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  1. This looks like it would be helpful for our family. Thank you for posting.
  2. This can be a super frustrating experience. We have been there. I usually say something along the lines of "We decided long ago that we would reassess every year and wherever our kid would get the best education and experience-- that is what we would do. As of now that has been homeschooling." My mind is not super closed to brick and mortar school but as long as homeschooling is the best choice it will be our choice. And I don't see that changing. As my kids have gotten older and people see how awesome they are becoming as humans 😉 I face less backlash from those that know us. But when you don't have a fabulous 11th grader to parade around as "personal proof of the benefits of homeschooling" it can be a bit trickier. 😜 Stay strong. It is your choice whether to engage or ignore, but either way, be sure to have a conversation with your child who witnessed it. You don't want doubts to wiggle into their minds.
  3. One more question! I see the premium option has the workbook online in an "interactive format" -- does this grade it? If so, it may be worth $20... Includes all activities from the Cuaderno: practica por niveles in an interactive format.
  4. The did you get it pages are the workbook pages we used for reinforcement. Is there access to tests/quizzes, test audio files/text audio files?
  5. So how do you get access to the teacher materials if the homeschool kit is out of print and they only are selling the student edition?
  6. Did you click on "review lesson 1"? on my teacher's account there are corresponding workbook pdf's there.
  7. Thank you for your help. I went ahead and signed him up for Excelsior. Because they don't have an attendance policy and you can take the class fully recorded, I think it will work. He will be able to do the live class most of the year, but will likely miss a lot during tennis season. I also signed him up for the composition and grammar workshop. Hoping they are a good fit!
  8. This is very helpful, thank you! May I ask what you prefer of Excelsior over Big River Academy? The Excelsior Biology class was my preference but the time does not look like it will work. I appreciate the feedback compared to Schole. My ds is taking logic there next year but the Biology text doesn't align with our worldview unfortunately.
  9. Anyone have any feedback on these? Which to choose and why? Specifically looking for high school biology and maybe a composition class.
  10. I did order from HMH but I was only able to do so because I was working at a small Christian school...I am no longer teaching there next year but need to do Avancemos 2 with my ds next year. I will check out Kolbe as the student access is really what I mostly need I think.
  11. oh man, that would be a bummer! I also need to figure out online access for next year.
  12. Between my two older kids, they have taken 5 Mr. D math classes. All of them have been live classes. Everyone I know who hasn't liked Mr. D tried the self paced. It is not an advanced curriculum-- it is pretty standard. We decided a standard curriculum that my kids understood and could master was best for our family. That said, my dd will be doing precalculus self paced because we wanted her to start it early and accelerate to finish by December. I think it will be fine for her but we shall see. I don't think the self paced courses would work for ds. Either option, the help sessions are invaluable.
  13. I was all set to sign ds up for a different class but the schedule is not working. Big River Academy teaches the same class with the same text. (Biology with Science Shepherd). Anyone have experience with Big River Academy, specifically with Biology or their writing courses? I am also looking at signing him up for their intermediate composition. Thanks! ETA: Looks like the Potter's School also has Biology with that text at a time that would work...
  14. ok, this was helpful. I don't know why I thought their website said 4 courses was a credit . . . my dd did do grammar also . . . I am not sure what more a credit in "composition" would include, as I know that is a class offered for public schools. It was a lot writing. I guess I can put "American Literature and Composition" or just English 10, but I didn't do that for 9th-- we did Ancient World lit and composition (but the writing last year was integrated into that class so it made sense). . .
  15. I think I was looking at the idea of adding "2.0" for a 0.5 credit course and in my mind I was seeing C=2.0 and thinking I must be not understanding. lol
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