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  1. No, you are not the only one. I allegedly have a significantly compromised immune system and I guess I am technically elderly , yet still I do not catch other people's bugs . On the few occasions that I do contract something, it is a much milder version. I wash my hands less than what CDC recommends. Never wore mask even when my oncologist recommended it. Coronavirus has made its way to my state. At work a shot nurse administers annual flu vaccines which I did start taking couple years ago at urging of oncologist. I doubt I have ever had the flu. Apparently my immune system is adept at fending off viruses, but not so much the bigger scarier diseases.
  2. I understand wearing name tags at something like a conference or seminar but not for something that people would attend weekly in same setting.
  3. My immune system is compromised from liver disease cancer treatment. I would have no problem eating either pizza or salad. Oddly lucky in that I still either do not catch others' viruses, or, if I do, it is a much milder barely-there version. Eventually my luck will run out.
  4. I would let it go. Focus on your other friendships or develop new ones.
  5. For purposes of my reply, I am assuming that lease or purchase contract stipulated it was a 55+ community, and grandparents agreed to those terms and conditions. No, I do not blame the HOA. In fact, giving them five or six months to work out a solution is pretty generous on HOA's part. No, the grandson should not be allowed to stay if residents vote. If ALL residents agree to changing the terms and conditions permanently, that is a different matter. If they agree to that, I would wonder why they sought out a senior community. Based upon information provided, the grandparents have no standing to sue HOA nor should they be due a refund of HOA fees. Should we prohibit HOAs and segregated communities? Neither are my cup of tea. I prefer diverse neighborhoods where people maintain their property to reasonable standards without oversight of HOAs. However, I do believe that people who purchase homes in a seniors only community have reasonable expectation that all full time residents are indeed seniors.
  6. Since you wish to respond in spite of not feeling emotionally safe, how about something like, "Oh, how wonderful all of you will be in Boston. That is only a couple hours from me. Would you like to get together in ________ (Boston or Maine) on _______ (date)? If that does not work for you, we are open to other times and places." I would not tell your son if and until times and dates have been confirmed. It is kind of you to reach out to them, and I sincerely hope that they recognize your effort.
  7. Two of my three children changed their middle names. Eldest, who is a transgendered ftm, changed his feminine middle name (my mother's first name) to his father's first name. Fortunately eldest child's first name was unisex, so no change needed there. The youngest changed her middle name from deceased paternal grandmother's maiden name to deceased paternal grandmother's lovely first name. She reminded me that a few years ago I had said I would pay for a name change once to be fair since had paid for eldest sibling name change. I paid the court fees for both name changes. Does not bother me one iota. I consider it a basic right to call someone whatever name they wish to use.
  8. I have never followed the People of Walmart or other sites/pages whose main attraction is to ridicule people whose circumstances they know nothing about. It reminds me of a cyber version of slam book. Recently joined a discussion group for a certain reality tv show. Now I am truly concerned for the future of humanity because their cruelty, ignorance and bigotry is proudly displayed. I complained to a mod when someone posted photos comparing a gorilla to one of the cast members, who was a person of color. Mod's response was that it was in poor taste but not against the rules because the poster was only claiming that the cast member "looked like a gorilla." Uh, yeah, that was my point. I left group.
  9. Yes, it was done under local anesthesia in doctor's office.
  10. My husband's lipoma was on his back. It had grown to about the size and dimensions of a McDonald's regular size hamburger. Was removed in dermatologist's office.
  11. The dog's plate was in addition to her own leftovers plate. Indeed she herself will eat only the turkey breast.
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