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  1. Any recommendations for good books or a series for 10th grade boys (for Christmas)? We used to use the library extensively, but we aren't at the moment. They are advanced readers so I don't mind books for young adults or adults, but prefer they didn't contain TEA scenes 😁! They were Harry Potter, Hunger Games types of kids. They also read and enjoyed One Second After and it's sequel. They also liked the Itch series by Simon Mayo. They have read a lot over the years. These are just to give you an idea of what they like. One of my boys has also read a couple of Agatha Christie books.
  2. I'm a cross-stitcher and I know the time (and love) we put into our projects. If you are not sure you want to take this on, then don't do it. Something that is supposed to be fun and relaxing becomes a huge chore. And...I would also charge several hundred dollars for your time if you decide to do it :-).
  3. I know from your other posts that you feel the same way, but I'm so very tired of worrying about all of this! And...trying to determine whether the consequences of an action (covid related) are worth it!
  4. I totally get it 😞! And...it makes me mad to see so many people out and about doing things! It is hard with the newborn and doctor's visits, and I'm not sure what to say there, but anyone else that you know is not being careful (her MIL) would be a deal breaker for me. At least from now through spring. We will be re-evaluating some things next spring because I'm not sure I will continue to put our lives on hold (especially my 10th graders lives and prepping for college and college resumes) when the elders have lived a very full life. So hard making all these decisions. And...I'm not
  5. I know you have had a very unique situation regarding all of this, and I'm so sorry, but I am taking care of my elderly dad and my 94 year old in-laws. For me, they don't really get to decide for themselves. Well...they can, but then I will be hiring care for them. If my dad chose to be out and about in his apartment building with all the people I see not wearing a mask, then I would not be coming over. I would be hiring help. Because...if I bring it home and my DH gets it, then he could take it to his parents and they won't survive this at 94. Same goes the other way. I am doing everyt
  6. We are going to try this. Marinating now. What kind of pan do you cook it in? A roasting pan? Any water in the pan?
  7. Thank you everyone. We are going to cook our last on tomorrow 😊.
  8. I do the same! I only buy fresh produce and fruit (except bananas) that are in bags or containers (or buy frozen). And...wipe down and/or clean everything. So much work!!! Hubby and I do it together so it isn't as bad, but still a lot of work every time we get groceries. And...I shop for us, my dad, and my in-laws. I'm not stopping anytime soon either.
  9. Was she physically going into the grocery store or having them bring groceries to her car? I don't go into the stores at all, but have started wearing my mask (since cases have been rising) from the time I get to the store and call for curbside pick-up until I get home and get out of my van. Sometimes the workers aren't wearing the masks over their noses and are talking to me as they are putting groceries in my car (and breathing on my groceries). We do still sanitize our groceries (since March) as at least a 1/3 of each order goes to our elderly parents. Not taking any chances.
  10. My son is wanting a waffle maker as a "family" gift this year. Any recommendations?
  11. What about stencils for journaling? https://www.amazon.com/s?k=stencil+set+for+journaling&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  12. So sorry to hear about your husband!! I too am very behind on all my photos. I still plan to do photo albums with printed pictures. Creative Memories is back in business. You could do very simplistic pages where you have room to write a little note, where something took place, who the people are in the pictures, the date. That, to me, is just as important as the pictures. Project life is nice too where you can just slip the pics in the pages and they have some journal papers you can get or you can make your own. Make it simple. I say this because I cleaned out my parent's hom
  13. Thank you! Just curious - about how much do you use each time (which size bottle)? Ours is an L-shape with the equivalent of 2 full size couches on each side. And...the back of our couch is exposed so would need to make sure that is done too.
  14. We bought a new, very nice, leather couch in 2011. Not ever having had leather before, we apparently haven't taken care of it very well. It has scratches and fading now - we use this couch every day as it's in our family room. I've been doing research on-line about the best way to restore it, but the hive is always so full of great information, I thought I would try here too :-). I've attached a pic of part of my couch with damage. We have not done anything to polish, moisturize, etc. this couch. Just curious, some of the recs are to use olive oil or coconut oil. How do people u
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