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  1. The school my son attends hits most of your marks. It is not near a city. They do have a top notch Kiniseology department. He was originally going to major in Exercise Science. McDaniel College in Maryland
  2. Both my kids schools the students use lanyards. Only they keep the lanyard in their pocket with the lanyard hanging out.
  3. My son took ballet for a couple of years when he was ages 3-5. He loved it and he did it for as long as he enjoyed. Yes, we received our fair share of comments. My response was "He is happy". DH's response was a bit longer. It started with he is happy. Then he went on to educate the naysayers (people concerned about our 3 year olds sexuality) with the names of athletes who take ballet. With a healthy dose of I should be so lucky my son is the next Baryshnikov.
  4. We were going to go today. Best laid plans and all that.
  5. kewb

    It's a wrap

    Yes, it is a good feeling. Congratulations to you, too.
  6. kewb

    It's a wrap

    We held a graduation party for dd this past Sunday. This is it. It's a wrap. She has a few more philosophy classes, and one other subject to finish her final paper but I am not involved in either of those classes. I am starting my next chapter after graduating 2 from homeschool high school to college. I didn't think I could do it but this group offered tremendous help and support on our journey.
  7. My go to sites: I find googling what ingredients I have will lead me to some interesting new sites.
  8. Most recipes are too bland as published. 1 clove of garlic? Must be a typo. 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne? I don't think so. I generally reduce the amount of salt and/or sugar in a recipe. I will usually follow the recipe if it is a type of dish I have never made before. Then I will adjust accordingly.
  9. I don't have an issue with paid tutors at the library. My daughter met her SAT tutor at the library. It is a quiet space. It was centrally located for the tutor and for us. No safety worries about dd going to someone's house and she was able to learn because there were no home distractions. The library is more than a quiet place with books. It is a community space meant to be used. If the tutoring is being disruptive that is a different issue.
  10. My favorite no cook meal. Sometimes I make an almond butter dipping sauce instead of the chili sauce.
  11. Other. I think they have their place. I have a few oils that I use for various things. Cleaning/skin care. However, I detest when mlm people insist that they cure everything from a zit to cancer.
  12. I would like to drop prime but dh likes the streaming and it is awfully convenient when I need to order something to ship to my son at college and soon my daughter, too.
  13. I have been using Pantene volumizing shampoo for decades. My hair is healthy.
  14. You could take the bull by the horns and confront new friend by asking what is going on. However, I am extremely non- confrontational and would probably ignore it until the friendship dissolved. I did have a friend who just stopped being my friend. She was going through stuff, I was going through stuff. I would try to make plans. Suggest different dates. She was always unavailable and after the 3rd or 4th attempt on my part I took the hint. Then it became Happy Birthday text and then finally nothing. I still miss her. I wish I knew if it was anything I did. In reality it was probably her own baggage. Same advice for quarter of a century friend. Sometimes, you really do have to insist they tell you what is going on.
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