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  1. Yes, I’m aware nomads didn’t have cast iron. Thanks.
  2. I have the PDF loaded now! I’m thinking I’m going to invest in a hard copy and now I’ll look up Dangerous Book For Boys!
  3. If I can’t figure out a structure we can make without a tarp I definitely will use one rather than ditching the entire idea. And yes on the Perseids! I’m crossing my fingers! P.S. I love your quote!
  4. We live really close the southern coast so no mountains for us! But I do hope we will be able to do that one day!
  5. Did anyone build a shelter with their kids when studying the nomads? I really want to do it but I’ve never built a shelter without a tarp. Anyone have any pointers? I want to break out the cast iron and cook a meal over the campfire and camp out in our shelter overnight.
  6. I will definitely look into this! I think I could ask for tech.
  7. Ah! Doing a craft from the story’s origin country is an idea I hadn’t considered! I could just mesh all these ideas and do a craft one week, then a science project another, or a stem idea the next. And that way if I have a week where it’s harder to get things together a craft wouldn’t be so hard to come up with.
  8. I may be just overthinking things as usual 😂
  9. I’m not sure this is the correct place to ask but here goes: If you had a co-op that you were a member of what class/classes would you like to see available for your child in the 5-6 year old age range? I ask because I’m a member of a co-op and I was speaking with our director about the lack of classes for this age group and I’m trying to find something I could possibly volunteer to do. Personally, I’d rather it be more than a glorified play date but I also know at this age structured time is still a bit of a challenge. I thought of doing a fairy tale and then doing a STEM project along with the story but our library also has a strong story hour so I’m not sure how much diversity that would be offering our community of children. I also considered doing an art class but I don’t have any real training in art and honestly I’m not sure what to even do/teach in an art class at their ages. I am following an artist on YouTube to teach myself to paint with acrylics and watercolors but that’s the extent of my art knowledge. Any ideas would be welcomed as I’m snowballing at the moment
  10. Thank you for this! I had never heard of any of these so it’s a veritable gold mine of listening pleasure!
  11. I’m just looking for homeschooling podcasts recommendations (preferably classically minded but Charlotte Mason is also my secondary bent). I’m trying to gear up to keep myself motivated and encouraged for the start of the new year so if you’ve got something you love please let me know! I do already follow The Literary Life podcast at the recommendation from someone else here.
  12. Our street name is the name of a color 😂 and a very boring color too. Rainbow Road Academy doesn’t sound half bad but some other colors don’t sound as great
  13. Thanks! I guess I can always do the fun one for now and when they get to high school we can always change it to something more serious. I think the only time I’ll even use it is for this K5 graduation diploma
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