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  1. Thanks. I know I could make more elsewhere but this seems like the perfect fit for me right now.
  2. Gym done. I really was working my arms today. I have to be able to pick up some big dogs. I got offered a job and started Monday. Just a few hours a week but I am perfecting my skills and a little pocket money.
  3. I just heard about this. While it doesn’t sound bad now, the doubter in me wonders what the information will be in a few days.
  4. And the deodorant might come back still with the foil seal on… Badger makes a wonderful sunscreen with bug repellent. Worth every penny when we hike. They also have a small solid stick bug repellent.
  5. Gym done. It feels so great to be able to be back at the gym. Just in a week, I can tell the difference from not being able to go.
  6. The only thing I give that would be considered a vitamin is a joint supplement for my elderly dogs. Otherwise, the food they eat contains the vitamins they need ( I make my own along with access to a special dry food). All my dogs are very healthy.
  7. Badger and Derma E are excellent if anyone needs a suggestion for sunscreen.
  8. Bath sheets. Anything else to me is like drying off with a hand towel.
  9. It can also be the fillers in certain probiotics. I can only take a few brands as some really upset my gut.
  10. Ask( I would demand) an EEG. It could be a seizure that does not look like one. Did they do an MRI/ct of his brain last time?
  11. In a way. I tend to do certain things each week but add/switch it up according to how I feel and what I want.
  12. Gym time- done. Today was more arms, legs and abs. My arms are a bit sore and I know if I didn’t work them out again, tomorrow will be worse. Hopefully, after doing some heavy gardening and cleaning I can get in a bit of yoga today. I wasn’t flexible in my childhood and have been really working on it for the last 4 years. I want to keep up all my gains.
  13. Lol. Thanks. It looks like a medieval torture device inspired it when in use. Let’s just say there is not a part of your body that does not feel it.
  14. Graduated my program and I am back. I missed the gym. Day two of being back to my weekday routine. Day two in the gym. Arms and thighs day! I even talked myself into using the death by abs machine ( not it’s real name but that is what it looks and feels like).
  15. Disclaimer- I am Allergic/ sensitive to most sunscreens especially on my face.These are what I can actually use without issues. Suntegrity- one of the very few I am not allergic to on my face and the first one I discovered I could wear. It costs a bit more but you can order samples on their website. And it lasts as you don’t need too much. I tend to use this one for when I will be outside all day. No issues ever with it. These I switch out for daily- Juice Beauty - they have a nice one that is oil free. Kiehls- they have one that is nice and you can find it on sale a bit
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