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  1. I will say that the peeling branch looks darker in the first picture than the other branches. The others aren’t peeling.
  2. Here is the peeling branch (one of the main ones at the bottom).
  3. Is there anyone here that is knowledgeable about crape myrtle trees? I took this picture just now. We noticed last summer/fall that it seemed dead at the top and we were planning to prune it, but then my elderly dad needed to quickly move to a safer place to live and we just now finished cleaning out, fixing up, and selling his house. Now we are back to our life and our house -- LOL. So, the tops are dead, but there is some new growth. We are getting new growth at the base, but we have been trimming that as they come. Most of the branches are brittle and the bark on some of the low branches is peeling (I'll try to add a picture of that in the next post). Where should we starting pruning them? When should we do this? Should we just pull it out and put in a new one?
  4. They are turning 14 on Friday and I want to get them Fitbits. I have the Alta HR and I love it. My boys want one that is waterproof so they can wear it swimming - they swim year round. Any recommendations? Ones to avoid?
  5. I befriended my boys' best friend's mom a few years ago. There are similarities to our stories and I was there for her and did a lot for her and her son. I didn't really expect or ask a lot in return (it was pretty one-sided). Until...she blindsided me with a very nasty email (4 pages if cut and pasted into Word) that she sent me Mother's Day 2018. She ended her nasty email saying she wasn't sure what this would do to our friendship?!?!?!? Really?!?!? Suffice it to say, that relationship (and my boys' relationship with their best friend) ended very badly. Speaking from experience, stay far, far, far away!!!!
  6. Bless your heart! Praying here!!
  7. Thank you all so much! This is so very helpful and I have more questions, but I'm being forced to go see Godzilla . And...I'm taking a bunch of teenage boys . Hope I survive !!! I'll be back tomorrow morning!!!
  8. I will be doing 2 years of PE/Health because that is what our local schools require. The PE is easy because them swim year round. For the health part, this isn't something I need a bunch of documentation for, is it? They will also be taking the CPR/First Aid training through Red Cross.
  9. I have been spending a lot of time with my 84 year old dad this past year. A LOT OF TIME! I am 52 and you would think I don't know anything about anything. Drives me nuts!!! And...he was giving me directions through my old neighborhood too - I was 8 months old when we moved in and we are just now selling his house. I try to keep my mouth shut, but I am doing pretty much everything for him now - driving, grocery shopping, all his financial stuff.
  10. I saw something on tv recently (maybe Myth Busters) where they tested the cleanliest of the stalls in a public bathroom. The testing showed that the 1st stall is usually the cleanest, but most people walk to the stalls farther away. I use the 1st stall now :-)!!!!
  11. This is a recent thread on the subject. Maybe it will help :-).
  12. I know I will be heavily researching high school and college all this year (rising 9th graders), and you all will probably get tired of my newbie questions, but I'm hoping I can post some questions throughout the year as I think of them. So, I know for an AP class to count as AP, the syllabus needs to be approved by someone (??? LOL). I also know AP exams are taken at schools and that sign-ups need to be by October or November now (???). My boys aren't taking any AP classes in 9th, but I definitely want some on their transcripts and they will be capable of the work. I have been keeping track of posts and on-line options for AP exams and am thinking about ones they may do in the future. Here are my questions: Do kids need to take an AP class to take the AP exam? From what I am learning, the answer is no, but they wouldn't get credit for an AP class if there isn't an approved syllabus? In public school, honors and AP classes bump up GPA's??? Would this work the same way for a homeschooler? So...they would do the coursework at home (study) and just take the exam? I know 5 is the best and 4's and 5's are what colleges would be looking for? What about 3's? Would that hurt them in any way from a college admissions point of view? Are they allowed to re-take them and, if so, would the old scores still show up (College Board)??? They just aced their yearly standardized test, but that isn't PSAT, SAT, or AP exams! They haven't tested at that level. My neighborhood is currently zoned for a lower scoring high school, but it does have the IB program and that is supposed to be good. They only offer one AP class there. If we get rezoned to the school that is actually closer to us (3 miles), they have the AP Scholars program there. It used to be a higher ranking school, but now it is #34 in the state. Because it is an AP Scholar program, I'm guessing that is where many of the AP tests are given for my county. Homeschoolers are allowed to take 2 classes at the high school per year, but it needs to be at their base school. If we get re-zoned, we might be able to utilize their AP classes. The downside of that would be having to be on their schedule and the quality of their classes. They would still not be able to participate in sports or extracurricular activities at the school. would assure they would be able to take the AP exams there??? Anything else I need to be thinking about regarding AP classes/exams as I am researching? Thanks so much for you patience :-) !!!
  13. We are closing on my dad's house in 15 days. The home inspection was first. We had the report and their request for $2K towards repairs (we don't have to take care of them) was done quickly - I think they had 7 or 10 days to do that. Next big hurdle was appraisal and that came back with what we needed. We were informed of this within a day or 2 of the appraisal. I think they had 20 days for that once the contract was signed. We just had the termite inspection done a week ago (we weren't expecting any problems as my dad has also had a service checking yearly). They declined radon testing. I would be freaked out by now if I didn't know the results of the home inspection that was already done awhile ago. For us, it was a 50+ year old home and my dad has been the sole owner. He maintained it pretty well, but still, it is 50+ years old. We feel very lucky to get off with the $2K.
  14. It has started already. I knew it would be a long summer of neighborhood swim team with us deciding to continue homeschooling high school and everyone else doing mostly public school (plus a few private school). A bunch of kids are heading into 9th grade, like my boys, and are all going to different schools due to all the specialty programs available at the different schools (we have to apply for these specialty programs). Anyway, we went to a graduation party last night and the questions are already starting. Which school are they going to? Why wouldn't you want them in the phenomenal IB program they were accepted into? What about friends? What about socialization? What about college? I'm already struggling with keeping to our family's agreed upon answer that we are doing what is right for our family. I am trying to pass the bean dip, but then get defensive -- LOL. And...some of the older kids are asking my boys why they wouldn't want to go to school -- LOL. They have all kinds of answers they could give (they could talk for an hour alone about their opinion of school from the shadow day they did), but we have a lot of stuff going on in our neighborhood with boundary rezoning from our current school to a "better" school and it has brought out the worst in so many people from both sides. We don't have a dog in the fight except for our property values so we are for the move, but I'm staying out of it all. It has been eye opening though!!! So I am trying to explain to the boys that people are not familiar with homeschooling and all the opportunities we have because we homeschool. The boys are 100% comfortable with their decision (and they want to homeschool or I would be sending them to try a year at public school) and they know we are going to get a lot of questions. I think it is going to be hard to stick to our standard answer though 😞 !!! It is what it is, but I think it's going to be a long summer!!!
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