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  1. I am looking for something too. Here are a few different things I found in my search: I also found a post talking about Acellus Health (it was for $10/month at the time, but the price is now $25/month). I'm trying to find that thread again. Anyway, here is the link . Found the thread, it is the last post I also found this on Outschool that looks fun . There is also a 10-week course with the same title, but it isn't live and I believe it goes 10 weeks. I'm new to the high school board, but I want to get health and PE out of the way in 9th and 10th. I also want to get my boys certified in CPR and first aid as they hope to become peer coaches on our neighborhood swim team next year. Figured the certification and training wouldn't hurt to have.
  2. Our schools require 2 years of Health and Physical Education for Advanced Diploma (which is what my boys would be getting if at public school). To be competitive I am trying to make sure their transcript is competitive with the kids they would be graduating with. My boys are going into 9th and I want these out of the way. Would you do 1 year PE and 1 year Health? My boys swim year round and workout so I can get PE done very easily. Or...could I do a .5 credit health and 1.5 credit PE? High school newbie here -- LOL.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. For Spanish, I only have the option of 2 - 1 hour days or at another place for 1.5 hours once a week.
  4. Well...I am in the same boat as you with my laptop and desktop. I love Windows 7 and this makes me very sad -- LOL. My 13 year olds and my dad have newer desktops with Windows 10. My boys love it and don't like my Windows 7. My dad prefers Windows 7. I don't like when I'm having to work on their computers at all - not instinctive to me. boys and dad haven't really had any problems with it. Are they offering the upgrade for free?
  5. Local class registrations are opening soon in my area and I am behind the 8 ball having to take care of and move my dad. I finally got his house emptied on Monday, the contractors are doing their thing, and the house goes on the market next week. It has been a long 9 months, but he is happy and safe! Anyway, long story short, I was debating public school or homeschooling high school (I have a whole thread on the high school board dedicated to the subject -- LOL). The boys were accepted into the IB Program and did a shadow day with 9th grade Pre-IB students. Suffice it to say, it was very eye opening. One of my boys, the one that would rather not do school ever (even though he is very capable), said that my school is harder, but that we have less busy work and get through more material. He feels more challenged at home with me and that it would probably be easier to go to school, but he wants to be home. The other one is adamant he is homeschooling - he doesn't like busy work. Of course, they were only there for a day, but the coordinator forgot to email the teachers they were going to have shadow students and maybe the boys got the real deal. Unfortunately, they had a sub for Alg 2/Trig and he was on his phone the whole time after passing out a SOL practice work packet. So...I think we are homeschooling and there are 2 classes, at a minimum, I think I want/need to outsource for high school. Spanish and science. For Spanish, we have the option of outsourcing to a wonderful teacher. Both boys have sat in on her class and she makes the class fun, but it is pretty intense. Her class if very popular. It will meet 2 times a week (1 hour each day) for the full school year. It will be almost $1600 total for both boys to take her class. They have being doing a lot of Duolingo and did GSWS, but I think they should start in Spanish 1 as she speaks Spanish the entire time and my boys have only had each other to practice on. Her Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 classes offer Honors option and she goes to Spanish 4, which many colleges in my area are looking for 4 years of same language (this would be true at IB too). Do you think the price is reasonable? I could buy a program for them to do at home, but I would either need to hire a tutor or do Homeschool Spanish Academy or something similar and that would be $$$ too. Please forgive for what is probably a stupid question (I have lost 9 months of researching high school time), but is Biology with lab is considered 1 credit? Would biology without the lab also be 1 credit? I know we need to take at least 3 lab sciences for colleges in my state (I live in VA and we have many good college options). Also, what are your thoughts on outsourcing biology with lab at home vs. outsourcing? I have 2 local options. The 1st one is just the lab, but she assigns reading, homework, tests, etc. that we do at home. She uses