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  1. Thanks for your input! I am curious, how was it for your child to switch to Algebra 2 with DO after doing Algebra 1 with Mr. D. Were they prepared? Do you find DO to be much more rigorous than Mr. D.? I am ok with us not having the most rigorous, but I want to be sure it is "enough" and not behind in any way...
  2. My dd is taking Mr. D Algebra 1 this year. I posted many times and spent many hours deliberating DO vs. Mr. D.... In the end I think DO is probably a little more rigorous, but my dd LOVES Mr. D. Math. She is not a math superstar, but she is getting an A in the class, is diligently working through the course, and stays on track with the assignments and live class once a week. It is also easy for me to navigate to see what she has and hasn't done so that is a win as well. We have been so please with it that I signed ds up for Mr. D prealgebra next year. Honestly, he is probably headed more into a STEM field and I considered DO for him, but the discount and good experience with Mr. D pushed us over that decision ledge.
  3. Writing is actually one of my kids' favorite subjects. I attribute that to BW. Writing is fun . . . also, I teach a twice a month BW style lit and writing class that my kids love being a part of. I asked them if they wanted to do an online class next year, and they both said they preferred to do the class I am teaching. The problem I am running into with that is the class did our geography book selections this year . . . i highly doubt anyone would be happy about reading the Iliad and the Odyssey next year. 😉
  4. We have been a bit all over the place with writing . . . steadily improving so it hasn't been a disaster, we just were never really able to stick with anything because I am picky. lol Dd (8th grade) did WWE 1-2, CAP 1-2, TC, and a lot of BW. DS (6th grader) did WWE style writing but not the book, CAP 1, TC, and BW. I am trying to plan next year. I really like writing across the curriculum and I love using BW style projects to do that. However, a part of me keeps thinking that it may not be enough. DS is an incredibly natural writer so I am not as much worried about him. Older dd not so much. She understands paragraphs, topic sentences, thesis statements. Can write a solid paragraph, essay, can use parenthetical documentation, etc. . . her sentence structure could just use some work. It is not "eloquent" I guess you could say. She could also use more work on the different types of writing. My question is do I continue on what we are doing with the older two? dd is taking Art of Argument at Schole Academy and there are quite a few writing assignments with it so we have done writing light in history and literature to supplement that. She will be taking Discovery of Deduction next year which I believe is writing heavy as well. She will be doing a Great Books study and I want her writing for that. Is that enough? Not quantity as I know that would be fine, but it wouldn't be a lot of "writing instruction" except for me helping her as needed . . . I don't want to overwhelm her, but at the same time, I want to make sure her writing skills are on target. Are there resources out there to help me help her with writing that she is doing (as in not add an additional program)? I guess I want a systematic list of what to cover as we write across the curriculum. Does this exist? Or a writing curriculum that allows you to write about your own topic? Or am I dreaming and I just should let her take at least one "how to year" of composition? And if so, what should we use?
  5. Yes. Thank you. I did know that. In fact, I have unused Landry credits that Greg Landry allows you to use towards the class so it is is the most cost effective option for us. I decided to try it. I respect the fact that at least he is trying to make it right for those who lost money . . . as we did.
  6. I have found that College Prep Science and Big River Academy have Biology times that will work for us. Anyone have any opinions on those?
  7. We are using it now with my dd to remediate. I like it a lot, and dd loves it. She likes that a lot of it is independent, and I like that it requires just enough parent involvement (dictation mostly) to make sure they are staying on top of it. Also, I think the exercises are on point -- pointing out the blends and consonant teams having them trace them with different colors, and other activities to use them in sentences. Over all, we have been very happy with it and will be using it again.
  8. We are using CLE Math for the first time this year for my ds. He is doing the 6th grade book. We are a Math Mammoth family but ds needed some drill and spiral this year. And I needed a break from the depth of MM and the multi level steps of EVERY problem. MM is wonderful, but ds and I needed a break. CLE has been perfect for us this year....but that said, it is no where near the depth of MM, it is not conceptual. I am very grateful for the foundation MM provided. CLE is great, and certainly gets the job done-- in a traditional way. If that's what you are looking for, it fits the bill. However, it doesn't have the conceptual depth or depth of word problems of MM.
  9. I wish I had the time to do it justice, but with life circumstances and schooling 3 kids, I can't guarantee that I will have the time to put into it that it deserves. If I use the self paced to do the teaching, I can use my limited time to do discussion, which I find is the heart of our homeschooling. I am pretty sure I have decided to do Omnibus light, doing the self paced unlocked so I can pick and choose books and still leave some time for some other reading.
  10. We used a lot of manipuatives at this point. We played the "Some went hiding" game with marbles A LOT.
  11. I was going to suggest Right Now Media as well. And we love the What's in the Bible videos!
  12. I always love the RR booth at convention. They display so much! That said, there is no discount that I have ever seen, and you have to pay tax at the convention. So, I generally look at the booth, make selections and then go back to my hotel room and order from RR online where there is no tax and free shipping over $50.
  13. ok this brings up a few interesting thoughts. If I cull the reading list for my 9th grader to a manageable level, but have her read the Omnibus text for all of it, have her watch all of the videos . . . would that be "soul crushing?" I certainly don't want that! 😂 I am certainly up for approaching this with a good dose of flexibility to see what works and adjust as we need to, I just want a working plan to start with. So potentially for 9th grader: Option 1: Audit Omnibus 1, cull the book list, but read all of the Omnibus text (with excerpts from what we don't read in their entirety) and watch all the videos OR Option 2: Audit Omnibus 1, Cull the book list and only read the text and watch the videos for what we read For 7th grader: Option 1: Audit Omnibus 1, select just a few works, read the Omnibus text and watch videos Option 2: Audit Omnibus 1, select a few works and only read the text and watch videos for what he reads Option 3: Audit Omnibus 1, select a few works and only read the text and watch videos for what he reads, have him supplement with the Pages of History book instead of reading the majority of the Omnibus text. Perhaps even supplement some of the readings for the children's versions. (would this be possible? for example Read The Children's version of The Odyssey and then watch the Omnibus video for that work?) I do love the Omnibus text, the thought provoking questions and discussion starters . . . I guess the big question at this point is -- can I purchase the self paced and make it work for us so we enjoy the videos to enhance our study without being a slave to the set curriculum? Would it be so disjointed we will have wished we hadn't done it? So much to consider!
  14. Would you mind expanding on why you moved away from Omnibus, was it more than denominational slant and amount of reading? (those two are certainly reason enough . . . but we are ok with the slant and plan to pare down the reading). I have not ruled out OWC, but I know that ds would not be able to do it, so I would have to separate them completely, and I like the idea of doing Ancient Greece and Rome in one year.
  15. Mine was quite lacking as well, although I went to a "good" Christian private school . . . we lacked in the great books area for sure . . .or even in the whole books area. I am looking forward to reading alongside them. I definitely will plan to read some this summer, but I won't have time to read all of them, and I would like to read the ones we at least plan to read together.
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