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  1. Ha, I remember Vegsource! Those were the days 😊
  2. What are the ages for Pencil and Pen? I used to have it written down but can't remember.
  3. I need you to write a book or blog with pictures and details of what you do!
  4. The good and beautiful would be a great fit! The lessons are short and varied.
  5. I've only been able to do small amounts of ETC because it's really dry and repetitive. I'd drop it and see how cle goes without using it! It's okay to drop something and only use cle.
  6. This must be why I love coming to this forum when I have questions! There are so many experienced homeschoolers here 😊
  7. I miss the camaraderie of those days too! In person and online.
  8. I agree! I'm a second generation homeschooler and always am sad to hear that sentiment as well. Homeschoolers definitely have a different view today than when I was young! We had never heard of co-ops or outsourcing in the 90's in my area 😆
  9. I just wanted to get a feel for how long y'all have been here! I joined years ago (lost my account a couple time though) but overall it's been about 10-11 years. What about you?
  10. I'm so sorry about your situation and how things are going! Have you considered family therapy for the two if you to learn to work together? Also, What steps are you taking for your mental health? When I gave felt this way in the past I needed some extra help with personal therapy and an antidepressant to get me through it. It's okay to need those things and it's not a bad thing to get medical help.
  11. I have only used Sonlights history and literature but I really love it! Its feel so relaxed and the stories are the best part! Like others have said don't be a slave to to whatever you use, let it be a tool!
  12. Language arts tgab level 4 Art tgab Spelling tgab and dyslexia tutor Math tgab level 5 History Sonlight C with 5th grade readers & Little school of smiths Adventure to a new world Science Gods design Heaven & Earth
  13. I would drive my kids at least one way if they went to public school (actually some do and that is what I'm doing). Breakfast and lunch are free here (though it is super unhealthy) At our elementary school there are fundraisers at least twice a month. FroYo Friday to support teachers classrooms which is $5 each month (kids are looked down on and feel bad if they don't get it). All field trips cost the normal price no discounts so anywhere from $8-$12 for each one and there are several a year New backpacks School supplies Classroom snacks Teacher gifts (so at least 5) for Christmas, Mothers/Fathers Day and Teacher appreciation day. Random events that are usually around $5 per person Thanksgiving meal for family at school during lunch $5 per person All in all I spend quite a bit of money with my kids in public school! I think it actually is a bit more expensive for me than homeschooling. If you throw in my added stress from all that schools require, driving, always having at least one kid I have to pick up for sickness or something, homeschooling wins 😉 ETA: I didn't even include sports fees because I figured either way we'd do them. However, there are other fees in each class like lab fees, band fees, ect. Depending on what kids get in their schedule. Also I'm not including my salary IF I were working because I've always had at least 1 or two that would require daycare if I worked which would cost more than anything I would bring in. Even now I'd need half day of daycare if all my kids were in school.
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