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  1. Of course they are back up ... because I finally got around to downloading them on Friday! 😜😂
  2. Hugs to you as you go through a tough time. You have a college degree, which only 30-ish percent of people in our nation have. So I think that’s an advantage for you! Also from your posts in the past, I see you as a problem solver and one who is willing to research for solutions, and I think those traits would make you stand out from others. Something else to consider to help narrow down job ideas would be if you like doing repetitive, follow-a-process work or if you want each encounter/project to be different than the last. What about Pharmaceutical sales? If you’re close to
  3. I agree with what everyone else is saying, but also please know that this time of the year (jan/feb) can be mentally hard on us as homeschool moms ... and you don’t have to take my word for it; check out this other post....
  4. Bumping .... because I too was just wondering about this recently.
  5. some ideas that have been accumulating in my mind: Notepad from Shutterfly ... with or without a personalized picture. clards.com - dischcloth turned into a card stained glass creations that hang in a window. DIY music box kit. She might need help to crank the box (as the crank is small and it can be awkward) but she could punch the notes on the paper independently. A food box from universalyums.com you could also just go the weird route (“I’m thinking of you and thought these items would bring a smile to your face; who knew you could buy this stuff
  6. What if you put it on a loop schedule? For week/assignment 1, we will focus our editing on sentences to use strong word choices. For Week/assignment 2 we will work to improve our paragraphs’ topic sentences. For week 3, we will work on adding strong phrases to our sentences. For week 4, we will work on strong supporting sentences within our paragraphs .... etc.
  7. This. It does sound like a daunting task for you to pick and choose what to focus on in such a big assignment. So maybe break it into smaller chunks before having the kid put it all together. In other words, don’t worry about the organization of the paper; don’t worry about the paragraph construction; just focus on making good sentences. Once they master that, concentrate on paragraph organization and focus. Once paragraphs can be constructed well then concentrate on how to organize these well written paragraphs. And so on. This is what I’m doing this school year and the results are st
  8. If your son is dyslexic, then I’d look at outsourcing lessons for the other kids before “outsourcing” lessons for the dyslexic. The dyslexic is going to need the personalized attention that a computer cannot provide. You asked about holes to fill, but it’s difficult to identify holes without more information. Is he solid and fluent on what he’s learned in AAR? How’s his phonemic awareness (David Kilpatrick argues that we do not teach phonemic awareness to the level that we should, and this we have struggling readers.) I’d be tempted to ease up on spelling and use that time and
  9. I needed some new potholders too, so I bought looms for the kids to weave while I read aloud this school year. I thought this would be a win-win, but one kid REALLY enjoyed the activity and now I have potholders galore!! I’m waiting for said kid to catch on to my hints that family members would enjoy some potholders of their own.
  10. Haha. I was wondering if buying a Griddler would have this effect. If nothing else, it would be one less meal I have to hear complaints about since they made it themselves. But the-one-more-kitchen-appliance factor stopped me from proceeding. Maybe in light of your evidence I should reconsider ......
  11. hard boiled eggs baked potato (made in the microwave or (if I'm on top of things) in the crockpot) bagged salad, sometimes fancy bags or if plain, then they could add croutons (when we went to DIY lunches, I decided to pay a bit more for some convenience foods or out of season veg that would be easier for the kids to manage - I think it's been worth it.) my non-sandwich lovers can sometimes be bribed into eating it if it is accompanied by some kind of chip they love. In other words, "you can only have Doritos when you eat a sandwich . If you choose something other than sandwi
  12. I was able to click through your first link and see the PDFs of the intermediate books. I didn’t try to save to my computer yet though.
  13. oh dear! I never downloaded them assuming they'd always be there. Do you know if there's a way to do a bulk download of the books? Thanks for posting this!
  14. It’s a setting. You can choose to have it available or not from your profile page.
  15. Same here. We use it a lot here to keep the image in their mind. I heard about it via Dianne Craft. I think she also suggests to have them visualize the word above them so that their eyes are upward. I also have my kids tap those imaginary letters above them ..... I don’t know if that’s her idea or my modification to try and use the whole body.
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