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  1. I was 19 when I had DD. I admit we struggled financially but DH finished college and went on to graduate degrees. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It can be done. My oldest daughter got married at 21. She finished her undergrad but is holding off on her Masters for a while. They’ve had three babies with a fourth on the way in four years. I suspect they will stop at four or five? We’ll see. My second daughter just got married at nineteen. She’ll have her RN before she’s 21. They are talking about delaying children until she’s done, but that’s obviously still very young. i think the obvious message they got f
  2. OOh! You could make it a Hive Visit trip. Just circle around to different boardies - who thinks your husband would think it the trip of a lifetime?
  3. Wednesday! Make paper ribbons for the AHG ceremony Help Liv & Cate knit Teach Sarah to read a pattern Garden with girls for the first hour Create a PowerPoint Slide Show with a voice over for the ceremony Think of something for dinner? Trek to the basement for another shower... two weeks away from bathroom completion!! **They are TILING today! (((Swoon)))
  4. I was dead serious about the Iowa visit lol... 😉 We have heat, humidity, and corn as the highlights. We also have my sparkling personality, lemonade on the patio, slightly weedy garden as scenery, bean fields around us this year - thus lightning bugs, the Amana colonies which is quaint, not overcrowded & good German food.... I'm racking my mind, but I think that's about it? I go back to sparkling personality. :P
  5. That’s pretty unfair. We have friends who are contractors. They must take on multiple jobs at once because of supplies, delays, “surprises,” weather (impeding outside jobs) and it’s built into their schedule to move around. Dawn, I hope it’s done too, especially since they misquoted a timeline. It wold not be unkind and very appropriate to ask for an updated timeline.
  6. I hear Iowa is really an ideal tourist destination in July. 😉 We’re planning on going to Door County in late July and we hear it’s quite fun?
  7. Lanny, I’m not sure you’re wrong. Sigh. We’ll see. He’s actually willing to take a semester off to make it happen awaiting appeal. That said, I think that’s ridiculous because he’s more than half way through. When he graduates with his undergrad, he can just apply to OCS - the general here is of the opinion that while his ability to join ROTC may be hindered, his ability to be an officer by joining after graduation will not. I guess we’ll see. He has his heart set on Army. I sincerely hope something this minor doesn’t hinder it.
  8. Can you just, “Mmhmm, yeah..” i think she is one of those competitive conversationalists. She counters what you say with what has happened to her because it’s a deep as she gets to relating, rather than simply empathizing. I’ve discovered some are not purposefully one-upping... their attempt to relate to people, which is weird, but it’s like the art of empathy in conversation escapes them and rather than talking to the other person, they must mentally turn everything into, “That happened to you? This happened to me,” like some weird seesaw.
  9. This is what we’re going to do - thank you. The gal from the University called me back today and said what we really want is a full assessment that gives a fuller picture of his intellect and abilities. She gave me the name of a doctor who could do this for us. I called and left a message today.
  10. This kid was born green - he will consider nothing except Army. I have pictures of him in DCUs when he was probably 4? If he must, he’ll graduate college first, then go. If I’d known, we never wold have mentioned it at all. He never had accommodations, a 504, extra time, etc. He tests exceptionally well. Unfortunately, he did mention it, they did request documentation, then he was medically DQ’d. We’re now in the appeal process. I think the plan now is to find someone who can assess a neuropsychological profile - cognitive function, processing speed, IQ, etc., and create a new assessment and g
  11. ANY experience? DS wants to contract. He has been rejected on the basis of dyslexia. He has NO accommodations and never has. We thought about having an assessment done by someone fairly incompetent to overshadow his previous diagnosis in 2013. Kiddo is definitely dyslexic but was remediated with OG methods and scored a perfect on the ACT in reading - phenomenally high memory even though homonyms throw him. Help? They are appealing but they hope to make the argument stronger. I'd do a reassessment at our research hospital but the wait is 14 MONTHS. His deadline is August.
  12. Decisions are hard. Doing is easier. Go with the selections you have and the relief of it being DONE and checked off “The List” is huge. Huge. Teachers Pay Teachers is a great idea. Why reinvent the wheel? Back when I had the mental energy and time to create things from scratch, I took a lot of pleasure in doing so. When things are hard? Reducing the workload is so important! I think you need a fun night - Mexican takeout and margaritas all around! (((Hugs)))
  13. Can you call a window and door place and see if they have their own installers? Yes, you’d have to but through them, but maybe that makes it worth it? Maybe the big box stores have installers? Materials are sky high here and demand is insane because on top of everything else, derecho did unbelievable damage everywhere. We asked friends to work us into their schedule around November time frame and now is when it fit, and that was doing us a favor!
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