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  1. I think those used to be called TV stands back when TV were big large heavy boxes. Personally, I don't think they are useful any more. Maybe you stack two on top of each other?
  2. I have a family history of macular degeneration. My eye doctor suggested taking these was a good idea. He specified the AREDS 2 formulation.
  3. When I set my kids up with a CC to start building credit, they were advised to pay off every month - but not until they got the bill. Paying the balance off before you receive a bill does not result in any positive report to credit agencies. On all the CCs we've ever had, you don't want any interest on purchases if you pay off the balance due that shows on the CC statement each month. If you use the CC for cash advances or anything like that, you may well pay interest on that amount. A friend used to move the money from her checking to another account each time she used her CC so she would make sure not to overspend.
  4. Good for you for doing this! I know the prep isn't any fun (I've had 6-7 due to family history, so I know!), but it has gotten better through the years. If you really want to go on the wild side, you can do like my dh and forego the anesthesia. I think that is insane, but he said it wasn't bad at all, and he will do the next one that way too. I'll just enjoy my little nap!
  5. I tried a variety of things as I was slightly high. Doctor gave me a list of things to do/try, supplements, etc, and told me to come back in 6 months. In 6 months, my numbers were basically the same. Everyone on my side of the family has high cholesterol. I'm actually the one with the lowest high cholesterol, but there it is. Unfortunately one of my kids is running a little high too - but she is doing everything she can to try to get it lower.
  6. Bambam

    GPS app?

    Google maps here. Although I might re-think that. Recently GoogleMapLady told me in an annoying way the speed limit on the road I was travelling. Which was different than I was going. Really, you might think Google was spying on me.
  7. HSA accounts are limited - I think $3500/individual or $7000/family per year. You have to have high deductible insurance, I believe, before you can set one up? We have one - funds are put in there via payroll deduction tax free. Any earned interest is tax free too.
  8. Oh, no. We've had serious discussions about that. That isn't going to happen again. (Or it better not!) But somehow 2 sheets is okay?
  9. Why is it people (okay, really just the only other adult who lives in empty nest house with me) believes it is okay to leave the toilet paper roll on the holder when there are only *two* (2) sheets of toilet paper left on it? Is that enough for ANYTHING?
  10. I make this one. I prebake the bottom crust - maybe 6-8 minutes before I dump the stuff in. I then put the top crust on, put a couple of slits in the top crust (I use store bought), wrap it in Al foil, put it in a freezer bag. I just write the cooking instructions on the bag itself - the ones from the recipe are correct - add 5-10 minutes if cooking from frozen. Note: I cheat and use store bought frozen peas & carrots. It's fine. This tends to be a hit with kids. I usually take a block of cheddar cheese to eat with it. We like it that way. I take a bag salad too. I also make this one. I make 1.5 times the amount of sauce because I think it needs it. I also typically toss in some Italian or Mozzarella cheese in the sauce. I've been thinking about tossing frozen green peas in it to try to make it more of a one-dish meal, but I haven't tried that. I freeze it before I bake it. We make these muffins a lot. I sub applesauce for the oil. I don't use coconut. We do add some wheat germ. Nuts are whatever we have on hand. These freeze really well, and you can just take 1 or 2 out when you want them.
  11. I'd checked into Buffs for him. I have several (only one Buff but several generics). I cannot stand anything tight around my neck (even crew neck tshirts bother me), but these are loose enough that I'm fine with them. The Buffs are softer than the generic brand I purchased though. Keeping my neck warm helps the rest of me stay warm too. They have many colors, but here is one - Well, that stinks. I went to look for a link, then found they have reversible ones (fleece on one side) and ended up ordering one of those for me. I need to stay off Amazon!
  12. My dh was sitting by me when I was on FB last night. He saw me like a post and looked amazed. He said he never does that! It takes all kinds!
  13. I think you were fine. No worries.
  14. I never pay attention to who liked my posts/pictures and who doesn't. I have no idea what is going on in anyone's life - and I know when life gets busy here, FB falls to a low priority. Other times I miss things, other times I get distracted. Sometimes I'm sick or mad, and FB isn't interesting then. Sometimes I don't see someone's posts - but then a week later something shows up that they posted last week (??). And there are some people I unfollowed (variety of reasons). I try to go to their pages monthlyish and see what they have been up to - and post or like if I feel motivated to. I like FB because I get to keep up with friends and a few family members who I rarely see. I like that. I post pictures/statements/questions (nothing political!) because I want my friends/family to see them - and it also serves as a neat memory for me! I am responsible for my own actions - not that of others. If someone was making negative comments on my posts, I'd unfriend them and be done. If they aren't liking my posts, whatever.
  15. Fuzzy socks - maybe those with aloe? Agree with the epsom salts. Possibly those bath salt bombs? Chocolate. Good chocolate.
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