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  1. Actually, a nice set of books sounds like a lovely idea to me. 🙂
  2. I came home to this news earlier this afternoon, after watching Palm Sunday celebrations in a country that has had its own Palm Sunday bombings in the past. So many people killed.
  3. Amira

    He is risen!

    Truly, he is risen! Happy Easter! It’s Palm Sunday where I live, so Holy Week is just beginning. The churches were being prepared yesterday after services for Lazarus Saturday.
  4. Yes, the headline is misleading. It was in a guard’s room attached to the Marwani Mosque/prayer area (the old “Solomon’s Stables” before 1996) which is under the main platform of the Holy Mount/Haram al-Sharif. Neither al-Aqsa nor the Dome of the Rock were ever in any danger from this fire.
  5. Tonight we had noodles with gochujang, tofu, and vegetables Monday- garbanzo beans and fried halloumi with tomato cucumber pomegranate salad Tuesday- chicken with ferik and leftover cucumber pomegranate salad Wednesday- fish. Ds usually makes some kind of lemon sauce and makes sautéed peppers and rice to go with it. Thursday- khachapuri I only ever get as far as Thursday because we have a Friday/Saturday weekend.
  6. We usually don’t watch any sessions live, since they’re both on school nights for us, but we did listen to the first session just now.
  7. Yeah, most of these are worst-case scenarios. And since the State Department has to deal with US citizens getting themselves into all sorts of stupid situations, sometimes they warn about everything. US citizens can be incredibly naive when they travel. It’s interesting to see what travelers are warned about when they’re going to the US. Expensive healthcare is a major one, since some travelers don’t realize how expensive even a relatively simple medical problem can be to treat in the US without adequate health insurance. There are often warnings about guns. Public nudity also gets mentioned for European travelers.
  8. I live in one of the biggest cities in the world, and Uber is a lifesaver. It’s really inexpensive here (a 20-minute ride is less than US$2, not including the discounts they’re always applying to my account), but even more, it’s really nice to not have to find parking in this city. Uber drivers are slightly more likely to have functional seatbelts in their cars too. And there’s no negotiating about the fare, like there is in taxis where they never want to use the meter. I use Uber all the time. Before I moved here, I’d used it maybe twice in my life, even though I’d been in cities where it was available.
  9. Yes, and that’s what my blog is still attached to. I’m surprised someone remembered!
  10. I do if I have leftovers I want out of the fridge. That involves putting the container of food in a plastic bag and hanging it on the doorknob. It’s super cheap to buy lunch where we live so I don’t really care if he buys a lunch or takes something from home.
  11. Yeah, I would be interested. Most of my religious reading isn’t LDS-oriented anyway so I’d probably fit in. 🙂
  12. Thanks for the book suggestion. It sounds interesting.
  13. Thanks, everyone! I’m always curious how other denominations interpret things, and why. This was really helpful.
  14. I’ve always been taught that Jesus came to teach and minister to Jews/the House of Israel, and that the gospel went to the gentiles after Jesus’ death. However, I’m not really convinced that’s what the New Testament says. Matthew certainly does, but Mark, Luke, and John don’t. In fact, they specifically contradict that idea with Jesus staying with the Samaritans for two days in John 4 and many people believing him (contrary to the instructions Matthew gives in 10:5 for the Twelve to not even enter a Samaritan town) and Jesus frequently traveling through gentile areas, teaching and healing. Acts does seem to promote this idea with Cornelius in chapter 11, but even that requires you to ignore that a gentile was baptized in chapter 8. One of the places Matthew clearly states this idea is in 15:24, but the earlier Mark parallel in 7:27 isn’t entirely obvious, although I can see why someone would argue that Mark here (but only here, from what I can see), promotes this idea. So, two questions. 1. Have you been taught that Jesus went only to Jews/the House of Israel? 2. If so, what is the evidence for that, outside the gospel of Matthew? I’m not as familiar with the epistles so there might be something there. It’s time for bed in my time zone, so I won’t be around till morning, but I’m really curious to read anyone’s thoughts about this.
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