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  1. Hi, I thought I would mention about ecybermission competition.Registration is open until December 16th. There are few restrictions: all team members should be the same grade and from the same state. Here is a link to the competition site: We have not done it before. It is our first time to do it. P.S. If you are in MO and have a 7th grade student who wants to participate but do not have a team, let me know. We have a room for 1 more team member. We are doing project in robotics.

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    Hi, I am looking for the Cover Story writing program and Descartes' Cove math program on 6 CDs. Thanks. Lena.


  3. Thanks. I better check it out. I received blocks today. Next week I will spend some time exploring concepts using them.
  4. I checked Education Unboxed site but couldn't find any worksheets there. Am I missing anything?
  5. Thanks, I read all thread regarding the topic on this board and still not sure which way to go. I was actually thinking about getting old Math-u-see TM for Intermediate/Advance math cheaply and see how close they are to teaching the concept I want my kids to learn earlier. Since Mortensen math is not going to be our core curricula, I don't feel comfortable spending a lot of money on workbooks. The worse case I can design my own workbooks after understanding it. I am still planning getting a set of Mortesen math blocks and may be level 4/5 workbooks for my older child to play with math at her spare time.
  6. Hi, I have a question for those of you who used/ familiar with Mortensen math. I am looking into it for my almost 5 years old daughter who is very bright but not really mature to do a formal math so I thought I would explore something different with her. I don't have unlimited budget for homeschool curricular. We already spent $300.00 on math for my oldest kids so I can not justify myself to spend another $300 for math for my 5 years old. Since Mortensen math is on sale till June 29th, I thought I would buy blocks for her and go from there. I can not afford spending a lot of money on workbooks such as "Smiley face". Has anyone used blocks without beginner level workbooks. Has anyone used level 4/5 workbooks(algebra/calculus) and what do you think about them? Have you used their Chemistry workbooks? I like the idea of early algebra/calculus introduction through manipulatives so I thought it would be beneficial for my oldest kids to play with blocks exploring those concepts. Thanks a lot. P.S. Mortensen math website is very strange to navigate and trying to view samples of their above level 2 workbooks wasn't successful. We didn't like the idea of installing an odd application to view the samples and when I tried it didn't work anyway.
  7. When my son was almost 2.5 years old he got hold of 3 pennies and was so proud of having his pocket "Money". He was sitting in the middle of the living room and counting them in French: un, deux,trois ( I didn't know he could count in french; usually he would not speak unless it was something he wanted to discuss). Anyway, my crawling baby daughter decided to investigate her brother's activity and got closer. She saw his shiny coins and snapped them withing few seconds. My son was so astonished by her behavior, took his coins back and wanted to be sure she didn't keep any, counted them again in French. First I thought it was a coincidence for him to count in French but I realized he knew what he had been doing and how many coins he had had at the beginning. P.S. My son's coins collection is much bigger but his little sister still trying to downsize it every time she has a chance:)
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