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  1. A mastectomy was best gift we gave our transgender ftm child. Unfortunately he inherited my large breasts, which caused him discomfort both mentally and physically. Until his mastectomy, he bound his breasts which often caused soreness and irritation. His mental health was much improved by the mastectomy. I have had breast cancer too but my situation was not comparable to his even though I chose to keep my original breasts.
  2. I have a transgender (ftm) son in his early 30s. Fortunately as child, I briefly knew a girl who would have been diagnosed today as transgender. Thus, early on by preschooler age, I recognized some subtle and more blatant clues in my son. When I would attempt to explain to other mothers, they would blow it off as "being a tomboy" which it clearly was NOT. I stopped discussing the matter with people. Reading posts on this board about trans people is what drove me away for a number of years. I am encouraged by the acceptance and compassion that many extend to people these days who identify
  3. As a lifelong atheist, I believe that deities, after lives, future systems of rewards and punishments, heavens and hells do not exist. Have seen no objectively verifiable evidence for existence of hell. If the purpose of teaching that a hell exists is to persuade humankind to suppress base instincts to further develop a genteel population, then it is an abject failure.
  4. While I do live in South, I have never eaten grits except for a few years ago when I took a bite thinking they were mashed potatoes. I do, however, like pineapple on pizza.
  5. Prickly friends tend to remain prickly throughout their lives. Perhaps you can discuss only neutral topics such was weather, pets, hobbies, etc. Personally I have distanced myself from such people because I eventually grew weary of having to tiptoe and apologize for truly innocent comments that they misinterpreted even after explanation. Additionally I felt I was being manipulated in effort to make me grovel after genuine apology. Fortunately there have only been few people in my life with these qualities.
  6. I am curious if the state of SC is preparing the argument "he/she chose it" to ward off any litigation about execution method being unjust. Seems to be an unnecessary law because states typically already allow for a variety of ways to kill prisoners. Part of me thinks it is a rub-in-your-face cruel law that certain states are notorious for. All that aside, if I could not manage to commit suicide in my cell, I would most definitely select firing squad over any other method, including lethal injection.
  7. Now that children are adults, I have reverted back to driving manual shift small cars. However, I did buy automatic Mini Cooper because that was what was available at the time.
  8. I polled as no side effects from either first or second dose. However, I do not consider a sore arm as a "side effect." If a needle is stuck into arm, I expect mild to significant soreness.
  9. You may be reading too much into it if you think she is oversharing or seeking attention. It is very possible that she is posting in support of a friend going through a difficult breakup. Why would you have to leave facebook because of something your daughter in law posts? She should not have that much power over you. You can snooze her for 30 days or unfollow her.
  10. I took both rounds of the Pfizer vaccine with no side effects except for bruising, which is due to fact that my platelet count sometimes drops below 50,000 because of ongoing disease process. I do not count soreness of arm as a side effect since I expect that quick jab with needle will result in minor temporary soreness. During my vaxes, I was working around 75-85 hours a week because of our busy season.
  11. I know several people who *think* they had covid before covid was a thing. As for whether they truly had covid, I have no idea.
  12. We inherited care of my husband's intellectually disabled brother who had lived with mother until she unexpectedly developed septicemia during routine surgery and died. It was rough first few years when we tried to involve the other five siblings to care for him part of year and frankly the constant change would not have been good for him. We had to let go of resentment over other siblings not helping out. Thus, he stayed with us, and eventually we found a good placement for him in agency-supervised living with a roommate. He is an integral part of our nuclear family as he is over at our h
  13. Do not give them unsolicited advice or make comments about them being "woke." In fact, if they do ask for advice, you may say," You have a good strong mind, and I'm sure you will come with a reasonable solution to your problem." Their behavior does not strike me as uncommon for their age group. Do not expect them to return texts or calls promptly. Even if you consider their responses to the situation as hysterical, would you truly want someone else telling you how should feel about a situation or judging your response to be hysterical? Acknowledge that the situation must be stressful for t
  14. Has daughter been screened for ADD? My son, who was disgustingly messy, was diagnosed and medicated for ADD at age 31. Now his apartment is neat and tidy and stays that way. It can indeed make a world of difference. As for how I handled it when he lived at home, I wanted to be happy, so I had to let it go. However, I insisted he keep his bedroom door closed, not bring his messiness into common living areas and not do anything that would permanently devalue my property.
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