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  1. I will stick up for the 18 year old. A friend’s daughter could it cook at all ( burned water, microwave dinners and all) until she was 20 and something just clicked. Meal planning and showing her repeatedly was just over her head at the time. Now she is a fantastic cook. I can see if she had the added stress of cooking for her family making it worse.
  2. Will she wear the alarm? One suggestion that might work is an Apple Watch and/or using Amazon alexas in each room. Newest Apple Watch has fall detection and she can call out for Alexa to call for help ( or call you if they are stubborn and you can figure out if calling for more help is needed). These devices are slightly more accepted than wearing the alert system.
  3. In the US and this is what is having to happen now for a close relative. Unfortunately, it has taken multiple hospitalizations for anyone ( not family) to help us.
  4. Depending on where you live if they are out yet- Costco has these wonderful capris with deep pockets by 32 degrees. Very nice, breathable and not see thru. Don’t worry about being too white white. Wear the shorts if you want as there will be others doing the same. It is Disney after all.
  5. All of us have been to the dentist a few times and will be back again next week. For us- I had to check and see if they were doing that ridiculous mouth wash crap some dentists are doing ( I am highly allergic to some). Fortunately, both the kids dentist and mine use science and don’t do this. Otherwise, you call when you arrive and they call you when to come in. Both offices were always extremely clean before Covid so I didn’t even need to worry about that. Plus, the kids dentist had very nice air cleaning systems before Covid as he sees a lot of medically fragile kids. For thos
  6. I have a single sheer curtain over each window. I want the windows open and the light but not the nosy neighbor peaking/peering in. I have a valance on the top of most of the windows to add a bit of depth. Both look nice together.
  7. In my area- they are either anti-everything or we need proof of every vaccine/medical/ and whatever else you can think of ( this group was my first type of homeschool group I encountered and it really turned my opinions of groups down). We do have a few that are a mix of anti vax/medical choice.
  8. Huge fan of burts bees for dogs. I use it for all my dogs and now use it for grooming some dogs who have allergies. Light smell so it doesn’t bother my allergies either.
  9. In a forum I am on for a connective tissue disorder, it is recognized in Europe how they go together. It is mainly a European group but how most of them had a CCD and on the spectrum was interesting. And it is mentions quite a bit among their doctors how it they go together. It was a fascinating read.
  10. If you have a grill- you can bake on it. You can do a large cookie in a pan in the instant pot. They come out a soft, chewy bar type. Very good and rich. I use a spring foam pan. You can bake in a crock pot.
  11. Only 5 miles today. I am just tired. A good night’s sleep will fix it.
  12. I have used most of those you listed and like them. My current favorite that is awesome with hard water stains, scum and general what is that is -Lemi shine products. It is not a strong scent so not to bother allergies and it works.
  13. I have a tile kitchen and the rest of the house is hard wood flooring. It flows well and doesn’t look odd. Part of me would like to have wood looking tile in the kitchen but it is fine as is and I don’t see a need to remove it and replace it.
  14. I wonder if that is code for stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot that sells paint. Perhaps, it was just too long to write home improvement stores in the line. Lol
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