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  1. We’ve realized that dd 9/(5th grade)has the symptoms of inattentive adhd. (We did the preliminary screening and consult) We’ve done a lot of the executive function skills training over the end of last year and summer, It’s really not sticking. Any other behavior modifications/strategies? Dh is opposed to meds bc of the unknown and possible triggering of future issues. However I’m in favor of atleast trying the meds for a short time to see what the upper potential could be with meds and work there with behavior/strategies. Any other suggestions.
  2. so an update. things going relatively well. of course first few days done to the "t" then a few days about half done what we planned. But she did start a craft business so spending some time working on samples and keeping track of orders (mentally calculating profits). we've been including the lapbooks/ws and MSB videos for science so less bookwork.
  3. Definitely will tweak as we get going. I thought 20 mins of math was perfect but she was insisting on more. I think the goal is try to get most of this done early in the day.
  4. yes I liked homeschool share bc it was free and smaller units. thanks for the other ideas.
  5. I think this might be a great idea for science units. I've only seen lap books done for very young elementary kids. Anyone have suggested sites/resources for ones for 4-5th grade level. I prefer ones where all the pics and labels are included
  6. I was able to add it from his 8th grade homeschool transcript to his public school transcript (transitioned in 9th grade). I just put all the high school level courses and added a short description in the course description section. They have him foreign language credit (even though they didn't have at his Current school) however for those courses he didn't get a grade moved over onto his transcript. However in 10th grade he took a CTY foreign language and this was given an official grade on his transcript and will do again next year (so all 3 years of his foreign langue are documented). however you could always send colleges his homeschool transcript in addition to his official school transcript.
  7. So DD had a rough two years in private school where she academically OK but taking a lot of extra time at home to stay on top of things. I've noticed a lot of gaps and they are big on standardized testing. She really wants to homeschool and so I've agreed to let her homeschool in the summer and will assess. While her two older brothers homeschooled for several years they were far more studious and listened well to directions 🙂 We're taking it easy and limiting to core focus areas. She is 9 and finished 4th grade (will likely do this 3-4 days a week) 30 mins Math (drills, review last year concepts, maybe move ahead) 30 minutes reading outloud/comphrension (Starting with the Borrowers)/ alternating a few days with basic grammar review 1 hour science (this is her favorite subject, and I had wanted to limit to 30 minutes) but we'll read out of a fourth grade text and follow up with MSB videos 1 hour outdoor play 15 mins- typing practice (learning) Suggestions. She's super excited colored a binder and and organized a planner. I'm hoping we don't clash personalities
  8. Our public school allowed part time enrollment (2 classes a year) this was a great solution for us. It helped out source the AP and higher math courses and sciences. And yet we still had structured time for other homeschooling course (although by junior/senior year most of those were at the community college). He was eligible for all clubs and sports at the public school (which was also an option even if he wasn't part time)
  9. thanks Kai, ok will try. now I wish I hadn't given away all my elementary school homeschooling materials🙄
  10. Has anyone used Grammar Town for remedial work in the summer. I have a 4th grader who is complaining she doesn't understand the grammar rules (ie parts of speech) and wanted to review grammar in the summer. I had used MCT books in the past for more advanced kids, however another teacher recommended going back to grammar town and using that in the summer? I guess I hadn't thought to use "advanced" curriculum for her since she really needs things broken down a bit and reviewed over and over.
  11. So we had a long talk at the airport and DD really got it and got excited about the planner trying that. So step one is to do that and I recall now that I used to do twice a day planner check ins at that time with the kids, so we'll start with that and just get her used to looking at it. She also warmed to the idea of having checklists for evening routines.
  12. This was so reassuring. DD also got this year in 4th and while she does write things down on Monday (For LA they write all of the weeks assignments down on Monday) she puts it all on Monday even when things are due W/F. So I'm teaching her to write when they're do not when they're assigned. Also sometimes we write in on Wed bring science book home and she doesn't look at that again during the day. So I guess this will take time. She agreed to try a summer planner (they school one doesn't include weekends so in the past we occasionally do checklists on the weekend). But getting a real full week planner will be better.
  13. Anyone try to re/teach study skills or time management skills in the summer? I feel the current school system was disorganized and didn’t really set a solid foundation. But I’m daunted by starting from scratch for my upcoming 5th grader this summer. She has an attitude that “why, I know what to do” and overall not conducive to setting up strategies. But by this time the older two who were homeschooled had learned simple planner and to do lists. anyone spend time in the summer establishing good habits and how do you get your “child to buy in” also i don’t recall age appropriate steps at age 9. Just a dry erase board daily or a planner? thanks
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