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  1. It depends on the student I think. We covered maybe two chapters in a day, but at this point (middle school) we weren't doing history every day. Maybe you could get one via interlibrary loan and look it over and see what you think?
  2. Maybe?? https://global.oup.com/academic/content/series/w/the-world-in-ancient-times-wat/?cc=us&lang=en& These are probably middle-school level. Each about 180 pages maybe? titles: The Ancient American World, The Ancient Chinese World, The Ancient Egyptian World, The Ancient Greek World, The Ancient Near Eastern World, The Ancient Roman World, The Ancient South Asian World We used these in middle school but I read aloud. They are very readable.
  3. I think they have podcasts for free? The last time I tried it, it was a bit too fast for me since there are no visual cues. The video section of News in Slow Spanish is all subscription except for one to two minute clips. I can look at BBC Mundo
  4. It's April! How is everyone doing? I am still not to checkpoint 3 on Spanish, but I am trying not to be discouraged. Slow and steady, right? I am rewatching Destinos because we have no money to purchase a DVD set or another streaming service. Fortunately, I like it, and I am finding it helpful to watch it again, this time without any captions (which I sometimes used last time).
  5. So . . . update. As I suspected, the waffle maker method is above my skill level. The result was a catastrophic loss of cookie integrity and crumbs in every part of the waffle iron. I am going to put the dough back in the fridge for now, but I might freeze it. My energy level is super low today or I would try some other methods. Hopefully we will have a new oven heating element by tomorrow night.
  6. Yes, there is power to the burners, panel, and broiler. It's the heating element (we hope).
  7. This recipe looks delicious! https://www.marthastewart.com/353566/chocolate-waffle-cookies?autonomy_kw=cookies waffle iron
  8. I thought about this but unfortunately I might have spread some germs into the dough. =(
  9. Unfortunately, no. That would be awesome. Sorry about your oven!
  10. No. Sorry. I have an instapot, a crockpot, a belgian waffle maker (the waffle maker would be very food networky but I am a bit scared of doing that--I would think it would not go well since the dough is so thick)
  11. It's my Tuesday routine to make chocolate chip bar cookies and today the oven heating coil decided to retire. Other than eating the cookie dough raw, do I have any stovetop or microwave options? It's gluten free dough--it might freeze? My dinner plans also involved the oven, so I have to rework them. We used the oven every day until today, so I had no idea it was busted.
  12. Hugs and prayers for you both as well. I am fortunate that I do have a sibling, and he mostly gets it. He's not quite to the point of accepting that she is who she is and won't change yet. But at least we can walk together on the journey.
  13. @Indigo Blue You have experienced a lot of hurt, and that hurt is real. I can relate so much to what you are saying. I think it helps to make a distinction between forgiving someone and forgetting what happened. To me, forgiveness is just releasing your desire for justice to God. It means that the memories no longer cause tremendous pain. It does NOT mean that I forget what happened (that is impossible). It does NOT mean that I forget that this person is toxic, or that I don't need to tread carefully with that person/have appropriate boundaries/back off from the relationship. Forgiven
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