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  1. Thank you both for the detailed responses. They are very helpful.
  2. My son has taken pre-algebra, algebra A and B and Counting and Probability with AOPS. He likes the format. He has made As or A+ in all the classes. The writing problems have been a bit of a struggle, but he overall done well enough. Now, it is time for Geometry. He feels that Geometry is the area of math in which he is weakest. I am concerned about the pace of the AOPS class if he starts struggling. He wants to stick with the AOPS classes, but I am inclined to switch to WTM Academy, at least for Geometry. Any insights from folks who have switched from AOPS to WTM Academy? How
  3. Jojos Mom, thank you for the information on CLRC. Fastweedpuller, i will try to send you a message.
  4. I wondered if anyone has identified online providers that might be a good fit when transitioning from LonePine. I’m trying to decide what to do for fall.
  5. Clarkesville and Clayton are nice as well. US Hwy 441 is a fairly new, large road that provides convenient access to ATL. There are several small towns/communities along and near Lake Seed and Lake Rabun that have both lakeside and Mountain views. Hiking, biking, canoeing and rafting are all nearby. Decent restaurant and grocery shopping.
  6. My son is only in Latin 100, but it has been a great fit for him. I do not know where we will end up. The social/chat aspect of the class is important to my son. I’m looking for something challenging that goes through AP. I am looking for suggestions.
  7. Thank you for the detailed reviews and feedback. Very helpful.
  8. My 10 year old 5th grader enjoys problem solving, such as MOEMS. He has completed Beast Academy and is now doing AOPS pre algebra. I noticed a listing for a problem solving camp at Southwest Baptist University in MO. Have any of your children participated in this camp or something similar? Any feedback - positive or negative?
  9. Also from Georgia with kids the same age. Welcome.
  10. I have kids the same age, and I am also in Georgia. Welcome.
  11. I am in Hall County, if that is where you end up. We have a fairly active homeschool group, but not as many families as in the more metro counties.
  12. Thank you for the insight. I am not sure she has considered that she will have to do her own laundry!
  13. My daughter, a rising senior, is very interested in attending one of these, specifically at either Boston University or Emory University. They seem rather unstructured and expensive, particularly the one at Emory which offers only 4 hours of college credit. Does anyone have any experience with either of these programs or a similar program?
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