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  1. I haven't heard of Marion Bradley. I'll look at that for sure it sounds along the lines I'd like!
  2. This option sounds better and better! I'm definitely going to looking through Derek Owens!
  3. I don't want to have them do it with my younger kids. By independent I mean mostly on their own, I don't mind grading and over seeing (my husband is also a science teacher so he likes to check things and do the experiments with them) but I don't want, and really can't, be super involved. Hopefully that makes sense.
  4. I don't know about the other person but AAS goes over rules in a very systemic way and it really helps kids who thrive with that kind of instruction. Its all mastery based so it can take as little or long as needed.
  5. What is DO's physics I can't seem to find anything on it? It sounds reasonable priced!
  6. I am looking into independent programs opposed to family ones for 9th grade and up. I do not want to pay hundreds of dollars but want it to be quality. Is there such a thing? Tell me what have you used for those ages and subjects (regardless of price) I want to start researching for my next 2 coming up.
  7. I would do all about spelling and then he would get spelling but also cover the phonics he doesn't know. they recommend starting after AAR level 1 so if he can read that well I'd give it a try!
  8. No. I've talked with many people who have used it a variety of ways and been successful.
  9. CLE is quite long I thought I'd like and my son chose it but there was SO much we ended up switching back to Saxon.
  10. "it does NOT tell you nothing" I actually agree. I just think too much is put into the scores on the whole. " I’m not making much money at all 🙄. I guess I don’t really evaluate my education by the money I make..." I don't value education by money either but some do, I was simply pointing out that "uneducated" people in the terms of a test can still make a good living. "I think kids deserve a good education, period." I do agree that kids deserve a good education and I am doing more schooling for my kids than I was raised with, much more. But I also think to enforce more testing isn't the answer. How to encourage others around us to want to do more? I don't know, but force isn't the answer. I think in a perfect world where there is no politics with public schools being afraid of homeschoolers (and vice versa) there would a symbiotic relationship between the two. As for the way it is now, you can’t do anything, but help those in your circle and try to influence them to do the best they can.
  11. I do think the thought line is leaning toward testing too much in this thread. The test doesn't tell you anything about what the child knows other than simple facts, and it certainly doesn't show how proficient they will be as an adult. There are plenty of kids in Public education who know as little as the kids who are minimally educated at home. The fact is no one can force a kid to learn and no one can force a family to care if they don't, not in public school and not at home. Ideally the best thing for kids would be to have parents who care and take time with them. SO maybe instead of putting these "tests" on kids they should have parents be enrolled into parenting classes to be a parent (or to homeschool) and if the parents don't show they are learning or get good scores then they can't parent.... Isn't it ridiculous to say that? So why are we putting all this on the kids? The fact is its parents who are responsible. But the focus is usually on how if the kids test within a certain "score" then everything is good, when they are not what is responsible for low scores. * I AM NOT BEING SERIOUS ABOUT PARENT TESTING* I am trying to show a point that its silly to have kids test when they are KIDS. No test in the world can show what they are capable of beyond a multiple choice test. I know first hand that kids who are not schooled at home, and don't go to school, can become as good or better than kids who were taught much more. My siblings were minimally taught yet, any of us who have gone to college has done very well, they even earned scholarships! Some have started successful businesses and they do quite well for themselves, especially compared to my husband who went to school K-12th, was on honor roll, won state scholarships and makes less than 50K, while they are living at a higher wage. This testing thing is silly and will not help.
  12. This is a very thought provoking idea! History through our lens of today by seeing the impacts of those choices first hand. What a great learning experience that could be! ❤️
  13. I love that you pointed out studying what they need to prepare them! I Always love your input Hunter ❤️ I know this forum is for twtm but I also am beginning to realize everyone's interpretation of that method (or any method) is different for each person and I am loving reading everyones responses. The ideas and formulations some use to figure if something is highschool level is fascinating to me! I tend to have thought in general what my highschoolers do is highschool level but I also want it to be indepth enough so all the ideas here have been great!
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