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    My 19 year old Aspie got the kennel job he interviewed for! He's there now filling out the paper work. He'll be working "close to full time" and his shifts start at 6:45 am. He woke up at 11am today, this will be interesting, lol. But good for him!!! So excited for him!
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    So my CA ID expired on my birthday at the beginning of July. CA is attempting to align its standards with TSA standards by 2020, so you can either renew the easy way & go in to the DMV with your old ID and get a new one that will not be TSA compliant by 2020, or you can renew the hard way and go in to the DMV with a stack of documents that ID you as you and get what is called a REAL CA ID. I decided to get a REAL CA ID, so I looked at the list and gathered my birth certificate, my SS card, a bill in my name that shows my current address (this was difficult,) my expires in 3 days old ID & off to the DMV I went. Apparently if you are a married woman you can not get a REAL CA ID without a certified copy of your marriage license even if you didn't change your last name. After 3 hours at the DMV I got to go home. At home I couldn't find a copy of my marriage license anywhere. Not in the fire safe with the other documents or the file cabinet with the copies. I went online to the website of the county recorder's office, I downloaded the official form, took it to a notary to be notarized (did you know your license is expired, Ma'am?) and sent it off with a check and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Three weeks later I received (in my self-addressed stamped envelope) a letter which explained that no record of my marriage or my having applied for a marriage license could be found in the year that I claimed to have been married. They would be keeping my payment because they tried. Because I indicated that I had been married in a different county, perhaps I should try that county. I went to a different website for a different county recorder's office, downloaded the form, took it to the notary who looked at me with suspicion. Why did I need another copy of a marriage license from a different county? Why am I trying to get multiple marriage licenses with an expired ID? Again with the self-addressed stamped envelope and check payment. 5 weeks later I received a call from that county because they also have no record of my marriage. The lovely person I spoke to is someone with whom I attended high school. She informed me that she looked in the month before and after the date I put on the form, but she just couldn't find it. She told me she found all 3 of my sister's (not sisters') marriage licenses, but not mine, which was so strange because she thinks that her cousin was at my wedding, or at least at the reception. She remembers that I got married to that boy I was dating in high school, right? The one on the football team? And am I still married to him? She asked me who was responsible for turning in the paperwork after I got married. I told her it was my mom. She told me I should ask her if she hand carried it to the recorder's office in the county where I got married or if she mailed it to the county where I was living at the time. I told her that would be difficult because my mom is deceased. She blessed my heart and let me know that the county would be keeping my check because the payment is for the search and by golly she had searched. I was at a loss. I started having dreams where my Dad called me to say, "So we finally moved the furniture out of the bedroom and you'll never guess what we found in a big white envelope behind your mom's nightstand!" Maybe I wasn't even married. Maybe these past 28 years of "married filing jointly" taxes have been a lie. What now? Should Dh & I have a re-commitment ceremony? I think I have seen this sitcom. Four months after my ID expired, I received a letter from the county I started with, saying a clerical error in the spelling of my married last name at the time of the search caused my record to not come up on the computer, but now it has been found and if I would like to submit another notarized form and payment I can get a copy. Maybe I will find a different notary..... Amber in SJ
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    UPDATE on genomic testing: NO GENETIC INVOLVEMENT! 😎 So “the girls” will be staying put although Lefty gets a penalty (lumpectomy). Also very happy that this will not be passed on to my kids!
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    My nephew was born about 6am. In a parking lot. 😅 After waiting over an hour to hear that mom and baby were officially safe and sound, and receiving a picture of her shocked face in the ambulance, I was able to laugh and laugh. She had been sent home from the birthing center just a few hours earlier.
