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  1. I have read the study and am trying to determine what conclusions can be drawn. The headlines suggest that 25% of those who have COVID have a condition 30 days or more later. But, in reading the study, there is a lot of description of these conditions by age group, but not relative to the incidence of those conditions in the general population. For only a few of the conditions are odds ratios given. For the cardiac inflamation, only one age group has an odds ratio greater than 1; for other age groups it is less than 1. Does that mean that although a percentage of people in that age group
  2. My father died in his mid-50's. He was found by a cousin on the porch of the old house in which he was born. He had stopped at the property on his lunch break to work in the garden and we think he laid down to take a nap and died from a heart attack. There was no autopsy.
  3. Both of my children had irons/ironing boards provided in the laundry room on their hallway. I know that at least one of their schools did not allow irons in individual rooms.
  4. We did not have a regular, consistent time for dinner. Timing of activities and work schedules varied from day-to-day. Also, the type of activity varied; there were some activities that people did not want to eat (at least a meal) beforehand. We would srive for each child to eat at least one meal with at least one parent each day rather than strive for the enitre family to be together at one particular time. And we focused more on a few meals each week in which the family was intentionally together.
  5. Admissions counselors are trained to read what is in applications (and look for what is missing). You do not need to bring attention to missing areas or weaknesses (or ask them to overlook those). You should emphasize the positive. At many selective schools, a "hook" and something that makes the students stand out and be memorable in a stack of applications is important. If she doesn't want to dance in college, I would frame her experience as something other than "commitment to dance" because the admissions counselor may think that it is really dance that she wants to do and will not
  6. I think this will vary quite a bit by industry. If a salary range was stated in the job posting and the interview is with a panel of people, I would not bring up salary unless it is mentioned first. I have been in situations in which a panel of people who might be working with the individual participate in an interview. People get to see how everyone might work together and all of those on the panel provide input as to strengths and weakenesses of candidates are who they think would be the best choice for the job. However, these people often are unaware of the salary specifics and have no
  7. One of my child's dorms only allowed 3M removable tape to hang things on the walls--NO NAILS. My other child's dorm did NOT allow removable tape and only allowed small nails.
  8. What about TCU in Fort Worth? It has a large nursing school and a dance major. The stats would put her in scholarship range.
  9. I had two kids at two different colleges (with different personalities) and their "must have" lists were very different--and even what was allowed and on the "must have" list at one school was not even allowed at the other school. One child's college had minifridge/microwaves in each room and students were not allowed to bring their own. One school allowed electric kettles, the other did not. One school had full long beds. One school had trash cans in the dorm rooms the other didn't...
  10. I am curious what guidance counselor would you copy when emailing a college professor? Is this referring to a high school student doing a dual-enrollment course? At any college I have ever worked at, there would be no counselor that would be appropriate for a student to copy on an email to a professor regarding assignments in a course or regarding the professor's response time to such inquiries. The department chair (or dean) would be the appropriate chain of command.
  11. There was not any specific age at which these things occurred. It depended upon the child, their desires, and the specific medical issue. By the time they were a teen I started asking what their preference was. I continued to make most of the appointments for DD through high school simply because she was in brick & mortar school and wasn't available for return calls, etc. during the day; she did not drive until college so she also knew she was dependent on DH or me and our schedules to drive her to an appointment. We used a pediatric practice that happened to be all female when o
  12. This is all good advice. I have had students use a non-university email to try to reach me and it has been blocked by an aggressive university spam filter. DS went to the university where I teach and is email is very similar to my university email--students would start typing an email address and autofill options would come up and they would click what looked similar to my email, but it was really my son's email; so the email would go to DS and not to me. It is difficult to know if an email did actually reach the intended party.
  13. Yes, I have had many times I am working with one student, or I am on a call with a student, when a student calls during office hours. I would expect the student who gets my voice mail to leave a message.
  14. I find that if I have that "can't eat because of the heat" feeling a big bowl of fruit is good--it can be refreshing and hydrating. Some yogurt can add protein. We also do: chicken salad, hot dogs, hamburgers on the grill, pasta with chicken. If kids are going to want something more substantial I will do something like taco meat or frito pie in the crock pot.
  15. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well 😞 I hope you get good test results and are feeling better soon!
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