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    Ds22 got his drivers license today. A huge step towards independence. He asked me to drive home though because he was still feeling anxious. 🙂
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    Dh and I have spent most of yesterday and likely today rearranging and getting rid of crap. I’ve been slowly doing it all year but hitting it hard this weekend. Moving beds and furniture and going through every bit of clothing and toys and STUFF. Ugh. It’s frikken everywhere. Five black trash bags of boys clothing that isn’t used for whatever many reasons. If my youngest boy outgrew it, I’m no longer keeping it for any next kid. Same for baby girl. 42 pairs of boys shoes donated. Probably double those trash bags in stuff thrown away. Furniture I don’t want around anymore. I’m just tired of all the stuff that needs cleaned or put back or doesn’t quite work right so has that not really a big deal but always a minor irritation to deal with stuff. I’m not selling much, I just want it gone. So donations. A few things I might sell on FB. The children are disgruntled but not complaining too much. Dh is none too happy since he is tearing down beds and rearranging them in different rooms according to my requests. But whatever. It’s the first thing he’s done around the house in years bc normally I do literally everything house and kids and errand related. I’m going minimalist. Not because I care about being minimalist but because I’m just tired of dealing with it all and frankly I’d rather spend the money on a vacation. And because while I hope I live at least another 50 years, reality is I probably won’t and I for sure won’t take all this crap with me for most of it. It’s just stuff. It’s not important to me so I don’t want to spend energy and money and time on it. Anyone else spending this week jump starting new year goals and plans?
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    Update: She let out a gasp as she pulled it out of the packaging. My heart grew three sizes today. I'm posting this not because I'm proud of the quilt but because I am proud of how much I learned. There are so many mistakes but I learned from each one so now I will feel more confident making future quilts. I even got past my fear of machine quilting. Does it look like a seven year old did it? Sure, but it's a present for a seven year old so that's okay. The little girl is my newly adopted grand niece and she is Frozen crazy. So even though I have other gifts for her, I still wanted something to show how much she already means to us. Something she can wrap around herself and know we care.
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    Support your dh. I agree with him that it is a deal breaker. The issue is not whether the pinkie was hurt or not (especially since the injury was a minor one anyway). The main issue is that the BIL was being a bully. He did not use his words for the controller. It doesn't matter if he surprised your son or not - BIL should not have just grabbed it out of his hands unless it was a safety issue. And when he did use his words, it was to get in a shouting match with a five year old.
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    Scully is 10 weeks old today.
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    Mines has 2 career days a year where a number of companies come to campus to market/interview. Ds had several on campus interviews, several away from campus interviews (including one an airplane ride away), declined a few airplane rides away interviews (due to rural locations), and was rejected by a few companies he wanted. Two days ago, he was offered a job at a company that he likes that is local to him. He is happy to stay in the area. The salary is average for someone with his degree (mechanical engineering undergrad and engineering and technology management graduate) according to Mines salary outcome report. The offer comes with all the standard benefits. He accepted today. He will start in June after graduation in May. A terrific Xmas present for us all. I was a little worried because he never worked a summer internship, so I'm relieved it all worked out. For those who have followed the ups and downs of basketball over the years, he made it through to Xmas with no injuries. Yay! (2 of his 5 years, he did not) I really need to change my signature. I hate to give up my beach gal, though.
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    My 11 year old made presents for his siblings. He was so excited about giving them, he could barely sleep, and then woke the entire family up at 4:56! I sent them back to bed until 7. His excitement was contagious and so sweet.
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    I would be extremely uncomfortable with this during puberty.
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    I got a mug when I was in 3rd grade or so. I used it up until about 3 years ago when ds broke it. I'm 45, so it had a long, loved life. He found another one and gave it to me today. It was seriously the most thoughtful gift ever and I am so happy. I don't know how he found it as it seemed pretty hard to find. I'm pretty much a person who uses things rather than collect and display them so I'm torn on what to do. He put so much thought into this and I dont want it to break. Maybe it will be my "Christmas Day" mug.
