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  2. Now see my dd is a whirling dervish and LOVES doing lots of things at once! To me that one thing at a time is more spectrumy. The shifting is your EF piece and the ability to shift. So when someone is resisting it and really uncomfortable handling multiple things at once and is actively saying leave me alone, I just do one thing at a time, that's different. In general, whether it's ADHD or ASD or not diagnosed as anything, the usual advice is structure. So you take the structure as high as they need it to succeed. If they need to see the steps of the task printed out on a paper with pictures, you give them the steps of the task on a paper as pictures. As they begin to do the task with the support, you can fade the support (pictures to words, words to alarms, etc.).
  3. I got 7 hours of sleep for the first time in weeks last night. I only had to get up once for a pain med. It has been a bad couple of weeks.
  4. we're in the information gathering stage. we had a meeting in February - but then he was going to tutoring...
  5. Are you wanting a kids version of book bingo? If so, here are some quick ideas - Caldecott or Newberry winner, or a square for both Squares for specific book series or characters Read to a younger sibling (or other child if they don't have a younger sib) Oh, I was trying to come up with ideas and did a search for children's book bingo and it came up with a lot. Images is the best way to get ideas. You could do book bingo, reading bingo, or both. Reading bingo is more about when and how you read than about specific books/stories. Don't forget to add a free space too. I'm not sure how you can add a twist to it.'s+book+bingo&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjgvL-KjZbhAhXDmuAKHdWZAywQ_AUIDigB&biw=1536&bih=760
  6. Our school started the kids carrying a planner in 4th grade (age 9 for my son) He's in 6th grade and only this year got better about using it (And we still need to work on WHAT he is putting in it. But at least he writes in it now!)
  7. @Kevin In the OP you included these words: "They help you write your essays and fill out all the paperwork and make decisions about application." Recently, in the aftermath of the College Admission scandal, I have read articles about services who Edit and/or Write Essays for university applications. IMO Some very minor editing might possibly be OK. Having someone else write an Essay for an applicant, or do the majority of the work, is not OK. That crosses a line.
  8. Think about how many moms we have here on the board who spend the entire year leading up to high school being worried about it. I can't even imagine what it's doing to kids if they're getting that message. I'll tell you, I went to a school that entirely tossed class rank and all the normal structures. They did grades, but they told us to ignore them. It was the MENTALLY HEALTHIEST THING for me. I had started in a different school where I was literally an A+ student, and it was kind of an identity thing. Went to this other school, and it was so freeing to take risks. There are healthier ways to get through high school and ways to think of high school, but our culture right now is not there.
  9. I posted this on the "30 days and waiting" thread, but thought I should also post it here as I always enjoyed reading this thread when my kids were younger. My D was offered admission to 7 out of the 8 schools on her list. This was my third and last time through the process. My D applied to more schools than my other two combined, mainly because I wanted her to have options between a liberal arts school and a tech school if she changed her mind about what she wanted over the span of senior year. She was offered admissions to the following: Grinnell (with merit) Hamilton Williams Worcester Polytechnic Institute (with merit) Rochester Institute of Technology (with merit) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (with merit) Our state flagship (with merit) I am 99.9% sure what her decision is going to be, and will come back to update this post when it is 100%.
  10. Arcadia

    Spring :)

    Side effects of mouth sores, neuropathy and balding. Claritin is helping for hay fever symptoms. I am very near a Safeway with pharmacy so easy access to stuff. Thanks for your offer 🙂
  11. Ok, here's the problem, and this is just a total aside. Do you know what's going on to know if some of those kids are getting more practice, outside coaching, etc.? Guaranteed some are. At least around here they are. You CANNOT progress in a sport with one hour a week, and true recreational sports are almost non-existent. Unless that sport is for only SN kids, no doubt some of those kids are getting more coaching and practicing. So it could be that they other kids are progressing faster or hard to keep up with and that he's not prepared. You could talk with him and see if there's anything that would help, if he sees any more paths or options. I'm with you btw that I wouldn't drop something that was paid for, assuming it was paid for in a month or 6 weeks contract. There's no reason not to finish that out. But sports now are crazy, with parents going multiple places for lessons, getting private coaching, etc.
  12. I just learned about They describe themselves as a competition "Using Analogies to Master Vocabulary". Does anyone have experience with this?
  13. This book has simple workpages in the back to do with kids.
  14. Rachel

