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  1. I have an awkward living room situation. I adore my living room. *IF* you don't need to see the television, it's perfect in every way. If you do, well, good luck. :P It is longer than it is wide. The narrow arrow faces the fireplace - a gorgeous, oak & marble creation that we use quite often. I love it. Because I despise the television and I don't want it in my living room, it is adequately hidden to the left of the fireplace. Over the fireplace is a mirror. It makes me happy. At the far back is the piano. There is nowhere else really for the piano. It has three doorways - one to the entry, one - glass doors the outside backyard, and one to the kitchen. We are looking at new furniture. I'd like something to magically transform this into a room that works. Where can I get something like that? :P 😉 (Oh, and could it seat a dozen?) We have given up on seating everyone. We use beanbags and the floor for upstairs. We have a basement living room that seats more people, however, because STAIRS, I don't go down there for family movies much anymore... so on the weekends we generally just use the upstairs living room.
  2. Somehow I'm starting to think my little town Iowa mentality must extend to businesses. The fella who did our well pump didn't ask for anything up front and didn't send me a bill for a couple weeks after. :P I'm not surprised by the "no cc" policy. They do charge fees that make it difficult for a company to be competitive. It would not raise any flags for me.
  3. If he likes tools and you have a large budget, does he have a nice stand-up Craftsman tool chest? Things to organize his tools? Leather tool belt? What does he do with them - like what hobby? I think the tickets are great. I'm a socks girl - I adore socks. You could get me socks for every birthday, holiday and sad day from now until 2030 and it never gets old. Does he have something like this? I like your ideas. My dh is a "boardgame for 2" fella. He always likes getting a new one. DD All of those are good. What are her hobbies? Subscriptions to things like Ipsy? Chargers or new phone case? Books... always or journals and nice pens.
  4. I also don't know if his career will survive this and it's because most people differentiate between: 1. I did this and I am so sorry vs. 2. I got busted for this and, oh, by the way, I am so sorry.
  5. LOL - I thought I don't remember posting this? I *did* buy the spiralizer and we really do use it. I love it for sweet potato fries. The zucchini works well. We don't really use it beyond this but I genuinely like fresh veggie noodles and it makes me feel more "normal" on pasta nights when everyone except Ella and me can eat the pasta! (Spaghetti squash even MORE amazing, but obviously doesn't need a special gadget.) I'll mention that I'm anti-gadget overall, but some things are just worth the effort, especially when trying to normalize a challenging diet.
  6. This. A new septic (tank and lines) is expensive. Just as you wouldn’t fail to switch furnace filters as basic maintenance on your expensive furnace, same goes with septic. Essentially it’s a pit where bacteria digest and liquify waste. The liquid leaves the tank via leach lines. The solids stay to be further digested. If the bacteria can’t keep up with the waste (small tank or larger family) then it must be pumped. There are charts online based on tank size.
  7. Oh, and I should point out, he's going to be crazy veggie heavy. These are low prep meals. So, consider if it's a necessity. If you think back to previous babies, you probably made casserole type dishes and/or prepped meat. And of the pre-prepped meat (like shredded AIP friendly chicken or pre cooked ground beef) is still completely reasonable. But AIP eating is so simplified. While you would normally have to prep ingredients, mix together, then bake/cook, now it's just prep pre-cut vegetables and serve meat. For example: Sardines with salads (lunch) Grilled/Baked salmon - no prep Grilled asparagus - no prep Steamed broccoli - no prep Roast Beef (crock pot prepared) Cuts of steak (Grilled) Chicken whole (Roaster) Chicken breasts (Grilled - can be premade and frozen) Baked brussel sprouts Pre-made veggie noodles The key, for me, to eating Whole 30/Wahl's/AIP etc., is honestly pre-cut veggies. Because my meals are essentially veggies, more veggies, still more veggies, and meat -- prepared salads, pre-cut vegetables, etc. are what a freezer meal would normally be (all the prep done with only cooking left to do.) It's kind of a total mindset change, but once you get there, eating like this is remarkably easier than eating traditionally with all of its prep.
