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  1. We are doing a geography year...some things are going well...some things are not. The MP materials can be a bit tedious and my dd has expressed that the text and classroom atlas are difficult to understand. They are enjoying the mapping, are learning the world capitals, writing about different places -- that is all going well. I think what I would like would be a video series or documentaries that would help us have a little more fun with the rest of our continents. We have Africa, Asia, and Australia still to go this year. They tend to get more invested when we dig deep, so I would like maybe a quick overview and then some dive deep topics for each. We are about to start Sub-Saharan Africa next week. I want to talk about Sudan, the civil wars, refugee crisis etc. The kids have read A Long Walk to Water, will read Journey to Jo'burg, and we will be reading about the missionary David Livingstone. Next we will be studying North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. We will read Teresa of Calcutta , I am Malala, and Amy Carmichael. Possible Dive Deep Topics: Islam, Taliban, Women's rights Next is South and East Asia reading Cracker: The Best Dog in Vietnam, Mission to Cathay Last, Pacific Islands, Australia, Antarctica, reading Call it Courage, Red Sand, Blue Sky Any ideas on movies, documentaries, even youtube videos that would engage them? We watched a few videos on Machu Picchu last week and the Amazon River this week and got pretty good essays from them on the topics.... Thanks!
  2. I do wish it had more review built in, but since I speak the language we are incorporating a review of topics into conversation practice.
  3. Just curious, are there any video options that cover Greeks and Romans in one year?
  4. Thank you! It is moving fast, but I think that 9 chapters are very doable. We are currently on unit 6 so can definitely get to 9. We are borderline mastery at this point, but if we could slow down just a bit I think we can definitely hit mastery. I am "teaching" new material in a 1.5-2 hour block once a week to dd and another young lady. We cover new material, make sure they understand the exercises, and then play some games and practice conversations. Ideally I would add a second teaching day and probably will next year.
  5. I have heard that the 3 books of BTB Spanish equal 4 years of high school Spanish, is this accurate? If so, any ideas of how much would need to be covered in BTB 1 to count for Spanish 1? We are working through it ok, but the topics come quickly and if I don't have to cover the whole book with her for Spanish 1, I would like to take more time with each chapter for review/mastery. But I want to be sure we cover enough this year...
  6. ByGrace3

    3rd grade language arts

    I have my 3rd 3rd grader this year, and every one of them has been slightly different. This year we are doing: Grammar: Memoria Press Grammar Recitation Writing: A mix of Bravewriter, narration, copywork, dictation, with a little WWE 2, and will complete the first section of Treasured Conversations Handwriting: copywork Spelling: AAS 3 and Traditional Spelling from MP (she is a struggling speller) Reading: Sonlight readers and family read alouds from history
  7. Just curious, if there is very little discussion/interaction, what is the benefit of doing the live classes as opposed to the videos? Thank you for all of your help!
  8. Thank you, this is helpful. Ideally we would do an online class I think, but with a live online class option I would have to purchase 2 for dd and ds so double the money. Omnibus 1 and Great Conversations 1 (at WH) are designed for 7th grade and up so I was kind of hoping for something along that level. Is the RR course a much higher level?
  9. It is different. in addition to the online classes, they have a grading and writing services which according to their website: "each student in the service will receive personalized grading for four Old Western Culture exams, and coaching and grading on 3 papers written throughout the year. Writing in the first semester will focus on producing two shorter essays (500-750 words) and honing skills in advancing and defending a thesis statement. The second semester’s writing will focus on one longer paper (1,500 words) written in two stages, the rough draft and the final draft. Each student will develop a thesis around something they are studying in the student’s current year of Old Western Culture. The advisor will coach the student through each stage of the writing process for the final paper, and be available for questions and advice during virtual office hours throughout the school year. At the end of the year, the advisor will assign each student a grade for the course based on the four exams and the three papers. No writing experience or prerequisite course necessary. Though this is not a class unto itself, our tutor is more than happy to answer questions and work with students to give advice and feedback tailored to their level of experience. Students will grow their writing skills, including practice in: writing a topic proposal developing a thesis statement and abstract writing a first draft polishing a final draft. creating academic citations and bibliographies" I am just wondering if the service is worth it. I want dd's writing for next year to tie into the Great Books study and this seems like it might provide some help to that end. DD will also be taking Discovery of Deduction with Schole Academy and there is some writing in the logic classes as well... If we do this writing/grading option with DoD, will that be enough for writing for 9th grade? I am thinking she will take the Persuasive writing and debate classes at Schole for 10th... My son is a much better writer, and I am more comfortable helping him. My dd takes everything personally so another voice than mine is helpful with her.
  10. I had been considering a live class for dd for next year to study Ancients (was considering the Great Conversations classes at WH), however, I am currently considering a video based course that dd (will be 9th), ds (7th) and I could do together. We are Christians and want the course taught from a Christian perspective/worldview. What are my options? I have looked at the courses at Roman Roads which look promising. Any feedback on that? Also, the writing/grading option for $200/year looks sparkly to me, is that worth it? I would probably only do that for dd as I think ds is going to take another online class for writing. Other options?
  11. ByGrace3

    BP Companion and Remember the Days

    We used the Remember the Days last year for year 3. It isn't my favorite ever, but I like the BP program as a whole enough, and thought RTD was just the right enough info, and the right topics, that it worked for us. I did feel like the Companion was so much and a bit disjointed-- though most textbooks spines are to me....we supplemented with it, but didn't use it as a spine the years we did use it.
  12. I prioritize music lessons, and while my oldest started in Kindergarten, my son started in 2nd, and my younger daughter in 1st. If money was tight and I had to choose, I would only do the older one in music lessons, and wait until 1st or 2nd grade for music for the others. I have two daughters who have done gymnastics for years. After a decade in the sport my oldest switched to swimming. I wouldn't trade a day of her gymnastics passed. It was incredibly instrumental in developing character, time management, physical strength, team work, work ethic, and more. We currently allow one sport and piano lessons per kid. If we had to choose one, I don't know what I would do... and we may be faced with that decision soon...Maybe let each child choose 1 or the other . . . When kids are younger, I think piano and gymnastics are wonderful groundwork. Eventually as they grow and develop deeper interests, it will be easier to see -- maybe they will prefer science classes over a sport or music...but for now I think sports and music are a good foundation.
  13. I wondered this as well. I had always heard how long CLE math lessons were, but we are new to CLE math this year (grade 6) and this has not been our experience so far.
  14. We both like the set up of Schole Academy, but they don't offer Great Books courses. My thought right now is either the Great Conversations class with WH or a regular history and Writing class with Schole, but if we go the second route, I have to add a Bible credit as well. The GC class at WH is expensive, but it does cover 3 credits -- is the consensus that a GC course is enough for a lit, history, and Theology credit?
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