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    Caden is 3 today!!! He is a happy, healthy, absolute joy of a three year old. He’s showing some global delays, but that’s unsurprising considering his traumatic pregnancy and birth. Oh, and he’s really the cutest thing ever.
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    Today I was blessed by a random act of kindness from two strangers. I had been shopping at Salvation Army (clothes for DD) and had seen a table that I thought would be just right for my husband's new postdoc who still does not have any furniture in his apartment. So I bought the table, but it did not quite fit into the trunk of my car (hatchback). Two gentlemen just happened to be there; one got a wrench out of his pocket, the other got one from his car, and they helped me remove the table legs, which took quite a while, and load the table into my car. This is not the first time random people have been nice to me, especially in this town. I like to think that most people are actually kind - it's more fun to live in a world like that. It's easy to lose sight of that, and I am happy these friendly and helpful strangers reminded me.
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    The long awaited update. I am sorry it has taken so long. It took until late this evening to get full resolution. Long Story Short: Homeschool Group lady approached facility as she has in past years. She signed a contract for an event BUT was not able to guarantee enough people to meet the facility cost. Facility decided to make a homeschool day and invite multiple groups to make it worth their while. Apparently Homeschool group lady was either A) unaware of this at all or B) wanted to dictate exactly what groups were invited. We originally chose to move to another day but at the end we WILL be attending on Homeschool Day and if the other group has issues with it, they were going to be given the choice to A)attend, B) move to a different day C) not come at all. The facility has been fantastic and accommodating. I wish I could say the same for some of my group members, but unfortunately, you can't always win them all over.
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    Thank you all for your prayers. A couple of the kids in the group that was meeting to take pictures implored her to meet them and they would give her a ride. So, with 30 minutes before they were meeting, I finished dd's hair and she got ready to go. Here are pictures (pose inspired by SquirrellyMama's dd.) Sun's out, Guns out!
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    Well, it's done. I talked directly with my sister. It's not all good, but it's not all bad either. Bottom line: The judge split the girls. My sister has custody of the 13yo. The 16yo stays with her dad. I don't understand exactly what happened, but here's what I do know. They never went into the court room. Everything was done through meetings and behind closed doors. The lawyers met together, the judge met with the kids, etc. So the MOUNTAIN of evidence my sister had against him never got to be shown. The criminal "contempt of court" charges she had against him (when he directly violated the court order of not changing the kids' schools, and the alienation charges) just - POOF - disappeared. (And yet AGAIN he got away with his shenanigans. Over and over again he does whatever the heck he wants, and he gets away with it. Just ONCE I would love to see him held accountable. Just once.) Child support basically disappears since he has one child and she has one child. So... the question I'm sure you're all asking is WHY the girls were split. It's a story. My sister would NOT consider subpoena-ing (sp?) the girls without knowing beyond doubt that they would say they wanted to live with her. It was just too risky otherwise. A few months ago, she got that assurance from them. There was never any doubt about the 13yo, but the 16yo was questionable. (Remember, she's getting all kinds of attention at her dad's.) But the 16yo said yes, she definitely wanted to live back at her mom's house. Okay, so my sister submitted the subpoenas. Lo and behold, the kids' paternal grandmother passed away last month. Since he is the one to clear her estate, he cleared out her belongings and brought home her car, which has been sitting in his garage for the last month or so. Yep, you guessed it. He promised 16yo she could have the car if she stayed with him. And she fell for it. So she went into "court" this morning telling the judge that she wanted to stay at her dad's. So the judge split them up. My nephew (the 18yo) also testified, adamantly telling the judge that they all needed to be out of that house, and he was *MAD* at his sister after court today. Regardless, it's done. It really is a victory, since the 13yo is the one everyone was most worried about. She has a lot of healing to do, and being the "only child" with my sister will be good for her healing. And eventually the 16yo will realize what a mistake this was, especially once her older brother leaves for the Navy this summer and her little sister isn't there anymore either. Time will take care of that. So there you have it. My ear is literally sore from all the hours on the phone today, first to my sister, then to spread the news to my husband and my other sisters. But it is done. And my sisters and I are going to divert the money we'd been sending to my sister to help keep her afloat to paying her lawyer bill. I thank you most humbly for following this through the years and for your prayers and concern. Truly. I am humbled and truly thankful.
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    She won!!!! It was a horrifying long afternoon, but the judge saw right through all the crap.
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    I'm 34. And I agree with Debbi that a lot of people don't want to talk about their income publicly. It seems like people in the $70k to $150k per year range are happy to disclose their income, but people making outside that range- either less or more- aren't as likely to discuss it. This is just my own observation, not any kind of actual data. I'm guessing that a lot of people who make more than that per year probably come from money and so were taught as children that discussing money is crass, and that people under that range (like me! lol) don't want to discuss it because it's depressing. When it comes to this forum specifically, the demographics seem to skew much older and wealthier than they do elsewhere. In the large FB homeschool groups I'm in, people seem to be younger, poorer, and- to be blunt- less educated than the people who hang out around here. We're like the Upper East Side of the online homeschool community. You all are a bunch of snooty homeschool elitists. :P
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    Even Newer Update: We have 85 people signed to attend and the facility is cutting us a deal to feed them all pizza. Other Group Leader has cancelled the contract for her group to attend and made them refund her season passes for the facility. They aren't very sad to lose her business.