  8. There is an AIP (auto immune protocol) freezer meal FB group if you're interested!
  9. I think we probably ought to separate out cheating (an intentionally way to get over) from, "I don't know how to write, so I'm essentially re-writing the information and puking it back." It's actually an acceptable way to learn to write, btw. This is how many learned to write actually. A 9yo? I would not expect him to work out of my sight and I expect to guide and direct. Independent work consists of what happens after I have actively taught and instructed, ensured he understands, and then still with supervision and in front of me in small chunks.
  10. I'll preface this by saying that I'll contribute my own experience, but that I am (extremely) limited in knowledge and understanding. I've long thought DD (now 15) was an Aspie. We had her evaluated by a psych at the University. Many of her characteristics are like what you are describing. She was a little different from the time she was tiny - her head was extraordinarily large and round and did a rather lot of damage being born. (Large heads are a characteristic of autistic children.) She was our only child of 11 to not co-sleep. She didn't like touching when sleeping. She has an incredible amount of food sensitivities. Clothing annoys her and she is picky - the seams of her socks and undies have always driven her crazy, but it's really all clothing - she's particular about feeling. She also color-codes all her clothing in her closet. She craves extreme organization and all of her books are organized by author. She hates sounds - like a magic eraser cleaning, etc. She hates the feel of things - magic erasers (again), scratchy scrub brushes. She is an extreme introvert though she does make herself speak and make effort - in, for example, her college class this semester and her lit class. She prefers to keep earbuds in her ears most of the time - our house can be chaotic. She has an extraordinary pain tolerance and always has- to the point of cutting herself on a chicken coop window, needing stitches pretty badly, and zero emotion over it. And again when she needed stitches from hitting her face on the piano. She does not like meeting new people, but she doesn't like familiar but loud people either. She takes a book with to my parents and reads in the van often when we visit. The psychologist said that she is NOT an Aspie. (I'm not sure I agree.) And her reason was this: She has different behavior at home than with others. And she does - she has a great sense of humor and will share it with me. She does not share it with others for the most part. She is more relaxed at home than in other places. She does self comfort (stroking and winding her hair) in all places. She tells me she doesn't love interacting because she can't tell what other people are thinking/feeling by their faces. And she truly can't - she asks me (often) did you mean that sincerely or are you being sarcastic? Was that comment out of frustration or did you mean that? (In odd moments when there would be no frustration.) She truly has an incredible time discerning other people's feelings/intentions. Instead she was diagnosed to have extreme anxiety. I'd suspect your DS is an aspie, but high functioning aspies really do compensate incredibly well. While they are usually peculiar, society tends to be okay with it if they exhibit extreme intelligence and chalk it up to that. There is a growing understanding that they are different and that that is okay. I hope the trend continues. I wish she had received the diagnosis. Things like that are useful for explanatory purposes.
  11. We’ve planted trees in September and October with no issues. However, we are coming up on Nov 1 and it’s getting cold here. We expect snow this week. Does anyone know how cold is too cold for newly planted trees or will they just go dormant?
  12. I’d encourage DH to get moving on the repairs. At -5 with a house that lacks proper insulation, I would worry about pipes freezing and bursting! Ever since this disease got rolling, I have a hard time staying warm at night. I get ridiculously cold and can’t do heavy blankets because then I can’t turn over in bed. (On the list of ridiculous things you never thought would be hard.) There have been nights when I literally can’t sleep until I feel warm enough. (It’s an internal thing, the house is usually set at 64 at night.) My lifesaver? Girl, you need heated mattress pad covers. At Level H (right after Level 19) I can even emanate heat to HIS side of the bed. It is truly the best gift I’ve ever gotten.
  13. I cannot emphasize enough to research and understand the Wahl Protocol and the why behind it. I know someone (Primary Progressive) who is seeing results from consistent adherence.
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