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    I have a younger brother who's about 35 years old, never married, no kids. For lots of reasons, my dh and I decided he's the best choice if both of us get hit by a bus and perish. I asked my brother about this decision yesterday in text. My bother lives in Turkey in a small city in an apartment. Oh yeah, he;s legally blind and can't drive. My minor kids are 16, 13, and 10 Me: We're discussing end of life decisions. Would you consider allowing us to name you guardian of our three minor kids if dh and I kicked the bucket? Bro: Do I get to star in a sitcom? 3 wisecracking kids and their bumbling uncle? Me: Why yes, of course. The kids have talked about that very thing. Have you ever seen Despicable Me? Sort of the same concept. Dd 16 drives now, so you're all set. But she does get lost a lot. Bro: Well, obviously, that is one of the story lines. The others involve ds10 getting into shenanigans as a DJ of a popular YouTube channel. Dd13 trying to set me up with the aunties of all her friends and dd 16 getting us lost everytime we go some place. It practically writes itself. But, yes, of course I would be happy for them to be my guardian. I mean. To be their guardian. I're not planning to off yourselves any time soon are you? Me: Don't forget they come with two enormous dogs and three cats. Bro: You're not planning on staging your own deaths so you and dh can start a new life in the Adirondacks in a Winnebago? Me: Oooo. I hadn't thought of that. Great idea! I'll write it down. Me: They do come with a sizeable life insurance policy. Bro: Would that fund my dates with the ladies. Me: Dog food. Just dog food.
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    UPDATE: I have a surgery date. Oct 30. They will do a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy. I don’t have the genetic test info back yet; that should be coming next Wed. It feels good to be moving forward. In a weird, partially-related plot twist, my mom, who kicked out BC five years ago, turned up with high cancer markers in her last check. Drs. are suspicious of some lumph nodes in her chest. She is having a biopsy on Oct 29. 😖 Something to be thankful for, though: I’m enormously glad my sister has moved back to the area because now there are two sisters here to help out. I was my mom’s “secretary” during her breast cancer treatment and if she has to go fight another round, we need reinforcements.
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    Thanks to all for your support over the years. I just popped back in to answer a question on the chat board. While I'm here: Hobbes got into his first choice university. It was a bit of a drama because his results were not good enough to study English and French (his school was pretty rubbish at foreign languages) so he had to decide whether to try to go to another university for English/French or drop the French and go to his first choice. He did the latter and they let him in. I'm really happy - I don't think he has a good foundation in French and it would have been a struggle. He's been at university for a few weeks and seems to be doing well.
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    When Dd was around 11, mil gave her a set of dolls; a boy and a girl. They were ugly, but Dd handles it well because Grandma always gave weird gifts. Some were hits and some were not. The DOG hated these dolls. His reaction was so hysterical that it actually upped the entertainment value of the gift. He barked like crazy and attacked them. We caught him trying to bury them in the back yard several times. Eventually they disappeared. Fast forward to THIS year. I’m digging new garden beds and what should I discover? I think I’m going to turn it into some sort of planter thing, so it’s chilling among the pots now. I think this is the boy.
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    Wahoo, we have made it to 34 weeks!! Three weeks ago, he was estimated at four pounds. We’ve been getting twice weekly NSTs and fluid ultrasounds for a couple of weeks, and while he had one NST where he didn’t want to move much (we were interrupting his nap, apparently; he woke up in time for the u/s), the ones since have been perfect, as has his fluid. Mama is looking good too. I’ve never been so happy to be normal. 🤣 Keep sending prayers and good thoughts for a few more weeks — Mr. Five is so incredibly excited that his baby brother is coming soon.
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    My favorite is when I'm the first or second reply "It's xyz". And then downthread someone says "it's xyz" and everyone is quoting them "wow! You're right!" It makes me paranoid that I'm on a lot of ignore lists!!!
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    Many women are in the same situation. Including boardies. Actually, it is often emphasized on this board how valuable the college education was, even if the person does not intend to use it for employment. This alone would not raise a red flag for me. Tons of women stop working outside the home completely once they get married.
