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  1. We have used both. dd did AoA in 7th as a part of a co-op and I didn't feel like we covered it as well as we could have so I had her repeat it in 8th through Schole Academy. It was wonderful! I am having ds do Fallacy Detective in 7th as a precursor to Schole Academy's AoA next year. dd followed AoA up with Discovery of Deduction this year. If I had to choose one it would be AoF, but I would not choose it for 5th/6th graders. 7th/8th was more appropriate.
  2. My ds is in 7th this year, this is what he is doing Bible, Ancient History & Literature (Greece and Rome) -- Omnibus 1 self paced Math-- prealgebra with Mr. D Spelling-- Megawords Grammar-- Analytical Grammar season 2 Writing-- mom designed assignments based on Omnibus Science-- robotics (using EV3 lessons and a FLL team) and anatomy study using Lyrical life science Logic-- Fallacy Detective
  3. We love MM. PROS: Very conceptual Great Mental Math Very incremental Mastery inexpensive solidly prepared my kids for upper level math CONS: Busy pages Mastery (while a pro also, it can make there be long period of time between topics) (we supplement this will Math minutes grade books from grade 4 on) Lacks facts drill (we supplement with xtra math) My dd completed MM 1-7, ds 1-5, and younger dd has done 1- now working through 4 (grade 4 is a bear like pp said). She will continue through either book 6 or 7). Overall I have been very pleased with it and highly recommend the program. I feel like it has filled in a lot of my own math gaps.
  4. I did... I am not a math person, but I remember thinking Schole geometry was more proof heavy than a traditional course and since dd is not a lover of math I was concerned about that. Also the 3 day a week schedule of Schole geometry was a deal breaker — their attendance policy is strict and I like more flexibility in our schedule. I try to keep live online classes to 2 days a week if possible.
  5. My dd is successfully doing Geometry with Mr. D Math -- she does the live online option.
  6. I have read to start in book one, but I believe there is a placement test as well. ds and dd both did book 1 but then dd did AG and ds moved to book 2. I had dd skip book 2 and move to have them both in book 3 this year. It has not been an issue.
  7. We do use the AG Reinforcement as well. My older dd has completed all three seasons of AG, and ds is in Season 2. When he finishes the the season they will do the Reinforcement for this year. In the meantime DD is using Fix it Book 3. ds will begin Fix it book 3 and they will alternate fix it and reinforcement exercises for the rest of the year. We just split the reinforcement pages.
  8. Well, we use both. During AG season (the heavy part of the year) we only do AG, and then we use Fix It the rest of the year. I like AG, but it doesn't cover usage and mechanics until the third season, and I have found Fix It to be strong in those areas and helpful to cover regularly. Fix It is also quick and painless.
  9. 4th Grade Hits: VP Self paced history and Bible, Fix It, MM, W&R, AAS, NAC 4th Grade Misses: Science. dd is on a LEGO Robotics team so its not a complete wash, but I intended to do more at home and it hasn't gotten off the ground. 6th Grade HITS: Mr D Pre-Algebra (ds was very reluctant to do an online class but he LOVES it), Omnibus I primary and secondary, MW, Fallacy Detective 6th Grade Misses: With me working part-time, Analytical Grammar is not getting done because he is not as independent with it as older dd was . . .I am trying to decide whether to cut my losses and switch back to Fix It or just keep dragging out Season 2 of AG . . . Also science for him isn't really a hit or miss completely. He is on a First LEGO League team so has 5 hours of that per week, and then spends another 2 hours at least each week working on the online EV3 robotics lessons . . . but I had planned more . . . hopefully I will get it together here. Writing has been a bit of a miss so far. I had planned to hit writing heavy after the Season 2 of AG was over, but since AG isn't getting done I need to rethink that as well.
  10. 9th grade has been a bigger transition than I anticipated. . . we are slowly working it out as well! Biology has been SO MUCH work here as well, but my dd is enjoying it. I have backed off a bit on our at home classes to allow for a longer transitional period to get used to everything. Our writing projects are spanning 2 weeks instead of one, and we slowed down on Spanish and Omnibus a little but that's ok . . . the pace is still decent and I want to keep her from being overwhelmed. I guess this year will be constant adjusting as we work it out! Hugs! We got this! :lol:
  11. My dd is taking Mr. D Geometry online this year. (did Mr D Algebra 1 last year). She takes the class live online and loves it. The curriculum is laid out well and I find it easy to help them when needed (my ds is in the Mr D prealgebra). It is very independent and dd LIKES math now. When I taught it, she did not. So, that's a win. No experience with Thinkwell so can't comment there.
  12. Not sure if this will help at all but it is helping with my horrible speller (that potentially could be dyslexic) ... My dd has been struggling with vowel teams as well. I took all the ones we have learned so far (we are in AAS level 3) and I put each one in a picture that corresponds to the sound. So AW in a saw. OW in a cow etc. We are currently drawing the pictures and inserting the sounds every day the top of the spelling notebook. After a week of doing this, she can now draw the pics and insert the vowel teams into the pics on her own. Today when she got stuck (we didn't draw them at the top today) I simply reminded her to think of her pics and draw them if she needed them. She got them all right for the first time. (This is our third consecutive year trying AAS 3... every other year we bailed and tried something else. My dd could NOT associate the vowel teams with a sound, but the pictures made that extra connection she needed ... We will be headed into MW 1 after AAS 3.
  13. We love Fix It. My ds did books 1-2 and then moved to Analytical Grammar for middle school. His foundation was solid. Younger dd is in book one this year. I teach for about 5 minutes on Monday and help with Day 1 sentence, she works independently days 2-4 and then I check all of it with her and make any necessary corrections.
  14. Well, this is our first year of high school and I am working with a highly motivated student-- but I schedule everything through Scholaric and then leave it up to her. My expectation is it is all complete by the end of the week if possible. Math- 5 x week (one day is live online class and 4 days to do the work) History - Omnibus primary 5 x week Literature 5 x week for reading, 3x week for Omnibus secondary lesson writing- one "project" per week grammar- every few weeks there is an assignment for "reinforcement" Science/Logic (live online classes) I don't put the details on her chart, I just write "logic hw" and "Biology hw" and it is her responsibility to pace it out and get it done. PE- outside scheduled activity Music- piano lessons, band practice, and leading worship for our kid's church (she practices anywhere from 1-4 hours/day-- I only require 30 minutes, the rest is in her free time) Not sure if this is helpful, but it is what we are doing!
  15. Thanks everyone. One situation was a friend who met with the homeschool counselor at our school board and said for transcript purposes for applying for dual enrollment you should match every course on your transcript to one on the Florida public school (IE Florida Virtual School). This doesn't sit well with me because we didn't do XYZ course so I don't want to mislabel it. Second time this week the high school administrator at a hybrid school said they could not offer honors Spanish because FLVS/Florida BOE didn't have a course number for it so therefore we can't offer it. I thought that was strange and didn't seem right . . . .
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