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  1. My twins (16 this month) have their appointments together. I do go back with them - they never say anything and the doctor is fine with it (I've asked if I should be in there with them). We've been with their ped since they were 5 days old though. He does take them to another room to do a quick lower body check :-). My guys are not shy around me at home though. It is just me, DH, and the 2 of them in the house. ETA: Their ped is a male.
  2. I have a Nikon D7200. I have never even thought to update my firmware. I need a new lens that says it will work with my camera with updated firmware. Is there any reason for me not to update my camera? I'm photog this year for our summer swim league and don't want to mess anything up -- LOL. ETA: I would be going from C 1.00 to C 1.04 at this point.
  3. It's too bad that when you block someone, you can still see what they are saying when someone else quotes them 🙄!
  4. My boys had their 1st dose at Walgreens and their 2nd does at their pediatricians office. I would have preferred they both be done at the pediatricians off (Dh, my dad, and I had ours done there too), but it would have been a longer wait to get in for their 1st dose. No problems here going 2 places.
  5. I’m so sorry, but this cracked me up 😂😂😂
  6. My boys are 27 hours post 2nd shot. Both of them said their arms were more sore than the 1st dose. They are feeling fine. One did just come to me and said his armpit is sore and can feel a swollen lymph node. They just had a sore arm for the 1st shot.
  7. We didn't use Funda Funda for Biology, but my boys did Biology (local) in 9th and Clover Valley Chemistry in 10th. They really enjoyed both and learned a lot, but their Biology had a much higher workload than Chemistry.
  8. Just got home from the boys 2nd shot. My one guy was able to lay down for the entire thing this time and did great (he got his first shot at Walgreens and fainted after the shot - he has vasovagal syncope reactions to shots). Will see how they do side effects wise throughout the day. They think they are going to swim practice this afternoon. We will see!
  9. My guys are getting their 2nd shot tomorrow morning 😬!
  10. Let's say you have a raw score of 80/100. Do you know how they come up with their scaled score between 20 and 80? Also, are my guys looking for at least a 50? Thanks much!
  11. That is just a drop in the bucket! My in-laws thought there would be set with their long-term care insurance. Come to find out it would only cover $90/day only after they were there for a certain length of time (like 90 days or something). Would have been a help, but very little help with the daily cost of assisted living or nursing home. They both ended up passing at home on home hospice with 24/7 caregivers so a lot of premiums paid for years wasted.
  12. My mom is gone, my in-laws just passed, so I just have my dad left as far as caring for an elderly person. I moved him 10 minutes from me and, while it is a lot of work, I'm glad he is close and I take him to all his doctors appts, handle his finances, etc. My sister is not married and won't have anyone to care for her. She doesn't even have close friends. She doesn't live near me so I'm not sure what she is going to do. My SIL is unmarried and lives close, but is burning all her bridges with us by the second. So...not sure what her plans will be. It will not be us. She has a l
  13. So...I have an old Samsung Galaxy S5 from 2014 😎. IT IS TIME!!! Time for a new phone -- LOL. And...because I've been so patient, I can get whatever I want. Any recommendations other than Apple products? Not necessarily opposed to them, but the Samsung was a bigger phone (again old eyes) at the time and we have had good luck with it. I am looking for something that isn't tiny (old eyes), has great battery life, and an awesome camera/video. Also, does anyone know if I will lose all my text messages that I currently have on my phone (not changing numbers)? Contacts? I know to s
  14. I 2nd or 3rd Clover Valley Chemistry! My boys just finished her regular chemistry and learned so much! She now has a Chemistry with Honors Option and her Advanced Honors Chemistry. Wonderful teacher and the whole year flowed really well for this class! https://clovervalleychemistry.com/
  15. Me either! And...I feel weird walking into places where people aren't wearing them 😞 . I will continue for now.
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