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    Today at the library I found Gregory the Terrible Eater. This was a favorite of mine even before I had picky eaters. So I stuck it in DS6's set of books. Tonight, he made me read 3 library books, and this is one. In talking about all the various foods in the book, DS6 settled on scrambled eggs. In the beginning, the moment he saw the eggs, he said "bleck!" DS6 has never eaten eggs. Well, by the end of the book, Gregory is eating scrambled eggs with orange juice and wax paper. And when we were finished reading DS said he was hungry. SO I asked if he wanted scrambled eggs. He said YES!!!!!!!! I jumped on the chance. I brought him into the kitchen and set him up to MAKE the scrambled eggs. Obviously I did most of the actual work, but he set his stepstool up, he cracked the egg pretty much all by himself, and then, I showed him how to scramble it before I finished it off. At this point the pan I had set up to preheat was ready, so DS dumped the eggs in. I showed him how to move them around but did most of that myself. When we were done, I dumped them in the pan, sprinkled a bit of salt and tried it myself. I could see he was so nervous, but he was willing to try. And he willingly put them in his mouth, and chewed them, NO GAGGING, and then proclaimed that He LOVES scrambled eggs! Complete with belly rubbing and "mmmm MMMMM, SO good!" I can now feed my son eggs for breakfast! Wooo Whooo!
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    Don’t take this too seriously as a complaint; I’m just a grumpy lady who's about to get part of her boob cut off and I’m fault-finding but... Why is poop/poop emoji such a thing? Seriously. I was in Michael’s today and there were poop emoji Christmas decorations! Like, little balsam pine poops and little glitter wreath poops name it. I just don’t see why this is a thing. I guess I could kind of see it for some novelty items like little poop stuffies or a poop pencil topper. But Christmas decorations?! 🙄
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    My second grader (by age) can't read any of the above and is still working through Fun with Pets! from A Beka Phonics 1. I am only posting this so no one else reads this thread and freaks out that their second grader is the only one not reading Harry Potter alone at age 7 and all is lost. You're not alone. It will be okay. They will read these eventually. Okay, everyone else can proceed with the thread. 🙂
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    The key to that is having a very outgoing, loquacious kid who is keen to tell them literally everything he knows about everything--and he knows a lot😂. I normally reel my kid back in but we had an encounter last week with a hostile and I just let him go with it. The woman looked a bit dazed lol. I mean, don't go lifting up rocks if you can't deal with what is up underneath them.
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    I struggled with the decision to have my daughter repeat pre Algebra for a second year and delay Algebra. I struggled because I knew we had gone over everything and that she technically should be ready, but things were still shaky. I struggled because the other homeschool families I knew were pushing forward, skipping grades, and doing Algebra much earlier. We could have pushed through it, but it probably would have been a struggle and a few tears. Which left me wondering how the rest of higher math would then go. When I posted my thoughts here I got a lot of encouragement to take a second year to review. To teach her right where she was at that year. To make her foundation rock strong for high school math. So we did a full second year of Pre Algebra, and it was pretty easy for her. Everything seemed to lock in finally. She made a high A in an outside honors pre Algebra course last year. Fast forward to this year and we are doing Derek Owens algebra. And she is doing so awesome! Some careless errors that are common in Algebra, like missing a sign or a step, but she is learning to catch them. Absolutely no conceptual problems though. She looks at equations full of fractions or decimals and doesn't freeze and just starts attacking them. She says math is so easy and she is enjoying tackling longer algebra problems. She is making A's again this year. So I thought I would post a thank you, as there are so many pleas for math help on these boards. The advice was really good, and it encouraged me to do something that seemed hard at the time, to hold instead of pushing ahead. But it was absolutely the best decision for this child. She is thriving and full of math confidence. I am not worried anymore about how the rest of high school math will unfold. Her foundation is so much stronger. I can't remember if I thanked you all last year when I was already seeing good results. I may have. But the payoff is really showing now that we are in Algebra, so I just wanted to post to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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    Look, I haven't even read your post yet, but just wanted to say I hope whatever is making you cranky gets better soon.😂
