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  1. I talked with Art Reed and he tested out of 5/4 and it was so easy he was bored which was causing problems on its own. We are using the Art Reed DVDs which is why he's doing much better overall. We went over it with my friend and I think he's actually doing okay now. The things she pointed out I didn't see and since have really been focusing more with him and he's doing much, much better now! We may try a different algebra when we get to that point but for now I feel Saxon is filling in Gaps and is overall working better than other things we've tried.
  2. I thought I'd update any of you following. I had my friend who is my math hero look over some work from my son and we went over problems together with him and me both there. She pointed out 2 things that he messed up on, 1 his hand writing has him mixing up numbers for example his 6 looked like a zero and he later wrote it like a zero so his answer was off. Next he was dropping zeros and forgot to add them later. Those were the main things that he was doing and I hadn't even noticed! It was a big help and he isn't as bad off as I thought after going through everything with her. Thank you all for your help!
  3. I am enjoying this thread a lot, not because I know much of what any of you are talking about, but because I am loving the idea that even though I don't understand math now I still can and help my kids. I am one who did not get any instruction on math my parents believed that if we wanted to learn we would on our own, they had books upon books and we were supposed to just read them or let them know that we wanted to learn more and even then it was hit or miss if they helped us (either by getting a tutor or a new book even). As a result the most math instruction I had was at 13 and I wanted to know more so I went through 1/2 of Saxon Algebra 1/2 all by myself, it only lasted a few months but I learned a lot in that time. I don't conceptual math but I'm trying everyday to teach something I just don't get and I am having successful results. I have found a math curriculum that is teaching me how to teach and I am pleased with it and I hope to better myself for my last 2. Anyways keep discussing because I am learning things and I am excited to see where you guys go in this conversation!
  4. I want to add The Good and The Beautiful for easy open and go curriculum. It cover English, writing, grammer, spelling, geography, art, (there might be more I'm missing) and they have math for K-2 coming out with more this summer, Science is also covered. It is very open and go but thorough. It is christian but honestly secular families could easily change compared to many others I've used. Also want to add Christian Light education it is also open and go and easy to get started with.
  5. Thats good to hear! I can't seem to find if differences between the first edition and others are big enough to want to new one. They have added a lot for sure and the newest one is color but I just wonder if the older one would be good and worth the less cost, lol! I probably wouldn't know the difference since I've never used either I suppose.
  6. Has anyone used the first edition of all about reading level 1? I have an opportunity to get it and am wondering if it is good?
  7. Thank you for the offer! I can't think of a problem off the top of my head but when I come to one maybe I'll take you up on some help! I think I may need to do the lessons with him more...which is hard but I read the last two and helped him work them (I actually did know what to do when I read it, lol!) and he didn't miss one problem both days. I just need to be more present and carve out time from the other 4 to help him more in this area I guess. (I promise I don't just leave him to it alone its just there is SO much going with the 5 kids he often starts before I can help him.
  8. Thanks that's been my top consideration and still is. I think he would do well with it!
  9. He struggles with switching decimals to fractions, multiplying them, dividing them, and changing them to percents. I did review what the book said yesterday and showed him examples (I have no idea what I'm doing but I copied the examples on a piece of paper) like they showed and it clicked for him. He does watch a video before doing the lesson and that has helped IMMENSELY he went from over 50% wrong to getting about 7-8 wrong every lesson! I'm thinking maybe I'll try a decimal/fraction percent topic book for the rest of the semester and see if that helps cement it. Saxon has gotten better in the time we've used it but I can he may do better with something else.
  10. I'll look into beast academy, that one scares me! But I'll go through it thoroughly and see whats there. A tutor in this area might be difficult to find, and one who is good like you mention even harder. This area is not a great place for those types of things but I will do my best to find one!
  11. He's struggling with decimals in every aspect pretty much except adding/subtracting them. Some with fractions in the multiplication, going from decimal to fractions, and just knowing when to reduce or not. Yes. When we tried every other he did a lot worse.
  12. I know teaching textbooks won't work we tried that for a couple lessons and both hated it. I'll look into the other two!
  13. I can't remember what AOPS stands for? I will look into it. I am so glad you said he has high potential I have been feeling so down about it all and this really was nice to hear. I've honestly never considered a tutor, I just never thought about it! I will see if there is anything available here. Thank you for that suggestion!
  14. My 12 year-old 7th grader is struggling with Saxon math. We have done some of 5/4, all of 6/5 and half of 7/6 and he is still struggling. He is bright but hands on type of learner, loves puzzles and is good at them. Give him a thing to build and he can do it instinctively great and loves reading instructions to do it as well. What we are struggling with is he doesn't get Saxon, he never knows when to do what even though he's learned the concept for 3 years (I'm thinking its the fact the Saxon does things in increments and he needs the whole picture). I love saxon and it is going great for my other two but for him its not working. What option are there? I am planning on doing saxon through the end of this year and trying a few different things to help but next year I think we need to move on to something else if he is continually having the same issues. Would Math-u-see be an option? Or Principles of Mathematics? I would like something he can do with the help of videos or independent as can be as I am not able to help much (I can't do the math), my husband and oldest can help when needed but its not always on the spot. What we've tried in the past so you can get an idea of has worked and not worked: MLFLE 3,4,6 he did very well in these till book 6 when there wasn't enough explanation for me to help him and him to understand. /He literally thrived and when he was in public school his 5th grade year his teacher had him teaching a small class to help other students because he was ahead and explained things so well. CLE: HATED it and didn't remember anything because the lessons were so long and the review too much and I think it was to much like saxon. Math Mammoth: He didn't get enough review and there were too many problems. he didn't retain much Any ideas?
  15. I used letter factory dvd and added some games I printed from this list here I picked 2 alphabet games and 2 counting games at first, I added a couple more when he was tired of the first ones. We then added Rod and Staff ABC books we only got through the first three before he was ready to move on to a something a bit more. We went to The Good and Beautiful Pre-k Program (I wouldn't have started with it because it seemed to move too fast) and then their Primer-K program. It seemed to work great for him and I am happy with his progression! ETA: There was a point when all things had to be dinosaur so I found some free stuff on teachers pay teachers in that theme with basic skills for preschool. I set the timer for 15 minutes and rotated through 2-4 activities then we were done for the day! Also I tried to read to him 10 minutes or so a day.
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