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  1. I'd either purchase from Amazon and have them shipped, take my own (if possible), or consider renting a car and carseats from the car rental place.
  2. The email suggestions above look great! Just send it. If she questions you, just keep repeating that it isn't going to work for your family. A real friend will leave it alone. It is hard to say no. It is freeing to say No.
  3. We did it differently than many here as well. We never paid the kids for doing the normal household chores - they live here, they can help out. We did offer money for extra jobs (thoroughly weeding an overgrown flower bed, removing thistles (so much per thistle), etc). When they wanted to do things with friends (lunches, movies, whatever) we sometimes gave them money, sometimes not. Mostly did though. Both kids saved the money from birthdays/Christmas. Both got jobs their senior year to pay for other stuff because we were moving them toward being more financially responsible. Do what works for your family.
  4. So, your Book BINGO is really just a regular BINGO game - you call out B12, N41, stuff like that? I have several ideas - but it would depend if the kids were readers and familiar with books. Have most popular book titles in the bingo squares - the clues (B12, N41) are the first lines to each book - or maybe use nursery rhymes? Or maybe the clues are the name of the title character (Clifford, etc)? Or maybe the clues are more generic (although this would be hard to keep track of) - like This book has a main character that is a dog? Does it have to be BINGO? could you change that up to book name scavenger hunt? I am assuming the library has posters of various popular books on the wall - or maybe painted scenes from books. Have a list of 10 generic questions and have the kids write down a book title that answers the question? Like - this was a story about a dragon (lots of possible answers), Or In the story the monkey always gets into trouble? It might be hard to grade. If you wanted to limit the books you give away, only the top five finishers get a book.
  5. We just did ours for my youngest. We put the name of our homeschool. Anyone who knows us knows we homeschool!
  6. We purchased our last house with tankless water heaters. I *love* them! I can take hour long showers (and I had a teen who did!) and the water is still hot! The water in the faucets closest to the heater are hot almost immediately. The ones further away aren't as fast - it takes longer for the hot water to get there - but when it does, it is hot! I don't know if this is because of the tankless or not, but when you are taking a shower, and someone flushes the toilet, the shower water temperature does not fluctuate. ETA: If we ever move to a house with a traditional tanked water heater, we will replace it with tankless when it needs replacement (We aren't the type to just replace something that is functioning!).
  7. I would think that it could be someone who changed their name - I have friends who have changed their FB names - sometimes they start with their full name and later remove (or change) their last name, other times they start with a variation of their name, and then change it to their real name. I find this confusing and wish they would send a message to all their friends letting them know. I couldn't figure out who one friend was until I went and looked at their feed on their profile. But it was someone you accepted the friend request from. Sometimes I have a bunch of friend requests come in - and you have to be careful and accept one and then wait for the screen update or if you just click on the next name - it might not really be that next name but the one slightly under it - and you have just accepted someone as a friend that you didn't realize. Did the person share the photos or did they save the photos from your feed and then repost them? If they just shared the photos, then you need to increase your privacy settings. (BTW, I hate that when relatives share your photos to show all their friends your kids). Saving and reposting them -I'd report those photos to FB. Unfortunately, there is no way that I know of to stop people from doing this. I'd probably unblock on my profile and go examine his feed and see if you can figure out who he is. I know lots of people don't like FB and believe they will do all sorts of bad things, but I do not believe they are adding people to anyone's friend list with the individual agreeing to it somehow. I could be wrong, but that doesn't make any sense.
  8. If you want clear water, clean sand, you'll have to head further south - roughly to the South Padre area. And before I get in the gulf, I'd check the water quality. Basically, I won't get in the gulf at Galveston. Water look dirty due to mud. We encountered a tarry/oily residue on the beach (bring baby oil to clean it off the bottoms of your feet/shoes) - probably about 10 years ago, so it may be better now. Before I moved to Texas, I had someone explain what it feels like to get off an airplane in Houston in the summer. They said to take the old wool Army blankets, soak it in boiling water, then wrap it around you. It was a good description for those who aren't used to the heat/humidity.
  9. I've always worked salaried positions. If you came in, worked 1 hour and fell ill and left, you wrote down 7 hours sick (assuming you had an 8 hour work day). I never filled out a time card, but I sometimes I did have to charge my time to different projects/categories. But you still reported weekly your sick, vacation, and personal time. Any time you take off from normal work time, you noted it to whatever category it belonged - sick, personal time, vacation. But ... often you worked over (because salary = you still have to get your work complete so you often ended up working more than 40 hours/week). So often you would talk with your boss, note you worked 60 hours last week due to emergency situation, so you are taking one day off as comp time. A good boss would say fine. A good employee would only take the comp time when there were not emergency situations or a heavy load of work to do.
  10. I have a pair of Chacos and Birkenstocks that I alternative in the summer. The Birkenstocks are pricey but last a long time. They are extremely comfortable. The Chacos are comfortable too - but they are more rugged - washable, solid grip. The Chacos are expensive but very supportive and after wearing for two years (I think) - they still look brand new. The Birkenstocks are easy just to slip your feet into, but I have to stop and tighten the strap on the Chacos I have.
  11. We have some locally who have their kids set up as authorized users on their CCs. We elected to have our kids get their own credit cards. Their limit is small in the beginning, but after a year of steady employment and good payment history, it can be increased. Our local credit union has a starter card for young people.
  12. I downloaded a blank template from somewhere and filled it out in Word. It has been over 7 years, so I have no idea where I got it from. Both my girls were accepted to all colleges they applied to, so it must have looked okay to them! We are in Texas. ETA: We took one transcript to the CC. I watched what they did with it. Student worker clicked on the screen/form that transcript was there, stuck it in the file, and we were done. I don't think anyone ever really looked at it. YMMV
  13. I voted - but mine are adults - one is a college junior and definitely plans to finish her BS and plans to add at least her MS, maybe PhD. Youngest is graduating this year. She is planning to go to college. When they were younger, I encouraged them to consider what they wanted to do, took them on various field trips (some organized around occupations) to try to help them figure it out. I also had them take a couple of career interest surveys. Now, because both parents had college degrees, did we make that an 'unspoken' expectation? I don't think so, but I'm not sure I would see it anyway! The majority of their friends growing up had college educated parents so the expectation was definitely that those kids were planning on following in the footsteps of their parents. As far as I can tell, they all have.
  14. Absolutely, we did expect our teen driver to abide by all laws. Our state allows one non-relative passenger in the car. If we had found out she had more in the car than that, she wouldn't be in possession of it. I do not fall for the 'everyone is doing it" fallacy.
  15. I wouldn't take a baby either vaccinated or unvaccinated to a gym daycare. I would, and did, take my kids as soon as I could drive all sort of places - church, grocery store, etc - but not any place to leave them. I did not let just anyone hold them or take care of them. I agree with the others - find someone to watch the children at home or in their home. It won't be as easy as it is now, but you will figure something out!
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