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  1. Try this group. I am not sure if they have a local presence where you live but they are fantastic organization and I think they will try to get you to the right organization if they are not the right one.
  2. I would try The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study by Starr Meade. There are a series of books for the OT and the NT. You can either read the entire Bible along with them or you can read only the specific passages in the text. Starr Meade is reformed protestant. We did really like the Training Hearts and Teaching Minds and Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds that Lori D. referenced by her, but as noted, they are devotionals. We used them for family devotions, not Bible study. One option, possibly a harder one--is to study the book Knowing God by J.I. Packer using a study guide. Just looking up all the scripture would take awhile . 😃 But honestly, depending on your child's exposure I would start with the Starr Meade OT and NT books to get your foundation first. For the other poster who wanted something for younger kids @JHLWTM, we really liked CAP's God's Great Covenant for Bible study and the Starr Meade Bible story books for devotionals. When they were even younger, we did the Focus on the Family Kids of Integrity stuff (free online). I hope this helps!!
  3. We buy ours from a local reptile shop for our corn snake. They sell all sizes of mice and also rats (live and frozen). If you are in area that has reptile shows, it could be that one of the vendors has a shop in your area and sells reptile food such as this. Welcome to the crazy world of frozen rats in the freezer. ETA: Just saw your post. I would try dmmetler's idea and ask on a local herping board where people get frozen rats for their snakes.
  4. Most of my friends and I have had no success with local homeschool sales. There just isn't enough traffic. I have had success selling on FB groups and homeschool classifieds and occasionally Ebay. Usually I can get about 50% of the new price on those if the item is in good condition. ETA: I have been thinking lately of whether I should hold onto things that are out of print. For example, the Dolciani math I have. I will keep it for awhile anyway since it is high school level (the Alg 1) but since it will be hard to replace, i might keep it for a long time. The other thing I am thinking of holding onto is our AAS. I have all seven and all the tiles. I don't know why but a part of me doesn't want to part with it. I found myself wondering if my grandkids could benefit from it one day. Who knows what they will do for spelling then though? I am so awful about purging things for which I perceive a possible benefit.
  5. We used the prior version of LFC A so I am not sure how the new one addresses this, but in the old one at least, there was some English grammar that would be helpful for your child to understand prior to starting. Things like: what is a subject, a verb, a noun, a direct object, etc. If you have not done any formal grammar, I would at least try to do grammar in tandem with LFC-A. I have the Latin for Teachers videos (which also predate the current version of LFC A) and she (Karen Moore) recommends that you don't start LFC-A until 3rd grade at the earliest. She teaches at a classical school and said she has to coordinate with the English grammar teacher as to what concepts are covered when she is presenting LFC-A to 3rd grade. Also she mentioned building in more chants/review.
  6. This doesn't meet your requirements for "open and go" but we just did Middle School Chemistry by ACS and I really thought it was well done. it is free. Unfortunately it is teacher intensive in that it is pretty much all hands-on experiments. After we did Middle School Chemistry we did Carbon Chemistry by McHenry. In comparison, the "experiments" in McHenry were boring. I ended up skipping the last two chapters worth of activities since we had done lots of science between these two curriculum and Forensic Science at co-op.
  7. I think this has already been mentioned, but perhaps if you bring out some 3D shape models that will help him to visualize what he is calculating. I am not very strong on visual-spatial stuff and often find these things helpful. Even if you don't have official models, you can use a Rubiks cube, cereal box, soup can, ball, etc for the various shapes. When I am calculating surface area of a 3D object, I usually draw a picture or use a model.
  8. So far I have always gone over the math with my son and then he does the problems. So I anticipate that I will either go over the material or use the videos. 😃 I do like math, so that helps. I am a bit nervous about geometry though because of the proofs. We have an acquaintance that teaches high school math. I thought maybe he would be willing to grade proofs if I pay him. I have a year to figure this out fortunately. 😃
  9. Thank you! I wonder if Homeschool Connections would do the grading only. I am still hoping to teach this myself. I might be crazy. 😃
  10. Can you expand on this? I am not sure I understand. Do you mean the solutions manual is not robust enough?
  11. I found a copy of test answers on the HmH (?) website for $20 so I ordered it. I figured I could possibly recreate the tests from the key if the tests aren't in the teacher manual. I just bought the student and solution manual--I need to find a copy of the teacher but I am not sure which one I need. Will it say in the student what the corresponding teacher ISBN is? Is it neurotic that I am thinking of downloading all of these videos? I don't need them for another year but if they are not there a year from now, I will be in trouble. 😃 We cannot afford WHA and I will definitely need the help. Maybe MP will come up with an asynchronous video?
  12. Wow @AFwife Claire! I am sure I speak for all of us when I say I am grateful that your family and pup are okay. That sounds really scary. Do you have power yet?
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