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  1. Just eat the pasta sauce by itself with a healthy side. Of course, this is not an option for lasagne. I have tried spiraled vegetables and many brands of protein pasta products, only to be disappointed in all of them as pasta substitutes.
  2. Typically I do not think of songs as having genders. Reminds me of the Bruce Springsteen and Woody Guthrie songs/poems about struggles faced by lower working class. Always liked her music.
  3. I think we can safely assume that most board members know that, statistically speaking, pregnant women are more likely to be murdered or abused by partners than non-pregnant women are. To simply consider possible alternative explanations doesn’t equate to bizarre possibilities or to trolling. I have not seen anyone here claim that he was innocent. Instead, they want to learn if there is any merit to recently announced evidence because they know that convictions in highly emotional and circumstantial cases tend to be the cases that result in wrongful convictions.
  4. It is not uncommon for scoundrels to claim wife has died to garner sympathy in hopes of getting sex from new woman. When my sister divorced, her former beau who was a university professor in another state, told her his wife had died. A quick google search showed that she was alive and well and working as professor at same university. Friends and acquaintances have had same or similar experiences in online dating. If Peterson is not guilty, he is one of the unluckiest people alive.
  5. I have had problems falling asleep my whole life. My doctor prescribed Trazadone for sleep. My body couldn’t tolerate the nausea and vomiting it caused. Ambien didn’t help me either. Decades ago I decided to treat my insomnia by getting up for day if I could not fall back to sleep in 1 1/2 hours and start my day even if that meant arriving at work at 4 am. Usually the next night I could get a decent night’s sleep. This freed me of anxiety about insufficient sleep. I never got sleepy easily like normal people do. After the fails at rx meds, I reverted back to way had previously dealt with insomnia.
  6. What changes to Lume deodorant advertisement would make people comfortable with ad? Saying “between buttocks “ or “anus?” Not sure how one could describe the product without specifically stating that it can be used anywhere including butt.
  7. We don’t kill beetles either, but I would have offered to relocate it for you.
  8. I took two doses, both of which made me vomit. Discontinued using. Tested positive for three weeks. Husband able to tolerate paxlovid. He got a negative test result in less than two weeks.
  9. When the child wants to attend funeral is when he should. Of course, talk with him about what to expect and how to conduct himself.
  10. Yes, I have had anchovies in pizza, but my preference is vegetables-only pizza.
  11. We never had tradition of giving Christmas themed pajamas. We tend not to buy items meant for certain occasions in favor of multi use items. Nowadays since kids are grown, we do a very scaled down Christmas with no gifts except one or two small items in stockings. I don’t miss all the manual labor associated with big celebrations. Prefer to have plenty of time for conversation, going places and watching movies together.
  12. I think I will find I am outlier here because I find it considerably weird to message a total stranger even if they are a classmate and even weirder to question her very ordinary reply to you I suppose I am in some ways a product of my time. I think you were spot on re unpacking your baggage to determine why her response resulted in visceral reaction from you. Being rational and reserved to almost a fault, I dot not use terms of endearment but choose to not be bothered by them unless used as a weapon.
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