    Spring :)

    The first wildflowers I’ve seen this season.
  15. I have to buy dog food today, because as I've been following this thread, we have run low. I switched to BB freedom grain free beef, alternating with raw with honest kitchen dehydrated topper when one of my dogs had lost most of her hair and had lots of hot spots, etc. She totally has healed from that, and doesn't chew her feet nearly as much, either. I want to rotate between some other brands, as y'all are saying here, so have been looking some over. I wanted to buy Bil-Jac today, after reading this thread and some of the links, but I notice the first three ingredients are chicken, chicken by-products, and corn meal. The second two of those wouldn't be in my preferred list of ingredients. So, why is Bil-Jac a good choice? Both of my dogs are small and the one who reacts totally reacts to pork and lamb. I started noticing her issues while feeding Whole Earth Farms, but didn't realize pork and lamb were part of the problem.
  16. You might try something basic like a frustration box and having him write what bugs him on a slip to submit. Then read them together once a week and problem solve. Also it sounds like he needs some stress relief strategies (physical outlets like wrestling or boxing) and some self-monitoring strategies like Zones of Regulation or Interoception. I talked to someone who said his mother put a speed bag (for boxing) in his room and told him to go use it every day, lol.
  17. kbutton

    Spring :)

    Bulbs are starting to come up around here, and my bleeding heart has tiny shoots but won't be ready to blossom for some time. Several kinds of sedum have either revived or started coming back up in my beds also. A friend gave me gorgeous pansies--they have some of the biggest blossoms I've seen. I need to get them in the ground, but they are happy on my front porch for now.
  18. You mean you post here asking for help or you ask him what would help? You mean it's so bad you feel overwhelmed and like you need outside help to deal with that moment? This is where your real problem is. You're not getting professional help to do the intervention that would PREVENT the cycle from occurring in the first place. You don't call in professionals at the END. Almost all interventions are about PREVENTION. 80% of your effort should be in prevention and only a small amount then goes to dealing with incidents that happen anyway.
  19. 3 hrs at the grocery store. She was helping/working with her friends there plus me shopping. Storytime at library plus playing with kids before and after. They have crafts as well. Lunch with Daddy Park time, it really nice out. Walmart Read alouds and her read to me.
  20. these messages aren't delivered in assemblies, the children hear most of them from frustrated teachers. Students don't often know that messages are delivered to the whole class rather than the just the students who aren't doing what they need to can unnecessarily scare an average child into giving up. You do not need to wait for a meeting to call any member of the instructional team or the school psych.
  21. This is whole subject landed in my in box over a month ago when a friend, whose dog was affected by DCM, sent me some links. I spoke with our vet and immediately started the process of switching their food from a boutique brand (I thought I was making the best choice) to another brand. My golden looks better on his new food. DH remarked the other day that the dog's coat is better, his overall body condition looks better (it looked good before, but we always had trouble keeping him at ideal we don't), and he is overall more active. One of our senior dogs, who has some health issues, seems to have more energy. I'm not seeing great improvements in our other senior dog, but she has always been in good body condition and energetic. I don't know the "whys and wherefores" of dog food. It has been a difficult search process. I didn't want a super high protein food. Didn't want the grains and legumes that were suspected. Didn't want a company known for recalls. Didn't want a food the dogs would refuse to eat. Didn't want questionable ingredients. Did I mention it has been a difficult search. Not to mention one of my senior dogs needs mostly wet food. I do find grilled chicken to be well received by all the dogs 🙂
  22. Hi ya, Scrap! I have a round robin of things that I am always planning for. I am currently trying to figure out how to get accommodations for my daughter for the SATs. I am also thick in the middle of planning the summer camp that I am director for.
  23. I've heard nothing of the sort - and he never goes to assemblies. we've just started on the avoidance thing - so not a meeting yet. I do know he has heard the "high school counts".
  24. Arcadia, how are your treatments going? Do you need anything?
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