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  1. Drink ALL the coffee. Sort through which classes I'm willing to both outsource and DRIVE for this year. Register for said classes at 10 AM. Smoothie Disseminate the children to summer jobs. DD14 & DD17 are painting the shed. DS15 is working on a dry bed and planting a tree. DD12 is helping me prime kitchen cupboards DD12 & DD10 move chickens to greener pastures. Find something to entertain the three littlest to keep them out of trouble and out of paint! 😄 Order more Whizz Flock rollers Sand remaining cupboards. Prime. Add color to the cupboards I did last night. (Urbane Bronze -SO excited.) Dinner: Tenderloins, asparagus, baked sweet potatoes, salad
  2. Stacey, gorgeous! I adore this all together. You may have just redefined "messy" for me.... I wish my house was "messy" right now. 😉❤️
  3. We've never had problems in the garden, never chicken predators, never sneaky squirrels. I just thought we were immune.... Turns out it was the natural positive consequence of a patrolling male german shepherd that peed on EVERY freaking thing. Well, he died last fall. Guess who saw her first squirrel this week and had two raccoons a few weeks ago? So, good news, I can solve your problem. The bad news is he'll urinate and kill your bushes, perennials.... My sympathies! Nothing frustrates like a ton of hard work only to be sabotaged!
  4. I'm with you, Bill! And they are incredibly healthy because of their lack of contamination.
  5. BlendTec and they're serious about their warranties. We had one break a few years in and they replaced it.
  6. Try Benjamin Moore Golden Straw, it pairs with Buxton Blue. I went in neutrals Lennox Tan and Bleeker Beige - a warm neutral but it looks nice with Humble Gold and Wythe Blue.
  7. Interesting thoughts. My daughters are hitting this age and I am not dissuading them. I got married at nineteen, dropped out of college, and had babies every two years. I went back to school online a few years ago because my bachelors is on my to do list. When I found out this thing was terminal and I would never be eligible for disability, I did have momentary regrets. In another life, I would have gone into biomedical research. But, that said, no, I’m glad I took the route I did. I truly lived life alongside my children. As someone in a different stage, because looking death in the face is generally a 65+ age group, not a 43 year old woman, I have still a different perspective. There was a time when I felt I’d spent my entire life pouring into others and I really hadn’t lived my best life. I’ve gained some distance and perspective and now I believe I could not have spent it better. Part of this was my oldest daughter choosing to get married, have babies, forgo the income (she did get her bachelors) to stay home and plan to homeschool. That was very validating for me. My sister in law said, “You’re not going to stay home and waste all that education, are you?” Wisdom and knowledge is never wasted. And most certainly not wasted when you utilize that which you’ve obtained to enrich the lives of those you love. i do think I had “grass is greener” syndrome for a bit. I also think getting a terminal diagnosis honed my perspective. A job when I was 25 for what? Tell me I would have contributed something to society greater than what I did? Doubtful. And, because I would have been in the rat race, would I have grown as a person to be who I am now? No, and what a shame that would have been. True I am not all that I should be, but I have grown far from who I was.
  8. Update: I woke up this morning with it at about a 2 and it dissipated through the day. So, thinking on it, I had done something unusual - ran a hand sander. That arm is my good one and really doesn’t fatigue, but that must have been enough exertion or vibration to trigger inflammation and make for angry nerves? It was SO odd. It’s still vaguely there, but minutely so. Just strange.
  9. Back story: I’ve had Lyme disease and chest discomfort off and on for a couple years. I got a full on work up, stress test, every test you could think of two years ago because my mom’s side has cardiac issues - grandma died in late sixties and an uncle of sudden heart attack and another uncle died at 41 also of sudden heart attack. This winter/spring I’ve been dealing with more breathlessness. I figured it was respiratory related so when we found out my diaphragm is working great and it wasn’t respiratory, I went back to my cardiologist. I have slight backflow and slight inflammation of the pericardium, not unusually worrisome. Usually I have low blood pressure and a low resting heart rate. Twice this week it’s been over 110 resting, unusual but I didn’t think much of it because it was while I was using the oximeter to check breathlessness. Fast forward to last night. I went to bed and got a stitch in my left side ribs at/below the breast. It just wouldn’t subside well and I finally fell asleep. By 2-2:30, I was uncomfortable enough to wake up. My left upper side and shoulder hurt -about a 3-4. I couldn’t get back to sleep and by 6, I’d decided I was going to hospital. DH drops me off at ER because of Covid (he can’t go in) and they run several tests. I did have a DVT two years ago associated with a PICC line. The discomfort is very similar. My oxygen is great. Xrays are clear. Diner test (for clots) is normal. EKG normal. My troponin is 0.03 - normal. Abnormal is 0.04+. Im released with the idea its skeletomuscular. I take baclofen sometimes so I took one. No relief. Took two - no relief. I will not take Ibuprofen or Tylenol because of my liver and because anti inflammatory. Ya’all, this freaking hurts. It’s my left side, my shoulder, and radiating to the elbow. What the heck is it and when do I go back in? I’m very uncomfortable. In bed now and hoping to fall asleep and wake up with it gone, but wow! If this was contractions we’d be on our way to the hospital. I’d say this is a 6-7. (For scale, delivery is 7-8, horrid cerclage removal 10, cornea tear 9.)
