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  1. I really appreciate all these responses, and I love to read about how different faith communities help others. Thank you!
  2. Regarding goals, I’ve seen some faith groups whose goal is simply to alleviate need and help when asked. Others place a very strong emphasis on self reliance, to the point that they are hesitant to help because they don’t want to create dependency. There are lots of other examples. Does that make sense?
  3. I’m curious how different faiths and denominations help those in need. I’m talking specifically about helping people who attend regularly and are active participants in the congregation rather than general community assistance. Is financial assistance freely available to anyone who asks? If not, who makes the decisions about how much help a person should receive, or if they could get it at all? What is the main goal of your place of worship in giving financial assistance? Do you give food away? What types of things will they help with? If your place of worship cannot or does not help, what does the person in need do? Have any of their policies or goals changed during the pandemic? Where does the financial assistance come from? What are their concerns when giving assistance? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve seen a dramatic difference in what various religious communities have done to help their members during coronavirus and I realized that I don’t really know what kinds of policies others have in place.
  4. I have some friends whose kids’ schools have been closed for two months, and they’re not likely to reopen as scheduled in July. The children are already behind in school because they have been displaced multiple times by civil war and I hate to see them delayed even more. Their schools teach in English but most of their parents don’t speak or read English well so they can’t fill in the gap, nor can their schools provide anything at all. Does anyone have suggestions of reliable online resources for a situation like this? Are there teachers willing to teach online in a situation like this? Good educational apps that target second language learners and math skills in particular? These children are all elementary age, with most being in second grade. Thanks for any advice or suggestions. These kids need as much support as they can get.
  5. We don’t celebrate Mother’s Day at my house and now I’m wondering if I’ve ever done something on Mother’s Day that somehow made the rest of my family look like slackers. 😂
  6. Pretty much the only people on this planet who would be allowed to do something like this are white Americans.
  7. Almost 11am here. Just finished an Arabic zoom class and now I’m getting other stuff done online.
  8. We started the process to renew ds’s passport a few weeks before coronavirus struck and we’ve been told that there’s no timeframe for when we’ll get the new one. Personally, I’d submit the paperwork now. Who knows how long it will take to get things on track, and I’d rather just get it going. Doubly so if your dh will be gone, especially if he’ll be overseas. The mail is not working well right now and getting the right forms from him might not be very straightforward.
  9. Liking doesn’t feel right for some of the previous posts. Maybe a solidarity emoji? At first I was worried about getting evacuated. I’m less concerned about that now (although it’s always a possibility), but now we’re settling into a different reality where we might be here for a long time. That doesn’t bother me, except I’d love to see my older boys. It will take a long time for me to feel confident traveling again because borders closed so quickly in March. I don’t want to get caught away from home if there’s a second wave. If your home is in your passport country, you can probably get there even with closed borders, but not if you’re not a citizen of the country you live in. All three of us are okay with staying here for the duration, at least for now. If we could get my older boys here for a visit this summer, I’d be very happy. I’d like to see them this year. Coronavirus restrictions aren’t particularly onerous here. Cases continue to increase, but so far at a slower rate than WHO has predicted, in spite of the lack of social distancing here. Ramadan will not be the same during coronavirus.
  10. It’s not so much about comfort for us, but when it will even be possible. My two oldest children and all of my extended family are on a different continent, and I honestly don’t foresee international travel being possible for us this summer. When borders closed so quickly in March, I don’t want to get caught away from home if there’s a second wave. So I guess the answer is, when I’m comfortable that my current country will let me come back home if I leave.
  11. Some friends of mine and I need some fresh ideas for hanging out together online right now. This is a group of about 15 women in 5 different time zones, and several of us don’t have great internet. Mostly we’ve just been getting together to chat so far. One woman is going to do origami next time, and one might do a yoga or meditation session. We’re open to games, projects, exercise, whatever. Any suggestions of what works over something like zoom?
  12. I haven’t flown, but I’ve had a lot of friends fly internationally and domestically recently. Some airports have more things open than others. Atlanta and Dallas are better than Dulles, for example. Don’t expect any food at all on the flights. Definitely bring food for the entire trip, and plan for delays. Almost all of my friends have dealt with cancelled domestic flights and having to overnight at their layover city. There are hotels open next to airports, and takeout/delivery available near the airports in all the places I’ve heard of. You won’t starve if you don’t bring plenty of food, but you’ll need something. Nearly all of my friends have wished for more food as they’re flying with kids.
  13. Amira

    Would you

    There were lots of rumors floating around about an all-day curfew on Sunday and Monday, because of Easter and Sham al-Nessim. But they decided that Sunday will be normal and that Monday will be like the weekend, with the addition of public transit being closed. No one knows yet what they’ll announce at the end of the week regarding schools, airports, and Ramadan. My friends made 1089 masks in 7 working days. They had only ever sewn little girl dresses before that.
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