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  1. Context is course descriptions/educational partners document. I had never considered listing him separately, but he does have a graphic arts background and he is teaching my kids drawing so I guess I could? I sort of felt like it was the same as listing my credentials, which seemed silly, but I am listing our outsourced (paid) providers, so maybe not??
  2. Do you mention the types of labs that you completed (in a general way? specific?). Do you mention how many labs were completed? We are looking to finish with over 36 labs between dissections, other hands-on, online simulations, etc. I am wondering if that is something worth mentioning as I know some courses don't include nearly that many. TIA! Thank you!
  3. We used Human Odyssey 2, the OUP World in Middle Ages books (not sure of exact name and OUP site is down right now) and the lit books recommended in the WTM for that time period.
  4. I use book catalogue, but as has been mentioned in a prior post, you really need to keep up with books that come in and out. I only use it for books I own, not those that I get from the library. I got it initially to keep me from buying used copies at the thrift store of books I already had. Alas, I haven't been to the thrift store in many many months. ETA: I generally hand entered the ISBN rather than scanning
  5. This is good to know because we are currently following the Kolbe syllabus for Spanish I and using the text they use, but I am trying to figure out if we will do the same next year.
  6. We are on Section 10-5. I am hoping that the loci sections aren't more of the same. I haven't looked.
  7. I didn't know about the paper folding! I am not sure that would have helped us with this section, but it will help for the earlier ones next time around!
  8. Thanks! I think we have the basic constructions down. I just would like to speed up these more advanced ones. I will google geoalgebra. I figured if there was something that he could use that had a virtual compass, ruler, etc. we could eliminate some of the human error that is causing things to be just a bit off on our manual ones.
  9. Praying that the Lord would be near to you and comfort you.
  10. There has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth here. And since his momma really struggled with manual drafting because she can't see a straight line to save her life, I am very sympathetic. 😃
  11. FYI. If you don't get the credit hours you want from CCP, that does not mean you can't take classes via paying your own way. I am still sorting all this out, but the self-pay here in our area for schools really varies. For Sinclair, it is very reasonable. For UC Blue Ash it is more expensive. Can any of you with experience speak to that? I think a friend just told me that only DE through junior year really counts when colleges are looking at your transcripts?? Is that right?? I don't know if this was mentioned upthread but generally the higher the grade level, the more credits th
  12. We are doing Jurgensen Geometry and there is a whole chapter (chapter 10) on constructions using a ruler and compass only. By the very nature of it, it is slow going. My son wants to know when he would ever need this. LOL. Even when I did manual drafting in the early 90s in college, we were able to use a triangle at least. And I would think maybe a protractor also, but I can't remember. Is there an online program that would be "faster" for completing these constructions? Or do you just push through? TIA!!
  13. I think ???? @lewelma has a kid at MIT?? Maybe she can give some input on courses you should pursue or other considerations.
  14. Is that what the end of course exams are? My niece and nephew have to take them at their public school in FL.
  15. How do you answer this as a homeschooler? I am curious.
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