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  1. My boys would only be taking the PSAT 10 this year, and they took the PSAT 8/9 last year, but we are going to pass - especially since we just dealt with taking a stressful SAT2 in August LOL. Our county schools are all virtual, but they are going on with the PSATs for 10th and 11th graders who want to take it. I have 2 slots for my 10th graders if I want them. It would be a much harder decision if they were 11th graders. I just wanted to post my experience because a few posters mentionted trouble finding a test site. Not a problem in my big county.
  2. No BTDT either, but I would also hope that colleges will be offering some grace considering covid, test postponements, having to wear a mask for such a long time, etc. Especially since many (all) colleges are not requiring current SAT scores for 2021 applications.
  3. Hope everyone gets the results they were looking for :-).
  4. Last night was pancakes, bacon, and fruit bowl. Tonight is bacon cheesburgers and fries 😁. Tomorrow is a healthier meal!
  5. We are staying just the 4 of us this Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm actually looking forward to it :-). Normally there are 10 of us at BIL's for Thanksgiving. My 85 year old dad and 93 year old ILs are usually there too. They are not social distancing so we are not going. My SIL will take food to her parents and eat with them. I will take a meal to my dad and we will FaceTime our meal with him. He lives in an apartment building and I won't take my mask off over there. Dad says he wears his masks out in the building, but I'm not taking the risk since I also care for my ILs. Fo
  6. @Farrar Which states is DC quarantining?
  7. What about middle school stuff that doesn't count towards high school work? Can go right?!?!?!? I did do a middle transcript to apply to high school specialty programs, but we decided to continue homeschooling so I don't need to keep anything unless I want to, right?
  8. My boys are just starting 10th grade. I'm drowning in paperwork (of all kinds including my dad's). If I scan work that went into grades (for 9th grade) and back it up, can I recycle the paper? Example 1: Vocab Roots - Workbook and Tests (can I scan and toss)? I have a spreadsheet with their grades for each test, etc. Example 2: Math Algebra 2 (VideoText) - I have their daily work, quizzes, tests (can I scan and toss)? I have a spreadsheet for this also. If you think I should keep the paper for both, can I just keep the quizzes/tests and get rid of the rest? The writi
  9. So...I have an OLD iPod that has all my favorite things on it. My laptop died where I used to add new music and sync it. The hard drive is gone. I do have a bit of it saved on an external drive somewhere, but I'm wondering if there is a way I can sync backwards from my ipod to my PC/laptop. Any thoughts? When I am reloading stuff into my new computer, I have to do a bunch of work to set it up in itunes. It doesn't just pop up like I how I had it on my old laptop.
  10. My boys are just starting 10th grade. They probably spend 6-7 hours per weekday, but they prefer to do some work on the weekends to lighten the weekday load. They were swimming 6 days a week, attending some classes in person, and volunteering at the library every week last year. This year, no swimming 😭😭😭 and everything else has moved online. They’ve started 2 classes already and the rest begin on Tuesday. We will see how things go this year. They will be addng SAT/ACT prep this year and we are decidng on an AP test for a class that is Honors this year. We need need to research AP prep
  11. I am currently selling a bunch of homeschool curriculum on various FB groups. After that is toys/games/puzzles. After that is lots of other stuff -- LOL!
  12. Cross-stitch patterns and supplies. My therapy 😁.
  13. I only let Walmart substitute milk for me. I've heard enough stories about what crazy substitutes people get from them. Yesterday a neighborhood friend posted her substitution that our local Walmart provided -- LOL. She got shoes in place of Wet Ones wipes 🤣!
  14. Oh good 😊! Yes! They lose a 1/4 point for each one wrong. THANK YOU!
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