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  1. The good and beautiful is one a lot of people like. It does have a lot of manipulatives and games so if you're not keen on that you may not like it but it is great at teaching concept and holding your hand. I also would check saxon, christian light education, and rod and staff.
  2. WOW! Just WOW! This is so inspiring to me right now ❤️ thank you!
  3. I don't know about Saxon 3 but 5/4 and up use 100 fact sheets and not flash cards. IHT!
  4. I really don't understand this. They have artists from various countries and some of the artists are from before the Mormon church was even founded. For example, Edmund Alder is one artist they study in level 3 he was from Austria, if you look here his paintings look vintage not "mormon" Or Nikolai Bodarevsky from the Ukraine again nothing "mormon" there. Or Grace Carpenter Hudson who painted Pomo Native Americans those are only 3 but there are many others. Yes, they are looking for a certain type of art to go with the lessons, but they are choosing from a wide pool of them. Also, I keep seeing you comment whenever TGAB comes up on TWTM about how much you spent on the TGAB curriculum or how the pictures are "mormon" or how it just "felt" too mormon, and I frankly don't understand it. For one thing the levels 1-5 are free to download so why would anyone pay a bunch of money for it without checking it out first? And another thing the paintings are not anything but trying to show artwork that is beautiful and they have to use certain kinds since the elementary curriculum is basically free. I could understand someone saying "you know we tried it and it didn't work because of xyz" or "I just don't agree with their stance on what books to read and it was too much in the curriculum to stay with it." BUT to say it looks or feels "Mormon" (or any other religion) with no actual evidence is simply being a religious bigot, in my opinion. Use it or don't use it, but please stop commenting about how the "feeling" of this curriculum will influence and confuse children. PS. If you actually learned more about the "Mormons" maybe you wouldn't be so afraid of them
  5. I am actually considering getting the pdfs of the history next year so I can display them on our TV so we can see the pictures better. I really like pdfs ;0)
  6. We are using this for the first time We just started using tgab history this year and so far I like it! I'll first address the bolded part above first, it is not too lite for highschoolers. There are different student packs for each grade and the highschool grade is broken into 7-9 & 10-12th their assignments are far harder than what is in the book that the whole family uses. My son is currently reading from "Our young Folks Josephus by William Shepard" (it is a more difficult book) and other projects, plus an essay every unit. I feel it is not too easy by any means. I am adding a few lighter historical fiction books because my highschooler likes to read more than I can keep up with and I want him reading worthwhile stuff and not all the fantasy he leans too. As for the younger years my 10 year-old is LOVING it and asks every day if we are doing it! That said let me explain a bit more: Every day you do history (2-3 times a week is recommended) you practice your family memorization choice, and then read from the guide; sometimes it is an article, a short story, explanation with pictures to show or activity ( not all of these at once). Then you sometimes have a story in the Big Book of Stories, at times there are audio dramatizations to listen to, and you then have your read aloud. After that you have student explorers that have individual work, for the 7-12th grades it is everyday with something extra to read and projects that will need done by the end of the unit. For the younger years it is coloring pages, copy work, and for the 4-6 grades occasionally extra reading included in the pack (my 10 year-old does not like the student explorers because he hates "pointless work" and to him almost everything is "pointless", lol! But he does enjoy everything else). It takes us maybe an hour on a longer day but usually about 30 minutes, excluding my highschoolers assignments. I have done Story of the world and quite liked that as well but what drew me to tgab was the fact my K-9th grade kids could do it all together. Story of the World just couldn't do that without a lot of prep on my part for the older kids. The other thing I like is that they go through all of history in 1 year! We got pretty bored after 2 months on ancient times and never finished the books before we moved on. This way we do Units of each major period and then move on after a few weeks and the next year, we will do the same thing with a different focus of a similar time. The history game for tgab has only been played once so far and my older kids LOVE the competitive part of it! however, my other kids did not like it one bit and it was hard since we didn't know a lot of the info on the cards yet, it was still fun to play with my older two despite that. As for the why other Christians won't use it is usually because Jenny Phillips is A member of The Church of Jesus Christ (aka: Mormon). I have yet to see any Mormon doctrine in the books but there is reference to Christian beliefs such as the Ten Commandments or what the Bible says. It is ran through a panel of many different Christian religions and they all agree it is non-denominational. There is a supplement for those who are a member of Jenny's Church and there are a few quotes from members of The Church of Jesus Christ though they are only good moral quotes and some of those quoted are famous for other parts of their life (such as the US Secretary of Agriculture, etc.), not to mention there are many people quoted from a broad spectrum of other beliefs besides. All that to say if you go to the website there is a good sample available, I would thoroughly look it over and see if its something your daughter will like. I felt the samples were true to what doing the curriculum is like so read it carefully! Good luck on finding a good fit ❤️
  7. I personally like (and my kids) saxon better than CLE because it is shorter but has all the review they need. BUT whatever you use YOU need to be present in the teaching and checking of work! I am assuming that since you used tt, and weren't aware until the end of the year of certain issues, that you weren't involved much (please excuse this if that is not the case). SO going forward you need to be more involved and be on top of what sh'e doing, I know its hard I have 5 kids and my 10 year-old needs a lot of help (he's asd and just hard) but I am finally learning that me being present is key no matter what we use! I hope you find what works!
  8. Off the top of my head I would say 7 is the biggest many 4's, 5's, and 6's. Though I am 1 of 12 so they know bigger ones are out there.
  9. I'd look at the samples on master books website they have ample enough to usually do a weeks worth of lessons. I personally think LLFLE is light in the work and below level. CLE is advanced so it depends on what you are going for.
  10. I have used a bit of it but skipped to the phonics portion (she does mention to do that if you feel it fits better) first. I have read countless reviews on their facebook page that kids are reading great using it but I feel it moves too fast as written you will most likely need to slow it down.
  11. McGraw Hill science grades 1-6 includes textbook, reading/writing and a Lab book: Under the home has science 1-4th grade Grades&layout=iconsonly&week=All Weeks All in one homeschool has 4 years of science: Science — Biology Science — Zoology Science — Earth Science Science — Phys/Chem Qscience of classic science has his Elementary life science course for free
  12. One other option for Saxon if you like it (other than being there to help) is to get a dvd that explains it (like dive or art reed) and then use Virtual Homeschool groups AYOP (at your own pace) free online course that automatically grades it. My son did so well with it last year! I felt it was much stronger academically then TT because of the way it does the answer portion.
  13. Well I made the plunge and told them I won't be back this year. I simply said that it didn't feel right for us and I felt strongly I needed to focus on my family, which is exactly how I'm feeling at this point. They were completely understanding! I know it somewhat leaves them in a bind but I simply could not do it. I am feeling a little anxiety at being *free* and not having anything to hold a standard to, but at the same time I'm FREE! Thanks for all your help and advice ❤️
  14. I'm thinking along the same lines. The history is something I'm particularly interested in since I can do it with all my kids and quite honestly might be the thing I've been wanting/trying to create on my own. Time will tell but I'm excited to try it! PS. Levels 1-5 LA are free pdfs so you don't even have to waste money to test it out.
  15. I hope you find it works! I don't remember the schedule for when everything comes out but I think 4th is next Summer/early fall (probably too late for you?) so something to keep in mind. I've done a few lessons and my son LOVED it I've never had that experience with any math curriculum, but we've only done 5 lessons so I know its early to tell for sure.
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