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  1. Sand could be used if he is putting in any type of brick patio or walkway, as a base under the bricks and then between the cracks.
  2. If you like what you have and it is working well for you, then it probably isn't worth it. I have several Staub (a competitor to Le Creuset) that I really like. They heat evenly; it is very difficult to get my current stove to heat at a consistent temperature, so it makes a difference to me. The lids fit tightly so it is good for self-basting, and they can go from stovetop to oven. But, they are going to be heavier than what you are used to
  3. https://www.southernliving.com/recipes/chicken-and-sausage-gumbo This is a fairly traditional gumbo recipe. It says to cook the roux until it is chocolate colored--I have usually heard until it is the color of a brown paper bag. For the hot sauce, I would use Tabasco sauce. For the creole seasoning I would use Tony Cahcere Cajun Seasoning--if that isn't a staple in your kitchen I can look up a homemade combo to use. I would let anyone who wants file added to add it themselves rather than putting it in the entire pot (it can give the gumbo a slimy texture that some do not like).
  4. What kind of gumbo? Chicken? Sausage? Shirmp? If you don't want to go to the trouble of making a roux, if you can purchase Tony Cachere or Zatarin's boxed mix to use as a base. A Cajun gumbo usually does not contain tomatoes; creole would contain tomatoes.
  5. Trick or Treating is allowed in our area, but people are being cautioned as to how to handle it safely. There are only a couple of houses on our block with elementary school kids. One of those families dropped flyers by all of the houses describing how they would be placing treats on a table, remaining at a distance, and restocking the table, etc. They mentioned how much the kids were looking forward to Halloween. I would like to provide a special experience for kids like that who might be Trick or Treating. We are seeing if we can come up with some design of sending candy down pvc
  6. I think much of this depends upon if it is set up by the professor/university as a place for student communication or if it is set up by students where anyone is allowed to join If there is an online group where anyone is able to join and can represent themselves to by anyone, I would not have an expectation of privacy; and I would be aware that other members of the group can easily share what I have provided in the online space with others.
  7. Yes, it has made all of the difference in the world in baking breads--getting the internal temperature correct rather than relying on thumping and listening for a hollow sound. It is also wonderful for cakes. And I have always been so scared of undercooked fish that I had a tendency to overcook it, until I had my Thermapen. I have even used mine to check pool and bathtub water temps.
  8. Slice and broil, then add to a black bean soup
  9. I am not clear exactly what the professor did in this situation. Was this something that the professor set up? Was it something students set up on their own? If so, how did the professor know about it? Were any university resources used? Those are some of the questions that would come into play to determine whether there was any type of guidance given for the behavior. But, generally there would not be specific guidance regarding a professor participating in a discussion group that is not officially part of the course without full disclosure of who that person is. If professors were not
  10. https://www.thermoworks.com/Thermapens I have the Thermapent Mk4. It gives an instant read. The angled design can be used from the left or the right without hold you hand directly above something hot. It can be used for meat and candy.
  11. I had never heard of Discord. I thought of discord being a lack of agreement--not a place for discussion. While I would agree that it would be a lack of ethical judgment on the part of a professor to engage in a student-created discussion group, posing as a student, I do not think it would be a violation of any university policy. I am sure that there are a number of students who participate in discussion groups and online forums where they are not 100% honest about who they are. One of the important lessons is to be careful in any online forum in that you really do not know who the
  12. DH went to the eye doctor last week; this was an important follow-up because he had a detached retina and surgery earlier in the year--not simply for eye glasses. Only patients were allowed in the waiting room. He said that seats were roped off to keep people from sitting in them. He was given a disk so that when he left his seat in the waiting room he placed in the seat; it said "do not sit here; this seat needs to be cleaned" The staff would then come sanitize the seat between patients before someone else sat in that space. All of the staff was masked and those who were close to him wer
  13. Last year was only the second time I had a flu shot and had what to me was a reaction, but the doctor said it was nothing to be concerned about (red knot that was sore and warm to the touch for about 5 days). After that, I was thinking I probably would not get one this year, and I wasn't wanting to go some place like a clinic to get one and wonder what else I was being exposed to. But, my university had an outdoor flu shot clinic with free shots and a sign up where there was no wait, so I got one a couple of weeks ago. No reaction at all this time!
  14. I would prefer more, smaller bathrooms to fewer, larger, multi-person bathrooms. I have a relative who had four boys and had a bathroom with several sinks, a shower, a bathtub with shower, and a toilet. It may have been nice when the boys were younger, but once the first got married and brought his wife home for the holidays, they started realizing the limitations. We added two bedrooms and two baths to a former house. The architect originally did two bedrooms and a Jack-and-Jill bath. As I looked at it, we had two sinks, two toilets, and one shower and a BUNCH of doors. With a sligh
  15. So, what happens if the hair isn't brushed? DD never liked her hair brushed and hated hair cuts. A big pony tail pulled held the knots out of her face many days. She went through a stage in elementary school where a bandana was a trademark and I didn't have to see the mess under the bandana. She is now a young adult and has survived (and spent the last year as an au pair for a girl who LOVES to have her hair done--so their interactions have been comical). It just wasn't worth my time and energy to be concerned about her hair when she wasn't. DS on the other hand begged to go to the b
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