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  1. I have cut way back over the past couple of years. I do not write a year end letter, but do photo cards. I get some in return, and I love getting those, but still send to family members and close friends even if they don't send one in return. I will probably stop when the boys are out of high school in another 3 or 4 years.
  2. I want to do this and am looking for been there/done that stories. I wanted to do it last year, but I ended up busy with my dad. It needs to be done in the fall/winter and could take more than one attempt, but a lot will be dealt with the first peel. I am doing it because the skin on the left side of my face has really dark pigmentation over that has shown up over the last few years. I do not have it on my right side. I think alot of it is from my driving and the left side of my face getting so much sun -- and I wasn't good about wearing sunscreen on outings in the car most of the time. Anyway, I want to get rid of it - I am very self conscious about it and it is hard to cover up. It is a lot on that left side of my face. Anyone had this done? Pain level involved during the procedure? How bad was the peeling after? I was told not I might not want to have any big events the week after - I will be peeling a lot.
  3. Yes...this was not fun to figure out with no warning. And, we had to find my dad’s papers in a rush. My dad was a mess and my sister couldn’t handle any of it (she couldn’t even come into the funeral home with me to help) so I had to just get it done the best I could. I had no idea what her preferences were for a funeral. My now DH, who had never met my family until we all raced to the hospital for my mom, was the one by my side helping me try to figure out what casket, etc. my mom would have wanted. Knew then he was a keeper!!! I probably should call and see what the process is when it comes time for my in-laws and dad just to make sure my information is up to date.
  4. Yes, it comes with a liner and gravestone. The gravestones are all the same so no decisions to be made there. The writing was standard for much of it and we added a few words to the bottom (beloved wife, mother, and grandmother). i don’t remember the option for the flag (we had flowers), but that is probably because my mom didn’t serve in the military. The headstone is turned with the wording facing mom’s grave. My dad’s info will be added and the gravestone will be turned so my dad’s name faces the grave. It was actually a very easy process. My in-laws will be buried in the same place, but they are choosing to be creamated.
  5. My dad is still here, but we had to bury my mom after she died very unexpectedly. I needed dad’s discharge papers. I picked out the casket and the flowers. The VA burial site gave me the date(s) and time(s) that were our options. I had to choose between a casket burial or creamation. I chose casket. My dad will be buried in the same spot on top of her casket when the time comes. I got to choose between 2 locations for her burial location. We had a service at church and then another smaller service at the burial site.
  6. I spent a lot of time on the phone with various banks, etc. while sitting with my dad figuring all this out regarding his stuff. I made the calls and told them why I was calling, had my dad on speaker phone, he gave them permission to talk to me, and I asked my questions. He also had user names and passwords written down and I went into those accounts to see what I could find out. He isn’t at the point where I have put the POA into effect, but I can now access everything. I was also added to his Costco credit card and have my own card to buy stuff for him. He didn’t have a mortgage any longer, but I had to piece together pay checks, retirement, home/car insurance, medical insurance, etc. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. It is a lot!!! And...I had to figure out how to do his taxes for this past year.
  7. Looking for best tips to remove battery corrosion from electronics? I have an camera flash I’m trying to clean up and there is blue/green corrosion on the metal “thingy” LOL where the battery goes. Any advice?
  8. That Indigo Batik would go very nicely with the Accessible Beige or my Clay Beige. The light isn’t the best, but this is my Clay Beige with a Denim accent wall. I did this in the boys’ playroom.
  9. I don’t think there is any pink in it. I sent you a PM. I have Benjamin Moore Clay Beige at my house. My family room and kitchen, entry way, and all hallways and stairways. No pink in that either.
  10. ETA: sorry the picture is so big 😬 I’m hoping to finish this by the end of January. I’m also hoping to get a Christmas rag wreath or two done. I’ve had the supplies for 2 years LOL.
  11. I know this is an older, but I just pulled this out again and got around to taking a picture. Hoping to finish this by the end of January for my sister's b-day. In my spare time of course -- LOL!
  12. They are very heavy and would likely be quite expensive to ship. I have 2 plastic bins for each boy so far and I can barely lift each bin. I wish we didn't get the participation ones in the first place -- LOL. Our last season of baseball they gave out nice t-shirts instead of participation trophies. At least those can be used :-).
  13. Their swimming awards mean the most to them. Both boys have a coaches award medal and one has a most improved medal. They are in their swim albums. We also have their ribbons and heat ribbons in sleeves. Those make them happy to look at and they don't take up a lot of room. One of my boys has maybe 5 high point awards for his age groups. That award is his goal for every summer swim season and he likes that one because is it 100% earned. He will never get rid of those -- LOL. They have one 1st place baseball trophy and all the rest are participation trophies. When did they start those things anyway and why? And...they stopped giving out 1st place trophies because they didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings?!?!? My boys have been on winning and losing baseball teams. Not everyone is going to have a winning season and they survived! We do have all their game balls and they want to keep those. They feel they earned those too. The trophy companies are making out on this participation thing...
  14. They are all baseball, soccer, or swimming themed. Nothing generic unfortunately.
  15. I've called 2 trophy shops in the area. Neither take them and they said even Goodwill and Salvation Army got inundated and stopped taking them. I hate to just throw them away, but my boys don't really want them. These are participation trophies that everyone gets (many with their names spelled wrong -- not the one's they really earned. Any thoughts before they go in the trash? I do not want to store stuff they don't want and doesn't mean anything to them. I will be doing the same with my old piano/music trophies.
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