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  2. Oh I see! I didn’t realize the child was already in the class. Well, this class is definitely the most challenging class my daughter has, but that said - she’s in 8th grade and not taking other high school level classes. But it takes more work than her WTMA math class and her local composition class. We don’t have any online classes for history or English so I can’t compare there.
  3. Carrie12345

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I started going through photo boxes (anything to put off the book purge!) and found a box that wasn’t photos, but old cards. The bulk were little cards to each of the 5 kids from people we don’t like. A bunch were signed, but no idea who they were meant for. Lots were easily dumped! And we were able to find at least one sweet card to each of the kids from their great grandmother who passed away last year. Also reduced my binders of photo negatives from 4 to 2! Most by purging, some by combining.
  4. SeaConquest

    Spices without politics?

    I don't think it is ridiculous at all. It's a legitimate concern in this divisive political climate, IMO. But, I think your concern has less to do with companies being transparent and more to do with our current crass discourse and our leadership forgetting how to behave in a civil society. Personally, if I went to someone's house for a party, and I saw that it was catered by Chick Fil A, my stomach might turn for a quick second, but then I would suck it up, act like a gosh darn grown up, and eat the food that was kindly offered to me by my host without bringing up a political convo about it. How hard is that? Like my G-pa used to say, "You may have been right, Monique. But, because you had to prove you were right, you were very very wrong." However... If, I was in charge of catering an event, you can bet that I would not spend my organization's money having CFA cater the event.
  5. Æthelthryth the Texan

    VP self paced history

    Adding a question if you don't mind! Do the levels vary by maturity as far as the videos themselves- not the booklist- , as in if we decided to skip Ancient Egypt and start with Greeks or Middle Ages, will it be too much for my 2nd grader- to-be next year? Or is it pretty much in the same framework regardless online content wise across the levels? I am really over Ancient Egypt at this point. We've been doing Veritas Bible this year and it's my kids favorite thing for school so I'm seriously considering adding the history next year if I can get out of the intense phonics/learning to read phase. I would sit with them and do it with them as a pair, not send them off with it alone, if that matters.
  6. Agreed. I live near Austin. It is two hours to College Station. I prefer spending the night. But we have definitely done it as a day trip (Especially for Easter Egg hunts at the Bush Presidential Library!). (My sister and her family live just outside the city and my parents just moved there too)
  7. Rachel

    A Hiver helped me today IRL

    I’ve never been there but that sounds fun!
  8. PeterPan

    First time on Tamiflu...

    So I called the doc and they called me in tamiflu. Ds was ped diagnosed with the flu and with me being sick so much last year they wanted to try. Think it will keep pneumonia and bronchitis at bay? im mainly worried about the hallucinations side effect. Any good thoughts or advice? And if I perk up do I keep taking it the full 5 days?
  9. elegantlion

    Online Universities- can we make a list?

