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  1. Alan Greenspan popularized the use of the term "irrational exuberance" when he was Federal Reserve chair, in a speech he was giving in 1996. Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller has an excellent book entitled Irrational Exuberance. His 1st edition came out right about the time of the stock market peak in 2000. The second edition came out right before the financial crisis and was highly prophetic.
  2. If I were giving a friend like this advice, I would start with why she was reading the diary. Was there some reason that she was worried or concerned? Or, was she just snooping and prying? I am not sure what needs to "confronted" in the situation. It sounds more to me like a wakeup call for the mother that her daughter is not a small child; she has her own thoughts, interests, curiosities just like other teens, including Christian teens. There isn't necessarily something wrong that needs to be dealt with. The mother needs to be opening the lines of communications for parenting a teen.
  3. Austria--renting an apartment and visiting some of the smaller villages. The kids enjoyed doing things like going to the local park and tring different soft drinks at the grocery store.
  4. Because the extended warranty insurer totalled the car, does that mean that nothing else will be covered on that car under the extended warranty? I would look at it from the viewpoint of the total cost to drive the car. Would the existing car and any new car purchase have any significant differences in ownership costs--gasoline, car insurance, state taxes??
  5. This is a chart that shows the relationship between yield curve inversion and recessions. The vertical shaded rectangles indicate recessions in the US. Whenever the 10-year yield falls below the shorter term yield (In this chart the shorter term is a 2-year Treasury security yield), the blue line falls below zero. There have not been enough occurrences of this to have a large enough sample size to say that there is a statistically significant relationship. But, it has happened enough that it is something to notice and take as a warning sign. One reason that has been suggested for this relationship is that banks tend to borrow from their depositors short-term (e.g. you deposit your tax refund in your bank and then spend it on a summer vacation) and lend money long-term (e.g. you borrow money for 15 years to buy a house). Because banks are typically in this situation, it is difficult for them to be profitable with an inverted yield curve. When banks are not profitable, they can not make business loans that fuel the economy.
  6. I am sorry that you are going through all of this. This partially grown up and independent stage can be difficult to navigate and emotionally draining. On the bright side, it sounds as if he has his own car, is paying his own insurance, and is able to navigate an accident and insurance claim on his own at 18. Although many of his actions are not mature and do not demonstrate the type of behavior you would like him to show, this does demonstrate some important life skills that many 18 year-olds would have difficulty with. If he does want to be independent at this point, I would be in favor of changing the banking situation so that his checking account is no longer linked to yours. It has the potential of causing stress for you as you do see the balance when you log on and off to your own accounts, and the linking is probably not serving an positive purpose at this point if you are not planning to subsidize his life choices.
  7. Do I understand correctly that your son has a separate insurance policy from your insurance policy? Is his car titled in his name and your car titled in your name? I am not seeing any way that the insurance company would give him $ for damage to your car. You could make a claim through your insurance policy for the damage, and your insurance company will then try to collect from his insurance policy; If he has committed any type of insurance fraud they will be able to determine that. Is there any chance that the check deposited into his account is for something else?
  8. Although Ireland does not require an international drivers' license, a rental car company might. Or, even if the rental car company does not require an international drivers license, it can make the process of renting a car much faster if you have an international license. Check with your phone carrier to see what will be the best thing for you to do. You need to think through whether your major concerns will be staying in touch with each other in Europe, having a phone to make a call if you have an emergency like car trouble, that you want to call home, or that you want people from home to be able to call you. Depending on how you think you will use a phone, some options work better than others. If you have TMobile, you will probably have international coverage for texts and data--calls will have a per minute charge. It may be cheaper to pay a fee for an international plan with your current provider (and have a phone and number you know) than use an international phone or SIM card. Last year, Uber was not legal in Rome--I don't know if that is still the case.
  9. If someone paid you for the work, are you able to share that work with an outside party? Did the work include any data from the client that is private data? I would make sure that there were no confidentiality issues before sharing work you did for a client with the professor.
  10. It is fantastic that you have found this so rewarding and fulfilling. isn't it interesting how you can accidentally stumble upon a community or other support for your activity?
  11. For the most part, dinner was whichever of the parents was home that evening with the kids. DH and I each work one night per week during the school year. In the summer, however, I might have three weeks in a row where I am working every night. Then, we might be travelling for a month at a time where we ate every meal together for the month. I think that meals together serve two purposes--talking to your children and modelling good eating habits. In seasons in our lives where it was difficult or us to eat together, I tried to make sure that I had other opportunities for conversation (during a drive, over a cup of hot cocoa, taking a walk) and also that good food choices were available
  12. For the spouse who is no longer interested in the hobby, would any of the following work? a temporary break from the hobby, which might lead to recharged batteries and renewed interest a change in the way the spouse interacts with the hobby? Participating in a different way? a reduction in participation, but continued participation in a limited way to support spouse? an agreement to continue participating at a certain level in return for the other spouse to explore a new hobby or interest that is of interest to the disinterested spouse?
  13. I would encourage him to see exactly what information he does know about the range of grades on the first exam. A mean average grade provides little information. A mean grade of 50 on an exam, for example, could be that one person in the class made a "100", one person made a "0" and everyone else made a "50". Or it could be that half of the class made a "10" and half the class made a "90". Does he know either the median score or the standard deviation of scores? Or, does he have a distribution of scores, such as "5 people scored between 80 and 89..." ? This will let him know how he is doing relative to the peers in his class. To evaluate his situation regarding this major, he also needs to find out information regarding the past grade distribution for this class (this is info is provided at some schools) and what number of students go on in this major--are the number of slots limited?
  14. One of the main questions I have had as my children have discussed moving into apartment style living is whether these apartments are part of university housing. Is there a lease for a particular room or is there an apartment lease that all roommates are equally responsible for? What happens if one of the four does not return to the university? Will someone randomly be placed in the room or do the existing roommates have a say in who will be in the room? What happens if one of the students withdraws during the semester--can that student remain in the housing?
  15. I had a 70/30 split in a previous house and loved it. The contractor wanted to put the garbage disposal on the large side; i insisted that it be put on the small side. It was great to be able to have something soaking in the large side and still have access to a garbage disposal.
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