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  1. Slept rough last night. Two littles in bed meant very little shifting. Muscle relaxers on board this morning and now coffee... Bible - ✅ Writing & Grammar with Bigs - ✅ School with Littles Barton x 4 Meeting with supervising teacher Office stuff - phone calls and returning emails
  2. If you’re looking to reduce inflammation, dairy is out completely. The carb manager app is fantastic. Definitely make yourself use it - I found it really helpful to tweak my final meal of the day.
  3. Darn Tough socks last forever. Well spent!
  4. My dad and brother are each on their second Traeger. Our first smoker was CharBroil. Our second is Pit Boss. My brother has been happy with both of his. My dad is unhappy with his most recent. We despised our first. I honestly think the Pit Boss was the best deal. I wasn’t a fan until we got one. It’s hands down the gadget we use the most. We actually smoked the turkey for a couple hours yesterday before roasting it! You will love it. You can call it a “His” gift but it’s really for you.
  5. Today was Fudge Fest. Let the voting commence! 😂
  6. Both of mine live in their own place with a roommate. They’re both less than an hour from home. They will not be coming home for the holiday. One a CNA with recent exposure in full PPE) is spending her Thanksgiving with the holiday with boyfriend and his parents, all of whom work in healthcare and work around Covid. The other just got done being ill this week and didn’t test. We’re dropping a Thanksgiving meal off to him tomorrow but he’s not coming home because of his choice because he’s sick. Frankly, it sucks.
  7. All fudge complete! Late lunch so leftovers for supper. Kitchen is clean! I'm going to talk the kids into watching The Ballad of Lucy Whipple and we are going to watch movies the rest of the night. It's dark and gloomy and there is a fire in the fireplace. What a great day to just be veggies.
  8. Coffee 1901 with DH - he's off today Schedule Abbie's mock tryout Let the fudge festival begin! The third child is on her recipe! The trophy has arrived... Laundry is going. Kiddos folding socks. Not a single to do on the list except figure out something for supper tonight.
  9. My kids’ favorite part of Christmas traditions are the stockings. Wool socks, flavored cocoas, chocolate oranges, bath products, nice lip balms, small gift cards... Anyone want to add their favorite stuffers?
  10. EMG done - it was the "lite" version and everything looked very nearly identical to last year (little change and little increased denervation) which is a great Christmas present and SO strange that it can be qualified as a miracle - praise God. ❤️ Especially after the Nurown Trial 3 released this morning with unexpectedly not great results and some seriously weird placebo effect?!?! Onto the project closet!
  11. I think it's fair and right to cancel plans or just make plans with the parents. I think it's unrealistic to expect people will make changes on your behalf while readying for a party of 30 - even though, and let me emphasize, you are being REASONABLE. What I'm really saying is, if they give you lip service, will you trust it?
  12. If MY just turned 6 can play, I suspect any kiddo can because I’m an impatient teacher and he’s an impatient learner. He can do Sleeping Queens and Gonuts for Donuts. I enjoy both. (He does not understand competitive Gonuts, he just likes to collect his favorite cards, FYI, zero strategy.) Moose in the House? Carcassone Junior
  13. EMG first thing this morning Tackle cleaning the project closet School Everdell 😉
  14. I’m curious. Initially, there were suggestions that patients with gastric symptoms such as diarrhea and stomach upset were MILD. Recently, I saw an article that tied gastric symptoms to a severe bout of Covid. I’m curious what the personal cases stories have been here if anyone cares to share. Feel free to vote for someone else in your household if you’re privy to the details.
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