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  1. DS is taking Life Prep Biology this year too. He is spending more time than expected as well on homework too, but like others mentioned here he enjoys the class and doesn't need reminders to go do the homework, etc. He did transfer from the College Prep Biology because that was much more time intensive - I had to help him understand some chapters of the textbook there (not Science Shepherd).
  2. Bumping now that the pass is available, a reminder to print one (We chose the student/4th grader option to print): https://www.everykidinapark.gov/get-your-pass/
  3. Yes, recursive functions are a pain to trace. Is it an option for you to print the current value of the node in your method? I find it easier to look at the printed values to see where the program walked, than to trace call-by-call.
  4. ETA: I missed the "middle school" part of your title when I first replied.. these may be on the young side (the books have pictures) but I hope some of it could still help you. I like the Golden Treasury of Poetry, edited by Louis Untermeyer. He provides some background on the poet or poem, which I find interesting. http://www.amazon.com/Golden-Treasury-Poetry-Louis-Untermeyer/dp/B000NW9W4U/ref=sr_1_2 That said, I'd also like to step up the poetry in our school. Right now, we get poetry through our Language Arts selection - English Lessons Through Literature by Kathy deVore. She sele
  5. Sorry, I tend to bump threads rather than start new ones :blushing: for recurring events like these. I'm glad this could be of help to you!
  6. It seems 4-H runs this sale annually, this is what I received in an email: "Through the entire month of April, receive 25% off all 4-H Curriculum books, educational kits, and bundles as part of our annual Pre-Press sale. This is our biggest discount on Curriculum products for the entire year. " http://www.4-hmall.org/prepress.aspx?utm_medium=email&utm_source=4-H%20Mall%20April%201&utm_campaign=Pre%20Press%202015 Hope this helps someone!
  7. My DD (also 5) adores the "McCall Storytime Treasury" books - gorgeous illustrations, and the versions are often mild. They presented the stories in mostly dialog form, so it isn't as lyrical to read, but my DD can take the books and go off to a corner to pore over them. http://www.amazon.com/STORYTIME-TREASURY-BOOTS-ALADDIN-MAGIC/dp/B000F4W0A4 We also like The Giant Golden Book of Russian Fairy tales: http://www.amazon.com/Russian-Fairy-Tales-GIANT-GOLDEN/dp/B000I3EECE/ Not directly an answer to your question, but since many anthologies/collections contain a Fairy Tale volume, this
  8. I'm a beginner myself, so please take my suggestions in that context.. I'm listing resources I first used, as well as resources I started using with my children (my husband is Swedish, so we have a cultural reason to learn). I started with a book+CD combination from the library, I think these do the job but young learners may want a more interesting method. Also, Foreign Service Institute's language courses are online: http://fsi-languages.yojik.eu/languages/swedish.html Children's books, 1) Tomten catalog has some picture dictionaries and Swedish books: http://skandisk.com/languag
  9. Sleeping Bear Press has two picture book series which are beautifully illustrated; the writing is of even, thoughtful quality. 1) Tales of Young Americans - stories of American children from different pivotal moments. Some titles fit your criteria - l"Paper Son" (Chinese immigrant experience), "Pappy's Handkerchief" (an African American family's move to Oklahoma), The Listeners (life on a plantation), The Tsunami Quilt (Japanese Americans in Hawaii). http://sleepingbearpress.com/series/82-tales-of-young-americans 2) Tales of the World - told from the viewpoint of children in differen
  10. We had a Chinese au pair when DS was 4, and he had immersion then but he doesn't have fluency that he had then. It was discouraging, but I don't think it was entirely lost, the intuitive understanding is still there. We do Chinese as a subject, and then I lean heavily on Chinese videos, apps, stories to provide more exposure. FWIW, my DD speaks more Chinese than English even though they both have the same time/exposure to Chinese resources, both being with me at home. So achievement is hard to predict, it is very individual. To switch things up a bit, I've also heard of families do
  11. Same here! :) I also found this site which has Monkey Island and Quest for Glory, with prices but I think they are reasonable. These aren't remade for current systems, but they come with instructions to run in emulation mode: http://www.gog.com/games/adventure##sort=bestselling&page=1 And for another fun time-drain, try the Incredible Machine series - I spent waaaay too much time on these: http://www.gog.com/game/the_incredible_machine_mega_pack
  12. RightStart published some holiday specials today: http://store.rightstartmath.com/holidayspecials.aspx The card games kit looks promising as a drop-in supplement (if you don't already use RS, otherwise you would have most of the manipulatives already).
  13. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just recently learned about this book through parents at an upcoming Mandarin Immersion school nearby - A 'Parent's Guide to Mandarin Immersion' by Elizabeth Weise. http://www.amazon.com/A-Parents-Guide-Mandarin-Immersion/dp/0990365905 Much of the book allays parents' concern about having a child in a Mandarin Immersion (MI) program, e.g. when does English catch up (about 2nd or 3rd grade). Because it isn't entirely aligned with the homeschooling scenario, I'd suggest borrowing a copy from the library first. Where this book really shines however is
  14. FYI - Amazon's lightning deals for today (12/5) will feature some Elenco (Snap Circuits) and Steve Spangler items. http://www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox/ref=nav_cs_gb?gb_hero_f_102=p:1,c:165793011,s:available
  15. I was looking for something similar recently for DS, and thought this looked promising - it has the complete ESV text with pictures. http://www.wtsbooks.com/esv-seek-and-find-bible-english-standard-version-esv-9781433521980-2 Sample from Westminster Bookstore: http://www.wtsbooks.com/common/pdf_links/seek-and-find-download.pdf
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