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  1. Yeah, I haven't been tracking our local three counties. I probably should have. On the topic of this thread, for us in Ohio, is that testing capacity is still pretty low. It's around 9.5K/day. Dr. Acton talked about it on Tuesday but there are multiple factors in play. The goal was to ramp up to 22K/day by this past Monday (I think??) but they could not achieve it due to multiple obstacles. So it's hard for me at times to know what to think of the testing numbers. I have several friends who likely had it and were never tested. One of them went to the ER three times and was never tested (she had no trouble breathing, severe headaches and fever were the issue). So I am just wondering (out loud) how much testing is going on outside of the congregate settings like prisons and nursing homes.
  2. I noticed there was an increase in hospitalizations and ICU admissions from yesterday to today. Do you know how to figure out what county these were from? I can't quite figure it out.
  3. In our county, they are talking about suing to allow for the large tennis tournament we host plus Kings Island to open. The county leaders feel that our county has had a very low impact by the virus. “This is just going to prolong the agony,” Deerfield Twp. Trustee ********** said during the teleconference meeting. “Warren County is not sick.” A 20th death from COVID-19 was reported Monday in Warren County. There have been 340 cases and 47 hospitalizations in the county since the beginning of the outbreak, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Note: we don't really have a large hospital in Warren County, so most people go to Hamilton County or Butler County for treatment. So my question is, how is it that they don't see that tourist attractions attract tourists?? Does it really matter if our county has low numbers? The point of these attractions is to pull in people from all over. I also told the trustee that I felt "Warren County is not sick" is going to be interpreted badly by some folks who have experienced loss or extreme illness due to COVID. She respectfully disagreed. My husband felt like she was right, and that her statement clearly means "low case numbers in the county." I felt like she should have been more cautious with her wording as someone in a political position.
  4. Oh my! That sounds awful! Prayers!
  5. I have this problem as well. I haven't received emails in months. So going through the FB page is the best way to report it?
  6. It looks fantastic! Did you get help with the redesign or just work on it yourselves?
  7. I wondered. We did look at PEP, but that's another thread. God closed the door for us. A good friend of mine teaches Spanish at the Milford and Mason campuses. If we could afford it, we would go do Spanish there. She is fantastic.
  8. @Teaching3bears do you mind sharing what region of the US you live in? I am seeing this a bit too--people declaring they are "done" with social distancing, stores seem crowded, etc. but I am not sure yet how prevalent this idea is. I try to remember that sometimes the most vocal people on FB don't represent the majority. I am concerned though.
  9. I purchased this. I hope it works out!
  10. I have a paperback by Dover Thrift but I think I need an annotated edition. Can someone recommend one? I may have ordered the wrong one. Ideally I would like it to have annotations at the bottom of each page but if they are in the back that is good too. Thanks in advance.
  11. LOL--I love that version of Sense and Sensibility also! I watched all three Mansfield Park versions and I think generally I like the old 1983 one the best in terms of the Fanny character (although the thing she does with her hands is weird). And I can't stop thinking that the Crawfords look like the wonder twins. LOL. I think she was the best Mary I have seen. I just wish they hadn't put her in a wig. I puffy heart Jonny Lee Miller but I couldn't get past that Fanny accepts the proposal in that movie version when she doesn't in the book. I loved Macfadyen in Little Dorrit. I saw that on your list. 😃
  12. I worked in the yard a tiny bit. The family went to the park with the dog (I sprained my ankle Friday so none of that for me). I tried to get some reading for history done. Then I started some laundry, did a workout that was safe for my ankle, and now I am trying to get the kids away from the screens to play a game. It started raining outside a couple hours ago or I would at least sit outside. Normally we would grill out around this time but there wasn't ground beef on sale like normal, so pork loin is on the menu tonight. It's a weird weekend for sure!
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