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  2. I need to go do some other things, I’ll check in later to see if I can offer any more input.
  3. Some of the so-called shared rooms are cramped like hospital rooms while some are more spacious and have a significant divider between the two areas. This is something to watch for and ask about on the tour. If he is doing intensive rehab, that might be a PT and an OT session each day. He would still be in the room much of the time.
  4. Some places don’t have any private rooms, some have limited private rooms and some have all private rooms, in which case they are not allowed to upcharge. Ask the social worker if he would medically qualify for a private room due to his mental health issues. I’m not sure if it’s a thing, but it might be. It’s worth it to ask in any case.
  5. I'm going to disagree. My guess is there are people who will get the vaccine no matter what. There are people who will get it if required but might not have bothered otherwise or don't really want to but will comply and then there are the liars who would forge documentation. I can't help but think there are more in group 2 then in group 3 but maybe that is wishful thinking. I argued against a mask mandate but was surprised at the number of people who complied when in grocery stores etc. It changed from (this is just an estimate from my own shopping experience) 5% wearing a mask to
  6. Private room. The medicare site says this is upcharge. Guess that's something to talk with the social worker about. It might limit options, but I can't imagine my dad being wise in a shared room. Maybe I'm crazy. Are you not in there much and it doesn't matter? He has significant mental health issues and does not need anyone else's stress on top of his own.
  7. This is our situation, too. DH pays a lot for lousy insurance but it's still way better than we could get if he retired.
  8. Ok, I hadn't caught onto the timeline on this, so thanks for saying it in plain english, lol. I will talk with my dh so we can sort it out. That's interesting. His care is very complex. When he checked into the VA hospital, he brought his meds and they didn't want them. They have all his scrips on file and handle it themselves. Hopefully this social worker will give us good suggestions capable of handling this, because you're right botching it would be bad. ok Hadn't heard of this. My head is spinning now btw. There are a lot of issues h
  9. I find the idea that you can "catch" irregular periods from vaccinated people amazing and bewildering. There's no plausible mechanism for this.
  10. I think the safety monitoring is MUCH harder to do right with everyone in the placebo group offered the vaccine, though 😕 . Like, it becomes an observational study -- you start having to compare to "similar populations" instead of the control group, and that's highly fallible. I think these Phase 3 trials were bigger than standard Phase 3 trials as well? I'd be curious how long people are usually actively monitored in Phase 3 trials. Looking it up, they say that trials last for a few years, but I don't know if that means active monitoring for that many years or just active monitoring for
  11. https://www.nebraskamed.com/COVID/the-covid-19-vaccines-irregular-periods-and-spike-protein-shedding Some quotes: ----- "Right now, there’s no scientific evidence that suggests COVID-19 vaccines are making periods irregular. “Some women have reported on social media that the period after a COVID-19 vaccine was different, or changed in some way from what they usually expect,” says OB-GYN Jennifer Griffin Miller, MD, MPH. “This was not identified in the clinical trials of the vaccines. There’s also no biological mechanism, based on how the vaccines work, that would explain t
  12. How Medicare covers rehabilitation facilities: https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/inpatient-rehabilitation-care
  13. If you see another doctor and you sense resistance, can you lie and say that your neighbor has Lyme or your dog has Lyme or whatever it takes to get that prescription? If it's a phone appointment, can you say there's a bullseye rash? I hate to tell anyone to lie, but sometimes there is no other option if the doctors are being uninformed jerks.
  14. @Catwoman I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with the whole constellation of Lyme and co-infections, too. It’s so miserable. And life-altering.
  15. Your first post made it sound like you wanted to spend the time with your siblings and that you were looking forward to the trip, and that your only hesitation was leaving your kids. Holy cow, things have changed since then! 😉 Given your updated information, I have no idea why you would even consider going on the trip. If you want to see your grandmother, make it a family trip with your dh and kids, and let your siblings visit her on their own.
  16. Yes! That’s what happened to me as well! And when DS had meningitis followed by relapsing high fever, I kept asking and all the (many) docs said, “No, can’t be that.” I finally called my LLMD and she ordered tests - sure enough, kid had babesiosis and bartonella. Gaaaah. It shouldn’t have taken me 6 weeks to call her! I’ll see what our insurance has for televisits. Good idea!
  17. I'm not. I singled out the SBC as an example of a non-IBF problem to broaden the discussion beyond the IBF, but I have zero interest in tagging every possible problematic corner of Christendom. Do you want to list out a bunch of conservative Christian groups that are and are not a problem? If not, why not? Could it be that it's a thankless task? Perhaps she's not wanting to split those hairs because she feels that all of the traditions need to be aware and do some soul-searching in case they are next. I don't mean to be flippant, but Jesus at the Last Supper gave broad hints about who wo
  18. I have a complicated body too. (EDS with the usual weird complications.) I encourage you to protect your privacy.
  19. Current phase three trials are still ongoing, to two years past the second dose. With these trials, though, all the placebo recipients will have been offered the vaccine. But there will be close safety monitoring, which is useful. I don’t know the typical length of a phase 3 vaccine trial, but it is longer than the two months, and that for only some of the participants, that we saw for the Covid vaccines in the US. Of course you’re right that the rare events are often only caught after a drug or device is on the market for a while, or even a more common effect that takes some time to
  20. oh - also check to see if residents are neatly groomed. In rehab they should be wearing clothing, not nightclothes. ask about laundry services ask what he needs to bring with him. You may need to go shopping for easy to pull on clothing, like sweatpants, or extra underwear. Someone will also need to put his name in his clothes. If you aren’t able to go, ask them if they will do this for him when he arrives. You can also ask the hospital social worker. If no one can get clothes for him, ask if they know of any volunteer organizations that could help you do the shopping. Length
  21. I should have waited to post -- you said it so much more nicely than I did!!!
  22. I am so disgusted for you!!!!! A doctor like that is how I ended up with chronic Lyme and I was sick for years! Does your health insurance company have a virtual doctor option? Our insurance company has this thing where you can go online and see a doctor -- usually within 30 minutes, and it's a 24/7 service.
  23. I'm sorry, but I have to completely disagree with you on this. The single dose of doxycycline is simply not good enough, nor is a 2 week course of doxy. Perhaps things are different where you live, but the only doctors I have ever known who went along with the protocols you mentioned are NOT experienced with Lyme disease. The doctors who see it all the time are sticking with the month-long course. I have a lot of experience with Lyme, as I have had it three times. The time when I saw a different doctor (because my regular doctor was on vacation,) and didn't get the longer term pres
  24. So... No luck. We saw a new doctor at the pedi’s office. She insisted Lyme is rare, even though it’s endemic in our area. She told DD that if she becomes “extremely” fatigued, like not just needing a nap but too tired to stand; has “extreme” headaches, not normal headaches (this to a girl who has never had a headache!); and if she gets a rash that stays for two weeks and is bigger than her palm they might treat her. And she looked at me and said that there are a lot of viruses out there, so if DD runs a fever - don’t worry. Only bring her in if it’s a high fever for two weeks! I
  25. Other hits Great Courses Vikings and Black Death Miss AOPS Precalc just not what he wanted
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