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  1. Thanks again, ladies, for the all the helpful suggestions and links. I just had her here and we talked for a long time. She's the oldest child and is afraid of losing access to her younger siblings, so has been cautious about speaking up or taking action. I advised her to quietly gather her documents and create her own transcript. She already separated her cell phone account from her parents'. She is going to talk to a college counselor at the local school where she is doing DE, in hopes that she'll have a letter for FAFSA if needed, or some kind of outside validation from schoo
  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts, lots of great advice. I was especially concerned about whether they’d accept her transcript if she chooses to create one herself. I also need to look into the FAFSA some more and info about possibly filling it out without parental information about income, etc. I don’t believe she has filed an income tax return yet, since she was working much less last year, this is the first year she has enough income to file. I agree about putting the relationship on hold, but I feel like it’s not my place to tell her this and I don’t feel right about it. This
  3. Hello! I need advice. I'm writing this in a rush, so please forgive any grammatical errors or lack of coherence. :) DD's friend is in a difficult home situation. She just turned 18, has been homeschooled through high school and the last year has done DE at a small local University, is a straight A student, has a great job, she shows up at work, has some money saved from work, does not drink or do drugs and is generally a good kid, and has been a good friend to DD. She started dating a boy who seems very nice and they spend a good amount of time together. She has known his family
  4. DD took Psych, Comp Science A, and is taking Latin tomorrow. These are her first AP's. She was originally going to take only Latin, but decided to self-study for the other two a couple of months into the school year. I've pretty much left her to her own devices. She is pretty disciplined and has been studying non-stop, all day on weekends, etc. She felt really good after the Psych exam. She loves to write so she was comfortable with the FRQ's. She said she felt average about CS. Now we wait for Latin tomorrow. I'm the one who's nervous, but I don't let her know it. ? If she tanks one
  5. Can you share what books your DS is using for Calc BC, as per Kathy's recommendations? Thank you!
  6. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment! You must be so proud!
  7. The ones she’s enjoyed the most are the ones she’s chosen on her own. Creative Writing Computer Science Psychology Now she’s really excited that we are planning an official “History of Theater†course, or “History of Broadway Theater†course. She’s a big theater fan.
  8. Congratulations! You must be so relieved and excited for him! I’m in GA as well. DD does not want to go to UGA but will probably be applying to Tech. (She’s entering 10th this year). I really hope everything works beautifully for your son with scholarships.
  9. Hi! Not cheap, but Risotteria Melotti might be worth a splurge for incredible, authentic italian risotto and it is gluten-free. I believe risotto dishes run $20-$25 but it is filling and so delicious. Another place we love is ABC Kitchen for brunch, although I'm not sure about g/f.
  10. What sort of thing do you discuss or ask when contacting the rep or admissions officer? Do you just introduce yourself, say you are a homeschool applicant, ask if there is any special addiitional requirements for homeschoolers, etc? Or ask more specific questions about the intended major?
  11. I had no idea. This sounds so unfair to me, since so many kids depend on aid to make a final decision.
  12. How do schools know what other colleges you are applying to? Newbie here. :)
  13. Right, our words of encouragement and reassurance don’t always get through as they should. It’s a big life decision, with lots of pressure, who can blame them? I love Agnes Scott, btw.
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