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  1. I recently read this article that talks about how to do this as a business; I would assume the basics are the same. https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/make-money/side-gigs/photo-scanning-side-gig/?aff_id=86&aff_sub3=20210622&aff_unique2=ITR-1459dedf-394a-4656-8695-82d037a20233&utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily&utm_campaign=20210623&utm_content=make-money&sms= I do think simply taking pictures of the pictures with a digital camera would be faster start, and it would at least allow you to decide which pictures you want to scan.
  2. I hope the move to the rehab hospital went well and that you could see progress in his recovery.
  3. I understand. I almost wrote that what works for one family member will cause another person more grief, but I didn’t want to give you something else to worry about. I have a suggestion, but first I want to explain where I am coming from. My husband died when our kids were young. The oldest two were both about the same age as your youngest, who would have been right in the middle of them. So, in our grief journey, a 10-year-old was a big kid. So, I could easily see myself asking/telling a 10-year-old that I wanted to preserve “London” or at least my favorite parts of London. It is okay to tell him that the thought of losing London after losing his brother would be very hard for you. I would offer to replace, any of the London pieces that he wanted to take apart to build agiain. I might even put some of the London lego sets on the 10-year-old’s Christmas list, so he could rebuild some of/all of the glued pieces as often as he wanted.
  4. Since your youngest plays with London as is, could you use one of the “glues” that are sold to keep lego creations as they are? This would allow him to play with them and prevent anyone from taking them apart and messing them up. Another option would be to take lots of close-up pictures of all the pieces that make up London, so a piece can be put back together if it was accidentally taken apart. Or taken apart on purpose, your youngest may change how he plays with the London pieces. If he takes them apart while playing, that may bother someone else in family. Grief is complicated and different people grieve differently. This impacts how everyone sees things that are associated with the loved one. Praying for you as you move home without your son.
  5. I understand that, and I didn’t mean to upset you. Unfortunately, this year has brought changes to policies in many health-care settings that would have never been considered a year ago. You just need to verify the details of who/what/when/where is allowed before your son is transferred to a different facility. You need to make sure the facility’s policies agree with your expectations before your son is admitted and insurance has kicked in. Sounds like you have a well-thought out plan, praying that everything goes smoothly on Friday and for a full recovery for your son.
  6. Yes, definitely look into Ronald McDonald and other housing if your son does out patient therapy at the children’s hospital. We found the families had to live a certain number of miles away to qualify, so it is possible being an hour away might not qualify, unfortunately.
  7. With interest rates so low, I would definitely look into refinancing with a rider that would pay off the mortgage. I know you and your husband have way too much on your plate right now, so this might be spending that a friend who offers to help could do. You would have to get the paperwork together at end, but if they could do the legwork needed to get the ball rolling. You are correct that SS considerations make it hard to choose to be a homeschool or stay-at-home mom. Even survivor benefits for a non-working widow stop when youngest reaches 16. After my husband died, it took me years to pick possible guardians for my kids, because there was no one who could handle so many. The one I ended up choosing had a two bedroom house with one other room that served as the den/kitchen/breakfast room. The other choice had kids already and it would have impacted their kids too much to have the family more than double in size overnight. They couldn’t have fit in the house or car, especially since none of mine were old enough to drive. To avoid problem about good people, my will split my assets into 3 parts. The first part gave the guardians a set amount each year until the youngest finished high school. This would them to buy a car to fit anyone and pay for stuff kids needed, additional food, clothes, etc. the second part was money used to pay for the kids to go to college. The third part was what would go to the kids when they reached certain life, graduate college, or age milestones, 25, 30. I think they get the last at 35. Any unused money from the firstsecond parts go into the third part after the kids are 18 and finish college.
