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  1. If its only short term you may like Math lessons for a living education (you will need to do the assessment), I do not like it as a stand alone curriculum but for short term and something different it could work very well. It is also under $40 possibly even under $30 for everything. I am using The Good and beautiful math for my coming on first grader but it does have manipulatives, and isn't cheap (@$100) but you could just get the math box and use the games and such to add a measure of fun to her math. I'm guessing you'll need level 1/2 box. Its about $45 I want to say? Also there are Kumon workbooks that are nice and not too expensive with no manipulatives.
  2. "I pledge Allegiance to the flagof the United States of Americaand to the Republic for which it stands,one nation under God, indivisible,with Liberty and Justice for all." Doesn't that explain it?
  3. I think overall TGAB is about like any other curriculum, some will love it, some hate it, it will work great as is for some and not for others. I have used a good lot of different publishers, they all have a fan club, and they all have needed tweaking. Academic wise I think it is good, better than many, and certainly not the best. It is easy to use and a good price point which is what I look for. That said, overall for "MY" family we have needed to tweak less than any other curriculum I've used. I am finishing our year with confidence and no regrets, not one, which is rare for me. I am happy and excited to start our school year up again in the Fall which is another rare thing.
  4. Place value is important. I'm honestly surprised they didn't understand it, they go over place value everyday in K and 1 (I'm assuming 2 as well but never have used it). You're probably right that they might not have used it to its fullest potential, the lessons are not short so they might have skipped a lot. We used math lessons for a living education for 2 years and that was pretty sparse on many topics I'm so glad we switched, lol!
  5. It is considered a spiral that's probably why it felt like it skipped a round. I've not used any level other than K so it will be interesting to see what I think later. So far I was really impressed with the K level, my son already knows place value where as my older kids didn't get that understanding (through public school) till 3rd I want to say. I'm glad you pointed your experience out though so I can keep an eye on it!
  6. TGAB math? TGAB math only goes up to level 2 currently (other levels are coming out soon) and I think its little behind or on grade level depending on where you are, but the instruction is solid. It really is similar to Saxon K-3 but not as incremental, is in color, and a little easier to use though not any shorter in lesson time.
  7. I have now used Level Pre-k, Primer, Level K, Levels 3,4,6, and high-school 1. I have also used history year 1, science units arthropods & sexual maturation. Handwriting K and 5. I really Love it! That's not to say its perfect but it hits everything I have wanted to incorporate but could never make it doable with 5 kids. The LA is great, just enough to be challenging but not so long my kids refuse to do it. I love the way reading is a mix of phonics and sight words. I love the varying activities and so does my Kindergartner he gets pretty excited over them and they really are NOT what I would have thought was fun, lol! That said its not perfect but I make it work whenever there isn't a fit for our family. I am thoroughly impressed with the way older kids are encouraged to be independent but in such a way that I still know full well what they are doing. That was a really hard thing to keep track of in other programs we've used, including my own. The writing instruction is gentles and I think good at explaining what needs to be done, and thi is from someone who doesn't get writing easily but suddenly I feel like I have an idea what I'm doing and looking for in their writing. The geography is good, it maybe could be better but its intertwined into the levels so there is more than you might think at first glance. I actually like that the religious view is so neutral despite being a strong Christian I like being able to teach my own beliefs and not feel like the curriculum is teaching it. honestly, religion is not really there other than mentioning God and him creating the world, just very basic beliefs of christian and its not like Abeka or Christian light where I felt a little drowned by all the christian talk. Highschool was one I did not like at first but have come to really appreciate and like, it was harder for me to grasp but I think that is a general thing I would have experienced with my first highschooler and not the curriculum. The history is something we actually finished and all my kids said they liked it better than anything else we've done. It goes through all history in 1 year focusing on different points each year cycle. The lessons are only meant to be 2x a week and the older kids do their own studies on other days based off their student explorers. Now it is a very conservative view but I found it a great jumping off point whenever it was more so than I believe. Also because it is only 2 days a week we could spend time on points of history they were more interested in without feeling like we were rushed. Lastly I was impressed with