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  1. My dd is set on dual enrollment next year. She missed the required Accuplacer reading score by 2 points (easily passed the writing and math) and cannot retake the test until September ... so we can try again for spring semester. Now I am scrambling a bit to make plans for Fall. Liberty is looking like a potential option so she can still dual enroll in the fall. Thinking a few classes like government and psychology ... maybe a Bible class. Then for fall she can take biology, precalculus, comp 1 and maybe one other at the CC... Any experiences?
  2. Well, this may or may not matter but I thought I would add it. My dd took the college placement test today-- she scored into advanced algebra/precalculus. She is currently in Mr. D's Algebra 2. So it looks like she is right on track. She has done Algebra 1, Geometry and now Algebra 2 with Mr. D. She went into it with a very solid conceptual understanding of math having used Math Mammoth 1-7. I am not a math person, but for my purposes in our homeschool -- Mr. D is working for us. She is getting the math scores she needs, they enjoy math. My dd said the math placement test was easy and fun. lol
  3. We have used Mr. D for years. I have average kids interested in STEM fields. Mr. D is working. Both of my older kids do the Honors option live classes. My ds makes use of the help sessions and it seems to be working for both of my kids. They both hated math and now even like it. I do think the lack of word problems is a weakness and I should supplement that. I don't think it is rigorous, but I do think it is standard level for the classes. Also, Mr. D is NCAA approved but only the live courses-- not the self paced. As for middle school classes being NCAA approved -- you only have t
  4. No. At Schole it is a full credit course-- they add papers and projects, etc.
  5. My kids have done logic through Schole Academy. My older dd took Art of Argument and Discovery of Deduction. My ds is currently taking Art of Argument and is signed up for Discovery of Deduction for next school year. They have been excellent and engaging classes. Both took/will have taken Discovery of Deduction in 9th grade so I list it as Formal Logic on the transcript.
  6. Do you happen to know which lesson this is in? My kids are doing this program this year, and I suppose I need to go watch this lesson.... I have been rather hands off this year.
  7. My dd took drivers ed through the local virtual school. It was painless. However, she is a horrible test taker and CRIED through the imho very difficult test. She passed....somehow. Honestly I was really surprised -- she had no problems with the drivers ed class, no problems with all practice tests...so I was a bi shocked to see her struggle so much on the test. I suppose that could have just been her test anxiety.... She is about to take the road test next month. While I am a bit nervous, I am SO ready to have another driver!
  8. Do you know how/if the Khan SAT prep would work if the student did not take the PSAT?
  9. I am curious as to the set up . . . do you keep it informal, set it up as a business...its like tutoring...but more... It will be small for sure this year, and I am not sure how deep to get in until I know it is sustainable...
  10. This. Canvas is just an LMS. Our CC offers the Accuplacer on campus or online via a proctored set up like through Canvas.
  11. Basically, like a co-op, but with hired teachers. I am in the planning stages of starting one for next year where we have 3 teachers teaching middle school and high school Spanish, science, and math -- one day a week with an additional help session via Zoom later in the week. I have so many questions and would love for others to share their experiences. Anyone care to chat with me? Ever done this? What works well/doesn't/things to look out for, etc.
  12. I am using GC for my outside classes that I teach and would like to use it for a tutorial I am starting next year, do regular google accounts have access to GC or do you have to have a gsuite account?
  13. The idea of once a week concerned me as well, but the model has been fine for my kids with Mr. D. However, he does have help sessions during the week that my kids have attended on occasion. Also, he is very responsive to emails and my dd often asks questions that way. Several times he has responded with a personal video of himself explaining it to her. I have been incredibly impressed with his helpfulness to his students. My kids love him and in turn really enjoy math.
  14. Wow! So helpful! Thank you so much @Granny_Weatherwax so much good information. I think my son has a lot of potential but we haven't done a lot of tournaments until recently. He competed yesterday and has another one in a couple of weeks. We are shooting for once a month at this point (tournament play) and he will start high school tennis next school year for 9th grade. My ds currently plays about 4X/5X a week-- 1.5 hour group lesson on Monday night, 2 hour group lesson on Tuesday and Thursday and plays with a friend for 2 hours on Friday. We shoot for 2x/month privates when we can get them.
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