  8. I am glad to hear your son is making progress. I’m sorry what the next step should be isn’t clear. “Also, possibly sending him to a sort of physical therapy boot camp inpatient clinic for a week or two when he is ready to be discharged after his surgery recovery, but there isn’t a place like that in this state, so we would need to travel to somewhere where it is available attached to a children’s hospital. Another option is a program where a physical therapist comes to work with him at our home, but because we live over the border in a super high-restriction state, they said it is unlikely our state would allow that now because of covid. Us driving an hour to a clinic three to five times a week is another possibility”. I have been through an inpatient PT clinic like you describe with a family member, and I would usually highly recommend this option. However, with COVID restrictions I would want nearly a written guarantee that you or your husband or both could stay with him 24/7. With my family member it was the right place to be and everything went great until it didn’t one night and one doctor made everything impossible. Thankfully, someone stepped in and an overnight truce was declared with the understanding it would be sorted out in the morning. (This was an adult clinic and I wasn’t spending the night.) By the time I got back in the morning, everything was taken care of exactly the way we wanted and the new doctor had deemed impossible the night before. I am very lax compared to many on these boards about what I allow, and there is no way I would leave a young(ish) child with possible mobility issues alone in the hospital overnight. Just from standpoint of the ability to get help when needed, he would be at too much of a disadvantage. With that said, that type of clinic is great for learning to use a brace or other device, because it will be incorporated into everything. It also feels “normal” sooner because others around are also using similar equipment. (Praying that no long term brace or other equipment is needed for your son. It sounds like your son is doing great less than a week after surgery, so I’m praying his recovery continues. if you end up with out-patient therapy an hour away, could you stay at a hotel in an accessible room for the first week just to see how it goes? I have friends who did that because therapy was too exhausting for the kid to be stuck in car for three hours a days on top of therapy. on a more positive note, A classmate of one of my young-adult kids had a cancerous spinal tumor removed as a child. It never caused any physical limitations after recovery, and you would never suspect this YA had been a childhood cancer patient is you read the college activity list for this YA. I’m praying that your son’s recovery is as complete and future as bright as this kid.
  9. I agree completely with prairie wind momma on these points. Something I have not seen mentioned is what does your dad and your kids say about them attending? My number one concern would be what is my dad wanting/thinking? I know there is absolutely no way my dad would be okay with his grandkids skipping their grandmother’s funeral, and my dad is super laidback. If your dad is ambivalent on this, I may ask your kids if they are comfortable going or do they want to stay home. I would ask, at least any that are able stay home alone or at school while you and husband attend funeral. Both my grandmothers had Alzheimer’s and had not known me or been able to communicate for years, so I can see a child or teen not wanting to attend the funeral of someone they didnt see regularly or recently , even when it is a close relative. (Your feelings trump theirs, but it seems like you don’t want them to attend due to the pandemic .) one of my kids would very hesitant to be around elderly relatives without testing and quarantine first, so that is why I say ask the kids if neither your father nor you feel strongly about your kids attending.
  10. I am going to share our experience in case none of the suggested options work for you. My husband died years ago. Our house did not have a mortgage, however, we had mortgages on other investment properties. Some of the mortgages were held by my in-laws, so no problem there. Two were held by private banks or mortgage companies. Those two were each taken out about a decade earlier when it didn’t work for me to go to the closing and be on the deed/mortgages. They were taken out a different times, about two years apart, and both times I was busy with an infant. Those infants are now out of college. I never informed the mortgage company of my husband’s death and continued to make payments. The mortgages were already set up to be sent electronically from the business account, so nothing needed to be done to have this continue. I do not know if a VA loan is assumable or would be notified of a veteran’s death. I know one of our credit cards and one of our bank accounts were closed or frozen after my husband’s death. Other accounts continued in his name. It is random. In theory, I may have learned dead people can send emails. And, I may have heard that cut and paste signatures along with email may allow dead people to sign paperwork. (I have never heard of dead people doing this for legal documents, just weird stuff that a mortgage company may have required along the way.) When we moved, I was able to change our address with the mortgage companies. I can’t remember exactly how. It could have been with an email or with a phone call from one of our kids who had a deep voice as a child. I am very sorry that you are needing to think about these things. A random thought, could the house be refinanced or redeeded now and put in a trust? If you have trusted adult children, the may be able to administer the trust.
  11. I read today that UNC cancelled all in-person classes for fall semester. I have relatives in NC and one told me in June that this was the plan for the fall. Lanny, I know your daughter has been gone a long time, so I looked up Spirit tickets to Colombia for you. It looks like they are selling tickets to Bogota starting the end of August. One-way tickets from Raleigh to Bogota or Cali or Cartagena are less than $100 the first week of September. Of course, there is no guarantee that these flights will happen, but it might be a chance to have your daughter home for the fall if that is what your family wants.
  12. A friend of one of my kids goes to college in the Netherlands. This student was born in Europe to European, not Dutch parents, who have lived in the US for more than 15 years. I don't if they are US citizens or not. I don't know if this helped the student go to college in the Netherlands, but definitely had more than 4 AP classes.
