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  1. Hilltopmom

    Summer jobs for teens?

    Ds did carts at Walmart last summer. He found that lots of places would not even let you apply in their online system if you were not already 18 (he wasn’t at the beginning of his search). fast food places only wanted year round helpers in our rural area teens do camp counselors, ice cream shops, life guards, farm work, & some fast food in high school but lots of typical min wage jobs (mall, fast food, cashiers) go to adults here.
  2. Hilltopmom

    recommend kids snow boots

    Bogs cause they work as rain boots too 🙂 but usually whatever we get handed down to us, lol... bogs, sorrels, or kamik. we did llbean when the teens were little and got lots of points on the credit card
  3. Hilltopmom

    Need help with math and high schooler

    I hear the struggle in your words & I understand. my dd does have dyscalculia and at 16 has not made it past 4th grade math. since your dd is in algebra 2 let out a sigh of relief! Truly, that’s awesome. Many people don’t go past that in math. I’m pretty sure she will be ok taking classes at the CC with her level so far. As long as she’s not a math major 🙂 Id do an eval. You’re looking for an ed psych eval or a neuro psych eval. Your school district could do the Ed psych for a basic eval. The plusses of an eval or learning disability in math diagnosis is accommodations- including things like extra time on tests or having the formula sheet available. Oh and my dd is exempt from a foreign language based on a learning disability. I’d look for a private tutor. good luck!
  4. Hilltopmom

    Frustrated in my job search

    I’m a teacher too and went back to teaching last year (I teach little ones & it’s not as bad as it is at the high school, preschool special ed which I really enjoy. But I need to get back into a district for retirement & benefits soon) I briefly looked into high ed, not teaching, but working for admissions, residence life, etc, but then was offered this job and stopped pursuing the other. I think I’d really like a college position like that (I had experience as an undergrad with those offices as part time jobs & loved my sons college visits, lol) but I have young kids at home & tbh I want the summer home with them while they are growing up. By the time they are old enough I probably won’t make a switch in careers. If I only had my older kids, I would switch now.
  5. Hilltopmom


    Tamiflu doesn’t “cure” or prevent the flu, it just makes it shorter/ less severe. so you probably have the flu. Sorry. Cancel your contact with the public until no one has a fever anymore
  6. Hilltopmom

    Now I've seen it all.

    lol my husbands aunt had an indoor chicken too. it was interesting...
  7. Hilltopmom

    RA experiences?

    Saw, no compensation? Wow. when I was in school and at my sons school, RAs get free room & board which is our biggest expense ($14,000 ish). So being an RA is a huge plus financially even though it’s a lot of work and training. He would have to go back early for the training but it’s way more money than he can make at a summer job.
  8. Hilltopmom

    RA experiences?

    Has anyone’s child been a RA (resident assistant) want to share about their experiences good and bad and also the application process? different at all colleges I know, just curious. My ds is applying for next year. (Not a kid I ever expected to apply to be an RA)
  9. Hilltopmom

    Teaching reluctant teen to drive

    I lived overseas as a teen where you had to be 18 to drive so I didn’t learn until I was back in the states in college. I was 21 when I got my license. During college I did live in a small city with some public transportation but it was inconvenient for timing, I had to take taxis for early morning shifts at my part time hospital job. I also biked to work across town in nice weather. My 18 year old is refusing driving practice currently & although I know his life will be easier once he learns- he will need an internship in the next few years and not driving will impact that even in a city, but driving IS dangerous & a huge responsibility and if he’s not ready I’m ok with it I guess. It was a hassle to drive him to & from his work last summer but we lived. We will be paying for lessons, fwiw. He gets snippy when anxious too. So do I.
  10. Hilltopmom

    how do you store medication?

    Everything is locked in a few big tackle boxes. OTC adult stuff in one, OTC kid stuff in another in the pantry (2 huge pantries in this house)- only thing that would fit the large bottles from Sam’s prescription & daily stuff in small bottles- in a small lock box in the kitchen cabinet bandages, extra toiletries etc go in the upstairs linen closet the locking things up is new to us but became necessary with a teen with mental health issues and new friends we don’t know well who come over (it’s a pain, I admit). Probably not a bad idea for anyone though.
  11. Hilltopmom

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I did major purging 2 years Ago, took about 6 months of sorting, donating, selling. then we moved and I went back to work and the babies got older and are now getting their own toys.... I’m a EI & preschool traveling teacher so carry my “preschool” in my van with me & rotate books/toys/games/supplies weekly per age group so have gotten a lot of new stuff for work the last year and am starting to feel overwhelmed with stuff again. But until the little ones get older and start outgrowing toys sand I settle into a school based position, it’s here to stay for now. its just toys and stuff, nothing else has crept back in at least I get rid of whatever I can though, no keeping hand me downs, etc good luck!
  12. Snap circuits they should be able to handle frequently, clean up is just put them back in the box.
  13. Hilltopmom

    Craft or something for teens to do on new year’s eve

    Update- they painted matching t shirts, picture frames, & did the stuffed snowman who came out adorable. they also made the chocolate pretzels, individual pizzas, and played Apples to Apples. Are currently listening to 70s music, lol. I don’t think they’ll make it to midnight, one friend was already saying they should go to bed soon, lol. thanks all
  14. Hilltopmom

    Craft or something for teens to do on new year’s eve

    Oh, I found these and am so excited! I’m making some even if the girls decide not to!! stuffed sock snowmen!
  15. Hilltopmom

    Craft or something for teens to do on new year’s eve

    So many good ideas! Thanks everyone 🙂 Some are too involved for the amount of time/energy we have to prep today but I will remember for a future event! we’ll go to the store this afternoon with a list of possibilities I will update what we decide on.
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