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  1. I wore my cloth mask with filter. No interference with the machine.
  2. We just went this month. Masks are required in my state so everyone had one. No one is allowed in the waiting room. You call when you arrive and they let you know when you can come in. Temp, hand sanitizer once allowed in ( I was very grateful they didn’t have a problem with me using my own hand sanitizer). The exam was like normal. When you selected frames, they had you place any you tried on in a bin and were sanitized before putting back on the shelves. I did curbside pickup when the glasses came in. Otherwise, you needed an appointment for that. Only one patient is allowed in durin
  3. We had an enameled cast iron sink in this house when we moved it. I had always loved them before. I hated it. It was older but a massive pain to keep looking somewhat nice. It scratched at nothing, collected stains no matter what I did and was noisy. It had this ability to make things echo. Bar keepers friend, magic eraser nor the other cleaners I tried couldn’t make it clean. When we redid the kitchen, no tears were shed over ripping it out. Maybe a new one is better but it cured me of ever having another one. I replaced it with stainless.
  4. Of course. If the radio is on, strong chance I am singing along.
  5. When you figure this out, please tell me. It is like no one wants to put any effort into it unless you are right in front of them.
  6. I have been feeling the exact same way. I am always the one to check in, see how they are doing and stuff.
  7. I saw this the other day. Great job to who made it.
  8. I have. The hotel was enforcing masks and really on top of it. A lady who had the position of mask enforcer in the lobby was not only making sure the mask was on properly but had extra masks in her bag for anyone who forgot it in their room. They had a team of people walking around sanitizing everything. Our room had a balcony so we had it open for awhile to give the room fresh air. There is no maid service during your stay so you can just ask if you need something and they will deliver it to your room.
  9. I was just going to say this. This is one place that is highly recommended on a group have been in for a few years. Everyone I know who uses it has always been very happy with them.
  10. For the winter type of squash- I don’t cut mine up if they fit. Just pressure cook them for a few minutes. The outside just falls off and then just scoop the seeds. If you time it right, they can be cut with a cheap knife just fine. If you do it a bit longer, then they can be mashed.
  11. Because wearing it causes low oxygen levels and that causes cancer and other illnesses. And everyone who is smart knows about how low oxygen causes cancer and toxicity poisoning. And wearing a mask is not holistic. It promotes antibiotics overuse. Plus, it is a Petri dish. I actually got kicked out of a group recently for using science on some of these. Really, if your oxygen levels are on the low 80s, it isn’t the mask. And if you washed the mask, no Petri dish.
  12. I am more of an SUV person over a minivan. Just bought a Traverse after test driving a few different suvs. I love it. Easy to get into and out of, lots of room and storage, and it seats 7. My suggestion is to go test drive both the suvs and minivans and see what you like the best.
  13. Last year, DD fell and landed on her hand. It was swollen but not bad and she was still moving it normally. We had an appointment for the next day so I had him check it while we were there. Her doctor didn’t think it was broken as she was moving it completely normal and passing a stress ball quickly between hands. Due to her high pain tolerance, he sent her for X-rays to be safe. X-rays revealed she had put one bone on the other side of another bone ( think leap frog with bones). She had surgery a few days later to put the bone back in the correct place. It was such a weird and freak thi
  14. I don’t get all the nastiness with masking. We have anti maskers here who seem to go out of there way to “educate/reform” people and businesses who comply with the mask mandate. It is like it is some kind of special mission.
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