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  1. No...you really should watch. A lot of your questions would be answered. From their perspective anyway. She told him in the morning she was suicidal. They had an engagement that night. Harry said she shouldn’t go and he said she shouldn’t be alone.
  2. Just to share my small bit of knowledge. My dad is using a walker with nice wheels and a seat. I think it is this one https://medmartonline.com/nova-star-8?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQiAyoeCBhCTARIsAOfpKxjNuzARx_c7ROAemtCtCBSf_SzaJA6eYqxpnaaYwYQ5qhvSLl_nw8IaAlRsEALw_wcB . It was a hassle to convince him to get a walker in the first place and finally I said I wasn't taking him anywhere unless he had a walker. So...he got one. He was a fall waiting to happen and I didn't want to be picking him up off of pavement or in the grocery store floor. He might do better with
  3. Maybe this will change going forward with all this Covid mess. My boys got 1 subject test under our belt last year for 9th. Was planning 2 more, but that is out now. Was hoping to CLEP American Government this year - not sure about that. It is more for grade verification that college credit for us.. Doing an AP class next year. Hopefully it will be easier to schedule and take the AP exams next year. What a mess.
  4. Not the OP, but CLEPs aren't currently happening where I live. I've been calling :-(.
  5. Yeah, my dad says it's a good thing he put me through school -- LOL. I have an accounting degree also. Dh is an attorney and, while he can do taxes if needed, it seems to be my unspoken responsibility since I was (keyword was) an accountant -- LOL. There is also a lot less cussing when I do it 😁!
  6. Quoting myself -- LOL. I finally got my 2019 refund in late February - with interest. My dad has still not received his. I did file his in October with an extension though. I heard this week that there are millions of 2019 returns that have not been processed.
  7. How is everyone doing with their taxes? I'm just starting my dad's, but it won't take long this year. I do his by hand and hope to have them done by tomorrow. Last year I had the capital gain on his house of 55+ years to deal with. That was not fun, but won't have to deal with that on his ever again. Is anyone using Turbo Tax? Does it seem to be working ok this year with the changes that were made in 2020 (i.e. stimulus checks, Cares Act, etc.)? I want to use it for my in-laws returns and it will be the first time I'm doing theirs and the first time it will not be done by hand.
  8. Just getting back to this thread :-). @frogger Yes, it is tons of fun -- LOL. The boys' taxes will seem easy after dealing with my elderly people's taxes.
  9. My bad...not doing Calculus. Done with everything up to that at the end of 10th.
  10. Thank you! They will be done with Trig and PreCalc this year. Edited to correct myself -- LOL.
  11. I could have sworn there was a thread on this topic at some point, but I'm going cross-eyed looking at so many different threads this week so I may have missed it -- LOL. I currently have two 10th graders and "we" are looking at maybe trying a cc class this summer or next year. I've read enough on here to know that it might be best to start with something easier to get their feet wet and I also know the grade counts!!!! So...would anyone like to help start a list of CC classes that might be good for a newbie to CC to take :-).
  12. My dad is not vaccinated yet, but I will continue to mask in his apartment and apartment building (I wear 3 masks) even after he is vaccinated. I thought they could still spread it and it doesn't prevent them from getting it. I'm hoping he continues to mask as well. My in-laws are on the list to get theirs. We will continue to mask with them too. DH goes over every other day to care for them. I don't see masks going away for us anytime soon -- except in our own house and if my boys get back in the pool.
  13. All of our paper products, cleaning supplies (yes, I have extra), latex gloves, etc.) are on the metal shelves (like a PP showed above) in our basement. One whole shelving unit for that stuff. We have 2 freezers in the basement. We had a small fridge/freezer in our garage that never keeps the frozen stuff frozen in the winter. Normally we just don't use it in the winter, but we did this year with the pandemic. It is not pretty, but we moved that into our kitchen sunroom for the winter. Our dining room, which we never use, is holding plastic bins full of non-perishables. Mine
  14. We are eating through our older stuff, but replacing as we go. I don't want to be in that situation again!
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