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  1. Same use for both. Both were treated with a stain resistant.
  2. I am not short but sit the same way most of the time.
  3. We had a cream chair until recently. That chair hardly ever showed anything. Same type of fabric as the couch. The couch is really the only one in the room that attracts everything.
  4. Just an FYI about that color greige- that is my couch color by accident ( they delivered the wrong color and then gave a huge discount if I kept it). I absolutely will never own another anything in this color. I swear it shows every hair, lint, dust, etc no matter what. It is microfiber which I think adds to it collecting anything in the air. My SIL had the same thing with hers and got rid of it after a few years.
  5. Make sure his shoes are not rubbing/too small. Not all teens notice these things.
  6. 8 miles, another arm workout. And if I have any energy left later, I will do some stretching.
  7. I love Richard Simmons. He just makes things fun.
  8. We have the ring. I love it. I haven’t had any problems with the cameras not recording. You set it how you want it. The video quality is very good. I view it through the app.
  9. How old is it? It could be as simple as the water pump needs a clean out or you need a new one. That could be anywhere from 50-160 depending on the model. I did one not too long ago and it was very easy.
  10. 40 minute walk today and a weighted bar workout.
  11. This. Between animal and people injuries, it is not worth it.
  12. The biggest problem you will have is getting them to wear it. From experience, they will leave it on the dresser, why would I need that, it is annoying that you bought me this and every other excuse you could come up with. We have had more luck with a cell phone being kept in a pocket. A friend had better luck with her dad wearing an Apple Watch so he could call for help but not look “old” ( his words) wearing it.
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