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  1. Oh I see. Here stores are only giving out surgical style disposable masks.
  2. I don’t understand- so you don’t have any of your own masks? You have to walk into a store unmasked and go ask for one every time you go somewhere? No one in your family works outside of the house or ever goes anywhere you need a mask except a store? Here, they do have them free at stores but you have to stop at customer service to get one, no one is handing them out at the door and they’ve been required in NY the whole time.
  3. I think the cloth Old Navy ones are the most comfortable for me to wear all day and the accordion style folds make them fit my big face and still cover it all the way when speaking loudly (I’m a teacher- apparently I open my mouth wide all the time when projecting my voice to the back of the room). I like the adjustable ear cords. But my Happy Masks make me feel more protected.
  4. My parents were just able to make an appointment for theirs next week. I am so relieved! mine should be soonish as I’m a teacher and am eligible now but can’t get an appt yet.
  5. Ugh sorry about the student teaching bit. SUNY schools are organizing student teachers this year- both for in person & remote placements. Observations are being done remotely. NY asked districts to be willing to take student teachers this year. I have one starting soon in my room. I wish you were closer! For employment- Look into early intervention (usually through your county health dept or a private provider agency) and/or preschool special Ed services. I used to work EI & preschool services and for both teachers & developmental therapists we did hire teachers without their
  6. You could go through NARHS to use your homeschooled courses to get an accredited diploma. Most I have looked into require an accredited diploma. The trade options we have researched all require that. But in our state parents cannot give a homeschool diploma that means anything. Regardless, down the road he may need a diploma or GED so I would probably do the accredited diploma now. https://www.narhs.com We found that state licenses required an accredited diploma or GED to be issued so if his interest needs a license then e probably needs it.
  7. Hmm ugh well that sucks. But we do already have to provide “an education substantial to a public school” at least to get an equivalency letter at graduation. I don’t see home inspections happening though. There’s no money or people to do it
  8. Has not been announced either way yet for NY, but I’d be shocked if they take place. We have gotten through so little of our curriculum this year, in both the elementary & high school. They were waived last year and I expect it again but they won’t announce until much later in the spring (wouldn’t want us to let the kids slack off early...)
  9. Homeschooling is not “a non public school” in NY I’m pretty sure. We don’t file as a “non public school” like in some states. I think that’s talking about private schools not homeschooling.
  10. Um you might want to find out what happened this week in DC.
  11. I’m still waiting for the snow pants I ordered for myself off eBay- they’ve been in transit for weeks with no tracking update since the 31st. eta- they showed up today!! They were mailed the beginning of Dec with 3 day priority shipping!!!
  12. Oh Nertz looks fun! I got back into solitaire over Xmas
  13. I bought a ton of new games from my kid thread before the holidays (I think it wound up being around 40!!)- that’s rather embarrassing but I needed new things for this winter! The little kids are loving Outfoxed, Skippity, and a bunch of the GameWright card games. Adults like Patchwork the best so far. We have not opened kids Tickets to Ride or Carcassone Jr yet. The liked Castle panic jr.
  14. Nope, not that kind of job. Public school setting, aftercare type thing. Or daycare center- no driving of children required or allowed.
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