  13. Sorta. What a non-committal answer. My thoughts on it have never made me want to keep my college kids home this fall. For me it is like when my kids get their driver's license. When they are new drivers, I worry/think about all the things that can go wrong when they are driving. When my older kids drive, I don't even think about all the things that can go wrong. Of course, these thoughts pop up occasionally if they are super late arriving home with no warning, or the weather is super bad. Even before Covid, college students died every year from various causes. Years ago I stumbled across a website that compiled a listing of all the college students that died by year, which was very depressing to read. I remember 3 students dying at my college while I was there. One died from flu, another from meningitis, and the other in a car accident. (I am very glad that there are meningitis vaccines now, but everyone went to school without it back in the day.) I'm sure there more students that died while I was in college, but I remember these three because one of these was a good friend, one was a roommate of a friend's brother, and one was the passenger in a car a different friend was driving. I also know that 3 students I went to high school with died during our college years, one in a car accident, one from drugs, and one from suicide. When I was looking for the college student death website, I went down a rabbit hole and found these articles. I don't know they will make you less worried about Covid or more worried about the fragileness of life general. (When I couldn't find the site I was looking for, I typed in covid and college deaths and very few articles on college students dying from it. https://onwardstate.com/2013/09/24/student-death-rates-go-unnoticed/?fbclid=IwAR0QVR3tKV7cONgGRlUSrRz38mmokgUM5l37I2-1fYMhL5GHe6xZVGOCx5Q https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/14/us/california-usc-student-deaths/index.html https://www.huffpost.com/entry/college-students-died_n_6091622 https://www.wbur.org/commonhealth/2020/02/13/flu-breathless-severe-college https://people.com/crime/faith-hedgepeth/ https://news.yahoo.com/man-21-faces-murder-charge-222200376.html https://www.foxnews.com/us/college-students-murder-new-york-guilty-verdict-nicaragua https://www.berkeleyside.com/2020/06/26/remembering-seth-smith-19-a-cal-student-who-was-killed-in-berkeley-on-june-15 My college students have had two friends/classmates die this summer. Neither was from Covid, one was a farming accident and the other from cancer. A friend's college-age kid had a teammate drown this summer. My sophomore had at least 6 friends/classmates/acquaintances die in high school. One from an allergic reaction/asthma, one by drowning, two in car accidents, and two by suicide. I had two acquaintances who had college kids die last year, one in a car accident and one from an undetected heart defect. I will remind my kids to take precautions and what to do if they feel sick. I will hug them when they leave for college. I will tell them I love them every chance I have. All things, I normally do, but sometimes something happens ... My kids have grown up knowing life is fragile as their dad died from cancer when they were young. P.S. The 2020-21 off-campus parking permits at their school sold out the day they went on sale, so students are definitely planning on coming back to campus.. I don't know if the permits selling out that fast is normal or if off-campus students don't want to take the buses. My college students have always walked or biked to class.
  14. She should be careful, of course, but NC does not have travel restrictions at this point, and I'm sure it will be news on campus if that changes. My sibling and family live in NC, and they are currently on vacation out west at a national park. They fly back tomorrow. Their college kid is working at a South Carolina camp this summer and will return home to NC in a couple of weeks. Lanny, I'm sure it is hard to be so far away from your daughter in such uncertain times.
  15. This map is put out by AAA. https://gds.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=2ec42826968d4d0980ccca0fbbfe0c7c You can pick different settings. When I choose roadway checkpoints, there is one on i-95 in Florida and some on South Dakota & New Mexico highways that cross tribal lands. Except for the one in New Mexico, a checkpoint simply requires filling out a health form. This website is put out by Kayak and includes information on restrictions and includes whether hotels in a state are open. https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions/united-states I don't know how up-to-date either site is, so you should search for more specific information on the states you will travel through. Your student's college probably has a webpage dedicated to information specific to the college that would include any travel restrictions/quarantine specific to that school.
  16. I hope today went okay at your home and that your son was able to reach a decision that will work for your son.
  17. The scout camp my kids' troop was to attend was cancelled. Another kid was to attend two residential on-campus camps at different colleges, to look at different programs/schools and both were cancelled. My relative, who lives in NC, has kids who attend and work at a camp in SC, which will be opening next week (not sure of date, but sure of the opening) with restrictions/precautions/rules.
