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  1. So we had a long talk at the airport and DD really got it and got excited about the planner trying that. So step one is to do that and I recall now that I used to do twice a day planner check ins at that time with the kids, so we'll start with that and just get her used to looking at it. She also warmed to the idea of having checklists for evening routines.
  2. This was so reassuring. DD also got this year in 4th and while she does write things down on Monday (For LA they write all of the weeks assignments down on Monday) she puts it all on Monday even when things are due W/F. So I'm teaching her to write when they're do not when they're assigned. Also sometimes we write in on Wed bring science book home and she doesn't look at that again during the day. So I guess this will take time. She agreed to try a summer planner (they school one doesn't include weekends so in the past we occasionally do checklists on the weekend). But getting a real full week planner will be better.
  3. Anyone try to re/teach study skills or time management skills in the summer? I feel the current school system was disorganized and didn’t really set a solid foundation. But I’m daunted by starting from scratch for my upcoming 5th grader this summer. She has an attitude that “why, I know what to do” and overall not conducive to setting up strategies. But by this time the older two who were homeschooled had learned simple planner and to do lists. anyone spend time in the summer establishing good habits and how do you get your “child to buy in” also i don’t recall age appropriate steps at age 9. Just a dry erase board daily or a planner? thanks
  4. So the ADD podcasts have been fantastic. episode 139 is great about teaching ef skills and I'm wondering for your tweens (DD is 9) how do you get them "to buy into the strategies" I was telling DD the reimagining strategy and she was like " I don't want to do that know, I don't need anything for class, etc" Definitely this strategy and the analog clock with the time timer or just magnetic markers may work, I have to see which is more efficient. Page protectors on weekly schedules will also be a good strategy, but she's not even recognizing that she needs to change her strategy/habits.
  5. Members 991 913 posts Report post Posted 14 minutes ago ADDitude has awesome podcasts!!! Most are about ADHD but a lot have related things as well, like ADHD + reading problems, etc. I think many of them would relate to CAPD. excellent source, there seems to be a lot of episodes on executive functioning, seems like more older kids but I'lll listen and get some ideas
  6. I'm looking for podcast episodes with some strategies for CAP (mild) and highly distractible 4/5th graders. I love listening to podcasts and since DS is totally different in learning style from her brothers I need a fresh approach. I'd like to start from basics and instill solid study skills and get her to be more independent. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Very disheartening, but not surprising. My DS applied last year to 2 Ivies and we knew the chances were low bc no alumni/legacy and he was a younger student. But its so infuriating knowing now even fewer seats actually available that the dozen or so we thought. I feel not only the parents, but the school allowing this scam should be punished. What ever happened to merit based acceptance?
  8. so for those doing the transfer app through the common app. what did you put for colleges attended if your student did dual enrollment courses as a high schooler? I guess I was thinking you only put 1(the college they are currently enrolled as degree seeking) and those other courses would come up in the official high school transcript? or should you be listing all the colleges dual enrollment was done? also ds did part time public school enrollment and some of those classes were dual enrolled while taken at the high school? however all where under the homeschool transcript?
  9. There's a great podcast called the premed years. Has lots of info about testing, interviews, etc.
  10. Similar. DS did incredibly well first semester and its given him the confidence to apply for transfer to the top engineering school. He knows its a long shot but thinking more of "this would be the next step in my education" He spoke with his Cal 2 professor who said he should definitely try and sent out some LOR requests this week. Lets see. Regardless, it will help him put together his goals and CV for internships next summer. Anyone else have advice for transferring to a highly competitive school, besides "its a lottery/chance"
  11. So I spoke with FF and they thought given DD testing that she wasn't quite in need of their program. She recommended we try some of the other strategies and then reevaluate in a year. So I've bumped the info to the classroom teacher, lets see.
  12. So had the testing yesterday with Childrens' Audiology. They did hearing test first which she's fine on. Then on the CAP testing of the 4 subsets she only was low (by 1.5 SD) on the speech in noise test. which essentially had trouble decidpering a key word with background noise. However this was similarly tested in some of the other subsets and she was fine. He suggested since we mentioned reading comprehension to get a referral to the speech and langue testing. after lots of though I'm wondering if I'm over testing? bc her teachers say yes she's sometimes distracted but she's an A/B student, the youngest in her class (we probably shouldn't have done early KG) and curious. But she's not nearly at the bottom and once you get her attention she's very hardworking and good effort. Called to make appointment for the speech and language and the speech pathologist called back saying she doesn't need this screening since essentially no issues? Now I'm really thinking its so minor or maybe she just needs some simple strategies at school. Any thoughts from people who've done the testing and it turned it it was fine or minimal and what did you do?
  13. Yes, this is what we did. DS was part time enrolled in public sxhoom(2 courses a year) so everything went on the homeschool diploma and I of course added they high school transcripts and community college transcripts. I made sure to list the grade on the homeschool transcript as it appeared on the outside vendor even though our homeschool didn’t do +\-. also for the course descriptons that I attached to the transcript I copied the high school guide course deceripon and and a line “taken at xxx public school”
  14. Yes, please forward me the video clip, that might resonate with her. I will prep ahead of time and see how we can motivate and just have a sense of self confidence with the work.
  15. Thanks exercise guru! My insurance should cover a lot. I’m going to set up audiology and I’ll PM you once I get those results. Thanks Ps i truly appreciate everyone taking the time to respond. It really helps clarify some issues and makes others seem like non issues
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