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  1. It's hard as there is rarely a perfect decision. Can you work on sound proofing your room? Maybe line the door with a heavy blanket and keep it shut? Is there a senior center with regular hours that meets there? If he makes a couple of buddies who drive, maybe they can come pick him up for senior activities or coffee or a chess game or whatever.
  2. Ours is 30" wide and 25" deep. It has two half-doors - like a real cabinet. There are three regular shelves in the top (I can only reach one, have to use a chair for the other two are too high (cabinet is 10' tall - ceilings are 12'). All the bottom shelves are pull out drawers. So handy.
  3. KJV is my preferred version. The ASV is another favorite, but it's harder to find a copy. I know some have trouble with the KJV language, but I haven't found it a problem. Maybe because I've read it so much and the sound/words are familiar now? I've moved to a Bible app on my phone (MySword), so I have the KJV, KJ2000, and the ASV versions on there. Sometimes I check to see what else is available for a free download! Our preacher seems to prefer the ESV, but often the Scripture reader will use the KJV. Accuracy to the original text is important.
  4. All the state schools I know of in Texas will be in person. The school my youngest attends was mostly back in person this past spring.
  5. Put us down in the category of old fashioned keyed deadbolts.
  6. My youngest loves these skirts. We have several. The colors she didn't like we sold to others, but she wears a couple regularly in the summer. She gets lots of compliments. They are wrap skirts so no concern about size. The brand, Wevex, has several lengths, so pick what works for you. These are reversible, so it is really nice for travel. You can also order a specific color (more expensive/skirt, but that's what we did the first time to make sure we would actually like the skirts) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BLBR8EM Only downfall - no pockets.
  7. I do not have any experience nor pictures, but I stayed with my older sister last year who had a knee replaced. She has four ways into the house - only two are convenient to the driveway/garage. She needed a walker in the beginning and then moved to a cane. All those entrances have 2 or 3 steps, and in a lot of ways a railing would look sorta silly. BUT it would have made getting into and out of the house so much easier and safer for her! I have arthritic knees too, and I think safety and ease is more important than looks. She has been trying for over a year to get someone to put railings in at all entrances to the house. She finally found someone who will come out in August. Hopefully.
  8. I've been taking 5000 IUs daily for 6-8 years. My level last two years has been 63-67. I get it checked yearly. I started taking K2 also maybe 3? years ago. Levels went up slightly - they had been running in the 50s.
  9. I've lived several places. I loved them all. I think you make up your mind to love wherever you are, highlight the good parts, and try to overlook the not-good parts. Seriously. I've lived in TX (currently - we've lived in various parts), Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, Nebraska - in the states, and they've all been good. Different good points for each, different negatives for each. Decide what is important to you? -freedom to homeschool your way (pick TX!) -freedom from state income tax? -Low cost of living -proximity to relatives (or maybe you want away from them!) -weather (cold, hot, or a variety of seasons) -cheap land? -large lots for your house? -property taxes? -proximity to major medical centers -urban/rural? Texas fits most of these - except for the weather if you are against humidity. But on the plus side for humidity - I think it helps with your skin. It really does keep your skin moist (which is important as you age!). Whenever I leave here, it feels like my skin is just peeling off anywhere else as it is so dry. Like-minded folks? I've seen areas change. COVID, I think, has done that slightly here - or at least I'm seeing more of a divide
  10. Independence Day (1996 movie)
  11. I stop by the deli and get a variety of meat and cheeses. Grab some sub sandwich bread (if you have a Jimmy Johns, they sell their day old loaves cheaply first in thing in the morning, they sell their fresh loaves for more, but still reasonable - somehow that makes our sandwiches special. Wash some lettuce, slice some tomatoes, add a couple of bags of chips. You are done!
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that at first too.
  13. I can't tell, but will those blades extend to the recessed lighting? I ask because the person who built this house has a ceiling fan below the recessed lighting (well of course, you can't do it any other way) and when the fan is on in that room, the light flickers with every blade rotation because it is a smallish room and largish fan. It is awful. So the fan in that room (an office is what we use it for) is unusable. So, if those blades with block any of the lighting, you may want to change out that fan with one with shorter blades. We do have a ceiling fan in our living room and master bedroom which also have recessed lighting (these folks loved recessed lighting) but the size of the room, size of the fan, location of the lights - everything is fine in those rooms and the fans are usable (and are very much used!). BTW, did they not install the light kits on the fans. Not sure why? Maybe she didn't want to have to dust them?
  14. It really is dependent upon your area, your agent(s), the other folks involved. We tried here and had terrible experiences. Friends in other counties have had wonderful experiences. One thing that seems semi-common, at least in our state, is that it's hard to find exact info and direction re projects and how to do things. Almost like if someone tells you, it gives you an unfair advantage and handicaps their kids. Or maybe you have to bleed green before they will let you in on the secrets? Good luck! It seems like is should be a wonderful program when you have good agents and other good volunteers! In hind sight, I probably should have raised a ruckus with a truly inappropriate email one agent sent my dd. The other agents in the office (copied on it) told me that it was fine. After that agent was let go, they told me they were surprised I didn't raise a huge ruckus about that terrible inappropriate email. What??? 180 switch there. That convinced me that they were all not to be trusted at all. So, I would monitor all my kids communication with any adult in any group. (This was only one reason we ended up leaving, there were several others)
  15. Usually Aldi's has some for $1 in the summer. I get new ones for each bathroom. And toss the old ones.
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