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  1. I hope the move to the rehab hospital went well and that you could see progress in his recovery.
  2. I understand. I almost wrote that what works for one family member will cause another person more grief, but I didn’t want to give you something else to worry about. I have a suggestion, but first I want to explain where I am coming from. My husband died when our kids were young. The oldest two were both about the same age as your youngest, who would have been right in the middle of them. So, in our grief journey, a 10-year-old was a big kid. So, I could easily see myself asking/telling a 10-year-old that I wanted to preserve “London” or at least my favorite parts of London. It is
  3. Since your youngest plays with London as is, could you use one of the “glues” that are sold to keep lego creations as they are? This would allow him to play with them and prevent anyone from taking them apart and messing them up. Another option would be to take lots of close-up pictures of all the pieces that make up London, so a piece can be put back together if it was accidentally taken apart. Or taken apart on purpose, your youngest may change how he plays with the London pieces. If he takes them apart while playing, that may bother someone else in family. Grief is complicated and
  4. I understand that, and I didn’t mean to upset you. Unfortunately, this year has brought changes to policies in many health-care settings that would have never been considered a year ago. You just need to verify the details of who/what/when/where is allowed before your son is transferred to a different facility. You need to make sure the facility’s policies agree with your expectations before your son is admitted and insurance has kicked in. Sounds like you have a well-thought out plan, praying that everything goes smoothly on Friday and for a full recovery for your son.
  5. Yes, definitely look into Ronald McDonald and other housing if your son does out patient therapy at the children’s hospital. We found the families had to live a certain number of miles away to qualify, so it is possible being an hour away might not qualify, unfortunately.
  6. With interest rates so low, I would definitely look into refinancing with a rider that would pay off the mortgage. I know you and your husband have way too much on your plate right now, so this might be spending that a friend who offers to help could do. You would have to get the paperwork together at end, but if they could do the legwork needed to get the ball rolling. You are correct that SS considerations make it hard to choose to be a homeschool or stay-at-home mom. Even survivor benefits for a non-working widow stop when youngest reaches 16. After my husband died,
  7. I am glad to hear your son is making progress. I’m sorry what the next step should be isn’t clear. “Also, possibly sending him to a sort of physical therapy boot camp inpatient clinic for a week or two when he is ready to be discharged after his surgery recovery, but there isn’t a place like that in this state, so we would need to travel to somewhere where it is available attached to a children’s hospital. Another option is a program where a physical therapist comes to work with him at our home, but because we live over the border in a super high-restriction state, they said it is unlike
  8. I agree completely with prairie wind momma on these points. Something I have not seen mentioned is what does your dad and your kids say about them attending? My number one concern would be what is my dad wanting/thinking? I know there is absolutely no way my dad would be okay with his grandkids skipping their grandmother’s funeral, and my dad is super laidback. If your dad is ambivalent on this, I may ask your kids if they are comfortable going or do they want to stay home. I would ask, at least any that are able stay home alone or at school while you and husband attend funera
  9. I am going to share our experience in case none of the suggested options work for you. My husband died years ago. Our house did not have a mortgage, however, we had mortgages on other investment properties. Some of the mortgages were held by my in-laws, so no problem there. Two were held by private banks or mortgage companies. Those two were each taken out about a decade earlier when it didn’t work for me to go to the closing and be on the deed/mortgages. They were taken out a different times, about two years apart, and both times I was busy with an infant. Those infants are now out of co
  10. I read today that UNC cancelled all in-person classes for fall semester. I have relatives in NC and one told me in June that this was the plan for the fall. Lanny, I know your daughter has been gone a long time, so I looked up Spirit tickets to Colombia for you. It looks like they are selling tickets to Bogota starting the end of August. One-way tickets from Raleigh to Bogota or Cali or Cartagena are less than $100 the first week of September. Of course, there is no guarantee that these flights will happen, but it might be a chance to have your daughter home for the fall if that is what y
  11. A friend of one of my kids goes to college in the Netherlands. This student was born in Europe to European, not Dutch parents, who have lived in the US for more than 15 years. I don't if they are US citizens or not. I don't know if this helped the student go to college in the Netherlands, but definitely had more than 4 AP classes.
  12. Sorta. What a non-committal answer. My thoughts on it have never made me want to keep my college kids home this fall. For me it is like when my kids get their driver's license. When they are new drivers, I worry/think about all the things that can go wrong when they are driving. When my older kids drive, I don't even think about all the things that can go wrong. Of course, these thoughts pop up occasionally if they are super late arriving home with no warning, or the weather is super bad. Even before Covid, college students died every year from various causes. Years ago I stumbled
  13. She should be careful, of course, but NC does not have travel restrictions at this point, and I'm sure it will be news on campus if that changes. My sibling and family live in NC, and they are currently on vacation out west at a national park. They fly back tomorrow. Their college kid is working at a South Carolina camp this summer and will return home to NC in a couple of weeks. Lanny, I'm sure it is hard to be so far away from your daughter in such uncertain times.
  14. This map is put out by AAA. https://gds.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=2ec42826968d4d0980ccca0fbbfe0c7c You can pick different settings. When I choose roadway checkpoints, there is one on i-95 in Florida and some on South Dakota & New Mexico highways that cross tribal lands. Except for the one in New Mexico, a checkpoint simply requires filling out a health form. This website is put out by Kayak and includes information on restrictions and includes whether hotels in a state are open. https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions/united-states I don't know
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