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  1. itsheresomewhere

    Treadmill recommendations, please

    I could swear someone on here had a treadmill that was made for arthritic joints/had extra padding. If that was you, please tell the brand of your treadmill. If you have a treadmill you love and recommend, tell me about it.
  2. itsheresomewhere

    Mammagram vs Thermagram

    FYI- more people without a history are finding out they have breast cancer. Don’t rule out having one based on no family history of it.
  3. itsheresomewhere

    How can turnips be made to taste less bitter?

    I like mixing them with mashed sweet potatoes or regular potatoes. Cook both your preferred why and mash together.
  4. For it. And I would like to hope that this would allow someone who is picking up supplies, would get comfortable enough with the nurse to ask any questions they have.
  5. itsheresomewhere

    withdrawing daughter from high school tomorrow

    She is high school age and angry. I am betting if mom said “let’s go to the museum”, the kid if forced was to go would make it a regrettable time. Instead stay home that week and watch movies, order in from one of her favorite places for lunch, etc. Give each other down time to process. Hopefully, by the end of the week you both can talk about what the school year would look like, what she wants to learn and her goals. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer but be prepare that she may not be happy with this for awhile and your relationship might not be what you envision. And at the end of the year if this has made your relationship worse, perhaps look at other options for the next year.
  6. itsheresomewhere

    Asking for exceptions

    I don’t mind asking for exceptions for certain things. I think what your DD did was fine.
  7. itsheresomewhere

    Spices without politics?

    Savory spice ( great customer service if you have questions or a problem with an order. Other places could learn from them) The spice house The spice and tea exchange
  8. itsheresomewhere

    Question for blog readers

    Honest reviews. If everything you review is all positive, I stop reading. Give a complete honest review on things. If it is crap just say it is. If it is the bees knees, say it. Clean photographs and easy to read topics. Fancy writing one shade off the background is hard on the eyes.
  9. itsheresomewhere

    Fun story for the weekend

    Thank you! One of them is rocking a mullet wig.
  10. itsheresomewhere

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    We do that type of drive a few times a year. Our goal is not to stop for the night until we are over half the miles to our destination. I let the kids stay up late the night before and load them in the car in their pjs. Have a bag in the car with a quick change of regular clothes. Pack a small cooler with snacks and drinks they like but don’t usually get. When they were little, I packed a small bag with dollar store type toys and drawing supplies.
  11. itsheresomewhere

    Fun story for the weekend

    This sounds like so much fun. The outfits for skiing- we need pictures. Lol
  12. All the stuff you mentioned in the down for public happens more than you think in private. And in some cases, it is worse in private school( especially if it is the most effluent one in the area). It has been a bit since your other kids were in the classes in the private, right? Things change and it could not be the great classes your older kids had. Before making a decision could you have DS do a shadow day? That could give you both a feel for what it is now.
  13. itsheresomewhere

    Question for pool owners

    Floating alone time is highly unrated. My rule is that a phone must be out near the pool. Seconds matter when something happens.
  14. itsheresomewhere

    Gymboree is closing

    Not surprised. Their last attempt at restructuring was a bad idea from the drawing board.
  15. itsheresomewhere

    What do you serve soup in?

    Out of the instant pot into a bowl.
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