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  1. I am looking at Horizons and Abeka for the last time for my 5 year-old. We have been using TGAB math but I am not liking it. What are the differences between them? I have used Abeka in the past with my older boys and always, always regretted not sticking with it. I left because I was wooed by a new shiny thing, or something I thought would work better, and just wanting the magical program I didn't have to teach (which I have grown and changed a lot in that area) so we left and I regret it immensely. I like the looks of Horizons and the teacher guide looks good enough for me. Abeka is what I am used to though and after everything else I have tried I still like their overall program better than anything else I've tried so far, that said I only use the workbook and will not be using the whole program, perhaps I'll get the guide to know a few things to teach ahead of time but that's it. I will be switching to Saxon at grade 5/4 so I am not concerned about the upper levels. Things I can't ell from the samples are how do they differ in how fast concepts are introduced? Do they teach in different ways, for example is one more conceptual? Is one more advanced than the other? Is Horizons easy to teach in the younger years without the guides? Lastly has anyone not used the guides (in 2nd and under) for Abeka and been happy with where their children ended up in math?
  2. I love these books! I looked at Emma serls but I liked these much better by C.C. Long (I cal it Longs Language) I have used it with 3 of my boys and they excelled so much using them I think my other two will go through them as well. first book grades 2-5ish: Part two grade 4-7ish:
  3. That seems really expensive, CRAZY expensive!
  4. I agree! It sounds like a great option I wish I had!
  5. I have not been homeschooling a long time but l was homeschooled all my K-12th grade and I think you're about right with current homeschoolers thinking they need a CO-Op. You don't HAVE to HAVE a Co-Op, you can homeschool successfully without one. The Common wealth group we were attending everyone there was 1st generation homeschooling family and thought that in order to have a successful homeschool you had to have a group to teach your kids. I think sometimes homeschoolers hate when people ask about socialization but a lot of them must be subconsciously worried about it because they put their kids in sooo many activities that aren't needful. Now I'm not saying that is the case for everyone but I've seen it over and over again in my area, and for the most part the people I see living that way are stressed out! Its okay to an "at home" homeschooler too, but most in my area seem to forget that. That said I strongly believe if its bringing more Joy and not Stress its worth it. I also think its a great thing for when kids can take classes you can't teach at home easily. I like the way you approach it by knowing and believing you don't need a CO-Op but it was something you tried and the added benefit fits well for your family. I just loved the message you DON'T have to have a Co-OP because I was told that over and over! my experience was stressful to say the least and overall not worth it so it was validating to be given permission to not "need" a Co-op from someone as experienced as SWB.
  6. This sounds like a better than most model to me. Its not all year or even all school year but adds in depth classes that are adding to the students lives. SWB said if the Co-op has more positives (well not exactly but pretty close) it is worth it. It sounds as thought yours is a good and positive thing for your family, and any sacrifice is not more than the positives of the classes for you guys!
  7. That is a good reason! Anything that brings Joy and not Stress I think counts as worth it, IMO.
  8. Thanks! I will be sure to check these out! He reads pretty well but I've never tested OTr checked him saying the words so I'll look into it.
  9. THANK YOU! We downloaded the program and he has been doing it for the last hour :0) I'll be sure to message you if we have any questions!
  10. Yes he mostly did though I worked on things at home too. I'll look into these resources for sure thank you!
  11. That sounds perfect! I like the pick and choose thing with no commitment.
  12. I think your experience falls into the worth it category. She mentions when the positives of classes in Co-op out weigh the negatives its worth it.
  13. I should have clarified a bit more. He is doing a 3rd grade grammar book but is not getting them all wrong. The first lesson he got maybe half but we did another page (same concept different exercises) and he got them all except 1. He can apply it to his own writing in some instances, just depending on the concept. We are going through it faster than normal we've just started this week and he's on page 75. We are skipping what he doesn't need. The 3rd grade comment was meant to state that is where we are not necessarily that he can't do it. I made the mistake of letting him do it on his own for the first 2 months and just did a reassessment last Friday that is when I realized he wasn't grasping it on his own. With me helping him for 20 minutes he seems to be getting it. I'm just frustrated that we are where we are and I didn't do that sooner. I am considering using this book from the well trained mind when we've finished this current book. they have 6 weeks free so I think I could get a good feel for it while looking for a used copy cheaper?
  14. Great points! I think I'll make a similar list of options for him.
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