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  1. cintinative

    A grieving child

    Please consider sending her letters at different times: three weeks after the loss, three months after, six months after, one year after. Let her know in each letter that grieving is normal, and that it is only natural that she is processing through the loss. Let her know you will be checking in with her. Offer to listen to her if she needs it. I *love* the journal idea.
  2. cintinative

    Binder Storage

    We use the little wooden cubes they sell at IKEA (if you have an IKEA locally). I use one cube per kid.
  3. cintinative

    Fridge brand recs?

    We have a Whirlpool and it is running well two years in. It does not appear to be still out for sale. When ours was on the fritz I called the local repair guy we use and asked which brands to avoid. I also did some research online. I was told to avoid LG and Samsung because they "go through circuit boards like tissues." If you have a repair service you trust I would call them and ask what brands hold up best for the features you want. Water in the door is convenient, but if you can do without it, it seems like the fridges with in door water and ice are more prone to need repairs than those without. Ours has an ice maker but it is not in the door. We chose a french door with a bottom freezer. The side by side was not large enough (on the freezer side) for cookie sheets (I freeze pasta, berries, etc.) or pizzas. We had an overhead limitation and width limitation to work with also since this is in an alcove (I think that is what it is called). We chose white because I hate cleaning stainless and bisque was not available. My parents have black appliances and they show every little spec of dust, salt, etc. so black was a no go for us. Definitely think about your fridge dimensions if you are replacing a standard top freezer model. Think about the ability for the french doors to swing out on both sides, the floor space for the freezer drawer, etc. Also the height--our new fridge barely fits under the cabinets. The size of the space really limited our fridge choices. Most of the newer fridges were much taller than our old one. Also our fridge comes out from the alcove (?) about eight inches where the old one was almost flush. So that's something to think about--will the jutting out bother you? How deep are your cabinets and will it jut out past your cabinets? Will you be able to open the adjacent cabinet if the fridge extends beyond it? I spent hours and hours reading reviews for fridges online. It's a rather thankless task I must tell you because more people comment on problems than positive outcomes. So keep that in mind, but also look for trends in repairs that people disclose. I could see patterns with certain models that worried me.
  4. cintinative

    Thoughts-garage door repair every two years...

    Agreeing with the others. We have only replaced ours once and we have lived here 10 years.
  5. I posted on the other thread but I wanted to thank the other posters here. Since we have been with CAP from the beginning, the transition to LA has not been that difficult. However, I do feel it lacks review and I have struggled with how to fit it in even just schedule-wise. I have found some websites where I can create review, mostly those that follow the Wheelock's book. At this point I feel like I am a Latin hoarder. I have Wheelocks, the 38 Latin stories that eagleynne mentioned, a couple of other Latin readers, three sets of lectures on Udemy for Wheelock's, a ton of downloaded stuff for Wheelocks, and I was actually eyeing that Comprehensive Guide by Grote that eagleynne mentioned. I am starting to think I have a "problem" but it is because I am just not 100% confident there is enough review in the LA book. UGH.
  6. Forgot to post the answer keys for these: answer key bonus LFC-A answer key bonus LFC-B
  7. I hear you. When I first got the book, I thought it seemed like too little in comparison to what we had done before with Latin for Children A and B (which I did supplement with the worksheets that they provided on their website). I can most see my son needing "more" when we get to concepts he has not yet covered, which has not happened yet. I am guessing we won't get to much "new" material until about halfway in--we are on Chapter 6 and the only new thing is a discussion of "dative of reference." I would definitely use Quizlet for vocab or use Anki if you prefer that. I use Quizlet for my son and he reviews vocabulary every day. Since the verb forms, noun endings, etc. are new, I would also review those very regularly. Have him/her fill out the charts with the endings. There are some blank charts at the end of the teacher book I believe, and also with the supplemental material for Latin for Children A and B. We are doing quizzes that I downloaded from the Latin Alive Yahoo group. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any past Chapter 16. There are free tests available on the LA Yahoo group (and answers) which we are using. I am using the quizzes for another layer of review prior to the test. I have an excel schedule we are following--PM me if you want me to email it to you so you can tweak it. We discovered early on that my original plan of "watch the whole video, then do the exercises" was not going to work because she often discusses the exercises in the video. So, at the advice of one of the boardies here, I revised it so that he watches part of the video, does a couple of exercises, then the next day he watches a bit more and does exercises, etc. Since your child has not done any prior Latin, there is no reason you can't pull the supplemental worksheets for Latin for Children A and B and use those. bonus for LFC-A bonus for LFC-B
  8. There was a thread about this not too long ago if I recall correctly. I don't think I bookmarked it, but you could try searching this forum for Latin Alive. IMO, Latin Alive moves very fast for someone who has never had Latin. My son has had two years of primary level Latin (Latin for Children A and B) and is doing fine, but I can't imagine going into those first chapters and learning the dipthongs (sp?) in one week, etc. I believe what was recommended in the other thread is to do GSWL first and then do Latin Alive. ETA1: You mentioned grammar being a weak spot. I would also work on that in tandem if you can. There is SO much grammar in learning a foreign language. Let me see if I can find that thread. ETA: found it. See next post.
  9. cintinative

