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  1. DS is taking Life Prep Biology this year too. He is spending more time than expected as well on homework too, but like others mentioned here he enjoys the class and doesn't need reminders to go do the homework, etc. He did transfer from the College Prep Biology because that was much more time intensive - I had to help him understand some chapters of the textbook there (not Science Shepherd).

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    Hi, New copy of Kathy Jo deVore's English Lessons Through Literature, Level 3. This was printed at Lulu, product page here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/kathy-jo-devore/english-lessons-through-literature-level-3/paperback/product-21751747.html $24ppd (media mail). Comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Please email if questions - thank you for looking!



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    Hi everyone, The following items are FFS (free for shipping). They are in generally good condition, and I hope they will be a blessing to your family. If you are interested in any of them, please PM me a list and I will let you know the cost for Media Mail shipping ETA: All items are pending/promised - I will contact those who PMd me in turn. Thank you! SWR DVDs - PENDING 1. Modified Teaching Reading at Home - Training Video + Notes, by Elizabeth Fitzgerald 2. Hidden Secrets of Language Success Vol 1 and 2, by Wanda Sanseri 3. You Can Do It! by Brita McColl 4. Audio CD Young Folks' Guide to Josephus Vol 1, by William Shephard. Read by Jim Hodges - TAKEN 5. Teaching the Trivium, by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn - TAKEN 6. The Little Giant Book of Optical Illusions, by Keith Kay. ISBN 0806919698 - PENDING PS: Our home is smoke-free and pet-free.


  4. Just popping in to link a set I read about in another thread: Journeys to Bookland And an anecdote about owning anthologies: my toddler learned number sequence because she kept watching us put them back. I've seen her standing in front of the bookcase, muttering "1, 2, 3.." to herself while pulling out books that were out of sequence and putting them in the right place. So there you have it - anthologies can double as math manipulatives. :tongue_smilie:

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    Hi everyone, Here is a large collection of math manipulatives, mostly from an elementary school teacher and some of my own. They include : - counters (different shapes, sizes) - bingo cards - colorful beads (a student favorite) - lacers - cubes (large and medium sizes, natural and multicolored) with 2D and 3D activity diagrams - 6 number dice - 12 number lines - 8 graphing boards - 3 geoboards (two faces: clock on one side, 25 pins on the other) - a fraction chart and - a pocket chart Pictures can be seen here. Items range from used to like new condition. This is a good opportunity to get a lot of material (at least 25 lbs) at a reasonable price. Price does not include shipping - PM me and I will get a quote.



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    Hi everyone, I have the following for sale. Prices include shipping. Products are from a smoke-free, pet-free home. 1) 4 Learning Wrap-Ups - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. $5 pick-up/$10 ppd Good/Acceptable condition - subtraction is missing a board (1s), the plastic boxes for addition and subtraction are yellow. Unfortunately I have to ship this First Class and the cheapest price for the weight (19.6 oz) was the Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes. So I added the lower price as an option if you live in Northern California and can pick-up. 2) 4 Holling C Holling Books - Minn of the Mississippi, Tree In The Trail, Seabird, Paddle-to-the-Sea. $25 ppd - SOLD Good condition. All are hardback books, dust jacket may show chips or small tears but books are clean and sturdy. Please PM me if you have questions or if you are interested. Thanks!



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    Hi everyone, It's time to clear the shelves for next year's curriculum! :) Prices below don't include shipping - I put the weights below and the Media Mail quote, but I am glad to combine shipping. Books come from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Please PM me if interested - thank you! 1) Singapore Math Standards Level 2 lot : $21 : SOLD Includes 2A text, 2B text, Intensive Problems. Like new condition. 2) Singapore Math 1B (New Syllabus) lot : $11 Includes 1B text, Workbooks 1B-1 and 1B-2. Like new condition. Weight: 22.2 oz / $2.98 Media Mail This was purchased in Singapore in 2011 (so it includes local fruit and coins). The workbooks provide plenty of problems for practice! 3) RightStart C set: $50 : SOLD Includes lesson book, worksheets. Weight: 54 oz / Media Mail: $3.88 Text is in very good condition, worksheets are in good condition (first 3 pages had been written in. I erased as cleanly as I could). 4) Singapore Chinese Grade 1 set: $15 Includes texts 1A, 1B and workbooks 1A, 1B. Weight: 33.3 oz / Media Mail: $3.43 Like new condition. 5) Story of the World Activity Guides: $16 each or $60/set : SOLD Volumes 1-4. Like new condition. Weight (respectively): 37.2 oz, 53.5 oz, 48.9 oz, 53.2 oz. Total weight: 192.8 oz / Media Mail: $7.81 6) Edward Zaccaro's "Scammed by Statistics": $7 : SOLD Good condition. Weight: 17 oz, Media Mail: $2.98 If the photos above are too small, you can view the original photos here. Thank you for looking!


  8. Kubiac, these are a great find. Thank you for updating the thread with them! As a side question, it's probably cheaper to source these books individually at thrift stores than to buy as a lot, isn't it?
  9. I just browsed Stories of Childhood from OpenLibrary/Internet Archive. http://openlibrary.org/books/OL24220642M/Stories_of_childhood It's similar to the first two books of My Book House - Mother Goose rhymes, famous poems (Stevenson, Rossetti), old tales (Aesop, Grimm), realistic stories (Margery Clark, Kate Seredy) and nature stories (Thornton Burgess). Illustrations are gorgeous - some are full color, others are 4 tone. The front page specifically states that this book was aimed for preschool/elementary age, so I guess the other books in the series (such as Heroes) will target th
  10. Bumping this for you. I only found these images from Amazon and Etsy: http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/B007EFH0ES?ie=UTF8&index=3&isremote=0 http://www.etsy.com/listing/79912732/vintage-childrens-story-prose-book-1947 OpenLibrary has a couple of books by Esther Bjoland, I'll check if I can borrow one of them. The one you have, People and Great Deeds, is only available in Daisy (not sure how to access). http://openlibrary.org.ezproxy.plsinfo.org:2048/search?q=Esther+Bjoland The titles in the series appear to be: Stories of Childhood People and Great
  11. I think I've found another online source for buying vintage books - shopGoodwill, it has a similar appearance to eBay but doesn't seem to be linked AFAIK. http://www.shopgoodwill.com/search/SearchKey.asp?itemtitle=vintage&showthumbs=on&sortBy=itemEndTime&sortOrder=a&closed=&sellerid=all&srchdesc=&month=&day=&year=&days=0&catID=2 http://www.shopgoodwill.com/listings/listByCat.asp?catID=132
  12. Good eye, Stripe! Here's what Valerie's Living Books says: This was first edited by Eva March Tappan and later by Marjorie Barrows. (The 1953) red and black set was published in both a standard binding and a premium edition. The standard binding is hardback, paper over boards. The premium edition is clothbacked (look closely and you will see the threads) with supplemental color plates.
  13. :hurray: Enjoy! Stripe - I saw this at my library's booksale booth last Saturday, and was reminded of your recommendation of the Provensons as illustrators. I snapped it up - not a hard choice, a hardcover golden book for 50 cents! :001_smile: http://www.amazon.com/Childs-Garden-Verses-Golden-Classics/dp/0307102262 Helena - if you see this, might you be related to this blog author?:tongue_smilie: http://bookaunt.blogspot.co.uk/
  14. This sounds intriguing! Could you give us a few more clues, such as author or year of publication? :)
  15. Bumping.. hope others like helena and Lori D will see this. The author, William Forbush, is listed on this page which covers many of the anthologies we discussed in this thread, and more (!). http://www.mainlesson.com/info/sources.shtml
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