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  1. cintinative

    Formal Logic and Geometry

    Welcome. bumping for you. I can tell you The Argument Builder is reported to be more of a logic-based writing curriculum. If you are familiar with Lost Tools of Writing, I have seen the two compared as being somewhat similar (not identical). I think it might be helpful for you to share what other composition you are planning on doing. Latin can be quite intense. I am not sure which Latin you are looking at for her. My son is in 7th grade and is working through Latin Alive 1 at home. We did Latin for Children A and B and Song School so he already had some Latin under his belt before this year. Even with that, at times it has been challenging. The pace of Latin Alive is pretty fast if someone has not had any Latin before. So you might want to keep that in mind when choosing a Latin curriculum. I have seen people recommend doing Getting Started with Latin before transitioning into Latin Alive if the student had no previous Latin. My son is not a big fan of Karen Moore which makes me sad because I like her teaching a lot. He basically refuses to watch most of the videos. That is probably not helping. 😃 That said though, it is a faced paced (in my opinion) curriculum. So I think your question about how the Latin enters into this is a valid one. What text does Schole use for Geometry? That would be useful to know. Lastly, I probably would consider cross-posting on the high school board. These are more high school issues and not all those folks come over here to the Gen Ed board.
  2. It says on their website that if you do the Primary and Secondary in one year it is high school credit. I can't find the page at the moment but I will look again. ETA: finally found something!! here's another one. Neither of these are what I saw before but they do help.
  3. cintinative

    Treating stutter? Or not?

    My oldest had an issue with stuttering at age 4 and 5. For him it was a repeating form "I want want want want to go go go go to the the the zoo zoo zoo." We did not have the blocking. It was most definitely worse when he was excited, especially around Christmas. We had him in preschool at a church and they had a group come out and evaluate the kids' speech. They recommended speech therapy for him due to the high amount of disfluency. One of the other moms at the preschool happened to be a speech therapist and our boys were friends, so she was a natural choice. We had a great experience with the therapy and it did help. He will still stuttering at age 6 but I don't notice it anymore. I could be wrong but I was under the impression that speech issues are better addressed young, and that the longer you wait to address them, the harder they become to remediate. These resources might be helpful. There are some interesting stats on the stuttering foundation site about how having a parent who stuttered as a child makes their children more likely to stutter, how long it takes to remediate on its own if it does, and about how girls are more likely to experience correction on their own, etc. I have a friend who has five children. Her son (2nd born) was having the repeating issue my son had and then her next youngest (also a boy) started doing the same. Their girl (now the fourth child, then the youngest) then started with the same disfluency. They were probably 6, 4, and 3. I am not sure if the younger ones were mimicking the older or if they all had some sort of predisposition. The last I heard they were all receiving speech therapy.
  4. cintinative

    Let’s play: Name that snow animal track

    They don't look like the chipmunk tracks I am seeing online. They look like weasel tracks. These are long-tailed weasel tracks if the Internet may be trusted (that's another thread):
  5. cintinative

    Walk through bedrooms experiences

    Our first home had a walk through. It was a 1940's cape cod and they built a dormer on the 2nd story. I am not sure if the room was walk through before that or not. It was definitely a bedroom at one time though because it had a closet. We had a front room with no closet which we were always perplexed by. It had a door separating it from a small hallway. Anyway, I couldn't tell you what the original owners used it for but we used the room as an office/study. So we had bookshelves on one wall, a cozy nook to read, and a desk. There was plenty of room to walk through to the stairs. I think this sounds like a different scenario than you are describing though. When I was a teenager there was an extra room off of my parents' bedroom. I am not sure what it was intended for--I suppose you could have used it as a baby's room or an office. I don't remember any doorway, just an opening into the room. You walked through a small hallway past their walk in closets to get to it. We used it as an office/homework room, so we did have to walk through their bedroom to get to it.
  6. cintinative

    help! Rehab for the elderly

    I found it here: Thank you. This is very good for our family to have as well.
  7. cintinative

    Latin for Children...2nd grade?

