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  1. Thanks for the heads up about needing to bring substantial food when going into Denali. There is a fishing trip already booked during the reunion for anyone who wants to do that. I will took into Talkeetna. Thank you for the suggestions.
  2. Each trip will need to start or end in Anchorage. However, we can go wherever we want for our extra time and spend a night there if needed.
  3. I have read the recent posts about travelling to Alaska with great interest, because we will be in Anchorage for a family reunion this summer. Most of the trip is determined by the reunion, but I have an extra day or day and a half at both ends of the trip that I'm not sure how to handle. Sightseeing in Anchorage and Denali are already on the schedule. I would love to see Kenai Fjords by boat or kayak, however, we are going on a glacier boat trip while with family. In addition, it is farther than I want to drive for my bonus day/day and a half at either end of trip. Is it something I will kick myself if we don't do. So, please talk me out of driving the wrong direction to Kenai, and tell me what we shouldn't miss between Anchorage and Denali National Park. We will have a car and teens/near teens.. Thanks in advance. I haven't been to Alaska since college and my kids have never been.
  4. I know someone who has worked in both locations. - for the same company? or different ones? Worked for one company in both locations, and worked for another company in just one location. Some company's have teams with people in both locations, so they could simply want both parts of the team to meet a potential new hire. possible, she'd love to stay here. it's a 15 minute bus ride (no transfers) from her house to their main campus here, and they give a stipend for not being a single occupant vehicle. however, - the impression she's being left with is they want to move her to California. last night, I was talking with her friend who recently went to work for this company (he's a dev. really likes it. his wife really likes it.), who didn't do any of the stuff they're asking her to do. no - read this to prep for your interviews. no - we'll be asking about ___, ___, and ___. no flying him to California for a full day of interviews with multiple people. no lunches. Good luck to your daughter. Hope the interview goes well. There are obviously plenty of people that live in both places that couldn't imagine living anywhere else, so there is no wrong choice. Something that has not been mentioned is Washington does not have income tax while California does. - yep. but we do have one of the highest sales tax rates in the country. currently 10+%. Mountain View and Sunnyvale have a 9 percent sales tax. The state tax website says California income tax is 9.3 percent for single people with incomes between (approximately) 55,000 and (approximately) 245,000. Other tech companies have buses in Seattle too. I don't really notice them. MS "connector" buses are everywhere - lime green and white. (ranging from cars to tour bus sizes - they have their own route numbers. they are only for ftes.) now I think about it, I do recall seeing T-Mobile's pink airport-sized shuttle busses, but there are only a fraction of the number as MS. the only amazon vehicles I see are delivery vans. Google, Amazon, Facebook also all have bus service for Seattle employees.
  5. I'm sure it differs by company, job, etc, but the person I know found their company paid the same for the job, no matter if the employee was in Silicon Valley or Seattle.
  6. I know someone who has worked in both locations. Some company's have teams with people in both locations, so they could simply want both parts of the team to meet a potential new hire. Something that has not been mentioned is Washington does not have income tax while California does. What I was told, new young employees in Silicon Valley were looking to share bedrooms while the same in Seattle were looking to share apartments. Other tech companies have buses in Seattle too. The person I know used company bus and bike in Silicon Valley and regular bus, bike and walk in Seattle. (Lives too close for company bus.)
  7. Definitely sounds like a hard place. Vent away, so you can get these slights out of your mind and enjoy the wedding. I would suggest you remember that it would have cost hundreds of dollars in tux rentals for your three sons to be groomsmen. And that weddings make some people crazy.
  8. *LC


    I hate this for your cousin and family. I don't have any advice for you on whether or not to attend the funeral. I believe attendance at funeral is super important. However, being there after the funeral is even more important. And, that can even be done long distance. Cards throughout the years for birthdays, anniversaries (wedding and death date), days his absence will be particularly missed (graduations, holidays,) Be the one that remembers. In addition to cards, texting and emailing makes it super easy for people who have drifted apart to reconnect. Simply send her a quick/short text/email daily for six months/a year/whatever saying you are thinking about her, hope she can sleep, etc. Mention her husband by name. She may need a safe person to vent to. I don't have a book to recommend. I would recommend a grief group or camp or both for her daughter. This will help her daughter to know she is not alone in being without a dad. Even today, people often assume there are two parents. Many hospice programs have weekend camps. There are other groups that have week-long camps, that would work for next summer.) (Plus, counseling if it is affordable to your cousin.) The hive could help you find a group/camp close to your cousin. In addition to the blanket mentioned above, there are groups that will make teddy bears out of a loved-one's clothing. My kids made pillows out of favorite shirts. I am not sure how you would do these things long-distance though. You might be able to send gift-card for the blanket/stuffed animal, but your cousin is going to be swamped with things to do and she may not follow-through. Don't let awkwardness stop you from being there for your cousin.
