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  1. I know it is hard to continue to push/encourage/remind/remind/remind/encourage/push/etc kids that seem to have lost their focus/motivation/are distracted/etc. Sometimes it is very, very tiring to be a parent. BUT... you can see the long term consequences and what really matters (vs just the mundane stuff and the immediate stuff). So, try to keep on keeping on. It is hard. They sometimes say silly stuff. Sometimes you can point that out at the time, sometimes it takes time till they see how silly it was. The only thing I've got is I'm sorry it is hard, but I hope you can find the encouragement and strength and fortitude to keep on doing what is best for him.
  2. Good luck with the HOA! We had some neighbors stain their wooden fence that was turning grey back to close to the original brown. The HOA sent them a nasty letter instructing them to 'remove that stain' ????? They ended up powerwashing the fence as a compromise because you cannot remove stain. May your HOA be less militant.
  3. I prefer just supplying the materials and let the kids make whatever. Kids are creative and will come up with wonderful things. I'd make sure to have on hand - felt, pompoms, fabric glue, yarn, hole puncher, scissors, beads, pipe cleaners, ribbon (maybe include rickrack if you have any), possibly Popsicle sticks, various kinds of paper, regular glue, and a glue stick. If you have them - pompom maker (or simply cardboard and instructions), glitter glue (if you like that sort of thing), scissors with decorative edges, fake jewels.
  4. I hosted one for a group of teens. I sent out the invitations along with the character assignments/descriptions so they could dress up if they wanted to. Some did. Some did not. I did print out name tags and had them on hanging lanyards so that everyone knew who everyone else was. This is, IMO, essential. Some of the kids really loved it. Some were okay with it. I'm glad we assigned characters. The game proved to be harder than I expected. I think it is a good idea to try to make sure the players will have some basic understanding of how to figure things out. I'm not sure how one does that with a variety of ages levels, but it looks like that game is set up for kids, so that should work out for you.
  5. I have a small one that I purchased on sale probably 6-8 months ago from Sam's Club. I'm on the fence. It makes good fries, but we don't eat fries very often. We rarely eat fried foods at all, so the purchase was not a wise one on my part. If you eat a lot of things that are typically fried, it might be a good investment. Its easy to clean. Its easy to use. It works well for those sorts of things. But, I may offload it. It takes up valuable space in my appliance corner cabinet for something that I don't use that much.
  6. We have five full size bookcases in our school and one half size. All are full of books. We have bookcases in every room (except one bedroom and the laundry room). We have one room upstairs filled with books. We have a bookshelf in the kitchen for cookbooks. We have two walls of our large game room filled with bookshelves containing books. We love books. We have plenty so you can always go find a good book to read or reread. So, we always just bought books. Our library system here though - it is pretty bad. But we love books!
  7. I'd go see an endo or an ENT. We had a lady here who had similar troubles, but her general dr. just ignored it. After many years (more than 5, I can't remember how long), she finds out she has thyroid cancer. It probably isn't that, but I'd get it checked out by an expert. I know child care for doctor's appointments can be a pain, but you need to find an answer and get it resolved. Make your health a priority.
  8. I help with serving, setting up/out the food, helping people as they need while they are going through the line, pour the drinks, carry food/extra plates for those who need help (young kids, older/shaky folks). This allows me to interact and help people but doesn't put anyone on the spot. That may not be easy with young children though. I know when I see a family just sitting together with young kids, I wonder if I should sit with them. Does they want to eat together as a family? Will mom be embarrassed if another adult sits there and she has to help her kids or they are messy? If I go up and ask if I can sit with them, I'm pretty sure they would feel compelled to say yes because politeness even if they really don't want anyone else at their table, you know? I might try to find one easy-going accepting couple (older maybe?) and explain to the lady (or man or both) that I have trouble in this social situation, and ask if I can sit with them. What about the preacher? Can you sit with him? I'm not always a talker. Sometimes I'm just a sit-and-listen person. No one seems to mind that person because so many aren't interested in listening. I hope you find a solution. Good for you for continuing to go when you aren't comfortable!
  9. I love my Life is Good tees - soft and non-clingy. I like their v-necks over the crew neck. They are expensive, so I wait till they go on sale at the end of the season. There will be no faith shirts, but dogs, coffee, and kindness will all show up. Well, it looks like most are holiday shirts right now. So maybe the regular ones are on sale somewhere? There are several fall ones and some general winter ones as well though. Keep scrolling down.
  10. I'm not a scout parent, but I would. I had one kid put in bunches and bunches of hours studying for Food Nutrition Quiz bowl for 4-H. I had her read a few health magazines and counted that as a Health credit. She also had 4-H projects listed as an extracurricular. I saw nothing wrong with that. She put in way more hours for that quiz and it showed in the state contest.
  11. I'd had good luck with a pair from Darn Tough - they are the light weight padded no show with tabs. It does have a tab in the back, which might rule them out from being no-shows for you. I have two pair like this - but different colors.
  12. There are several houses in our neighborhood that had their lights professionally installed. Depending upon the homeowner's age, it can make sense. And, yes, they've had them on for several days. They are the all white lights. I've wondered if you get a discount to have them put yours up early? And if the lights are up, why not use them?
  13. We loved Pagoo and Paddle to the Sea too. His "The Book of Indians" is really good too - for elementary kids. It's different because it has stories of different Indian tribes and kids in those tribes, but his style is definitely there. I have an old copy and not this reprint.
  14. I used googlemaps and tripadvisor and yelp. If we are somewhere and looking for a restaurant right then - just googlemaps and go off the star rating of the restaurant. Usually we will glance at the menu too - just to make sure we are okay with the price range. I use all three if we are looking in advance and make a short list (3-5) of possibilities and we can figure out which we want when we are there.
  15. I'd go for the self-cleaning one - the only way my oven ever gets cleaned! We used our electric convection oven all the time. I love gas stove tops. I've never had a gas oven though.
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