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  2. Peaknip. Obviously an under bra boobie holder upper. Think, people! You'll need a second one to avoid lopsidedness.
  3. Dd is taking it this year, but our local school is doing it on Saturday. She has a decent shot....
  4. As long as your shutters look like they are the right size to cover your windows, it will look fine.
  5. And now I feel the need to buy a funnel.
  6. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! They may be pulling some stranger off the street to do it for all I know, lol. I’m just happy to not be waiting 8 months!
  7. It is 24 hours later (or so). He is home from school, and I leave for work it two hours. He is printing out his poster stuff, which is already typed up and everything. He asked for help printing. No word on baking. It would be so much easier if he weren’t exactly like his father with *his* parents. Never an argument or disagreement. Just agrees with you and does exactly what he planned on doing anyway!
  8. They're all probably using the same branding consultant and don't realize that s/he's telling everyone how edgy and cool they'll look with all lowercase. 😄
  9. I am absolutely dragging today. I did 18 miles yesterday, with 34,500 steps, and I'm struggling to get in 10 miles today. I'm over 8, but don't have the energy to make supper. I stupidly thought that working out would get easier over the months. It's not.
  10. He didn't by any chance take a practice test from the Princeton Review book? That was terrible. I almost suggested Dd skip after that. Then she scored decently on the real (2015) test. It is a long shot for her, but she is close enough to try it.
  11. I remember it being someone famous. I’ll do some Einstein quote googling!!
  12. I use diluted ammonia. I do the same for my carpet steamer. The smell disappears when it dries but there’s no residue.
  13. I don’t believe we could think of it from our own lifetime experience. My dad (born 1922) listened to 40’s era music while working in the garage, and many of those songs were nostalgic for him.
  14. It wasn’t something written by the author, but rather a quote at the beginning of a chapter (I think?)
  15. There are some old tests on the college board site.
  16. I think this is a *really* important point. The truth is, football isn't even accessible to 99% of all girls. So basically only 50% of the population can even play such a sport, let alone actually does so. And then, after you consider that most kids in the US learn to ride a bike, even if they don't participate regularly, PLUS, bike riding is all ages whereas football really doesn't get into the contact stuff until higher up (generally...I haven't known a little league football to be more than flag football...) and that sort of thing just really skews raw numbers. Anyway, I let my kids play sports. My DD23 got pretty good at soccer, but she developed asthma and couldn't play. And my DD10 plays rec league softball, but she's not going to be some varsity star. My DD9 will probably be getting into dance or gymnastics once we have a bit more money for such a thing. DS7 hasn't even really started with sports (other than riding a bike....they all can ride a bike a do daily....another point for the way raw numbers don't really tell the whole story.) So anyway, the truth is that my kids aren't going to be playing sports at an intense level, or a long time, and provided most basic safety rules are followed, I consider most kids organized sports to be pretty low risk. Once you get to competitive levels, or situations where kids have been playing a long time, their risk goes up both because of the level of play but also the longer a kid is exposed to a risk, the more likely it is they will see that risk happen. My kids will probably only play for a couple of years, they will probably not ever play at a competitive level so I am ok with their overall risk.
  17. My air fryer is not here. I wanted to rotisserie tonight's chicken. Now I'm heart broken.
  18. It sounds like something Einstein would say. He was pretty anti-Nationalism.
  19. Four of my family members compete in TKD. In fact, we are on a 22 hour road trip to Fall Nationals right now. I'm kind of surprised martial arts weren't on the list. We have seen a kid get his ribs broken. Several girls in Dd16's ring (various rings at many tournaments, but girls she sees regularly) have taken breaks or quit due to concussions. Many girls wear some kind of brace. Dd has broken two bones, neither in a sport. One running down the stairs and one picking up rocks at church camp. Ds13 went down hard two weekends ago, and I was afraid he broke something. He ended up being fine. Ironically, I won't let him play football. Kids give and take kicks to the head but not with the frequency and usually not with the severity of tackles in football.
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