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  1. My dd is in Dr. Wile's class this year. It is challenging. My dd is having to work hard, but I feel like the workload is appropriate and challenging. She really likes Dr. Wile and the class.
  2. We have taken several classes at Schole, but none with MPOA. The classes have been wonderful. Engaging and work seems appropriate. It doesn't seem like rigor is the goal-- more like really engaging the students deeply. The discussions are deep and thoughtful. My kids have taken logic classes there and my dd is taking a high school lit class this year. There are writing assignments-- nothing overwhelming but it isn't uncommon to have a 2-3 page paper here or there. (a few longer ones in the upper school lit class)
  3. Our state does not have requirements for homeschoolers, but in general we are following the state requirements which include .5 credit for PE and .5 credit for health and a fine arts credit. My dd is a piano player -- lessons, practice, plays in the band at church -- I am giving her a credit each year for her music. For PE, she does Crossfit. I counted that for a semester for her .5 credit though she has been doing it for years. For health, I made it fun. She is really into the human body so I bought her Kinesiology for Dummies-- she read and notebooked through it, she took a fitness and nutri
  4. My almost 11 year old was diagnosed with Dyslexia in March. We started Barton in May and I have not been as consistent as I should be (because she and I truly can't stand it) but we are plugging along. She blew through levels 1 and 2, did level 3 with little difficulty, and is now in level 4 (I think lesson 5?) I am feeling a bit stuck. The rules are getting almost overwhelming. They are definitely helping. I can see that. (her issues are primarily with spelling but she is not a fantastic reader either) Is Barton truly worth it? Do I stick it out? All 10 levels? The temptation to put it
  5. We are new to Lantern this year. My 8th grader has taken Essay Basics, Growing the Essay 1 and now Growing the Essay 2. My 10th grader started with Advanced Writer and then took Expository Essay 1 and is now taking Expository Essay 2. These are our first outsourced writing classes (sort of) so I am not entirely sure how they compare to other options. My ds did take one class with another provider, but it was IEW based and while I thought that would not be a problem (thought some structure might be a helpful tool) -- it basically took my good writer and rendered him unable to do anything becaus
  6. I am considering Introductory Physics for my rising 9th grader. He thinks he wants to go into engineering and I am going back and forth with having him start here for high school or biology. I am curious how 3X's a week class for science goes? Is it too much? or is it nice to have more class and perhaps less work outside of class? Our other Schole classes have been excellent as far as workload so I am assuming this would be no different, but I am wondering if anyone has any experience? (If we decide to do Biology instead, it would be with a different provider).
  7. I think Veritas Press also has one? I hear what you are saying about all the classes being the same time next year. We are dealing with the same.
  8. We have used VP SP history for years with all of my kids and it is great. We used Omnibus 1 for my 7th and 9th graders last year. It was a great year -- but it was A LOT. We ended up auditing the course so we could have flexibility and skip if we needed. We ended up only skipping one book each from primary and secondary but it was enough to give us some breathing room. We took a break from Omnibus this year but my ds will take Omnibus 2 or 3 secondary only next year. My kids are not super students and I did feel reading so much -- more than I would have liked just went over their heads. The pr
  9. Yes! They post the video of their particular live class a couple of days after it happens. You also have access to the AYOP videos for each section.
  10. No experience with grade 5 writing, but my dc have taken several other classes there and I have been very pleased. The teachers have been wonderful, the classes engaging, and the students a good fit for my kids. The depth of the class discussions have been exceptional and the workload has been just what we were looking for -- enough depth but not overwhelming -- so maintaining the schole/restful approach.
  11. I can't comment on Meet the Masters, but VP self paced was updated this year and no longer runs on flash. It runs fine on the ipad also.
  12. We are Mr D Math users . . . we have never used DO, though we considered it. As to the videos . . . we do the live classes, so there is one class for an hour one time per week, and my kids have RARELY every watched any other videos. The class has taught the material well and they just do the coursework and quizzes for the rest of the week. They only watch additional videos when they get stuck. From what I have read DO is "more rigorous" and probably more advanced. However, as of this point (halfway done with Algebra 2) -- Mr D seems on target. Perhaps a more average track, but seems suff
  13. My ds in 8th grade is using Science in the Atomic Age with the videos from BB. He is not a huge fan. The text is heavy (a little challenging for me to schedule as it isn't laid out in lessons/day), ds does not like the videos (they are another teacher, not Wile). The labs are good and he enjoys those-- there are a lot of them. The workload is appropriate for 8th grade I think. My ds is a science lover, and this text is not inspiring him, however. I have been toying with letting him do something else for the rest of the year. I will say, this is our first real science text, he is used to more o
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