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  1. Not sure if this will help at all but it is helping with my horrible speller (that potentially could be dyslexic) ... My dd has been struggling with vowel teams as well. I took all the ones we have learned so far (we are in AAS level 3) and I put each one in a picture that corresponds to the sound. So AW in a saw. OW in a cow etc. We are currently drawing the pictures and inserting the sounds every day the top of the spelling notebook. After a week of doing this, she can now draw the pics and insert the vowel teams into the pics on her own. Today when she got stuck (we didn't draw them at the top today) I simply reminded her to think of her pics and draw them if she needed them. She got them all right for the first time. (This is our third consecutive year trying AAS 3... every other year we bailed and tried something else. My dd could NOT associate the vowel teams with a sound, but the pictures made that extra connection she needed ... We will be headed into MW 1 after AAS 3.
  2. We love Fix It. My ds did books 1-2 and then moved to Analytical Grammar for middle school. His foundation was solid. Younger dd is in book one this year. I teach for about 5 minutes on Monday and help with Day 1 sentence, she works independently days 2-4 and then I check all of it with her and make any necessary corrections.
  3. Well, this is our first year of high school and I am working with a highly motivated student-- but I schedule everything through Scholaric and then leave it up to her. My expectation is it is all complete by the end of the week if possible. Math- 5 x week (one day is live online class and 4 days to do the work) History - Omnibus primary 5 x week Literature 5 x week for reading, 3x week for Omnibus secondary lesson writing- one "project" per week grammar- every few weeks there is an assignment for "reinforcement" Science/Logic (live online classes) I don't put the details on her chart, I just write "logic hw" and "Biology hw" and it is her responsibility to pace it out and get it done. PE- outside scheduled activity Music- piano lessons, band practice, and leading worship for our kid's church (she practices anywhere from 1-4 hours/day-- I only require 30 minutes, the rest is in her free time) Not sure if this is helpful, but it is what we are doing!
  4. Thanks everyone. One situation was a friend who met with the homeschool counselor at our school board and said for transcript purposes for applying for dual enrollment you should match every course on your transcript to one on the Florida public school (IE Florida Virtual School). This doesn't sit well with me because we didn't do XYZ course so I don't want to mislabel it. Second time this week the high school administrator at a hybrid school said they could not offer honors Spanish because FLVS/Florida BOE didn't have a course number for it so therefore we can't offer it. I thought that was strange and didn't seem right . . . .
  5. Lottie Moon, Gladys Aylward, Amy Carmichael
  6. Twice this week I have run into people saying that high school transcripts SHOULD have the corresponding course number of the corresponding public school course for college admissions purposes. Is this true? What if we have a course that the public schools don't offer? We have always homeschooled and I have never questioned our plan of offering a homeschool diploma, but lately as high school is now upon us, I am suddenly questioning and considering an online diploma program . . . someone talk me down. 😉
  7. I plan to do it the way VPSA does it: World Ancient History World Ancient Literature
  8. I am not super knowledgeable about this, but I can share our experience. My son had an NXT (the one before the EV3) and just upgraded to the EV3 a few weeks ago. He loves it. Both my ds who is 12 and my younger dd who is 9 are on FIRST LEGO League teams. Have you checked out to see if there are any teams in your area? Or maybe you would be interested in starting a team? Only my ds did it last year but it was an amazing experience. We are all looking forward to another year!
  9. What did you do before MM7? My dd did MM 1-6 and then we tried a semester of Tabletclass pre algebra (a disaster for her) and then we went back to MM7 (got through about 2/3 of it) and moved onto Mr. D Algebra 1 (live class). She had a great year. I don't think anything new was introduced for awhile, but I was ok with that as I wanted those concepts solid and her adjusting to online learning. I would probably start Mr. D and just take it as slow as needed.
  10. I used to visit the idea of TOG every year . . . and then end up with Biblioplan. BP is like a paired down TOG with a SL feel. I think TOG is wonderful but a lot more work and unnecessary for the younger years. I think its great if you want it, but I liked the streamlined feel of BP.
  11. ok so update. I am barely farther along than I was days ago. This is so frustrating. I called the company yesterday and after over an hour on the phone with 3 different customer service reps I FINALLY had the ISBN numbers of the packages I needed....then I tried to order them and they wouldn't let me because I was not a school. They offered me the homeschool version but could not tell me the difference in the homeschool verse classroom teachers guide and from what I am inferring the homeschool version does not have full access to the online resources like the tests and answer keys etc. I will be using this at a school in a classroom...but I am paying for it and having it shipped to me because it is a small hybrid school that uses a church building and is not using the space this summer. In 10 years of curriculum ordering I have never been this frustrated. The website is counter-intuitive, the customer service incredibly unhelpful. I will be trying again tomorrow, but was so frustrated after yesterday's experience I needed a break. I finally got the PO box for the school so hopefully can have it shipped there. Ridiculous.
  12. Looking at the Avancemos, I think it comes with the link to the online materials? I hope? Ugh why is this so difficult to navigate.
  13. Where do I purchase it? And do they have a print teachers guide?
  14. I decided to use Avancemos Levels 1 and 2 for the classes I am teaching at a hybrid school this year. I found the student texts at is that all the students need? Also, I am having a harder time finding the Teachers Manual. Also, some of the teachers manual's say "Spanish edition"...are there multiple editions? Why would one choose one over the others? Where is the best place to purchase the TM? Are there any additional support materials that would be beneficial? Thank you all!
  15. I am considering it. I think it would be beneficial to do an in person lab, however, the last time I looked, they were kind of far from us. I will have to look again!
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