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  1. If you don't require a lab, maybe look at Tiner's science books (i.e. The World of Medicine, The World of Chemstry). We did all but the physics and math one. They read and did the supplemental guide from Memoria Press. I did the grading. Several people have mentioned Bite-Sized Physics on here. He may be able to do that himself, but there are some demonstration/experimentation type things to do. My boys are managing to do well so far in their Honors Biology with lab class despite the hodgepodge of science I threw at them over the years. Mine did a lot of extra science reading too (i.e. Scientists in the Field). Maybe look at some of Ellen McHenry's stuff - Cells, Brain, Botany, etc.
  2. What about somewhere along Skyline Drive? Or Middleburg, VA? (Expensive, but maybe worth it for 2 nights). Get a wonderful massage while there. These are 2 places I'd like to try, but only for 1 or 2 nights. Or...Leesburg, VA Maybe not as long a drive as to Lake George? A little splurge closer to home? Pamper yourself as they all have spas?
  3. Quill, honestly, if I had someone I could leave mine with for 3-4 days, I would in a heartbeat!!! My mom is the only family member I would have left them with, but she passed away before they were born. All other grandparents are too old and we are taking care of them. And...we have 2 siblings near us, but no way would I let them stay with them. Having them come with would be our only option. I have one son that would love to be by himself for 3-4 days (like I would) and one that would be very lonely alone that length of time. Don't give up on this trip! Not sure how far away you were going, but maybe take a closer trip? You are not far from me (I'm No. VA) and there is so much to do around here.
  4. I have twin 14 year old boys. I have thought about doing this for one night, where I was still within an hour of getting to them if needed, but I probably would not for the amount of time you are talking about. And...we live in a neighborhood where they could get to a neighbor easily in an emergency. I honestly think mine would do fine for even a couple of days - they would just hang at home, play games, watch tv, eat and sleep LOL. But...I just couldn't do it. I don't have any family nearby that could take them. I could have them stay at a friend's house for one night, but I wouldn't ask for more than one. How does DS feel about it? Can he come with you? Most of our anniversary outings include the boys LOL, unless it is dinner out. Even then, they usually come. DH and I are fine with that though :-).
  5. Thank you for this little reminder!!! I needed this today :-)!
  6. Gonna be so pretty when finished! I haven't been doing any crafting, but when I do, I cross-stitch. Several unfinished projects to get done and new ones I really want to start. I have never tried on linen though (I'm afraid -- LOL). I like to use 18 and 22 count Aida cloth. It is very therapeutic to me, but as my eyesight has gotten worse with age, it is a bit harder to do. I also have so many scrapbooking supplies and I won't even tell you how many digital pictures I have to go through. One day, I want to get my boys' book done and I want to use the stuff I've bought :-). One day...
  7. I hear what you are saying. Here is where I'm coming from and I value everyone's input because this is my first (and last time) going through high school :-). Just this past May, they took their first proctored exam (ITBS). They both did very well, but the conditions are not the same for taking the PSAT/SAT. They are currently taking an Honors Biology class that is set up for them to take the SAT Subject Test in June (with additional studying of course, and the ability/recommendation to set up a study group within the class). Many of the colleges we would be looking at are requiring us to have 2-3 Subject Tests and I would like to get one out of the way since they are taking the class anyway. I know the SAT Subject Test is shorter, but there will be a lot more kids/distractions in that testing environment than there were in the homeschool proctored ITBS test they just took. Our local schools have 2500+ kids in them and this is likely where they will be taking all their the PSAT/SAT/AP exams. If they had decided to go the local public school for 9th grade, they would be required to take the PSAT in 9th. I'm not really worried about scores as much as testing experience in that kind of environment. Is there no benefit to taking the PSAT given my goals? Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! I feel like I am kind of blowing in the wind with this high school stuff -- LOL.
  8. Ahhhhh...!!! I understand. Will see if I can find the history one at the library to start with :-)!
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had been on Khan Academy and saw the SAT Test Prep course (practice program), but not for PSAT. Now I've found the practice tests :-)!
  10. I will find out this week when I call then :-). The prep book is for them to read through how to take the test and go through a few questions. I am not worried about what score they get. I do want them to do well on the SAT Subject Test in June though.
  11. Thanks so much Lori D.!!! I will be coming back to this in a week or so to go through this more thoroughly!
  12. Thanks so much for all of your replies!!! We are officially starting this morning so will see how it goes for all of us and adjust accordingly. We know our set "outside" schedule, including sports, except for what day they will volunteer at the library. I will plan to tweak things this first month of school. Regarding math, thanks for encouraging me not to "punish" with extra work because they work fast. We actually do math in the summer too, so I will just keep doing what I've been doing and if they get done early, that is great and they can move on. I don't know why, but I'm feeling so much pressure to get the work done and not screw up their first year of high school -- LOL. I will try and relax!!! I have one boy that I could give an overall "get this done by Friday at 5 pm" and it would be done. The other boy, not so much! He is a good worker (once he gets going) and gets good grades and test scores, but I have to stay on him to get started. Last year, when I was taking care of my dad and gone from home way too much, I would come home and no math was done. He said, "It wasn't written on my planner." Does that tell you anything :-)?!?!? His twin just wrote down his next lesson/quiz in his planner and on he went. Can't believe I gave birth to them a minute apart and they are so very different -- LOL!!!! Do you all track all the time/hours your kids work or do you just assume enough were put in because you finished a full year curriculum? Is there a need for me to have this information at the end of the year? I'm talking for math (which I am good with now), LA (WWS2, WttW, LLftLofR, Vocab Roots, and Season 3 of Analytical Grammar), history (HotAW with study guide)? I know Spanish and biology will be taken care of hours wise (for sure, plus they are outsourced) and I will count hours for health and photography. ETA: We are definitely making our outsourced classes the priority. I am not too worried about Spanish, but the Honors Biology already has a lot of work and they haven't been to their first class yet -- LOL. They've gotten good grades so far so that is a good start :-). This is the only class that I see that might require a bit of weekend work if they want their weekdays to be less stress. They will need to try it both ways and see what works best for them. We will figure that out this month!
  13. Thanks all! I think we will try it for a few months. My boys don't mind watching things like Planet Earth, etc. on tv. I'm hoping they are ok with these. I want to use it to supplement our History, Photography, and Health this year and it would be great if they liked them :-)!!!
  14. As someone who was unexpectedly thrown into the roll of pretty much full time care giver to my dad a year ago (on September 4th), I want to say that there is only SO MUCH OF YOU to spread around and I 150% agree with those that say you need to put the health and well-being of your immediate family, and most especially yourself, as the priority!!! I about KILLED myself this past year and my dad lives near me. I didn't have any sibling support though and my in-laws are both 92 and still in their house of 50+ years (they are local). I can't even think about what is coming up with them. I'm a bit bitter about my last year (for many reasons - I will spare the details) and my health has suffered greatly this year. I am 52 with twin 9th graders and I am just starting (barely) to recover. I'm not going to say your parents have done this (I don't know their situation), but my dad could have made changes while he was still able (and in control of everything), but he was stubborn and he wasn't moving, wasn't purging his stuff, didn't need to exercise, didn't want help, etc. In the end, it all fell upon me to make all these decisions. He is still with me, living 10 minutes away now, and loving his new life, but like I said, it about killed me. You are a strong, strong woman and don't let anyone make you feel bad about yourself or guilt you! Do what you can do and let go of the rest!
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