    Here are ones I've looked at: Fort Hays State University Missouri Western State University Southern Illinois University Emporia State University Park University Montana State University University of Nebraska One thing to keep in mind is that even if the degree is offered online, class selection may be limited. I looked at doing a history BA online and, at the time, most classes focused on American history, so not the focus I wanted. A lot of the places I looked have a generous amount of general studies available online and have degree completion programs for people with existing college credit. Also, online classes can be great for the right student and the right situation. I took my entire first year of my BA online. Some students, however, do not do well in that environment. My son, for instance, hates online classes and prefer face-to-face learning (he's even a computer/tech nerd). Many of the professors I've talked with dislike online formats for classes. Some complaints I've heard is that it makes it easier for students to cheat, there is little interaction between students, students not communicating and not turning in work. All of these can happen in a regular classroom, but they're easier to address when the student is actually in front of you. Another thing to watch is make sure classes on 100% online if that is what you need. I know some make students come to campus for tests or have them proctored if distance is an issue. I've seen them work well for traditional on-campus students when they need a class and there are time conflicts, so the online section affords some flexibility.
  10. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    You can search online for those details Its not all nature, not all nurture, not all a combo. Some is just spiritual. Some is the decision to reject the wisdom of the elders for the fast living. I have generational poverty around me, now that the middle class voted with their feet to take their children out of study hall, to a district that will give them classes. The stunning concrete observation I see consistently in rural poverty here is children, grand children and great-grandchildren who have land, won't garden, yet will ask great grandma for her 'extra' produce. Now, ggm has explained and demonstrated the concept of 'planting an extra row', and of course good nutrition. The newly arrived neighbors, one fam per bedroom, often have chickens and do garden. Sin tax has saved some descendants from lung cancer. Other things, ingested by choice, are shortening the descendants' lives as they reject ggm's values and send their brain down a spiral path that can't be recovered from. Culture matters. These are people who are starving in the midst of plenty....remember, I live in NY. Its hard to starve here, there are food banks, meals at school/summer programs, and education programs for the poor. Yet people still walk away from the opportunities as the effort/reward ratio doesn't work for their personal agenda, which is maximizing their right to pursue happiness while minimizing work.
  11. soror

    January Frugalistas

    Great job staying on budget and menu. It's going pretty well here, money spent has been planned or needed expenses. We ended up having a bday party Fri night so I did not make pizza but there was not quite enough to fill my kids up (1 sm gf pizza doesn't cut it for 4 kids- one that is nearly full grown)- I got fries on the way home since it was already nearly 7:30 when we were leaving(usual bedtime is 8-8:30 here), the kids pitched in a little, that was $6. I swear BK's value fries used to be $1, I guess they are a $1.50 now, sigh! Exhibit A why we don't eat out. I had to go in town Sat for the girls TKD so I went ahead and picked up some of our groceries at Aldi's, I also went to Big Lots and did a little bit of stocking up as they had 20% off- I bought 1 gal of coconut oil, 1 quart of org. maple syrup, and 2 big bags of Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 flour- and a couple bags of gf pretzels on clearance. I have $60 (out of $500) left for groceries this month, let's see if I can pull it off 🙂 I just a few things left for this week. I'm working on this week's menu today We are below budget on gas expenses- we've not had any out of town trips and it helps not having so many vehicles that we're driving. Dh did buy oil change supplies for the truck but hasn't got to change it yet w/ the cold weather. I'm thinking I might take the kids to the movie using gift certs this afternoon.... I tweaked some on the menu according to leftovers and trying to stretch out some meat I have: 21- Lentil Risotto 22- chx tacos, black beans, rice (already have chicken cooked, rice and beans) 23- tofu, stir-fry (have tofu and stir-fry noodles) 24- chx nuggets & homemade fries (have nuggets and potatoes) 25- homemade pizza (have sauce, cheese, and flour for crust- will buy dh cheapo pizza) 26- chili- (have hamburger meat) 27- chicken legs, mashed potato and green beans (have chx legs in freezer and plenty of veggies) 28- lasagna (have meat, noodles and ricotta and cheese) 29- black bean w/ taco rice 30- beef stir-fry (have beef and noodles) 31- chx nuggets and fries That leaves to buy with $60: almond milk, choc almond milk (I have 1 full of each will probably need 1 of each more- $5); bread (totally out- will be $15 at least for 2 big loaves) eggs - 6 doz for the rest of the month($5.50) misc fruits and veggies- will have to make a list gf wraps- $4 1 bacon- $6 chips for snacks and ds' lunches- $4 fruit snacks- $3.29 hot cocoa mix- $1 (I need to price out the bigger sizes at WM to see if it is any cheaper than 10 Box or maybe try homemade recipes- everyone has been on a cocoa kick lately) Looks like I might be able to squeak by if I stay really focused, we'll see how I do 🙂
  12. SKL

