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  1. Amira

    Weather Whine - feel free to join in

    Dust storm today. It’s not the worst one I’ve seen, but we have the creepy orange light.
  2. I’d be surprised to see a giant cookie in the US but I wouldn’t have a problem breaking off a piece to eat it. I suspect many Americans would though. In some places I’ve lived, it’s typical to have a stack of flatbread on the table and people tear a piece off, or the host tears it up when the meal starts. You can break off a chuck of cookie without touching anything except your part, but that bread is impossible to tear without touching all of it. I was at a thing yesterday with large pastries and a lot of them were cut in half and both halves ended up getting eaten. I don’t live in the US though. Sharing food, having multiple people touch it, everyone eating out of the same pot (we often get four spoons and all dig into a carton of ice cream), all of that is fine with me, but it’s not something I’d expect in the US in a social setting. I don’t, however, choose to drink out of a shared cup on the street. That’s very common here (pubic water fountains have been available for 700 years) and in other places I’ve lived, but I choose carry my own water if I’m going to be thirsty.
  3. Amira

    What's your house salad?

    Right now it’s tomatoes, cucumbers, a bit of garlic and cayenne, topped with pomegranate molasses.
  4. We’ve been amazingly lucky overall, but one time we were crossing the border from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan when ds threw up all over me. We had left the bus with all of our stuff in another spot and would meet up with it on the other side so I had nothing to clean it up with, plus bathrooms in both countries don’t have paper towels or running water. So I just kept carrying him in my arms, reeking and with vomit soaking into my clothes, until we finally got back to the bus where I could change my clothes. Border crossings are never much fun, but I always think now that at least I’m not covered in vomit. And we were on our way home so I could do the laundry. Trying to clean that up while traveling in either country wouldn’t have been easy.
  5. Me. We’ve moved 25 times and I just don’t have time to discuss everything with dh. For this last move, the stuff showed up while dh was in another country so I unpacked everything by myself. We had talked about where to put some furniture, and I don’t deal with any of his stuff, and the boys decide on their rooms, but overall I just get it done. In particular, I think that the kitchen should be organized by the person who uses it the vast majority of the time, if kitchen work is divided that way. Ds does try to organize the kitchen differently because he unloads the dishwasher, but I move anything he puts in the wrong place. 🙂
  6. I had a totally different reaction to hearing that. Yes, I completely agree that people should take their trash with them (and be aware of generating less trash and recycling more and a whole host of environmentally-friendly things), but I don’t think that’s the problem here. Keeping places trash-free is bigger than individuals. Instead, it’s weird to me that a wealthy country’s government would just stop picking up trash when it is capable of doing so. The country I currently live in has a trash problem and the government has been unable to deal with it because of infrastructure and other significant contributing factors that the US doesn’t face. Individuals can’t just take care of their own trash here because there’s nowhere to put it where it will be taken away. It’s ludicrous to me that the US government would choose to do this.
  7. I didn’t post anything on last year’s thread, but nearly all of my 2018 plans were about moving. I really wanted to leave the country I was living in and move to my current country so I had plenty of motivation. I also made the mistake of choosing an goal I had no control over (no medical crises) and then promptly broke my foot less than two weeks later. I didn’t choose something like that this year. But I really don’t want to break any bones this year.
  8. Amira

    New Years food

    If I can find Chex, I make Chex Mix. I usually make pulled noodles because I can do that anywhere, but I’m not sure if I’m feeling that ambitious this year. Maybe on the 1st.
  9. Amira

    Do you use dressers?

    I use a dresser if the closets are just for hanging clothes. We’ve only had wardrobes with no shelves in several places we’ve lived so a dresser was nice for stuff I didn’t want to hang. Here, the dressers are unnecessary. I have two huge ones stacked up in the storage room and two more that we moved into the closets to get them out of the way (we’re in a furnished apartment or we wouldn’t have this many dressers to deal with). I ended up putting all my craft supplies in the dressers in the storage room which has been nice though.
  10. Amira

    Weather Whine - feel free to join in

    I rarely complain about the weather here, especially after the extreme heat we dealt with in our last country, but the air quality is something else. Our PM 2.5 level was 976 today (on a scale where 0 is the best and anything above 55 is unhealthy). The monitor maxes out at 500 for the overall AQI so I don’t know the actual AQI today. I’m staying inside and hopefully it will be better later this afternoon so I can go buy vegetables. Otherwise, it would probably be better to skip the vegetables today rather than breathe the air outside. It’s not always bad. On Thursday, the AQI was 46 which is absolutely gorgeous. But readings over 500 are the norm for the winter, which is sad since the temperatures are so lovely right now.
  11. Amira

    Playing all the Board Games

    That is sad. I do it on the website, but an app would be better.
  12. Amira

    Playing all the Board Games

    BoardGameGeek has an app, although I’ve never used it. I think you can add your own games and then mark if you’ve played them. As for the OP, yes, I want to do this! I was already thinking about playing all of our games with ds before he leaves home this summer.
  13. Amira

    Year End Review/Looking Forward - Day 29

    If I speak Arabic significantly better at the end of the year.
  14. Amira

    "Retired" board games that were great!

    I love Waterworks and Masterpiece, and others that have been mentioned. I always play Bermuda Triangle when I visit my mom. And Tens. And Made for Trade. And Destination:Vacation and Travel. And Merry Motorist Game! My mom made better cards to go with that one. It’s fun to play A Day with Ziggy. My sister is really good at finding old games. Can’t Stop is one of my favorites from her, and Stop Thief. And because of this thread, I just docvoered there’s a Stop Thief app so I can use my board without having to find a 9-volt battery. Master Detective is a family favorite that was just released again.
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