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  1. For me, it’s important to find ways to help individuals around me, and also to try to make a difference on a global scale. The world will never change through uncoordinated, small actions, even though those small things are always worth doing. So I band together with like-minded people to advocate for larger-scale change while trying to help locally. This looks very different depending on where I live and what types of larger organizations I can reasonably be involved with from my current location. Right now, I’m working with a family who is trying to bring their last two children here. They fled their own country nearly three years ago and had to leave half their children behind. I’m also helping several women set up a sewing business so they can afford to send their children to school. And I organize regular cleanups at a Jewish cemetery that needs volunteers because few Jews are left in this country to care for the cemetery. But I’m also working with an online group to educate people about national and international policies that affect the ability of the refugees and asylum seekers to find a permanent, safe place to live. Because things will never get better in many places if we don’t change how we’re doing things.
  2. I love to eat purslane. It was easy to find in stores in Riyadh and I’d just sauté it with a bit of garlic.
  3. I assume it’s more about the the logistics regarding the quarantine. A friend of mine in Wuhan yesterday posted about how unconcerned she is about getting sick, but a quarantine has a pretty serious affect on everyone’s lives. Schools would be closed now anyway, but if the quarantine lasts long, children will miss school. Other types of medical emergencies are difficult to deal with in this situation. Getting food might be complicated. So it probably makes sense for foreign governments to pull out their employees, or at least their families.
  4. Between those two choices, I’d go with Angkor Wat. If you can get there, it will be there, and there’s nothing like it anywhere else. Seeing the aurora borealis depends on things outside anyone’s control, and there are many places where you could see an aurora another time. But honestly, both trips sound wonderful.
  5. I’m glad he got checked out and that there’s no obvious problem. Hopefully the medication helps and this turns out to just be scary for today and nothing more. I hope you both can get some rest.
  6. I don’t travel much to traditional tourist sites with masses of people, but I have seen a lot of what I consider to be obnoxious or rude travel photography in the Middle East. The rules are different here regarding photographing people without permission, or taking photos of obvious problems. It really bothers me when I’m out with certain friends and they’re photographing piles of trash (I currently live in a city that can only be described as very dirty) or taking photos of individual people or small groups, especially of women, without permission. I get why they do it - I would like to have photos that better document my experience here - but there are some things you have to document differently, in my opinion. I do take photos in museums here, if they’re allowed. There aren’t good postcards of the things I want to see, and when all the ancient mosque lamps, or portable mihbrabs, or whatever, are being stored, museums are the only place to see some things. But there’s only one museum here that’s ever crowded (and it’s always packed, because it’s on the tourist track) so taking photos in the rest often means that you’re standing in a room by yourself. I don’t often go to the crowded museum, because it’s crowded, expensive, and poorly labeled.
  7. I recall a thread here probably 5 or 6 years ago when the idea of calling people from the US “USians” was almost universally shouted down. I think the word looks awful. But honestly, we need a new nickname and I can’t think of anything better than USian.
  8. Amira

    Little Women

    I have some different quibbles, but this is how I felt about it too. I very much liked it. This book and various adaptations have always been part of my life (I grew up with the 1978 TV version and I’d watch it often with my four sisters - we don’t have brothers). But I loved how this one pulled in parts of Alcott’s own life, and I loved the ambiguity at the end. The chronology thing was jarring at first, but I think it worked really well.
  9. Have you seen the new version? What did you think? Or did I miss a previous thread about this?
  10. Cruises for entertainment sound boring to me, so I don’t go on them. But I dream of doing a freighter cruise, or that passenger ships will return someday and I can do an international move by ship and train rather than by plane.
  11. My middle ds loves it. He’s at university this year and it was sad to not share it with him. But maybe I can make one when we visit him at Christmas.
  12. It’s so good. I haven’t used sour cream in years, since I usually can’t get it where I live, but most any cultured dairy product works. Crema and labnah are my favorites.
  13. I made sour cream apple and pumpkin yesterday. There’s a peanut butter cream pie and a berry pie in the freezer. I’ll probably save those for Friday.
  14. One article I read said the whole thing would last eight hours. The average amount of time someone spends inside is 8 minutes.
  15. To keep it as short as possible: Three people were planning to join another two people in Europe for a five-day vacation. Each group would be flying to Europe from different continents, and the two people were taking care of most of the logistics. One of the three people couldn’t get the time off work to go, so all the plans had to be changed (car rental, some activity reservations, accommodations) a month before the trip. A week before the trip, the third person got the time off work and now wants to go. However, this would require the two people to change all the plans again on very short notice, and these two people aren’t as flexible as they used to be as they get older. Is it worth adding the third person back into the plans? If the changes could be handled by the group of three, then there would be no problem, because that group would deal with the expense and hassle. But that’s not possible.
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