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  1. We were in the US for the 2017 eclipse since it was in the summer, but I doubt we’ll be able to make the 2024 eclipse. But I do consider eclipse schedules (and the Olympics) when we’re deciding which country to move to next.
  2. I've been here for 18 years and I think this is exactly right. (I cannot believe it has been that long, but here we are.)
  3. It is at least as bad in every other country I’ve lived in outside the US. Specific to corona, there is a lot of vaccine hesitancy around the world, based on rumors and false claims. But I’m still plenty embarrassed by the US.
  4. We have Ramadan, Easter, Sham al-Nassim, and Eid al-Fitr all coming up in the next 3-7 weeks, and they’re all major events here, basically like the holiday season in the US. They were all pretty much shut down last year with only small in-home observances. They’re discouraging gathering this year, but I’m not sure how much it will be enforced. I think churches and mosques will be more open than last year. People don’t want to go through another round of their major holidays being difficult. Vaccination is pretty much at zero here. But a lot of things are outside, so we’ll see what happens.
  5. I think it might be possible for some level of normalcy to return to a city/state/region/country once there is a fairly high vaccination rate in any of those given areas. But there will always be some pieces of the old normal that won’t return until corona isn’t a problem around the world. Friends living in Europe are frustrated with vaccinated Americans who are talking about international travel this summer when Europe is locking down, not opening up, and vaccination isn’t moving as quickly as people had hoped. We’re seeing more Americans coming where I live because it’s relatively easier t
  6. Church. yes, as gardenmom described above. Our global church leadership is also supporting vaccination, masking, and social distancing. I don't live in the US and those messages are coming through here too, not just in the US. My family has only been to church a few times in the last year. But individual members? I've seen a higher-than-average number of people pushing back on masking, vaccinating, and social distancing in general, or who think the restrictions at church aren't necessary.
  7. I think they've administered around 1000-2000 doses here for a country of 100 million, so no, I haven't gotten it. A little over 1/3 of the population here is under 16, so we need 130 million doses for a two-dose vaccine. I think the country can count on 20 million right now, so there is a very long way to go.
  8. Paneer uses lots of milk. You can freeze it if you don't want to use it now. This is a pretty good description of how to make it. You can use more milk if you want to, and just add in more vinegar till it curdles, depending on how much milk you're using. https://www.indianhealthyrecipes.com/how-to-make-paneer-cubes-at-home/ Fried paneer is really yummy in lots of different things, which is our favorite way to eat it.
  9. I was so worried a year ago about the impact of corona on my friends here who already were barely surviving. It has definitely not been an easy year for them. A year ago today, our city was flooded with an epic rainstorm. Water was cut for 20 million people, almost everyone had water somewhere in their home, no matter what floor you lived on, trees were down across major roads, and it was almost impossible to go very far from home, even to get food or bottled water. It was surreal dealing with that local and brief natural disaster while knowing that a long-term, global disaster was looming.
  10. A woman doesn’t have to be literally locked in her house to have her choices so thoroughly limited that she only actually leaves the house twice in four months. I’m a little shocked at people blaming Meghan for the circumstances she described, or saying that she should have known what she was getting into. Having experienced a similar type of unwanted isolation for very different reasons, I know in a small way how incredibly oppressive this can be, even if someone can claim that I could have left the house whenever I wanted to. I knew exactly what I was getting into, and it was still awful.
  11. I didn't open many of your videos, but I did see that there's one about the decades-old Satanic Panic that made me think it wasn't worth opening the other links since debunked scare tactics don't help trafficked victims today. It really bothers me when people say that I don't think that child trafficking happens when I'm skeptical of the current brand of hysteria going on about it. Child trafficking is a huge problem all over the world, both labor and sex trafficking. The US has been focused on this for decades, at least partly through its annual Trafficking in Persons report which star
  12. 40% of health care workers are refusing the vaccine? Is this in one area? The entire US? All types of health care workers? I've seen a huge range in estimates on this and I'm curious about the data you're looking at.
  13. I like the years like this one where Shrove Tuesday isn’t competing with Maslenitsa so we can eat pancakes/crepes today and blini in a few weeks instead of trying to crowd them in at the same time. Blini are the best of all.
  14. So, my brother-in-law who lived in Switzerland for a couple of years was the one who taught me how to make German pancakes. I just emailed him to ask him exactly where he got his recipe and what they’re called in German because I have wondered that for years but never remember to ask since I rarely get to see him in person. For the record, the German pancakes my BIL makes are like Dutch babies. We also made them when I was growing up and called them volcano pancakes.
  15. That's what we're having for dinner tonight. It's delicious. We had lemon and sugar on our aebleskivers last week too, and it's our usual topping for German pancakes.
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