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  1. Years ago my elderly cat developed a drooling issue. Vet was insistent that she had an electrical or caustic agent burn in her mouth. Treatment did not help. When she went back for followup, he had biopsy done. It was oral cancer. We had vet come to house couple weeks after that to put her down.
  2. I would try to persuade her and the children to move in with me, and then we could work together on a long term plan for her to become self-sufficient to extent possible. Not a proponent of tough love except in very limited situations such as serious addiction issues.
  3. Yes. I dress for my own comfort and assume others do same. I absolutely positively do not care if swimmers are scantily clad in bikinis, speedos, or ultra modest 1920s style swimwear or nude at clothing-optional beaches.
  4. Yep. If steroids helped the president so much, why are they not available to everyone who has tested positive for covid regardless of how ill they are deemed to be? My son was sent home with instructions to call 911 if he was struggling to breathe. He suffered alone for over three weeks not to mention the post covid fatigue. Isn't Christie also diabetic?
  5. I do not recall ever having abandoned cart in parking lot. However, if I were facing the original poster's situation, I would abandon cart in a heartbeat.
  6. I was born atheist and have remained atheist, so that obviously colors my response. The big bang theory or similar theories seem far more credible to me than an invisible all knowing deity creating universe. Young earth creationism is, well, let's just leave it at prior to homeschooling, I assumed young earth believers were on fringe similar to flat earthers.
  7. My son works nights in a building within a couple blocks of protests. The supervisor sent them home early a couple nights when explosives (flash bangs?) rattled windows. Other than that, it has had no impact on his daily routine.
  8. Happened few years ago to a lovely, kind you lady I work with. She married the man that did it. I was concerned but other co-workers who knew her better said she seemed happy. I hope it works out for her; they have one baby and are expecting their second. Sadly she works remotely now that she moved back to their small town her beau did not wish to leave.
  9. Would not bother me at all. Doubt I would take a second look.
  10. I had breast cancer in 2017 and am considered high risk for recurrence. Tumor was grade 3; also had strong family history of breast cancer but no BRCA mutations. During my semiannual March 2020 diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, four questionable areas were located. My MRI was the following week followed by a second diagnostic mammo and ultrasound which failed to provide a definitive diagnosis. The next week I was scheduled for MRI-aided biopsy. Fortunately everything came out okay. It seems that the decision whether to hold off on testing and other procedures during Covid is made
  11. Almost any song by Townes Van Zandt. He was once asked why he did not write some happy songs. He replied that those were his happy songs.
  12. Is it possible you told ex mother in law about your son's marriage because you are more comfortable with his being married than living with a woman? Maybe ex-mil had intent to manipulate you into sharing news re marriage. Instead of giving *any* personal details about someone else to a known mean-spirited troublemaker, why not de-fang with, "Oh, it's been a while since I've seen him/her" or "he/she is doing well as far as I know."
  13. I had a relative who has tendency toward similar gifting behavior. Told her I wanted fresh flowers. It constitutes a gift, and they will die on their own in week or so. I made the flowers decision after years of her monitoring whether and how much I used the gifts she bought.
  14. The IRS updated instructions a few days ago for how to return a payment you are not due. https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payment-information-center See question 54 on the webpage.
  15. No, you are not the only one. I allegedly have a significantly compromised immune system and I guess I am technically elderly , yet still I do not catch other people's bugs . On the few occasions that I do contract something, it is a much milder version. I wash my hands less than what CDC recommends. Never wore mask even when my oncologist recommended it. Coronavirus has made its way to my state. At work a shot nurse administers annual flu vaccines which I did start taking couple years ago at urging of oncologist. I doubt I have ever had the flu. Apparently my immune system is adept at
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