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    Thank you all so much for the hugs and commiseration. He's fine. He turned up right about the same time the acquaintance pulled into our driveway to deliver the apartment keys to my husband. I got a message from his girlfriend about two minutes before that telling me she had finally heard from him. Apparently, he updated his work schedule on his phone, but had not hit sync. He actually had his first shift at the new second job this evening, which ran later than expected. He didn't get around to depositing the check, because there was a long wait when he stopped at the walk-in clinic to do his drug testing for the new second job. As predicted, his phone battery died while he was busy at the new second job, and he didn't even realize how late things were running, because he wasn't checking his phone. Unfortunately, my husband's first reaction when our son came in was to be angry, which didn't land well on son who was already tired and probably embarrassed and stressed. So I have spent the last two hours trying to talk him down. This leaves me with about four and a half hours to sleep . . . assuming I can ignore the pain and tightness in my chest long enough to doze off. But, big picture, my son is safe and mostly okay. We spent a couple of hours of quality time discussing intense but worthwhile issues. And he has promised to try and be more careful about keeping his phone charged and his calendar synced.
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    This could mean anything, right? In this case it was coming from DS5. DS5 is my youngest. He has, at minimum, a speech delay. He may or may not qualify for an ASD diagnosis. DD7 has one, but she barely qualifies and her speech delay was the biggest factor. He is much less delayed, in all areas than she ever has been, so I just don't know where he would fall. I feel like if I pushed FOR it he would qualify, if I pushed AGAINST it, he would not qualify. Regardless, I am well aware of his strengths and weeknesses and more. Today, he surprised me. Out of the blue, after he was totally ready for bed, jammies, teeth brushed, etc etc. He walked into the front room and said "Mommy, Daddy, I have somfing to tell you. Thank you. Thank you for helping me." Then, he came to me, climbed in my lap and said "Fank you. Fank you for helping me roller skate. I wuv you." And he hugged me and "smackered" me on the cheek. THEN, he got down, went to DH and crawled into his lap and said "Fank you, for helping me protect my sisters." Then, he got down and finished his chores. UM, HUH? I am like blubbering at this point lol. We continued with nighttime chores and bed time routine. THEN, while he was waiting for the toilet to be free for the "before bed, EVERYBODY go pee!" He climbed back into my lap and said "Fank you for being there for me." Like literally actually his words. I have no idea where these thank yous came from. So I will take them as sincere. They are just so far more than I ever expected out of my 5 yr old.
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    PLEASE DON'T QUOTE -- i don't want to leave the pictures available in public for long. She's quite small but seems to be very healthy. She was in a big fat hurry to make her appearance and small enough that none of the newborn clothes fit! Ha! But, oy, the child has my family's long legs! I'd say she's Team Hope. Ha!! Living so far away stinks...I won't get to meet her until she's nearly a month old, but I'm happy that she's here safe and sound, and her mama (my dd) is doing well. E's Streeeettttttcccchhhhh!.mp4
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    My older one said, "Snuggles." My younger one said, "The blood of my enemies." That pretty much tells you anything you need to know about the differences in their personalities.
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    If you or your son respond to her (I probably wouldn't waste the time to do that) a one word message is more than sufficient: ALOHA
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    Even the word “kerfuffle” is, to me, a Hive-ism, even though it is a word in the wider world. I have rarely heard it elsewere. Never will I forget the little poem that @Violet Crown wrote about that word when a poster said she thought the correct word was “kerfuffalo.” I’m going from memory, here, so I hope I do it justice, but this was the poem VC wrote on the spot: There was once a young bato from Buffalo at Limbo excelled, he could shuffle low. When young man so well-built tried his moves in a kilt, the resulting view caused a kerfuffalo. 😂😂😂 Violet Crown is a genius.
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    I admit, it took me a minute to recognize the dad . . .
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    When I unplugged my youngest kid, he started to play tennis against the garage door. Since then, I have replaced a garage door (at our old house) and am slowly going broke, what with lessons, tournaments, and dear God, the shoes... I don't monitor screen time anymore- I am afraid he will take up polo or car racing.
