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  1. I actually thought the same thing! I'm glad it wasn't me. I just got this today in my email though...so who knows?
  2. Well, we are using The Good and Beautiful and quite happy with it. My son is doing well we've used their Prek, Primer and Level K (Level K is more 1st grade in reading difficulty). Before that I always used sing spell read and write readers, 100 easy lessons, and copy work. Its served my older 3 well!
  3. I can't say I'm surprised its shutting down the few I'm in have been DEAD. But still its the end of an age ❤️
  4. According to my profile I've been hear 5 years but Its really been longer I lost my old login info and created a new one, lol! Its been a good 8 years since this is the forum I started with when I was trying to decide to homeschool. Facebook has its place for what I want but this board is my go to for real in depth advice, for info on curriculum that is not the new shiny stuff, for people who have been homeschooling for a long time and not the last 2 years. Its really the best I hope it never goes away!
  5. this is a minimalist Catholic curriculum guide it has a lot of different catholic resources in the supply lists, maybe it will be helpful to you! https://sacredbythesea.blogspot.com/p/salt-light-curriculum-supplies.html?fbclid=IwAR2AzlxM5WxuzO6gOsxGjp7U8tra72B1uXaVAoMn3G0Q7HQtTPC0UIAbeQY
  6. I get what you're saying its hard! I have a smaller age gap but for my younger 2 I have had to make new friendships with moms whose oldest are their age. Its a little hard at times but I honestly have come to enjoy their enthusiasm I have lost a bit for my younger kids, lol! Also I agree not all younger moms are the same. I was a mom more or less to my younger 3 siblings so when I had my first it wasn't a hard transition and I had a lot more experience with all kids ages than most moms my age and in the same stage, I still do and often relate to older moms than my own age or stage.
  7. I'm not sure this will fit your criteria but Boy of the Pyramids talks about slavery but not from the slaves perspective. A boy buys a slave with his own money and goes into that a bit.
  8. What about right start math? It is full of hands on stuff from what I've heard.
  9. If its only short term you may like Math lessons for a living education (you will need to do the assessment), I do not like it as a stand alone curriculum but for short term and something different it could work very well. It is also under $40 possibly even under $30 for everything. I am using The Good and beautiful math for my coming on first grader but it does have manipulatives, and isn't cheap (@$100) but you could just get the math box and use the games and such to add a measure of fun to her math. I'm guessing you'll need level 1/2 box. Its about $45 I want to say? Also there
  10. "I pledge Allegiance to the flagof the United States of Americaand to the Republic for which it stands,one nation under God, indivisible,with Liberty and Justice for all." Doesn't that explain it?
  11. I think overall TGAB is about like any other curriculum, some will love it, some hate it, it will work great as is for some and not for others. I have used a good lot of different publishers, they all have a fan club, and they all have needed tweaking. Academic wise I think it is good, better than many, and certainly not the best. It is easy to use and a good price point which is what I look for. That said, overall for "MY" family we have needed to tweak less than any other curriculum I've used. I am finishing our year with confidence and no regrets, not one, which is rare for me. I am ha
  12. Place value is important. I'm honestly surprised they didn't understand it, they go over place value everyday in K and 1 (I'm assuming 2 as well but never have used it). You're probably right that they might not have used it to its fullest potential, the lessons are not short so they might have skipped a lot. We used math lessons for a living education for 2 years and that was pretty sparse on many topics I'm so glad we switched, lol!
  13. It is considered a spiral that's probably why it felt like it skipped a round. I've not used any level other than K so it will be interesting to see what I think later. So far I was really impressed with the K level, my son already knows place value where as my older kids didn't get that understanding (through public school) till 3rd I want to say. I'm glad you pointed your experience out though so I can keep an eye on it!
  14. TGAB math? TGAB math only goes up to level 2 currently (other levels are coming out soon) and I think its little behind or on grade level depending on where you are, but the instruction is solid. It really is similar to Saxon K-3 but not as incremental, is in color, and a little easier to use though not any shorter in lesson time.
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