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  2. This is a pretty good first 100 days look at the US response from POGO, an independent watchdog group. When I read back through, you can see the missed opportunities which hopefully can be learned for the next time a pandemic happens. https://www.pogo.org/analysis/2020/05/the-first-100-days-of-the-u-s-governments-covid-19-response/
  3. Now if your neighbor was currently trapped under the tree and you said no to helping *then* you'd seem uncaring! 😜
  4. Hard pass. Nope. But then, I still believe in abstinence....
  5. I will also add that I am not supporting Trump and the R response either. I think that both parties have failed the country in different ways throughout this whole pandemic. No one's hands are clean here.
  6. How weird! Maybe I have a really strong RBF...no one ever says nonsense like that to me, lol. Now, we got a TON of comments the first few years of hs'ing. Mostly from my super-tactless, super-opinionated grandad. Those were bad, but I think everyone has given up on changing my mind at this point. (Mine are rising 8th and 10th.)
  7. Agreeing with others ...take a look soon/now and say "I don't want us to take on this job. Your landscaper should be able to take care of it." It is so much better to answer honestly!
  8. I think younger teen sex is almost always a bad idea, 16-17 might be okay if already been in a healthy relationship awhile, and 18 plus fine if in relationship. In this situation, I would probably say no because it's an early relationship and even if they were already having sex, I wouldn't want to bring him because it's too early for that sort of family support at that age. My kids are now 23 and 20, and if they wanted to bring a new boyfriend/girlfriend along on something, we'd pay for a room assuming that's what they wanted. I am supportive of premarital sex in a healthy relationship, but also believe it is a serious thing, particularly for younger teens. Waiting until you are old enough to deal well with the serious is a good thing.
  9. Following. My rising 8th grader is very into digital art. I'd love some ideas for her art credits.
  10. "Rural" and "city" are hardly the only two choices. I don't live in a city, and I don't live in a rural area.
  11. I am honestly curious as to how she asked you to take care of it. Hi, neighbor, my tree fell down. Can you guys take care of that for me? Was she that blatant? I would have laughed, thinking it was a joke, like when you tell your neighbor come do mine next! when you see them washing their car.
  12. From the article above, “Among more than 1.8 million people who received two shots by January 31, some 5,770 contracted the virus – and 1,181 of them, or 20% of all new infections, were contracted during the week of July 11 to 17, the Health Ministry reported.” I know my husband was vaccined in January and he’s more than willing to get a booster at this point. He’s the only person at work wearing a 😷.
  13. Thanks for posting @gstharr, I forgot about that book. From a distance I hear that magical things happen at Berkeley Math Circle, but we live too far away. And I'm not sure it's an adequate replacement for a math curriculum, though for many kids it could be.
  14. I didn't make any claims about it or interpret what she said. You are ascribing statements and conclusions by other posters to me that I didn't make anywhere in this thread or elsewhere on the forums. Wow...didn't you just do this to me? I was just telling you she did really go to the area so that you could see what she said as you asked for a media source that wasn't a conservative news outlet.
  15. MUS has its own topical sequence, but the lessons are structured so that the 3 pages of new material is all bite sized amounts of incremental approach, but there are 3 pages of review material that cover the previous concepts and refresh memory. They also have a new product that aims to teach the basics faster and catch an older kid up: Accelerated Individualized Mastery For kids who really need a visual, consistent approach, MUS isn't hard to jump into. We started in Gamma with my oldest because his big issue was going beyond multiplication facts. He needed that full year of "easy" math to get himself in a good place again. So, I started him with material he knew, he got his confidence back, and then we could move into harder material.
  16. Are you saying the majority of US black people live rurally?
  17. She pays a landscaping company to maintain her property, right? So they would be the ones to take care of her down tree. I get you, it can be hard to say no, and while I agree that no is a complete sentence, it seems very rude to answer a request for assistance with just that one word. Terse can be mistaken for angry. But saying "ah, no, we won't be able to do that" is good enough. You don't have to make excuses and you don't have to look busy whenever you are out in your yard. Seriously, that is a bold request! I can't imagine making it or receiving it from someone else. ETA: reread the OP. You said you'd take a look at it this weekend? OK, go over and take a look. Then tell her you do not have the wherewithal to deal with it and remind her that her landscape maintenance folks should be able to handle that.
