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  1. I haven't read the other comments but I don't think its that big of deal. Ice cream before lunch won't kill anyone. Farting loudly while not exactly good manners isn't such a big deal to me either. I teach good manners at home but its also okay to be a little crazy sometimes ;0)
  2. I would get rid of the phone, have her get a job with more hours, stop paying for any of her hobby and leave it completely up to her (if she is as you say she needs that whole responsibility to help her grow). If she continues with her job now the boss can text you or just get a flip phone its not such a bad thing. Honestly I think she's old enough to work more if she wants things beyond basics that includes activities. Maybe that would help. My sister was a similar girl and has never grown out of it now dragging her two (soon to be 3) kids into her problematic world. My parents did not take away her phone, or anything, and it made problems much worse imo.
  3. I think if you look around for recipes you'll find what you need. I have friends who eat that way and know I've read blogs of people who eat that way so there are recipes out there just look and type gluten free. Also there are many gluten free items and flours available even at Walmart now so it shouldn't be to hard, I hope anyways! About protein you really don't need much. Especially in a added protein powder.
  4. For us Saxon has been the quickest math we've tried. I have my son do all the new practice problems (none of the ones at the beginning in the box) and then choose odds or evens. Its working and doesn't take that long compared to CLE or MM, lol! Have you looked into simply Charlotte masons new math curriculum? It looks lovely and very much like a vintage program but with more modern language and a new community, plus the author is still alive and very involved with questions. the site has ample samples and a dvd showing you how to teach if you need it.
  5. What is it about the later levels you don't like?
  6. So far I have used the Pre-k, the typing, and a few lessons into Math K. I really like what we have used so far. I am planning on doing the History as a family this fall and a few of the science units. I may have my highschooler use High-school 1, and my 10 year-old do level 4 as well. Oh and I am for sure having my Kindergartner do the Level K or Primer K. From what I have seen there are things I may not like (like diagramming and art) but I think I can skip those easily from the samples. Also levels 1-5 are free so download them and go through it before buying anything to see if it really fits your style. I have downloaded them and have gone through them a few times and like it more each time I go through it.
  7. You should read The Ultimate Resource". People are the hope of the future. Everything we learn, become, and do can make a difference. Teach your kids that!
  8. I have been using these games and ideas for my 5 year old ( we started them when he was 4) she has a bunch of free printable games I've also been using these games from here and he's loving them! Particularly the raspberry game. I only printed 1 of each since its made for a classroom. If he likes those games and progresses then I would move to readers like bob books.
  9. Thanks this will help us decide!
  10. I don't think administration is in his plans. I think he would be amazing he has a talent for things like that! We were on him getting his master's and that would open up that option if hex wanted to go that way.
  11. You seem to have had the same experience as we have, I'm sorry!
  12. Thank you! Your message has brought tears to my eyes, it was nice to hear acknowledgement about the burnout with what he's doing ❤️
  13. The pay is pretty well for part time but is not enough to live off and really no way to turn into his own business.
  14. He loves teaching but I think he's getting burned out from the administration. Let's just say teachers are worth little and the vice principal told him that he can have his pick of teachers anytime, so they don't are about what teachers think in essence. They actually don't have teachers lined up because there is a constant shortage but if that's what they then Ookkaay! Anyways I do think we are looking for a completely different career. My dh is 35 I have no idea if that is "old" or not, lol! I like that idea too we'll have to look into it. Also he does have a summer job and an after school job what we make is after working those 2 jobs plus teaching.
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