  18. I hope rechecking Baylor's aid package brought good news. (I'm going to bring up gap year again, so make sure you look at the amount of merit aid vs financial aid, since those are handled differently for gap years.) I can understand 6 hours as being outside your comfort zone for this son. My in-laws live 6 hours away and I want at least 3_day weekend when we go there. I have done an overnight trip for a special occasion, but that is once/twice in a couple of decades. (Google maps does a decent job of estimating how long a trip will take, especially if you put in the time of your trip.) So, it looks like you are down to Baylor, assuming the money is right, and Austin College. Congrats choosing between 2 is doable. It looks like Baylor has a weekly support group for students with autism. Look up BARC, Baylor Autism R.... center. I found a PDF for Austin College professors that said 2 percent of students there, I think, have autism and listed possible accomodations. I also found that the director of academic support center received a certificate in something to do with autism academics a few years ago, but no idea if she is still there. Our internet is out, and I can't link from my phone. It sounds like your husband is sold on Baylor, and your son is leaning that way. Based on what you have said about each and Baylor's 3.0 requirement, I would talk to your husband about a gap year for your son. I would base it on wanting your son to have a full, on campus experience for freshman year, which may not be possible this fall. Our local school has 10 percent of seniors taking a gap year; and gap years aren't normally common here. You then use this year for training, therapy, whatever will help put your son in best position to be successful at Baylor. During a gap year, he can't take college classes, but there are a lot of online introduce computer classes he could do. Or, your husband could work with him to see if he has the (whatever) it takes to be a successful CS major. Like I said I am a driver, so I would think nothing of driving my son to some of the support group meetings at Baylor during the gap year if they would allow him to come during the gap year. Good luck making the decision.
  19. Last post. I agree with other poster that your son could use some support in college, but I'm not sure you have time to determine which school would offer the best support program for him. A gap year to to work on his "issues" with a professional in your community could be a way to go. Baylor allows a gap year and it sounds like it is close enough to your home that he continue to utilitze the local support program is Baylor does not have one. Deferring Your Admission I was admitted to Baylor. Can I defer? Students offered admission to Baylor University may request a deferral of enrollment before June 1, which must be approved by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Deferrals are intended to be granted for intentional occasions in which the student chooses not to begin his or her studies at Baylor University in the term for which he or she was admitted. Examples of intentional deferrals may include, but are not limited to: a religious activity, community service project, or world travel. Deferrals are not granted for financial reasons. Deferral requests are evaluated on their merits, and are not automatically approved simply because they were submitted on time. * For the incoming Fall 2020 class, we will consider deferral requests due to the impact of COVID-19. Deadlines and Instructions First-year students admitted under Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision are allowed to apply for deferred enrollment; however, this option is not available to transfers. Deferrals are granted for students wishing to defer for 1 (fall to spring) or 2 (fall to fall) semesters. Requests for deferral should be made no later than June 1. If you are interested in deferring, you must complete the Deferral Request form, which is located in your goBAYLOR account under ‘Cancel Admission’. The form will ask about your plans for the next year and will confirm you will not be enrolling in a degree-granting program or coursework at another college/university. Before your deferral request may be reviewed, you must submit your $500 enrollment deposit in goBAYLOR. Baylor will provide notification of deferral approval or denial. If the deferral is granted, Baylor will communicate your next steps in the spring prior to your new entry term. If a deferral request is denied, you will need to reapply for a future semester. Terms for Approved Deferrals: You may not submit deposits or hold spaces at any other institutions. You may not enroll at another institution during the deferral period or complete college coursework. You may not apply for admission to other colleges or universities during the deferral period. You must notify all other institutions to which you have gained admission of your decision to defer enrollment at Baylor. Terms for Approved Deferral Financial Aid & Scholarships: Financial Aid: If you are interested in need-based financial aid, you will need to reapply for aid for the new term by completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile by February 1 during your deferral year. Scholarships tied to Invitation to Excellence, Distinguished Scholars Day and/or a Baylor2 program will be honored when you enroll as a freshman student. Departmental scholarships will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Special Program Status If you have been accepted into the Honors College, Baylor Business Fellows, Science Research Fellows, Aviation Sciences (Professional Pilot concentration), Music or Theatre program, you will need to notify them of your intent to defer enrollment. Housing If you have received a housing assignment, it will be void and you will submit a new Housing Application when you plan to enroll. Expectations We regard an admissions deferral as a mutual commitment. We agree to hold a spot for you at Baylor, and you agree to enter at the time of your new start term. Students planning on applying to other colleges during their deferment period should not seek an admissions deferral.