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Today is my last chance to get caught up on my work. All of my clients are with governments, banks, and nonprofits so they are off today. I slept in until about 11:30. My kids are home, but they still have a buttload of homework to do. I'm about to go confiscate phones so they don't have the distraction. One kid has cheer practice this afternoon. She is going to skip gymnastics since she has so much homework / test study. That's about it - other than the usual reading, exercise, laundry,,,,,
  13. There is a Test of Problem Solving. It's considered an EF issue I think. With my ds sequencing is involved so knowing what step FIRST, breaking it into parts, fading prompts. Also feel free to do together new tasks, with you modeling the logic (what do we do first, where will we find it, etc.). no it does not mean she's not bright or not creative. Look for the EF deficits.
  14. SeaConquest

    Spices without politics?

    If only that were possible, Jean. But, with our currently big-money political system, companies would be naive not to spend their money on lobbying and political organizations to represent their interests. So, how many businesses are truly doing business without politics of any kind these days?
  15. nixpix5

    VP self paced history

    Yep, they tell you what to do after the lesson and you can print the reading schedule. The cards they will be prompted to get out during the lesson and they read the card aloud to the student plus as they learn the song they will revisit the cards. The videos prompt when to review a card plus they continually do game style quizzes to review previous card material. We did the first 2 years and my kids remember everything. Retention has been high for us with those courses. We aren't doing Middle Ages this year and I am kicking myself for that.
  16. barnwife

    For Those with Flat-top Stoves

    New cast iron is bumpy, sand those bumps off with a random orbit sander, inside for making it easier to season, and on the bottom so they don't scratch your glass top stove. Gas is wonderful, unless you have propane and then the precision control is gone from the burners, there's a very narrow band between off and full on all the propane stoves I've used. Not like natural gas where you can adjust the burner without looking at the flame and using both hands to steady.
  17. Consider this website about dysgraphia. Even someone with neat handwriting can have dysgraphia. Apart from that, here are some things to think about. How does he do with copying letters, or writing letters of the alphabet from memory? Can he do more this way? Is this less stressful? If he is fine with writing just letters of the alphabet from memory, I think you might start with something like All About Spelling, which can start with writing a letter after a letter sound is named, and work up from there to writing a word as each letter is sounded out. Like -- you would go from learning to write m for an mmm sound, to sounding out mmm aaa nnn for man, and writing each letter as you sound it out. If he is copying, how exactly are you asking him to do it? Possibly the easiest will be if he is copying directly below the model. This means there is less looking back and forth. My son that has dysgraphia is capable of copying neatly this way, but he gets *nothing* out of it, because he isn't thinking as he copies. He can copy cursive this way but he doesn't actually know what most of the cursive letters are. So just to say -- hopefully this isn't the case in your situation, but being able to copy isn't necessarily going to transfer to other writing situations. If you are asking him to compose in some way, this is increasing the demands a huge amount. It is much, much, much harder to concentrate on forming and remembering a sentence, while also writing it down. This is a much higher demand than copying. It is also a much higher demand than spelling a word, word by word, that someone else supplies. Something they look at with my son is how easily and how long it takes for my son to write the alphabet from memory. They can compare this to how well he does copying a model of the alphabet. There is a difference for him. These are just some things you might think about. Don't get hung up on thinking "well he can write neatly, he would if he wanted to." It is not necessarily the case. I think he is also a pretty beginning reader in the scheme of things though starting Barton 3 is AWESOME. Congratulations on getting through Levels 1 and 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While he is still on the beginning side, he does not have all the reading skills automatic that will make it easier for him to write, as far as thinking of spellings or just being familiar with words. It's a big difference to see a word in a "letter by letter" way compared to seeing "chunks" and I think that just takes time. It's the difference between seeing a word as mmmm aaaaa nnnnn, okay, sound it out, okay, man..... and just seeing "man," and knowing it's the word "man." A good idea for increasing stamina, too, is to "end on success." That means end *before* fatigue, don't end *at* fatigue. It's better that way. A good idea of increasing confidence is to do something that is easier for the child where the child is having more feelings of "hey, I can do this." Two good things to keep in mind 🙂
  18. Just for contrast, my dd is in this class as well. It is very well done and she is learning a great deal. I highly recommend it. But she spends FAR more time than this. She is at about two hours per weekday and another two hours over most weekends. Most videos are between 30-60 minutes and it takes dd twice that time to get through them as she stops to do the exercises and occasionally has to replay sections. Dd is bright, motivated, and so far an A student, but not academically gifted.
  19. Æthelthryth the Texan

