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  1. Bambam

    Job Shadowing

    Re law enforcement - could he shadow a judge? Open court should not have any confidentiality issues (unless juveniles?)? Can he do a ride along with a police officer? How about shadowing someone in the dispatch office? Finance - could he shadow a banker? Retirement investment person?
  2. Those of you who don't use self-check-outs - how do you shop at Walmart? Seriously our WalMart has switched to 50 self-serve cash registers (I might be exaggerating a little) and 4 (FOUR!, yes, I counted those!) regular Walmart-cashier attended registers. It would take forever to check out. So I just rarely go to WalMart any more. However, Target has done something similar - four self-serve registers and probably 8 attended registers - but the attended registers are rarely open. But there is a very nice Target employee directing you to the self-service registers. Argh. At least my grocery store hasn't converted. They still have plenty of attended registers but they did add some self-service registers, but they didn't take out real registers. But they are busy, busy, busy pushing the shop online/delivery/pick-up.
  3. When my white hair became more prevalent - it was coarser/more wiry than my brown hair. I didn't want to dye it. I switched to shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley. For 4-6 weeks, it was horrible. My hair felt heavy - like when you don't wash it for a while. I did use a diluted ACV rinse. After that time, my hair - all the various colors - because much softer and slightly more agreeable in doing what I wanted them to do. I still use those shampoo bars (replaced several times of course!) - carrot milk & honey bar - switching off/on with the coconut milk bar. Each bar lasts me about 5-6 months, so they are fairly inexpensive. Most of my front half of my hair is now white, so I do use a Silver/White hair shampoo/conditioner twice a week so it will stay white and not go yellow on me. The back is still brown (so discouraging and such a weird arrangement).
  4. Our theater now has you pick your seat when you purchase your ticket at the window. I like it because I can see which seats are available and take ones that aren't close to others. I didn't like the pick-your-seat-before-you-enter-the-theater requirement at first, but now I see that it actually can have some advantages. I'd be concerned if I didn't sit in my assigned seat that someone coming in after me would have my non-assigned seat and so I'd have to move, so, yes, I'd probably want my assigned seat. I wouldn't want to have to relocate to yet another seat.
  5. When my dd had a mild concussion, she had to rest in a darkened room, avoid screens, loud noises for quite some time before she recovered. I'm not sure a week will do it. You don't want to overdo it on the recovery. We shut the blinds and covered the front door window with a purple plastic disposable tablecloth (sounds silly, I know, but it was the first thing we thought of, had on hand, and worked well - it did cast a slightly purplish light on the foyer, but it wasn't bad). I think she stayed in doing basically nothing for a week - week and a half. After that, she only did a little bit - and then was very cautious and we returned home if she started to get even slightly fatigued. Good luck!
  6. Bambam


    The snooper. I can write whatever fiction I want. If someone reads it without my permission, that puts them in the wrong.
  7. I have no advice. If I were your DD, I'd be concerned about a guy who is so afraid of telling his parents this. I'm assuming since he is getting his Master's that he is older than 22. I'd expect a 22 yo to stand up to their parents (maybe this is a cultural thing that I don't understand?). If he wasn't or couldn't, I'd be wondering exactly when/if he could tell them/stand up to them.
  8. We ordered from them once. The glasses were fine, but it took like a month to arrive. We had trouble trying to contact the company to get any updates. We didn't have that experience with 39DollarGlasses, so we've always went with them since - good glasses, fast shipping. We've never had to deal with 39DollarGlasses's customer service though - haven't needed them.
  9. I will say that when both my dh and I attended engineering school, you started looking for a job two semesters before you graduated. It was a SUPER busy time. Hard classes. Hard projects. Serious labs. But you still had to make time to interview on campus and THEN also make time to visit those companies for on-site interviews. Those who didn't were still looking for jobs when they graduated while the rest of us had several job offers to chose from. So, when it comes close to the end of his work for his Master's, he needs to start interviewing, looking for a job - find a way regardless of how busy he is. It is hard. It can be done. Numerous people have done it. Most of us didn't have any option but find a job or be homeless.
  10. Um, if he doesn't have a full ride for his Master's degree or is going for a job that is only accessible with a Master's, I'd encourage him to look for a real engineering job. Most engineering companies will reimburse you for additional college classes that relate to your job. It'll take longer to get your Master's, but you'll be making money and having your tuition/fees/books covered. But I'm like that. For many engineering fields, a Master's degree doesn't have a good ROI. Other than that input, I'd stay out of it. If I were funding said Master's degree, I'd be more pushy - like, "Son, you are old enough to earn part of the money required to get this done. I expect you to cover your fill-in-the-blank (housing? Tuition? books? whatever)." And then I'd step away. He needs to figure this out himself, IMHO. He can use his connections to find jobs. Have him ask your friends/his friends/classmates-who-got-jobs/professors for job leads. That is real life. Welcome to it!
  11. I have the Contigo Autoseal. The lid is easily washable. I prefer the Contigo over my Hydroflask for two reasons - the autoseal mouth piece is easier on my hand and it fits in my car cupholder (the Hydroflask is a little bit too big).
  12. Your class sounds amazing! I'm sorry that one student and her parent had a problem. I'd love to have someone else teach/moderate a class where open/respectful discussion took place!
  13. I'd probably stain it, put a marine finish varnish on it, get metal house numbers and screw those into it (assuming your house numbers aren't visible anywhere else), and I'm done. Wood - if it faces regular sunshine, fades quickly. If exposed to the weather, it needs to be refinished regularly (Our front door is wood. It faces southeast. It needs to be refinished every couple of years - or even earlier. Why don't we just install a storm door, you ask? It's a double door, so no easy way to install storm doors.) I try to avoid anything that will require regular maintenance, and for those items that will, I try to make them as low maintenance as possible.
  14. You can build sheds/additional outbuildings here but the front of the shed (visible from the street (theoretically because sometimes they are behind a house but the rule still applies) must match the exterior of your house. So, if your house is stone and brick, so must the front of the shed/outbuilding. Regarding parking, no limits on cars in driveways (but our lots are all big, smallest is half-acre, most are larger so the houses are set far from the road and driveways are long). You cannot park a RV/motor home/thing like that in your driveway or on the street. There is one person here who has an RV, but they keep it in the back yard in an extra garage with the front matching the exterior of their home.
  15. I have a matching area code - the original one. DH and DDs have the new area code for this area. We live in a gated community with a phone box for access for guests. The residents put their number in a system and the gate phone box only uses a three digit code to call you to set up the phone call so you can authorize remote access. The HOA board didn't realize that all those non-local area code cell phones were long distance calls for the land line based gate phone system, so a large chunk of change was going to those phone bills for years before anyone realized it. It really became obvious when more people seemed to stop purchasing the remotes and were just using the gate phone to call their own cell to gain access to the neighborhood. The gate phone system was changed so this is no longer an issue.
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