  20. This is what Austin College requires for its Compass Curriculum. Experience Experience connections between your liberal arts education and life beyond the classroom, providing pathways to meaningful careers and community participation. One approved Applied Learning Experience Three January Term courses First Year Seminar (Communication/Inquiry) Engage Engage new perspectives and prepare yourself to participate in a diverse and global society. One course in Global Diversity One course in Systems of Power, Privilege, and Inequality Competency in a language other than English Discover Discover the vast array of knowledge and the modes of inquiry used in different academic areas to further your understanding of the natural world and human cultures. Four courses in the Humanities Two courses in the Social Sciences Two courses in the Sciences, with at least one lab Develop Develop foundational skills and habits that support a liberal arts education and the growth of you as a whole student who is prepared to navigate challenges in a fast-changing world. One course in Foundation Writing; Two courses in Advanced Writing Quantitative Literacy Lifetime Sports Focus Focus your learning by challenging yourself in two different fields that will cultivate complementary intellectual approaches needed to succeed in our ever changing and diverse world. Major Minor (or second major) (will your son be open to a required minor or second major) ... Computer Science major https://www.austincollege.edu/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Computer-Science-Major.pdf Computer science courses, need to scroll down some https://bulletin.austincollege.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/mathematics-computer-science.pdf
  21. For some reason the Major requirements at Baylor would not open on my computer, but I'm sure you can find these. Here is the Common Core for a BA iin computer science from Baylor. I can't tell if the BS degree has a common core. Common Course Requirements Chapel (zero credit hours) Creative Arts Experience (zero credit hours) ENG 2310: American Literary Cultures (3 hours) HIS 1300: The United States in Global Perspective (3 hours) PSC 1387: The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation, and the American Political Experience (3 hours) REL 1310: Christian Scriptures (3 hours) REL 1350: Christian Heritage (3 hours) Distribution Lists Communication and Media Literacy (3 hours) Contemporary Social Issues (3 hours) Fine Arts (3 hours) Foreign Language and Culture (8-12 hours) Formal Reasoning (3 hours) Literature in Context (3 hours) Research Writing (3 hours) Scientific Method I (4 hours) Scientific Method II (3 hours) Lifetime Fitness (1-4 hour)
  22. I agree. It seems all three schools have a lot of required courses outside of major classes, so I would suggest you/he write out a four-year course plan for each school. Trinity University. Here is the computer science requirements. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science are as follows: I. Departmental requirements: 49 credit hours including: A. Core Principles: CSCI 1120, 1320, 1321, 1323, 2320, 2321, 2322, 3320, 3321, 3322. B. Departmental Colloquium: Four semesters of CSCI 2094. C. Curricular Groups: At least three hours from each of the following groups: Applications Group: CSCI 3311, 3342, 3343, 3344, 3352, 3353, 3366, 3-95 Systems Group: CSCI 3323, 3-96 Design Group: CSCI 3312, 3345, 3362, 3-97 D. Capstone: One of the following options: Senior Software Project: CSCI 4385 and 4386. Senior Thesis: CSCI 3398, 4398, and 4399 plus additional requirements listed in the section "Senior Thesis" below. E. Electives: Additional upper-division computer science hours sufficient to total at least 49 credit hours. II. Mathematics requirement: Six hours from the following: any MATH course (excluding 1301, 1310, 1330, 3194, 3195); CSCI 2324; PHIL 3340, 3343. III. University requirements: completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 124 hours Pathways has six curricular requirements that provide a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences for all bachelor's degrees awarded by Trinity University. Here is the Pathways requirements at Trinity. There are 6 parts of the pathways, but more than one classes is needed for most of the pathways. (It seems that some classes can meet both major requirements and Pathways requirements. ) The First Year Experience All students must complete one FYE during their first semester at Trinity. The FYE gives incoming students an introduction to the demands of university-level reading, writing, and thinking within an interdisciplinary experience. In it, students begin to acquire the skills and disciplinary perspectives necessary to navigate complex questions in their post-graduate lives. Through extensive engagement in a topic of widespread or enduring significance, the First Year Experience (FYE) is designed for students to analyze sophisticated texts and ideas. The FYE includes substantial instruction in written and oral communication skills, offering a once-per-week common learning experience attended by all enrolled students and all participating faculty. All FYE courses offer a once-per-week common learning experience attended by all enrolled students and all participating faculty. These common learning experiences feature lectures by faculty teaching in the course or by visiting colleagues from Trinity or other institutions. Common learning experiences also include field trips, panel discussions, and films. Together, faculty lead discussion and teach writing in individual sections no larger than sixteen students each. Approaches to Creation and Analysis Students must successfully complete one course from each category at Trinity.