  10. I'm sorry. We had a similar scenario here with my senior. She was taking a lot of it in stride - mock trial cancellation hurt the most. She'd been sad, mad, etc., but the straw that broke the camel's back was finding out fall classes were going to be impacted. She felt she'd given up enough things and now this needs to just stop. You know, it's not that these kids don't "get" it, they do. They know their lives didn't end, there was no war, yada, yada, but it doesn't mean that sacrificing things they'd worked so hard for didn't hurt. 😞
  11. We've thought DD (16) has Aspergers pretty much her entire life... at least by the time she was 2-3. About two years ago, we decided to go through our university to see if that was true. They said the diagnosis could go either way - ASD or anxiety. They chose anxiety because she acts differently at home with us rather than in public, i.e., her comfort level. I believe this to be a false way to determine, most especially in young women, but I tell you this just for pertinent background. FYI: She is a senior this coming year. She needs an incredible amount of "to herself" time and I'm trying to determine the health of it. She meets and exceeds all academic expectations. She is homeschooled, but until Covid, took a couple classes at our CC and two classes with a teacher at our homeschool program. The teacher is a friend and connects with DD and DD genuinely likes her and feels comfortable talking/sharing in that class to some degree. Her CC classes have been successful in that she enjoyed the teaching and the writing/work. She missed two deadlines in one (misunderstanding of time of due date) and did not contact professor to ask if she could turn in the assignment anyway, hence a B+. She took a History class and an Environmental Science class with success. The Sociology class was difficult for her. The teacher wanted papers from the perspective of a college student, such as drinking and peer pressure... As the (at the time) 15yo homeschooled kid she had zero experience to offer and he felt her papers were impersonal. (She is most comfortable writing either fantasy or research papers.) We are prepping for her senior year here. She is registered for Comp 1, Biology, and a history course at the CC. Two are online and the other is a hybrid with a lab. Due to Covid, it will not be face to face teaching. She'll do fine. Our questions are largely this year and beyond. Her "escape" is watching people watch movies and make commentary. She likes seeing their reactions. She could watch these several hours each day. I think if I suggested a reasonable limit/schedule, she'd be happy to comply and I just want to help her set healthy boundaries. Suggestions? She's recently become fairly controlling about her food intake and it concerns me. She is a person who, when armed with knowledge, will make her life comply. Thinking of suggesting a book or two to emphasize healthy eating. I'm wanting to equip her for a healthy college life. She has people who will ask her how she is, make small talk, etc., but no close friends. She decided not to do play last year as part of the choir and this year the homeschool play will be very different from previous years (traditional/tryouts, etc) so she is not going out. I think perhaps she would love something physical like martial arts that would help a healthy transition. All of our other kids began a job their senior year so we could help them learn to juggle life/work/school balance. We are trying to think of a job that could be low urgency and a gentle introduction to this. As we go into this year, I have expectations that her ACT/SAT is going to be sky high so she would be offered solid merit scholarships by our state schools. However, has anyone done this with regrets? I cannot fathom her functioning well in a dorm setting. DS (now 21) was incredibly social and decided to have a single dorm his second year for less chaos. But if she did that, I doubt she'd make friends on campus. We have a solid CC about 25 minutes away. The state flagship is almost an hour but she prefers a different state school who offers her two biggest interests - architecture and veterinary science. It's 2-2.5 hours away. She is just beginning to drive and is very tentative. I guess my questions are: What can we do to begin laying foundation for success? Schedules? Considerations? How do we discern whether or not the U is a good idea compared to CC for her freshman year of college?
