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  1. We recently tested our 13yo. I would consider her academically strong, especially in math, but I didn’t expect scores like this. Composite was 98th percentile. I’m surprised. Have you found the test accurate?
  2. Medical costs is pervasive, has no end, and just keeps washing out more of you. I hate it. So, wait - I think I missed something and I'll go back and read, but you mention minimum payments and accruing interest. So, are you paying medical with credit cards? Is that why the interest accrual? So it sounds like you have decent income. It's just the bills are huge. Have you gone to the hospitals, clinics, etc., and seen if they have a forgiveness plan? I know it seems like you'd be above their income ratio, but maybe not. Remember the most poor are going to have medicaid coverage, so they aren't getting bills. The forgiveness is going to be for the middle income folks with a lot of bills. A few years ago, we applied at the beginning of my diagnosis - they originally thought it was something else and I had IVIG and Rituximab infusions. Mayo forgave nothing, but the University did forgive some of the bills. It helped. Obviously private doctors' offices, labs, etc., there is nothing there for that. You have had a long hard road and all uphill. I can totally believe it. We have a maximum OOP of $10k per year and we've hit it the last three years (usually by February) and that doesn't touch travel expenses, my uncovered stuff like methylcobalamin injections, cannabis oil through the dispensary, accessibility changes, etc. You know, does he love his job? Because, one consideration isn't earn more. It might be to look for a job with better medical benefits. I'm trying to remember his background and for some reason, I was thinking it was similar to my DH's. Iowa is nice in the spring.... 😉
  3. I suck at delayed gratification. So, I'm beginning to grasp truths about myself. One is that if I don't auto-deduct, I'm in trouble. Second, I can plan all day long (and color code) but I need separate accounts for savings and ideally, multiple labeled accounts. This year we have a lot we want to set aside for - all house changes for accessibility. It's motivating to do it for a reason. I'm not motivated by seeing money pile up. DH is, but it doesn't excite me. I think it's that delayed gratification thing. So I need to know in my head what stuff is earmarked for. For example, DH wrapped his car around a deer. We did not have a replacement fund in place. We're using taxes to pay cash and it's been a long six weeks or so since it happened. But, he also started putting more than normal away in 401k. That would be a car payment. So it is comforting to my mental state to know he is happy "saving" his car payment, thus I do not want a car payment. I get that it's all a mental game, but it makes me content, lol. Because, otherwise, I do this: Hm, what could *I* do with an extra $400/month.
  4. These are my staple. I’m super sensitive to cold these days and I’ve been wearing them since October. I may or may not be in bed right now wearing them... and wool blend pants, a hoodie, and socks. 😉 Things that help me the most - heated blanket, three layers on my core, wool socks I’m miserable when I’m cold it’s -23 windchill here currently and I really need it to warm up. I feel sorry for kiddo. I have one just like him. I’d give just about anything to be able to put some weight on her.
  5. Well, insurances do have coverage limits - the amount they will cover. $1,000 doesn’t seem right though. Generally it’s hundreds of thousands, so that is odd. As to your friends not wanting to go after assets, it will not be up to them. Once they’ve made a claim on their own insurance, their insurance will investigate. If there is another liable party, the insurance will seek to recoup their loss. They will not, to my knowledge, seek lost wages. That would be a civil lawsuit. That said, even if the other house is liable and if the civil suit is won, they’d still need to get the money. Time consuming and expensive. In the meantime is he eligible for disability? This is a very hard thing to deal with. Since acquiring a disability, DH and I realize that death is easier in some ways to cope with financially for a single income family than long term disability. That sounds cold but I just mean it from a purely financial perspective. My husband carries life insurance, but then also additional short and long term disability. I would assume this is available to self employed individuals, but may not be financially feasible. 😞
  6. I had to vote other. A prom dress is $200 and Homecoming is $100. A high adventure trip is $200 plus stuff. But then my my fourth grader? Pretty much nothing except occasional field trips and ice skating. I’m all over the map on this. I’d suspect my most active child is over $1,000 and my littles ones are near zero.
  7. May husband was 22 when I was an 18yo senior. He took me to my senior prom. 😉 There is nil difference between an 18yo and a 22yo boy in maturity in most circumstances. One of my 18yo daughter’s best friend is dating a young man who is 23. Their families are friends, both homeschool. In our area, homeschool families spend time together, this includes graduated kids. He’s a great guy and I don’t blame him a bit for being interested in a vivacious and beautiful 18yo girl. They’re a great couple but it caused a buzz. I admit it was a non-issue for me, but again, DH is four years older than me.
