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  1. Bambam

    Target inventory woes?

    I think this is because of the pick-up service. If I go shopping in the early morning, the aisles are filled with employees doing shopping for others. This time used to be (at least here) when they were busy restocking shelves. As a result - many empty shelves. I tried moving my shopping to later in the day, and the shelves are still empty. I go to Kroger now.
  2. Bambam

    What do you serve soup in?

    Yeah, I'm with those who serve in bowls on plates (for your cornbread, roll, cracker, whatever and to catch any drips, sloshes, etc) from the pot still on the stove, or crock pot/Instantpot on the counter. I don't like washing extra dishes! If we were having a fancy dinner party, I'd probably just not serve soup. Family and friends can just walk in the kitchen and dip more up. And more steps are good, so I'm helping you stay healthy too!
  3. Bambam

    Dr. Hive- Quick First Aid question

    I never had either, but I send dh to the store to find something to help because it just would not stop bleeding, and I did not want to have to go to the doctor for such a wound. I'm glad he found those. I was going through paper towels and bandages every 10-15 minutes.
  4. Bambam

    Dr. Hive- Quick First Aid question

    When I had a cut like that, I ended up with the bandaids that have stuff on the pad to stop bleeding. And I didn't use that finger for a while. (not easy) I used the liquid bandage stuff one time and it burned and burned and burned. So I'm afraid to use super glue. I hope someone else can offer better suggestions.
  5. Info can be found here. This is a big thing in our state (Texas) right now with various schools (charter mostly and some private) holding informational meetings, open houses, etc. Probably it is a big thing here due to legislation that will be filed soon.
  6. School choice week is coming up next week. If I had seen it soon enough, we would be holding a Homeschooling 101 event in our town. As it is, our local group will be making signs, taking a picture (if the weather cooperates!), and inviting anyone who is interested in homeschooling to just come talk to the homeschoolers there. Are any other homeschool groups/organizations doing anything to let people know about this option for school choice? (Disclaimer, I do not like the phrase School Choice because, at least in my state, it is being used to try to institute legislation that I believe to be detrimental to our freedom to homeschool. We already have the option to chose which schooling method we use - public, private, homeschool, charter. I do, however, want people to realize homeschooling is a valid choice.) ETA: School Choice week is January 20-26, 2019.
  7. Excellent point. They do train the volunteers, but you never know what might happen.
  8. Yes! This - I hate this - hearing other people's conversations in parking lots, waiting at a red light, etc. Often TMI.
  9. The foster placements aren't always small children. The charity has asked for 2X, 3X clothing for the teens that go through the system. Good idea about the transition centers!
  10. One of my eyes is weaker than the other. This is the case for 50% of my family - only know because we all wear contacts. Two use the same contact in both eyes (so very convenient!).
  11. I think you stick with pencil and paper. Provide multiplication tables to make it easier. Use graph paper so her numbers all line up. I did not allow my kids to use calculators until Algebra -and then only on a few problems (marked in their book). Although this is basic math, you need to understand it, and you should be able to do it competently and with some speed (although not lightning speed) proves that you do understand it. I *might* be tempted to do fewer problems every day, but she still does them.
  12. Bambam

    Summer jobs for teens?

    We have several doggie day cares around here. They hire extra teens in the summer to help take/supervise the dogs in their outdoor exercise yard. Our library asked for extra teen volunteers during the summer to help with the summer reading program (personally, I'd run like crazy away from this, but some might enjoy it!) No pay, but good experience. They also need some volunteers during the school year to shelve books (which sounds better to me!) We have several snow cone/shaved ice food (?) trucks and stands that hire many during the summer. All of these would be good starter jobs.
  13. We have a local charity that collects items for foster children placement - clothes, car seats, furniture, etc. They also have a group of ladies who make weighted blankets as many of the foster children benefit from these. So, maybe call your local foster care coordinator?
  14. I think she is very young yet. For my dd who did not want to talk to anyone else, we made several things a requirement for her. She had to talk to one non-relative person at church every time. When she was very young, a greeting was sufficient. When we ate at a restaurant which gave you a free ice cream cup *if* you asked, we let her decide if she wanted to ask or not. We wouldn't. Mostly she would! And we went on from there. But, really, the best thing I think we did was have her participate in some children's theater acting camps. I'm not sure why these were so helpful with being more comfortable/willing to talk with others (maybe the practicing speaking while in a costume? maybe because everyone was looking at you and you realized it wasn't as horrible as you thought? who knows?). Add a job as a barista now, and she is so much more willing to talk, and she is starting to see the usefulness of talking to people about stuff (in general). I've found several neat opportunities that were only discovered because I talk to random people. She was with me at the time (Mooommm, why are talking to those people????), but now she sees that communication with others is useful. Several of her friends are looking for jobs, so she is finding that sometimes she hears of potential jobs, so she lets them know. So, maybe what we did helped? Maybe age/maturity is the answer? I also have a very different dd in college. She is finding and applying for several internships - but she found them all online. She found her in-school jobs but just going in to places she was interested working at and asking if they were accepting applications.
  15. Bambam

    Talk closets with me.

    For free standing, I've always like the looks of the Elfa stuff that The Container Store sells (warning, link with it on sale - But it is very pricey (even on sale), but we found a nice stand alone cabinet with the white metal mess pull out drawers and hard top at IKEA. Like this In their store, you could select the deepness of the drawers too. We purchased several - some mid height and one tall and skinny. We've had these for at least 14-16 years, and they have held very well. The tall skinny one is currently in my craft closet and overloaded with paint and other heavy supplies and still isn't sagging nor am I having any trouble pulling out the drawers. From another post, it looks like ordering for deliver IKEA products is not a good idea, so you'd have to go to a store to look at their stuff.
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