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  1. I would screen for content, but see if you can get this from the library. I noticed some people on Amazon said their college classes are using it. It's all original documents.
  2. cintinative

    Forensic Science resources

    This was referenced within a reference in a faces misidentification document. It's really fun! This photographer has found over 250 "look-alikes" worldwide and photographed them together. It's a fun way to introduce the discussion of how misidentifications happen.
  3. cintinative

    Forensic Science resources

    Update: I've got about 26 weeks planned (one hour/week) with two extra hours of catch up. I am mostly using the CSI book linked above but I am replacing out the shoe lab with one I found online, and I am also replacing out the fingerprint lab. I did not want to use the method where you must use the aquarium to set the fingerprints on the glass. I am concerned about the mutiple warnings about fumes and "use a hood if you have it." I believe the fingerprint lab I am using came from the Forensic teacher website I linked. Although there is an "order" to the experiments in the book, I am breaking from it a bit for various reasons, one being that some of the labs require us to be outside and if I schedule them where they would fall if we complete them in order, we would be outside in winter. Also I am grouping some together just because I feel like it. For example, I am grouping the lipstick analysis (chromatography) with lip prints. How is it going with you chocolate-chip chooky?
  4. cintinative

    Dr. Hive -- Talk to me about HPV vaccine

    Thanks for sharing this. I have similar concerns. Both my husband and I have autoimmune diseases (mine is neurological and very rare, he has one diagnosed and a possible second one) and my oldest son has Celiac disease (another autoimmune) and my youngest has asthma (technically yet another autoimmune). I am concerned to trigger something else in them. Even saying the risk is very low does not mean a whole lot when you are dealing with a neurological condition that only has 1400 new cases a year. OP, I really appreciate you opening this dialogue. I know that we will be asked this summer/fall about our boys and I am just not sure.
  5. This is helpful. We have been doing IEW and I wanted to focus more on the persuasive essay. It may be that we will accelerate through LTOW based on what you said.
  6. Wow. That's really interesting. I will have to get to watching those videos soon!
  7. Since I don't live in TX and I have never seen their state testing, I cannot be certain, however, I don't think it is necessarily valid to compare TX state testing with the IOWA. Maybe someone can comment on this comparison and if it is valid. I would not, for example, equate the IOWA with Ohio's state testing. They are very different. One key difference being the amount of testing required (hours-wise and how many times per year). Based on what teachers in the public schools here have shared with me, our two days of IOWA testing are nothing compared to the many hours of testing they must complete.
  8. Has anyone seen this? It's a year old almost, but boy did I enjoy her response. One of my favorite lines, she writes that her one poem is "[t]he written evidence of my anxieties, those evil gremlins that ride around on tricycles in my mind shooting my self-confidence with water pistols."
  9. So you had the child watch the videos? That's good to know. I was planning on watching them myself and didn't know they were for the student also.
  10. We are transitioning from IEW to LTOW because I don't particularly like the persuasive essay format for IEW. Does anyone have tips on how to make that transition a bit more smooth?
  11. could you link or PM me the yahoo group?
  12. cintinative

    Spine for Modern History, 8th grade

    My current plan is to use K12 Human Oddysey volume 3 for modern history and supplement it with OUP's Pages in History series as I am able to find them at the library, etc. They are similar to the World in Ancient Times series in that they have many original documents, however, they are decidedly more "mature" and they don't have the text discussion that the World in Ancient Times series does. That said, I still decided to use bits and pieces of some of them. I am not sure that you could easily use them as your "core" because they are just a series of letters, speeches, photos, advertisements, political cartoons, etc. with brief introductions. But they could be used to supplement another book, such as K12's Human Odyssey.
  13. cintinative

    Dolciani Pre-Algebra question

    My original plan was to continue through Course 2 and accelerate it so we can do Algebra I in 8th. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to pull that off. We spent the whole year doing Course 1 and it seems unlikely we would need less than another two to finish Courses 2 and 3. Which Holt do you own? Also which Foerster?
  14. cintinative

    UPDATE with purchases! --Can't miss IKEA items?

    And you didn't even buy a bookshelf! That's self control right there!
  15. cintinative

    Dolciani Pre-Algebra question

    Bumping to see if anyone has an opinion on the 1992 versus 1982. I am wondering if I should order the 1992 now.
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