  18. I had one for a bit, when I was pregnant and midwife wanted me to try juicing certain veggies/fruits to reduce swelling....clean up IF I did it immediately, before drinking the juice, was fairly easy. Running water got most of it, and it came with a brush to clean the little holes. Not messy, as in a mess in the kitchen, it was pretty contained. Dump pulp in trash, rinse juice and pulp container in sink, use running water and a brush to clean the thing with all the little holes. set it all in dish rack or on a towel to dry. And again, sorry....was just trying to make you feel better if you didn't want to do it. If you do, it really isn't messy. a bit of work to cut the veggies/fruits to the proper size, and then the time it takes to juice it all. More time issue than mess issue, in my limited experience. (I was doing only certain foods, not sure if that made a difference - I think it was watermelon with the rind, celery, and cucumber...not positive but I think that was the mix I had to do)
  19. If you already said you'd do it, I don't see an easy way to back out. Next time I'd ask something like, "would your lawn people be able to handle that for you?" Or "gosh my ___ has been bothering me, I can barely lug my own laundry." (Isn't there always something hurting at our age?) After it's done, you'll feel glad you helped out this time. I promise. 🙂
  20. They are definitely not all private and discreet. Pharmacies (Walmart, Walgreens) are big providers of the vaccine, and you generally walk up to a specific window to get your paperwork. It's overall not very private at all, in the sense that bystanders will almost certainly know you are there to get vaccinated. In some places, they have vaccination sites set up for the sole purpose, so obviously you are getting vaxxed if you are there, and people would just need to drive by and see your car in the parking lot to know. I do think more people would get it if they were sure others wouldn't know about it. QFT Worst name for a healthcare project ever, lol. I don't think that liberals or Democrats as a group were ever "anti vax". Some people like to say that VP Harris was, but actually all she said was that she wouldn't take Trump's word for a vax being safe, that she would definitely want a trustworthy public health group to vouch for it. It was political theater in the sense that of course you're not taking the word of a politician about medical issues, but it was not anti vax. This. We had a lot of pharmacies offering vax outside business hours, so that wasn't an issue around here, but staying home with side effects was for many, I'm sure. I could not work the day after getting it. This is not correct and hasn't been for a long time. I think that a lot of people are so accustomed to living with a high level of cognitive dissonance that they don't even notice it any more. Trump was talking about election fraud well before the 2016 election, even within his own party, "Ted Cruz didn't win Iowa, he stole it."
  21. State offers $1 million COVID-19 vaccination scholarship program (msn.com)
  22. We didn't use the programs that you mentioned (other than Saxon and IEW), so I can't really comment on curriculum choices. But I will say that "language arts" is a huge category, and it might help you to think about what her strengths and weaknesses are more specifically. Does she struggle with aspects of reading comprehension? Does she have a good grasp of background knowledge (this is a reading thing -- you can google it; it's hard to tell sometimes what kids with ASD are NOT picking up in a typical way, because we assume they are)? With writing, there can be problems with getting thoughts onto paper, or problems with understanding main ideas and details, or strengths with fiction writing and weaknesses with expository writing (or vice versa). So I would break it down and identify what her specific strengths and weaknesses are. Then choose programs or activities that will allow her to capitalize on her strengths, and also pick programs that target the skills where she is weak. For the weaker areas, I would consider using therapy-level materials. This is not always easy, and I struggled when I was homeschooling, to do different things with different kids, because there was only one me, and I had a hard time sometimes dividing my time and giving them the individual help that they needed. But I think for the most success, breaking things down into smaller categories will help the most.
  23. So....she asked you to provide *free* hard labor? Um, nah. I grew up rural and understand the whole neighbors-helping-neighbors bit, but that borders on being taken advantage of. (LOL, posted at the same time as above.)
  24. Um... what??! Sorry, that request just boggles my mind. It would never occur to me to ask my neighbors to do my yard work (and when she also hires a landscaping company!!). I would take that about the same as if she asked you to service her car for her, or scrub the grout in her shower. The correct response is a stare implying sh is completely nuts, followed by an unequivocal "NO". You can add some polite words to the no, but nothing that would imply that you are ever going to entertain such a screwball request. I'm not one to not be helpful to neighbors, but that is a huge, time consuming, and physically demanding job, not extra sugar or keep an eye/feed my cat when I'm out of town, and she has a landscaping company... yikes.
  25. Although I know housing prices can vary widely, around here anyone who can now afford to purchase an acreage can afford to hire the help needed for upkeep. If she can’t, it may be in her best interest for her to discover this sooner rather than later and sell while the market is hot.Having seen through friends the amount of time needed for upkeep and the amount of driving needed when living on land, we purposely chose never to pursue it. Now I would feel differently if this was someone who had been living in the house for a long time and only recently needed help with some tasks. We regularly help out such neighbors. And I was extremely grateful to all of the neighbors who did similarly for my mom until she finally decided that keeping up a home and yard was just too much and she moved to a very nice senior apartment.But she also paid for regular lawn care, snow shoveling, tree removal, pest control, etc. and we paid for a cleaning service. So all of the routine stuff was completely covered.
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