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  2. My worst encounter while pregnant was with a female CNM who worked at my OB's office. I saw her after my water broke in the office (my worst pregnancy fear that everyone told me would never happen but actually did). She chided me for not having a pad (seriously- I was 9 months pregnant and had long since stopped carrying maxi-pads and tampons in my purse) with me and totally freaked my husband out when she announced, in a very blase manner, that she could not hear my DD's heartbeat. I want to be clear that I'm not opposed to homebirths with qualified attendants. I am opposed to a blan
  3. I had the phone call with the mom. I think we'll have some good ideas for book club. We watched WandaVision. Oh my!!! I loved this show. I had no idea what the scope of it would be, and I never expected it to leave me crying.
  4. Well, apparently I'm a unicorn. LHP read, racism discussed, Louise Erdrich texts read to show a non-white perspective. You know what harmed my (mixed) kids? Actual anti-Indian prejudice in the world. Things people say and do. Or fail to say or do. Mostly in the realm of micro-aggressions - they avoid the more egregious forms of racism through passing as merely 'not Anglo but fair enough to pass as not Indian'. Do you know what didn't harm them? Exposure to literature.
  5. I agree there! 🙂 I'm not sure I can come up with a straightforward definition! Can you? I'm curious what yours would be.
  6. Indian food is a favourite for me! But I reckon it all evens out eventually. Trail excursions sounds exciting.
  7. It's difficult to comment on the pop song without knowing the content. But thee seems to be a pretty clear difference between disallowing a book to be reprinted, and saying everyone needs to read it to their kids, and a difference again from being worried about kids exposed to explicit imagery on film or in a song. FWIW I think not allowing kids to read books because they have magic in them is dumb, and I also think there is no good reason to avoid the LIW books. But it's not useful to claim there is one rule for every instance. My comment was specific - there is in many
  8. I think my perspective is warped by the comment section under every vaccination related news article. Presumably these people are the extremes but I have also heard a lot of IRL hesitancy here. I think it doesn’t seem as urgent due to the closed borders.
  9. Well, because I am, in fact, socially liberal, I criticize BOTH.
  10. I didn't find it remotely difficult to contextualize books with my preschooler/kindergarteners/primary schoolers, because that is a core task in reading aloud to children. I didn't read aloud any of the Suess books, but many books published prior to say, 1990, contain outrageous sexism. Stop, ask, explain discuss. This is how one reads aloud. If I were to only read aloud books that contained images of girls and women that were enlightened, gosh, we wouldn't have had a whole lot to read outside an extremely narrow era. So you take what is good, despite being if it's time, and you ma
  11. and I texted the plumber and asked for a quote and he texted back today and said he doesn't want to do it.
  12. We have cellular shades, under blackout curtains, which have a bit of insulating effect. Maybe too much because some of the windows got mildew over the winter. I most prefer plantation shutters, but it would be prohibitively expensive to buy them for each place we move, since we typically stay in a place about 3 years.
  13. When there is a larger pattern, in both universities and in publishing, and also particularly within children's publishing, of demanding books not be published, boycotting publishers, evicerating authors on Twitter, and deplatforming authors, I'm not sure how a statement like the one that's been made here can avoid being seen within that context. This is a huge issue in publishing generally, even if this was actually just totally unrelated, it would always be seen within the context of those things. I am quite aware of the different ways books (and people) can be suppressed, o
  14. Yeah, I’m not insisting on debt. It’s what worked for us. But I would definitely want something integrated into our models of number. Which will probably mean poker chips this time 😉 . Stay tuned!! Getting a debt is pretty easy. You get a piece of paper that say IOU 5 dollars. You can see that this means you have to pay 5 dollars. Taking away debts is a little trickier. I don’t know that it would help you get an intuitive understanding at this point, because your model is already pretty internalized. But I don’t know that it WOULDN’T have helped if you started out that way.
  15. Walked about 4.5K and did more relaxed than usual PT exercises while chatting with my daughter. We then went to lunch at my newly-favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant and probably undid whatever good I had done with the morning exercise. However, we stopped for lunch on the way home from REI, where we had gone to buy hiking shoes and start research for some potential trail excursions in the fall. So, maybe it kind of evens out?
  16. I definitely use some Socratic questioning when teaching. 🙂 When I was going through my ed courses to become a teacher, there was a lot of interest and talk about using the discovery method and Socratic questioning to teach chemistry as opposed to the "sage on the stage" method of traditional lectures. I think an experienced teacher will use a multitude of methods depending on the topic, time constraints, and the students they have in front of them. Curious - what's your definition of a "math question"? Just wondering how your definition differs from what you think mine is. 🙂
  17. Our state has general admission requirements that most of the colleges and universities in our state hold to, and 2 years of computer science classes can be taken in lieu of 2 years of a foreign language. They list 7 or 8 specific classes that qualify, so it can’t be just any programming. It had never crossed my mind that one equaled the other until I read it on their website.
  18. Even owing someone apples is still a verbal agreement. They aren't handing the apples over right now, so they are agreeing that sometime in the future they will give you hypothetical apples. And that very much hinges on communication, rational thinking, planning for the future and holding up your end of the bargain. That is a lot for some kids to wade through to get to the numbers. Even as an adult, thinking about debt makes negatives less clear in my mind. Trying to think about "getting a debt" is incredibly unintuitive to me. I have to ponder over those words for a long time before I ca
  19. Homebirth midwives screen out high risk clients to begin with. Mine wouldn't even take smokers. They are able to handle quite a range of complications at home and they are able to transfer to a hospital during delivery for those they can't do themselves. They actually have rules about how far away a client can be from a hospital just in case complications arise. Unlike OBs, homebirth midwives are criminally liable should things go wrong, so there's a constant tension between getting paid to provide care for a homebirth, and being very careful to only take the healthiest women to minimize the
  20. Not really. They don’t know what they are SUPPOSED to know. Trust me — kids who get an A usually feel like they learned enough, especially if they worked hard.
  21. I think we need to take steps forward. For example, colleges might want to keep large lectures online, but I don’t see why a class with fewer than 20 kids can’t run in person. Or why labs can’t be in person (require gloves and require kids to wipe down equipment as they exit). So maybe the entire orchestra can’t play, but I have lost my voice trying to tell them to create small chamber groups, charge differently, and use the outside space (string players can mask and weather here is great year round) to do some group playing. We won’t be able to go from zero to hundred, but with vaccines and
  22. I am including non-math questions. I would also guess that your definition of what is a “math question” is narrower than mine, though. Yes, I do that. Although I’ve actually been relatively successful at adapting that for whole classrooms. UT Austin had a whole Moore Method (which has been renamed since Moore was apparently an appalling man) thing about it.
  23. I spent many hours today organizing my home office, paying bills, and doing some bookkeeping for the business. We are really nicely set financially. It is so refreshing being able to pay all the bills for the month with the first paycheck and still having a bit left over. Refinancing the house was a huge help in that matter. One huge issue I have is our internet bill went up $30 this month! $30 is just insane! I will be making a phone call to Comcast about how I'm not pleased with that price hike and will be trying to negotiate it down.
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