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  1. DH has soft heels because he likes to wear socks, shoes, or slippers, yet he still does the same thing. It’s simply the motion that wears. We are trying LL Bean’s Percale Cotton. I read a Consumer Reports article and they said thread count isn’t reliable. One of their longest wearing sheets was only 280! (This was the LL Bean set.) Likewise, they said words like supination, Egyptian, etc., had little to no actual meaning as far as how they wore. And, if money is no object, the best performer was Matouk Sierra, but wowsa!
  2. At least you’re honest and upfront about it. I grew up on a working farm and if you’d have painted all that a rosy picture... Although there is something cute about tossing baby pig testicles to the dog that still makes me a little nostalgic. Saw a shirt the other day that said, “I’m sorry about what I said when we were moving pigs.” They had a cow alternative - in case you’re looking on Etsy. To the OP, you might consider livestock. Nothing has made me like my DH more than when I spent $60 on hatching eggs and he barely winced. And when only half hatched and all but a couple we
  3. Your today was my yesterday - close. 😉 Did the coffee. Spent my morning Pinteresting senior photo outfits for DD who isn’t the least bit interested in clothing to attemp to capture who she is. This is HARD. Drove DDs to morning classes (Spanish 2 & Physics lab) Pickup this afternoon. School with kiddos today. Beef and broccoli Asian style for supper - DD17 is cooking Laundry Take kiddo to Mock Fetch kiddo from Mock
  4. Not how I took it. The Covid schoolers are far more abrupt in what they ask for - no addition of, “help guide me as well.” Nope, I think this is a mom sincerely seeking counsel and experience of a bonafide homeschooling mama. 😊
  5. So, I'm curious, if you don't carve out the date and make the time, do you find it still happens? We tend to have greater success getting time to ourselves when we're intentional about it. Although I'll be the first to admit that for years I didn't see the point to having time to ourselves and we just did family time. That said, I don't think I recognized or gave space to different love languages. He wanted a little undivided attention and I felt it was sufficient. I failed to recognize and give his feelings an equal footing with my own. I think I should have respected that better.
  6. Whoa. Um, maybe change it over to a nice, safe morning stroll and call it good. An AI date doesn't sound enticing but it does sound safer. 😉
  7. Drat! I asked the eyecare place to send me a receipt WITH a date of service this time and they sent me the same thing so that won't get crossed off. Resent the request and explained the issue. Scheduled FIVE kiddos for eye exams instead of 2. Feeling like an overachiever. Got dates for an AHG leader to take CPR. Would love to see that scheduled today. ... Trots off to gather short people and do bible and school.
  8. I like and respect Aura Cacia & Frontier. I assume you are diffusing them? I use Aura Cacia for my diffuser. 😉
  9. FYI - what she said about wintergreen is true and it wouldn't take an incredibly large amount. Sincerely, someone who has played with EOs for a heckuva lot longer than they've been trendy and someone who failed to adequately lock up her EOs and her two year old got an ambulance ride to the hospital for the lack of recognition.
  10. We use IEW that is structure heavy. IEW focuses on structure and has checklists. I'm a firm believer that it is difficult to work on style until they've mastered structure and I also believe structure is far more important the style. I really think IEW would help you with this immensely.
  11. How do you make your afternoon productive? I'm a morning person; I was born a morning person, and I am quite certain I will die a morning person. 😉 That said, I am not an afternoon person. I'm drowsy, slower paced, etc. My issue? Barton. I have four kiddos doing Barton or modified Barton this year. (Modified in that one is not dyslexic and one is very little, so we do shortened lessons than advised.) It ends up being 2-2.5 hours of Barton. Do I like to put it off? Yes, yes I do. Does it need done? It does. Do I feel excessively guilty? I do. The easy answer is: Put the ugly in t
  12. I have a kiddo who is more timid. However, every time she's presented with a challenge, she rises to the expectation. But she doesn't self push into new things. She spends an incredible amount of time on her phone (Korean drama, music, ballads) and we are worried about self regulation. However, saying that, she took three college classes online last semester, worked a part time job, took an outside class in Ancient Lit and took an outside Physics class while catching up in Algebra 2 for me. She juggled well. It drove me a little nuts that she would wait until the last minute for EVERYT
  13. Good morning all! Happy Tuesday! Supplements Coffee Bible Smoothie Make this semester's planning sheets for the kids School Barton x 4 so help me Reteach children how to put things away on the shelves (this is a new arrangement/plan for our kitchen so accountability is going to be key to success) Call Costco and ask why, if I renewed online December 4th, that my membership shows it runs out in 21 days?? Work on Troop Track stuff Set up two eye appointments Turn in claim for my eye appointment last month. Take kiddo #6 to mock practice and have kiddo #4 drive us there.
  14. Do check with your local community college and your local union. Here that would involve the community college which has no issue with a homeschool diploma and transcript. For Example: DS #2 is planning on a Diesel Mechanics program. It offers a one year certificate or a two year Associates degree. He is currently a sophomore. He can begin taking some classes as a dual enrolled student his junior year. This is all at the local community college. His job shadow is this year and he can compete for a one month high school internship his junior and senior year. I
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