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    DD just received her first acceptance yesterday, unexpectedly! I called this school last week to ask the assistant registrar some questions (I had talked with him three years ago when ds was going through the application season, and he wasn't very encouraging about admitting homeschoolers [but then admitted ds with scholarships]). I was a bit nervous about talking with him again, but the woman who answered the phone said he was on his way out. She told him why I was calling and next thing I knew, she was saying, "He wants to meet with you and your daughter an hour before our Open House next week - can you come?" Um, yes, please! Students can put their applications in at the Open house and get fee waivers. I figured this was progress, that he asked to meet us. We brought her application for a BA program and supporting documents and my questions, and sat down with him in his office and had a very pleasant conversation. He asked dd all about herself and her goals and interests, and commented that basically she seems quite confident and mature. The long and the short of it is that despite some worries we had about one SAT score (she took the regular one and some subject test ones - the only way I had to validate grades), and him being concerned about it, too (but also talking about the nature of those tests and me agreeing - it is not common for Canadian students to take them); he suddenly reached across the table to shake dd's hand and said, "I'm going to admit you to the BA program - congratulations!" We were both in shock! And then he looked directly at me and said, "You've done an excellent job." I couldn't believe it. Then he started filling out some form to admit her, and said that he'd send out her acceptance letter next week. We thanked him for everything and left his office to join the gathering Open House crowd (which felt weird because all these other students and parents were on pins and needles waiting for it to start and would be waiting a few hours to find out decisions that would be handed out at the end of the day, and I was trying not to yell and scream, "My baby got her first acceptance!!"). About an hour later while we were wandering around some services displays, I spotted him roaming through the room. He saw me and said, "Where is your daughter?" I called to her, and he went over and handed her her acceptance letter and package - he didn't even wait, and he sought her out. I'm so happy for my girl - she hasn't had the easiest time over the past few years (which is why I haven't participated in these forums nearly as much as I used to). But her face yesterday when he told her was priceless. All through her schooling, she has insisted she was not going to attend university, which was fine with us. I did want her to get some kind of post-secondary education, so we checked into all sorts of other options that she was interested in. In fact, she is waiting for another decision from our community college (not the same as the ones in the States). But her other applications will go to three more universities. In the past year, she has received positive input from some healthy people in her life about some things they can see her doing in university, and she seems to have embraced it. I think it blew her away to actually have that validation yesterday; that a university thinks she can step up to the challenge. I had to come back here and tell you guys. I "only" have two kids, and these forums have been INVALUABLE to me over many years. This high-school-diploma-only Mom started off thinking homeschooling sounded like a fun idea, and then quickly realized I had no idea what to do after I taught them to read. Enter TWTM book and then discovering these forums. And now we are almost done - it is so hard to believe. I am so proud of my kids. Info. for the list: Saint Mary's University, DD18, Bachelor of Arts program And congratulations to all the others who have posted on this thread so far - what an intense journey this is!
