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  1. Personally, I like a thick one as the thin ones aggravate my feet and joint issues.
  2. Game warden. Actually, a very interesting job that doesn’t seem like it. They do more that most people think.
  3. It works okay on long hair. But honestly, it is not much better than a regular broom. But the squeegee part is excellent for directing 2 unopened gallons of dropped milk. Lol
  4. Shark duo clean. That new brush they have is awesome with hair that is past my butt.
  5. Perhaps, your friend might need to look at the wrightslaw website so she can advocate for her the child to get the education he deserves. Homeschooling a ASD child is very intensive ( been doing it for years). And with the social issues that ASD children have, he might have more with being alone and with an iPad. In my opinion/experience, most materials that are free and cheap will need to be modified a bit to fit the learning needs of a child with ASD.
  6. I received a few emails from them about them closing. Out of all the companies that have shut down recently, I thought they did very well with the communication about closing and getting your stuff. Sorry about your stuff.
  7. No issues here. But I don’t do chat feature for any company this as I find the people doing the chat feature are not really caring/paying attention/reading comprehension. A phone call tends to yield much better service for these types of issues. They probably were thinking you bent the frame and why should they fix it do to not really listening.
  8. I have used both for prescriptions. Good service from both. Lately, Chewy has been having some better prices on a few things but only by a dollar or two.
  9. My kids and I do it by word of mouth. I don’t care for rover and won’t put an ad on it. We do mostly small animals along with dogs and cats. For the ones that have me go to their house, flat fee but I also normally get in the mail for them. I have some that come to my house and I charge a little less for it. Not all do this but I give medications/injections ( usually insulin) as I have been trained and am very comfortable doing this.
  10. Have daddy learn the hand motions to baby shark. So when he sings and does the hand motions, the eye rolling and sighs are spectacular. Lol
  11. Take that bonus. I hope he never has the urge to write his name on a cabinet again.
  12. So good thing being a criminal is not in his future. Lol I assume he will make that cabinet sparkle.
  13. Our ped will see DS until he is 22. Now I find the specialists are very unbending with rules. I have started calling for normal specialist ( adding more now) as once they hit 16, they won’t take a new one or will see once and move us to one that is not pediatric.
  14. When my kids are not making wise choices, they might be subjected to my spectacular singing ( purposely off key). The song of choice right now is Baby Shark. And if you do it with the windows down, the teens get the message quick. Any chance your DH would love to join in with the singing? A duet a few times might be all you need.
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