  12. I think you're wise not to reassure falsely. It would really undermine a foundation of trust, tbh. People do acclimate to an odd degree to high stress scenario lifestyles. We had a complete and total workup for our DS who has inattentive. My DH is likely ADHD and is definitely dyslexic, and I am MOST CERTAINLY hyperactive ADHD, non-dyslexic. Thus? We have a high proportion of ADHD kids, however, they are largely hyperactive and not a 10 on a sliding a scale. It's very functional for the most part as we are heavily physically active and with Mom having a short attention span, I've never insisted on long lessons. I'd say that I have three truly ADHD/hyperactive kiddos and two ADHD inattentive. Hyperactive ADHD and inattentive ADHD are markedly different. They don't even feel like the same beast. The ADHD kids are engaged - potentially more so than a neurotypical kid because they are excitable and involved. All three of them are highly academic, love extracurriculars, and are generally "all in" kiddos. (They are 21, 18, and 10 for greater understanding of the journey.) My two with inattentive can be remarkably sullen. They're currently 15 & almost 9. If their mood, which changes with the wind, is sour, then they disengage and pull back. They don't "invest" the same way. They are drawn to screens in a way that is constantly a battle. They are kids who have high impulsiveness towards sneakiness. They are, by miles, my most difficult kids. DS is more so because of a low working memory leads to learning frustration. He is also a hormonal 15. He was diagnosed several years ago - around 9? I resisted medication for about three years and it was a mistake of epic proportions and one I won't make again. Methylphenidate (Concerta) is likely the only thing allowing him to live at home. He is argumentative to a fault and highly oppositional. On meds? Pleasant and communicative and can learn/be taught. Off it? We avoid that at all costs. Concerta was/is a game changer. I fear the day when he will no longer take it. It won't be in our house because I absolutely would not tolerate him living here without meds. On meds though, he is beyond functional - loves physical work and being outside, will tackle hard projects, is communicative and agreeable. As far as learning, it's difficult to piece out what goes where - he's diagnosed with low working memory, normal IQ, severe dyslexia, and inattentive ADHD. Those are difficult pieces to tease apart.
  13. Exactly this - we've used this place before for our own kittens before rehoming and for our farm kitties. It's been a good experience, I've just been careful not to take in a pregnant female before this. We took in females for "last litter" spays - they give mama a discount if you take in the whole litter as well. This time around, my cousin requested we use them and make the appointment. You do sign paperwork that essentially says "if your cat is pregnant, the litter will be terminated," and so it was. I can't fault them. I was the idgit who grew up on a FARM and never looked after we initially found her as a tiny kitten. (Shudder) I am so grateful to not have more kittens right now that I think it adds to my guilt. We had litters the last couple of years and it is effortful to get them fixed and find them homes. Both of our females are fixed and we were systematically rehoming the boys - 1 to go if anyone wants an obnoxious male.
  14. Yesterday was an amazing level of suck. I woke up with sky high plans for a fabulous project that required EVERY single thing fall in line perfectly. Was it realistic? No. Was it even reasonable? No. First thing to do? We rehomed our "male" farm cat. We have two females (fixed) a male (not fixed) we rescued from a farm litter because he had eye infections and a very young "male" we rescued from a ditch last year. We decided to rehome the males because they are troublesome. So, the young one lived in the house all winter. He's sweet but DH is against a house cat. So, he is going to live with my cousin and her girls in their house. However, she wanted him fixed first so she made arrangements at a pet alliance that gives discounted spay/neutering. All I had to do was drop "him" off. You sign a waiver acknowledging any pregnancies will be aborted. Turns out... HE is a SHE and she was pregnant. Farm kid here - can't believe it didn't occur to me to later recheck. But HE was so sweet and friendly, I thought for sure it was a boy. Horrid end to a horrid day. If we had known HE was a SHE, we'd have kept her and we surely wouldn't have slaughtered a litter of kittens. Ai.
  15. Mother's Day is about mothers. Mothers who were once mothers are always mothers. Mothers who have older children are still mothers. There is little unique about mothers with young children. Mothers day is about honoring the sacrifices that come with motherhood. I'm going to be honest in that I think celebrating every freaking day of everything leads to entitlement of selfishness. "It's my birthday, so..." "It's my...." If anyone is being a jerk, it's not okay just because we slap a justification on it and that goes for anyone. I do not understand, nor I doubt will I ever understand, the ridiculous overblowness of it. Then again, gifts is my least relatable love language. I adore breakfast in bed that my kids make but is it fit worthy? This year, for the first time ever, we couldn't do that one tradition. (My diet requires fasting and a smoothie. It stunk.) Such is life. I guess what I'm saying is I don't feel I need the ENTIRE day nor do I need to negate anyone else's motherhood nor do they need to suck up the ENTIRE day. We visit each of our mothers and take them a plant and a handful of kid made cards. We wish them a happy mother's day, we tell them we love them, we do something I feel like doing and I pick a meal. Often, our hyped expectations are what disappoints us in life.
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