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  1. Re the fact he thinks he is going to get scholarships, I'd assign him to do a little investigation: - Local state colleges - what scholarships are available? If they are based on test scores, how does any of his current test scores percentage-wise line up? That isn't exact or a guarantee, but it might be enlightening. -Has he expressed any interest in any particular college or degree? If so, he should investigate costs. -If the scholarships he thinks will be based on some performance thing, have him investigate what the reality of that might be - not only getting it but potential amoun
  2. I would not want my child to work in an environment where he was verbally abused. For me, that's a good reason for quitting. I would encourage child to find other employment - mowing yards, dog sitting, bag boy/sacker at a local grocery store (they hire here at age 15), whatever. Surely being a ref isn't the only option.
  3. I don't see why that would not work. I make my own from this recipe - https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/20171/quick-and-easy-pizza-crust/ This recipe is really easy and it's always been successful for me.
  4. Chicken pot pie. I get one of those Al foil pans and purchase the pie crusts that you unrolled. It doesn't look super pretty, but it is yummy. I use this recipe (https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/26317/chicken-pot-pie-ix/) - but I cheat and use frozen peas & carrots. I usually add a block of cheese because we enjoy a slice of sharp cheddar with it. Chicken Tetrazzini -I use this recipe but leave out the mushrooms. I don't add the sherry, but everyone seems to enjoy it. Add a bagged salad and a loaf of garlic bread, and you are good to go. There are easier/quicker recipes! https://ww
  5. I haven't read all this thread yet, so ignore this if not appropriate. With my adult children, we've had issues of me trying to be a little too advising. I've talked with them and told them as they grow into independence, I'm going the best I can to adjust to that too, but I've been their mom for many years, and it isn't like flipping a switch (at least for me!). I will do okay sometimes, and sometimes I start advising when I should be quiet. I've encouraged them to tell me when I do this, and told them there are/will be some things that I will see advise/warn because I think those are supe
  6. I love the Container Store, but it is most definitely way more expensive than IKEA. They do have a lovely selection of a variety of storage options though.
  7. I would make a list of things I enjoy doing that take 1-2 hours - be it hiking, going to a museum, going to an art gallery, just driving along a favorite road, stopping to get a small treat that I usually don't, or sitting at an outdoor cafe and sipping tea/watching people, whatever. I would make a list of conversational topics (what was school like when you were a kid? Who were your close friends when you were a child? What did you think of Churchill? things like this that aren't really personal to you) On the frequency I decided to visit (and I would visit the same time/same day - as m
  8. I have a pair of the tights and the sheer pantyhose. I recommend both.
  9. We really like the Dave's Killer Bread. Probably the Good Seed is our favorite followed by the 21 Whole Grain flavor. Their bagels are good too - but we've only tried the Blooming Blueberry. It is pricey, but when I find it on sale, I buy an extra few loaves and stick in the freezer. You can't tell (or I can't) that it has been frozen. It runs about $5.49/loaf, but I've found it on sale (and one store when it has it but it sells out quickly) for $3.99.
  10. I prefer no curtains if at all possible. Mostly because I don't want to have to take them down regularly and clean them! I think the cellular shades look lovely!
  11. I have two yellow shot records (one completely filled in) from childhood. Since then the only recordable shot has probably been Tetanus - information on file at my local doctors. Both my kids have a printout from their pediatrician (when we move, medical records were transferred, pain but worth it). I have printouts and scanned those and emailed it to them, and they have stored it on their cloud storage.
  12. Civil Air Patrol is big here. Mostly homeschoolers in the group as well. They meet weekly and do various things on weekends (not sure how often). I believe they haven't been meeting lately due to COVID, and I'm not sure if they have restarted or not.
  13. My youngest did private piano lessons for several years. I would not have considered group lessons. Her lessons were always after school (private school music teacher was her instructor). That was nice as we were always through with school well before lesson time. This was helpful to me so the 'school day' wasn't interrupted by having to leave and go outside. As my kids got older, we could do this with no problem, but when they were younger, it was hard to return to do more school work once we had left the house. So, I think a larger discount before noon (assuming you want to have cl
  14. I figure it is a given your DH will be returning to teaching in-person classes, so I'd definitely consider his commute (both distance + traffic) in my decision process At least in TX, tier 1 counties (aka on the coast) have MUCH higher house insurance costs. MUCH higher. So much cheaper to be a county or two away from the coast. Maybe it isn't like that in FL, but I'd check into house insurance as that continuing cost can eat up a lot of $$$. But to balance that, auto insurance is cheaper away from metro areas. So another continuing cost to evaluate. Re distance to relatives would be a
  15. He took ibuprofen and Benadryl. Maybe that helped? Maybe not.
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