wondering how accurate the practice tests are. DD16 is scoring in the low 30s on them (and that's an estimate, of course). Ironically, her worst section is the Reading section. I'm wondering how the practice tests compare to the real ACT. There are supposedly some Youtube ACT videos that are really good, too. I need to go on there and look around. Not sure if you're still lurking, since your thread is from a couple of weeks ago, but I would be interested to hear if you have some info/advice.
  20. Selkie

    What's on the dinner menu this week?

    Tonight : Soy curls fajitas with rice Monday: Baked potatoes and veggie chili Tuesday: Sweet potato sushi burritos Wednesday: Roasted zucchini bibimbap Thursday: Roasted vegetable tostadas and slaw Friday: Japanese or Thai takeout
  21. Mothersweets

    Book a Week 2018 - BW21: Bookish Birthdays

    I had a hard time this week with my reading. I have several books from the library that I have to hurry and read and one of them is Grey Mask by Patricia Wentworth. It's #1 in the Miss Silver series and Miss Silver isn't in it very often. The other characters I'm having a hard time liking or caring about them and they just go on and on and on and on. I'm thinking of ditching this one and jumping ahead to #13 as it seems to be highly rated. What do y'all think? I did pick up and read The Rosie Project over the last two days. Fun story and the main character reminded me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I love Kristin Lavransdatter and enjoyed the article you linked, Robin. I never realized how beautiful Sigrid Undset was or that she lived in the US for a bit. Neat!
  22. The phone thing is even more "disturbing" than real life. :)
  23. What are some options for teaching the middle ages to a logic stage child? Thanks!
  24. ScoutTN

    Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

    Done: Worship and Sunday school Fellowship lunch at church Listened to the last few minutes of Close Reads podcast. I fell asleep listening last night. To do: Dinner - stuffed peppers, spinach salad. Watch Little Women on PBS tonight
  25. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

    I got a really good workout today. First, I shoveled several inches of congealed crud out of the bottom of the six hay boxes and scrubbed them out. Then, I walked every inch of our biggest pasture, which is super steep and hilly. I checked the entire fence line and looked for weeds that need spraying and ruts that need filling in. And then I worked with the horses for awhile. So now I'm rewarding myself with an iced coffee and some time sitting on my butt doing nothing. Got my week planned out and updated my calendar. Ordered mousetraps and some more herbicide. Talked with dh about my plan to put in some more fence to split the big pasture into two. Did a couple loads laundry and cleaned the laundry room. Also cleaned the kitchen. Tidied up around the haysheds and threw away some bales of bedding that had gotten waterlogged. Next up: Put away laundry, cut up veggies, and get dinner started.
  26. Today
  27. SJ.

    What's on the dinner menu this week?

    I haven't been doing a great job at meal planning. I recently subscribed to purple carrot meal delivery to try new things and get more vegetables in our diet. Today I am making pioneer woman's chicken tortilla soup. I plan to serve it over rice to stretch it. For dinner tonight we are having Korean BBQ. I am using beef stew meat cooked in Korean BBQ sauce. We will have rice with it and one of this week's purple carrot meals. It is roasted beets tossed in Korean BBQ sauce, sauted baby bok choy sprinkled with sesame, edamame, and kimchi all served over rice and drizzled with a mixture of Korean BBQ/vegan mayo and sliced scallions. Tomorrow is another purple carrot meal. It is mole enfrijoladas with walnuts and citrus avocado salad. I am not sure what we will have Tuesday, maybe pasta. Wednesday we will get a new food delivery.
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