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  1. Or the “just buy a Brainquest Workbook- it has 180 pages, one for each day of the years and that’s totally all they need to do ALL year“ advice 😞
  2. Thanks. she is already CPR/First aid trained for the early childhood program she works in at vo tec. They run a part time preschool for the community 🙂
  3. Dd, 17 struggles with everything academic due to learning disabilities and ability. She is currently a ps senior also attending vo tech for Early Childhood education. She’s working on her CDA through vo tech. She would like to teach preschool or possibly do something else in the Human Services field (she’s very interested in psychology or counseling but won’t pursue a BA/MS anytime soon- that may be out of her reach, academically). She’s amazing with kids and her dream job is year round camp counselor, lol. She will probably take some classes in education & human services at the CC
  4. Our Covid numbers here are and have been very low all along (3 active cases right now in nursing homes). We will get together with my parents and brothers family. But we share daycare at my moms and the kids have been together all summer anyways. 11 people total. 2 teachers and a nurse who will all be working. No travel involved- we can walk to each other’s houses. But again, low numbers right now at least.
  5. Liberty’s kids, Where in the world is Carmen Santiago, Brain POP,, and then there are YouTube clips for pretty much every topic out there for kids. The free mystery Doug videos are great too for Science
  6. Thank you. yep, it’s a mix of guilt and my own lack of control over the situation (and wanting things done my own way for my last set of kids to homeschool). they will have a great year and it seems like both will come out of it Reading, so it will be fine.
  7. Ds 5 is into hitting a ball lately and I can only pitch so many times. All the reviews for t ball/ soft ball tees are terrible. Trying to find one that won’t break the first week we have it. any recommendations for tees? thanks!
  8. Yes. I’m so thankful my parents will watch the kids for me and are a blast to hang out with. But I can’t ask them to do the actual homeschooling (although that’s what my dad thinks they’re doing). I have specific curriculum I need at least my second grader to do for remediation and so my K kid will be on grade level when he returns to ps. And well, I want it done a certain way so I have to do it. I’m lucky I don’t have to quit my job to keep the kids home this year. But it’s going to be long days.
  9. Dh has this same problem & hasn’t found a solution. a lot of his music on there was from CDs that he uploaded, not purchased from iTunes. the purchased stuff shows up but not the other.
  10. Yes. We were just informed (we started back this week but no students yet) that we have to stay home for any sickness and be seen by a dr to return (even for runny nose) but we must use our own sick time to do it. I only get 10 days. only if it does turn out to be Covid will those days be covered and me not have to use my own time. If I’m quarantined because of sick kids in my room I can only use the govt time once. The next time I have to use my own time even if I’m not sick! this isn’t going to end well. Add in every teacher with kids also has to keep her kids home & stay home
  11. How fun! Nice job this is going to sound weird and maybe creepy, but your voice doesn’t sound at all like I pictured (imagined?) you 🙂
  12. We started over the summer, thankfully. And for the first time ever I haven’t needed to change or ditch anything! First time homeschooling my littlest ones who I had enrolled in ps when I returned to teaching. But this week was rough- I’m back at work in school & they’re at grandma & grandpas during the day (doing all the fun stuff plus hiking and enrichment/ review school stuff). I’m doing their reading & math curriculum at night and weekends and we realized I’m not going to be able to do that nightly. Maybe need to alternate kids or something- I’m exhausted after work all da
  13. My senior is fingers crossed finishing out ps & VoTech this year. I’m back to homeschooling my little ones around my ps teacher job. We started in July and things have been going pretty well. The littlest K’er is picking right up on reading/ blending, and math which is SO exciting to me because all my other kids have had learning disabilities and were so slow to pick up on academics. The second grader is slow going and she’s on the spectrum but is making progress and I’m using what she was using at school for math then doing Explode the Code, Dancing Bears, and sight word ac
  14. Have you looked on Teachers Pay Teachers to see if there are maybe activity sheets that go along with the Barton levels? I’m using a mix of things this year but have been able to find independent work things that match up with some of them from TPT. (I got the Wonders program sight word activity sheets for K, for example. I’m not using Wonders but want my kids to know their sight works lists because the little ones will return to ps in a year or two)
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