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  1. If you do not mind humidity and swamps, I would suggest somewhere in the greater Houston area. You would have access to the city of Houston and the port andt the oil refining would lend itself to job opportunities. Houston does not experience the big tornadoes; tornadoes would be smaller, isolated events associated with hurricanes and other stormy weather conditions. If you want to consider the Fort Worth area, I would suggest looking west and south of Fort Worth (some place like Granbury) where you can get some land. You may also consider areas between San Antonio and Austin (areas around Wimberley perhaps.) This area is hillier and has more outdoor recreational opportunities.
  2. Bootsie

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    And in the linked author's case, school lunches, public education, and social services would not have necessarily made any difference. Much of what he describes regarding his childhood is associated with a particular educational philosophy, associated with particular religious beliefs.
  3. Bootsie

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Something I have wondered about is how widespread meals provided through the school system is worldwide. In the US, we have had a number of programs that have attempted to feed children in conjunction with the school system (to the point that some children eat 15 meals per week at school), but I have not seen this when I have traveled internationally. In most places I have visited students do not even eat lunch in a school cafeteria (much less breakfast and dinner). I have wondered if it is better to provide healthy meals through the school system or provide families with access to healthy food options.
  4. I just remembered that one of the cruise lines we went on would not allow any food or drinks at the muster station during the initial drill. (I don't know if this is a universal rule). You may see if you can be assigned a special muster station that is a bit more accommodating than the general muster stations
  5. Bootsie

    Ethics class - CC

    We have tended to expose our children to a wide array of ideas and arguments, thinking that is an important part of their education, but I know some parents who do not agree with this approach. Or, they may think that at high school their children are still not at a point developmentally to handle controversial topics. I have a friend who is what I would consider a fairly mainstream Protestant who teaches business at a Catholic university. She was participating in a campus-wide university class promoting liberal arts and critical thinking. Some of the readings used in the course were by Peter Singer; she was displeased with the tone of the materials. She was supportive of exposing students to a broader worldview, but thought there were better materials that could be used. Perhaps, in the case of her students, the materials were a bit too provocative for the starting place of the students. I haven't read the materials, so I don't know if I would have agreed with my friend's assessment or not.
  6. If your son finds it calming to suck on a straw, I would pack some straws or maybe a cup with a lid and straw that you can pour his drinks into. I don't remember seeing straws on previous cruises (because of environmental concerns).
  7. I enjoyed HAL; DD, my mother, and I went to Alaska as a graduation celebration for my DD. There did not seem to be as many activities for young people, but I did not go looking for them and it was mid-May when most schools were still in session.
  8. I would check with the cruise line regarding this special consideration. They will probably be able to provide some waterproof bedding solution. Most ships we have been on have do-it-yourself laundry, but we were on a smaller Holland America ship this past summer that did not have self-serve laundry available.
  9. There will be cups and water dispensers throughout the ship. You will probably need to either pour water from those cups or use the tap in your room to fill a Britta.
  10. I like to have a small lanyard style purse to put my room key and a phone in around the ship. Some cruise lines have the daily schedule available of on your phone. Or, you may want to carry a print schedule. The cruise line will tell you what you need to take ashore. Usually you leave your passport behind on the ship. But, you will need the room key of each person leaving the ship to get back on the ship (this way they make sure they have each passenger returning to the ship and your passport has been verified before departure for the cruise). Dry swim trunks and a t-shirt will be fine for boys for casual dining during the day on the ship. Changing into dry clothing will depend on how often he is going swimming and personal preference. Using the gym will depend on personal preference. Are you used to hitting the gym on a daily basis? Most ships have a walking track so that you can enjoy the fresh air and get in a good deal of walking. As far as the spa--that varies a good deal from ship to ship. Some ships have a steam room and sauna open for anyone to use; on some ships this will be coed and on other ships they will be single-sex. Some ships (a couple of Norweigan ships) have had large spa areas with cold plunge tubs, various hot tubs, and relaxation areas which have an additional fee (either daily or for the entire cruise). How crowded these areas are varies with the size of the ship, the itinerary of the cruise, and the demographics on the particular cruise. There will be a number of places on ship to get water. Water bottles cannot be refilled at the water dispensers for health reasons. Sometimes there are restrictions of bringing water bottles back onto the ship after an excursion if there is any water in it. You don't need to carry much around the ship with you. Everything is tied to your keycard; you do not need a wallet with you. If I want to take a book and a few other items around with me, I will take a drawstring style backpack. I simply lay those items in a chair near the pool or hot tub. I have never taken towel clips. The ship will have fresh towels for you to check out near the pool area and will provide towels for you to take ashore if you are going to a beach area.
  11. Would a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon on top help?
  12. Bootsie

    I think I am convinced to build

    HELOCS usually have higher interested rates than a mortgage, and HELOC rates are usually adjustable rates. But, you only pay interest on the part of the line of credit you have drawn. So, if you have a $20,000 HELOC and have only drawn $5,0000, you only pay interest on the $5,000. One of the factors to consider in determining what is cheaper in your particular situation is how long you are planning to take to pay off the loan.
  13. Bootsie

    Grad school -- where to start?

    I think that it is important when considering grad school to think about what you exactly you are wanting out of grad school and why you are pursuing a grad degree. Programs vary widely.
  14. Bootsie

    Workers Comp Questions

    Workers Comp procedures vary greatly by state. In my state, a doctor's office while often first ask "Did this occur at work" if there is any type of injury that a person is being seen for to make sure that it might not fall under worker's comp. If it is a work-related injury they want to make sure it is handled according to procedures
  15. Bootsie

    Cruise excursions--need advice!

    We did the America's Cup sailing challenge in Cozumel as a shore excursion. It was nice because you do not have to travel any distance from the ship to do that. You can be as involved in the crewing of the sailboat as you would like. The turtle farm at Grand Cayman was also a highlight with my kids. It can be enjoyable to remain on board the ship and enjoy the pool and other shipboard activities while everyone else is on shore. Have a great time!
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