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  1. Lately, my go to side dish that travels fine is the mix it yourself spinach salad at Costco. It tastes great and has been a hit. Otherwise- rolls, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes travel well.
  2. Come on over. We love bread, meat, dairy and still use sugar. Lol.
  3. Glad they are making it right. We have Eureka crate and love it. We had tinker crate and enjoyed it but DD wanted to get something different.
  4. Perhaps make Thanksgiving a pajama and movie day with everyone’s favorite snacks/foods. Watch Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special or the parade if you want to add a thanksgiving show/program.
  5. You can ask your regular doctor or the psychiatrist/psychologist can order it. There are a few places who do this testing. This has turned the corner for my niece with treating her depression and anxiety. Not all know this exists but they should.
  6. Regular doctor and get a neurologist set up. Some of it reminds me of absence seizures. And I would highly recommend the genetic testing for meds for depression and anxiety before going back on meds.
  7. Besides sandwiches and soup, our favorites are- turkey a la king, turkey casserole, turkey pot pie and smothered turkey served over baked potatoes. I buy one turkey or two before thanksgiving and then buy a few for the freezer the day after thanksgiving. I can normally pick them up really cheap then.
  8. You could upgrade and get a toaster oven/air fryer/small counter top convection combo.
  9. I have made- chicken strips, fries ( both frozen and homemade), brownies, fresh fish, scalloped potatoes, too many different appetizers to list, cookies, pizza ( frozen and fresh), baked potatoes and a ton of other stuff. I hate heating up my kitchen during the summer so this is a great way for me to cook without heating the house.
  10. It was not breaded. Just seasoned and wrapped in foil. You can do a lot in it. I made brownies in mine. They come out a little more dense, fudge like.
  11. The new machines are not noisy at all. I barely notice DH’s. His old one was much louder. They come with the option of a humidifier so it is not drying.
  12. Ours are frozen and it works similar to the oven but less time and they come out like out of the fryer. And I have fresh fish and it came out very nice.
  13. I bought one a few months ago by Instant Pot. We really like it. My plan for it was to help my DS become more comfortable making a meal. Hands down it makes the best fries. This one bakes, has a reheat feature and a rotisserie.
  14. Same here. I swear the commercials are on more lately and it keeps peaking my interest.
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