the highschool books, they weren't easy reads like so many programs I've seen and they included projects that were everything from hands on to writing essays. I've heard a lot of people say its not enough for highschool and I will say they haven'e seen the explorers for those ages in depth enough if they are saying that. Science was kind of hit and miss with the 2 units we did. I picked Arthropods because my 10 year-old loves them but he knew so much it just wasn't as fun (not really the curriculum's fault) but my younger 5 year-old loved it. The sexual maturation is not like their other units so I can't really judge on that though we have really liked everything they taught. Handwriting is GREAT! and I'm not really sure why, lol! I wish they had more pages is my only complaint. Oh and I kinda think the level K was a waste but that could just be my kid. All that said tgab does have a booklist which I've enjoyed I found some great books I've never heard of that we have liked. The not recommended ones I have taken with a grain of salt some of my favorites are on that list, lol! But her listing why she doesn't recommended it has been extremely helpful in me deciding whether its something I want to try or not, I also can see point to discuss if my kids want to read it so I still find it very helpful. Like I said its not perfect and I have tweaked things to fit us but I would do that with anything we use. Overall I'm happy with it. The fact that my autistic son is reading better than ever and understanding what he is reading without constantly complaining (not that he NEVER complains because that's not going to ever happen) is great! ETA: I forgot I have also used level K math and am so impressed with it! My son thinks about math in real life guys <3 I have never had that with any of my other kids and its so cute! TGAB math only goes up to level 2 currently (other levels are coming out soon) and I think its little behind or on grade level depending on where you are, but the instruction is solid. It really is similar to Saxon K-3 but not as incremental, is in color, and a little easier to use though not any shorter in lesson time.
  8. My son is on the autism spectrum, and while he does not have dyslexia or dysgraphia, he does have some memory challenges and does not grasp abstract problems easily (We are not quite sure what his exact issues are despite being evaluated many times). For us Saxon has been a lifesaver! The constant review has helped a lot, as well as the drill sheets. Oh I also have him copy the problems down on graph paper and that has helped SO much! We use it like it states because that is what my son needs. But Here's the thing you can make it work for you no matter what the book says. You could just do the main lesson and focus on those practice problems or do every other problem. Really the ways to make it work are endless. I have noticed the 3rd editions and up have more practice of the current lesson.
  9. I don't know about Usborne but Julia Rotham books are secular that is most likely what she has an issue with. I've heard that from a few homeschoolers now, I think they look great!
  10. I put everyday no matter what but I o use mascara that often.
  11. I got 4 reams for $8.41 with shipping! AWESOME!
  12. I do think it was fair overall. I did feel that the high-school was made to look more full than it is, that was my only complaint.
  13. Cathy Duffy recently reviewed gather round. It is the first time I am realizing to be leary of her reviews. she was only given 1 unit to review but did say that and I loosely quote "that she can't quite tell the scope without the full course" amidst a lot of praise which didn't seem like a great thing, in my mind anyways. Also she mentions all the the publisher intends to add in the curriculum in the next year and says it is really fast building those subjects (in a positive way) but to me as an experienced homeschooler that raised some red flags, it wouldn't to a newbie though. Anyways, overall I think she was fair but I also realized (because of my own research) to be leary of her reviews since she really made it look more full for highschool than I found in actual practice.
  14. For me it is their claim that many religions are "CULTS" They advertise it quite plainly and I'm talking several, Catholic, Jehovah Witness, and Mormon to name a few. I read their "free" sample that has the chapter talking about this and it really bothered me because much of it was false or twisted (I am not Jehovah witness for example but have friends that are and what they said really was slanted). They are blatantly against any view they disagree with and are rude when discussing it. I was also in some of those facebook groups and was very disappointed in how much they delete. I mean the reason something doesn't work for someone might be the reason it would work for me, kwim? That said I would possibly use something if I really felt it was good but so far nothing has yet been that good.
  15. Finding a workbook for prealgebra or algebra isn't going to be easy, that said I am letting my son write in the saxon book for similar reasons, but he had to rewrite the problems nearly every time anyways because they simply don't fit or work in a workbook setting anymore. SO I think what 8fillstheheart says is right he needs to start writing them down.
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