    What color appliances

    Her mention of the Labor Day sale reminded me of this. I should have mentioned this--IF you can wait until November, many appliances will be deeply discounted right before Black Friday. Buying our fridge then saved us at least $1000. Also, you can see if your credit card offers price rewind if you are using a credit card. Our card offers it for 30 days I think so we were able to buy in early November and then apply for the price rewind when the price dropped again for Black Friday. There is often an annual limit on your price rewind, so if you are buying all new appliances at once, keep that in mind.
  10. cintinative

    What color appliances

    I have a friend that has had all three: white, stainless and black and she prefers white because the black shows smudges/dirt/spills of salt, etc. and the stainless is hard to keep clean. Like one of the prior posters, we like bisque but were unable to acquire a dishwasher we liked in bisque, so we went with stainless. I hate the stainless and will not do that again. Currently we have a white fridge, a bisque oven and a stainless dishwasher. It doesn't seem like any appliance is built to last anymore, so I would tend to pick what you like feature-wise unless you think mismatched appliances will really bug you and/or if you plan to sell in the next three to five years.
  11. cintinative

    Math In Focus

    It depends on what grade you are talking about. I generally strove for about 30 minutes so we would go over the lesson and do the problems in the book and then they would do the workbook if there was time. Otherwise, workbook happened the next day. I didn't skip problems until we got to Course 1. I would use the Extra Practice workbook for review on occasion.
  12. cintinative

    Need Sale and swap help

    I have not tried it yet, but click on "Classifieds" at the top of your page. Then click on where it says "submit an advert" Then choose which subforum you want "item for sale" "want to buy" or "swap & trade". Once you click on the subforum, such as "item for sale', then click "continue" It will pull up a page that says "adding an advert for item for sale" and you fill in the required information. When done, click "save advert." I have not done this before but that seems to be the procedure. I hope it works!!
  13. cintinative

    I just have to share!!

    So cool! We got to have a pic taken and signed with him a couple years ago. Everyone was SO excited to see him. It really was fun.
  14. Strength training for your legs should help with strength imbalance that might aggravate your knees. Can you do squats or lunges? If those hurt too much, then start with lying leg raises, side lying leg lifts, bridges, clam shells and calf raises. Also spend some time working on your balance. Do these exercises at least 3 sets of 10 reps, adding weight or resistance bands as you are able. Start with no weight and work up to it. Don't forget to stretch!! There are some good cool down and stretch workouts on You want to get to a strong core, strong hip, hamstring/quad and calf muscles to support that knee and keep everything in its place. I would also work on your upper body as you are able just because it will make you feel so great!!! 😃
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