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  1. We have done several of Jen Wilkin's studies and liked them. We meet to discuss the homework as a group, and then listen to the podcast. My only hesitation with you doing it by yourself is that often times I find I have questions after doing the homework. So the discussion is really helpful. That said, some of these studies are free. Here are some of the free ones. The podbean links have links to the workbook with each podcast. 1, 2 and 3 John Exodus Part 1 Exodus Part 2 James Joshua Judges Matthew part 1 Matthew part 1 workbook Matthew Part 2 Matthew part 2 workbook
  2. Our tentative plans for my rising 8th. Lit/Comp: English 2 with The Potter's School (Lit/comp) Grammar: Maybe???? continue with Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind Red book (although grammar is part of English 2) Vocab: Finish Vocab from Classical Roots C. Thinking of stopping after that?? History: Modern history using Human Odyssey 3 and Pages from History books (OUP) and MapTrek Foreign Language: Latin Alive 2 Math: Algebra 1 Dolciani Science: Physics using Prentice Hall Science Explorer (3 volumes) plus physics concepts and lab at co-op Logic: Art of Argument (???? online??? at home??) Music: Continue Hoffman Piano at a snail's pace 😃 Art: Drawing using Artistic Pursuits Bible: The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study: Old Testament More Lit: Mom read alouds and book discussion, Figuratively Speaking???? PE: some summer plans Sports: do Nerf wars count? LOL. I have no idea. ----- Any thoughts on an online class versus home for Art of Argument? I would have preferred a co-op class but that didn't happen. I am hearing that the videos are not exceptional, and I can see how the live discussion would be helpful. My concern is that he already has two classes for high school credit (Latin and English).
  3. We are in the "all school is stupid" phase. LOL. He has been slightly interested in some of the war accounts we have read this year in modern history (WWI, WWII). I need him to adjust to using a text, answering questions and doing some independent work.
  4. I have no idea what grade this is for or if it is "strong" but these are lesson plans for Crash Course US History. ETA: I am afraid many of the links are broken.
  5. When I make stock, I usually let the crock pot run overnight. We adopted a dog in December and the last time I make stock I think the smell drove him nuts. Poor puppy.
  6. Pot Roast seems to work okay on low for 10 hours for me. I generally use 3.5-4 pounds of meat. Does your crock pot have an automatic setting where it switches to warm when the cooking time is done? Mine does, although the warm setting is pretty hot. That might be an option if you have an eight hour cooking time. Pork chops with bones need about eight hours in my crock pot. Without bones, they cook much faster. So maybe you could adapt the recipe above by using bone-in chops? I have had zero success with long cooking times involving chicken. Every time it gets overcooked. I have even butterflied and pieced a turkey and cooked that in the crockpot and the dark meat is done after five hours on low. My crock pot runs really hot.
  7. ETA: this link not working for me today. Here is a link for the poster download: You can also purchase a poster or a deck of the cards. If you want the download, scroll to the bottom where it says: Download a Creative Commons pack with: Fallacies Posters Biases Posters Printable Cards You will have the option of downloading them for free or making a $1 donation. I haven't checked the fallacies against the books we have but based on a quick skim there are some that might not be in the books that we have. ETA: you download the zip file one time. It has all three files. There are two sizes of posters--24 x 36 and standard paper size (A3)
  8. I did feed him. 😃 I think maybe I should have tried the "nap" or "shower" piece to the puberty meltdown solution triangle (from SWB--solution is nap, shower, sandwich, or all of the above). Unfortunately I can't convince my kids that naps are glorious. Someday . . .
  9. If anyone has used one of these schedules, can you report back on how it went? I am thinking of doing this with my 7th grader next year.
  10. Due to a recent change of plans, I need to develop our history (and lit) for my rising 7th grader. We have done Human Odyssey 1 with OUP Ancients books (4th), Human Odyssey 2 with OUP medieval/early modern (5th) and this year we are doing Human Odyssey 3 with some of OUP's Pages from History (Modern history) (6th grade). I expect he will take American History and Lit as an online class in 9th. This is what I own already and could use: Notgrass From Adam to Us (electronic books only), Notgrass America the Beautiful (complete, paper), Mapping the World with Art by Ellen J McHenry, all the Trail Guide books, plus tons more geography supplemental texts, etc. I am open to other resources! I have really enjoyed the Human Odyssey/OUP matchups. We also have the option of him taking this class from The Potter's School IF my child gets his waitlisted section in another course: I don't want to do two years of American history back to back. Does it even make sense to do American History in 7th if we will revisit it in 9th? Would Mapping the World be a good World Geography and History year? What else should I look at? TIA!!
  11. I was just going to suggest the ACS middle school chemistry as well. We did it this year and are now doing Carbon Chemistry by Ellen J McHenry. I think the ACS curriculum fits what you are describing best, but it is not a complete year of lessons. Maybe the set Susan C mentioned would round it out? FYI. ACS is pretty supply intensive but we really enjoyed it. It felt like "real" chemistry to me. There are some ice and hot packs required--just email them and they will mail them to you. They are hard to find in stores (the ones they require).
  12. I don't think they have been checked in awhile. I didn't even think of that.
  13. He actually has Celiac. I am wondering if maybe he was glutened and we didn't know it (unusual, but possible) which is why yesterday was so awful. Not that the other days were spectacular, but yesterday was a special kind of awful in the brain department.
  14. I made the mistake of commenting on a FB post by an anti-vax friend on this. ugh.
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