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    "Thanks for homeschooling me" as she walked out the door. She woke up with a cold and really didn't want to go to her DE classes today. I don't know why she thanked me this morning, but I appreciate it. She's a good kid. (All my kids are. )
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    Today I am 26+4, which is when Nate was born. Such a big milestone!! And, now that I've gone public, I can tell the Hive that this is another BOY!!! That is some crazy odds!
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    No. Just no. That would be the last time I attended that church.
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    You people are seriously underestimating the threat of nun recruitment. There's a Poor Clare convent a few hours drive from here where those devilishly cunning cloistered nuns raise miniature ponies. And let people visit! And buy souvenirs! And even buy ponies! They even shamelessly published a book about their founder, wickedly called Sister Bernadette: Cowboy Nun, and put on the cover, where any small Texas Catholic girl can see it, a picture of a tiny, jolly Poor Clare -- the aforementioned Sister Bernadette -- wearing her brown habit, a pair of boots, and a cowboy hat, leaning back laughing in a small cart pulled by a frisky miniature pony. Wee Girl, at a tender and easily influenced age, had this book fall into her hands and read it twice. I ask you, should this be allowed in America?
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    The cupcake kerfuffle was awesome. I was pinned to the couch nursing a newborn at the time and it was the best entertainment ever. You know how sometimes there's a heated thread and the hive kind of collectively takes on a mood for that thread? That time, the hive decided to go totally goofball after a while.
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    I think his immigration status is a red herring, honestly. The fact is, he is either a murderer or he isn’t. That fact isn’t dependent upon his immigration status, but on the facts of the case. Crimes committed by immigrants are no more or less awful than crimes committed by citizens.
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    I think "let them marry" might be something that could be said if it were inappropriate adult relationships taking place; I don't think it has any bearing on pedophilia. At all. I think we *see* the density of a large number of abuses w/in the church construct because the incidents are all taking place under one giant umbrella, whereas sports, scouts, teachers, neighbors, friends, etc. don't all have one giant governing body with which to link them. Even among "sports" you have little league baseball, football, soccer, YMCA programs, etc. I think constructive actions would be implementing and enforcing 2-deep leadership policies, and all the other common sense steps organizations the world over take to help prevent & police these things. Background checks for those who'll work with kids. Having no one-on-one situations. Etc. If those things are already in place, then enforcing them. Removing from service the offenders, rather than covering it up (obviously). Reporting to authorities, getting the kids help, etc. vs. dealing with it "internally". I've heard of cases within other organizations where the same sort of thing happens, and the same sort of cover-up takes place....a teacher fired for being inappropriate, but quietly, and it doesn't go into the record as why they were fired, so off they go to another school. A coach who steps down. A youth pastor who resigns (or pastor). Etc. It's not *just* the Catholic Church....we just are hearing it/feeling that it's "bigger" because of the one, single governing umbrella under which it all takes place (I think).
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    DD had a generous departmental scholarship last year. We understood when it was awarded that it was for a single year. She applied again the next year for departmental scholarships but never heard anything and assumed that they decided to "spread the wealth" and award different students. We paid her account balance due a week ago for fall semester and she just today was notified that she was again awarded the departmental scholarship and is now expecting a generous refund! The delay was due to a change in how the scholarships are administered within the department and somebody dropped the ball. As her younger sister also started college this year, this news will REALLY help us out. I had stashed away some AOTC refund that helped defray this semester's costs but wouldn't have that extra to help cover next semester. There would be much dancing around the house except that both college students have already picked up a virus and are feeling poorly. Argh!
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    No, you're not out of line at all IMO. I'm all about pain control (medication) in elderly dogs, and doing whatever else you can to maintain quality of life like warm, cushy sleeping spots and non-slip rugs and things like that. Expensive/invasive testing to maybe possibly gain just a bit more quantity of life--not so much. Don't let your vet bully you. Stand firm or maybe even consider finding another vet.
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    Please please please take your children for regular vision exams with an ophthalmologist or optometrist (ophthalmologist if there is strabismus, amblyopia, retinal blastomas, etc.). I say this as a person who had eye issues as a toddler (including surgery) and a Mom to a child that we didn't know had issues until it was caught at a screening at school. He had passed his vision tests at the pediatrician. (As many kids here are homeschooled, their vision issues may not be caught by vision screenings at school.) A cash pay eye exam here at Costco is about $60. Call around and ask. There may be local organizations that conduct free screenings throughout the year, too. You may think that your child will tell you if he's having trouble seeing, but this is their normal. So, if I've never been able to see something clearly, that is how I assume everybody sees it. They also may not realize what "normal" vision is.... how much better they could see with glasses. I'll never forget when we went to pick up my child's first pair of glasses at Costco. He spent at least 15 minutes reading all of the signs....and just being amazed at how much he could see. It was kind of heart-breaking for me.
