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  1. When you get in each other’s faces, I’m guessing there’s lots of yelling & screaming in surprise as the eggs are crushed? Sounds like a lot of spit and breath flying around, even with masks..
  2. Have you tried eBay for Jessica McClintock/ Scott McClintock or Laura Ashley dresses? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Laura-Ashley-Blue-White-Floral-Dress-Size-8/224401677324?hash=item343f61dc0c:g:vLQAAOSwvZxgXq02
  3. Thinking of you. The first year is the worst. Our adopted, medically fragile passed 5 years ago. I can still barely look his birth mom in the eye (even though I know it was not our fault). Small town- we run into each other. Hoping you find strength this week.
  4. Can one player ruin what the other “did” on the island, like in mine craft?
  5. My last home was purchased already built a d off grid. It was originally part of an intentional community started by an ad in Mother Earth News in the 70s. We hooked up to the grid when it became available on our road. it was fun and interesting but I live in town with heat and internet now 🙂
  6. What type of cord does it use to connect to a TV?
  7. So it’s a card you insert into the switch? I feel so uneducated
  8. IMIVIO Bucket Hat for Women Girls Unisex Cotton Beach Hat Foldable Summer Travel Sun Hats Fisherman Cap for Teens https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08X4HQ7LQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_58KQDM1J06PW95XY5YXC Tie Dye Jungle Bucket Hat with String Strap Men Women Teens Rainbow Colors https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E836MUW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_M7W9EFH4H0DX9ETHJC2Y I got the cheaper one without the string because she has several good ones with strings already. It doesnt look top of the line but it’s ok. She likes to wear a different one each day of the week at summer camp
  9. Tell me what I need to know to buy a Switch. my kids want to play Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, carnival games. do I need accessories like we used to have for the wii? It’s been years since we had a game system. thanks!
  10. Lovely! I’m doing my first “paint and sip” class this week and am so excited- I’m late to that party but just never had time before
  11. My oldest did Robotics club and that was at least 20 hours a week so that on top of DE classes kept him pretty busy. plus hanging out with friends from robotics.
  12. Thanks, that’s what a local friend just recommended too.
  13. If you geocache with an iPhone, what app do you use? It’s been years since we geocached and we used a GPS back then. Thanks!
  14. Restart- my 4th graders always love it and it’s a modern book with great conversation starters but not heavy. I promise they will like it. anything else Gordon Korman, really. Rump is pretty funny too. those Humphrey books are painful to read aloud My lower group I read the Fudge series to this year. outdated but still funny.
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