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  1. You need that one small spice that you rarely use for a meal this week. One kid needs new underwear/shoes and mentioned it once a few weeks ago when you were half asleep. You needed to return that item that was written on that tiny slip of paper you wrote and shoved into your pocket. Buy Easter candy before all the good stuff is gone.
  2. Brazilian cheese bread rolls. Hands down some of the best gluten free bread I have had. Even the picky one here eats it. Most of the recipes online for it are the same. We got hooked on it at a friend’s house who is gluten free. It tends to go well with most things.
  3. We don’t have chores or pay an allowance. Instead, everyone is expected to help around here. Doing something extra, I do pay for. For example- DS has been helping me clean out the basement, hauling junk and sorting. He has earned some iTunes money. I pay for the kids to do things. If it something they want but I will not buy ( Pokémon cards or extra D&D stuff), they ask to do extra around the house to earn some.
  4. Keens slip ons or fitflops. Those are the two that work for me. Crocs and Birkenstocks make my feet hurt.
  5. Do you have a BJs membership? They had some nice ones in for not too much. Otherwise, Michael’s should have a very decent coupon coming up for the made floral. Buy one there.
  6. The fact that you have been actively getting help for her OCD shows that you are a great mom and no mom guilt needed for this. She is lucky to have someone who cares so much that you have sought out different therapists. You are a great mom.
  7. They have a collection of sweaters, coats and one has a lovely collection of anxiety sweaters. One dog is elderly and the other two are short hair. The smallest has no fat so she needs a sweater or coat at certain temps. The other short hair one actually likes sweaters especially tight ones as they are like his anxiety sweaters ( thunder shirts).
  8. Perhaps maybe the bowling place would like to have a homeschool league. You could get it to meet once or twice a month.
  9. Nothing here. I had a manager even looking. I bet that is what that empty spot should have. I ordered my blue tip ones from amazon. They should be here soon.
  10. I was always a person who questioned and researched everything. It bothered me that when I was younger, my mother would get us every vaccine suggested. Even when I would get sick from it. Then as an adult, I reacted badly to a normal, standard vaccine needed for work. After that, I tend to delay a bit and spaced out a few with the kids. I have friends who worked in research and will not give certain vaccines so I do listen but research what they say. Now my kids have had most of them ( no flu or gardisil) but after discovering that I have an autoimmune disorder and so does DS, I am very happy with the way I did it. I trust our pediatrician who is a gift to medicine. He even suggested recently that we delay DS meningococcal shot a he is not leaving for college for awhile. Now for an interesting turn of events- my pro everything vaccine mother has turned into anti vaccines and they cause autism. I have explained genetics and look at the dang relatives so many times.... I tend to lean more towards natural medicine due to reactions. Not essential oils but other stuff. Elderberry is wonderful. Turmeric has been a huge help with my health.
  11. My only rule would be are they responsible enough to take care of them. If not as in I am still reminding them to brush their teeth, shower with soap and put in deodorant, then they wait.
  12. Sewing machine needles. Our Walmart has a very small craft section and doesn’t carry needles for the sewing machines. They have plenty of hand sewing needles.
  13. Joanns is about an hour away and they don’t always have the ones I want in stock. Our Micheals does not have any but these cheap ones that I have no idea what machine they would even fit. I think they must be for one of those tiny portable machines.
  14. My sewing and vacuum center has closed. I needed more needles ( why is it this only happens in the middle of a rush project) and discovered this. Go to the next closest one and they don’t sell needles or thread. They only do repairs. Guess I will be ordering from amazon instead of shopping local.
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