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    Technically, yes, he would have to. But two things: one, you can't squeeze blood from a turnip, and two, my sister isn't even going to bother asking him for it. She wants released from him completely. And frankly, I would do the same thing if I were in her shoes. UPDATE from my sister this morning: Yesterday was the best day I have had in a VERY long time, didn't do anything spectacular (plant sale, yard sales, out for dinner/drinks with my sister and her husband) **BUT**.....there was NO STRESS OF LITIGATION pending. That is the first time in almost a DECADE I can say that. It's going to take a while to sink in, but I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders and lighter (figuratively, although I wish it was literally) than I have in years, YEARS! Cautiously optimistic that I have seen the inside of JDR court for the LAST TIME.
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    I start traveling tomorrow, and will be traveling for a solid week in order to attend my two boys' college graduation ceremonies - my first college grads! So proud of them! Next week by this time, I'll be practically comatose. LOL
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    I think you were right. You deserve a break. A little dirt never hurt anyone. They will probably sleep great tonight & everyone can get squeaky clean tomorrow. Pat yourself on the back & be kind to yourself. ETA: 'Dirt Is Good': Why Kids Need Exposure To Germs
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    For whatever reason, since the boards changed over, I cannot find my original surgery post. I did a search in Google, but it is still not showing up. Anyway, I LOST 40 POUNDS!!!! Starting weight: 217 (mid-January 2018) Current weight: 177 And that's with PCOS (read: I am an incredibly slow loser compared to the others in my group). The surgery has been nothing short of life-changing. I still have a ways to go, but wow, I cannot believe that it is actually happening.
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    I am sorry that you are going through this, and that the first scan led to more worries. Since my initial cancer diagnosis 12 years ago, I have had more scans and biopsies than I care to remember. I will be having a CAT scan myself next week for some inexplicable rib pain. But I have trained myself to develop the mindset that it-isn't-cancer-until-it-is-cancer. I'm not there perfectly, but I am close. I don't want the spectre of cancer to take away any more of my days than is absolutely necessary. I won't lie, though. I have spent some time Googling my most recent symptoms and some other related stuff. Try not to do that because it can actually be not so helpful for your state of mind but I am just admitting that I don't always 100 percent follow my own advice ? Today, you do not have a cancer diagnosis. Today, you have swollen lymph nodes. You don't feel sick in any way. Today, I have some rib pain that could in fact be a yoga injury. It is nothing that keeps me from doing what I want to do today, and I did not let it rob me of my today. Mega Hugs.
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    Ok. So I made myself keep the exact expression I have on my face as I’m reading this thread. I didn’t allow myself to prepare for the picture. And while maintaining the expression that I have, not knowing what it looks like, I opened the camera and took a picture of myself. And then, super fast, I straighted my shoudlers and jutted my chin out a bit, and lifted the camera and tried again. And again. And again. And again, six times. Finally I got one that I’m not embarrased to share. Here they are. The point: sometimes you just need to pose the right way. And take bunches of pictures. And accept your flaws. Not that you have any, of course. : ) ETA: it’s been a week, so I’m removing my pictures from this thread now..
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    This says it all. I try hard not to be this mom but sometimes I can't help it.
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    And not to leave out his twin brother, whose graduation I couldn't attend (because I obviously can't be in two places at once). But my dh was there, and I watched it on live streaming.
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    I say sneak in & get photos of your filthy, peacefully sleeping kids. Years from now, those photos will make you smile.
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    I voted other. I use them for certain things and benefit, but the first answer option sounded a bit too enthusiastic. Lavender and oil blends for anxiety help me calm. Eucalyptus oil helps me breathe when I have a cold. Citrus oils energize me. Aromatherapy definitely has a place among natural remedies. It is just important to know its limitations.
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    DS is finishing up his Personal Finance course and for his final project I told him he had to come up with a realistic food budget for the week, shop, and cook for himself. He's a mathy kid and very precise and a HUGE cheapskate ... so I wasn't surprised to see him comparison shopping online ... but he cracked me up with his first proposed budget: $15/week for oatmeal, PB&J, and rice and beans all. week. long. I asked him if he was interested in pooping at all during the week (where is the rolling on the floor emoji when you need it?!?) Turns out he thought that all those "healthy nutritional dietary requirements" we've always talked about were sort of optional once you weren't a growing kid anymore ... and that a poor college student as he aspires to be here in a couple weeks didn't really need to follow them : ) I convinced him that he needed some fruit and veggies and iron in there somewhere, so he upped his budget a bit amd added some canned veggies, (yuck, he's in for a surprise because I usually buy fresh), cheap lunchmeat, and some raisins and bananas, and then ... drum roll please... 1# of beef liver because it's the cheapest cut of meat and he can get the most iron content out of the smallest sliver *insert crying emoji here* I've never cooked liver. He's never tasted it. But he bought it and he cooked it and he plans to eat it all week. I think he spent about an hour at the grocery store. I had no idea what learning opportunities we were in for when I have him this assignment lol! I'm totally giving him an A.
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    This is what I am envisioning happened: Non inclusive homeschool group contacted a local nature center* to do a class/guided hike. Nature center thinks what a great idea let's have a homeschool day and invite all local homeschoolers thinking - more money for the class, possible increased funding for possible future visits, and let's get some kids excited about nature. Multiple groups are invited and accept while noninclusive homeschool group leader is miffed because she only wishes to socialize with her own kind. If this is what happened I would view it as open to the public and have fun attending the event. *Substitute nature center with any other plausible county run activity.
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    We just found out today that my dh's company has agreed to let our ds stay on our health insurance even though he turned 26. They authorized him for 2 more yrs and they will review again in 2020. This is such a blessing.
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