    TX residents..some help on vacationing and retirement

    As you look, realize that property taxes vary quite widely. You can jump one mile over and see your rate change 2+%. There are sometimes MUD taxes and PID taxes, and all sorts of wacky infrastructure taxes- particularly within Master Planned Communities. So just know, if you find a general area, look around within all of the municipalities. We've lived before in cities with three different tax rates, as the city might cross counties and there are also different taxes for the newer developments. It's probably one of the wackier things. Also, school districts have different tax rates- that's set separately by each district, and you may have multiple school districts within one city, so again a huge rate variable. Definitely have a knowledgable realtor if you ever quasi-seriously begin looking. We are also getting more and more toll roads by the year, and as spread out as everything is, that can have a pretty big financial impact for some people. Although at least you would be retired and not having to deal with a daily commute......we pay around $100 a month in tolls and that's just for dh driving to and from work, not counting if I drive into Houston or get on the toll roads myself. Personally, I'd say look outside of Houston for sure.
  20. SKL

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I agree that safety is a huge issue in urban poor areas. Unfortunately that has been hard to address. Add more cops / crack down and people complain about discriminatory outcomes. Cops are treated as the enemy. So what is the alternative? Moving people out of that mess has been denounced as taking away poor people's community. And there is some truth to these concerns. Has anyone come up with something that works? I really hope for that. In my county, they have community college campuses and libraries right in the middle of the poor neighborhoods. I assume that helps at least somewhat - kids who have dreams / whose parents encourage them can see that there might be an alternative right there - all they have to do is walk through the door and ask questions.
  21. Critterfixer

    Ignore this thread!

    My hip is better and the sun is shining. But it's still cold. The chickens were looking pitiful this morning (because cold), so they had warmed chicken treats and I ordered they get their heat lamp on all day. They seem to approve. They have their windows covered with plastic, and the heat lamp at night, but it just gets bitterly cold and they don't like it. Writing this morning, revising this afternoon, and feeling really down about everything. It will pass. ETA: I need waterfalls, but it's too cold to get out and hunt for them. Two more months, and then we may get a few good days to get out in the woods.
  22. But didn't you see all the positive reviews? Because there are a boatload of those. If he *likes* TT, and he doesn't want to switch, then do TT.
  23. nixpix5

    ELTL, what else?

    I second this. Also, because BJU English spirals back around to the same topics each year, you can skip 3 and go on to 4 with very little issue. It is alot like Rod and Staff in that respect. Also, one thing we have done because we school year round is take the 8 writing units in BJU and do 6 of them in the summer. We throw out the poetry unit since they get that in other curriculum and we fold the chapter 16 research report into the school year in science or history. In this way they do all of BJU English writing (we don't need the grammar since we have another program). This way it leaves me able to spend the school year doing the progym in a settled way without feeling like I am missing something.
  24. Ellie

    Ignore this thread!

    FTFM. My bad. Also, points for quoting myself.
  25. SKL

    Question for blog readers

    I like mild controversy to discuss - nothing super polarizing though. Stuff that people will actually enjoy debating or whining about, and still remain friends afterwards. I used to participate on a blog, and my job was to come up with "question of the day" ideas. Each day there would be an open-ended question where people would share about themselves in a way that helped us know each other better. For example - what was your favorite hobby as a child? What is a talent you always wanted to develop? The comments section was obviously important. There needs to be an ability to comment without people being able to trace your actual identity. (But the blog owner can block / delete people who are jerks.)
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