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  1. I really appreciated (and used) the transcript. Thanks for offering it!
  2. What iOS apps are kids enjoying these days? Suggestions do not need to be educational, pure entertainment is fine. Any age is fine.
  3. Couldn't you just pull them now then put them in a planter & bring them indoors for the weekend? Then when the weather returns to normal, presumably early next week, plant them in the ground?
  4. You’ll never cook turkey again because it was such a horrendous experience? Or you’ll never roast a turkey in the oven because the crockpot is so easy? I hope it’s the latter!
  5. Yes, defrost in the fridge. Yes, you can cook it in a crockpot. Google for the basic instructions; it's pretty straightforward. Make gravy on the stove in a saucepan with the packet. Instructions on how to make gravy should be on the gravy bag or on the turkey wrapper. You can do it!
  6. I love your ideas, but a box/envelope has proven disastrous for our family when the box gets dropped. Thus we've switched to a binder format.
  7. have you pondered how you're going to keep the laminated margin even? Are you going to round the corners (they'll be sharp otherwise)? If so, how will you do that uniformly? (I've personally run into these issues in my homeschooling journey). For a uniform hole location, you could preprint a dot on the card where you want it to be punched after lamination. Or are you planning on punching a hole in the laminated margin? Won't this take a lot of class time? Why do they need to be laminated? do they need to last that long? What about unlaminated but with hole reinforcers that you can sticker on? Can you use page protectors instead (probably more expensive, but it'd be faster and ensure uniformity). EDIT: What size are you making these cards? if the kids won't be writing much on them, what about making them baseball cards and then putting them (unlaminated) in a baseball card sheet protector and then putting that in a 3 ring binder. That's what our co-op history teacher did last year. Overthinking?!?! I don't know what that is. hahahaha.
  8. JCPenney has slim jeans up to 16Ss ... maybe even the rare 18s. Lands' End has the dimensions *of the item* on their website. Look under the "Fit & Size" tab. It's the first text at the top of that tab.... a small link that says "Item dimensions". It was the only way I could figure out the difference between 12S, 12, 14S, 14, Young Men's 27", 16s, blah, blah, blah.
  9. The first thing that came to mind was Satori's schedule, which is linked within this thread: I do MCT by time. There do seem to be natural breaking places, so if you pre-read GI, I think you'd be able to plan your own schedule.
  10. @Gil you’re right; there’s no reason why it all has to be done in one line. That’s a self-imposed requirement that deserves questioning.
  11. Thanks for the idea! It's a possibility, but it kinda muddies the idea of place value. And understanding place value is very important in my tiny realm of teaching. Perhaps if he wrote: 300 +190 + 16 ------- oooof.... I don't think I like that, especially since this problem would need another layer below what I typed. This technique would be called "really, really Long addition." 😄 haha. oh, please let this stage pass by quickly!!!! 😉
  12. He would love it if he didn't have to write numbers!! Great idea! Thanks!
  13. At this point, yes, it's important for the child to notate. We're just starting multi-digit addition and careless addition mistakes are the norm. ^This is what we started doing, but all the (incomplete) erasing was driving me a bit batty. I mean, he was getting the concept (yay!) but the paper was a mess! We've tried Tanton's technique of noting the sum as 3 | 19 | 16 =4 | 9 | 16 = 5 | 0 | 6 = 506 with pretty decent results. This afternoon, I tried "previewing" where the explosions/trading will occur and making "reminder tallies" in the appropriate column, but it got a lukewarm reception and still a bit of confusion as to where the reminder tally goes. Maybe it's really tricky, maybe it's just the initial confusion (like the notation for left-to-right subtraction). Shrug. I'm still holding out hope for a glorious, elegant notation to solve all the confusion. 😄
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