  8. The idea of "homeschool cult" in today's world is a bit much for me. Thanks to the internet world, we're all very aware that while the immediate radius may share a particular mindset, we're aware that things can be very different for our own children. I've homeschooled in the rural Midwest, the more urban Midwest, California, and Oregon, as well as a stretch of the past almost twenty years. Before I had a homeschool community, I had an online community - TWTM (and VegSource) existed even then and homeschooling was what I made of it, since we only knew of one other family that was homeschooling at that point. In modern homeschooling, it is largely not upon the parent to be the teacher of all the subjects, nor an expert in all areas. It is simply if the need arises, one must seek out resources. I find this concept of submitting to the views of the few and then saying, "This is my world," comparative to the "stop judging moms" posts. Who? Who is judging moms? Who is judging homeschoolers? And why do we care? If someone had told me I couldn't nurse my baby, I'd have laughed. And if someone had told me I needed to nurse my Becca (who didn't handle nursing at all), I'd have laughed or just shook my head. Just because people have opinions and mouths with which to voice them, does not make the opinions relevant in your world. 😉 Often the pressure we feel to conform to a mindset or societal norm is pressure we feel or place upon ourselves. And even if it is pressure on us, it doesn't need to shape us. Maybe that's twenty years of homeschooling in the making that I truly believe that? Hm. Of anyone, I absolutely recognize difficult times hit and exist. I can identify - Heck, I'm homeschooling with ALS. We're in constant evaluation of when must we make the transition to b&m schooling and for which children! But, maybe it's odd, but I don't feel I MUST homeschool because others feel that way? Their opinions have little sway on our immediate family decisions. Conversely, my parents see our choice to continue homeschooling as an incredible selfish choice, so there's that. While I love them, they don't understand, so I forgive that innocent ignorance. I am gently suggesting that either you give others too much power in your head and decision making process or that it's okay to accept that this is a loosely held conviction. That's okay - the idea that you hold specific ideas loosely. This is my hill, not yours. And it's okay to say that, for sure! However, I feel hard pressed to refute some of what you said. My own time homeschooling lends experience and understanding to some of these arguments. I do actually believe every motivated parent can facilitate learning for every subject. Homeschooling isn't the narrow world it once seemed to be. While perhaps some kids do learn best in a class setting, there is no harm in admitting many kids learn better one on one AND STILL CHOOSING something different. I believe broccoli is superior to peanut butter, but I still fed them peanut butter for sandwiches. I don't have to knock peanut butter. It's okay that it's not broccoli. Peanut butter worked better for us today. It is COMPLETELY fair to expect children to self teach. My oldest daughter self taught British Literature. She learned far more than had I been at the wheel. It was complete self-induced immersion. Teaching herself held incredible value and I'm grateful I didn't "feed" her everything she needed. Autonomous learning and effort is something I seek to instill in each of my children. I wanted to differentiate between self-teaching and sequestered homeschooling. 😉 Socializing absolutely matters. It's why I homeschool. I think we also need to admit that socializing in public school is largely without thought - the kids your kids befriends is happenstance rather than by thoughtful and intentional tailoring. I know of virtually no homeschooling family (and we belong to a community of well over 100 just middle & high school homeschool kids) whose only socialization is an hour of youth group. I don't say this to pick on anyone, but these broad characterizations of what homeschooling is and can be is shockingly narrow. I hope you don't feel as though I'm attacking you and I'm very sorry if this is just the limited area you live in or just the limited view you've seen since homeschooling. I once believed no one was homeschooling in my area. I later found out there was a large co-op approximately ten miles away from me for years. I had a limited field of vision, but it didn't make what I believed true, and it's important I clarify that. There is nothing wrong with choosing to educate differently (than homeschooling) but that doesn't mean we need to necessarily put down homeschooling to affirm our different choice. It's completely acceptable to say, "We've chosen something different and that's okay." Homeschooling is what individual families and individual persons make of it - much like anything else in life.
  9. Take In Praise of Slowness off shelf purpose to read it. Bible & Coffee School - Regular stuff and the time sucks -Barton x3 + Phonics x 1 Try to be done by 1:00. Working on kitchen cabinet refinishing! Any progress would be good progress.
  10. DD (16) is pretty athletically built - tiny, muscular, lumber and quick. She deals with a lot of social anxiety and is a thinker. I suspect martial arts would be something she’d love. If you’ve started martial arts with an older child, what time commitment did you have? She isn’t driving yet and we live rurally, so I need to weigh all of it.
  11. We had a pretty wide swing of flu symptoms here. Everyone had the respiratory issue and coughing. Most started with a headache the day or evening before their hardest day. DH and I came through it pretty decently - each down for a day feeling pretty wiped out, followed by two days of more tired than usual. The most mild child here had leg aches, a mild headache, and a low fever for one evening. She was the last holdout and that was yesterday. Today she was perfect. Same bug but different kids? 4=5 days with 102+ fever, cough, malaise, leg/back aches, headache, exhaustion. I don't think we've ever had something where every single one of us got it. (Grandkids were tested the day after we had him here and it was Influenza A.) It was pretty surprising how differently everyone was affected! I have low MEP/MIP values on a breathing test so I was concerned how I'd come through it and it was really a non-issue. Weird.
  12. Leap is growing in popularity among those with neurological and inflammation issues. It also has three forms of turmeric/curcumin. L-serine is another I take. Garden of Life RAW probiotics - Ultimate Qunol CoQ10 Cannabidiol - Charlotte's Web D3, Biotin, B12 (methylcobalamin) Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth (Powdered, in smoothies) Coconut Oil / MCT Ancestral Supplements - Freeze Dried Beef Organs Seaweed (Costco - 3 sheets)
  13. This is obviously a hot topic, but having just had influenza A, I'd take it again over that particular vax. I digress. DD18 was tested yesterday. Apparently it was strain B, which leaves me wondering did we get both back to back? It's been an epic season to be sure. Sigh.
  14. Wait - am I reading this wrong? It states that low humidity and a low temp makes flu survive longer and lowers our defense system, hence a greater likelihood to get it. But increased cases of fllu with increased humidity and the warmer temps correlate with more flu? These two seem to directly contradict one another? (I did not read the link, only your post. Later, when I get energetic, I'll click and read. We've had the flu in this house for almost two weeks. Sigh.)
  15. Couldn’t they just stamp, “Send cash” on the invite instead? smh
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