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  1. Well....we were just trying to schedule a subject test but, after an hour on-line at 8 pm last night (we were not priority), I managed to get 2 spots for the August exam. I did not get the school 3 miles from me, or 15 minutes from me, or the one about 25 minutes from me. But...I got a spot (about 40 minutes away). see if it actually happens.
  2. I totally agree! My FIL is very social and knows all the people at the various stores and restaurants he goes to. At 93, we certainly weren't stopping him - even though I don't think he should be driving. My dad was happy playing poker and bingo with all his friends at his apartment building 6 days a week. Before COVID-19, they pretty much all did their own thing. But...this is different than anything we've experienced before :-(. My dad's apartment building (mostly independent elderly people) has closed off all community rooms and cancelled all activities. I worry when they start opening them up again. He is not good about washing his hands and he may or may not wear the masks I've made for him. I'm really just done worry about all the people -- LOL! And...we have run out of TJ Orange Chicken (I had a ton in my freezer). Need to get more of that!!!
  3. Same as my time! I have 2 to register so they'll both be at their computers ready to go -- LOL!!! I would really just like to get the August date before the next school year starts :-)!!!
  4. Thank you! I went through registration this morning and tests seats are currently open for the August exam at locations very near to me. But...I received the message that I have to wait until 8 pm tonight to register.
  5. hair is long. But...I recently cut 3 inches off the back by myself. My DH needs to fix it for me -- LOL. I ordered this yesterday to help him do my hair for awhile. I posted about it on FB and some friends have actually used it and they said it does what it says it should do. I've got about another inch before my layers are cut out and then I will just keep it straight across in the back for awhile.
  6. this is our problem/dilemma! We (me, my DH, and both my 14 year old boys) actually don't feel safe eating out at the moment. And...we didn't realize how much we ate out before all of this (and I don't like to cook), but we have chosen to eat at home for the time being. We are really, really craving our favorite things, but we can survive without for now. My in-laws (I should say my FIL) really want the Long Horn - and I totally get that. We can get it for them. But...if they get sick (and FIL is very frail), we are exposed and I take care of my dad. So...for us, it is not just go ahead and do it.
  7. Yes, this is my concern. I see people around here, and our cases are rising, and they are either not wearing masks or putting their hands all over their masks. I've not seen it at a restaurant because I haven't been to one, but I'm not sure it will be any better.
  8. Thank you. Yes, she fell. All seems well at the moment. Just a mini crisis :-).
  9. Thank you! No CV19 - she fell at home. She seems to be good. Just a little mini crisis :-)!
  10. I am going to try registering my boys for their first SAT Subject test tomorrow (hopefully to try to get an August spot if any are left after priority students are re-registered). We had started going through the registration process on Friday, but I need to get recent pics of them to upload. Anyway, should I fill out all the information (i.e. where you add in all their math classes and what grade they took or will take them) or can I just bypass some of that? If I bypass it now, can I go back and update it? Also, I thought I saw somewhere that non-priority students could start trying to register for Aug - Oct Subject Test dates after 8 pm on June 3rd. Now I can't find that information. Any help here would be much appreciated! Thank you!!!
  11. Thanks for the input Lanny, but to be honest, we will not feel any guilt if this happens. We are actually taking great care of them - we call them everyday, see them often (we are actually being very safe on our end so we can care for them), and probably do more for them many do for their elderly parents. I posted again earlier today about possibly doing their steak dinner at the end of June for my boys' b-day, but MIL fell yesterday. A restaurant meal is the least of our worries at the moment.
  12. And the winner is..... They feel great, are nice and snug with my narrow foot, and I like not having something between my toes. I think the Crocs are my 2nd keeper, but am going to try those again later today, along with the Skecher I like, and decide. return all the ones I'm not keeping -- LOL!!! Thanks so much for all the input!
  13. OP here again! Thank you everyone for your kind and thoughtful responses. We are considering bringing my in-laws over the end of June for my boys' bday and getting it then for all of us. My MIL fell yesterday so that has become the priority of the moment 😔! @Ktgrok Yes, I agree with your last paragraph about contaminated food vs. contaminated surface!!! @Lanny I totally hear what you are saying. My DH wants them to live forever so easier said than done 😋. @ClemsonDana I hear what you are saying here for sure! But...I am the sole caregiver of my dad, who does not live with me. I do everything for him though - bills, groceries, now I do all his cleaning (we let the cleaning person go in mid-March), taxes, medicine container filler upper :-). For my in-laws, my BIL and his wife are not helping at all. My SIL keeps doing things that takes her out of rotation every 14 days it seems. is me and DH left to take care of them. It would be great if they just made their own choices, but their choices affect us as well because if we get it from them, I can either give it to my father or I might get sick and not be able to care for him. I wish everyone could just take care of themselves and we could just not go around them if they decide to be out and about and/or doing things we deem risky. Really a sucky place to be in at the moment to be honest. But...we will figure it out. I really do appreciate the input from everyone!!! Be safe....
  14. I know with everything going on in this crazy world at the moment, indoor shoes are not high on the list of important things. brain just can't take anymore yucky stuff tonight so I'll offer an update on the shoes -- LOL. These came today in a size 8. . So far, these are the winner. Perfect fit and so comfortable. Tomorrow I will have the slides in the Clarks and the 2 sizes of the Crocs. I'm hoping the Crocs work too. If they do, I'll probably keep one of the Clarks and the Crocs. My feet will be so happy. I haven't worn any shoes today and I'm paying for it!!! P.S. I really miss being able to just go try on shoes!!!
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