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  1. Walking (& listening to audio books), kayaking, snow shoeing, hiking (seasonally). Board games. some dabbling in zen tangles& sketching or painting. Some ukelele and bucket drumming. I’ve taken classes in those to get started. Taking dance and yoga in the fall. I like researching things and taking PD classes (I’m a teacher). But mostly doing family stuff and running the household outside of work hours these days. Back in our rural homeschooling days I led some 4H and our co op, had dogs, chickens, rabbits, and gardens and infants.
  2. I’ve tried it for 3 weeks now. Constantly hungry and wind up eating crap stuff by evening. I decided to go back to keto- it worked great for me but I was just tired of all the same foods all the time on keto.
  3. The low pay for ECE teachers is definitely a concern. Daycare centers and part time church run or head starts typically pay so low. I think this is one big benefit to prek3 & PreK 4 being run by school Districts- the teachers make the same amount as school age teachers and have to be certified teachers. But otoh, it puts the field out of reach for those unable to attain a Masters degree (required in NY to teach). The students are also all screened for needing special Ed or related services (PT, OT, speech) starting at registration rather than needing to wait until K.
  4. I wore this shirt to school today and took all my Eric Carle books. I wasn’t sure how my 4th graders would take me reading them aloud but they begged for more.
  5. Here, upstate NY, all the factories are desperate for staff- have to be over 18, pass a drug test, show up every day, & the Kay is pretty good for entry level, imo
  6. Our kids birth moms have all surrendered when it came time for the TPR trial, but DSS offers (& we agreed to), an updated photo and letter once a year about the child. But birth parents have to keep DSS up to date on their address so it can be forwarded to them- adoptive parents send it to the caseworker, not bio parents directly. In NY those agreements aren’t actually legally binding so adoptive families don’t always keep up with it. For all of our biological kids families, I wound up sending photos and updates through Messenger instead. (Or, small town, just plain running into them
  7. actually, I believe our county has the highest vaccination rate in the state, or at least it did a few weeks ago- I just happen to personally know a lot of the crazies & wanted to share what I’m seeing them spout
  8. Yep- a lot of my co workers are saying they won’t get a booster due to needing days off (teachers here so technically we have days to use, but zero subs to cover for us)
  9. In my local area, upstate NY where we’ve been masking since the beginning, I’ve seen all of the anti mask families I know this week posting messages saying “ha ha, jokes on them... now we don’t have to mask and can just lie about being vaxxed”. “Sure, I’m vaxxed, wink wink”. Basically bragging about their plans to lie and stop wearing masks. A school nurse and a few teachers included 😞
  10. Permanency hearings have to occur every 6 months, even if adoption is already scheduled. It’s just to continue to plan for a way towards permanency, be it TPR, reunification, adoption. here, once TPR talks start happening, they start to encourage voluntary TPR and change the child’s official permanency goal to “adoption”. At each permanency hearing they examine the goal and decide if it should change at that point in the case.
  11. None of your kids can share a room so that you can get some sleep? or you put an extra mattress in a kids room and sleep in there? re home dogs so you can have first floor sleeping quarters?
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