    I am in agreement with the others. There is a lot of grammar in LFC and most 2nd graders haven't covered it. We started my youngest in 4th grade but we were doing FLL4 also so it worked out. He did need some help with some things. On the Latin for Teachers video, Karen Moore said they start LFC-A in 3rd grade but they take it slowly with lots and lots of reciting and repetition. Also she said that she coordinates with the grammar teacher to make sure the students are getting the grammar before they cover it in Latin.
  8. cintinative

    help! Rehab for the elderly

    Praying. If things go as planned, my mom will have major back surgery and transfer to a rehab facility in about three weeks and I can totally see her dementia worsening. I am so sorry that you are going through this. This may not apply but at one point my mom experienced a very significant drop in cognitive function (this was years ago) and it turned out to be one of the anti-nausea medications they had put her on. It took longer than I thought it should to determine it was a new medication, possibly because my mom is on so many medications. I think part of that is they can't fully know how each person's body will respond to a medication and sometimes the less common side-effect is the one you end up with. So keep an eye out for any new medications introduced since he has been in the facility.
  9. cintinative

    gluten free mac and cheese recipe?

    I make one in the slow cooker but it is really sensitive to being overcooked. I usually only cook the noodles 3-4 minutes before putting them in the slow cooker, and you need to only stir it once. Macaroni and 4 cheeses 3 cups cooked elbow macaroni (we use barilla GF, cook about 3-4 minutes, rinse with cold water) 1 T butter plus extra for crock pot 2 cup evap milk 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, shredded 3/4 cup colby jack cheese, shredded (or monterey jack) 3/4 cup swiss cheese, shredded (or Gruyere) 1/2 cup pasteurized process cheese spread, cubed (velveeta) 1 teas salt 1/4 teas pepper Rub inside of crock pot with butter. Mix macaroni and butter in crock pot. Add remaining ingredients. Stir. Cover and cook on low 2-2.5 hours or about 1-1.5 on high (maybe less since I usually double it?). Do not stir more than twice or noodles will become a mass. 😃 -------. I usually double it because my son likes to eat leftovers for lunch. Leftovers are lovingly called "mac n' mulch" by my Celiac kid because they become a solid mass of macaroni. I don't think there is a way to avoid this--it is just the pasta.
  10. cintinative

    Grammar program comparison thread

    I am worried this might get lost in my post, so I will ask here as well. Can anyone post a review of Well-Ordered Language by CAP? It's elementary level, and that's about all I know other than one of the authors taught at a classical school here and was highly praised. My kids are too old for it, but if we are going to talk about various grammar curriculum, I thought it would be useful to bring this (newer) curriculum option into the discussion.
  11. cintinative

    WTM Grammar Help..

    yes, the phrase "to destroy both him and his tribe sits on a tree" is a DO with "to destroy" as the infinitive and "both him and his tribe" being a compound direct object of the infinitive ETA: I see you have the key. This might be a case when you need to do some googling to understand the uses of infinitives better. Here is a place to start: then
  12. cintinative

    WTM Grammar

    I guess it depends on what you consider "in-depth." I will see if I can respond over there. ETA: the answers to her questions are in the key. I responded on the other thread. Sometimes (like in the lesson on Hortative verbs) I haven't felt there is enough instruction and the internet was no help whatsoever. In this case, I think it would be possible to find some examples and additional guidance elsewhere. Or this might be a case where I would look at the key and discern from that what they did. Sometimes the key has notes about things that are possibly tricky.
  13. cintinative

    Grammar program comparison thread

    edited for clarity and typos
  14. cintinative

    WTM Grammar

    To be clear, the OP means the lesson covers subordinating conjunctions, correlative conjunctions, etc. (not just coordinating conjunctions). So my philosophy with this is that you cannot give too much help. Get the key out and work through each exercise together. If you are struggling with the subject-verb agreement aspect of the compound subjects, I would take some time to review basic subject-verb agreement (there are probably tons of worksheets on this on the internet) and then return to it. Also, keep in mind there are not four "levels" of Grammar for the WTM. It's the same course repeated with different exercises. So you will see this again. I can't tell you if you should quit this in favor of something else, but just know this is very difficult grammar. It really ramps up after week 20 especially. We started in Sept 2017 and still have not finished the purple book. Many lessons take us multiple days to complete. ETA: I do believe that the WTM academy has a grammar class based on this (an online class)
  15. cintinative

    Lori D, you are so amazing

    Agreed. I so appreciate all of Lori D's input, her posts, and her "google-fu" Thank you Lori!!
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