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  1. THANK YOU. Im wondering how many labs will be in each semester? I guess I can email them and ask....And then I dont know if I should sign up for opent tent that includes there labs (they think they will have 5-10 labls for the year) Or for the WTM with extra labs
  2. Im sorry if this is a silly Q- I see the WTM chemistry class. I also see the lab portion. When signing up do you usually do both? Meaning at least 1 sememset of lab along w the whole chem class? Does the chem class itself not include the lab? In the past if we took science classes online it was one class. Ex- Chemistry and it included labs with it (albeit not enough!) But I do know in college when I took science I had to sign up for lab separate. Is that whats going on? I also dont understand the credits explanation. Is it 1 credit for the semester or 1 credit for the year
  3. Does anyone have a comparison between these two classes?
  4. Can someone give me links to help me teach my 7th grader the copia exercises. To be honest I am NOT strong in grammar and Im having a hard time explaining it and she is having a hard time doing it. She is VERY bright but this is tripping us up.
  5. Im looking for a youtube channel that I can put on for 10 or 15 min each day to reinforce math facts. It will give me time to use the bathroom and brush my teeth lol! I need something thats a series type bc I dont want to each day search for a new channel or video bc thats a waste of time . My 7 yr old is good in math but since he is dyslexic the math facts are hard! I know that will always be a struggle but reinforcing isnt a bad thing. THANKS!
  6. We are using WWE for the third year. I must say I love it. I just dont understand why we need to learn diagramming sentences. I ask my fellow HSers and they all say skip it. But they dont use the curriculum so Even though I value their opinion, there may be a reason for all this in the end and i dont want to skip what may be a beginning for future work like how last year we memorized all these lists and definition and now we are really utilizing them and i am so glad we know them.
  7. honestly she wants French only but i thought learning latin first would give her an advantage on learning another language.
  8. is it too much to teach a 2nd grader Latin at the same time as french? I was going to buy minums or something for a base and then start rosetta stone french when the minimus was done. or do them together. is that TOO much? should i skip latin and go straight to french?
  9. im not sure about the original post-er, but i was meaning narration only. Copywork is just like you, needs to be done right and I dont not look lol.
  10. wow my DD is 6.5 and the same thing! SHe doesnt spell well either and HATES to write but will do her narration by herself "dont look" she tells me. If I have her do a narration I get like half a sentence from her but if she does her own she will write so much. She is very good at punctuations even ones we havent formally taught yet like quotes. But her spelling is not good and her grammer not so great either. wondering if i should let her do it and then go over it togetehr and correct it like that. PS sorry for my own types and such. typing fast before baby throws oatmeal EVER
  11. This is great info and it seems that AAS will help with phonics rules Like you said the sounds of Y as well as spelling itself. Anyone know a place to get it cheaper or a discount code for it?
  12. I prob should have also said we do WWE1 and FLL1 and are almost done with both prob by mid march.
  13. My DD is is 6.5 today. She has been reading since very young and is about 7th or so grade reading level. I never taught her to read it just happened. You would think this is great but in some ways not as great. We never did word families or stuff like that and her spelling is all by sound which works some of the time but mostly not. So I need spelling but do I still need phonics? What would be good to use for this type of situations. I cant break out a book that says a says ahhh b/c she is like no way I know that I'm not repeating it! I want something without too much prep and
  14. how can I order with the group buy? where is that info? thanks!
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