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  1. Our county school system came out this week with a letter to parents telling them to prepare for possible school closings due to coronavirus - much like winter weather closings. Hopefully won't need it, but to be prepared.
  2. I've been slowly stocking up. For my family of 4 and my elderly father who doesn't live with me.
  3. Currently 2 suspected cases in VA - one in Northern VA where I am 😞
  4. HAHA Lori D.! My boys are boring -- LOL!!! I wish they would do some of the things you mention -- LOL. We will see what our options are though. They like a lighter daily schedule during the school year and work on weekends (their choice) to make that happen.
  5. I need to do some research, but is this self-paced? ETA: I just looked it up and see it is self-paced! She is liking them? Do you feel they are good?
  6. I am curious what on-line options, if any, are out there for semester long high school classes taken during the summer. Any recommendations? We are heading into 10th grade. Also, what are good classes to possibly "get out of the way" during the summer to make the school year a little lighter? Even if done at home with a curriculum? What can be condensed into 3 months with focused time to spend on it? We have always done some school during the summer. Math we do during the summer with some breaks. Thanks much!
  7. Oh my goodness!!! Big hugs and prayers for both of these house problems today!!!
  8. @Farrar Are your boys doing the regular or honors Chemistry? I've read so much about the workload in honors 😲!
  9. Thank you! Always fun with twins! My one DS that is a bit lazy has really stepped up in everything this year. My other one, who has never been a problem school-wise, has switched -- LOL. Grades are still good, but I have to push to get the work done sometimes. They keep me guessing! Thanks for the info on colleges wanting to see harder courses junior year. That is new to me.
  10. I have read a ton of threads on Clover Valley Chemistry -- such good reviews, but I know about the amount of time spent on work concerns. I am trying to decide if it is better to just do Chemistry in 10th, Physics in 11th, and have an easier (non-lab done at home) science year in 12th or would it be better to do the easier year in 10th and do Chemistry and Physics in 11th and 12th? I know we will have PSAT, SAT and ACT prep, college research and tours, and college applications at some point. Any thoughts from those who have been there and done that? Both boys are in a local Honors Biology course with lab that has been fabulous (in content and learning valuable study skills). They have spent a LOT of time each week on it, but they have learned so much. I know they are capable of the work, but I know Clover Valley Chemistry can be time intensive (especially Honors). Our local options for Chemistry are not the best and I am not teaching Chemistry or Physics :-). Any input would be much appreciated!!!
  11. I did it when I left the Federal government so maybe a little different. But...I was on it for 18 months after having my twins (longest we could do it and I didn't go back to work). I ended up applying with them for individual coverage, but had to do it before the COBRA was over. It was very straightforward. I wasn't one for automatic payments back then, but I did for this one as I didn't want to lose coverage because I forgot to pay or it was late. Good luck :-).
  12. My 9th graders are finishing the last book of Vocabulary from Classicla Roots. They will have done them all. It’s been a great program that they can do on their own. They’ve learned alot and I think it has helped them with their writing and on standardized tests.
  13. I just got back from my dad's place and the boys' dental appts. We took groceries and lunch to eat with my dad. I walk in and his walker is parked in its usual spot out of the way until he has to leave his apartment. I remind him, yet again, that he has fallen 5 times in the last year. That he fell on Christmas morning (I raced over there at 7 am when the neighbors below him called me to tell me he fell and he wouldn't answer his phone or door) and then again the next night (he broke his big toe and scraped his head). I told him he HAD to use his walker in his place because the next time he might not be so lucky. Anyway, today when I told him he fell at Christmas, he said, "Well, I haven't fallen recently!" I'm like, "Yeah, until the next time!" Told him he might end up in assisted living after his stay in a hospital and/or rehab if he has a bad enough fall. Feel like a broken record and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. He doesn't really care though and says he knows he is going to fall. He doesn't realize how wobbly he is and I've even taken video of him to show him. Oh well -- LOL!!! Can really only control myself...
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