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  1. I had no idea that the black specks were those. Wow.
  2. Okay, this one jumped out at me. What do you use duct tape for that is medical?
  3. More new classes Intro to the US Legal System (grades 11-12) 1st semester Intro to Criminal Law (grades 11-12) 2nd semester
  4. See if this works https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kmu0jBo7DX_1GhDPfvXmzo_0TlDEh8ia?usp=sharing
  5. Nothing to do with the shelf, but regarding replacing your mixer: If you search, there is a thread on here where America's Test Kitchen did not recommend Kitchen Aids for bread mixing because the motor can't take it. It was something about KA saying they didn't recommend using the mixer at a certain speed over a certain number of minutes which meant that breadmaking was out. So I would not replace your current mixer with a Kitchen Aid if you like it and it works well.
  6. When I was in my "cintinative downloads the Internet" phase I downloaded all of the Glencoe stuff for grammar. Would that be helpful? I have 6th-12th grade. LOL.
  7. It used to be that the Easy Walk Harness had a guarantee and if your dog chewed through it, they would replace it for cost of shipping. Now it says, "If your dog does chew the harness, we will replace it for a small fee." https://www.petsafe.net/media/downloads/ewh-easy-walk-harness-manual_2.pdf That said, we have used it since the beginning and it is great. We only put it on him for walks or car rides.
  8. True. I assumed she meant the silly plastic party favors (e.g. spider rings). 😃
  9. What's your budget? Maybe a pack of markers? Pack of colored pencils? Candy (allergy-friendly)?
  10. This is going to sound bizarre, but any sound that is on a loop is going to bug me because I can hear the transition. So this is probably really personal. We used to use an air purifier that made a lot of fan noise--it is huge. That worked for me also. I noticed that our counselors use the Dohm sound machine too just outside their offices to muffle the voices.
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