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  1. Yes! I would love a comparison! I wish I could tell from the website what is included in the grading for Excelsior. That is the one thing holding me back knowing that BB just grades labs and tests.
  2. I am leaning towards Berean Builders but have not made an official decision.
  3. We only used CLE for one year. It was straightforward, spiral, and traditional. It was not conceptual. For a math intuitive person -- they can learn using most things and it wouldn't matter. However, it would not have worked for my non mathy kids-- they needed the conceptual hand holding of Math Mammoth (as did I as I myself am not math intuitive). I learned so much from MM! We have experience with both Right Start and Math Mammoth and they both have a great focus on making sure the concept is presented well and understood. You cannot pattern memorize in MM. It is significantly made up of multi level/multi step problems.
  4. We do have a pretty substantial garden and the kids help their dad with that. We also got chickens this year so they have been learning all kinds of stuff there. My two olders want to get involved in raising calves for 4H . . . I am still pondering that one!
  5. This is what I was thinking. I didn't want it to be a drag. So, I signed her up for first Aid/CPR training and a 4 week class "Nutrition for sports and Fitness" on Outschool, and ordered the book Kinesiology for Dummies. I'm still open to suggestions though! Especially out of the box ideas!
  6. dd agreed to do Health over the summer. At first I was going to throw something "just get it done" at her, but my niece and two nephews also want to do it (all of them are rising 10th graders) so I thought I could put something a bit more useful and engaging for them especially since it is summer. I had looked at the Trim Healthy Mama curriculum because high school was supposed to be released but that's not happening now. What are the "must" topics to cover? Helpful resources? The only for sure thing is I have them all signed up for an all day Heart Saver/AED/CPR/First Aid in person course with our county. They will receive certification for those. What else? ETA: My dd is very interested in the human body and wants to go into Physical Therapy so I definitely want to include some kind of solid component here.
  7. This part does make me a bit nervous. I am a big fan of work being counted. DD struggled in Biology with Collegeprepscience this year but ended up with an A because of the well rounded grading. Had it relied just on tests she would not have -- however the tests were not even reasonable. How are the tests with chemistry? Are they fair representations of what the course and text taught? CPS was intentionally tricky, and timed. Are Wile's tests timed?
  8. Update: We started Barton level 1 yesterday. I have levels 2 and 3 on the way. We are going to give it our best effort over the summer and re-evaluate at the end of summer. Part of me wants to quit before we start and just do A&P, but I wonder if I would always question if I should have tried Barton. Do people really do all 10 levels? That seems like. . . a lot.
  9. I just started the Barton training. I may be going crazy. I'm not sure I can do this for 6 hours every level. Someone tell me this is necessary. Part of me is thinking I should just go back through AAS Super slowly . . . This is kind of painful. 😭
  10. So you do the labs at home on your own or with the class? That was one of the strikes against Berean-- labs are on your own. I was hoping the way it was worded on Excelsior's site that the labs were done while the kids were "in class."
  11. MM with Right Start games for review is our fave! Definitely comprehensive! (and minimalist! which is important for me!)
  12. DD wants a change in online provider for science next year. She really wanted to take chemistry at Schole, but the class timing just doesn't work for us. Both Berean and Excelsior have times that will work. Any feedback on either? (DD is planning to go into Physical Therapy FWIW)
  13. My ds is interested in a career in engineering. He was on a FIRST LEGO League team for the last two years and it doesn't look like they will have a team this year. I would love for him to do something for "science" this year that he loves even remotely as much as FLL. He has done many if not close to all of the EV3 online lessons. I have looked at Masterbooks Applied Engineering course and while I think he would like the content, there is nothing hands on or engaging. I saw a robotics program 42 electronics, and that is a possibility. He is not very computer savvy and could definitely benefit from a class in computer literacy. (he does Any other fantastic options for engineering or computer literacy? In the future he may like to do some classes in CAD and maybe get certified, but I think he needs to be a little more adept in computers before that. Any great ideas?
  14. hmmm what if I did Omnibus 2 for 9th and count that as world history and then Omni 3 for 10th (maybe a little light and skip a few books) and add in something like history of the US to make it more US History. Then he could do US with his sister this year (save me a TON of money) and still get to do Omnibus . . . Would that work? Would US in work context count for US History or would I just put it on the transcript as US History?
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