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  1. Columbia’s Anytime Outdoor capris. I get them from Amazon.
  2. Does he like Star Wars / Mandalorian? We sometimes have “Monday with Mando” where his Lego minifigure may join us at the table to observe school and occasionally answer questions or explain math problems. (this only came to exist with my youngest child. My first child had a very serious, more energetic version of me teaching him. Now I just throw up my hands and do whatever works - like Mando school. Sigh. )
  3. We just started going through Thinking in Threes, and it seems to meet your requirements.
  4. I found this series too late for my plans, but I think it would be a good resource for at least the India, China, Japan unit. Are you trying to cover the medieval period through those lenses 7 lenses or all of history through those lenses? (really the last 4 lenses, I mean)
  5. I’ve been on the boards for a while now, but I had never heard of MB or Reading Like a Historian. So thanks for sharing these resources!! ETA: those resources aren’t my cup of tea, but they reminded me of things that Prufrock Press sells. Did you already see if they have anything?
  6. Thanks for sharing this app. Could you give more details on how she uses the app, please?
  7. Just brainstorming some options here .... Does he have younger cousins with whom he could have a zoom storytime? Or record and post on a private YouTube channel? (Hmmm maybe I should try these ideas that just came to mind! Hahaha) make him “volunteer” to read for librivox? you asked for an anthology .... the kiddo I mentioned enjoyed memorizing and reciting Jabberwocky and Shel Silverstein (of his own accord!). So maybe some silly poetry would motivate your son? I’ve always wondered in the back of my mind, too, if this refusal is a bit of perfectionism on kiddo’
  8. Put an “@“ before their name @8filltheheart @8filltheheart but, hmmm, I’m currently on my phone and it’s not turning blue like on my computer. I’ll try anyways. (I had to turn my phone horizontally to get it to work.)
  9. I’ll be a voice of dissent or discouragement. 😛 My kiddo is a strong reader and really doesn’t like to read aloud, with expression, etc etc. I know he COULD read with expression when he was younger and just finishing up his “learning to read” years. And this kid has listened to many well done audiobooks, so he KNOWS what it should sound like. When he’s horsing around with his siblings I hear him making voices up and varying his pace etc. So again, I know he is ABLE to do it. And yet .... it doesn’t happen in his reading. I tried the McGuffey readers for a short time. I tried ha
  10. Right ... so then how do I efficiently rebuild the momentum if we stopped at section 6 out of 9, right when it gets hard and is the “test” section? I’m using A&P with a dyslexic student, if that matters.
  11. Does anyone have any tips on how to break up the Apples & Pear spelling pages? We are 2/3rds through book A, and currently a level is typically 3 sides long. As many people have commented in the past, it's a lot of writing. So, I'm not opposed to breaking up the lesson throughout the day or over a couple of days. However, I feel like momentum builds as you progress through the activities each lesson/level. So, if I just do half of the activities on day 1, all that momentum is lost on day 2 and are faced with the spelling words and dictation sentences at the end. If anyone h
  12. I was wondering more about how reusable masks are labeled with gobs of disclaimers that they aren’t medical devices and blah blah blah. Although admittedly I doubt the IRS is going to investigate whatever decision I make.
  13. Agreed, but I don’t know that I would have thought to use FSA/HSA funds for my masks. Do you think cloth/reusable masks are included in this?!?
  14. This is one of my favorite Killgallon threads; I think it'll answer some of your questions. There was a recent thread, too, where someone asked about using it as a main curriculum or supplement, and most people responding said "supplement."
  15. The Washington Post is saying that the slain police officer was a homeschool dad. (See the 9:52 am update on their live update post on this story.)😔
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