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  1. I grow a large amount in grow bags and planters outside. It feeds us and the animals. Is there a slightly shaded area in your yard that you could grow it in? That would be able to give you a chance at growing a good amount.
  2. This is DS’s favorite holiday. I told him that since he didn’t have a celebration for his birthday, we could do a Halloween party. Both my kids have costumes planned. I think here, people will do small get togethers if it is cancelled.
  3. No I would not. If they were really quarantined for those two weeks ( not leaving the house, not having people come over, etc), then no I would not.
  4. They will come back if it is not released a few miles away. Even over the stream.
  5. We have a lucid folding mattress sofa that DH takes camping. He loves it and it is very comfortable. I got it off amazon. It folds up into a sofa during the day and you unfold it into the bed.
  6. MASH Golden Girls Emergency Roseanne The Big Bang Theory The Nanny Little House on the Prairie
  7. Lettuce in the big pots out in the sun are about done for the season. The ones in the shade, I can make go longer. So now to replant extra peppers in those pots. The blueberries are doing well and will be ready to harvest soon.
  8. The good brand is called Spit. That works fantastic and you will not forget the name.
  9. He can post a picture of the suspected rooster on 5 Acre living on Facebook. The people on it are really good and full of information. But some hens can be just as bossy as a rooster.
  10. If you refuse, some companies will not refund and you will have to do a credit dispute with your card. If I were you, I would open one bar from each pack and check. They might be fine. People are not always honest or just mistaken. Some could have bad bars or some could not tell the difference between a blueberry in a baked good and mold.
  11. You might want to go look at that store and see what they have. I have Sams and Costco. Each store is different and doesnt always carry the same stuff. Even my Costco is a bit different from other Costco’s as it caters to the area more and I can’t find the some things it sells in other Costco’s.
  12. I have both types of frames to wear when I don’t have my contacts in. My biggest 2 issues with the plastic one are- they feel heavier to me on my face. I get the thinnest lenses possible due to my prescription but I swear they are heavier than the wire. And if you sweat a lot, they are not as nice as the wire ones.
  13. Benjamin Moore or sherwin Williams. Both have held up well on our doors.
  14. Her DH remembers doing it when he was a child. I was asked to chicken sit one day and to bring out the frozen water blueberry pan. The words were be careful when feeding this to the chickens. I thought it meant don’t drop the pan on your foot or something but those chickens seeing that pan came on like a full out attack. They were on it before I put the pan completely down. I am convinced that the memory her DH has of this must be a trauma based one. Lol
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