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  1. In college or not? If not, they’d be doing something towards full time employment. If so, then that’s a solid 20 hours on top of 30, so less than a high school kiddo. For example, our 18yo lives at home. She works 24 or 32 hours a weekly. She does her own laundry and takes a night for cooking. She picks up or does dishes on days off maybe, but she’ll call and say, “Hey, do you need anyone or anything fetched?” In comparison, my three high school kids do significantly more but they are home more. My high school kids can run this house with minimal accountabilit
  2. I have to kind of draw that out - quick answer: windows. Specifically - Because we opened the office and dining room into what we now called the "Front Room." It has a counter over shelves for two standing desks, the big dining room table, two big bookcases that span an entire wall, floor to ceiling, and a sitting area with two comfy chairs. It is our "do everything" room. However, I believe the real reason we spend 90% of the day here is because it has huge bay windows in one half (east facing) and then an additional window as well. I love light.
  3. I love living rural and grew up in the country. We had a hobby farm when I was little and then my parents bought the family working farm when I was 14. DH and I lived in town during college and a total of eight years-ish of 25. I never minded living in town at all, but we’re country people. DH lived in town his whole life. We’ve always had a big dog, outdoor pets, fire pit, etc. Perks: My kids are slightly feral. Nobody’s yard touches mine. Trespassing dogs don’t happen. They can yell and holler and play. Tonight we’re having a movie outdoors. It will be nice and dark. Plent
  4. If you need me to find the talk from Pudewa about how being read to a lot makes kids better writers, I gotchu. Or if you need an article from the Bluedorns about how important it is to read to your kids 2-3 hours a day - and should be a primary goal, I can help you with that too. No, you’re not screwing up your kids. I promise. It sounds idyllic. Spend an hour (or three) outside soaking up Vit D to assist your healing and you’ve created the perfect childhood.
  5. I love my house in the country, but I’d move it within ten minutes of our homeschool program. I’d add a few more acres - for a small barn and a couple ponies. It’s a large ranch. My husband often laments it isn’t a two story but I love it and never thought I would. The room I spend most of my time in faces south with big windows. I’d make our bathroom handicap accessible, finish small projects, and add a four seasons room. Oh, and put solid wood on floors everywhere except the kitchen. I prefer a craftsman look. The most beautiful midsize house ever was built not far - wood
  6. Good morning! I feel a little trampled this AM, lol, too late last night. Call AHG - straighten out a store order. Work on AHG stuff - charter process DONE! (This feels so good.) Laundry Work on school with kiddos - lots to do today. It's going to be 80 and gorgeous. This might call for outside school today. Play date with a family I really enjoy. ❤️ I hope you all have such a great day.
  7. Aw! Congratulations Lori! We started homeschooling at the same time! Our DD is now planning preschool curriculum for her oldest who is three. ❤️ Twenty is something to celebrate!
  8. I like this phrase a LOT. We generally go with the bleeding thing because it's worked in the past, kwim? But this is over the top. We had another little girl like this once (and she's now 14) so I am feeling confident she won't grow into a spiteful human, but oh my wow, some mornings! I totally get what you're saying. She has fallen into prizing her "identity" as the good kid, kwim? I think we are good, as a family, at recognizing strengths, and I have, as a mom, gotten weaker at pointing out and correcting weaknesses. As a reflective practice, I've become very, "We do this..." rath
  9. I'm at my wit's end... And I honestly can't believe I'm saying this after parenting almost a dozen children. We have a Mary/Laura scenario playing out here (Little House books) in that I have a "perfect" little girl and I have a rambunctious and creative little boy. They are just turned 6 & 7. DD really is the best behaved little girl - everything comes easy to her. She is adorable, has that perky personality that people respond to, academic things are easy, manners are easy... As thus, she is becoming a monster. :P 😉 DS is quick thinking and quick to act- impulsive, creative,
  10. Also, I don't know what the laws are in your state, but if I didn't have small children and CPS worries, I'd be smoking a rather large amount of pot. 😉 You might want to see what you find regarding Parkinson's and medical marijuana. CBD does incredible things for spasticity and my legs - it saves me tens of thousands on Botox injections. The real deal would be better for my body and my brain but Iowa is not marijuana friendly and I like my kids a little too much to risk a drug charge.
  11. ((Hugs)) Mama - Parkinson's isn't a fun disease. I was diagnosed with ALS - I'm 43, also not much fun and pretty closely related. Balance is a huge problem. I have moved to either using a walker or a wheelchair at all times. I've taken a few nasty spills and you want to avoid that at all costs. My walker is very "sexy" lol - it's a Drive Nitro Rollator and it took a lot of swallowing for that pride to go down. If it were me - I'd check to see if Nurown Brain Storm is planning on running trials for their stem cells. They are probably the med tech that I am most hopeful for - they are
  12. I don't teach grounding/mindfulness, but do stress the importance of being still and taking time for reading scripture - but I have taught them that "venting" anger actually does not minimize anger. Anger that is not "self righteous" offense, but rather has a basis of something was done wrong, the wrong needs to be proactively addressed so that it doesn't continue. Negative self talk, beyond just understanding personal strengths and weaknesses (This is so hard for me vs I'm so stupid) isn't acceptable as a house rule. To me, this is part and parcel of being a family. In my home, thin
  13. I'm highlighting these comments to highlight the issue I find problematic and that is this: We have reduced morality to a subjective matter. It has become: (shrug) "Well, if it's societally acceptable, than I guess I'll roll with it." I have zero understanding what in the world this show has to do with the LGBQT community. It seems more like the producer, director, writers, or broader Hollywood community has increasingly approved and advocated the sexualization of children and it's abhorrent. Reject it. It is wrong to accept that our society sexualizes children. CHILDREN! These kids
  14. Do you not want to take the Covid test? I would... Negative or positive provides information that could prove valuable.
  15. I wasn’t the one who applied but our Trail Life group did receive one of these.
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