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    Oh, you are so sweet to ask! We have been here at St. George's for almost a week--feels much longer. Our parish feted us on a Saturday (so kind--a big party!), my dh's last day was Sunday, and then Monday (Oct. 😎 we moved to our home about 2 hours SE. We had about 120 boxes of books! lol You never know what you have, I guess, til you try to pack it. We settled in that week, got hit by Hurricane Michael, which was still a tropical storm when it hit us, and lost power. We thought we'd have to leave dirty dishes and unflushed toilets because we lose water when the power goes out, and we wouldn't be back until our break in August! Yuck! But, thankfully, power came back on, we could clean up, and pack and leave without a problem. We flew out Monday 15, and got here late Tues 16. Whew! It has been amazing. Our apartment is on the second floor of a k-12 school across the street from the Cathedral close. It is quite large--and everything in it is quite large, too! I feel like I'm in the land of giants lol. The ceilings are at least 20 ft tall! Heavy furniture, kitchen cabs I can only reach the first shelf of...And the walls of the apt are a bright coral. A very.bright.coral. Very ....cheery! hahahha Our bedroom is bright red with a black chandelier on a long, long chain. I told dh it reminds me of the Pit and the Pendulum, and if we waken to see the chandelier swaying back and forth, we'd better roll out of bed quickly, just in case! But really, it is an amazing place and we are blessed to be here. I wake up to the sounds of the elementary kids playing in the tennis court/outdoor area below our windows. I have a fabulous view of the cathedral and buildings around us, and we discovered a door to the roof on our level, so we can go outside and see a good portion of the city. We are a 10 minute walk from the Damascus Gate (Old City) and really about a 20 minute walk to the Holy Sepulchre . I will get to do some traveling--In November, I will go to Jordan with my husband and several others for a large church meeting. In December, my husband and I will accompany the Archbishop (for whom my husband works) and his wife to Lebanon for 5 days. Dh will go several places--perhaps even Iran and Syria. I've been reassured to meet several wonderful women, and have gone for coffee a couple of times. One is helping at the cathedral and took the Dean's wife and me to learn how the little tram/train which goes a few miles through West Jerusalem, works. We had the chaplain to the college (St. George's, a "pilgrim" college) and his wife over last night to watch the Eagles game on satellite. I've had to wear much more conservative clothes--so I brought lots of long skirts and elbow-length or longer sleeved-tops. And I have WALKED! A lot. But we do have a car, I'm just not quite willing to drive yet. Haven't really been to anything religious or any sites, just getting the lay of the land as someone who actually needs to function in everyday life. Thanks for asking! (If I knew how, I'd show you a video or two...perhaps I can try.) Ask any questions you want and I will be happy to share my experiences!!
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    A few weeks ago I posted about putting my brave hat on and making a phone call about a job posting I saw. Well, the bottom line is that I got the job! I have been out of the work force for 20 years as a SAHM, and had some serious doubts that I was hire-able. But I felt really confident after my interview and they contacted me a few days later with an offer. I’ll be working full-time in an office doing something I really believe in, and will be compensated enough that it will relieve a lot of stress. I’m a little nervous about going back to work, but more excited than anything!
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    ((Dawn M)) You are not alone, Dawn. I have a new thread sitting here waiting for me to hit submit but I haven't been able to do it even though I've wanted to many times. I'll share a bit here. This time last year my DS was falling into a deep depression due to some academic circumstances beyond his control. With the pressure he puts on himself to succeed and maintain his scholarships, he became suicidal. After many phone calls between his academic advisor, the university counseling center and him, we managed to piece together a treatment & survival plan. Believe me, it was difficult due to FERPA & HIPPA. Luckily, everyone listened and did what they could. Daily sessions in counseling, appts between profs, counselors, and advisors, daily phone calls and texts. He had to drop a class which made it impossible for him to graduate this year; this added to his depression. Now he'll need more time on campus and more $. It was a vicious cycle. With the help of his counselor, he applied for a medical leave for Winter semester and, when I picked him up last December, no one knew if he would ever go back but he was alive. Albeit not the same guy DH had dropped off in August but he was alive. He had lost about 20 pounds and couldn't do anything more than put on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. It was heart breaking. He ended up being hospitalized for most of January. His University had given him a strict set of guidlelines that needed to be followed and met in order for him to return to campus. DS diligently met those guidelines and applied for reinstatement for the shorter Spring term. Letting him go that month was awful. I let him drive himself (despite having nightmares of him driving the car into a tree or off a mountain) and had to have faith in the university. This faith was well-placed. They had procedures and contacts set up before he got there and they took care of him. They made certain he had good