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  1. There is a sort of Downton Abbey catchup video I have seen on Facebook that you could watch. I do think you would miss a lot of the "inside" jokes.
  2. My husband just sent me something today that said Target had one on September 13th but I thought they only did their collection in the spring. I have some boosters to get rid of so I was holding out for Target's event. I am hoping they still do it in the spring.
  3. If all else fails, try Dick Blick. I usually find their prices competitive. This one is $30 for 25 pounds: This one is $45 for 25 pounds
  4. i was just thinking the same--check her adrenal gland for growths. An excess of adrenaline can cause some of those symptoms. Honestly, I would start with her thyroid and adrenal glands before I started messing with her diet. I have a Celiac kid so I don't say that lightly. It's just that, if there is a growth on her glands, you want to deal with that now. Make sure that is not behind the poor iron absorption. I would triage the most pressing issues and if nothing comes up via testing, then consider endoscopy for Celiac and dietary changes. Clearly, just my opinion and I am sure others will disagree.
  5. praying for you. I have a friend that was diagnosed with Graves Disease and then following treatment developed Hashimoto's. I wonder if Graves could be a player here? I would definitely at least message her endocrinologist about the issues you are seeing--I would think they would want to revisit her thyroid. Symptoms of Graves' disease fit: What are the symptoms of Graves’ disease? You may have common symptoms of hyperthyroidism such as fast and irregular heartbeat frequent bowel movements or diarrhea goiter heat intolerance nervousness or irritability tiredness or muscle weakness trembling hands trouble sleeping weight loss
  6. I have certainly walked by myself, but now that I am a dog owner, I would really miss that. I am guessing if you live in the suburbs that one of your neighbors has a dog that would just *love* to go for a walk with you as often as you want! If you are on FB, you could post in your neighborhood group? Surely someone works all day and their doggie would enjoy the extra love? The down side would be that you don't know how well trained that dog would be.
  7. @RootAnn thank you! I definitely would have liked doing this with more kids but my youngest was not ready for it and it didn't fly as a class for co-op, so we're doing our best just the two of us. 😃 If you teach the class again, I found some fun examples on the tvtropes site just be careful of some language/content. One of my favorites so far was an example of tu quoque from Harry Potter. 😃 Actually, if you teach it again, I can just send you my word file where I copied and pasted things in from different sites.
  8. So the short story is we *hate* the videos. We tried. I am learning our family has a low tolerance for this type of thing. Anyway, I have a Word document with information about the various fallacies, including examples, and links to videos like the PBS Idea channel ones (I think I have Farrar to thank for those). Anyway, clearly this is not taking as much time as it would with the video discussion. I have added some "projects" where he will create a power point with the fallacies defined and examples. I could add more videos from you tube, etc. I was hoping to give him a half-credit for this as that is what the curriculum suggests, but hour-wise, he is probably not going to make it to 70 hours based on how things are going. Suggestions on how to supplement? Or . . . can I count his completion of The Fallacy Detective in 6th and The Thinking Toolbox in 7th as part of this year's Informal Logic 1/2 credit? Thanks for your help.
  9. Well, we have some people here who eat gluten and some that do not, and we all use the same dishwasher. Restaurants that have both gluten free and non gluten free items use the same dishwasher. I would think, unless I misunderstand how a dishwasher works, that unless there is something amiss in the operation of the dishwasher, the dishwasher should not contaminate the dishes. However, sink dish washing could be an issue. I am not nearly careful enough in that area.
  10. One of the twitter comments is that next year all the news reporting will be done via emojis. LOL.
  11. To be honest, I never considered it. Is your worry that somehow the contaminated water will recycle onto the dishes?
  12. I don't have any personal stake in this, but you would be surprised to see the comments on FB and Twitter. Some people are seriously upset. P.S. Some of the comments are hilarious.
  13. Mass chaos or new order? Your thoughts? "AP Stylebook Changes Hyphen Guidance, Ushering In Total Chaos" ETA: comment from the AP on FB: "From our hyphen entry: Use of the hyphen is far from standardized. It is optional in most cases, a matter of taste, judgment and style sense. But the fewer hyphens the better; use them only when not using them causes confusion (loose-knit group, but tax code changes). Think of hyphens as an aid to readers’ comprehension. If a hyphen makes the meaning clearer, use it. If it just adds clutter and distraction to the sentence, don’t use it."
  14. My dh and boys watch baseball, football, and hockey. Between the three there is almost no evening a game is not on. I feel your pain.
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