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  1. Depending upon how many hours she is taking, she may be considered a part-time student rather than a full-time student. That could impact things like whether she gets free tickets to sporting events on campus or parking arrangements--which will all depend upon the specific school's policies. If she is receiving any type of financial aid, there can be definitions of progress toward completion that could come into play. For example, a student must complete 75% of the registered hours during the academic year. A student who registers for 12 hours can drop a class, remain at 9 hours, and meet that requirement. A student who only registers for 9 hours and wants to drop a class will be at only 66%. But, at any school I know of, a student may ask for an exception (illness, etc.) and have a plan to move forward and still receive financial aid without meeting the 75% rule. It is POSSIBLE that at some point down the road she would bump into one of these situations, but I would not make decisions about how many hours to take based upon that; I would wait and deal with it should it come up.
  2. Will you plan on staying downtown? The Riverwalk and Alamo are both in the central downtown area. The Riverwalk will be lighted for the Christmas holidays. It can be beautiful but it can also be very crowded that time of year; many tourist go to see the lights and there are many holiday parties at the downtown hotels. If you are staying downtown, you would find plenty to do without renting a car. Or, are you considering staying further out and renting a car?
  3. There are many data bases available where you type in an address and you can get contact information for people who are associated with that address--including cell phone numbers. If a house is listed for sell, someone could enter that address and perhaps get your cell number as someone tied to that address.
  4. I have difficulty drawing any meaningful conclusions from the data. I checked a few schools for which I am very familiar with and found the degree categories to be very odd--some of the largest degree offerings at the school were not reported and the degrees categories listed were not under the same categories for which the school provides degrees. There are so many variables that would impact first year salaries. I know, for example, one young person who graduated during that time frame and gave up some high paying job opportunities to take an internship for almost no pay because she thought it would be good experience; she had a great deal of debt and a liberal arts degree; I would not have suggested that she make the choice she made. In her case she would be a low-wage liberal arts major with lots of debt, but she had the choice of a higher first year salary and turned it down. I know another young woman who passed by some high-paying jobs to move to a city where her fiancée lived and took a minimum wage job. Other students choose graduate school or other paths that will lead to where they want to be long-run, so the first-year payoff may not look so good.
  5. I have been in situations where there is a hiring committee and several people have been on calls to references. However, the committees are often discussing professional credentials and research agendas with the references rather than the references serving as personal/character references.
  6. The Target in my area has a huge selection of brushes, snow shovels, deicing materials, etc. It takes up an entire aisle--I am in Texas where it hasn't snowed any in at least 5 years--never enough to use a snow shovel. I didn't realize there were so many choices; and it doesn't look like they have sold any in a month.
  7. I find the most difficult part of preparing for a potluck not the actual cooking but the transportation. Living in a big city, the travel time can be long and it is difficult to keep a dish at the correct temperature. Or, I am going to the potluck from another event and cannot keep the dish at the proper temperature. We have had somewhat the opposite problem at a Christmas event the last few years. The organization provides BBQ meat and asks for people to sign up for vegetables, desserts, salads, bread--people sign up for lasagna, ham, sausage, and chili as a vegetable. We end up with lots of main dishes, appetizers and desserts--no fruits or veggies.
  8. DH went to Baylor--he had moved at least every two years growing up, so going to college was settling down for him. He enjoyed Waco. We both have relatives who live in Waco and really like it. For people looking for a college town atmosphere, it can be a good choice.
  9. If the university that has more active student life is primarily students living on or near campus, I think it would be hard for him to be too involved in all of that if he is commuting an hour each way. Many of the activities will probably occur in the evenings or on weekend. I think it would be easier to get involved as a commuter student at a campus that is primarily commuter students.
  10. Although TCU does not have Latin, it is a school where many students find it easy to double major. DS is a philosophy major there, so if does become interested in TCU and has questions, let me know.
  11. I wide scarf can be used in the summer to cover bare arms if she goes into an area with AC and is cool. In cooler time periods it can be worn with a black cardigan to add some color and variation.
  12. I would be very interested in knowing what your daughter (or anyone else) thinks would be a fair and uniform policy. I have been teaching at the collegiate level for over 30 years, and IME the problem has become more difficult to manage in recent years. Very little of the issues I experience come from athletics, although some sports require students to miss class more than others (e.g. baseball players miss many classes during the spring semester) I was teaching a compressed summer course that meet five times this summer. Before the class had started I had heard from at least half of the class that they planned to miss at least one of the class meetings. The reasons ranged from going to their destination wedding (and missing 3 classes) to having surgery to traveling for work to family vacation to job interviews to a project for another class... About a third of the class was planning on missing at least 2 classes--40% of the class meetings. Even doctor's excuses have become problematic. I had a student go to the emergency room before the first exam in a class and was discharged without any treatment; second exam comes along, the student goes to the emergency room again. With scanners and copy machines it is easy for students to produce fake/recycled doctors' excuses.
  13. Personally, I found Southwest Airlines the most difficult airline to fly when I had toddlers. The first people to board take all of the aisle seats; then I was trying to climb over them with the kids. At times there wouldn't be seats together for me and my toddler. I found that they catered more to business travelers who were used to traveling short, frequent distances and were not necessarily young children friendly. This would probably differ depending on what the route you are taking is. It sounds as if you have connecting flights. If so, I would spend some time learning about the connecting airport. Some airports have play places for small children, but they may not be available in each terminal.
  14. We have been in a rental for four years with a basic Whirlpool electric dryer and it works fine.
  15. Even if the 3 year old drinks from a regular cup, take a sippy cup or a cup with lid and straw. Ask the flight attendant to put any drinks in that cup. Trying to balance a baby, a toddler, an drinks during turbulence can be impossible. Be sure to have a change of clothing for yourself in your carry on in case a child spills on you. Are you able to "practice" or talk to the 3 year old about what to expect on the flight?
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