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  1. This might not help you, but I find a body spray with lemon scent in it helps me with nausea (or at least it did for two pregnancies!). I found a short lived body spray that was like strawberry lemonade or something like that (something socially acceptable), and I spent an hour drive to work sniffing my wrist. In emotional situations, I put on my Mr. Spock persona. Detached, logical, rational, not emotional. I've also been known to not look at whatever might bother me (I don't watch any needles when I give blood or get shots, I would not watch an suspicious mole removal, etc). I can still
  2. I wouldn't tell my DD my suspicions, but I would tell her about the CDs. And ask her to remind her friend you want the CDs back. And I would do this, because if friend never returns the CDs or is difficult about it, DD needs to see that too, and evaluate whether this friendship is one she wants to continue, and if so, realize she should not lend anything to friend either.
  3. I love the Pilot G2 pens, but when they get close to empty, they start leaking- or at least three in a row did for me, so I watch them very closely - once they start to get a little scratchy with writing, immediately toss them out. I now have Zebra Sarasa click pens for my purse and other items that I don't want ink leaked on. I really like these, but the ink doesn't flow quite as well as the G-2s. But they've never leaked on me!
  4. I go to our nearest thrift/consignment store and try on a variety of brands. Sometimes you find one that fits really, really well, and if you do, it's an excellent price! And now you know what brand/style to watch for on sale or on ebay.
  5. So, just so I understand, you had a tooth removed and no implant inserted yet? I had a tooth removed last year and the implant was inserted at the same time, so I guess tooth removal with inserting implant seems odd. I was told if the tooth was removed and nothing was put in its place, the teeth would start shifting and 'mess up my mouth". I didn't ask for a timetable because they were both happening at the same time - I just wanted to know if I could skip the implant. I'd go, but since you are concerned, I'd ask for the first appointment on a Monday morning. But I wouldn't want to pu
  6. I've been under anesthesia several times. The first two times, I did throw up afterwards, so now I always ask for anti-nausea meds. However, I have noticed that I am billed for those, and they aren't cheap. I think last time it was over $300 - and this was only for tooth removal/implant at an oral surgeon.
  7. I had one FB friend (distant acquaintance) apparently block me on FB due to a question I asked on one of her COVID/anti-masking posts (well, I don't know for sure, because I can't contact her, but that was the only contact we've had in a couple of years anyway). I have some friends who we disagree on COVID (and other things!), but we can still remain friends regardless. The same level of friendship? We'll have to see after we get back to some level of normal. But there are a couple of people that I will not work to maintain any relationship we do have. And a couple of people that I wil
  8. Very similar to Lands End Starfish pants are LL Beans Perfect Fit pants. I prefer these because the pockets are slightly larger - at least in the pairs I have (not the fleece lined pair - those pockets are pretty tiny). I only have the original, the straight leg, and the fleece lined (good for cold days, but not my favorite). I wish they had a pair like the Starfish fake cords ones though. (ETA - oh, wait they do! I just saw them looking at this link! Now to wait for a sale) https://www.llbean.com/llb/search/?freeText=perfect+fit+pants&init=1
  9. What are you using for your contacts? I use Google Contacts, and I've never had a problem with this.
  10. Since my average daily usage is 71 kwh for August, and I can only see monthly usage, I'm just going to cover up my head and forget I read this post and that our usage sounds outrageous.
  11. Our current gated community has gate codes for all emergency responders. As far as I know, it's never been a problem here (with the vehicle/personnel) not having the code, but I could see that might happen. Residents have remotes, but if they gave remotes to the FD/PD/etc - I'm sure they would lose those - or forget what neighborhood/etc. But I can see how this could be a problem.
  12. Interesting theory re masking and exposure to viral load https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2026913
  13. I let my kids figure it out for themselves. I mean, I did teach them how to do the laundry, but I did not remind them when to do it. If they woke up one morning and had no clean clothes, they figured out pretty quickly that *they* had to pay more attention and get the laundry done ahead of time. I have two girls. One cares deeply about what she wears, the other could care less. Both figured it out. Now if they had either worn stinky clothes out, and I noticed (and I probably would notice the smell), I sent them back to shower or change, so it isn't like they could get away with wearing s
  14. We've had Moto phones in our house for years. I was very happy with my last Moto Z Play - except the screen started separating from the body after 3 3/4 years of heavy use. I would have purchased a new Moto, but all the current Moto reasonably priced options have cameras that are less than what I had. So, I switched to a Samsung (purchased a North American Factory Unlocked one on Amazon for less $$ than other places). And I'll use it for several years, but it is annoying the way they push and push their apps (which I don't want to use their calendar or their ....). But the phone (S10) does hav
  15. Large back porch and extremely large back yard (useful for so much) tankless water heaters spice pull out racks on either side of the stove top Pull out drawers for every shelf in the pantry (I wasn't sure I'd like them, and it took me a while to get used to them, but now - so very useful) Pull out trashcan drawer (again, I wasn't sure in the beginning, but it's nice it isn't visible, and the fact you can't let it overflow or even get too full is actually nice because it goes out before it smells!). Master bedroom on opposite side of the house from children's bedrooms.
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