* In order to master the skills of analysis, research, and creation, students should demonstrate the ability to use disciplinary approaches characteristic of: The Humanities courses that enable students to understand the human condition through art, literature, history, philosophy, or religion The Arts & Creative Disciplines (DOES YOUR SON LIKE THE ARTS, can he find a class he will do well in) courses that enable students to create aesthetic artifacts or performances The Social & Behavioral Sciences courses that enable students to engage in the scientific study of human behavior The Natural Sciences courses that enable students to engage in the scientific study of the natural world Quantitative Disciplines courses that enable students to solve problems within a structured mathematical framework The Core Capacities 1. Written, Oral, and Visual Communication Students should demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and across a variety of media. Requirements Students must fulfill written, oral, and visual communications requirements by successfully completing: two designated courses that require extensive writing and provide substantial instruction in written communication; two designated courses that require significant oral presentation supported by visual products and provide substantial instruction in oral and visual communication. 2. Digital Literacy Students should demonstrate the ability to investigate questions, solve problems, and engage in artistic expression through digital technology, and to evaluate its design, function, and cultural impact. Requirements Students must successfully complete one course designed to provide substantial instruction in and engagement with principles and tools of digital information. 3. Engaged Citizenship Students should demonstrate the ability to identify and articulate the perspectives and values of diverse peoples, groups, and cultures around the globe. With the ability to communicate in a foreign language at the intermediate level or above, students should demonstrate the ability to gather and evaluate information from sources that facilitate cross-cultural understanding. Requirements Students must fulfill requirements in global awareness, understanding diversity, and a foreign language by successfully completing: one course addressing the history and culture of a region other than the United States; one course addressing diversity issues involving race, class, gender, and ethnicity within the United States; an intermediate level or higher course in a foreign language sequence, or demonstration of equivalent proficiency by examination. .............. The Interdisciplinary Clusters Requirements Students must successfully complete three courses, totaling no fewer than 9 credit hours, from three disciplines. These courses may be structured as a part of a faculty-designed cluster or a student-designed learning experience that meets the guidelines of the University Curriculum Council. Courses in the Interdisciplinary Cluster must be taken at Trinity University, with one exception: one course from a Trinity-approved Study Abroad program may be applied to a student’s Interdisciplinary Cluster with pre-approval by the Interdisciplinary Cluster Steering Committee. Only one course in the cluster may be used to fulfill the requirements of the student’s primary major. .... The Major Candidates for a baccalaureate degree must fulfill the requirements for a major as listed in the Courses of Study Bulletin. Here is where to find the requirements for a computer science degree and course descriptions. https://cosb.trinity.edu/csci Fitness Education Students must successfully complete one approved fitness education course. (I definitely have met people who would refuse to take a pe class in college)
  23. I agree with all this. Other possible ideas for the list might be the ability to live off campus. Trinity requires students to live on campus for 3 years. Are students required to attend chapel? Plus have him write down a couple of things he wants to do in college, and see if the schools have those activities/opportunities. For one of my kids attending and participating in athletic events was a big deal; another never went to an athletic event in 4 years. However, that kid was on the e-sports team. Your son doesn't have to stick to the list, he is just brainstorming. One of the selling points for this university for my oldest was for a co-op program (even mentioned it in scholarship essays), but changed mind freshman year and ended up interning at multiple companies instead.
  24. In my opinion every school is different, because they are in different places, have different students, have different faculty/facilities/curriculum. However, I think most kids can be happy/succeed at most schools. How long does it take to get to Baylor? Austin? Trinity? I wouldn't even think about the ones that cost more at this point. Will your son take a car? Or will you take him there and back? Do you know people at each school that he could ride with if he wanted to come home for a weekend? My kids have all gone to the same college, which has lots of students from our area, so getting a ride home is never an issue. It is about 3 hours away, so I can go there and back for the day if I want to/need to. "A few thousand a year" adds up when you multiply by 4, so that seems a reason to drop Baylor to me. "I am just saying it might be harder to work through the bureaucracy of the large university and connect with. people and professors like one could at a small school." The school my kids attend is bigger than Baylor and they simply email a professor (or go to office hours or stop by the office) if they have a question, need a recommendation, etc. Their cousin, a freshman at the same college this year, had a hard time in engineering physics (due to not taking physics in high school), who went went to the professor for assistance and was invited to do homework in the professor's office daily. (This did stop when classes went online.) P.S. I would not worry that you know a person who went there that wasn't a good student since you know others who are good students.
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