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  1. This! I have a friend who does this locally as a teacher- gets state benefits & retirement (not teachers, but state workers since it’s a state correct final center). She actually works with adults, not juveniles though. It’s strictly a day job only since they can’t carry papers or supplies in/ out of the facility. So there is no grading or lesson planning at night. She loves it. Hours and vacation are great too.
  2. Hugs, I’m sorry it’s so hard. I’d be furious at the school, as I’m sure you are. There should’ve been a better crisis plan for him! I know you had high hopes for the new placement 😞 Abilify can be great for some kids, I hope it helps.
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    NM, figured it out
  4. Mine has also been home a week. He slept the first week. I’m currently sitting in a parking lot while he’s in a summer job interview. Fingers crossed 🙂
  5. Donate blankets, keep Duplos, donate rest of toys 🙂
  6. Not to mention, in many rural areas, mine included, internet is too spotty for online classes, streaming, etc. And the community college classes are far away and sparse.
  7. Tisha by Robert Specht about a young teacher in the Alaskan wilderness in 1927
  8. Preschool in my area is mostly switching over to being provided by the school district (UPK). It requires a master’s degree. Since kids are expected to read in K now a days, and preK classes have 20 kids (many who have disabilities & severe behavior issues), actually requiring degreed teachers is a pretty good idea, IMO. The district I work in has our preK rooms staffed by a teacher with a master’s degree, a special Ed teacher with a master’s degree, a speech therapist with a master’s degree, & a OT and PT with PHd’s (That’s the bare minimum allowed by our state for those certificates), and a classroom aide who makes minimum wage but deserves gold. And it takes all of us to keep things going. There is a big difference between babysitting, daycare, and preschool. All should be paid more than they are, but to suggest that quality preschools could be run by a few teenagers is out of touch with today’s schools expectations. (we do still have a vo tech preschool program locally staffed by teens, but the head teacher and assistant are certified teachers)
  9. Jann, I’m not sure if what you are referring to as assistants or trainers are actual PTAs. PTAs can treat clients but need to be overseen officially by a PT. Your trainers may not be PTAs. In my LCoL area, PTAs work at the hospital and in schools and are making to start $40 per 30 min session for session based pay or decent salaries with benefits.
  10. Look also into OTA not just PTA. One can work at schools, special Ed preschools, or early intervention too- so there’s the possibility of working with kids and summers off too 🙂 not just hospital/ rehab type jobs
  11. What setting is her new job in? School, early intervention, hospital, rehab? I work with a lot of traveling therapists & we all like soft nylon zip top bags (the canvas ones are too heavy and don’t wash well) to carry stuff around in- toys for our little kid sessions or lunches, purses, & water bottles for hospital based ladies 🙂 Lands End, ll bean, or 31 bags Or- gift certificates for a meal out
  12. Good luck! next year I may do the mom dance team at dd’s studio- she forbids me every year & I’ve got so much else going on... but it’s great exercise & they have a ton of fun!
  13. Tbh, I’d try the meds. It can take awhile to find what works and the right dose. If you start now, hopefully by fall she can start off the school year ready to go & on the right one for her. her schoolwork is only going to get harder going into high school
  14. Honestly, I wouldn’t do it. It’s a huge time suck and so addicting. Not to mention the arguments over wanting more and more time. And then after Minecraft it will be a different game, there’s always another new one If I could do it all over again I’d keep the Wii games/ Atari style only with no internet connection and never let them get into the online gaming action... ever. My younger ones will not be going down that road. It caused so much damage in my oldest. maybe not what you want to hear, sorry. best of luck
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