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    I had a long response typed up this morning and it got lost when I tried to post. Sigh. As the mother of a religious sister, I feel compelled to reply. Our daughter visited several religious orders, and ended up working for her current order the summer before her senior year of college. She felt strongly called to join them, and when she asked permission to enter, the mother superior said yes but urged her to finish her last year of college, which she did. She then entered the postulancy (very first step) for a few months. She did not feel ready to go on, so she left for an entire year, with the sisters' blessing. The next year she re-entered. She had seven years of formation before making her final vows, not counting her year off. The religious life is nothing like the grim picture you have painted, Janeway. I would bet that you have only heard the family's very skewed side. They were strongly opposed to this life choice of their daughter. Maybe she chose to cut off contact for a time for that very reason. It would be interesting to hear the young woman's own perspective. As for my daughter, yes her name was changed. She had a say in this and kept her first name, adding her confirmation name to it. The sisters did not cut her off from us. Currently she has her own cell phone because she is in charge of collections, so she and another sister are out and about. We text (not daily), email, and call once a month, though we can call at any time if we need to do so. The sisters did not "take" all her belongings. She left them with me. They did not "strip" her of her identity. She is a joyful, fulfilled, hard-working religious, serving the poor in another country. She made a prayerful, intelligent choice to lay down her life in this way. It is not about coercion. Just the opposite. It is about freedom. The habit, the vows, the lack of possessions, free her to serve God whole-heartedly in this way. She was not some frightened child. She was (is) a smart young adult who was also considering going to medical school to serve the poor as a lay doctor. She could have done it. She had the ability, but her call was not there. Also, she can leave her order at any time. She stays because of love, not fear. Sure, it was hard. It still is, but we've all adjusted. We have a deep peace about it. She made sacrifices and so did we. Love is sacrificial. I know other families whose children are in religious orders and I've known many religious in my 50+ years as a cradle Catholic, and I have never heard any stories remotely like the one you shared. It does sound more like a Jack Chick pamphlet than real life.
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    The problem is free and cheap doesn't work either, really. Because the same people wanting free and cheap resources are the ones who don't show up, flake out, send their kids unprepared, don't care about their kids' behavior... precisely because they don't value the time or work of the teacher. In my experience. And I should disclaim that I'm not talking about all people who can't afford the cost of some of these things. I'm talking about a specific group of people who don't see the value and think that teachers and authors should just give stuff away.
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    I’m not sure I think that letting them marry would stop the tragedies...that’s like saying if a man could have sex with a woman, then he wouldn’t seek out little boys to rape, and I’m pretty sure that’s not a good justification.
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    It's not hoarding if the books are clean and stored properly upright in bookshelves, and the math toys and spelling tiles are hermetically sealed into Rubbermaid totes. If you might have chalk and crayons (and little wooden slates, and six reams of newsprint) that you think you could use in a post-apocalyptic scenario, that's just being responsible.
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    Remember the tags? We used to be able to add tags to threads and the tags on the cupcake thread were almost as fun to read as the thread itself. Ah, memories. 😄
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    So she delivered exactly on her due date. More pics and video on my blog. let me know if the link doesn’t work. I’m on my phone.
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    I'm not on any on-line forums for babies and have no social life to speak of, and I so need to share the nursery I finally finished for our little guy (OK, he's almost 10 months took a while). I haven't decorated a nursery since 2010 and had no intention of re-doing the closet nursery until I discovered Little Unicorn swaddling blankets, the hedgehog print in particular. Our baby has such fuzzy hair and dark eyes, he looks like the hedgehog decor, lol. I even found the cutest sleeping hedgehog fan pull on eBay...such fun! There is something about putting the last little clothes away and smoothing out the crib sheet...making the "nest" complete. Thanks for letting me share. 🙂 Hang on...trying to resize photo...OK, not working...GAH! Got it!
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