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  1. If I were sending something that expensive, I'd send it FedEx. I'd be more concerned with them getting there vs. having to file insurance claims and mess with that. Could you just send (electronically) an Apple gift card so they could go to their local store and pick one up? Or place an online order and have them pick it up at their location?
  2. Glad you figured it out! I was surprised because I had to put some info in twice before I finally got the appointment confirmation. I can see getting confused on a phone.
  3. We went the link that came up after the appointment was made when it offered to let you pre-register, and let MIL take it from there (because we are in another state). She has minimal PC skills (she still calls me when her FB icon on her desktop disappears so I can tell her how to get back in), and she was able to complete it. She also did the pre-registration for her sister by using the same link - I believe she said it just asked for your name and birth date and it went from there. It don't think it is too late because she did the pre-registration stuff a couple of hours after we made the a
  4. These are pricey for cards, but I've sent several to older folks who are shut-ins, and they are well received. I actually started sending them because I wanted to send some flowers during January/February, but I couldn't afford $50+/person. They can (and at least one does) leave them open on the coffee table for a little spot of cheer/beauty. Love Pop cards also now has some stickers that are 3-D, and I've sent the butterfly ones to some older ladies. https://www.lovepopcards.com/
  5. My MIL got her shot last Sunday, and she said they set up the second shot appointment before she left. She did all the pre-registration stuff online. You didn't have to, but it made it easier and less time there. They also have you remain there for 15 minutes after your shot. She said they gave her a sticker that told what time she got her shot so she would know when to leave.
  6. We gave up on inkjets (we refilled our own ink, but we were doing that monthly, and it was sometimes messy). In October 2014, we got a Canon Imageclass laser printer (not color). It does everything we want - print, copy, scan (color scan too), is pretty fast, no problems yet. We use a generic toner cartridge, and they last about 6 monthish. The only problem I've had with this printer is that it does not like to print on cardstock - it pretty much only likes regular paper. If I had small kids still, I'd definitely make sure any new printer would work on cardstock. It's been a workhors
  7. I do the same thing. This method does not allow me to look back and see when I did it last though. I guess I could update the note attached to the event to reflect that info.
  8. I would have done the same thing. I would not want an order that had been delivered and left somewhere else first. Just no. I'd donate the food to a local food bank - or if I knew someone who could use the food, I'll call and tell them the story and ask if they wanted the food.
  9. When I bought the Cruisinart Griddler, and we started making paninis vs. sandwiches, happiness with eating paninis >>> happiness with eating sandwiches. Why? No clue. It really is just a warmed up squashed sandwich. Quesadillas. We use pita bread or naan for quick pizza crusts. Everyone can top as they desire, put in oven for 5-7 minutes. You can either go traditional pizza, or bar-b-que sauce as your pizza sauce, or Alfredo sauce, or pesto, or probably other things we haven't tried yet. I've also done some with just olive oil/vinegar/spinach/olives/feta/tomatoes - but it w
  10. Totoro - Studio Ghibli creatures. (unless there are copyright issues)
  11. If they were good towels, and they held up well to washing/drying, and if everyone in the family liked them, and they were a good price, I would definitely buy more! It's hard to find good towels that don't pick/run in the washer/dryer or unravel at the edges.
  12. This extremely rapid and accurate test sounds promising: https://www.kltv.com/2021/01/06/tech-professors-create-ultra-fast-covid-test-that-gives-results-seconds-gold-standard-accuracy/
  13. My family enjoys this lemon chicken rice soup. I do cheat and only use chicken breast though. I'm sure it would be better with an entire chicken! https://damndelicious.net/2018/11/27/lemon-chicken-and-rice-soup/
  14. We now have a Hamilton Beach blender. It's been going for maybe 5 years? We make smoothies on average once/week (frozen fruit). That is pretty much all it does since I got an immersion blender for soups. We got a blender with a big jar as the smoothies were for 4 people.
  15. I've seen people make pictures of things (Christmas trees or crosses) using old costume jewelry. It looks like they put them on black velvet and then into a shadow box type frame. Google it and you will see a bunch.
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