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  1. I've been making some, but I also ordered this set. When you buy a set, they donate a set to essential workers. I haven't gotten my set yet, but it shipped out before the estimated week.
  2. One time I offered a child $0.25/weed if she pulled them up. Do NOT do this. It gets expensive quickly. Offer a smaller sum, or a reasonable sum on a full bucket.
  3. Pen, I can't send you a message, but I'm curious - do you have a picture of this scrunch style mask? One family member has asthma, and their O2 level runs pretty low regularly, so traditional masks just aren't going to work. This sounds like it might. I'm also considering if a neck gaiter might be an option.
  4. We actually had a family member who had suspected COVID in mid-late March. No testing here except for high risk cases, so she was never tested. Isolated person to one bedroom and one bathroom (fortunate for us at one end of the hall - no one else lived down that hall). All food was served on disposable plates/bowls/utensils. Hot tea was made regularly and served in disposable Styrofoam cup with lid (person drinks a lot of hot tea). A little honey was added to tea. Cold drinks were offered in washable cup with lid. Fruit was continually made available (in a little Styrofoam cup!) to try to increase fluid intake. Person was assigned one end of table in breakfast nook (closest to her end of the house) where she could do her online schooling as able. She was encouraged to go outside at least once a day, door was opened, everyone out of her path, door not shut so she could push it open with foot and return to her area, and I would close the door. She was encouraged not to spend all day in bed laying down (hence the end of the table that allowed her to be in the room but at the far end away from everyone else). If she would have been limited to her room, she would have in bed all day. I always had a snack available close to her in case she got hungry - cheerios, grapes, PB graham crackers, stuff like that. We also had an Oximeter - which was good, because as bad as she felt/acted/reported, I probably would have tried to get her into the hospital. Because I knew her O2 levels were still okay (94/95), I wasn't as concerned. I did take her on evening drives because she was so very miserable. She put on a mask and sat in the back passenger seat. We would drive around and look at the spring wildflowers, horses, deer, cows, dogs, whatever. This served two purposes - she had to walk out to the car and it provided a mental health refresher. I wiped down all commonly touched surfaces throughout the house 1-2 times/day. I washed my hands so much they started to dry out and had to use moisturizer through the day. Supplements (for her and me) Vitamin D3 (I've been taking 5000IU for years, my levels run slightly over 50, she's been taking 1000IU for maybe a year?) Vitamin K2 (both been taking for some time) NAC Ester C + additional Vitamin C (either tablets or Power Pak (like Emergen-C with extra B Vitamins) - Ester C twice a day Garlic - twice a day Echinacea She takes a daily multi-vitamin too plus fish oil, so we continued those. What I would do differently today: Add in Quercetin and possibly Zinc. Encourage her to sleep on her stomach. Neither DH nor I ever had any symptoms. I'd be interested in an antibody test to see if she had COVID and to see if I had it too.
  5. Did she have a blanket lovey as a child? If so, do you still have any of it? Could you snip a corner (I know this could be bad, but if it is in bad shape anyway) and make it into a little bag or just a little slip of fabric for her to hold? Do you have any earrings or hair ties that are blue that would work?
  6. We moved from the 4th most populous city in the US to a very conservative small town in the same state. It's different. There are some big advantages (for us) and some disadvantages. So it really comes down to what you need for your family. If you need good, qualified, many specialty medical care, moving is not a good idea. We still drive 4 hours back to said populous city for a specialist - usually 2-3 times/year. That isn't a burden for us (kids are older, etc), but if it were many more times it would be a huge hassle. If any of your kids are involved in competitive anything, you need to investigate that before moving. We lost several activities that we really enjoyed (carving teachers, excellent produce, ethnic restaurants (outside of Mexican & Chinese), grocery stores with a variety of international products, quality shows/plays/concerts, etc). However, my kids saw the same kids all the time (park day, classes, volunteer opportunities, etc), and there is a sense of community/caring here which was missing in our last location. But every place is different. And sometimes you go where the job is because survival is important.
  7. Mine were finally delivered 3 days after order. It was delivered by a unmarked white panel van by a guy in street clothes (no uniform) I do live slightly over an hour from the closest Staples.