Apologia Biology. I am fine with either Christian or secular, but we tried Apologia General Science and that was a little dry for us. We did sit in on one of her lab days (frog dissection) and they enjoyed it. She had good command of the class and the boys said they would be fine taking her lab. The lab would be about $1000 for both boys 1 day a week (1 hour class). The other option is a 1.5 hour class (1 day a week) that includes teaching and lab, plus a 1 hour on-line day at home. The boys really enjoyed the teacher and came out talking about all the things they saw using the microscope (the class was growing a pond in a container and monitoring the progress all year). They equated her teaching style to the Spanish teacher they like. She uses an old Holt McDougal text that will be about $12 to buy. The class had dissected a fetal pig 2 weeks prior to the class we sat in on (I'm not sure one of my would do well with that - he loves animals). Honors option is offered. We would have to start with that, but can downgrade if the work is too much. I would want them to do the honors option. I'm not sure of cost yet (will know soon), but what would be reasonable for this? I do not have a science background, but I could probably manage to do this at home, but I think they would benefit more from taking biology from someone else. Any suggestions or advice? I love to research and plan and feel I have missed so much this past school year. Thank goodness my boys kept working on when I wasn't available. I do have to say that we love being home and this will put us out of the house 2 or 3 days a week for classes. The boys also swim year round (4 to 6 days of practice per week) and they will continue volunteering 1 day a week at the library. Both places we are considering classes also offer homeschool National Honor Society and they want to do that. I think that is one meeting a month and service events. I know we need to suck it up and do it - I want their resumes for college to be competitive with the kids coming out of public school in our area. I would love feedback from those deciding the same types of things or those that have been there and done that. Sorry this got so long.
  6. I have a wonderful crock pot french onion soup recipe. The bread would be softened in the broth. May have to skip the cheese as that is usually chewy. I know when I had a crown lengthening, my favorite thing to eat was very finely chopped ham salad. I know that isn't super fancy, but it was perfect. To be honest, you might not have a lot of fancy options. I hope you find something that works for you!
  7. My boys are 13 and we are keeping theirs. They don't want to keep much, but they are wanting these. I'm working on making sure the sets are complete and boxed up. They are continuing to display a few. We have plenty of storage in our unfinished basement though so space isn't a factor.
  8. Carrie12345, how did things turn out for you? Hope it was better news!!!
  9. Pen, thanks for checking! Fever is gone and starting to mend. Yes, I got it done - for NY non-resident too. Going to take a break and get my house back in order after dealing with dad's stuff for 9 months, then I will get the taxes done with fresh eyes!!!
  10. I had my dad's estate sale on Saturday and I am sitting in my van at his house watching the haul away people take the rest away. Weight on my shoulders lifting as I type. Taking a week off and going to start working on my house. Can't wait!
  11. OP here! I got most everything in and am getting back less than usual, but don't owe anything. When I finish, the refund should be higher. Whew.... Thanks for the assist! I'm going back to bed as my fever shot up while doing this -- LOL.
  12. Thank you! I started getting sick at the end of my dad's estate sale yesterday and have been in bed all day with cold symptoms and a fever today. Can't seem to catch a break -- LOL. But...I have Turbo Tax loaded and am giving it a shot at the moment. Hard to care when you have a fever... I think Turbo Tax lets me file an extension on-line?!?!? Will need to check.
  13. I hope the new preparer is wrong!!! So sorry you are dealing with tax stress too! I have my dad getting back a huge chunk of money that he didn’t the years he did it by hand prior to this year. I wanted time to make sure I was doing it correctly, which I think I did. With dealing with his house too, just no time to research his IRA stuff and to do ours. I’m praying we don’t have a nasty surprise when I get them done! Wishing you luck on Monday!
  14. Oh no! Did you have any big changes last year?
  15. I mailed my dad’s from home, but that was 2 weeks ago. For mine, I will taking it to the desk at the post office. I have to do New York’s too, but theirs is on-line, which is nice.
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