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  2. To check all of those boxes, I'd take a look at Well Trained Mind Academy live classes. Tbh, they have been the most consistent multi-class provider we've used for various high school classes and I'm not just saying that because this is the WTM forum. Full disclosure- US History is actually not a class my dd has taken there- we did that one at home- but I know they offer it, and judging by our experience with all of their other history/humanities type classes she has taken, it's worth putting on the list to consider.
  3. I just got an email from Calvert Academy advertising their services. Weird considering I've never even been to their website.
  4. I love, love, love the knit as I use my Escalantes indoors! And I am sad if they aren’t all knit any longer. Many of the Altra models have a variety of uppers that are not knit. A few shoe models are offered with multiple options for uppers. (Lone Peak, for example, my outdoors go to shoe, has had regular upper, summer mesh, and winter waterproof versions. As I’m in PNW my family has the waterproof version good 3/4 of our year, 1 pair high tops, two low tops. Torin also has had several upper options. ) The coolest mesh shoe they have is possibly the Vanish — also with thinner sole I think somewhat like the Escalante . If my son had continued with cross country we might have had him try the Vanish. Olympus is a more standard mostly closed upper with thick sole. @PeterPan the Paradigm has built in Stability support. If you need that they could be great for you. If you don’t need it (as we didn’t) , it can cause pain in itself. So if you have to add inserts in other models, Paradigm or other models with Stabilopads may be your own perfect Goldilocks. If it’s the right stability. For us it was “too” ... soft... wrong angle...?... anyway not a Goldilocks just right. And was not discerned at shoe store try on. Took contact to Altra to understand what was wrong. And taught me to use running specialty store where they knew what models would be suitable, not an all purpose shoe store.
  5. Thank you so much! My son did physics today and he said the videos helped him understand the lesson so much better.
  6. I'm always surprised that people live their lives without kitchen shears. Do they have those? Kitchen shears or wire cutters is how I open everything around here. I also use my little Ikea tool box ALL the time.
  7. I left Ds at home to wrestle with his college homework and spent the morning working with first graders in Youngest’s classroom. I left that volunteer job to head to another. I am home briefly for lunch and am off to run a kid to the orthodontist. It is a very different life than when I had all four kids at home. This is a sustainable pace for me and I am enjoying this season while it lasts. It feels so good to give back to my community compared to feeling like I was drowning at home with all that I had to do. Tonight: homework & afterschooling, working on the bathroom reno, and spending time planning my work load. I need some advice. I want a standard gift I can bring to new members of our church. We average 8-10 move ins/outs due to our I was thinking a baked good because that’s easy to do in bulk. Muffins? Cinnamon rolls? Hot bread? It won’t work for everyone because of food issues, but it will for many. Thoughts?
  8. Ha, it’s about 20f here, which isn’t too bad, but the wind is very biting when it gusts. My kids are all whiny it is cold while simultaneously being excited the snow fell and is sticking. They’re very mixed depending on the moment.
  9. Or even, all adults at work all the time. It's weird to me that we're living in this brave new world of tech and automation, and yet people are still forced into a model of work that is f/t, 9-5 (more like 8-6, once you count overtime and commute) or they will count the financial and career costs.
  10. Oh, now I really want to know what temperature it is! Post it in Celsius if it's above freezing, it'll sound ever so much colder, at least to us fellow Americans.
  11. Especially dramatic family holidays? I'm skipping Thanksgiving - my cousin is hosting. He hosted last year. They are very welcoming and I love them... but they have dogs and my brother is living there, with his cat... to which I, my DH and DS 14 are all allergic... and there's smoking (I'm asthmatic) and I hate big family gathering events. And theres drama and.... In the past I've participated because I felt I owed it to my parents or to my kids but.... I'm over it. Anybody else over it?
  12. I think I know more people who cook than don't. My daughter in college cooks most of her own meals and does full-out meal prep, but her three roommates don't cook beyond heat-and-eat meals. It's a high COL area and cooking is a way to save a lot of money and eat better at the same time. I do think the more you cook from scratch, the easier it become to do regularly. My theory of the decline of pot lucks is that sometimes even people who know how to cook don't know how to PLAN to cook. They don't always decide what they're feeding their families until an hour or so before dinner. You can throw something together for your own family in that time frame, but fixing food for a crowd is just different. I think they don't think it through, make no plans, then panic and get hummus or chips and salsa on their way to the event. I'm in a Pie Club so the offerings there are always amazing, but that's because the food is the whole purpose of the group. The one friend I know who really doesn't know how to cook and isn't that into food, ALWAYS brings a bucket of chicken to potlucks. (Her husband is the family chef.) At least that's a hearty protein and people seem to like it. I have been known to grab drive-thru Little Caesars on the way to a teen event. The kids love it while the moms steer more towards the salads. In the past when I've organized potlucks where you are assigned based upon the alphabet, I've gone through the list of names to make sure that not more than 1/4 of the people bring desserts. I HATE when it looks like a dessert buffet and there's not enough savory.
