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  1. +1 if it is the same facebook page I am thinking of. I unfollowed before COVID, so I can only imagine what it is like now.
  2. I didn't even think of that! Of course when I went to the wedding that was way pre-COVID.
  3. I remember asking about my cousin's wedding a few (five?) years back. It was her second marriage. Both she and her new husband had well-supplied households, so they didn't "need" the household items you sometimes get for newlyweds. There were several good suggestions on here, most of which I don't remember. I ended up getting them a gift card for a brunch/breakfast place with a card telling them I hope they have many more breakfasts together or something like that. (I believe I got the idea from here, but no idea who.) If they are people who like experiences, you could get them a gif
  4. Matryoshka explained it well, but I wanted to share that I saw a little rhyme the other day that was catchy and might help (although there are exceptions!). Twinkle, twinkle little estar--how you feel and where you are.
  5. Since we dropped an outsourced class, I am suddenly teaching my kids' Spanish I. I had studied it before, plus went overseas, but I'm rusty. What sort of goals did you set for yourself with Duolingo? I am currently on level one. It's mostly review for me, but there is just enough that I don't remember that I couldn't test out of it. Do you you mind sharing some of the youtube channels you found? Thanks in advance!
  6. It took about a week for me to get my code. I had to email them because I didn't have it after five days. I got it that day. FYI. There is a sort of orientation video I watched on the various things you can do in it. That was sort of helpful. One thing I haven't figured out yet is how to get the kids' logins. I have set them up with usernames but I don't know how to give them passwords to login. It might be that I need separate student accounts for that. For now, they are accessing the student materials via the portal I have (which contains the teacher materials as well).
  7. Yes, we have a dog and a corn snake. I was joking last night that my youngest should teach the dog agility. It's a joke because the odds of the dog cooperating are slim to none. LOL.
  8. I buy the Moser Roth from Aldi. It is 85%. I am not sure if it is fair trade. I will check.
  9. Background: In the past we would have been in co-op and Trail Life (like Boy scouts). We decided not to do co-op due to COVID. We were going to do Trail Life, but they are not enforcing masking. We see my dad weekly and my mom is very medically fragile, so it looks like Trail Life is out this year. Plus I am not confident that my own family doesn't bear a higher risk since three of us have autoimmune diseases and one has asthma. The kids will continue to do youth group, which will move inside with masking soon. Anyway, I am trying to think of something that my boys can do during this s
  10. I feel like I should caveat my statement. It's hard to know what was going on. I saw a power point where there was an "X" in the 2nd person plural English and Spanish forms. Maybe when she taught it, she explained? I think it is better to present the 2nd person plural for both and to indicate that the 2nd person plural in Spanish is only used in Spain. I hope she explained this to them.
  11. ETA: So far, the jury is still out on these. I haven't needed them that much, and I don't like the first test. As we move through hopefully I will have a better idea of how much these help. They don't suggest outside resources or anything, so it is basically just a schedule to get through the book. The first test (at least) does not involve listening or speaking, which I wanted to include, so I am going to try to use the on-level test provided with the teacher materials online.
  12. One more: I am on the teacher's website you posted. There is material that she is indicating is in Leccion Preliminar which is not in that lesson, but is in Lesson 1. For example, telling time is not in Leccion Preliminar, but her quizzes include that content. Also ser and estar are not covered in the Leccion Preliminar. ETA: Also, apparently this teacher doesn't teach the vosotros form or acknowledge there is a 2nd person plural in English? That's super weird, y'all. (pun intended)
  13. Also, I am using lesson plans from Kolbe (sort of?) and they go through all but the very last Unit. They said that the last unit is repeated in Avancemos 2 so they don't cover it in Avancemos 1.
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