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  1. I like beeswax ones the best. Trader Joe’s sells one that wasn’t too bad with the soot. But I admit I have been using my lumenria candles more. They are the best thing I have found that resemble a regular candle’s light.
  2. Apparently, according to other news the man lives in japan not in PA. He was originally from pa. Great reporting abc news .
  3. I assume she has had a recent complete bloodwork up. If not, I would get one.
  4. Same here. We had one recently who just couldn’t miss the party but had a fever up to an hour before. That poor kid looked miserable.
  5. In my area, homeschoolers are the worst with it. And when a parent actually admits that they stayed home from something because they were feeling like they were getting sick or had a cold, they are mocked.
  6. My Target was very low (as in three bottles) of hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. I use it for cleaning especially the rabbit and guinea pig habitats. But plenty of pain relievers and toilet paper.
  7. I deal with some every week who have this attitude. They were baffled recently when we had a child vomit everywhere that I wouldn’t just use lavender oil to clean it up. And currently, they believe that this is a massive plan by the government to force vaccines on everyone.
  8. I am not sure if they have changed hands but I was very unhappy with my last purchases from them. Like new jeans for me we’re not like new. Very worn and stained. Several of my items were like that.
  9. I think it really depends on your area. Marshall’s and Burlington here are pricey for what average quality ( if you can find anything). OUAC is pricey and goes up to size 16. Not the best quality but what about Old Navy or Kohl’s? The sales and with coupons, you could go far. DD needed a white polo for something and with coupons from Kohl’s, the adult small was 4.00.
  10. Here I noticed that paper towels prices went up. Almost 10 dollars more in one warehouse store. We mainly use rags but I like to keep paper towels in the house for the nasty clean ups.
  11. I also use B-healthy. It has made a huge difference in how I feel. DD also takes it and we have seen how much it has helped with her.
  12. We use the liquid D by now. My kids and I have a gene mutation that makes it hard on our bodies to get enough D. For us, the liquid has made a huge difference as we just can’t get our levels up with pills.
  13. I have the instant pot brand crockpot. I really like it. The liner is stainless steel liner.
  14. Just suggesting a place to visit- The Morgan Library and Museum. You may want to have his library in your home.
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