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  1. So did you find out what it was? I must know!
  2. Fix It! is story-based, if you are also using IEW for writing as the books have kids finding the style techniques taught in IEW. This can be a distraction and confusing to kids not doing so. CAP Well-Ordered Language is written similarly to Writing & Rhetoric. It is like baby Shurley Grammar to me with jingles and a wordy sentence parsing script. And lastly, sometimes you just have to do it engaging or not. That is also a good lesson to learn.
  3. How about looking into miacademy/Clever Dragons? It's an online platform where you just print things. Hands-off and space.
  4. Either from k12 directly or look for used at the usual places. Sometimes Amazon has them.
  5. We are going a little lighter than most of you because I'll be launching another kid sometime this year. This a work in progress. Math: Horizons 2 (Looked at BA but he did not like the comics. Go figure!) ELA: McRuffy LA 1 & 2 w/ modern handwriting because he writes in UK cursive and that font is closest to it. Reading: Classic Starts series & MP as a bklist Science: RS4K Bk 2 (read only) & NLS (maybe) & COAH inventors series (maybe): I'm not sold on NLS. I hear it's pretty basic, but I need science in a box that isn't a collection of just books. It has to look like school, if that makes sense. History: I don't do history this young as I have found with the older 5 they had zero interest before age 9. Geography: something general about maps like EvanMoor or VP Legends & Leagues (That will take all of 5 mins. to read.). Maybe start memorizing the US. Art: Home Art Studio dvds, if I can find them. Otherwise, I don't know, but we need something planned weekly because he won't just do art/crafts on his own.
  6. @Servant4Christ- I will never teach Grade 1 again. I can mail you my laminated and magnet backed duckies, if you like. PM me.
  7. We are fine. Over by IAH here we had a lot of rain but not much wind. Our family slept through it! My friend in Tomball is on Centerpoint's grid. She isn;t going to have power for awhile.
  8. Lord of the Rings trilogy!! Hands down all-time family favorite. These have gotten me through so many things in my life. A Million Miles Away on Amazon Star Trek Reboots except Beyond Star Trek original even numbered movies: KHAN!!!! Star Trek TNG movies except Nemisis Almost all the Infinity Stone arc Marvel movies BBC Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice Ratatoille MegaMan Zootopia Star Wars, the originals and Rogue One TV Shows: White Collar Person of Interest Psych 80's Magnum PI We are a movie family.
  9. Dimensions and Singapore Primary both have video teaching, if that makes a difference to you. Dimensions is through sinagpore.com. Primary is through singaporemathlive.com.
  10. What she asked, @Lucy the Valiant
  11. I love that analogy, Anne! So true!
  12. Took me a bit but here you go! It is fantastic! I wish her book was still available.
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