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  1. Our experience this year-- We LOVE it. I was very hesitant at first. My non math lover now really likes math and understands it. His explanations are wonderful. She has been incredibly independent for the most part and emails Mr. D when she has a problem. I have only helped her a handful of times all year. A friend just listened to Mr D speak at a convention today and he was so engaging she is signing her son up for the live classes. I found the interface to be incredible easy to use, and easy to check up on dd's work. It is working here.
  2. My dd is finishing up Algebra 1 with Mr D Math. It has been a wonderful experience. Dd is signed up for geometry next year and ds is signed up for prealgebra.
  3. We have 8 total planned. 5 core, 1 each in fine arts, PE, and Logic. That seems like a lot. 😬 But the music and PE are just stuff she does for fun ...
  4. We do have a 4 year college degree as the default plan. As in we plan and prepare as if that is the plan. However, if any of my kids come up with an alternative plan (that is sustainable) I will support it.
  5. History: VP Self paced Liberty Kids Science: Magic School Bus Mystery science
  6. A full month immersion is an amazing experience! Will it include any language school? I would not hesitate to offer a semester or even a year worth of Spanish Conversation or Spanish immersion experience if he will be doing language school or primarily speaking the language while there. In college we had a Spanish course that met a handful of times during the semester but was primarily a week of language school in Costa Rica. A month is definitely worth a semester credit and maybe a year depending on how much he will speak in the target language. I would definitely add it to the senior year transcript. However, I can't imagine stopping language learning at that point! What a treasure to have 4 years and an immersion experience! Maybe he could at least continue some kind of conversation practice for senior year. If you add that you can definitely call it a full Spanish Conversation credit. I hope he has a marvelous time!
  7. We did intermediate into 5th or so while I haven't used the advanced, I wouldn't hesitate it to use it with those levels.
  8. It looks similar to our schedule in the early days. I don't watch a clock, but we move in a rotation mostly so I am only needed in one academic area at a time. That said, one rule for our home is I never schedule 2 kids in math at the same time, even if one is independent. The chances of them needing help in too high in that subject. Just a thought... I think keep an open mind and adjust to what doesn't work and you will be fine!
  9. I agree to a mix. For math pick a solid online option-- Mr. D, Derek Owens, etc. Language Arts: an online writing class like WTMA, Schole, or any of the many solid options... for grammar maybe a time for learning or Analytical Grammar with DVD's Science/history: some self paced options we have had success with-- Education Exploration (physical science) and for history Veritas Press (we have only done the elementary but wouldn't hesitate to use the latter 2 years of the self paced history for a 7th grader for sure if they were not ready for Omnibus. FWIW my 8th grader this year is almost completely independent, and I am planning a mostly independent year for my rising 7th grader. 8th: Bible (together) Science: Education Exploration LA: AG Season 3, literature and writing tied to history (I teach an every other week group class for lit and writing and then they do assignments in between) History: Geography -- mostly independent except for review and read alouds Spanish -- with me for rising 7th: Bible/history/lit Omnibus 1 Science: still undecided Grammar: AG Season 2, Megawords 7-8, probably an online writing class (EW 1 with WTMA maybe) HTH!
  10. My 8th grader is using BTB Spanish this year. I am also teaching Spanish 1 at a local hybrid school. BTB is significantly faster paced than BJU Spanish. That said, I REALLY like the way it is set up. I am thinking I will take my ds through BTB 1 over grade 7-8. I think it does a great job of teaching concepts, the practice problems are appplicable, not busywork, and they learn enough vocabulary but not overwhelmingly so. I haven't decided if dd will finish level 1 this year or not. We have 2 chapters left.... but I have read that BTB SPanish 1-3 is equivalent to 4 years of Spanish.
  11. I think this really depends on the kids. My older 2 are 22 months apart, but 2 grades (6 and 😎 this year. I teach them at home together for writing and lit, and will next year as well. Sort of. I do a writing and lit class for middle schoolers and they both participate, but my older dd also does a lot of writing for her Art of Argument class. Honestly, my son is a more natural writer and produces more eloquent work. But, dd doesn't know that. They don't compete about it, and I enjoy having something we can do together. I looked at online classes for next year and a few classes I considered they would be together. I think they would handle it ok, but yours' might be different.
  12. seconding Memoria Press Enrichment
  13. I'm not sure what they will do next year, but this year they are doing year round. After season was over they combined the FLL and Jr FLL to do additional training in programming and robotics...
  14. My ds was a part of a FLL this year and it was a wonderful experience. It was his first year to participate and I had him do Education Exploration Physical Science to compliment it. It has been a great year. My younger dd (9) is considering joining FLL next year as well. It would be about 6 hour a week commitment. Is anyone familiar enough with FLL to help determine if she needs additional science studies if she does this? She will be in 4th grade, and I am kind of thinking maybe a MP study like birds to go along with it? Super light . . . or maybe nothing else? I was originally planning Apologia Anatomy but I think that might be more than we need right now . . . thoughts?
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