  13. We have also done the gear ties of various sizes to replace twist ties or to hang cords in the garage. Other past ideas: pocket knives (found nice ones on sale) mini utility knives with replaceable blades (got rave reviews on those) knitted dishcloths homemade cleaners (if they are from concentrate, you can put them in TSA bottles for travelers, and they can dilute and bottle them up at home) homemade lotion
  14. My nerdy side LOVES this question. 😂❤️🤣👍🏻
  15. We are having what is our normal one time a year January cold snap right now, we are off school this week with various people traveling/visiting, and I just want to sit with a blanket and eat all the things and do nothing. I won't even say what the temp is here because you hardened Northerners who deal with this temp in a tank top will laugh. But it's cold to me! Just wondering how this little cold snap was treating everyone else?
  16. Got all my usuals done: Laundry - one more load of towels to hang Cleaned kitchen Cleaned stalls & filled hay boxes Sorted mail - got our first Christmas present today (on Nov. 12th??) - a big box of chocolates from someone we do business with. Nice, but just what I don't need. Did some Magic Erasering. I swear, you would think a herd of toddlers lives here from the amount of smudges on the walls... Decided not to cook tonight because dd has her violin lesson and we have a fridge full of leftovers.
  17. Captain slept in unders for his nap and woke up dry!! The Girl’s CLE arrived. Happy birthday to all the ITT kids!! ((Slache and family))
  18. I just ran some errands on foot at lunchtime, but I had a good 25 minute meditation session this morning, and 40 minutes of yoga with Adriene this evening. Kedgeree for supper, which is more white rice than I normally eat, but it was good. I was really sedentary at work, so I need to concentrate on that tomorrow.
  19. This is my situation as well, except that I am on Facebook. I stopped for several reasons, including time constraints, the fact that my yearly letter was hard to make cheery (at one point, kids' special needs made it hard to write a heartfelt and genuine letter without being too free with information about our kids), and the circumstances around the holidays were just difficult (DH's work schedule, having to deal with my MIL). Also, my DH never helped nurture connections with far-flung friends and relatives, and by the time I figured this out, I had probably overextended myself keeping up and trying to not offend (pictures to be included were a huge, huge issue with his mother). If he wants his family to be in the loop, he can make some effort. Okay, and getting accurate and up-to-date addresses...ugh. Thankfully my mom would often forward her file to me that had her address labels on it, lol! I would like to be less behind and overwhelmed and start a tradition of the yearly non-Christmas letter/card/photo card instead, but we'll see.
  20. Maybe he just wants it lightened, too, or could be swayed that way. He might be saying bleached but be open to lightening.
  21. I've tried all kinds of things but mine are both allergy related and hereditary. No lifestyle changes will get rid of them so my best bet is to try and minimize them plus conceal them. I'm currently using Bye Bye Under Eye (I think I heard about it here) as well as a concealer by Benefit that I bought at Ulta. I went in and told them about my dark circles, and that's what they recommended. It has good coverage but I don't think anything will totally make them disappear. Bye Bye Under Eye I just got this 2 weeks ago and am starting to see a difference. I use it morning and evening Cakeless Concealer
  22. Lady Florida - this must be it! This is even better as it is RIGHT on the way! And google shows a little restaurant sign on the map at the BP, so makes sense it would be the one that serves food. And right next to a hotel, on US1 just off the 528. Ugh - it uploaded the wrong map and now I can't fix it.
  23. I would TOTALLY get in on something like that! And I hope you "old-timers" don't give up on us all completely. Like others have said, I am the only person I know IRL homeschooling high school without outsourcing the whole shebang. The first question we always get when we say we homeschool is: which co-op do you do? Yeah, none. We don't do co-ops. I have found the ones locally to be entirely unsatisfactory in terms of both academic and social output, but 8's book Homeschooling at the Helm was a literal game-changer for me in terms of shaping our approach to my students. We started doing things our own way years ago, and we haven't looked back since. I need -- seriously NEED -- the kind of interaction that has been here in the past, and continues to pop up on occasion. And I hope that 8 and Lang Syne and lewelma and others will continue to share their wisdom here, because we sure as heck can't find it anywhere else.
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