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  1. I’m listening to the Night Circus now & its very intriguing, also narrated by Jim Dale who is amazing. I just finished and enjoyed The Giver of Stars a fiction about pack horse librarians that was an easy listen.
  2. I’ll chime in that the OTA jobs are not all medical! In my field - early childhood special Ed, we have a lot of OTAs who make very good money, work with little kids all day, make their own schedules, & get to play with playdo and on the playground a good chunk of the day- in homes, daycares, head starts.
  3. Should’ve kept her home! if your Pandas kid gets flu symptoms, I’d take him in pronto for Tamiflu. My dd suffered a permanent neuro set back from PANS after the flu. (We didn’t do tamiflu- I will next time)
  4. Anyone tried to access their FAFSA this weekend? I’ve been trying for a few days and keep getting a pop up saying online FAFSA encountered an error. Anyone else? thanks
  5. Heck no. And as a teacher I cannot imagine assigning homework over a vacation! everyone needs a break
  6. My dd had a severe PANS episode (not PANDAs- so not caused by strep but same symptoms) triggered by having the flu. My point being that PANS/PANDAs won’t always be caught by a strep test Or fixed by anyiobiotics. But yeah sudden onset OCD, food issues big red flag for PANDAS. I’m sorry she’s going through this. Waiting for mental health help sucks. I’d get into the pediatrician in the meantime.
  7. Any experiences or recommendations for online drivers ed courses? thanks!
  8. Thanks, I’m all updated now 🙂
  9. Can I change my signature with my phone or only on a computer? Pretty sure mine needs an update! can’t figure out how to do it, on my phone thanks
  10. Are you allowed to wear scrubs to work? I’ve heard other special educators talking about being able to wear them. I was just at a place that sold them and was impressed by the sizes and styles out how- they had stretch fabric and ones that looked nicer like dress pants. And plus sizes.
  11. The fort itself is awesome. there are small historical re enactments in the area in Sept- Fort William Henry in Lake George & one at Fort Edward (no actual fort- just a field) Yeah, Burlington is way better 🙂
  12. Um, there is nothing else nearby. At all. Except the Adirondack Mountains. Ticonderoga is not really much of a town- it’s a very rural area and then there’s a Walmart plaza. check when the fort closes for the year to be sure they’re still open. Plattsburgh is an hour North with a SUNY school, a mall, but not much else. An hour south is the Lake George area- touristy. There’s a 6 Flags there open on weekends only in the fall. And one of those indoor water park places. (I live nearby) and nope- not where pencils are made. But there’s a paper mill.
  13. I’m not Margaret but my son looked at Norwich too- not cadets. They offered great financial aid & he liked their cyber & comp sci programs. He attended their Gen Cyber camp the summer between 11-12 I believe. That was good. Ultimately he decided on a state school in our state, but Norwich was high on his list.
  14. I know some districts do accept that, but many require a detailed plan for your year and then quarterlies that report what was actually covered in each subject. regardless, the regulations are not difficult to follow. There is year end testing required at certain years it it is not difficult, even for kids below grade level.
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