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  1. Wall painted but the color is off. Sigh. Accessible beige, once again, for the win! DH did drywall in the basement bathroom. I’m going to toss together something for supper. Maybe a game tonight. I’m in a Jonny English mood....
  2. My sister has a problem area. Gorgeous trees, but the area keeps growing this mess and then is home to a ton of poison ivy. she just wants everything cleared. It is totally possible to go through and take a pruning shears and clip everything, but obviously she doesn’t want it to come back. She is not opposed to chemicals.
  3. Breakfast Church and Coffee Sort all the paint cans in the basement and sort out which go to which room and make a key. Pick out a color for the new master bathroom - Settled on either Santorini Blue or Sleepy Blue. I'm leaning towards the more intense Santorini. Swatch the neutral wall in the living room -either Bleeker Beige, Accessible Beige, or Churchill Hotel Ecru. (Sadly, I own all three. SMH. Need to pick one and repaint the wall.) Paint the front wall where we moved an outlet. Laundry Game?
  4. My understanding is the increase from current $2k/child will increase to $3k for a child over the age of six (and $3,600 for a child six and under) but be payable MONTHLY rather than in the form of a refund and that will take place in July - meaning half of that would pay out July-Dec. and half would be in the form of a refund on 2021 taxes. However, the one thing that could be impacted by your 2020 taxes and stimulus is your AGI. If your AGI will be over $150k (and wasn't the previous year) then you would want to delay filing until the 3rd stimulus pays out. IF your AGI has reduced and you
  5. Ladies, I had an hour and a half in town today instead of running home. Be proud. I did not see chickens... But I admit I thought, “I could have a house chicken. In Agricola, you’re allowed one house animal...” (I “gifted” our shed to my husband last year. Our garage had the ramp now and it’s cluttered/crowded with tools, workbench, etc. We got rid of our two goats and all of our hens and he got the shed. It made him ridiculously happy. I refuse to take it back, but I miss chickens!) There is nothing great about owning chickens. They must be fed in the cold. The
  6. Happy Thursday! 44 degrees today & potential for 60 by Monday! (giddy) 1. Talk self out of reordering seeds. (We ordered but there is an indeterminant delay.) 2. Talk self out of chickens. 3. Repeat hourly. 4. Cruise by feedstore and just LOOK at baby chickens. Scratch that. Too dangerous. 5. Do not look at chicken coops online. 6. Take DD17 to class. Take DD14 to class. 7. Lunch for girls 8. Drop them at Physics 9. Take littles home and do school for an hour. 10. Retrieve girls 11. Probably get gas (roll eyes) 12. Go home and do school for an hour. 13. Dro
  7. I'd say my previous OBs were aware of the need for supplementation but not the difference between folic acid/folate and different forms of B12 and iron. If :you have one, that doc is a keeper.
  8. You're really never going to get a decent Rx. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never spoken to a traditional doctor that knew a thing about supplementation and nutrition. When I wanted B12, no one knew to tell me methylcobalamin over cyanocobalamin and when I knew enough to ask for it by name? Well, my insurance only covered cyanocobalamin (cheap) and NOT my methylcobalamin injections. You are ABLE to get them from various sources, but a well researched pharmacist told me B12 is more delicate as an injection than most people let on and it needs to be frozen when stored. It
  9. If your financial circumstances are relatively not great currently, you could always apply for financial assistance at the hospital to see if your family is eligible. If you are, they will write off a percentage of your costs which could be pretty high. Also, understand your out of pocket may be high, but your insurance will have contracted limits. You can call your health insurance and ask them an expected amount for this surgery. They may be able to answer that. For example, Mayo charges a rather lot for my Botox. I looked it up - my last visit billed $10,843.00. However,
  10. ITA - there’s plenty of blame to go around. I’ll ask an honest question - if Mom had been deeply concerned - what then? If she was well educated, she wouldn’t be scrambling at three jobs. She’d likely have one job that could support her. I presume she doesn’t feel capable and is not equipped to teach her child at the high school level - a failure of the school system twenty years ago. What could that mom have done? Obviously made sure kiddo is going. But send him to a private school? Drive him to a better district? Hire a tutor? Homeschool? Teach him herself? N
  11. We're doing custom cabinets in the bathroom and while we could order a handicap accessible sink - we think we'd prefer the picture of the attached. So we need to order the counter but I'm wondering about considerations of surfaces. Solid surface? I'm not interested in granite, would consider quartz. Thoughts?
  12. If it’s Tillamook cojack or Stoneybrook yogurt, I’m forced to side with him... This is likely why DH and I co-shop; we’re picky and whiney.
  13. I have a 14yo who tested really high on the CogAt. I've not thought of her as mathy, but, in retrospect, I don't think I was paying attention. She will finish Saxon Algebra 2 (with Geometry) this summer. I can move her on in Saxon, using Nicole the Math Lady, because I can't teach math beyond Alg 2, and if we're being honest, my husband cannot reliably teach advanced math daily due to other responsibilities. He can be a resource, but it's hard to "jump in" 30 years after doing higher math. Alternatively, she is allowed to attend our community college via dual enrollment for free. I h
  14. I completely agree that children are at the greatest risk from people within your lives if they are at risk. That said, we cannot make sweeping generalizations like children aren’t at risk rising their bikes around. Stranger danger is real. Very unfortunately, there are real cases of children disappearing. I grew up less than ten miles from where the Evansdale, Iowa cousins were abducted. It was a heart wrenching, awful thing, and they never caught the person, but I think most parents from the area are all too aware that horrible things can and do happen.
  15. I don't think your comments were stupid. I think it's encouragement from a mom of a neurotypical kiddo who went through a hard spell. I think it's different - not bad. It's just really hard, as the mom of a non-neurotypical when others say things because *while YOU said it innocently* some others say it with the insinuation that if you just wait it out (we did for three years after we were told medication would be very beneficial for him) or if we did X, or were patient, or were proactive (exercise, diet, etc. - all of which we did and do) then all would be well. And maybe I'm discouraging
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