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  1. We usually homeschool year round and used to take one week off every 6 but with COVID and lots of changes starting hs truing to fill in gaps from private school last year its been challenging to really not school a complete week. But I want to incorporate some nice treats for myself. Nothing fancy but I find I end up just planning more when we're off and checking goals and thinking what's next. Definitely need to make time for some of my hobbies but sewing projects take a while, so looking for a nice 2 hour chunk ideas.
  2. We did Spring Garden Academy (name of our street) but it sounded so professional when speaking about our school 🙂
  3. Ooh got it Do any of you think it makes a difference to learn typing on a laptop where I notice the keys are flatter vs the plug in keyboards for desktops where the keys seem deeper.
  4. What's that mean put a box of over the keyboard?
  5. DD 6th grade has been doing typing club for several months but she's not very fluent in typing and often I see her going back to pecking rather than staying the proper technique. In middle schools they used to offer 1/2 semester typing courses but seems like the middle school dropped that. Any suggestions or instructor led live zoom type courses you've had success with on outschool or other sites? I'm worried when she start part time enrollment next year at the middle school she won't be fast enough with her typing.
  6. thanks Plum, I will need to add a book list because if we end up returning them before she's gone through them, I loose the book ideas
  7. Those that use OneNote, do you save dowloadble files as "printouts" so you can visually see them or just as attachements? I feel the attachment sees its as a thumbnail and won't be as easily accessible. I'm starting to keep track of resources etc (which I used to do in Safari bookmarks in the years past) Would love any examples of organizing the folders or even pages. Currently I've made tabs for all her subjects and then pages for different resources/activities
  8. Is there a list that you liked. I'd like to do this for my rising 6th grader. But she says she like science but had a horrible last two years where the science was so above her head.
  9. Looking for an online science course with a weekly type live class. We've done G3 in the past for history with older boys now have DD who is a younger 6th grader so could do something geared for 5/6th grade.
  10. DD will be coming home next year for 6th grade. We're hoping to ease into homeschooling with some routines in Mid June. I was thinking just do 30 min each :math/reading/spelling(or grammar) and incorporate independent reading and crafts. She used to love sewing and crafting projects but now if she gets together with a friends she'll spend hours playing with her. Which is fine but I would like her to try to keep some passion projects up. Any way suggestions for encouraging crafts and independent play? I was thinking to rotate projects like Monday and Wed will be sewing and textile crafts and ma
  11. thanks all look into AAS. I'm worried she's going to balk at starting from the beginning.
  12. DD will be coming home to homeschool next year. Her spelling is lacking and she makes lots of spelling mistakes when writing. I had used Spelling Workout for DSs when they were homeschooling years ago, but they started from the beginning with that series. Any recs for a good spelling program starting out late elementary. So far in her private school, she just has spelling lists every week, and by in large she can study for the test, but then either never uses those words or will spell them wrong later. We're hoping to take a month of in the summer, then ease into homeschooling over the summer
  13. ok will look at the content of these recs and decide in June. thanks
  14. This is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks. Ok then we'll just have him work on the essay prompts in a google document for now and polish that up. Yes. The goal is submit before school starts.
  15. DS will be a a senior next year and has strong engineering background.. BUT he's somewhat averse to coding and thus been very opposed to taking computer science courses because he things they'll just be coding. We have explained endlessly that all engineering (and all fields) will require computer science knowledge in the future. Was hoping to find a somewhat self paced or some accountability course with weekly check ins that would be useful foundation for an engineering major as well as expose to data science or other aspects of computer science.
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