  8. I'd talk honestly with DH, and look at the possibility of getting sick. A big factor for me would be how are your relatives behaving - going everywhere/doing everything or basically staying at home. I know that is no guarantee they aren't contagious, but I'd feel more comfortable if they were in the first grouping. It would also depend upon how high risk any of my immediate family are. But I'd strongly suggest rescheduling till it can be outdoors. At that age, it's fine to reschedule birthdays to a time/location convenient for everyone. But so much depends upon your comfort level. I remember my dh didn't have any problems with his dad's driving. I did. I told he was free to ride with his dad, but for me and the kids, we would NOT be riding with that man any more. It was not safe.
  9. I ordered (wonderful deal, Thanks!), and the order was confirmed. Delivery has now been delayed twice. I'm hopeful it will be delivered soon.
  10. Do you have the cost sharing insurance programs available there? I don't know if they are a good deal, but several families in our area (Texas) use them vs. traditional insurance and have been happy with them. I have no real idea of the cost. At least one family went with Samaritan Ministries.
  11. Our local arboretum had scheduled a spring concert series. Of course, they can't have it as planned, so they are moving it to the big parking lot end and broadcasting it on a radio station. You are supposed to park every other space and stay in your car. Not ideal, but we are headed out for it. Concerts will just be different for a while. Not gone.
  12. It depends. All my family members wear contacts. We go get checked and an updated prescription every year. The one wear soft contacts get a free trail pair if their prescription changes. They wear these for ~ a week, and then call to let the doctor know if that prescription is good or needs tweaking and if that brand of contact is comfortable. Our eye insurance covers so much $$ - so we purchase enough boxes to cover those. If we need any more boxes for the year, we purchase online (so much cheaper). Our eye doctor will offer a free refund on any unopened box purchased from them. I wear gas permeable contacts. My vision is bad, and GP contacts offer sharper clarity (which I want). I can order a second set online for much cheaper than the eye doctor, but I've never done that since I order a pair - which the insurance benefit mostly covers (I end up paying like $15 for a pair which lasts all year). When one young adult to get her eyes checked and needed new contacts, we called the eye doctor, who offered a free pair until her appointment and still have her another free trial pair after the appointment (prescription change). DH tried to order her some new contacts first, but the online contact company refused since the prescription was older than one year.
  13. I live in East Texas - the counties over here are pretty high for their population. People here have been *demanding* to open again. Restaurants are open with 25% capacity but most of the local owned ones are not opening their dining rooms because that small number is not profitable. They are still offering curbside and delivery. The one restaurant we stopped at to pick up something - opened their dining room but it had one couple. One. There was probably room for 20? Employee said normally they would be packed, but people weren't really coming in. But people are all excited about hair and nail salons opening! I've mostly been doing the same - grocery store, natural grocery store, drug store (if needed), drive thru/curb side pick up 2-3 times/week. I did go to Lowe's to get plants though. I am thinking about suggesting some new acronyms for people to put on their FB posts: JAWM - Just Agree With Me IARSDNA - I'm Always Right So Do Not Argue DNAFSJTM - Do Not Ask For Sources, Just Trust Me IYDNAYAS - If You Do Not Agree, You Are Stupid YIRTSAIDNC - Yes, I've Researched The Speaker, And I Do Not Care AMETOISAE - All Media Except The Ones I Share Are Evil IFBPVTMIIT - If FaceBook Pulls Video, That Means It Is Truth Seriously, I've snoozed so many FB friends who normally are reasonable people. But they aren't now.
  14. I kept my children on a schedule. If they had trouble going to sleep, I made sure we had plenty of exercise. Plenty. If we didn't, I would put a sprinkler out (when it was warm, and we are in Texas so probably 8 out of 12 months is a conservative estimate) and had the kids run through it. As long as the neighbors couldn't see, they still loved it as they got older. ETA: Something about playing in water seems more tiring than doing the same thing without water.
  15. Two pairs of sandals (I alternate every day) One pair dress sandals Pair of tennis shoes + past pair for lawn mowing Two boots - one pair brown, one pair black two pairs of clogs (Brown & black) one pair hiking shoes (plus past pair which I really need to get rid of) two pairs of house shoes 3 dress shoes (2 black - one with heels, one flat, navy heels) One pair of Crocs (but I rarely wear those, so I probably should give those away) I think that is it. I would get rid of the two pairs of clogs, but I like them.
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