suitemates and people knew where he was. There was no hiding or sequestering possible. He left his video games at home and engaged with the campus. Perhaps best of all, the school continued his academic scholarship, didn't charge extra for room and board, and gave him a small stipend to help cover expenses. They wanted him to be able to focus on class and being healthy without any undue worry or stress. DH and I were grateful since, at that time, we were carrying the burden of hospital bills and other expenses associated with his suicide attempt. We were also grateful that the university's counseling center was free to him. He went back this fall and is doing well. One of the issues he had was that his university has a strong Greek life and DS chose to be independent. People at his school recognized that they weren't supporting the independents enough and asked DS to help found a new non-Greek living community. This year, for the first time, DS is living with a group of other non-Greek students and forming a tribe. The school also is following his progress Again, I am grateful to everyone there for what they have done for him and our family. DS will not graduate this Spring but the school is preparing him for a mid-year graduation next year. We know that we will more than likely have to pay oop for that extra semester but we are going to do everything we can to make that happen. For me, I don't think I'll ever stop worrying. Every day I don't hear from him, my mind immediately goes dark and I think about what could be happening. If he does text me, my heart skips a beat and I wonder if now is the time I'l need to get in the car and go. I make certain I do not discuss money with him and I let him know that if he ever needs anything all he has to do is ask. I have learned to not hope for Honors, any of the laudes, or Phi Beta Kappa. Yes, those were my dreams for him. Dreams he could easily have achieved. I no longer hope for the life changing internship or the study abroad experience that will set him on his life's path. I simply rejoice that he is here. When he smiles or laughs I feel blessed. When he needs something I happily meet that need. He asks for so little as it is. But I know for the next month or so, I will live with trepidation and hesitation, and waiting for a repeat of last year. There are days I text him "I love you" multiple times.
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    I really shouldn't be commenting bc 1) it might get me banned or 2) I will not be very liked around here and I like this board, but....what the heck I think the whole thing is beyond ridiculous. I think there are plenty of ways that people learn from different culture and if they want to incorporate various activities, traditions, foods or whatever else in their lives bc they like it - it's a good thing. It's a great thing! How something so wonderful has been turned into a any kind of wrong-doing just boggles my mind.
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    There have definitely been waves and movements in homeschooling history... Here's what I feel like I'm seeing. A decade ago - and definitely two decades ago - when newbies were interested in homeschooling and came on message boards and Yahoo groups and in person meet ups and the like, they broke into some basic groups... People interested for various philosophical reasons, people who find homeschooling because of a situation that necessitates it, and people who seem to want the easiest possible path. A decade ago, IME, people laughed at the "where do I plug in my kids and not teach them" crowd. Which is not to say that there haven't been people who were educationally neglecting their kids all along. But the vibe has been very different among organized people. I mean, yeah, there are the unschool types and the don't worry about it much types. But generally when people came into groups online or IRL and said, how do I do this with minimal work, people were basically dismissive. Not anymore. Now, they suggest where to plug in your kids and do almost nothing for the low, low price of $9.99 a month. Or how to set up your whole year using just online resources and outside classes. I'm finding it especially stark for high school. I'm teaching high school. But to hear some people tell it, you can't do that. You have to dual enroll or online class enroll absolutely everything. And that's not necessarily bad. And the pared down basic online stuff for younger kids can have a place too. I mean, there's nothing inherently wrong with it. But... it definitely feels like it's central now. And like people who DIY it are weird. I don't fully know what to make of it all, honestly. The outsourcing push is just so much stronger than ever before. I'm glad the resources exist and are growing. But... I don't want it to be at the expense of people not being encouraged to have the guts to DIY things.
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    I thought this was funny and wanted to share-- My kids always leave dh and I pictures they drew or colored on our pillows each night. My son's are usually drawings of superheros and dd6's are usually coloring pictures or drawings of ponies or what not. Well, today ds was in major Halloween mode. I walked in to see this waiting for me on my pillow tonight and cracked up. Sweet Dreams Mom!! He has no idea who the Grim Reaper is either- he just saw a costume of it today and though it was awesome so apparently he decided to draw it. Maybe this is why I have trouble sleeping at night. 😂
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    ok - let's see how this works. I BURIED the yarn he likes . . . he dug it out. so I have him with it. he's just about full grown. 17"? tall and 28 lbs.
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