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  1. It’s really hard to know exactly what is actually happening. We recently stayed in hotels and Airbnbs in three different states, two of which have some kind of quarantine rules. But it didn’t affect us at all, even when we were arriving at a major airport and obviously were coming from out of state. Even though I just travelled, I have no idea what the rules are because our actual experience is different from what the guidelines say online. If I *had* to travel, I’d call hotels now and talk to a person to make sure that I could book ahead of time, and then reconfirm right before travel
  2. Not for a vacation, but we recently stayed in several different Airbnbs in the US. We had no in-person interaction with the owners and no one stayed in them the night before. We were booking during the off season so that cut down on how much the Airbnbs had been used. You can ask your host about their cleaning procedures. They have to at least comply with this. https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/2809/what-is-airbnbs-5step-enhanced-cleaning-process You can cancel without a penalty if your host doesn’t follow those steps, although it can be difficult to know what happened before yo
  3. I’m another person who was appalled by the election results in 2016, and I wished they were wrong, but I didn’t think they actually were wrong, and I still don’t. I didn’t “accept” the results, but from the perspective that I didn’t want to believe the election had turned out the way it did, not that I was going to join a mob to stop the new president from taking office. And yes, I’ve spent the last four years “fighting” the results. But I did it the way I was supposed to, by opposing policies with my voice and joining other women to do so, not by stockpiling weapons and joining a militi
  4. A private company cannot refuse service to a member of a protected class, if the reason they are refusing service is because the customer is a member of a protected class. Private companies can refuse to publish others' speech whenever they want to, as long as they aren't discriminating against a protected class. You can ban all the violent speech in your terms of service. You can't ban certain violent speech based on the race or religion or ethnicity of the customer. What is going on now has no equivalence to wedding cakes or photography or any other straw man people might want to
  5. So happy to see this update! Welcome back.
  6. Really enjoyed listening to Hamnet, Inheritors, Valentine, and Pull of the Stars. Mexican Gothic was delightful (keeping in mind that gothic gets weird). Caste was excellent, and it has been interesting to follow reactions to it. I also enjoyed Istanbul. How to Feed a Dictator was a surprise winner. Loved The Five Books of Jesus.
  7. Goblin Valley is one of my favorite places to visit in Utah.
  8. The common term in the country I live in is corona, so that’s what I’m used to and usually what I use in writing. If I’m talking to Americans living in the US, I say covid since that seems to be the most common term there. But this whole thing is “corona” in my mind.
  9. I’m still deciding. I actually didn’t feel like making any 2020 plans or goals, so that worked out nicely. I’m not sure yet if I trust 2021. 🙂
  10. There are actually times when people setting off a bomb have warned it was happening ahead of time. It depends on what the goals and motivations are of the terrorists. There are plenty of people who want to cause a variety of problems, but aren’t necessarily targeting innocent people (although, obviously, they’re not too fussed about risking innocent lives if they’re setting off a huge bomb).
  11. Here are how corona is affecting some countries we don’t usually think about. South Sudan - limited lockdowns early, but no restrictions for a while now. Civil war, famine, other diseases like malaria, and family separations are still the biggest problems there and there’s not much space to deal with corona. Tanzania - there’s an official policy that corona doesn’t exist in Tanzania since June. There are no restrictions or testing there at all, so no one knows what actually is happening when the government refuses to acknowledge corona. The government has made it almost impossible
  12. Wait a minute. I hear this phrase every single day and I am not in danger because of it. Context matters, and the use of this phrase is nearly always positive all over the world, and literally does mean that God is greater than everyone and everything, not that a terrorist is out to get you.
  13. Yes, and I've used it in real life, but I talk about trafficking more than your average person. I only use the term for someone smuggling people north, usually overland, to the US or Canada from Central America though. I use different words for human smugglers in other parts of the world. Coyote is a regional word to me, but with broader understanding since there's so much news coverage of the southern US border in comparison with most other borders in the world.
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