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  1. When I go on my laptop, the course is $26.99, and if I login it is back to $169.99. I think I am just going to create an account for my son. LOL
  2. Okay, I *swear* the course was $40 yesterday and today it is $149.99. Do I need to check Udemy every day or something?
  3. is he using Udemy to learn Blender? I was just looking at those today. I think that my kid will be more interested in Blender than the other for sure. He's very into gaming--I need to convince him that it is interesting to learn the design end of animation. 😃
  4. I wondered about Udemy. We don't have anything presently, so I guess we are pretty open. Maybe we should just look at the courses and see if something appeals?
  5. I'm looking for something for my soon to be 14 year old. Can anyone suggest a good program? I am not very techie and am unlikely to be able to help. His cousins might be able to, but they are not local. So hopefully something where he can get support too? Thank you so much.
  6. Apple Pay has none, and I would not use it. Paypal is really going to favor the buyer, but if they pay you goods and services, and you provide what you said you would, then you should be fine. Do not let them pay you via friends and family. I recommend invoicing within paypal. Anything you are not willing to eat due to post office loss I would insure. If you ship priority mail $50 of insurance comes with it. Generally they are super rough with media mail so if you ship it that way make sure it is very well packed in a good box and all the seams are taped. With something this expensive
  7. I forgot but eternally's post reminded me--there used to be a lab book and student worksheets for labs available for free online for CPO but they are now behind a paywall. If you want the Earth Science ones, I still have them. I also have them for CPO physical science but I didn't use that text.
  8. I thought CPO Middle School Earth Science was readable and well done. The labs were somewhat hard to pull off. There is a blog where she shows how she adapted many of the labs. It's called "Now is the Best time." I learned after I ran the lab at co-op that you can borrow a stream table from the local soil and water conservation district for free, and it's huge and awesome. It's definitely worth looking into that if you have a hands-on kid. The Prentice Hall Science Explorer physics titles were okay--we covered forces and motion, energy and magnetism, and light and sound. The labs in th
  9. BTW, the housing market is insane here in NE Cincinnati. Not sure about SE Dayton. Houses here are selling within two days of going on the market for $30-$40K over asking sometimes. It depends on the area, obviously, but it is nuts.
  10. LOL. I remember spending hours there once with a bunch of aerospace engineering students. Mistake. Big mistake.
  11. If you like hiking, Clifton Gorge followed by ice cream at Young's Dairy is a favorite trip for me. 😃 Yellow Springs (very close by there) is a very bohemian little village. Lots of quirky shops. The last I heard there is a Giordano's (like the one that is Chicago) in Beavercreek. We still haven't made it up there though.
  12. So, he is 13 (14 next week) and I know brain fog can be part of things at 13, but there were a few things more long lasting than that and I wanted to see. He has ADHD-inattentive so I was also not sure if we were dealing with a need for a medication change. I notice that he is often picking at his fingers, not focusing on his work, *especially* when reading and doing math. It's like the math book triggers the need to pick. LOL. He is on month 12 of Algebra I, which is fine, but from my perspective I am not seeing that the math is "easy" for him or that he gets it right away and he
  13. My younger son did some quick screeners with a psychiatrist for stealth dyslexia, math issues, processing, etc. She said she thinks he is just very smart and extremely bored with school. He does have ADHD-inattentive, which we have been addressing with medication. Is it useful to run the IQ test to look at areas like working memory? I do think we have an issue but clearly we haven't pinned it down yet. It might just be that he checks out because he is so bored.
  14. I am also asking about these: https://lampposthomeschool.com/electives/foreign-language/avancemos-level-2-spanish/#Features I really would be in trouble without the tests. I did order Kolbe's lesson plans/tests this year but I didn't like the tests at all. So I need access to those somehow. I am just not clear if I can get it through this group or not (or Kolbe).
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