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  1. Thanks so much Margaret! That was helpful 🙂
  2. I believe it’s a daily log yes but we also have to submit all that daily work too (anything written)
  3. I know some of you have used NARHS for their diploma option. It’s looking like we may wind up homeschooling Dd for her last 2 years of school and want to use their diploma option this time around (long story, but likely necessary). Im freaking out about the daily work documentation for homemade courses. Textbook courses you just have to submit their tests it sounds like but homemade ones you send every thing in for review? She would be using adapted special ed books and I know I have to get permission from NARHS ahead of time for that with her IEP, but sending everything in seems so daunting after not homeschooling that way with my oldest. tell me it’s not as overwhelming as it seems?!? Any recent users want to tell me how it went? Thanks
  4. Right. my point is that there really aren’t jobs anymore that don’t require a diploma or GED. i mean do you really need a diploma to sweep floors or wash dishes, no. And if you can earn a diploma, why would you want to wash dishes for a meager living?
  5. This is sort of an aside, but I’ve beenlooking into jobs in my area that can be obtained without a high school diploma. Im in NY where there is no special Ed diploma- if you can’t pass all the classes you don’t get a diploma. Dish washer or laundry or kitchen help at the nursing home? Need diploma or GED to apply. Mop floors at hospital? Diploma or GED nurses aide? Diploma or GED daycare classroom aide? Diploma or GED factory floor worker- diploma or GED It’s not a pretty world out there for kids who can’t pass algebra. Especially for kids “not disabled enough” to qualify for dev disability employment or stipend programs.
  6. As a parent of a child with dyscalculia, who most likely won’t get a diploma in my state due to not being able to pass algebra, even if she passes everything else required for graduation (no we don’t have special ed diplomas- it’s all or nothing) ... my vote is no. What would be useful for her? Consumer math. But it’s not considered high school math and not offered. As a certified preschool special education teacher, required to have a master’s degree in order to be certified, I can tell you I do NOT use algebra in my job. Writing skills (lots of reports and IEPs), behavior management, being able to identify motivators, keep the attention of a room full of special needs 3-4 year olds, communicating with parents, yes. Algebra- no.
  7. This just occurred to me. When my older kids were in EI we did not pay anything for it. We were given the option of giving them Our insurance info but declined. It was then free for us. i can’t remember the specifics and I don’t deal with the billing part or setting it up at all, but I would double check that your insurance HAS to be billed because that doesn’t sound quite right. my younger kids had Medicaid so Medicaid was billed. Parent coaching is great for many families with little experience- it is probably is not quite what you’re looking for. They’ll give you nice tips like encouraging language during your daily routines- bath, meals. Reading to your child, playing games with them. I’d give it a shot, maybe you’ll get an awesome provider, you never know. But be ready to look for more
  8. We have put solid plates in a toddler room over the outlet opening instead of ones with holes for plugs. Only works for outlets you never use. And iirc, only worked on our older outlets? Not sure about that but remembering something like that.
  9. There IS lots of merit aid out there, but it does come with strings to consider as well. My ds is attending a small state school. It is costing us slightly more than one of the private schools he was offered great merit aid at. However, we wanted a school he could afford and stay at even IF he lost his merit scholarship. I did not want the added stress for him to have to keep a 3.5 in order to keep his merit $ and stay at the private school- no way we could’ve afforded it without it. so that’s something else to consider- what are the requirements for keeping the merit scholarships at each school? Can you afford those schools without it? We found he was given merit aid at each state school as well (some quite a bit) but the difference was if he lost it for some reason, we could still afford to keep him there.
  10. Mine is self explanatory, except I no longer live on top of a hill. Now I should be lakeside mom, lol.
  11. I’m an EI & preschool provider 🙂 I big puffy heart love EI but do know that it’s different in different areas. Some locations only do parent coaching these days which is training parents in ways to best interact with their children to see improvement in language skills. So, during your normal daily routines they would give tips on what you can be doing to work on language skills. They wouldn’t actually work with the child regularly, but rather model & coach you on ways to do so. If they are giving her once a week services that may be how it’s done near you. In other areas, therapists come with a bag of toys/ activities and provide direct therapy to your child during their visits. Plus offer carry over ideas on what you can be doing the rest of the week. Either way is worth it, imo. It should be a fun time for your child 🙂 if not, the therapist is doing something wrong. if you don’t click with the provider, or they don’t show up when they are supposed to, etc- it’s fine to ask for a different therapist, just FYI. All of my children have benefited from in home EI services. eta- the EI model is often called “parent coaching” and the private therapist in the office is referred to as a “medical model”
  12. Updated- found it. NARHS The online school in Maine that is recommended for special needs students for a diploma? totally blanking & wanted to look something up. starts with an N, I think? thanks!!!
  13. You Brush your teeth ch-ch-ch-ch...
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