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  1. First, I am so sorry for your loss. I hear you wanting samples of routines, so I will offer that, but if we were going through what you are, I doubt it would look anything like this. Hugs! I have a 5th, 8th, and 10th grader this year. I print planner sheet (we use Scholaric.com) and on Monday morning they have their weekly work on one page on a clipboard ready to go for them. My 8th grader works mostly in his room where it is quiet, but occasionally can be found on the living room floor cuddling our 90 lb German Shepherd. Monday - Thursday he works independently and has live classes.
  2. I am a bit confused by this. We have used AG before, but I am running my ds through Grammar Planet (online AG) because he had forgotten a lot of what he had learned. He is currently going over Modifiers -- which they claim modify adjectives but do not answer the questions "how" or "to what extent." I admit I am a bit confused. Would not anything that modified an adjective be an adverb? I don't understand marking it as a Modifier instead of an adverb. Anyone able to explain this?
  3. I don't think that is it, they have an "intermediate algebra" which is remedial for those that don't place into college algebra.
  4. She will be taking the placement test soon . . . since it is early in Algebra 2 I'm not even sure she will pass the math part right now. (we are planning for her to just take one class this spring to get accustomed to the idea) As long as she passes the writing and reading she can take a non math/science class in the spring. Not sure on the class names. For her desired major it lists her needing precalculus and statistics is required for general ed for the college. She could place into precalc and skip college algebra, but I doubt that will be the case. I am actually picking classe
  5. My dd is taking Algebra 2 with Mr. D. this year. She is doing well, is a solid but not brilliant math student. She will start some DE classes next fall. She intends to go into a science field so has to take College Algebra, Precalculus, and Statistics for her desired degree program. The question is, do I just let her start in the fall with College Algebra, then Precalc in the spring or would she be better off taking high school precalculus next year and then do college algebra and college precalc her senior year? (is that year of high school precalc important or would it be redundant?) The onl
  6. I never come on this side of the boards lol but I love this thread! So great that so many are learning other languages! I am working on fluency in Spanish (it has been awhile since I have used it beyond basic teaching), and learning Italian.
  7. Feral hogs are a major nuisance here. My dh and kids have hunted them numerous times. I have a freezer full of ground hog meat. We rarely buy ground beef . . . They tear up land, kill animals, and have hurt people. The housing communities and golf courses hire trappers routinely to get them off their property.
  8. We are doing VP's self paced and I have several copies of the hard copy . . . but dd is doing some dyslexia tutoring and needs the audio. I have a couple of credits on Audible, anyone have a great suggestion for a 10 year old? (also need a recommendation for King Arthur which is coming up soon)
  9. I appreciate all of the input, thank you! I guess, moving forward is a bit 2-fold. First, I need to determine if this is an anxiety problem or an educational one. Not exactly sure how to determine that? Any suggestions on how to differentiate here? Second, with that knowledge either fill knowledge gaps or work on test prep or most likely both. Any specific resources for either are appreciated!
  10. With the Stanford, she had plenty of time...it was the CLT 10 she ran out of time.
  11. ok. Deep breathe. I am trying not to freak out. I have tried over the years to embrace the process of learning, not focus on testing, etc. and now I feel like I have totally failed at homeschooling. (OK yes a bit dramatic I know). Last year (my dd was in 9th) we did the Samford test. We had not tested since 4th grade. It was very meh. I tried not to be too concerned . . . This week I had her take the CLT 10. It was worse. Now I am panicking. It looks like the verbal reasoning/LA parts were a struggle but really the whole thing was equal opportunity bad. The math -- well, she said she didn't ha
  12. Berean Builders -- We are using Science in the Atomic Age. Text, has videos you can rent or buy, self paced and affordable. It is Christian though, you didn't mention what your preference was . . .
  13. Last year our team practiced twice a week for about 2 hours each, with a few extra practices to work on projects, field trips about the project etc. . . I am super sad that our team is not doing it this year due to everything being online for Covid. We love our FLL team and miss them!
  14. Thank you! This is insightful...I will have to finish reading that article and do some thinking. . . I had not considered the difference in comprehension and memory. Certainly something to consider! We took the stamford 10 in 4th grade and in 9th. She did great in 4th, meh in 9th. She took the CLT 10 today -- we should have results tomorrow but dd said it was hard. ugh. The Reading and Reasoning books are great. My dd has done all 3. Yes, these are the kinds of things I have her doing. Lots of notes, lots of work. It is tedious. Maybe that is just reality. She is just working
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