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  1. This is what I've been trying to do because we are where I want to be with core subjects and I don't want an outsourced class to mess it up, lol!
  2. I do think it is feasible. 3x a week with those guidelines would be fine as long as you are wiling to do it longer than from sept.-may. I know people who have homeschooled successfully with that much or less. It may not be exactly classical education but they are educated and have been fine and doing well in college and some started their own businesses. I am a 2nd generation homeschooler so I've seen it in my own family😉
  3. This is why I have a hard time in general with Group schools. I'm in this position now with our commonwealth group and its a hard call to make! I have actually wanted to try CC but after hearing about me not being able to participate because of my religion I haven't looked farther.
  4. Yes! Whenever I need more detailed feedback I come here. I get far better and in depth answers than on facebook!
  5. I did not know about their sad business model but it is an expensive program! I would never use it simply because they are biased to my religion and if they even find out you are of my religion you're kicked out of the community. I do not go to any groups that exclude others for any reason so it would be a hard no for any reason!
  6. These are such good ones! I use them a lot so much so I forgot that they aren't normal to everyone ❤️
  7. I'm glad you guys mentioned personal dry erase boards we ours daily and we have a few! I also am checking out some of the recommendations I've not heard of before, lol! Because I clearly need more supplies 😆
  8. Same! I have 2 or 3 😂😂 Chocolate is definitely the best homeschool supplies ❤️
  9. I lvoe your guys lists! I now have even more to look for, lol!
  10. What are your favorite homeschool supplies? Include things that are NOT books but stuff you use all the time or that you felt was a great investment. I love my electric Pencil sharpener A coil Binding machine has been the best purchase ever! I researched for a long time and made a document with different options. I use my Long arm stapler alll the time. Glue sticks are so much less messy! Eco tank Printer so I no longer worry about ink ❤️❤️❤️ I also use my hot chocolate recipe alll the time, lol! What about you?
  11. You both have made some very good reading about math programs! After years of struggle with math I have come to similar conclusions and math simply doesn't worry me anymore, I may still wonder about details in a book but I have learned its more about what I'm willing and able to teach than it is about which program is best. I really loved reading both your insights!
  12. Unfortunately I agree somewhat. Girls tend to be very shallow and don't like other girls who are sure of themselves and seem "perfect". I also wanted to add I was that 11 year-old who tried to be friendly, always accepted others, befriended new people, and still played with various dolls and toys till I was 13 or 14. I had a hard time about 12 none of my friends wanted to those things anymore, and they were all interested in boys and I just wasn't there yet. I remember being really depressed. I finally found friends in younger girls, my best friend in highschool was 3 years younger than m
  13. I think it looks good! I am a little worried there isn't as much teaching info in the new ones but I also get overwhelmed some days from it so I think it will be a nice compromise.
  14. thank you! I'm just so done with winter everything is dragging ooonnnnn.
  15. I have heard my friends say Progesterone cream or this supplements from Dr. Christopher has helped them. Its such a hard thing! I'm doing the perimenopause thing and its not picnic! I have been trying the progesterone cream and it is helping a lot though!
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