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  1. Just remember no matter what you can’t please everyone. Someone will still be asking for something else. i have this issue with stuff I run. I use email, text messages including WhatsApp, and Facebook. Still I have people who don’t bother to read emails or text, and don’t do Facebook. So my advice is choose the platform that works for the most. I still send emails with the details especially since Facebook has issues. Google classroom is great but same issue if they don’t bother to read the emails. Good luck.
  2. There is an new thing on the market that is really engineered granite. Not the same as regular granite and you have to be careful with it. Apparently, it transfers colors and doesn’t take the hot stuff. From what I understand it is marketed as a cheaper granite. May granite has had a red paper left wet on it and nothing stains it. I reseal about every couple of years, put hot stuff on it and nothing.
  3. It is fantastic for healing wounds both animal and human. It is expensive I can’t imagine using it for eating.
  4. Personally, I tend to buy older flatware from yard sales as I am not impressed by the current ones. They bend way too easy and I had butter knives break spreading soft butter. Thrift shops and goodwill are good places to check. I try to not buy from China and try to support local. But out of all I have to worry about, this is not something I would think too hard on. Coming from a crunchy person.
  5. Once nice and clean again, I highly recommend spraying them with Never Wet by rust-oleum or fabric guard by 303. Both are great stuff.
  6. There is a nasty cold going around here that the first few days feel similar to the flu. It sucks. We picked it up at the doctor’s office. No fever here, we missed that.
  7. Carriers are very personal in preference. Is there a baby store near you that she could try on a few? A bouncy seat was a life saver. One of my kids HATED the carrier, the car seat but loved that bouncy seat. Those thin muslin blankets are great. They take up no room and are very useful. And this is a little early but it is close out time for this stuff in stores, a gardening pad for the knees. I could bath the kids when they were a bit older without killing my knees. I loved my bath sling seat thing. It fit in the kitchen sink so it made it so easy to bath the baby. And it took up very little room.
  8. Lol Makes me want to run and shout “ Chicken, turkey and pheasant” through the place.
  9. There is a place here that you have to sign a contract to become a member of. One line says- no fowl language is to be used.
  10. Go ahead and message. It is ok to message and ask especially with this being the first day. That doesn’t make you that mom.
  11. At 12, a gift card or cash works best. My youngest was not into colorful wrapped presents at that age. If you really feel the need to wrap something, attach the gift card or cash to a box of candy or chips.
  12. My 17 and 13 year old still enjoy it and ask to go back.
  13. We have been quite a few times. We love it. Magiquest- my kids really enjoyed it. The ropes course here is fun. We buy the refillable cup. It is good for icees and soda. They also let use reuse the cups on your next trip. I bring a small hanging drying rack to hang the swimsuits. Goggles are awesome for dealing with chlorine. We find the food ok. Ask the front desk for menus from local places that deliver to there. Ours had a stack to choose from. We bring stuff for lunch and snacks. Your room has a fridge and a small sink along with the bathroom.
  14. One of mine always sprays it everywhere. The vet says it happens and doesn’t make him do it again.
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