  9. I read this question differently than PP, maybe because I read something on here recently that indicated that it does matter for jobs. I do not have a nursing student, but a good number of my friends have daughters in nursing. One graduated high school and went to OOS college with my oldest. She was not admitted into nursing on the first go around, but was on the next term she was eligible, so she graduated after summer term. She was engaged to a classmate, who was hired for a national program that didn't place new hires into a city until after the trainee program was completed. Her new husband was placed 1,000s of miles from their school. She had no problem finding a nursing job there. The next friend has a daughter who majored at a regionally ranked directional school. She also was not admitted the first go around into her school's nursing program. She graduated in December. She was able to get an in-person interview at the Cleveland clinic, which is not in her state. She decided she didn't want to live in Cleveland, so I'm not sure if she received an offer or not. She also interviewed with hospital in Florida, where her parents moved after she was in college. In the end, she decided to work local to where she went to school. The freshman admit program for nursing is very enticing. That is what the daughters of two other friends have done at diffferent OOS schools. Another had a daughter who was admitted to both of those programs, but decided to go to her dream OOS school, where her parents went, without direct admit. She decided not to let fear of not getting into the program make her decision. She got into nursing on first try. All made the decision that is right for them. None of these 3 plan to work in the state where they go to school and they know many graduates from their OOS colleges get jobs in our state after graduation. Of course, their plans could change. Someone who graduated college with my oldest came 1000s of miles to go to school there and ended up staying in-state after graduation, due to a relationship. Having watched these girls make their decisions or go through college, I can't imagine what advantage the BS to RN programs would have for a student who knew she/he wanted to be a nurse entering college. Maybe if it was a BS to MsN program. Good luck to your daughter.
  10. Intern means different things to different people. The first thing that comes to my mind is the full-time internship, that is frequently done in the summer. Some companies offer full-time internships in other terms also. Some places also offer internships that are part-time and done while also taking classes. My oldest did this while studying abroad; took 3 classes and worked part-time for a company programming. It is late, of course, to find an internship for this summer, but things happen. She needs to talk to a professor or person who helps with internships and also to the person/professor who helps Wirth grad school applications.
  11. That is a quite a relief. As others suggested, if everything goes as expected, then grandmother can help pay off loans after graduatio,. Or, she may even be able to pay for senior year if they decide to retire at 3 years.
  12. I think the family needs to tell Grandma an exact number they need to make Yale work. She may have no clue what colleges can cost these days. If she says yes to the amount, then I would ask her to pay that money after final CSS/FASFA are filed or after grand-daughter transfer/drops out. (I'm not suggesting the daughter will not graduate, but I would want the money to still be there in the unlikely event she does not finish.) I would suggest the parents use their house money to pay for Yale and then use Grandmother's money to pay for house. (Depending on family dynamics this might need some type of legal document. It would also need to be written into the will.) I would contact Yale and ask how retirement is treated since the father is of retirement age and will be retiring while kid is in schoo$ I would suggest the parents either contact Yale to see if that will impact financial info in future years, phrase it in if a family member is willing to assist with the cost this year., but I don't know if this would open a can of worms with the school wanting even more money. I have never had to deal with a CSS school. I don't think you friend did anything wrong. They probably believed what they were told that meets needs schools would meet their need or cost x if they made X. Every school is different and there is no way to know all the ins and outs. Net price calculators have come a long way, but they still don't work for unusual situations. And, I'm saying that as someone would have absolutely no problem telling my Yale-accepted student to go to Hendrix (no clue if it is big enough that she wouldn't see high school guy) or Oxford for two years or whatever state school she applied to as a safety. I probably would have ruled out Yale a long time ago in this process.
  13. Or the roommate's boyfriend/girlfriend if they spend a lot of time at your place. My oldest lived with the same person for 3 years in an on-campus suite with two-others and then off-campus apartment with one other for two years. By the third year, they had a bit of falling out due to the friend's SO, who my kid thought was all wrong, always being over. A few months after graduation the roomie called off the engagement and their friendship was back on track. My current high schooler has a friend who wants to room together next year, but I don't want it to impact their longterm friendship. I thought singles were sought after, so it seems odd to me that students are forced into them. I wouldnt be happy with that My sibling ended up in a triple freshman year for a few weeks. They liked each other so much, they stayed as a triple when a different solution was offered. They are still friends many years later
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