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  1. Target doesn't carry DDD. LE has one DDD option. But thanks.
  2. Big on top (DDD) and small on bottom (size 0-2 pants). One-piece suits are out of the question and I'd really like a find a bikini with a high-rise bottom. They look cute/old-fashioned and I'm not that excited about baring my whole middle. But this search feels IMPOSSIBLE. Bottoms are too big (as in, "we don't carry smaller than a 4"). Tops for DDD cups are too revealing (I don't need it to be super-modest, I just don't like the overflowing look). Does anyone have any ideas for a website that carries a really wide variety of mix & match tops and bottoms?
  3. So would you bring it up to your sister? I'm PISSED. I don't want to make a big scene and I also don't want to act like she's required to go through me. I don't know how to communicate "this feels sneaky and weird and how would YOU like it?!" without sounding crazy.
  4. I think it's odd because I have had phone/text contact with my sister since she extended these invitations and she hasn't mentioned them. So that makes me feel like it's secretive or something. She went and saw dd when she visited me and when I asked about their time, she was dodgy in terms of answering. I don't know but I feel like perhaps dd is questioning some of our beliefs and this aunt represents an extreme alternative view; perhaps my sister feels a bit awkward about that. (This is just my hypothesis but I think there's a good chance it's accurate.) So I guess it feels weird because of
  5. Yes. Their worldview (and their world itself) is very, very different from ours.
  6. My dd is 19 and a college sophomore. Recently my sister was visiting from across the country. She didn't mention anything to me about this, but dd informed me that my sister invited her to come to her house for spring break (my sister would pay). And then just today, dd informed me that my sister has invited her to spend the whole summer (and has her excited about internships she may be able to set up). I think it's strange that my sister wouldn't talk to me about this first. Not asking permission but running it by me. I know dd is an "adult" but still... it feels weird. Would this bother
  7. Do you know anyone raising a child without assigning it a gender? I have a sibling who is doing this. Sibling is gay and lives in a very progressive part of the country. The child has female genitalia but my sibling and partner gave the child a name that could be either gender. They dress the child so that you wouldn't know she's a girl and keep her hair very short. They have been referring to the kid as "she" and "her" but suddenly have decided to use "they" (child just turned 3). The family is coming to visit soon and I'm sure we are all going to forget and offend them by using "she" because
  8. We don't have immediate plans to move. But I do know that starting a business is dh's dream and that we would probably need to move out of the area to do so. We have lived in our current town for almost 8 years and it feels like home to all of us; we love living here. I get emotional thinking about leaving all of our familiar people and places but I think I could do it if A. it would mean the fulfillment of a dream for dh and B. it would mean more financial security. However, I am worried about what it looks like with kids who are teens and in schools. I know it happens all the time but I
  9. We have a medical-sharing plan and so I am trying to be as careful as possible about medical bills. I've been putting something off for a while that I think really needs to be addressed. Back in May, I had a pedicure. The guy who did it cut me (or something) on the outer side of my big toe. It almost felt like there was a splinter in there or something... like it wasn't just a cut/nick but there was some tiny bit of foreign matter in there. But I was crazy busy getting the family ready for an out-of-state wedding so just put some Neosporin on it and ignored it. Fast forward to now. There
  10. It seems like most of you say "if my dh died, I would not remarry." I'm curious about why. So... why? ? As for me, I would want to be single for a good long while (to make sure I'm not jumping into anything dumb) but I think I'd remarry if the right one came along. I like being married and I think I'm wired for that kind of companionship. Same goes for dh if something happened to me.
  11. I had a partial hyst 2.5 years ago (kept my ovaries). At the time, I didn't know that women who have partial hysterectomies often experience early peri-menopause (the ovaries are there but were sufficiently disrupted by surgery to kick things into gear). I started experiencing night sweats about a year ago, at age 42. I was also quite depressed/anxious for that time, although that coincided with our first child leaving for college, so it's hard to parse that out. The night sweats have stopped but now I have almost constant br*ast tenderness and my hair is thinning. Plus I have that thing where
  12. Thanks, all. I honestly didn't know if was acceptable to send a card without a check/gift. I felt like my only polite options were to go (and bring a nice gift) or not go (and send a nice gift), so that's why I was stymied. If it's a general rule that you don't have to send a gift, I'm fine to believe the best and move on. I have been misunderstanding this for so many years!!!
  13. We lived in a certain place for a year and a half. During that time, we got to know a family at church who had two young adult daughters who were very sweet. They baby-sat for us some and we were quite friendly with the whole family (got together a handful of times). We moved about an hour away and didn't stay in touch. It has been almost 8 years since we moved. We just received an invitation to the oldest daughter's wedding. This is so strange to me. We have only heard about the relationship through the grapevine and social media. Like I said, we have not had ANY personal contact since m
  14. Thanks everyone. First of all, I admit I'm a wimp when it comes to letting people down, especially my sister. Part of it is personality (I'm an enneagram 2, if that helps anyone). Part of it is our history (very emotionally unstable household, I was her surrogate parent; she tells people "my sister raised me"). Part of it is her -- she has cut off two close female relatives already. Granted, those were far more extreme cases than their not being willing to host her for as long as she wants but still... I think that exerts power over me, even though I'm 99.9% sure she'd never cut me out of her
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