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    We had a kindness shown to us today I thought I would share. We went into Houston today to take MIL to lunch and braved the Galleria traffic to go to a restaurant dh loves. Everyone was more than ready to get out of the car and sit down after all of the crazy Christmas traffic, as if you're familiar with Houston, I know you can imagine. As we were waiting to be seated, an older woman my MIL's age, who was waiting ahead of us, turned and complimented my two youngest kids on how nicely they were waiting and asked them what grade they were in. This of course got the homeschool kids "deer in the headlights" look and "uuuuhhhhhh" response (even though I've told them both to say 1st/2nd- they forget) which is always a bit embarrassing for me. Dh told her we homeschooled so they were all over grade wise and she smiled and said oh but they look like such good students and told us she was a retired public school teacher who had taught 1st and then later 5th grade. We chit chatted a couple of minutes and then everyone was seated and went on our way. Later, as we were eating, she stopped back by our table and gave each of the kids a Christmas card with a fresh $2 bill in it. She told them a little about $2 bills and how money had changed over the years and some history stuff, then said they were doing great jobs as students and to be thankful they had such a good Mother to teach them so well at home, to keep working hard, and then wished us Merry Christmas and left. I was so surprised and so happy and the kids were thrilled! It was just such an awesome, unexpected blessing in our day. With all of the horrible news and so much hostility you see online, it's really awesome that there are people like her around and to experience just such a random bit of generosity in our day. Anyway, just wanted to share. Hope y'all had something blessed in your day as well.
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    Every time a kid has complained today my husband has sighed and told them, “You kids don’t understand how grateful we should all be that any of us haven’t been booted so she can have a yarn room.”
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    This little fellow is almost 5 months!
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    My grandma is in her 90's. Since Mom died and Grandma sold her house and moved even further away (she used to be a 12 hr drive away and now is a 24 hr drive away) I figured I would never see her again. Well, she showed up! Just like that! To surprise us! I was so happy I broke out bawling. I am going to start crying again just typing this. I am so happy to get to see her.
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    Taken a few weeks ago when he just turned 4 months.
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    Not to try to outdo you or anything, but Garga and I are going to try to have better posture. 😉
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    I gotta share these when I can. 25 years ago, I had this large, custom roll-top computer desk made for us. It was a well-loved, beautiful piece of furniture that was in beautiful condition. But, it no longer met our needs, so I listed it for sale on a couple of local Facebook groups as well as some yard sale sites. That was 6 months ago. It sat in our garage all this time. I've had several nibbles, but people often flaked on me. One even had me leave dh's hospital bed after his heart attack to meet him and he never showed. Today, I had two people interested! And 15 minutes ago, I helped this couple load it onto their truck! Not only did they pay me what I asked, but they seem thrilled with it. And I will have room in my garage to park one car soon. Just my little happy moment for the day.
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    She posted on FB that they made it home this evening.
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    he didn't want to play fetch - just wanted me to watch him chew on his ball. He's eight months. full grown.
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    "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth." John 1:14 Merry Christmas to those who celebrate (and love and good wishes to those who don't)! So good to be back on the board with you all. ❤️
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    Thanks for all your prayers.
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    I am the opposite of Scrooge. I know that not everyone celebrates and I respect that. But I love the family time, I love giving gifts (I think giving gifts is my love language and I have an excuse to give, give, give), I love baking, decorating, planning, cooking, etc, etc. I just love it. DH has had to put up with it and get used to. He would rather not even have a Christmas tree but he knows that it is a must with me. After 21 years of marriage, he just goes with it 😂 Either way, I just wanted to say that I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
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    Winston is 5 months old tomorrow.
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    Before I was on OCD meds, I hurt my husband by rejecting a rather expensive gift he had bought me because it caused me anxiety. People are more important than things. My advice is to be gracious, be thankful he loves you, and let him be giddy. :)
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    In countries where everyone is in the same room, there is still same sex sibling/parents sharing a bed instead of opposite sex siblings. And there is often a curtain hung up to divide the room for some privacy. Also- having more people in the room is actually a deterrent for inappropriate sexual situations. Though even in those countries there is abuse and incest. As a pastor's wife who has dealt with more than one troubled family, I have never met a parent who knew that abuse was happening before it was way too late and even then they were terribly shocked that something happened. A lot of unhealthy situations develop where unmedicated anxiety or other mental health issues were untreated or treated inadequately. The anxious person can inappropriately attach to someone as a way of coping and that is not healthy. I apologize for being a bit blunt here. I am not saying that anything is happening in the OP's situation. What I am saying is that it allows for unhealthy dynamics to be present which could result in unhealthy and in some cases inappropriate relationships.
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