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  1. Tentative Plans for next year: At Home: Bible (not sure what yet) Spanish 3 with Breaking the Barrier US History Dave Raymond's Outsourced: Rhetoric 1 with Schole Academy American Literature with Schole Chemistry with College Prep Science Algebra 2 with Mr. D Math PE: Crossfit (.5 credit) Music: piano
  2. I am considering the American Literature class at Schole for my rising 10th grader and was curious if anyone had any experience with these lit classes? My dd will be taking Rhetoric 1 there and already uses 2 different providers for math and science so I would prefer not to use yet another provider.
  3. Very independent if you use the videos. I just check work and help occasionally.
  4. The bolded is exactly how I feel. I watched dd break down in tears as she started the test today because she was so stressed about the time limit. I tried to defuse it but then once I saw the test and realized it would not at all be a reflection of the work she put into it, I was disappointed for her. She does enjoy the class. Other than the tests (and the overload of work). I knew it would be a heavy workload however, and she is leaning towards a career in PT, so I thought the depth of this class would be helpful in the long run. I still feel that way about the class work load, but the tests are not working for her. I guess I hadn't considered her not taking the tests and doing our own...but I guess that would be an option.
  5. My dd is taking Biology this year through College Prep Science. She is enjoying the class, however, she is not doing well on the tests. I finally got involved for the third test and helped her study (after she failed the last exam). She studied a lot. I helped her a lot. They use Science Shepherd and this test covered chapters 10-16. It seemed like a lot of information. Too much really. Especially when the test ended up being 18 questions with an 8 minute time limit. (The time limit is really stressing out my dd). On the test today, after all of the hours she studied, the first 4 questions were not familiar at all -- she guessed, thankfully correctly on some of them, and then missed 2 others, 1 of which was worded very strangely and even though I studied the material as well, I also found it confusing. Now, I am a humanities person and Biology is not my thing....but I have a masters and I know how to study . . . I am just wondering if anyone else has had issues with the tests in this course from this provider. 7 Chapters and 18 questions, she studied so much that was not on there only to have 4-6 of 18 questions be things she had never seen. I'm not really sure how to help her. Honestly I have considered allowing her to drop the class and just do the videos from science shepherd or just let her watch the Landry videos and give her the science shepherd tests that are more comprehensive and seem to be a better representation of knowledge learned. She isn't failing the class, I think she has a B, but she worked non stop this week, ignoring most of her other classes to study for biology. And then had a ton of Biology homework not on the test. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I do feel this is excessive...but I don't want her to just quit either. Any feedback from anyone who has experienced this or something similar?
  6. How are you calculating grades? Just the tests? I teach Spanish in a hybrid school. I do 20% Tests, 20% Quizzes, 20% class participation, 20% homework, and 20% midterm/final. Also, keep in mind Breaking the Barrier is very advanced. Breaking the Barrier 1-3 = 4 years of high school Spanish. I am working through BtB with my own dd and she finished BtB 1 in October and now we are working on BtB 2 (this year is Spanish 2 for her). You do not need to finish BtB 2 for Spanish 2. All that said, I would definitely take homework, effort, and projects as a part of the total grade. I wouldn't even see a project as extra credit, I would see it as a part of the course.
  7. We have used both. dd did AoA in 7th as a part of a co-op and I didn't feel like we covered it as well as we could have so I had her repeat it in 8th through Schole Academy. It was wonderful! I am having ds do Fallacy Detective in 7th as a precursor to Schole Academy's AoA next year. dd followed AoA up with Discovery of Deduction this year. If I had to choose one it would be AoF, but I would not choose it for 5th/6th graders. 7th/8th was more appropriate.
  8. We love MM. PROS: Very conceptual Great Mental Math Very incremental Mastery inexpensive solidly prepared my kids for upper level math CONS: Busy pages Mastery (while a pro also, it can make there be long period of time between topics) (we supplement this will Math minutes grade books from grade 4 on) Lacks facts drill (we supplement with xtra math) My dd completed MM 1-7, ds 1-5, and younger dd has done 1- now working through 4 (grade 4 is a bear like pp said). She will continue through either book 6 or 7). Overall I have been very pleased with it and highly recommend the program. I feel like it has filled in a lot of my own math gaps.
  9. I did... I am not a math person, but I remember thinking Schole geometry was more proof heavy than a traditional course and since dd is not a lover of math I was concerned about that. Also the 3 day a week schedule of Schole geometry was a deal breaker — their attendance policy is strict and I like more flexibility in our schedule. I try to keep live online classes to 2 days a week if possible.
  10. My dd is successfully doing Geometry with Mr. D Math -- she does the live online option.
  11. I have read to start in book one, but I believe there is a placement test as well. ds and dd both did book 1 but then dd did AG and ds moved to book 2. I had dd skip book 2 and move to have them both in book 3 this year. It has not been an issue.
  12. We do use the AG Reinforcement as well. My older dd has completed all three seasons of AG, and ds is in Season 2. When he finishes the the season they will do the Reinforcement for this year. In the meantime DD is using Fix it Book 3. ds will begin Fix it book 3 and they will alternate fix it and reinforcement exercises for the rest of the year. We just split the reinforcement pages.
  13. Well, we use both. During AG season (the heavy part of the year) we only do AG, and then we use Fix It the rest of the year. I like AG, but it doesn't cover usage and mechanics until the third season, and I have found Fix It to be strong in those areas and helpful to cover regularly. Fix It is also quick and painless.
  14. 4th Grade Hits: VP Self paced history and Bible, Fix It, MM, W&R, AAS, NAC 4th Grade Misses: Science. dd is on a LEGO Robotics team so its not a complete wash, but I intended to do more at home and it hasn't gotten off the ground. 6th Grade HITS: Mr D Pre-Algebra (ds was very reluctant to do an online class but he LOVES it), Omnibus I primary and secondary, MW, Fallacy Detective 6th Grade Misses: With me working part-time, Analytical Grammar is not getting done because he is not as independent with it as older dd was . . .I am trying to decide whether to cut my losses and switch back to Fix It or just keep dragging out Season 2 of AG . . . Also science for him isn't really a hit or miss completely. He is on a First LEGO League team so has 5 hours of that per week, and then spends another 2 hours at least each week working on the online EV3 robotics lessons . . . but I had planned more . . . hopefully I will get it together here. Writing has been a bit of a miss so far. I had planned to hit writing heavy after the Season 2 of AG was over, but since AG isn't getting done I need to rethink that as well.
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